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  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-
Client is every kind of -ist. Boss isn't having it, gets one client fired, his replacement replaced.

This happened a few weeks ago, and I’m still in awe of my boss, who made it happen. I work as a private security officer for a small but well respected company. The higher-ups are masters at getting contracted for big-name clients and they treat us employees very well.

We had been subcontracted by a larger security firm to run event security for a certain tech company’s event during a certain famous film festival. Some serious money was being thrown around to make this event happen, I was told $75k per day just to rent out the venue, $6 Million worth of equipment, the list goes on. It was a big deal. Our client’s representative, who we’ll call Paulie, was a New York native with a thick Brooklyn accent and wouldn’t have been out of place on the set of The Sopranos. He’d been flown in from his base of operations just to oversee this event. It soon became clear that he was going to cause problems. First off, the agreement between my firm and our client was to provide asset protection, meaning we were to make sure that none of the expensive, yet highly portable electronic equipment went missing. Yet as soon as we got there, Paulie decided to ignore all that and had us working the doors as glorified bouncers. All our previous instructions were to be ignored and Paulie was God. This pissed us off a bit, as we had picked our people with unobtrusive asset protection in mind, but whatever, we’re professionals and we’ll roll with it. Second, Paulie was an a**hole. Everything we did was wrong somehow, even when we did exactly what he wanted us to, we were doing it wrong. He’d berate the poor officer right in front of everyone. He’d change our instructions on a whim and get mad at us for not complying with the new instructions before everyone had a chance to be informed. Third, and arguably worst, Paulie was an -ist of every type. Racist, ageist, sexist, he was the worst. We brought in female officers and he’d inevitably stick them in the most out-of-the-way posts he could to make sure they didn’t have to interact with the tech people. Same went for every officer Paulie thought was over 35. Since we were working 12 hour shifts, we tried to rotate everybody through every post, but he’d take over the rotation and stick the “old” and female officers out of sight. It got to the point where we were seriously considering quitting the contract and we NEVER do that.

Enter my boss. Let’s call him Rick. Rick is ex military and his thing is he Gets Shit Done. Rick, like several of us, is a licensed Private Investigator as well as a Security Officer. Rick is borderline OCD when it comes to keeping records. Rick has hidden cameras. Rick wore a wire and recorded a lot of Paulie’s shit. That shit then hit the fan when Rick passed off supervision of the site to me for the day and went to a meeting with the higher-ups from my company and a conference call with the higher-ups from Paulie’s company, let’s call them D*cks and A**holes Inc, or D&A. The next afternoon, the A in D&A showed up and took Paulie into one of the rooms the tech people had been using for demos earlier that day and spent over an hour yelling at him. One of our people, a female officer with 15 years of experience, who had worked security at the freaking PENTAGON, and who had been shoved in a corner nevertheless heard the whole thing go down, as she was posted outside the door. According to her, Paulie said several stupid things, but the one that stuck out was, “These guys are weak! They’re bringing in freaking GIRLS…!” before being told to shut the hell up. Paulie was fired right there and escorted off the property. The next day, those of us who hadn’t been there to see it were told the whole story and we reveled in the fact that we wouldn’t have to deal with Paulie anymore. Morale, which had been at historically low levels, shot through the roof.

This would be a good place to stop the story, but as the infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more!”

A took over. Remember him? The A**hole in D*cks & A**holes, Inc? He was worse, in different ways. He was just as bad as Paulie, but he was much, much more subtle about it. And, I can’t stress this enough, he was an A**HOLE.

He tried to get me fired for talking to the client, the tech company’s people. The event was winding down by this point, and I had asked the guy in charge of the tech people a question about continuing security needs. Turns out, the tech company was taking their stuff out of the demo rooms and therefore wouldn’t need those rooms secured anymore, so we didn’t need an officer for that post anymore. A was livid that I had spoken to the client without his say-so and that I had “cost us THOUSANDS!” by so doing, which was total bullshit. A went to Rick and yelled at him about it, too. Rick, however, had my back and just shrugged the whole thing off.

This is going long, so I’ll sum up. Rick was eventually forced to employ the same tactics he had used against Paulie and another conference call was made. Turns out, D&A had been bought out by another company, and since A was a founder, he didn’t get fired, but he did get sent home and yet another guy from the bigger company was flown out to oversee the last few days. That guy was pretty cool and we had no further problems.

The icing on the cake is that the tech company had seen all the bullshit my people had been put through and had been impressed with us. We’ve been asked to provide security services for their next event.

After the season finale of Supernatural pt. 2
  • Dr. Who fandom: This is getting creepy.
  • Sherlock fandom: Indeed.
  • Harry Potter fandom: Is something wrong with them?
  • Game of Thrones fandom: We don't rightly know. This is all they've done for a few weeks.
  • Dr. Who fandom: Seriously guys this isn't funny they need help.
  • Harry Potter fandom: So...they've just sat there? Singing?
  • Sherlock fandom: Basically. I tried the "pie" concept with them and it didn't work...
  • Supernatural a bathtub covered in layers of blankets stained with the tears of the innocent : john...and mary...husband and wife....
  • Supernatural fandom....drawing pentagrams and putting their characters in the spots needed to summon them: I NEED A DEMON I HAVE A SOUL TO SELL!
  • Supernatural fandom...SACRAFICE : This goat will do, right?
  • All the fandoms: *collective worried sigh*

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Your a big fan of aizawa. Know any good aizawa fanfics? Bonus if maizawa!!!!!

Stitches by ADreamingSongbird 
(My all time favorite Maizawa story. It deals with the aftermath of the Noumu attack. I’ve probably read it over 20 times at this point.)

You & Me by taiwonton
(The first fanfic that arguably got me into the Maizawa pairing. It’s a compilation of one-shots, mostly fluff.)

For all of the sparks that I’ve stomped out by tiramisun
(A traitor!Mic story that had an angsty ending that broke my heart.)

Adventures in Babysitting by Priestlyislove
(Aizawa gets hit by an age regression quirk and Mic has to take care of him. It’s an extremely sweet and funny story.)

Out of Character by PitViperOfDoom
(A general story showcasing Dad!Zawa protecting Todoroki from his asshole of  a father.)

Shadow Tag by snap_nova
(My favorite story submitted for the Maizawa Christmas exchange. Mic develops a crush on the hero Eraserhead without knowing that it’s actually Aizawa.)

The Night Hizashi Yamada Almost Died by specifiedtrash
(A really short one-shot that gives you a a domestic look into Aizawa and Mic’s life. Also Mic gives you extreme secondhand embarrassment so you know…. a short, perfect read. This writer is my favorite when it comes to how Mic is characterized. I’d recommend all of their stories.)

The Heroes of Tomorrow by Silver_Sterling
(A cute Maizawa friendship one-shot.)

You Left Your Heart Here by donniedont
(A Maizawa story where the two end up dating after the end of a school trip.)

A Spoonful of Sugar by ArcaneStardust
(Another Maizawa story. Mic gets sick and Aizawa has to take care of him. It’s smut so if that’s not your cup of tea then you should probably avoid it. I’d recommend all of this writer’s stories if you’re looking for steamy stories though. LOL)

Doctor Yamada by sailorvbabe
(Maizawa smut. Mic also gives me secondhand embarrassment so that’s a plus.)

The Orange Tin by justanotherreader
(Warning: This deals with self-harm so be careful if that’s not something you’d like to touch on. It’s a story about teenage Aizawa trying to cope with depression and abuse.)


Headcanon: Whenever they’re both trying to reform, Harley and Eddie hang out at Batburger once a week. They get coffee, swap stories, and generally try to help keep each other from relapsing.


Flamingo is the debut solo studio album by American singer-songwriter and The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers, released on September 3, 2010.

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Yoooooo idk if requests are still open but if you ever get the chance in the next few weeks/months (ik how busy artists can be I totally get it free art isn't an obligation) but have you ever considered drawing a young (possibly beaten up bc Delanceys are jerks) Crutchie meeting Jack for the first time? Btw you have an amazing talent your art is stunning

I really liked this ask so I turned it into a comic! Thank you sooooo much for your patience and support  ♡ ♡ ♡

A list of random dumb AUs
  • “We were all given assigned seats on our bus because shit went down too many times and now you’re my seat buddy and I don’t want the rest of the year to be awkward”
  • “I always see you in the mall I work at and you always look upset so I made you some cookies now cheer up, Mr. Grumpypants”
  • “Hey we kissed once in kindergarten but I haven’t seen you since and I couldn’t remember why you were so familiar”
  • “It’s 3am and you’re the only person in McDonald’s right now and why do I have to work the night shift”
  • “My friend is out of town and I’m supposed to be taking care of his pet fish but it died and you work at the pet store help me find one that looks the same so he won’t notice" 
  • "We’re sitting in a food court and I can see you staring at me so what’s your fucking deal- wait are you drawing me?”
  • “We’re always both in the apartments’ fitness center at 3 am”
  • “I drive to school and you walk and I drive past you everyday and it’s below freezing and you’re still walking please just get in the damn car I’ll drive you”
  • “You’ve walked past the bakery I work at and stared longingly at one of the pies at least 4 times today I’ll buy it for you if you just stop”
  • “I’m not actually the person you were set up on a blind date with but I was eating alone and you asked if I was someone else and wow you’re cute so of course I said yes and now you think my name is something it isn't”
  • “My destination was actually a few blocks back but you are the most interesting uber driver I’ve had so I changed it to spend more time with you but I seriously do need to be somewhere else so can you turn around”
  • “You parked in the parking space I always use so I wrote a note and put it on your car and you put one on mine the next day and now we have been writing notes for over a week just tell me your phone number to make this easier”
  • “People used to tell us we should date and now we graduate in like two weeks and I am starting to agree with them so can I have your number before I never see you again”
  • “We both came here to buy the same movie but there is only one dvd left let’s split the cost and watch it together I have popcorn at home”
  • “I took advice from my friend and pretended to trip in front of you to get your attention except I fell harder than I thought and now my arm is broken can you drive me to the doctor please”
  • “We are both too short to see well at this concert so how about we alternate sitting on each other’s shoulders, we can switch every song or something”
  • “My friend bet me 20 bucks that I wouldn’t walk up to a random underclassman and ask them to senior prom and I’m about to be 20 dollars richer and, no, that doesn’t invalidate the question, you’re actually really cute”
  • “Somehow every time I have a dentist appointment you do too and you always sit next to me in the waiting room and ask me ‘what are you in for’ as if we are in prison and this has been happening for almost two years who are you”
  • “I play the guitar on a street corner sometimes for some extra cash and you usually give me a dollar or two but today you brought a violin and joined in? And we made almost three times what I usually do holy shit you’re talented”
  • “I’ve worked at this dollar store for 3 years and you are the first person I’ve ever had to kick out, what are you, fourteen?”

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no offence but r u straight bc that reply you gave to an anon saying the reason you're mostly here is because of the "chemistry" of d&p is kinda definitely akin to fetishising gay relationships. gay relationships that i might add, aren't even confirmed and are your speculation.....we don't exist for entertainment... but if you're not straight i apologise

I am not straight.

And even if I were what exactly do you think chemistry is? Enjoying chemistry between two human beings is not fetishising; chemistry is just two people having interactions onscreen that are pleasant to watch. Chemistry between actors is what gets people cast in tv shows together, romantic or platonic. Chemistry with an audience is what makes a popular youtuber.

Enjoying the chemistry of an onscreen duo means you find their interactions engaging. Rhett and Link are popular because of their chemistry onscreen, and they’re married men with kids. Zoe and Joe Sugg’s videos do well because they have chemistry, and they’re siblings. 

If you tell every single person who likes Dan and Phil’s chemistry together that they aren’t allowed to watch them strictly because they think Dan and Phil work well together on screen, you’re basically trying to tank their careers. I mean, you’ll fail, because you’re coming at people anonymous on the internet with a ridiculously ill-thought out accusation, but if somehow miraculously you sent this and everyone just went ‘Shock and horror! I have seen the error of my ways, I shall never watch again!’ Dan and Phil would be left with a few hundred people who genuinely enjoy watching mediocre gamers play app games twice a week. 

So yeah, uhhh, good luck with that? 

Okay, real talk (and this is taking some confessions from me that are pretty hard to write down, as silly as it sounds):

Every medical professional I’ve talked to so far says I’m “high functioning.” Mental health experts express surprise when I mention needing to work on daily function. Because I showed up to an appointment - my first appointment with this person - and seemed reasonably “high functioning,” they closed it with a laugh and a casual remark that “I don’t think you’ll need that. That’s for people who do things like never brush their teeth.”

For a brief, days-long period every three to five weeks, I remember to brush my teeth. Once a day. The time period is my best guess, because without a current routine I have an incredibly poor sense of time.

And like, that’s the thing. I know there are people who have way more trouble functioning than me, of course, and I know that there are so many cases when you can tell to meet someone that they have a much harder time than I do. I can speak to strangers, some people can’t, that’s important. I can drive and follow directions, some people can’t, that’s important. Basically the function of this paragraph is to make it super, super clear that I don’t think “I’m the most neurodivergent person out there” or “clearly these people are privileged over me because people see their difficulty more.” I don’t think that. That’s gross. No.

The point is that you actually do not know how high functioning other people are. No matter how well you know them! My mom didn’t know I was forgetting to brush my teeth so often. Most people probably don’t know it takes me forty-five minutes to get myself in and out of the shower, or that I take hours-long periods out of my days to lie in bed under the covers just to have the sensation of that weight on top of me, or that it’s a rare, rare time when I can do the dishes or do my laundry without a full week of reminders. Cleaning my room is a transition and needs to be thought through. Cleaning myself is a transition and needs to be thought through.

These are things that happen in my home, and that I don’t tell my friends, and that I have enough support here to force me to keep moving juuuuust enough to be presentable whenever I’m out in public.

Anyway I’m new to this, and to knowing that these things are actual areas in which my neurodivergence means life is difficult for me as opposed to things I don’t do because I’m lazy, so I’m not going to make this some big post about why people prefer not to use functioning labels or any other big, sweeping generalization speaking on a community’s behalf.

I’m just making this post to go hi, this is what this one particular neurodivergent person looks like. This is what it feels like when you tell someone to their face they must be “high functioning” when they’re looking at their life and going no, seriously, I’m asking for help. 

It’s not some huge, important post or anything like that, but it’s another voice to throw out there anyway. Just, uh. Thank you for reading.

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does may ever smile?


Who am I now in this world without her?
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her?

Cosplayer [ x ] Photographer [ x ]

Pearl [Tuxedo variant] (Steven Universe) cosplay, taken at SacAnime W2017

One of my favorite things about this costume is how dramatic I get to be in it. These two shots also really show off my tuxedo, too, which I painstakingly threw together from scratch in the few weeks before a con. :P

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

-admin a

not to participate in Discourse™ but there’s like… literally no good reason to make aro/ace positivity posts into a joke like regardless of your views on the inclusion debate it’s just kind of an asshole move to take a post that says something about how being aro/ace is an okay thing to be and turn it into a joke. like grow the fuck up maybe

@inukag-week Day 1 - Protect

She told him stories he couldn’t quite believe, but he knew better than to think she would lie so casually.

She told him a foreign legend about a hanging garden, some fantastic thing a king with a name he couldn’t say had built to please his homesick queen. It was disheartening, really. Inuyasha could never give her such a thing.

It wasn’t only this one tale. Kagome said there was once a very beautiful queen who was married to an older, ruthless man. A prince from another country, a guest at their house, fell for her and stole her away - and started a war to keep her.

A war. Damn. And he couldn’t even defeat one half-demon.

He overheard her telling Shippo the story that hurt him the most: there was once a musician with a strange name that sounded like rustling leaves, and he was very much in love with his wife. A kind of demon from their land was also in love with her, and as she tried to escape it, she stepped on a nest of snakes and died. The musician was so talented that his gods allowed him to fetch the woman in hell.

Inuyasha couldn’t remember the last time he’d sang out loud; maybe he never had. He had no talent, only brute strength, and that didn’t help before…

He told himself it was stupid to be miffed over old legends no one knew for sure to be true, but they still got under his skin. Even if the stories were false, Kagome obviously liked them, and Inuyasha could never do anything remotely close to what those men had done.

It took an unusually hard fight against a nasty demon for him to realize something: they had all failed.

The king had treated his homesick wife like a caged bird; sheltering wasn’t the same as protecting. The prince had relied on his elder brother’s strength to keep his beautiful queen (ha); keeping wasn’t the same as protecting, either. The musician had loved his wife, but he hadn’t been by her side when she needed him most; loving wasn’t enough if you didn’t protect (he knew that first-hand).

So, Inuyasha wouldn’t fail Kagome. He would protect her; not as her lover, never as her owner, but as her truest and most reliable friend. His protection was all he could give, but at least it had saved her a few times (like today). It had given her yet another day to live. That was enough.

And perhaps, if fortune smiled upon a half-demon who was not a king, nor a prince, and had no talent to speak of, he would be able to give her a garden someday.