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Richard Siken Quote Starters
  • I woke up in the morning and I didn't want anything, didn't do anything, couldn't do it anyway.
  • I say I want you inside me and you hold my head underwater. I say I want you inside me and you split me open with a knife.
  • Vanity makes you say things like "I deserved a better life than this."
  • I sleep. I dream. I make up things that I would never say. I say them very quietly.
  • Your world doesn't make sense.
  • Someone once told me that explaining is an admission of failure. I'm sure you remember, I was on the phone with you, sweetheart.
  • A man takes his sadness and throws it away but then he's still left with his hands.
  • I've been in your body and it was a carnival ride.
  • Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again.
  • Love always wakes the dragon and suddenly, flames everywhere.
  • You're in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won't tell you that he loves you, but he loves you.
  • Is that too much to expect? That I would name the stars for you?
  • To them he is a mirror, but to you he is a room.
  • You want a better story. Who wouldn't?
  • Let's admit, without apology, what we do to each other.
  • If you love me, Henry, you don't love me in a way I understand.
  • He was pointing at the moon, but I was looking at his hand.
  • I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good.
  • Fairy tales have rules. You are a princess or you aren't.
  • You wanted to think of yourself as someone who did these kinds of things. You wanted to be in love and he happened to get in the way.
  • We have not touched the stars, nor are we forgiven.
  • If this isn't a kingdom then I don't know what is.
  • Your body told me in a dream it's never been afraid of anything.
  • You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it back.
  • Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.
  • Everyone needs a place. It shouldn't be inside of someone else.
  • I'm sorry I came to your party and seduced you and left you bruised and ruined.
  • Everyone could see the way his muscles worked, the way we look like animals, his skin barely keeping him inside.
  • I'm pulling you out of the burning buildings and you say "I'll give you anything" but you never come through.
  • Dear Forgiveness, I saved a plate for you. Quit milling around the yard and come inside.
  • You wanted happiness, I can't blame you for that.
  • I swear, I end up feeling empty, like you've taken something out of me and I have to search my body for scars.
  • Oh, the things we invent when we are scared and want to be rescued.
  • I do believe his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me like stars.
  • He had green eyes, so I wanted to sleep with him. Green eyes flecked with yellow, dried leaves on the surface of a pool. You could drown in those eyes, I said.
  • Damn if there isn't anything sexier than a slender boy with a handgun, a fast car, a bottle of pills.
  • The entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell. Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of time.
  • You play along, because you want to die for love, you always have.
  • You're trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist.
  • Moonlight making crosses on your body, and me putting my mouth on every one.
  • I wouldn't kill your pony. I'd like to believe it, anyway.
  • Imagine a story where everything goes wrong, where everyone has their back against the wall, where everyone is in pain and acting selfishly because if they don't, they'll die.
  • You're a train and I'm a train station and when I try to guess your trajectory I end up telling my own story.
  • The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I'm alive.
  • I'm just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.
  • I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time.
  • Imagine a story, not of good against evil, but of need against need against need, where everyone is at cross-purposes and everyone is to blame.
  • You looked at me long enough to see something mysterious under all the gruff and bluster. Thanks.
  • In the wrong light anyone can look like a darkness.
  • You just wanted to prove there was one safe place, just one safe place where you could love him. You have not found that place yet.
  • This is not harmless. You are not breathing.
  • Lesson number one -- be sneaky and have a plan.
  • I know history. There are many names in history but none of them are ours.
  • You know that a boy who likes boys is a dead boy, unless he keeps his mouth shut, which is what you didn't do, because you are weak and hollow and it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
  • Sometimes you get so close to someone you end up on the other side of them.
  • When someone is trying to ditch you, kill you, never go back.
  • All wars are the same war.
  • We are all going forward. None of us are going back.
  • I'm not suggesting the world is good, that life is easy, or that any of us are entitled to better.
  • I wanted to be wanted and he was very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving.
  • Okay, so I'm the dragon. Big deal. You still get to be the hero.
  • Actually, you said Love, for you, is larger than the usual romantic love. It's like a religion. It's terrifying.
  • You take her out into the rain and you fall in love with her and she leaves you and you're desolate.
  • Sorry about the scene at the bottom of the stairwell and how I ruined everything by saying it out loud.
  • Someone is digging your grave right now.
  • There's a niche in his chest where a heart would fit perfectly.
  • Your co-workers ask if everything's okay and you tell them you're just tired.
  • Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.
  • At this point in the story so many things have gone wrong, so many bad decisions made, that it's a wonder anyone would want to continue reading.
  • Eventually something you love is going to be taken away.
  • I wanted to hurt you but the victory is that I could not stomach it.
  • Tell me we're dead and I'll love you even more.
  • I take the parts that I remember and stitch them back together to make a creature that will do what I say or love me back.
  • I am sad and angry and I want everyone to be alive again.

anonymous asked:

It's not "gatekeeping" and if it is its not a bad thing. You can't let someone who isn't trans call themselves trans. That's like saying a 100% white person can call themselves black. Or a die hard Christian can call themselves Jewish. They literally lack the criteria to be included in a group. There's nothing fun or quirky abt being trans, cis people who call themselves "trans people without dysphoria" are making a mockery of actual trans people like me. It's okay to be cis it's okay to not be.

self harm mention, suicide mention

Phoenix says:

I’ll let you in on a secret here. THIS BLOG BELIEVES YOU DON’T NEED DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS. So you can waste your time all you want but you’re not going to convince us otherwise.

What are you hoping to get out of this? To convince us you need dysphoria to be trans? To push a 14 year old who’s always felt better being perceived as male to suicide? To make a 16 year old who is questioning their identity debate self harm? Because asks like these serve no purpose other than to hurt people and I sincerely hope that’s not your opinion.

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans. End of story, full stop. Now stop harassing other trans people because their experiences are different than yours.

Also, the criteria for identifying as transgender is simply identifying, at least partially, as a gender other than the sex you were assigned at birth. No dysphoria needed.

Jay says:

oh. my god, i’m literally. phoenix has chill. i do not.

y’know who’s not trans? cis people. y’know what trans people who are nondysphoric AREN’T? cis.

how would you feel if this blog kept getting messages about how you weren’t trans, just beacuse of something you dont feel. something you havent experienced. having a checklist to be trans is fucked up, mate.

having a checklist for transness is what lead to the “true transsexual” concept. that you had to get bottom surgery, you had to be on HRT, you had to want to pass, you had to want to be cis, you had to want to be straight was even included in some cases. and that is DISGUSTING.

no matter what I think of you, no matter how much I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself and your literally transphobic mindset, and how much i think you shouldn’t be messaging this blog at all, i’m not going to say you arent trans. because i have respect for the fact that you’ve identified yourself to me as such, it is not my place to police your identity, or claim you are not who you say you are. you do not have the right to do that to anyone.

If anyone’s making a mockery of trans people it’s you buddy. This community is supposed to be open, welcoming, and safe for people who are not cis. You’re making it the difference between a chilled out youth club and a fucking private elitist pay-10k-to-gain-membership club.

here is the questionnaire for if you are trans

do you identify as a gender other than your assigned one? if yes, you’re trans. did i mention dysphoria? no, i fucking didnt

would you look at this? the definition of transgender

Transgender people are people who experience a mismatch between their gender identity or genderexpression, and their assigned sex

oh, and what about transsexual?

Transsexual people experience a gender identity that is inconsistent with, or not culturally associatedwith, their assigned sex, and desire to permanently transition to the gender with which they identify,usually seeking medical assistance (including hormone replacement therapy and other sexreassignment therapies) to help them align their body with their identified sex or gender.

woah, would you look at that? you dont need dysphoria, by definition, to be fucking trans!

and guess what? it is gatekeeping. it is a bad thing. it’s one thing to say “drag queens aren’t part of the trans community” - that’s TRUE. if a drag queen identifies as a cisgender person, they are not trans. but saying a literal, in the flesh trans person, is not trans, is purely VILE.

Like, you use religion there as comparison. Some people are born into a religion - they’ve always been part of that religion. Some people convert. Both are valid members of that religion. No one tries to kick out people who convert to a goddamn religion, they’re ACCEPTED. WITH OPEN ARMS. LIKE YOU SHOULD ACCEPT OTHER TRANS PEOPLE, NON-DYSPHORIC PEOPLE INCLUDED.

y’all coming into this askbox, invalidating the identities of other trans people, your fuckin brothers and sisters and siblings, are no better than cis people who’ve done the same to you. if you’ve ever been told you aren’t trans enough, or that you cant be trans, or it’s just a phase, or any dismissal of your identity, you should know better than to do the same to someone else. i’m sickened that people like you are in this community and spreading hate for some of the most vulnerable people here.

I’m ashamed to share a community with you. Goodbye, don’t come back, unless it’s waving a white damn flag

you know what bothers me about islamophobia, other than the seriously harmful effects it has on millions of people worldwide, is how it is never ever based on something factual? i have never seen the cool anti-sjw edgelord types on here have a problem with islam for some good reason - it is always IT PROMOTES VIOLENCE BC THE QURAN SAID KILL EVERYONE, or else ISLAM IS MISOGYNIST (the two most common ones i’ve seen). and for a community that prides itself on its fact-checking and ~logic~ this is actually laughable - because to understand islam you have to read the quran IN CONTEXT

let me repeat that


which none of you people have done. i have yet to come across an intelligent, well-researched argument against islam that isn’t sourced by known biased, islamophobic websites. you people keep quoting the same verse from the quran over and over again claiming it says to kill all non-believers, without ever reading it in context (the context is war and it says you are allowed to defend yourself against those who oppress you in conditions of war) and then you pat yourself on the back for being so ~progressive~ and telling the muslims their religion is Wrong. or else you’ll use the hijab to claim islam is misogynistic and doesn’t give women their rights when the opposite is true - islam gave women rights 1400 years ago when women weren’t even considered to be people by the majority of the world. but nope, you made a horribly researched post about how islam oppresses women, go you! you really taught us! i feel so liberated now!!! thank you so much, O Wise People of Tumblr dot com!!!

you people keep saying shit about our prophet when none of you have ever studied in detail the sort of life he lived, the way he behaved with his people and other minorities and women, but you are quick to claim he married a 9 year old and other disgusting shit without taking into context the time period people lived in then, and how society was different. you just want to prove that you have some sort of high moral ground when it comes to religion, and islam is archaic, old-fashioned and backwards. well, congratulations. the only thing you’ve achieved, in my opinion, is to look ass-backwards in your own community which prides itself on fact-checking, logic and not buying into propaganda and edgy bullshit about social justice issues.

sorry, this got longer than i meant. i’m just really upset because a person whose blog i enjoyed, whom i am friends with, posted this kind of thing and it broke my heart, honestly. i’m not asking anyone to agree with my religion all the time, i’m just saying, as a bunch of people who pride yourselves on your Intellect and Logic, use some of that damn intellect and logic and do your fucking research. islamophobia is an actual thing and yeah it’s an ugly label, no one wants to be associated with it, but whoops, tough titty, son, your actions are actively harmful for millions of people worldwide, so i’ll thank you to keep your poorly researched, shit opinions to yourself.