this isn't even that good but oh well

I hope this is good enough! (sorry for all u devie lovers out there, I finda way to bash Doug in everything I do) 

It’s so very hard to run in heels.

Even the most talented walker, like Evie, would agree.

In fact, Evie would most certainly agree, because as of now, she’s running as fast as she can towards the bus stop where she can see the big blue and yellow Auradon bus pulling up at the stop. It’s all Doug’s fault really; if he hadn’t tried to ask her out again, doubling as both a nuisance and time-waster, she’d be getting on the bus this very instant, not running after it.

A flash of purple plays in the corner of her eye but she’s too preoccupied to care; especially as she sees the bus start to pull away.

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I like how college students relate so much to almost-worrying statements without questioning them.

I just had a conversation with my coworker and she asked how I was. I said good but then amended it and said ‘well actually, it’s not good. It’s one of those weeks where I’m busy enough that I don’t even want to process all I have to do. So I’m just kinda going through the days numb and hoping fear and sadness don’t get to me by the end of the week.’

And she just said 'oH ME TOO! I have 3 papers due this week and I cried over it last night.’

Truly beautiful.


little late butttt.. my harley quinn costume for halloween ~

@angeliccorpses since you asked.. here it is!

@missharleenfquinzel not sure if you’re still doing this but just in case :)

the signs as bts speaking english

aries: jungkook’s “oh man holy shit!!”
taurus: suga’s “everyone is so weird today”
gemini: every time jimin says “ayoo waddup”
cancer: jhope’s “i’m very loser!!”
leo: v’s “turn up!”
virgo: rap monster’s “fingering”
libra: every time they speak english for SimplyKpop
scorpio: jin’s “money”
sagittarius: jhope’s “AWW SHIT!!”
capricorn: every time they say “oh my god!”
aquarius: that time in ahl when jimin tried to pronounce “milk”
pisces: v’s “shit down! shit down!”