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JJCC REACTION: To the girl they have a crush on is actually really good at pole dancing (which she does to stay fit) and do a pole dance because a friend dare her to


Youngjin couldn’t control his feelings

But after you told him that everything was just a dare he’d be:

“I’m okay… I knew that…”


Before the truth:



“Any! How can you did that?”


Our baby Edward would laugh all the time, feeling the nervousness consume him

And after you told the whole truth to him, all embarrassed, Eddy would want a place to hide

Prince Mak:

“Oh god… I know what you want!”

Henry couldn’t be discreet in front of his disappointment to hear the truth, it would make him slightly agitated.

“No, I wasn’t affected”


He’d blush immediately to see your dance and try to look away, laughing nervously.

But then he’d be a little angry, after all the shame he felt was too big.

“OMG! I can’t believe you did something like that!”


Dae Hwan, even after discovering that it was all a challenge, would not understand what was happening.

“Aigo, noona…”


Just feeling the vibe~

“Oh… A dare?”

~ADM Misso

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Imagine trying to cook for the boys...

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“Babe, you okay? I heard you scream and…” Dean walked in to find the kitchen wall singed, a cover on the fry pan and you holding a smoking towel in one hand as the other held your head. Dean’s laughter soon filled the air,

“Babe, what are you doing?” He asked after your head shot up, your red, bloodshot, puffy eyes glared at you, the evidence of tears still apparent on your cheeks.

, “I-I W-wa-was tr-rying to mak-e y-ou n Sam-m dinner.” You cried softly, sniffling as you went. Dean slowly entered the room and knealt before you, taking a hand and placing it on each of your knees. 

“Babe, we both know you don’t cook.”

“I k-k-kn-ow but… I wanted to do some-something nice.” You answered, calming down a bit.

“Well what were you making?”


“And the pan…”

“Boom.” you whispered as he took you in his arms and rubbed your back… and then he smelled….

“OH SHIT.” You jumped up and opened the oven, after putting a mitt, you pulled out a baking pan of….

“What was that?” Dean asked, grinning, as he pointed at the cookie sheet filled with charred dust, as you sadly giggled.


“How about we just go eat out?” Dean smiled throwing an arm around your shoulders as you tossed the pan onto the counter.

“I think that is the best option.” You sighed as he lead you from the room, a smile on his face, as he thought of the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

Tarot Reading for 4/13/15 Meryl and Maks

I’ve received several requests to pulls some cards for tomorrow for Meryl and Maks and my feelings about what was going on. Wanted to wait until I was in a good space to do so.

I didn’t ask about the Gala because KSioux’s reading seemed correct to me in terms of the Gala itself. My reading deals with the question we would like answered, i.e., the private time that Meryl and Maks spend together tomorrow as a couple - or as a couple of friends.

When I was shuffling the deck, two cards jumped out: The Ace of Swords and the Hermit. Since my question was about what they would talk about in private, these cards were acknowledging that thought and saying that they would indeed have private time to talk.

The Ace of Swords suggests new ideas and new beginnings. This is a mental card. The hand of God comes out of a cloud holding a sword in his right hand - so this is conscious energy. The sword has a crown and wreath. There a yods floating at the base of the sword. In an astrological reading, there is an aspect called a Yod and is considered the Finger of God. This is a card that has a lot of power - it can represent an “aha” moment in a discussion. There is incredible mental clarity available with no emotion clouding the discussion.

The Hermit represents that there was likely much thought going into this meeting. Alone time in a search for truth, a spiritual journey.

So here we have both the intellectual element and the spiritual element coming together - the spiritual likely fueling the intellectual. Overall, it tells me that there is a new plan.

The three cards in the cut were: the Knight of Wands, the 9 of Swords and the 10 of Cups.

The Night of wands rides his horse very hard - this is a man who often speaks before he thinks. He is a man of passion who can sometimes come across as a bully because of his brash nature. KSioux’s cards had the King of Wands - the more mature version of this man.

The 9 of Swords is a card of deep pain and suffering. Someone awakened during their sleep to cry about the past or the present.

The last card is the 10 of Cups - the card of complete happiness, family, home and emotional security.

My take on all of this is that Maks feels terrible about some of his comments, but also about his sense of loss. There is also talk of  happiness and love and his desires for the future. This conversation is between both of them, so it suggests that Meryl will also be discussing her feelings in those areas as well.

The Knight of Wands often signifies a change of residence.

Whether we find out anything more about their time together tomorrow, I do believe that it will be the starting point for them.

InLove Article and other stuff

To all the Anons who have asked me about this and other questions - I apologize that I’m not answering each question individually, but figure this will cover most of the issues you’ve asked about.

1. What occurred to me about his InLove statement is that I think he believes that this is what falling in love is SUPPOSED to be - this is what Meryl thinks. I.e. her comment about dating friends that she’s known for years. Also, I think she commented about how she and Maks lived in different cities.

This is what his Venus in Pisces is telling him - saying what someone else wants him to say and trying to love in the way someone else wants him to love. Much of his anger and frustration comes from this.

I think he would like to be in love with Peta - she fits this meme, but he isn’t.  How frustrating is that when you are actually in love with someone who doesn’t hang in the same crowds that you do? Or that you weren’t friends for years before dating and falling in love.

The truth is you fall in love when you meet the person that touches your heart - I’ve known people who met and married within weeks and are still married and in love. You cannot define love or predict when and where it will touch your life.

2. Is Meryl in a serious relationship? Only with her career and the goals she has set for her life. My anon suggested that she may never marry. This is a good possibility if she and Maks aren’t able to get on the same page. He is the only one who has been able to break through the Meryl bubble. Were he around her more, we would see more of the woman we experienced when they dance.

Not that the Meryl we see in VB ads, or skating, or working with her charities isn’t a wonderful woman. She is that, but there is so much more to her than that. With Maks, they are super stars and have a power greater than each of them has as an individual.

Maks has been criticized here quite a bit for his lack of emotional maturity and being scattered - Really? How many people to you know who are friends with their former lovers? How many people do you know who supported their families when they were 16? How many people do you know who help put friends through school by giving them jobs? Or helping create a show where the teachers at your business can dance as the professionals they are?

Meryl, on the other hand, is lauded for mapping her life out for the next 10 years. Let me tell you, that doesn’t work. It’s one thing to work your entire life for an OGM, but it’s not the norm and not the way most people live. She said herself that it takes a certain form of insanity. Let me add here - that Maks has worked at his career as a dancer for 31 years.

There is an old saying that life happens when people are making plans. The reality is that as we live our lives new and sometimes more exciting and compelling things come along and we take a different route. To continue with a plan just because you thought that was what you wanted at 21, when something more enticing comes along when you are 27 is foolhardy.

My cousin wanted to be a teacher, but she met a man before she got her degree and they got married and had two kids. When the kids were in school, she went back to school, got her degree and became a teacher. That’s how real life works.

At one time I said that Maks often can’t see the forest for the trees - he gets busy with details and fails to look at the whole picture - that was this summer when he was running around with his Vodka and his jewelry and talking about acting lessons and charity projects. Many of us wondered - what is this all about and where is this taking you? We are still wondering. I have no doubt he has projects beyond SWAY, but they need cohesion. These are his planets, particularly his Mars, in Virgo. Virgo is about the small points and details.

With Meryl, she can’t see the trees for the forest - she is so focused on the future plans that she’s not really noticing what’s going on right now. This is her Sagittarius ascendant, Saturn and Uranus. Sag tends to see the end result and don’t understand all the steps along the way and that sometimes the way changes.

These are the biggest challenges to them - blending their different styles which could actually work well in a life together if given a chance.

3. I have written a lot about Peta if you want to go back a ways on the blog. Essentially, though, she and Maks have some very strong ties to one another and have or have had stuff to work out. This is one of the reasons they are likely back together right now. Thing is, unless you find the cause of the problems and change yourself for yourself (not for the other person) the same issues will arise.

So despite some real love and attraction that is there, they tend to be poisonous to one another and bring out the worst rather than the best. The Woman’s Day IG is an example of the darkness there.

4. M&M’s Davison relationship chart has some challenges, but it suggests a loving and warm relationship WHEN THEY ARE TOGETHER. When apart, Meryl disassociates herself from him. In her defense, this is just who she is - it’s nothing personal. She was born a very independent and self-contained person. She loves her friends deeply and is loyal and devoted, but she essentially doesn’t necessarily need or want anyone in her life to keep her from what she wants to do. Maks, on the other hand, is there 100%. This is obvious to anyone who is really paying attention.

5. M&P’s Davision relationship chart is just not good - I’ll leave it at that.

6. There will likely be more dust ups before this is over. The planetary transits for all of them are still active and we have only seen a smidgen of what is going on. It’s possible that M&P will become engaged, but I would be hard pressed to believe that they will marry.

7. The earliest that M&M would marry would be fall of 2016. This is not a prediction, just a comment based on the movement in her chart. She won’t be experiencing her Saturn return until next year. By that time, Pluto will have also moved away from Maks’ Moon.

8. SWAY is taking place during Mercury retrograde - I have no idea how that will affect the program, except, expect the unexpected. Anyone who is going, please double/triple check your tickets, hotel and airline bookings. There may be delays in travel plans, so try to go early rather than waiting to the last minute.

That said, I had a dream about the show the other night and it was sold out and everyone was having a great time. I hope that’s a great premonition.

If I missed something, let me know. I hope I covered most of the bases here.