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I'm probably the only person that hates Charlotte not because of Griffith has non to do with him, but she didn't even ask him how he can talk, etc. Then I think about it is either Griffith or being locked up, also why hasn't she been bothered with falconia when is midland originally?? I hope her royalty ass gets concerned for her kingdom at least since Griffith isn't going to be nice once he marries her.

Well tbh I have my issues with how Charlotte is written since I think she’s too passive and two dimensional at the moment (though I have hope for her in the future bc there’s plenty of room for her to grow and she has shown some depth before, eg spearheading the plot to rescue Griffith) but I think these points in particular are a little unfair.

When the first thing your boyfriend does when he shows up again after 2 years is fly you out of a tower with the help of a cool monster idk if I’d think to question his recovery either. It’s even possible she asked off-screen, but not important for the reader to see because imo it’s pretty easy to assume that “magic” is a reasonable explanation when this is a dude who performs miracles.

And as for Charlotte ruling her kingdom, I mean, this is fantasy middle ages in Berserk, aka a world hardly known for granting women a lot of power. I don’t think Charlotte was ever expected to actually take control of a kingdom - she was supposed to get married to someone who would do that. And from her point of view she’s marrying the literal saviour of the world, declared divine by the highest religious authority, regular performer of miracles, who magically created the best damn kingdom the world’s ever seen. I don’t think she’d feel the need to vy for control when by all accounts Griffith is doing a bang up job.

Like idk she’s boring to me too, but her choices and reactions all make sense to me since she’s a sheltered princess without a lot of life experience, so I can’t really direct any ire at her. I just wish she was written to be a little more dynamic I guess, and I can totally see why her passivity would grate on you. Here’s hoping she does something interesting in the future.

Oh and lastly I don’t think there’s any reason to believe Griffith wouldn’t continue being blandly nice after marrying her. Why do you think that would change?