this isn't a kids show


Chief Inspector Japp getting back at Poirot for serving him pork feet earlier

Agatha Christie’s Poirot 6x02: ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’

concept: joe hardy is a complex character with feelings and emotions and not just viewed as a stupid pain-in-the-ass that’s only around for comedic relief

also let us not forget that he skipped a grade to be at the same level as frank sO HE IS SMART OK

batfam at school

cass: freshman. the quiet kid everyone’s scared of until they find out she’ll do any dare. once ate a piece of moldy pizza during Truth or Dare. teachers love her because she follows assignment rules to a T. dick picks her up and drops her off

jay: senior. is the sweet lit nerd that always, ALWAYS argues with the teachers abt books and would die for his bffs. will also dare people to do things with life changing results. gets a ride from kori with roy

dick: was a senior but no longer attends because he back flipped off the main stairs one time too many. was a Good Student but didn’t do shit in class. drove himself

tim: junior. moody bitch. will maul a kindergartner for his coffee. broken geek glasses from stepping on them so often. walks home with steph after a long day of not doing shit in class

steph: junior. down to fight anyone. will definitely win every time. used to be friendly, now just wants to get through the day without murdering anyone. walks home with tim

duke: freshman. is the only halfway decent kid of bruce wayne despite being a freshmen??? he’s still a shit tho. will often be seen conspiring with cass or jay abt pranks. teachers fear him. is also picked up by dick after school

carrie: is in the 5th grade. also the youngest troublemaker of the family. will act perfect in front of alfred and bruce but turns into the actual devil when they’re gone. bruce picks her up

dami: in the 2nd grade but sure as fuck doesn’t act like it. is demonic to his peers, his teachers, and his family. is nice to alfred and cass. is a perfect student aside from being a total dick. is also picked up by bruce

  • Hub: nooo!! We can't make Knock Out and Breakdown gay bc there's kids watching this ;;!! Besides this show isn't focused on relationships!!//except maybe Arcee and Cliffjumper BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!! CYBERTRONIANS DON't HAVE A SEXUALITY!!
  • Cartoon Network: I mean we already have a show about space rock lesbians so?? Fuck it. Here's a character that's probably definitely their kid. Go 'Wild'
  • Me at confessional: I'm so starved for new naruto content that I'm actually starting to accept and enjoy new gen because I have no other options.
  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • My mind: the McElroy brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed. Travis insists he's a sexpert but if there's a degree on his wall, I haven't seen it. Also, this show isn't for kids, which I mention only so you babies out there know how cool you are for listening. What's up, you cool baby?
  • Psychic: what the fuck

losman212: A little girl with cerebral palsy took time to meet with us hero is her middle name. #spongebob   #humbled

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first of all, you are amazing! second of all, you are the only french person i follow (to my knowledge), so i don't know who else to ask: do you know any french kids shows? my french isn't good enough to watch movies or stuff, but it should be good enough for kids shows

Aaaawww hello there and thank you!!!

I think we mostly rip things off other countries? I mean, not RIP OFF you know, but we broadcast a lot of tv shows for children that originated in the US or in Japan. Though we do have:

  • Wakfu (I really like the designs)
  • Code Lyoko (Sci-fi ish, I didn’t like the aesthetics much as a kid but I get how it can appeal to some people)
  • Shuriken school (Ninja school with shenanigans it’s nice)
  • Martin matin (IT.WAS.THE.SHIT LITERALLY THE CONCEPT IS SO GOOD! It’s about a boy who wakes up as something different every day, a vampire, a bee, a caveman… so good)
  • Esprits fantômes (SO GOOD TOO. It was about a guy who inherits an old house in which ghosts live, and the ghosts are super friendly and help him solve crimes or something??? at least that’s how I remember it)
  • Famille Pirate (It’s about a family of pirates. It’s really nice)

HOLY SHIT okay so I’m on season two right and I have the imdb page pulled up so I can double check episode titles for liveblog purposes and I was scanning down the list of season two episodes and ummmmm there is apparently an actual actually canon gay on this show??????? like I think it’s a Very Special Episode about homophobia and frank is like 500% more of an asshole than usual but like. this is like way before don’t ask don’t tell even. the show takes place right in the lavender scare. this is how many hecking years before dawson’s creek even?????????????????

@ current tv producers if they could manage to have a gay character (who is, based on the imdb summary I accidentally read, treated as like a sympathetic and totally normal guy) in 1973 y’all need to step it the fuck up

  • Me, trying to communicate with someone my age: so what is UP with Fred and daphne??? Like they clearly have feelings for eachother but maybe Fred feels societal pressure to express his hyper masculinity by flirting with different girls and not confessing how he feels?? And maybe daphne is scared of rejection. But can you blame her? With all the mixed signals between them it's just *sighs* too much to handle am I right
  • Them: ... You're talking about scooby doo right? Isn't that a kids show
  • Me: *in a whiny, high-pitched imitation voice* "you're talking about scooby doo right" get the fuck away from me what the fuck is wrong with you