this isn't as weird as i thought it would be

“It’s only you,” whispered Orphan Girl. She was holding his hand crouched down next to him. “Why do you hate you?”
Ronan thought about it.
The albino night horror swept in, talons opening.
Ronan stood up, stretching out his arm like he would to Chainsaw.
“I don’t,” he said.
And he woke up.

I’m reading The Raven Cycle this summer and falling in love with it. This was my favorite scene in The Dream Thieves. Like. an actual thrill shot through my heart when I read it.

I just had a weird thought…so let’s say in the world of Warbreaker a person was going to have twins…and you know how sometimes a twin can absorb the other?
Let’s say that happened…would the surviving fetus have two breaths? Or are breaths obtained after birth meaning it would only have one?

I’m only on pg 248 but this just popped in my head and now I don’t know what to do.


I had a pretty decent sleep filled with some crazy weird dreams.  

Woke up at ten (i didn’t go to bed until 3) had a big bowl of oatmeal and have been relaxing for the past hour.  Probably going to go to the gym twice today, the first just for cardio this afternoon and the second time I’ll do more cardio and arms.  I would just go for a walk outside but it’s cold as anything out.

ALSO! I was just sitting in bed minding my own, scrolling through my dash, and my doorbell ring.  No big deal, I figured it was just the guy going to ask me to move my car so the plow could come through.  It was the guy, but he was actually making sure I was feeling okay because I guess one of my other neighbours told him about how I passed out on Tuesday.  I feel so cared about right now like he just made my entire day.

I hope you all have amazing days/nights and I love you all so so much.



Animated POC Week / Day 3 / Favorite Physical Feature : Smile


Some crappy El Guaco/Douche doodles that almost (but only almost) border the line of SFW under the cut

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What a thought, though. What if it had been just Sam? Is it so weird that he might ‘pop out of Hell wrong’, after his stint in the Cage? (6x06)

Potential name and concept art for the "cargo-mule titan"

Over the recent chapters, Isayama has introduced us to the “cargo-mule-titan”, a new enemy who acts under Zeke´s orders, possesses the ability to talk and supplies his warchief with ammo and more. It´s clear that he plays at least a minor role in the story, and we still don´t know much about his origins, or even his name.

(I´m talking about this guy)

Now lets take a look at this thing:

This booklet comes with the special edition of the 2nd recap movie, and contains some of Isayama´s original sketches for the anime, like the redesigned 3dmg or armored titan, as well as extended scenes (the forest battle between the rogue and female titan f.e.). Interestingly enough, it also contains one sketch of a titan whose identity I was never quite able to figure out:

In the top half, we see Isayama´s sketches for the rogue titan (it even says “eren titan” in the top corner (not pictured)), and below him, the mysterious “OAD titan”. I´ll be honest, I´ve never seen this guy before. Especially in season 1. Originally I believed it would be a sketch of Eren´s mindless titan when he ate Grisha, but Isayama´s sketches for this guy look different. Also, I doubt its the fiery berserk titan from ep 25; although the sketch is set right underneath the rogue titan, they don’t really share any resemblance.

Which leads me to believe, that this could be a sketch of the mule titan. They both walk on all fours, have a weird face, and are overall rather mysterious. It should be noted that this entire sketchbook is filled with sketches of actual characters, be it titans or humans. Not a single random titan or unnamed soldier is featured, so I do believe that this OAD titan has some sort of role to play.

Finally, the name. I´ve never heard the letters OAD associated with snk in any way, in fact, I´ve never heard these letters before in this particular order. I´ve tried looking up some acronyms, but unless its Orlando´s anime day, I have no clue what this means. If someone does have an idea, please share with us!

(recap: strange season 1 sketch might have revealed the cargo titan´s name.)

I guess that would make sense indeed

(I have no clue how to reply to replies lmao)

Bonus: bald rogue titan looks like connie hahaha

Romantic ideas when your vhenan is intangible.

Alt: So you fell in love with a spirit, fret not! There is still hope for you!

Alt alt: 101 activities you and your spectral lover can both enjoy.

ie. I am having the worst time writing Solas x Spirit lavellan courtship fluff.  Candlelit dinners, cuddling, massages, touching of any sort.  So basically weird dream stuff, and lots of talking.  Damnit.  At least I’m working on it.