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anyway, here’s the long awaited reveal of our data from the fallout survey project we did a few months back. over 2,000 of you contributed to this, so that’s pretty neat!
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so we gonna conveniently ignore how ksoo made a colorist joke about jongin just a few months ago on that star 360 show? really? exo's colorism isn't some distant long forgiven and forgotten thing from 2013

i actually forgot about that until u mentioned it tbh lol rip me exo has made so many colorist comments that its all blurred together anyways all i was trying to say earlier is i dont excuse exo or vixx or shinee or gsd or mamamoo or exid or any of my faves from making colorist comments im aware that theyve ALL done it and they all STILL do it (even if they’ve learned to stop doing it in public bc of pr reasons) and its disheartening and disappointing bc they’ve all fucked up but you can still love a thing/person/group and hate it simultaneously for the problematic things they have had said and done

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i have a PSA to people: pls know that d&m's incredibly unhealthy, toxic dynamic isn't friendship, any more than it's a real relationship. they share space & interact for PR purposes. tbh i wonder if they even talk when not required. whatever amicable feelings there may have been years ago is long gone. if there was friendship there, or even any respect, this wouldn't have devolved into this mess. what they have is a v fucked-up business arrangement. (ok thx for letting me soapbox)

Anon you won’t get any argument from me. I sometimes question if there was ever a friendship. Seems to me that it started as 2 people with mutual friends. One of whom was required to have a beard. The other of whom was so hungry for fame she was willing to sell her soul. And as I said the other day. I’d guess the hiring of her was the single biggest mistake made.

It’s been evident from very early on that there is no love of any kind or respect between these two. I always remember the first photo that planted the seed of doubt in my head that all was not as sold. They were at Joey’s parents. She had her hand on his knee. It just screamed possessive as opposed to intimate.

And I won’t lie. The series of pictures/videos we have gotten lately. They make me extremely uncomfortable. It’s one after the other of her trying to exhibit aggressive behavior and exert power over him. The kick. The fist at the Tonys. Her fingernails aggressively placed near his throat.

I often wonder what their interactions are like at these events when the camera is off. We get glimpses. Times when they don’t realize they are being filmed or photographed. And I can only imagine if feels like hell on earth when they are forced to share space.

I don’t think I can ever say it enough. This nightmare needs to end and she needs to exit his life permanently. And I can’t wait until the day she is left with nothing.

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she won't touch me anymore. I am, most certainly, reading too far in, but it is hard to not see her dripping disgust when I try to hold her, even delicately. she doesn't notice the little things anymore, doesn't get caught up in the stars with me as we used to do, laughing together and crying together. she isn't who she was when I found her, so long ago. do you think she even wants to know me? have I run my course? or have all the diamonds in her heart been crushed to nothing? //poetry-hedgehog

He doesn’t smile with his collarbones anymore, the statue of the sun always misses your eyes when I’m intertwined under your breath. He doesn’t speak when the clouds cover the same hands that have mowed mountains into a concentrated sidewalk. Yet I wonder if we’re still embracing under arches of a promise, but I wish I could take a break from lonely.

I really take issue with tumblr’s whole thing of “one strike and you’re out” AKA “it is impossible for anyone to ever learn and grow as a person and here is a callout based on stuff this person said 3 years ago and even though they don’t believe that anymore and apologized it is indisputable proof that they will always be an evil person so let’s all harass/shun them”

I’m not saying you have to interact with or be cool with people who did or said things that weren’t ok in the past. You never have to interact with or be ok with anyone for any reason, stuff like that is totally up to you. But if someone is really making an effort to learn and grow and move on from who they were in the past constantly undermining them with “well you say that now but on September the 25th of 2011 you said _______ so no matter what you do you’ll always be a horrible person” is not good. You don’t have to accept an apology from them or ever speak to them, you don’t have to trust or like them but please give them the chance to grow. I promise that when people want to and are given the opportunity they absolutely can change for the better. How do I know you possibly ask? I feel like the set up here is probably too obvious for a surprise reveal or anything but I know because I did.

I used to be a pretty awful person. I’m not saying I’m great now or anything, but I’ve definitely made progress from where I started out. I’ve mentioned before that I was raised in a very conservative Christian family and environment. I haven’t mentioned that it took about 18 years for me to start to question all the stuff I was taught at church and by my family. I thought abortion was wrong. I thought being gay was wrong and totally bought into the whole “love the sinner hate the sin” thing. I went right along with my family in looking down on a relative who, horror of horrors, moved in with her boyfriend without getting married. I freaking tried to evangelize kids at school when I was 7 years old, focusing particularly as I was taught on any kids of different religions to my own and I live in fear that I said something really hurtful to any of them. I volunteered for the salvation army another thing that makes me shudder in retrospect (never donate to them ever) and worked for an organization that is stubbornly and horribly anti LGBTQIA+. I was a judgmental holier than thou brat who blithely parroted my parents rhetoric in pretty much all aspects in an attempt to win approval and never stopped to think about how any of this could be hurting others.

You know what really helped me stop being that awful? Tumblr actually. I forget how exactly I found the blogs I used to lurk on before I actually made my own account, I think it was something to do with me searching for advice on google (I had finally started to realize that my crushes on girls were not just “I think she’s a really really really great person and I would love to be best friends with her” when I got crushes on boys too and the feeling was the exact same) However I found them I found blogs that helped me learn and gave me the space to actively find out more and see that I was wrong about so much and I learned that I wanted to change and more importantly that I could change. Since tumblr is tumblr I did see people with their “once a bad person always a bad person” thing but luckily I decided not to listen to that, I decided to believe the people who said trying to change was a good and possible thing not a pointless endeavour that would make no difference in the long run.

So yeah, people on here seem to think I’m nice and I really hope that that’s true. But I definitely wasn’t in the past. It’s up to you whether you think I actually changed or if I’m just pretending to have for some reason, and I’m not saying “look at me I’m so much better than I was before, what a success story, give me praise” because that’s really not the point of this and if it comes off that way I’m sorry, the point is I think I’ve made progress and so I would be a hypocrite if I did not believe unequivocally that other people can do the same, no matter how much I dislike how they have been in the past. I’m still learning and I always will be. I mess up and I always will. I am so grateful that I had the chance to learn so much and unlearn so much of what I was taught, and I truly hope that others get the same opportunity. So please, please if you see someone making an effort to grow and change don’t tell them they can’t. I will never tell you that you should forgive them or like them or encourage them or have anything to do with them, but please believe that people have the ability to change and don’t try and stop that process.

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Sooo, I think my agent may be a #shmagent. It isn't that they're a bad person trying to deceive vulnerable writers, but they don't seem to be good at selling books. Long story short: I was really excited to work with this agent, even though they were new. That was a year ago, but since then they've only sold one book (to a press that accepts submissions from unaccented authors). Now they've signed a bunch of authors, and I'm not sure when I'm going on submission. Do I run now, am I paranoid?

If you are REALLY worried they are a #schmagent… they probably are. I know how hard it is to admit that your “dream agent” might not be so dreamy, so if you are thinking it there is something off…. well.

There are two varieties of #schmagent: The truly duplicitous scamster, and the much more common merely ineffectual. (There are certainly hybrid breeds as well, but let’s assume good intentions for most.) How can you tell? Here are some warning signs:

* DEFINITE SCAMSTER: If they ask you to pay them anything. ANYTHING. “Reading fees”, “Editorial fees” etc. RUN. If they offer to act as a publisher for you. RUN. (This is different from agent-assisted SELF-Publishing, which is a thing. But the AGENT isn’t the publisher in that case. YOU are.) If their website has a lot of talk about “revolutionizing publishing” but no actual BOOKS on it? RUN. If they won’t tell you who else they rep, or what books they’ve sold? RUN. Poor communication from the beginning - typo or grammar-ridden or otherwise strange emails or phone calls? RUN. 

Actually, keeping it a buck, if I got any messed up / shady vibes at all, I’d RUN, because guess what: I don’t want to put my professional and financial life in the hands of somebody who SEEMS shady, even if they aren’t actively DOING anything shady.

* POSSIBLY PROBLEMATIC: If they are listed as bad in Preditors and Editors, or on the Absolute Write Water Cooler, they are very likely problematic, or at least worth doing due diligence on. These sites are not infallible by any means… but they are a great place to start.

* VERY LIKELY USELESS: Brand new, no background in publishing, and at an agency nobody ever heard of? Maybe a problem. Many clients and no sales after a year or more, or their ONLY sales seem to be to micro-presses or digital only? Maybe a problem. The agency seems to have been started very recently, and/or started by people who themselves have no background in publishing or experience with a larger agency? Probably a problem. 

* PROBABLY FINE!!! Everyone starts somewhere. If you are looking at a brand new agent with few sales, that’s not a big problem… IF they are with a well-established agency and have successful mentors.

Agenting is an apprentice business. You can’t learn it from the ether. You can’t learn it in a class. Anyone can SAY they are an agent. But that doesn’t mean they will be able to actually help you, even if they have the best intentions in the world.

To succeed as an agent, it helps to be smart and a clear communicator, and it doesn’t hurt to have a bold personality. But IMO, every agent MUST start with at least two of the following: 1) A strong, multi-year background in publishing; 2) A healthy network of established connections, or an agency with the same; 3) Engaged and successful mentors.

A smart person can probably figure out how to succeed without ONE of these before they start… after all, you can make connections if you start with the right background and mentors. You might not need mentors if you have the background and connections. And you might not need any background in publishing, if you have great mentors and strong agency connections. But without two, I guarantee they will fail as an agent. And bring any client unlucky enough to sign with them down in the process.

Now – maybe you have read all this and realize, no, they aren’t a #schmagent… but I’m still not happy. It could be that they are fine, they just aren’t the right agent FOR YOU. If you are not seeing success and you don’t feel like you are able to communicate with this person, or you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about your career – that doesn’t mean they are bad OR you are bad. It just might be time to part ways. And that’s OK too. 

Anyway. If you want to DM me their name, I can do some digging. But… yeah. Good luck!

We really wanted to show what Sheriff Stilinski’s life would be like without Stiles,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “A long time ago, we thought, ‘What if he loses Stiles, but gets something back in return? What if he gets his wife back? What does that mean? Where the f–k did she come from? How is this possible? That’s a big part of the mystery, and we have a lot of fun with it.
—  Well colour me confused Jeff, cause I have no idea what’s going on!

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When you say "disastrous year", isn't that really only talking about Louis. The other boys have all been moving along right? I don't know what the state of Chiam is, but Harry and Niall seem to have removed Syco from their lives long ago.

My whole point in that part is that that is what Syco wants you to believe. You don’t think Harry wouldn’t prefer to not have to be so cryptic about what he’s doing? That he’s happy that the fandom impression is that he screwing over his bandmates and just doing his own thing? Even some Larries are convinced that Harry is making moves with no regard to Louis. And Niall’s thing has always been to seem unproblematic to serve as a foil for the others. Syco continued that this year. That doesn’t mean Syco is removed from their lives, just that the constraints Syco imposed require negative, rather than positive, activities. But the Syco story has been that Louis is a dad with no real career prospectives; Harry hates his bandmates and is proceeding with his own activities regardless of how it affects them (he can’t even be loyal to Kendall, he’s so self-centered); Liam is a traitor, largely irrelevant, and yet also Cheryl’s lapdog; and Niall is a traitor but not really worth your time because he’s just doing sports stuff anyway (before the song release at least). I don’t think those are the images any of them want for their future, and I don’t think “disastrous” is too strong a word considering how the fandom has been guided by these images and the infighting that’s occurred.

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<p> @sora-pugnxre-mxlum, @theotherpuppet

Riku sighed as he climbed the steps to Sora’s front porch a wiggling bundle of cat in his arms. His dad was home and already drunk leaving him with no desire to stay home or to leave Light behind.

He knocked when he reached the front door more out of habit and being polite then anything. Light gave an annoyed meow from his arms even as he sighed letting himself in. He’d been given permission to do so a long time ago and Sora’s mom actually got annoyed with him if he stood and waited to be let in to long.

“Hey Sora!” The silver haired teen called hoping the other was home. If not he’d just ask the other’s mom if it was okay if he stayed over. Light gave another loud meow from his arms green feline eyes darting around the room in intrest.

Junpei's win quotes
  • General:
  • "And, goodbye! It's a home run! Today's MVP is Junpei Iori, once again!"
  • "If you want a rematch, any time's fine! I'll even play a game of baseball with you if you like!"
  • "Hehehe! The speed of my swing loses to no one!"
  • "Hehe, not bad, huh. But, no one can win when I've got my love for Chidori!"
  • vs. Yosuke:
  • "Somehow, I think I'm startin' to warm up to you, kid. Next time, let's sit down and have a nice long chat."
  • vs. Akihiko:
  • "Hehe, and one from senpai! I did it! Who's da man?"
  • vs. Labrys:
  • "Aigis is your......sister, isn't she? So, how about you two be the 'Beautiful Robo-Sisters'!"
  • vs. Elizabeth:
  • "A long time ago...I put my life on the line. There was a thorn in a beautiful rose, or, now, nothing but a thorn......"
  • vs. SHO:
  • "Are you the guy behind this mess? Man, What about this is fun to you?"
  • vs. Shadow Junpei:
  • "If you're going to imitate me, be more handsome! Was I really that evil-looking?"

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reminder of kai and d.o's reaction when they saw a kaisoo banner LAST YEAR. if this is reason for them to stop interacting, then they should have stopped interacting a long time ago (www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=7u2pghLkkHE) why be hung up about them not interacting. what fans should be worried is when they start interacting too obviously and in our face. that's when you should start worrying because that isn't like them at all. i've been a shipper from the start and that's how they work.

[x] OMG YES DID YOU SEE HOW kyungsoo kept glacing at the bar and how jongin smirked and look super happy after noticing it ???? i think they are so glad that fans support their relationship even though they have to hide it , they don’t mind if some of us believe in it and most importantly support it !!!

i know anon , i cant agree more !  it’s kaisoo they are like that , if people aren’t satisfied with the few moments they get from them thye probably should look for another otp because thy are  kaisoo and they don’t do fanservice with each other ^^