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mea countdown day 27

27 Days: Are you going to use the default appearance for Ryder’s sibling or customize them? Describe your ideas for their sibling’s and father’s physical appearance.

I’m customizing Leo, too! This is another one where I won’t know exactly what I’m gonna do until I see the CC, and get a feel for what I have to work with.

But, even still, Leo’s gonna look a lot like his sister. They’re fraternal, not identical, but they’ve both got the dark hair, dark eyes, and more narrow, oblong faces. Learning that they’re twins is honestly never a surprise for anyone.

I’m fine with dad Ryder looking whichever way the game decides, honestly. I picture the twins taking after their mom’s side of the family more than his, so whatever the game does with him is  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯