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   I’m in the process of doing the few drafts I have and then start on my Buttercup reference but I want to point out something that I’ve been thinking about.

   Buttercup’s abilities give him just as much ANXIETY as they do PRIDE. He’s strong beyond what one can imagine (reaching the ability to crush at least 22 million tons), and has quite a nasty temper on him. Buttercup has been shown to play with others safely, but that doesn’t erase the fact how this may affect him as an adult. Throughout his life he has killed and maimed things, and it almost seems like in the episode “ Ze.n to M.e” he can get reckless and violent far beyond what he needs to.

   This said, I imagine while he isn’t afraid of fighting bad guys and monsters he is… a little scared of physical contact on the grounds that he may accidentally hurt someone SEVERELY if he is not careful. Because what would happen if he lost his temper around someone he loved? He could break a bone or worse.

   Buttercup is less fearful of people touching him than he is to touch them. He tries very hard to be gentle with others, but that often isn’t enough. His nerves get frayed and he may abstain from physical contact completely if something proved his fears were correct.  Albeit, he CAN get physically intimate with someone (regardless of the relationship, be it cuddling or something a bit more suited for privacy) but he gets ANXIOUS about it. Even in simple things like a friendly punch to the arm, he tries to watch their reaction to see if it genuinely hurt them or not. His eyes never leave the person he’s with after he’s physically touched them in some way because he wants to watch and be sure he didn’t HURT them.

   Genuinely, his own abilities SCARE Buttercup.