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I’m so fucking emotional about the 7 planets of Trappist 1. 

Imagine living so close to another habitable planet that it’s like a moon in the night sky. Imagine that for six other planets. Imagine hypothetical aliens in their equivalent of the renneisance, mapping orbits and studying the sky, starting to notice each other through their telescopes. God that’s so cool. Imagine knowing something is there so soon and slowly working towards getting to know them. 

Heck, even just being able to see your neighbour planets that close, even without life, makes the solar system so obviously devastatingly lonely by comparison.

Typical Traits of Jupiter in the Signs

Where is Jupiter placed by zodiacal sign in your chart? Learn what Jupiter, the planet of luck, vision, expansion, and plenty, means in each sign of the zodiac.


Believes in the power of positivity, that life is what you make of it. Loves competition, doing things independently. Values instant results. Attracts the good fortune when they take the lead, initiates, inspires, and demonstrates enthusiasm and courage.


Delights in sensual pleasures and wants the good life. A strong feeling of what they are worth attracts success. Good instincts for finances, what things are worth/good products, and investing. Attracts the good fortune when they are charitable, generous but discriminating, and patient. Watch for over-indulgence.


Attracts mostly good fortune when they use their wit and ingeniousness, is versatile, sociable, curious, and puts others at ease with friendliness and sincere curiosity. Values the intellect and sees opportunities to grow and succeed through intellectual, verbal, and written channels. Believes that intelligence and knowledge are the keys to solving problems.


Attracts the good fortune when they are sympathetic and charitable. Use their powers to save and accumulate, and comforts others. Real estate and the food industry can be prosperous avenues. Values tradition and works towards security. Relies most on gut instincts when it comes to pursuing goals and business success.


Attracts the good fortune when they express magnanimity, is generous with others, inspires confidence in those around them, conducts themselves with dignity and sincerity, and avoids the pitfall of excessive egotism. Prosperous areas are creative ones, entertainment, children, and recreation. Takes pride in everything they do. Generosity brings success.


Attracts the good fortune when they are helpful, honest, orderly, and pays attention to details. The service industries, nutrition, and health are prosperous avenues. Practical and technical knowledge and skills are most valued. A real problem solver and others appreciate their help. Doesn’t always feel lucky or especially ambitious. Rather, hard work is valued.


Attracts the good fortune when they are fair-minded, treats others with equality, is bending and compromising without being a “doormat”, is gracious, and use their talents at promoting and mediating. Values people and relationships, and might succeed best in partnership. Relating as equals is important to you. The arts, architecture, law, math, mediating, and politics are possible avenues for success. Use of charm and grace to reach goals.


Attracts the good fortune when they put their “all” into a project or undertaking, and use their magnetic powers to heal others. Enthusiastic for deeper studies and meanings, all that is taboo or mysterious, psychology. Values decisiveness, intensity, willpower, commitment, and strength. Very strong problem solver who cuts to the chase. Science and research may be prosperous avenues.


Attracts the good fortune when they are open-handed and generous, tolerant, and practices what they preach. Can be inspirational, and find success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures. Very philosophical, forward-looking, and enthusiastic. Has strong morals. Strongly values freedom of movement and expression.


Attracts the good fortune when they organise and direct, conduct themselves with integrity, is ethical, and mature. Values the long term, achievement, responsibility, and manifestation. Succeeds through resourcefulness and avoiding activities that waste time, energy, or resources. Good at streamlining. Position or status is important to them.


Attracts the good fortune when they are tolerant and fair, inventive, impartial, and cooperative. Values people and personal freedom most. Wants to show unique perspective or skills. Open to new methods and progress. Great tolerance and humanitarianism.


Attracts the good fortune when they are charitable, tender, devoted, compassionate, looks out for the underdog, and is giving. Values compassion and charity, and is motivated by a universal vision. Peaceful personal philosophy.  Faith in the goodness of life brings rewards.

They teach you to look at the sky because everyone loves a starry night but what they don’t tell you is it was painted in an asylum and they tell you to love yourself but they never teach you that your mind doubles as a prison and sometimes your heart loses its character and you spend years wondering where it went.
You won’t always get the answers you’re looking for. However you can’t let that discourage you from asking questions. Everyday the sun rises as an example for the way your soul should burn and there’s truth to what they say about finding your passion and letting it consume you, so just know your purpose on this planet is not to be the most cunning, the most attractive, or better than everyone else you meet. Just be. Be exactly who your heart tells you to be so that when someone asks who you are, you will feel it smile.
—  A Letter to Myself

there are a hnadful of people on that post pre-apologizing for their response, “oh no what I think is romantic is weird or violent!!!”

which—I understand your reticence, but nasa discovered potentially habitable planets today and I saw a nonzero number of twitter posts/facebook comments about fucking aliens. so like. that’s just being super consistent with who we are as a species, and have been, and will be, world without end amen

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You're super gorgeous!! just a silly question, what's your favorite planet? I tried to think of something different ahaha (:

thank you!! pluto because pluto was smol so pluto was underestimated so the big dogs said u know what, pluto you’re not even a planet and then as a whole the people fought for it and said you know what fuck that pluto is a planet and this isn’t fair pluto is important too so it was concluded that pluto IS a planet and that’s beautiful tbh but Saturn looks pretty cool too

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Humans are a disease that's killing the planet, humans have done nothing but destroy. It time for us all to go.

If we nuke each other, wouldn’t we like, destroy the whole planet more than ever before? Some flaws in your plan bro

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(As I was saying in my previous ask)prehaps PD was so interested in humans she made gems that were capable of producing offspring with them AKA Rose Quartz gems. This would explain why Rose was so interested in humans her soul purpose of existing was to make an offspring with one and thats how she was capable of holding the womb she was made with human reproductive organs she was made to have Steven. She was made to produce a hybrid (Just a little theory i came up with and I wanted your opinion)

humans aren’t the only living species on planet earth especially at the time  pink diamond  decided to colonize it, i  doubt rose quartz gems were manufactured  specifically to breed with other  organic organisms, Rose quartz are quartz gems, And quartz gems are soldiers, guards or escorts, designed to protect defend and fight. And while i personally think rose quartz were put to use in  maintain pink diamonds  zoo, given the  powers and abilities they have. I don’t think copulating with them was  part of the job description. 

rose quartz has even stated that she’s been with other humans  romantically,  and  none of those encounters resulted in her  giving birth  naturally or the way she made steven, Her decision to  have steven was  based on her  own fascination with human beings and wanting to be one. 

A Safe Haven - Ch 1. [Shiro x Reader]

A/N: Yay, the actual first chapter. Whoop whoop. Here comes some space dad!  I appreciate any and all feedback! I hope you all love it!! <33


Chapter 1: My Characters:

Christian - Male - Reader’s Best Friend

Voight - Male - Pain in the Reader’s ass

Soldiers - around 4 others


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would you leave earth to go to another planet if the option became available within your lifetime? like, really and truly?

i mean, why not? if the planet was earth-like and i knew stepping foot on it wouldnt immediately kill me, i cant see any reason that i wouldnt want to journey there! 

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what placements/aspects make for someone to be perceived as dark/intimidating? im a virgo sun/gemini rising and i often wonder why i exude that type of air?

Typically, this belongs to scorpio/pluto influence. Maybe pluto is opposing your ascendant? Maybe you have hard pluto aspects to personal planets?

anonymous asked:

can sun (virgo) in harsh aspect (i have sun square pluto) to pluto dull out sun traits? because i find that i usually can relate a lot to scorpio traits rather than virgo traits

No it can’t and won’t dull out the traits of your sun. The sun is what everything shines through; you express all aspects and other planets through the lens of whichever sign your sun is in. In this case, virgo. A square is an aspect of high tension and conflict, between the sun and Pluto there can be a tendency to lean towards self destructive behavior, or an uncomfortable feeling towards the father/father figure or males in general. These people tend to have amazing will power and inner strength but this can be suppressed due to an unexplainable fear present in them. The goal of this square is to learn how to utilize this fear and turn it into something more productive, instead of worrying about losing your own power or being restricted by others’ control over you. You’re still a Virgo though

Your jjba stand name
  • January: star
  • February: gold
  • March: soft
  • April: nut
  • May: leaf
  • June: chariot
  • July: ball
  • August: lover
  • September: cream
  • October: soft
  • November: crazy
  • December: ice
  • 1: highway
  • 2: hand
  • 3: experience
  • 4: king
  • 5: nothing
  • 6: rock
  • 7: breaker
  • 8: eater
  • 9: park
  • 10: haze
  • 11: pistols
  • 12: stone
  • 13: fighter
  • 14: jam
  • 15: dead
  • 16: sun
  • 17: wet
  • 18: head
  • 19: deeds
  • 20: waves
  • 21: dolls
  • 22: tattoo
  • 23: civil
  • 24: small
  • 25: cream
  • 26: blues
  • 27: waves
  • 28: planet
  • 29: shell
  • 30: jump
  • 31: tall
  • If your hair is:
  • Brown
  • Yellow/Blonde
  • Black
  • Put 'the' at the beginning of your stand name
  • If your hair is:
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • put 'and' in the middle of your stand name
  • Hope y'all enjoy this!! reblog/tag/comment your stand name!
do me a favor. take a look at your life; now get a pen or pencil and paper and write down the names of the most important people in your life. now make a list of all the things you love; from hot coffee to the smell of his cologne or her perfume as you lean in to hug him/her. do you see your name on either one of those lists? you should be the most important person in your life because at 2am when you’re breaking down, you’re all you’ve got. your name should be the first thing written on the list of things you love because you are bones that are made of stardust give you structure, your eyes, the colors of oceans and galaxies and planets, let you see the world and all its beauty, your mouth, with its perfect shape allows you to express your creative ideas and opinions, and your skin that shines in the sunlight allows you to not only touch another person’s skin, but to touch their souls.