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could you do a bkdk!fantasy drabble? I love your work! Thanks!

This couldn’t be happening. 

That was the only thought Izuku could have as he crawled backward into the jungle. 

None of it was happening. 

He tried to tell himself but no matter how many times he blunk, his eyes opened to the sight of a broadsword pointed at him. Its wielder took a step toward him for every crawl Izuku made back. 

No, no, it wasn’t happening. 

Izuku had been lost for minutes, maybe an hour, maybe a little more than an hour. He had lost All Might and had tried to find camp on his own. They weren’t supposed to encounter anyone with weapons, anyone with malice. That fact didn’t seem to affect the fact that Izuku was pinned to the ground, desperate for an escape route. 

Izuku was stronger than this, he thought to himself, he had to be able to fight. Had to get up and shove it away. 

The attacked was larger than him, a strong chest beneath his dark, fur-trimmed cape, a helmet enclosed his head. Izuku recognized the garb as being that of a warrior but this warrior was far from his village, far from any of his kin. But so was Izuku. He should remember All Might’s words, his magick, something that would save him but he went blank as he stared down his death maker. 

The wielder lifted his sword and Izuku knew that was it. He raised his arm in hopes that he could block the sword in some way, he felt his notebook in his hand that lost some of its pages to the movement. 

Rather than the noise of his death, Izuku heard the wielder hesitate. 

It became so prolonged that Izuku turned his eyes back toward the man and watched the man look him over again curiously. He dropped the end of his sword into the ground. With one step, he put his other foot on Izuku’s chest, pinning his arm underneath him and him even more to the moist ground. 

Izuku tried to pry his foot off but the stranger had little mercy for him. He couldn’t let the notebook fall into his hands but it didn’t seem that the stranger had any want for the notebook. 

He put his hand into Izuku’s hair, roughly pulling on it and forcing his head to move. After a moment, the stranger gave a small gasp. 

“Deku,” he said so simply that it made Izuku look up at him. Beyond his helmet, into the dark slits, a flash of crimson from the stray moonlight came from within. He knew that voice, he knew those hands. 

Izuku hadn’t heard that voice in years. Many, many years. It had deepened with age and grown a small growl to it that wasn’t there before. A huskiness that nearly took out what Izuku knew but he still heard familiarity in there. 

The stranger removed his foot from Izuku’s chest and pulled his helmet from his head, revealing a head of blond hair that stuck in opposing directions, a pair of sharp cheekbones below sharp, crimson eyes that looked down at him skeptically. 

“Kacchan?” Izuku replied with disbelief. He hadn’t seen him in so long that he had presumed him dead. In the garb of a warrior, Izuku felt he were dead or asleep. 

“You’re alive,” Katsuki reached down and grabbed onto Izuku’s arm, hoisting him to his feet before Izuku could protest. 

Katsuki was taller than him, Izuku felt dwarfed by his broad shoulders and height despite that it wasn’t so much. Yet Izuku was embarrassed by him, unsure how to address a boy he had once loved being a man right in front of him. 

Within a moment, Izuku found himself wrapped up with his face being pressed into the pale fur that surrounded Katsuki’s shoulders. Katsuki’s arms were around him, pulling him against Katsuki’s decorated chest and slightly sweaty skin. 

Katsuki put one of his rough hands on Izuku’s cheek, his red eyes looked him over. 

“No matter how you get you’re still just Deku. I’d know those dumb freckles anywhere,” he smirked. He slowly let go of his cheek, his fingers dusted along Izuku’s neck as he walked around him, picking up his sword from the dirt. 

“It’s a safe bet to say that you’re rather good at getting lost still, no? Useless at finding your way as always. Lost without protection like an idiot,” Katsuki chuckled, “Come, Deku, I’ll show you real things that you can put in that useless writings of yours!”

Izuku stood in nearly the same spot, dumbfounded that he had seen Katsuki once again, alive and whacking at the forestry to make a path for him. Yet Katsuki left Izuku as breathless as he had several years ago when he had left their city for the life of a warrior. 

Although it was amazing, Izuku only had a single thought: 

This couldn’t be happening.


my @yoiscifizine bundle arrived today and aaaaAAAHHHH IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, i love everything and everyone who contributed to this beauty ;;; thank you so much for having me, it was an absolute pleasure to get to be a part of this project! and extra thank you to the incredible @teekettle for collabing with me, the fic is flawlessly beautiful and it was an honour to draw art for it ♥

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Hope your doing ok deary enjoy the movie night

Yeah I’ll be okay 💞 it just got kinda messy and uncomfortable, but things will work themselves out. Besides, I got my bois! And I’m watching elf! I’ll be alright.

Marv and Jay are okay with this. As nice as it would have been to go, they couldn’t exactly bring a big floaty eyeball with them.

And Robbie definitely would not have been okay to sit still and quiet for the entire time. Not to mention Anti’s glitches messing up any of the equipment!

As much as they want to go, maybe spending the night with their ridiculous family is an okay thing too 💚