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Scholar Sprite Reveals

First of all thank you @sweetelite-staff, for giving me the opportunity to reveal the Scholar’s sprite. 

First Of all I wanted to show the base for the girl scholar;

The socks and her clothes are drawn.

Art By @israphael-x. Majestic.

Second The Base for the boy scholar:

The clothes and the shoes are drawn.

Art By, Again, Cecile.

Now On to The Hair Styles;

Girl Scholar’s first and only Hair Style:

The hairstyle is drawn on the Scholar. The Hair Colors Are on her right.

That’s All for Girl Scholar!

Now The Boy Scholar’s Hair Style:

Here It Is! The Colors are on his Right. And yes, that IS his hair style and not a hat!

So Here They are! You guys were waiting for this! Here You Go!
string theory - eugyne
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Rating: General Audiences
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Relationships: Matt Holt/Keith
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Red String of Fate, physicist matt, violinist keith, Pining, Katt Day 2017

“It’s the strings, man,” Matt says drily. “Strings, I tell you.”
Keith looks at him blankly.
“Y'know, because I’m a physicist and I work with string theory? And you play a string instrument? And we’re connected by this string?” He lifts his hand, making the string drift upwards before settling again. “No? Alright, never mind.”
Keith snorts, but there’s a tiny smile lifting the corners of his lips. “You’re weird.”
“A badge I wear with pride.”

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

i know i literally just made a post talking about welcome to night vale but i think i just realised something

you know how cecil reports really obvious stuff sometimes?? like, things that should be common knowledge for night vale citizens? well, what if he’s reporting in such an obvious manner to teach carlos about night vale in a subtle way?? like, imagine a lil carlos, new to night vale, who has no idea of what’s going on half the time. and the only way he’s able to start making heads or tails about anything in that town is bc he stars listening to some weird community radio broadcast that oddly explains everything about it. what if carlos learned about night vale just like the wtnv podcast audience did??? it’s so late but that is such a cute and adorable thing for cecil to do like hold me


in case anyone’s wondering why god allows suffering, here’s a google comparison of the search frequency of the words “reylo” and “finnrey”

(btw first is over the past 5 years, second one is since the time tfa came out, and the third one is in the past 1 year)

this is so fucking unreal.