this isn't good but these two refused to cooperate

Entry 5: Not all in Good Fun

(This is set in Stefan and Dest’s past but mainly focuses on Stefan. The two are roughly 13 so this is set before Stefan runs away.)

Stefan put his small hands over his head as the two elezen boys harassed him. Calling him names and poking fun at his ears. Laughing at the fact that he was different. Not able to blend so easily like his twin sister. Why was it had to be different? No one teased his sister and they were twins. It just wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t he be the one that looked normal. No the slight point to his ears gave him away. Made him stand out from the others.

“Freak. Not an elezen and not a hyur. You’re not anything. Spending all day hiding.” the taller of the two boys said with a sneer.

“Having your sister always protect you. What a whimp.” the other boy teased.

“Stop! Leave me alone!” Stefan whimpered softly. He wasn’t physically tough. Nothing like his sister. Didn’t like hunting or playing with a bow. He just wanted to be left alone with his books.

“Aw are you going to cry now? Big baby.”

“Leave my brother alone!” Destiney shouted as she stormed up towards the two boys.

“Hmph. We weren’t doing nothing. Can’t help if he doesn’t understand a prank.” the taller one said as he held up his hands, though the expression on his face said he was lying.

Destiney stalked up to the taller boy and looked up at him with a glare. He stared at her a long moment before rolling his eyes and motion for his friend to follow. Once they were out of sight Destiney went over to offer a hand out to her brother.

The hand was promptly slapped away as Stefan stood up. Tears shown in his eyes as he refused to look directly at her. “I didn’t need your help. You just make it worse! Leave me alone!”

Stefan turned and ran off in the direction of home. Leaving Destiney with a hurt look on her face.