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The Edge of Heaven and Revolution

SO I’ve been unsatisfied with my series for one reason or another, and I was asked “what do you want with it?” I couldn’t exactly put it into words (one of the reasons being the person in question was going to sleep), so I put it into a picture.
I have to say, I was really skeptical about everything in this picture at first, but after I put a little time and effort into it, it turned out magnificently. Case in point, I was NOT happy with the clouds at first, but after messing around with it for another couple of minutes, they became what you see before you. 
I have NO idea when I will start this project, but when I do, be prepared for something familiar, and yet completely groundbreaking.  

lmao I know this is kinda old but I’m currently listening to it and can these two be any cuter?

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I’ve noticed something.

Sometimes my friends/people I know will “copy” me in a way. For example, if I post something about a certain subject or make a new culture, I notice not long after that they will post something very very similar.
I’m not angry about it by any means,
I just think its interesting. Its like the chameleon effect. I’m honored that they take after me in a way, but they should try to find their own path.

ultraofrah1  asked:

Why did Esmeralda decide to have Phoebus hide in the bell tower, as opposed to the Court of Miracles (the latter in which Phoebus would not be found by Frollo who has been UNABLE to track down that place for decades now!)?


Hello! Thank you for coming to my inbox with this interesting question! :D I never considered this before and took some time to ponder over it.

Although Frollo failed to find the Court of Miracles for decades, the hunt during the events of the movie was arguably the most intense effort made, to the point of Frollo burning down the city. There was a real danger of Frollo finding the Court of Miracles, and Esme might think that it was not safe.

She might also figure that the Romani would not welcome Phoebus. He was a gadjo, and the Captain of the Guards at that, serving Frollo and helping him find their hideaway. She could explain what Phoebus had done, but it would not be easy to dispel wariness, even hatred, that had been long entrenched among her people against soldiers like Phoebus.

As a matter of practicality, maybe it was too far for her to carry Phoebus to the Court of Miracles. Somewhere between her getting Phoebus out of the water and bringing him to Notre Dame, she enlisted a fellow Roma’s help to carry Phoebus. He might not want to take the risk of being out in the open with a fugitive for long, and Notre Dame was probably closer to them than the Court of Miracles.

She also trusted Quasimodo to help her, after he had defied his own guardian and helped her escape.

Finally, I think a compelling reason is that Esmeralda had witnessed the power of sanctuary. Phoebus had helped her claim sanctuary, and the Archdeacon had forbidden Frollo from removing her from the cathedral. She had come away with the impression that even a powerful man like Frollo could not overcome the sanctity of the Church. She knew Phoebus would be “safe here”, though it was still better to hide Phoebus so that no one would be aware he was there.

This is not of course the “right” answer! Just my two cents, I might be way off the mark. :X

So I saw this today. Ok first of WHAT?! 1 Issue is a lot?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! One issue is not a lot!! Like that’s just dumb! Second, saying Dick/Babs or Dick/Kori can’t happen but Dick/Shawn can (even tho Dick/Babs and Dick/Kori have been developed over years) is just so backwards to me. I don’t hate Shawn, and I have nothing against doing something new, and I’m a strong advocate for not giving into the demand of a fandom just cause one ship is more popular than another, but at least justify it. I like you Seeley! You started off so well! But the more I see the less confident I am in your understanding of Dick Grayson and just how important his relationships with Babs and Kori actually are.

concept : I am laying on the ground and my hair is intertwined with the grass. the dirt is the dirt but it is so much more than just dirt. the sunshine is pouring it’s love onto my face and my body is warm. I am here and I am alive and the world is turning. there are good days and there are bad days but today I chose to remember the good ones. there is love in my heart and for once that’s enough to sustain me for a while. there is sunshine and happy days ahead.