this isn't a spoiler though

pls click on it idk why it’s so blurry

it makes me sad to see people dismissing jumin’s affection in the valentine’s day dlc just because he buys so many gifts. 

not everyone expresses their love solely through words or cuddles. sometimes people enjoy picking out items that they think others might like, and enjoy giving gifts as it’s their way of showing how much they care. gifts are not inherently bad, and not inherently a sign that your love is fake or inadequate. 

some people don’t like receiving gifts, and that’s okay! it’s also okay to give gifts if it’s a way to express your love and make others happy! 

disliking jumin’s valentine’s day ending is not the problem. disliking it because you think gifts automatically diminish his feelings is kinda missing the point. 


“Cousins forever.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner, drowning in feels.


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What location do you think that is?

Based on the set list we got before, these are the options.

  • Group Home Bedroom
  • Emma’s House
  • Charming’s Castle Balcony FTL
  • Charming’s Bedroom
  • Emma’s House
  • Evil Queen’s Lair
  • EQ’s Lair Hall of Mirrors
  • Dwarf Mines
  • Hovel (Granny’s)
  • Pnocchio’s Shop
  • Mary Margaret’s Loft
  • Jolly Roger Captain’s Quarters
  • Main Street Storybrooke
  • Jolly Roger/Docks
  • Gold’s Shop
  • EQ’s Dungeon FTL
  • Zelena’s (Wizard’s) Chamber
  • Regina’s Vault
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Granny’s/Main Street

My bet is Jolly Roger/Docks based on that photo.

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Why are people with ARCs allowed to spoil Lord of Shadows? Spoilers are popping up everywhere, including major character deaths, though some contradict each other. Blacklisting spoilers isn't helping, is there anything you can do?

Whoa, whoa! People with ARCs aren’t allowed to spoil LoS. And in fact, they aren’t that I know of? ARCs are limited to reviewers and by and large they’re a hugely professional group that takes their reviewing and blogging really seriously. They know if they started posting spoilers they would lose their audiences.

When a book is embargoed, that means a legal agreement between the publisher and booksellers that the bookseller won’t sell the book before a specific date. Sometimes a bookseller breaks that agreement — in this case sold early copies in Northern Europe before receiving an injunction to stop — and then the book winds up in the hands of people who aren’t reviewers and don’t have an agreement not to sell/spoil/whatever it. There is no way to stop them, because the agreement that was broken was broken by the bookseller not the reader who got the book early. The downside is that it can mean that for instance no books will be provided to next time a Shadowhunters book comes out, so no customers of the website/people in N. Europe will be able to buy it easily, so the people punished for spoilers are often the people who didn’t do the spoiling at at. I think it’s rotten to post spoilers, and if I hear about accounts doing it I will block them permanently, but that is all I can do.


I’ve talked already about blacklisting and muting, but I’ve definitely gotten the impression the spoilers are out of control (I have turned off my own inbox because it’s full of people yelling about spoilers, some of which aren’t true, but I can’t confirm or disclaim either way) and I certainly recall myself the spoiler situation of waiting for new Harry Potter books, for instance. If you genuinely don’t want to be spoiled I would honestly recommend a fandom blackout until after you read LoS. Walk away from the timeline/dashboard, avoid discussions, stick to safe spaces where you know everyone. 

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It’s the only way to be sure.

See you on the flipside. ;)

Kind of frustrating when a character was deliberately meant as a parody of the Mary Sue archetype (while not being a Mary Sue themselves because of how they’re played) and everyone still insists on calling them a Mary Sue.

No people, it’s actually far less about the sparkly purple hair and glowing eyes and weird names than you’d think. If the character isn’t engulfing the entire story and cast and plot to cater to them, they’re actually not a Sue.

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the phantom thief AU got me thinking... I can totally see Ouma consistently stealing stuff (probably jewels or something) and then leaving an exact replica behind, but he's so good at it that no one ever realizes that the pieces have actually been stolen and that amuses but also infuriates him? Saihara being the first one to notice something was wrong would pique his interest. This is not a question, I just wanted to contribute to the headcanons lmao.

Okay, this would be absolutely perfect actually. The sheer boredom of getting away with theft after theft and no consequences and no one playing along with him or realizing exactly how smart he is would piss Ouma off to no end, and then Saihara would come along and be the first one to even notice that the pieces left behind were replicas and he’d be completely over the moon.

He’d also be insufferable from that point on and dropping a trail of breadcrumbs for the police a mile wide, but even if they took him into interrogation or holding he’d still refuse to play ball with anyone except Saihara, and Saihara would be running on maybe three hours of sleep in all this thanks to Ouma and very, very tired and done with his bullshit.

Also thank you! I’m always welcome to hearing other people’s headcanons or ideas on things, so no one needs to feel hesitant if they ever want to share any other headcanons or fanfiction ideas with me!

Just finished watching jacksepticeye play a normal lost phone. Guessed the reveal from the first string of texts, but I still enjoyed it anyways. When I read the last line from Alice’s email, I teared up. Maybe I’m too emotional at half four in the morning.