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I find often can't get myself to draw or paint anymore. How do you deal with artist's block?

hm hmm this one is always tough to answer! 

i haven’t been stuck in an art block for a very very long time now because my schedule is so packed that when i actually get the chance to draw for myself i have a million ideas and i want to get right down to work!

but i think fixing it depends on the cause of your artist’s block. if it’s a matter of feeling a lack of inspiration, then i would recommend looking at art that you love. scroll through some art blogs that you love to inspire you, watch shows or movies that make you want to draw or give you ideas for characters or stories or backgrounds or anything! read a novel or a comic or brainstorm with someone to come up with some ideas. look at sculptures or sewn things or felted things. often what inspires me most is looking at people’s sketchbooks or messy in-progress work. sometimes looking at finished art is like looking at something a million steps away. so looking at stuff in progress is more inspiring because it seems more attainable

if it’s a matter of you being unable to make stuff that you like, then try and change things up a little! switch mediums, switch art styles, look at other people’s work and ask yourself what you like about their work that you find is lacking in your own. to keep yourself from growing bored or feeling like you’re not making progress i’ve found that switching mediums really does the trick! right now i’m starting sewing again :) but if you can’t go that far away from your trade like if you can’t sew or do sculpture, if drawing is your THING, then instead of ink or pencil, try watercolor! or crayon! or colored pencil!

another IMPORANT thing is just not caring anymore! it’s easier said than done but i think sometimes art block can be a perfectionist issue that can turn making art into a stressful thing. it should not be stressful! so just doodle! make anything at all, even if it’s ugly. you could even start a sketchbook that you use just for art block times that you can be ugly in and when the sketchbook is finished you’ll have a beautifully ugly book. or you can just be ugly in your normal sketchbook or on paper anywhere or whatever! don’t afraid to make yucky lines or bad work. who cares! not you! 

whatever you do just keep drawing and making art! it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be finished, but once you stop making things because of art block it gets harder and harder to start up again the longer you go without making something!

i hope this could help!!! good luck with your work and getting out of that nasty art block!! kick its BUTT

I asked if I could stand next to joe and if we could all do that pose but I guess joe didn’t hear me but he looked so happy that I asked to stand next to him like look at his face

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If you're still doing the character thing, Fleur Delacour? I think she's pretty cool

Thank you for the ask anon :) I appreciate it! 

Fleur Delacour

NOTP this is a little vague but i’ve seen some pairings where Fleur is “with the wrong brother/sibling” and gets with another weasley instead (like ron??) and i just hate that. like okay i’m cool with fleur and some other people (heck i’m okay with cedric, tonks, whatever) but dating within the same family is just yucky and i couldn’t imagine who would be better for her than bill (charlie is ace, fred is…, george is not suited to her, ron is just weird, and maybe ginny but ginny really hated her in the books so meh) 

BROTP it’s funny but i just LOVE the idea of Molly and Fleur actually coming around to each other after the Battle of Hogwarts? Fleur is actually impressed at what a powerful witch Molly is, and Molly is amazed at Fleur (being top of her class, remember). And Fleur just starts getting into giving Celestina Warbeck records and Molly hunts down french perfumes and Molly starts teaching Fleur to knit her own kids sweaters, and Fleur teaches Molly to needlepoint (a French finery custom) and i just have a lot of feelings

OTP I love Bill & Fleur. I think it’s one of the most realistic relationships in HP. (I mean Harry’s relationships are so unrealistic and even when I was young and reading about the “beast in Harry’s chest” I felt really awkward and uncomfortable.) Bill and Fleur were each the top of their class (Head Boy and selected to go be a short list candidate for Triwizard Champion). They’re smart, fiesty, and I love the rocker + ballerina dynamic.

Second choice pairing I am strangely okay with Fleur + Tonks for many of the same reasons. I think Tonks is at least bi like Remus, and the punk + ballerina vibe is adorable. They can also both kick ass, and their reactions to things would be hilarious. “THAT’S A LOAD OF RUBBISH YOU BOLLOCKS EATING TWAT BUCKET” “Yeees, zat is very bad! I will hex you…you…morceau de poubelle bâtard sans mère!” 

Fluffy pairing this may be cheating but I want more fluff of Bill and Fleur meeting. I want more awkward first encounters and tentative dates. I want the Before of “Phlegm” and “to eemprove her eenglish”

Angsty pairing I’ve seen Fleur x Cho and I think it works for an angst ship. Cho is so broken about Cedric, and Fleur would be so angry (if Bill had been killed). They would find solace in each other. 

Favorite poly ship not super into poly but I could see Bill x Fleur x Tonks (had she survived and Remus died). 

Weirdest pairing I’ve seen a fic that’s literally just the Triwizard Champions (not Harry) become a threesome and Harry has no idea. That was pretty funny, but I couldn’t stick it out because it was just too weird.

Send me a character ask!


(almost, maybe, i guess.)

fic: this town is colder now, i think it's sick of us

prompted by theviolonist aka the yucky mathilde [here]. yeah whatever i’m only filling now a prompt you gave me way back in FEBRUARY, but in my defense you did leave a shitload, so… *trails off vaguely while attempting to look cool*. consider this your welcome back gift! AND WHAT UP MATHILDE GOT ACCEPTED INTO CAMBRIDGE, HUZZAAAHHH.

this town is colder now, i think it’s sick of us
He’s not on his knees, but he might as well be praying. | vampire noir!au; klaus/caroline, ensemble-ish; wc. 3700~

Caroline wears black for a month. She keeps the gun in her purse for longer.

She loads it up, counts her bullets at night, and when Klaus shows up on her window ledge as she knew he would, she says very steadily, “These bullets are laced with wolfsbane.”

“Very good.” He lifts his eyes. She has a black veil pulled down over her face and she has her gun pointing at him, hovering just between his head and his chest, like she’s not sure which to blow apart. There would be poetic justice in a bullet in his heart, wouldn’t it? He likes to think, he likes to think.

He steps closer, bares his chest, presses it against the barrel of her gun. “But you know I can’t die.”

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