this isn't goodbye yet

Closed Requests:

As some of you may know, my senior year is about to start real soon. There will be the pressure of studying and all which is why I will probably be inactive for an entire year or so. I already have a ton of requests to get done, and I’m sure that once I am done with them all, school will start again and I’ll have to stop. I really enjoy doing this. I have met some truly wonderful people while I was here but but I can’t let myself lose focus. It’s an important, demanding year and I hope you all will understand. It makes me sad, but instead of saying sorry I wanna say thank you for all those who requested and whoever found  my blog worthy of their time. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

I won’t completely disappear tho, I will still be here, finishing the requests answering your asks and feel free to message me too. 

*insert unnecessary usage of bias and bias wrecker* 

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