this isn't even remotely canon

Theon and Cersei

 So I’ve gotten pretty damn obsessed with Cersei lately now that I’m finally reading the full books (you know, not just Theon’s chapters a million times over) and she’s the only character besides Theon who makes me want to analyze every other sentence in her chapters. And the thing is that I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between the two of them: 

• Paranoia
• Self-centeredness (narcissism)
• Delusions
• Drowning in the lies they tell themselves
• Seeing the world through a HUGE filter!
• Thinking in extremes

There’s one very fundamental difference between the two characters though. And it is one that makes ALL the difference in my book, because although I call myself a Cersei fan I think she’s a horrible person, whereas Theon gets all my sympathy! This very fundamental difference is: EMPATHY! Theon has it, Cersei does not. Which is why Cersei is an unprincipled narcissist and Theon is a compensatory narcissist, Cersei uses everyone around her as tools and considers them cardboard figures in the story of Cersei Lannister, while Theon can’t sleep from the guilt he feels over having caused other people pain with his issues. EMPATHY MEANS EVERYTHING! And it makes all the difference!

That being said I’d like to talk a little about Theon and Cersei shipping, of which I know there is some but I never gave it much thought, I’m usually not all that interested in shipping, I’m only really interested in canon relationships (and only what’s canon about the relationship) but in this case I’m just the tiniest bit interested (not enough to god and read fics though but enough to write this!!) I simply think that if Tywin had married Theon to Cersei it would have been so disastrous it would be hilarious! They would hate eachother and simultaneously make eachothers delusions that much stronger. Just… imagine it for a moment. Are you imagining it? Yeah… that’s what I’m talking about!