this isn't even an otp of mine


i made every mistake and felt the shame rise in me. and even now i lie awake, knowing history has its eyes on me.


Charles saying Erik’s name


But that’s the thing about endings; we haven’t reached yours just yet.



otp meme: ♥  [3/3] Heartbreaking scenes  → God, I don’t even remember the last thing that I said to her. I was supposed to be with her in her final moment. You still can.


ヾ(。・ω・)シ♡true love prevails! 


Regina…I choose you

83/365 Days of Outlaw Queen 

favourite anime ops/eds: « beyond the boundary »

▷ daisy - stereo dive foundation

Words cannot describe how good it feels to be able to draw your childhood otps. okay technically this is 5 years old otp but still. By the way, Kagura shouldn’t have died, Sesshomaru and her were supposed to have a funny romance full or blushes and babies.


chuck and blair positivity challenge day six: favorite scheming moment
“you and i bonded over a mutual love of scheming and burlesque.”


Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. (insp.)

  • Luhan: Why the hell am I always the bottom?! I can top too, you know!
  • Sehun: *licks lips* These writers makes me think of good positions to do with Luhan hyung later..
  • Tao: And why the hell am I partnered with Kris Hyung?!
  • Kris: Excuse me, mine isn't that big! It even fit Tao's mouth!
  • Kai: I like it ~ D.O hyung wanna try these--- *Gets hit by a flying knife from Kyungsoo*
  • D.O: *prepares axe* I can top.
  • Chen: Yahh it's so full of action~~! "Xiumin moaned as Chen put his di--" *gets hid in the head with a baozi*
  • Xiumin: What *munch* the hell *munch* is this? Fyi, I top sometimes! Chenchen would be too tired if he's always on top!
  • Chanyeol: *lipbites* *whispers* I'll make this happen later tonight *stares at Baekhyun*
  • Baekyhun: GODDAMN RIGHT YOU ARE CHANYEOL'S COCK IS BIGGER THAN--- *gets hit by a flying slipper by Kyungsoo*
  • Suho: Why.. Oh god.. This... Why.. *gets rushed to the hospital because of severe nosebleeding*
  • Lay: *stabs laptop* *punches stranger* FUCK WORLD PEACE

“I find it hard to say, bye-bye.”

“Even in the state of you and I.”

“And how can I refuse?”

“Yeah you rid me of the blues.”

“Ever since you came into my life.”

Because your my medicine.

(Yeah, you’re medicine.)

“Yeah, you’re my medicine.

(You’re medicine.)