this isn't a nice way to start the morning


CAROLINA!!!!!! HI!!!! hey I have my phone back so imma send you all the nice nature pictures I’ve taken this year (don’t worry there aren’t that many,,,,)

Also! That last one is what happens when you’re at a very high elevation: that’s not fog, it’s a cloud :D

Carolina: HI HELLO YES THANK YOU THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!! Honestly, this was such a wonderful way to start of my morning! Nature is such a beautiful thing - thank you for sharing these with me!!!
This one fucking morning at Starbucks
  • Customer: hi, tall decaf please
  • Me: uh it seems our decaf is brewing right now, do you mind waiting two minutes?
  • Customer: of course, no decaf AGAIN. I don't know what's with you people. I'll just brew it myself at home.
  • Me: *look asshole, its 5:30 am, we just opened, I'm tired as hell, and this isn't my ideal way to start the fucking day*
  • Me: Sorry for the inconvenience, have a nice day.