this isn't all i'm eating for dinner


Eating is good. Eating is great.

Prompt (Aokaga Month Day 5): Eating

(In which either of them contemplates the many feelings that come with eating, and tries to be poetic about their fateful love affair over a stolen piece of cake. Is it Aomine or Kagami? Take your pick.)

I love eating. I wish I was kidding. Eating every day, eating every hour, eating every food, eating what I want. Eating is something I’m inherently attuned with, and eating hasn’t done me anything wrong. A few bouts with the occasional stomachache, yes, but never anything medicine or a trip to the bathroom can’t handle. I adore eating.

Eating makes healthy a boy. I am still growing, and my appetite knows no bounds. Eating makes me happy. I am best friends with food, and my fondness knows no limits. Eating makes me feel alive. (It does keep me alive.) But as much as I love food and consuming, I am only human, and only recently eating has become too routine, too boring.

Eating with classmates has been fine. Eating with friends has been cool. Eating with my cohort has been great. And yet at the end of every meal that leaves no more room to fill, an emptiness has overwhelmed me, an unceasing cause of discomfort beneath my belly.

It is not the type of void that comes with eating alone. Heck, I have been rarely eating alone. Companionship does crazy things to your psyche, and more often these days, I have entirely avoided eating all by myself.

And yet no matter how I have tried to account for the teeny amount of fulfillment felt by dining with my rowdy buddies, there has been something I am certain that I have been missing.

Eating is good. Eating is great. Eating makes healthy a boy, it not only gains me weight. Friendship can be forged through a meal. Stories shared over or after a meal have become staple to me.

And yet, I have felt lonely.

Eating is good. Eating is great. I have tried to repeat the words, but on my anxiety they only grate.

Until you came.

Eating is good. Eating is great. Eating has been as natural as breathing, until you came and snatched my cake.

Eating is good. Eating is great. Eating has almost become a bore, until you decided to call dinner a date.

Eating is good. Eating is great. But eating with you—it’s got to be the best.

(End of my poetic murder.)

  • *eating dinner at table*
  • joyce: So Max, How are you?
  • max: I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired, that's all.
  • joyce: Well, you can go sleep upstairs if you want.
  • max: No, no. I'm fine.
  • joyce: Well, you sure as hell don't look it.
  • max: ...
  • joyce: ...
  • joyce: It's Chloe, isn't it?
  • max: *nods*
  • joyce: Dang Nabbit! That girl and her Rachel obsession. Is that why you came down here?
  • max: FUCK YES!
  • *upstairs*
  • chloe: I wish Rachel was here...
  • *sits in corner*
  • *later that night*
  • *Joyce's bedroom*
  • joyce: I wish William was here...
  • max: What a Fuckin' twisted family!!!

anonymous asked:

i had quite a nightmare about a wolfstar au...17th century, Remus is a prince who has to kept safe at all costs bc he's the only heir, sirius is like a lesser lord who is also his bf and he eats everything first to be sure the food isn't poisoned. there's this dinner then, but before they had a small fight, so sirius just eats turnips, although there is lamprey pie which is remus' fave. after a while remus just thinks fuck it, i'm eating the goddam pie now! the food was never poisoned it won't

be today!“ but of fucking course it is, and remus can’t breath, everyone starts crying for help, but he dies in sirius’ arms who is beyond himself with grief. after remus made his last breath, sirius lunges for the ham knife and kills himself. everybdy screams. nobody notices the rat in the background, who quietly says "remmy, siri, lol ur out” I KID YOU NOT

whaaaat the fuck is up with your brain, friend?

Overheard From the Bunker
  • Charlie: Why haven't I met Cas yet, literally all your stories include him. This reeks, Winchester.
  • Mama Tran: ...and Kevin keeps telling me about this angel that's "gay for Dean?" And "there was nothing else to do in that godforsaken bunker?" Kevin's fine right now, he still eats dinner with me, but he can't exactly join in...
  • Kevin: And literally the only thing keeping me sane is the fact the bet we made about the two, I'm still going strong. I tell you, you gotta meet the two before you start betting on them...
  • Garth: Honestly, staying away was a little difficult at first. I'm doing okay now, with Betsy and all. I wish you guys had found your Betsy. Though I hear Dean isn't really doing that bad in that department. Is it true, about the angel?
  • Crowley: I was stuck here for ages. No entertainment, scrawny little boys and gigantic moose-people were the only company I had. I'm telling you, Dean isn't with the angel yet. Though he hightailed it out of here quickly enough when he heard hot-wings was in trouble.
  • Sam: Don't you think I've tried everything to get those two idiots together. I'm telling you, it's all up to them. They'll realize it when they want to. It's all in their hands.
  • Castiel: I'm really confused on this term Charlie told me about, Destiel? It's supposed to be a combination of some sort, apparently, but I have no idea what it could be. Oh, Dean get me a glass too? Thank you, Dean.
  • Dean: Let's get out of here, Cas.