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four words i closely associate with michiru kaioh/sailor neptune (for docholligay)

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I know threats are horrible, but thousands upon thousands of people are threatened each day and nothing happens. Sandsverse is a joke type blog. He isn't literally threatening you, its a rp blog. It's not gonna break character. Nothing's gonna be resolved.

There’s a difference between a lazy threat and a threat with intent. You and I both know Seymour threatens with intent. He has the artillery to kill anyone he wants easily, if his pictures are for real and not ripped off of Google Images (and there are a good many of them I’ve never seen before in my life, so IMO it’s safe to bet the former). People not taking him seriously is the reason he is still hurting people and being abusive and threatening.

music from pixar movies
  • toy story: Randy Newman™️
  • a bug's life: Still Randy Newman™️
  • toy story 2: Randy Newman™️ but more depressing
  • monsters inc.: still fucking randy newman
  • finding nemo: way too upbeat and swingy for the movie
  • the incredibles: hype
  • cars: you can say you hate country music but this movie will physically transform you into samuel timothy mcgraw
  • ratatouille: so pretty you don't even care that you have no idea what she's saying
  • wall-e: cures my anxiety
  • up: 40s aesthetic but without the overt racism
  • toy story 3: Randy Newman but bouncier
  • cars 2: literally just listing american and british stereotypes
  • brave: daughter of a mumford
  • monsters university: roar isn't gonna be dated nope not one bit
  • inside out: elevator music that makes me cry
  • the good dinosaur: i haven't heard any of it recently so i don't have a joke but it'll probably make you cry
  • finding dory: sia made a funny
  • cars 3: a 90 minute funeral march probably
the dreaded communist agenda

sunday: destroy every government, company, and landlord that’s killing, controlling, and exploiting us.

monday: return all land, resources, and products of labor to the people from whom they were stolen.

tuesday: undo the damage we’ve done to the planet and transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

wednesday: destroy all social categories (i.e. gender, race) and institutions (i.e. colonialism, heteropatriarchy) that mark us for and subject us to exploitation, oppression, and death.

thursday: equip the people with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid the reproduction of oppressive social structures and create beneficial ones.

friday: tend to our wounded, mourn the dead, make amends, expel the traitorous. foster altruism and mutual respect.

saturday: devise new technologies and relations, or recover old ones, that improve the quality of every facet of life.

… the joke is that i’m not sanitizing it to attract half-hearted converts who jump ship at the first sign of trouble.

  • Me: *is tired of all the Hanschen bashing*
  • Me: *is tired of people denying Hanschen's bisexuality
  • Me: *is tired of Hanschen and Ernst's relationship being portrayed as a joke*
  • Me: *is tired of homophobia/biphobia when it comes to spring awakening, particularly Hanschen and Ernest (like someone called Hanschen a slut but where my dude???)
  • Me: *is tired of people forgetting Hanschen is 14*
  • Me: *Is tired of people not being able to accept the possibility that Hanschen loves Ernst and isn't risking his life to manipulate the'innocent' Ernst*
  • Me: *is tired of Hanschen not being appreciated*

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your writing gives me life 😍 how would rfa + v + saeran react to MC being an engineering or physics major? I hope this isn't too weird, I'm just curious how they would react to MC having a tight and stressful work schedule to due to assignments and exams (currently in exam hell and it wrecks me), MC being a total science nerd and making bad physicist jokes lolol (guilty of that) and sometimes just totally engrossed in science I'm a huge dork hahah

Thank you :) Hope everything goes well for you! Good luck!


  • Kind of insecure at first
  • Cuz he didn’t go to school
  • But supportive as heck
  • Makes sure you’re still healthy
  • Offers to make dinner a lot–especially during exams
  • He’s busy with rehearsals too, so he makes sure you eat together for quality
  • He’ll practice his singing while you’re studying
  • It actually helps a lot
  • You shoot out your physics puns
  • And he shoots right back with some pick up lines
  • It’s a good time, fam


  • He’s right in the exam boat with you
  • You guys make a study fort
  • Spend more time on the fort than studying
  • He’s really good about making sure you both eat well
  • You take turns cooking to give each other a break
  • He leaves love notes on pink sticky notes on all your textbooks
  • He’s one of those people who will say candy is your reward for each problem
  • Puts gummy bears on the different sections
  • Sometimes you trade candy for kisses
  • Blushy Yoosung


  • She finds your major very impressive
  • Always encouraging you to keep pursuing your passion
  • Will make sure your coffee is always filled
  • She’s also drowning in work
  • So, very sympathetic
  • Helps you make flashcards to study
  • It’s so neat…a lot neater than yours
  • The type to give you healthy snacks
  • “Jaehee…I want chocolate, not carrots.”
  • Is actually supportive of your all-nighters
  • Makes sure you have a blanket if you fall asleep while studying
  • Doesn’t always get your science jokes
  • But she does buy you a shirt with a physics joke on it


  • Has Edibles Fruit Basket delivered to your house
  • Knows you want some quiet time, so he offers to take care of your other business
  • Of course you refuse
  • Offers to get you tutors if you need any sort of help
  • Makes your favorite pancakes for snacks
  • Occasionally stops at your desk to give you a kiss on the cheek
  • Makes Elizabeth stay with you so you have some comfort
  • Has the chefs make you whatever you want whenever you want
  • Has a huge white board brought in and helps you organize your notes
  • Will quiz you harshly...but you’re thankful anyway


  • He’s so ready to help you
  • He studied some of that in college too…
  • To help you with engineering concepts, he builds different contraptions and explains his process
  • He’s the worst at quizzing you though…gets too distracted
  • But sometimes you don’t mind…cuz he gives kisses as rewards
  • You both forgot about studying at one point. Oops
  • Offers to make your flashcards…puts little spaceships on them
  • If you pull an all-nighter, he will pull all-nighter with you
  • Snacks are always in stock
  • If you’re on your computer too long, he’ll hack it and remind you to take a break
  • You start spitting out science jokes 
  • “You want to outjoke the jokester, MC? Ha!” You both go back and forth for hours


  • Like Seven, he’s pretty good at these things too
  • But he refuses to help. Says you need to learn on your own.
  • Has his…own special way of encouraging you
  • “If you don’t pass this test, you won’t get a job.”
  • “You’re not helping…”
  • “My point is work hard!”
  • Doesn’t like you pulling all nighters
  • If you fall asleep while working, he’ll totally wrap you in a blanket
  • Not
  • Shakes you awake “Are you planning to learn the textbook by osmosis?”
  • More of coach than an encourager
  • Will treat you to anything you want afterwards


  • Tried to help you once
  • But couldn’t decipher anything
  • He’s a photographer, not a physicist
  • He does explain angles really well….thanks to photography
  • He’s super supportive during exam season
  • Makes sure you get some peace and quiet
  • Gives you any photos to encourage you
  • Coffee is made, tea is made…he even bought you cookies
  • He picks you up from university when your exam is over
  • So you guys can go any place you want as a treat
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she's thinking: to make mare feel better after everything she's gone through, to calm her down, instead of treating her like glass-- which is what mare is trying to avoid-- cal said a pun proving to her that she isn't some delicate thing and that he loves her and instead of weeping for her he told her a joke which shows that not only are they dating but friends and that there best dating friends and I mean this makes me not ok that cas loves her so much and I mean I know it was only one single pun but I feel like my whole life I've been waiting for this moment
  • Percy: So, how did your first battle go?
  • Magnus: Pretty good.
  • Samirah: *looks into the camera like on The Office*

Half of me: excited for young!Lams!fans! drawing a deeper understanding of historical figures and bringing out concepts in queer history that public school won’t teach, sharing funny stories, anecdotes, and headcanons, and driving the movement for normalization of queer history.  ecstatic that the Hamilton musical has brought tons of new, diverse people to this interest (brought me back into it), and openly supported a mainstream interpretation of Hamilton and Laurens’s relationship as romantic!!!

Other half: terrified that the nature of fandom will oversimplify concepts of sexual inclinations in repressed cultures, replace the possibility of Hamilton having a mood disorder with his sluttiness, excuse his moral misdeeds by attributing them with disorders, decontextualize the influence of Henry Laurens’s parenting by equating it to modern homophobia, erase- or totally overlook- the impact of Hamilton’s mother’s hyper-sexualization throughout his childhood, totally excuse both men’s disregard of women’s rights and empowerment, overlook the underlying selfish causes behind both men’s disgust with slavery, further overlook Hamilton’s selfish inaction against slavery after Laurens’s death, oversimplify the parallel between Hamilton’s immigrant story and the struggles of a modern immigrant, joke about ‘southern inbreeding’ and other disgusting realities of the historic south while the Laurens family had real- very serious- sex scandals, reduce a character’s life-long suicidal thoughts and actions to a trope of ‘fights everyone’, reduce a character’s life-long insecurities about status and personal safety stemming from childhood abandonment to a ‘scared of bumps in the night’ trope, lose touch with the historical significance of the musical by totally divorcing the characters of historical context…

All of me: unsatisfied.

request for @coffeevamp who wanted Jou bonding with Mokuba. 

You’re a really awesome follower! uwu I wanted to go back to my normal style, which unfortunately is a sketchy-ass mess, but hopefully you will forgive me RIP im sorry,,,,,

also inspired by the fact that I lost my gameboy colour connector cable today for the 40 billionth time in my life yay yes good

BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

Character profile


Chapter 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14

Chapter 15


  Park Jimin, since young, he and Taehyung has been together through thick and thin. They both were taken in by a child slave organisation, CS. They took care of each other in the organisation as they have only one another. Their brotherly bonds is unbreakable. The organisation recognised this bond between them and enjoy watching young Jimin watch young Taehyung get abused and vice versa. However, the two child are as strong-willed as they can be. Seeing the potential in them, they was later sent to undergo various tough trainings to rise as hunters. Jimin was kidnapped when he was a few months old and taken into the organisation. They trained and imparted him on various fighting skills from shadow boxing to wingchun. He was sent on various missions to hunt. In this case, “hunting” is a term used to express a form of murder in the underground world. However, before he was trained to hunt, he was once a child slave. He was abused repeatedly by people who are sick in the mind and willing to pay for a session to de-stress themselves. Jimin hatred for the organisation is unthinkable but was willing to bear with all the unfairness to survive and maybe take revenge in the later days to come. When he was transferred to being a hunter, he gladly accepted. He soon became famous in the underground world and people pay him to do their dirty work. Yoongi took notice of him and invited him to join BTS in hopes to gain a talented figure. Jimin, invited along Taehyung who then entered the Top7 as the last 2 members. 

  “Hey tae! Remember when we were little?” Jimin laughed, taking another shot.

  “What about it?” Taehyung replied.

  “I always wondered. When would i die. I was almost sick of life. Until i met you. Remember the promise we made?” Jimin reminiscence, there was nothing but pain in their memories, until they had each other.

  “I won’t forget. I was so glad we had one another and even i am thankful for these hell that decend upon us. Without it i think i wouldn’t meet BTS.” Taehyung sighed, before downing his whiskey.

  “Hyungs. I am totally not glad that you have to encounter such situations. But it’s good to have you all in the team. Really.” Jungkook, smiled lightly.
  The maknaes of top7 , continued to drink to their heart’s content. Which left taehyung time to think.
What was it that made him love BTS so much ?
What was it that made BTS bulletproof?
What was wrong with him in the first place to even think of betraying his brothers.

  “Jimin-ah, jungkookie. Thank you.” He said it to a sleeping jimin and a snoring jungkook before reaching for his phone.

  “Hyung. I have something to confess.” Taehyung informed.

  “Alrights. You sound so serious. Meet me in my office whenever you are free.” Namjoon instructed.

Meeting room

  “Guys. Are you all okay with the change of plans ? I know it’s a little rush but i want to see zero mistakes. I trust in every single one of you and your abilities and even your men.” Namjoon announced.

  “Thank you everyone. I promise to not disappoint you all.” Taehyung replied almost shyly.

  “Yah. No need to thank us. Just be glad you are with BTS.” Jin joked.

  “Exactly. Your ass, may have end up dead if you didn’t tell us about it.” Suga added.

  “Thank you for trusting us too.” Jhope squeezed taehyung on his shoulders.

  Together,they gathered, putting their palms together before shouting, “Bangtan!bangtan! Bang. Bang. Tan.”


  You were typing your resignation letter. You didn't  want to be a inspector anymore. Not because you didn’t like your job but because you were never a good inspector to begin with. What happened to the oath you made when you graduted from the police academy?
You didn't  deserve the promotion  and neither were you suppose to not get caught by the arms of justice. Maybe heaven was giving you a second chance, so why not use it.

  You also typed a letter to jongsuk.

  Dear Jongsuk,
  Thank you for being such a good and capable subordinate when you are working with me. I am so glad to have a right hand man like you. And i believe you would do a lot better than me in my position. I wish you all the best in your interview and i have left a testimonial for you on your table.
Lastly. Thank you for being there till the end.


  You left it on his table and decided to find the top7 since they invited you to celebrate with them. It's  also time for you to tell Namjoon that you are not going to continue doing the things you did for them and just maybe you would like to tell Hoseok how you feel before leaving. You clutched the box in your left pants pocket tightly, hoping to give you the strength you need.

DOPE Private room

  “Guys! It's  time to celebrate! ” Namjoon cheered, bringing in bottles of beer to champage.

  “You all have done really well. Though we have more or less wiped out the Got7. They are alot weaker now, losing their leaders. But we have to guard ourselves against other gangs too.” Namjoon continued.

  “Okay. Enough. It's  time to party isn't  it?” Jin interrupted.

  “Yeah!” The boys echoed.

  The boys were all relieved and enjoying the time of their life. It's  as if they were all little boys and not men who knew the evils of the world.

  “Jungkookie. How’s the alcohol? You shouldn’t drink too much baby.” Jimin teased.

  “How i wish you went to hell too.” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

  “Shut up kids. Like use your mouth to drink. Not talk.” Yoongi joked, sarcastically.

  “Yahyahyah. Taehyung ah. Stop clinging onto me.” Jhope spoke, trying to push taehyung away.

  “Uhh-ah. No. I don’t care.” Taehyung whined, grabbing hoseok’s leg.

  “Okay tae. let go. i need to talk to hoseok. I will return him to you later. Hobi and yoongi meet me outside?” Namjoon beckoned.

DOPE back alley

  “Hope. I Heard from you that (Y/n) is leaving after she helps us with the Got 7 am i right?” Yoongi questioned.

  “Yes.” Hope replied.

  “Did you not succeed?” Namjoon interrogated.

  “I don’t know.” Hope replied, uncertainly.

  “Care to explain?” Namjoon waited patiently.

  “I don’t know if she love or even like me enough to stay and continue to help us.” Hope replied, scratching his head.

  “But our great need of her. Why did you and taehyung have to fail this. I task you with this after that taehyung failed, i trusted you to do this well hope. I am really disappointed.” Namjoon shook his head.

  “Joon, why not just let her go. We will find some other ways. Isn’t it too cruel to trick her again and again?” Hoseok questioned.

 “(Y/n).” Yoongi spoke, getting up from the wall.

Where it all begin, there it shall end.

A/n: woo. i wrote a chapter finally. if you all think it’s ending soon then you are wrong. Or maybe i shouldn’t tell you that. keke. Manymany sorry to those who want me to update my Lies fanfic. I never touched that for weeks so next week i will update that alrights!

And again if you want to know what hope and tae are doing.


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This isn't a joke, by the way, but I'm pretty sure Ares is bi and secretly has a thing for Hermes. He tells no one about it except Apollo, who makes a surprisingly good counselor and life coach when necessary, armed and ready with ideas of seduction he got from Aphrodite that he said were "totally hypothetical" and "for a friend". PS, Aphrodite knows and uses every opportunity to leave Ares alone with Hermes to watch him fumble.

apollo & aphrodite: didnt u get the memo that none of the gods were straight back in 800 bc