this is your fault sophie

Pre: Naruto Ending Possibility.

The wind whispered, tickling and sifting through their hair, carrying the scent of confrontation. A waterfall splashed and flew toward the earth relentlessly. No movement was seen save for the subtle rising and lowering of chests, drawing minimum breath. The two shinobi stood equal distance away from the rush of clear, frothy aqua, eyes only for each other. A pair of dark eyes, piercing and intelligent, but not exactly wise. A pair of blue eyes, each transparent as a tiny tide pool, flickered with light reflecting from the water. 

“Yolo,” Sasuke greeted grimly, wishing death upon his once friend. Naruto gritted out a similar response. They leapt at each other in the next instant, with a metallic ting of blade on blade. 

“Ugh, Yolo,” Naruto grunted after Sasuke clipped him in the shoulder with his heel. “Yolo, yolo yolo? Yolo yolo… yolo yolo yolo,” he growled, gathering his chakra and spinning it into fine blue threads revolving in his palm. Sasuke’s eyes widened, and the cacophony of a flock of one thousand birds soon became heard. 

“Yolo… yolo yolo,” was the last thing Sasuke said before they clashed, and for a moment, the entirety of the Valley of End was highlighted in a harsh, blinding light. When the light faded drop by drop, two prone forms lay side, one curved in grief over the other. The anguished cry of “YOLOOOOOO,” could be heard over fifty miles away. In the end, all that was left was “Yolo… Yolo… Yolo…” echoing through the forlorn valley. 

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“The worst year with you” Suga story - Part 10

Suga walked down the street and saw people around the car.
He was curious what happened so he rushed a little to see what happened.
When he camed there,a lot of people were around.
The car was standing,he saw some man shaking and crying..
“She just camed out of nowhere” he said
“I didn’t mean to hit her”

When he moved trough the crowd he camed in front and saw blood on the ground and when he looks up and saw you,laying the ground..
Suga right away ran towards you and got on his knees.
Blood was around your head and a little near the waist.He looked at you,his hands started to shake,he was in shock to see you like this.
“Y/N” he said touching your face but you weren’t conscious
“Y/N wake up” he started to cry,and tears started to fall
“Y/N wake up” he repeated and put his hand on your body where you were hurt badly 
“You’ll be okay” he said taking your hand
“Just wake up…Pleasee” Suga kisses your forehead and moves your hair that was on your face
“Please” tears falled down his cheeks

Ambulance and police camed..Right away police started to grab Suga’s arms pulling him away from you
“NOOO,don’t touch me!” he shouted trying to get away from them
“Calm down…You can’t be here” they said to him
“But she’s-”
“The ambulance will help her,step back” they said again pulling him away
“Y/N!!!” Suga shouted 

Police officers didn’t let him go to you anymore..They held him tightly,not letting him go.
They put you in the vehicle and close the door and drove off with the sirens on.
Suga gets on his knees and starts to cry really hard..
He looked down at his hands,and they were bloody..
He felt helpless,sad.People around him were crying too because Suga cried.They saw how much you mean to him.
“I am sorry for him” a woman said
“He must love her so much” another women said

Everyone left,Suga stayed still on the ground.In complete shock,not believing what he has saw.
Police officer helps him stand up and leads him to a bench and makes Suga sit down.
“She will be okay kid” he tapped his shoulder and walked away

Suga was out of his mind,nothing wasn’t clear to him.Suga picked up his phone.His hands were shaking so badly.
“N-najmoon” Suga barelly speaked,his voice was shaky and nervous
“Suga? Are you okay?” Rap Monster asked
“Y-Y/N” Suga spoke slowly
“What happened Suga? Tell me? Where are you?” Rap Monster got really worried
“She..G-got hit by a car” Suga started sobbing
“WHAT? Okay Suga calm down”
“It’s all..My fault” Suga cried
“I’ll come to you right now,just calm down..Where are you?” Rap Monster said
“N-near school…Few blocks away” Suga shaked
“Okay,I am coming..Just stay where you are” Rap Monster said and hangs up

Suga slowly moved away his phone and put him in the pocket.He couldn’t stop shaking,all he thought about is you when he saw you the way you layed so still and nurses around you.
The blood that was on the ground..The way you looked while laying down.

Rap Monster camed after few minutes with his car and saw Suga sitting on the bench.He ran towards him..When he saw blood on his hands he was shocked.
“Okay,Suga..Calm down and stop shaking” he puts his hands on Suga’s shoulders
“She..Was laying on the ground..She didn’t move at all” Suga was breathing heavily
“Let’s call other’s and go to hospital” Rap Monster helped Suga stand up

In the car Suga didn’t speak at all,he couldn’t.
Rap Monster called Sophie to come to the hospital as fast as she can.

When you guys arrived to the hospital Suga ran in and shouted your name.
“Y/N!” he was looking for you
“Suga!” Rap Monster shouted after him
“I need Y/N! I need to see her!” he shouted
“Sir,are you friends of Y/N’s?” a nurse walked to him
“Yes,yes..I need to see her” Suga looked at her
“She’s now in operating room and you need to stay calm and wait” she explains the situation

Suga nodded his head and went to sit down.
“In what state is she? Will she be fine?” Suga said before the nurse left
“She is in a bad state,we all hope she’ll be okay” nurse said and walked away

Rap Monster and Sophie finally found him sitting down on the chair in the waiting room..With his hands on his head.
“I can’t believe what happened” Sophie cried
“She’ll be okay” Rap Monster hugged her 
“It’s all my fault” Suga kept saying
“It’s not your fault" Sophie tapped his back
“It is..We had this fight and…I hurt her and she walked away and then minutes later I saw her laying on the ground” Suga cried
“It’s not your fault Suga” Rap Monster said
“I..I choose my ex above her” Suga said looking down
“You did what?” Sophie raised her eyebrows
“I wanted to say that I choose her,but she was gone already…”
“If I said that I love her more than my ex,this wouldn’t happen to her” Suga said
“I can’t believe you choose your ex  over the most beautiful and kindest person” Sophie thought about you
“Still at that time,I didn’t know what I felt..” Suga looked at both of them
“It’s too late now” Sophie said
Suga just sighs and puts his hands on his head again.

Few hours passed,Suga was walking back and forth trough the hall..
He just hoped you’re be okay.

“Y/N,where is Y/N?” Suga stopped the nurse
“Still in operating room” she said
“Is she okay?”
“For now they didn’t have any problems…Now excuse me I need to bring this upstairs to another floor” she looked at him and walked away

Rap Monster and Sophie were looking at Suga.
“He’s really worried” Rap Monster said
“He is….Are his hands bloody?” Sophie asked noticing Suga’s hands
“Yes,he camed there before the ambulance”
“Oh God” Sophie said
“I hope she’ll be okay” Sophie added leaning her head on Rap Monster’s shoulder

Taehyung camed in running with Bella..
“How is Y/N?!”
“Where is Y/N!” They were both asking questions
“She’s in operating room..We don’t know how long she’ll be there”  Rap Monster explains
“I was in shock when I hear what happened” Bella said
“Taehyung? You are here?” Sophie was confused
“Yeah,I care about  her” he said looking at her
“But you always try to bring her down..”
“That doesn’t matter anymore…I care about her okay? Get it?” he points at her
“Fine,whatever” Sophie rolls her eyes

Suga heard Taehyung voice,right away he got angry and went towards him and pushed him against the wal hard.
“What the fuck dude!” Taehyung looked at him
“You and Y/N? How could you do that?!” Suga shouted
“Like it matters right?” Taehyung moved Suga’s hands away from him

Rap Monster,Sophie and Bella were in complete shock.

“It matters!” Suga looked at him
“At least I love her,and I am not like you! Cheating on her and playing with her” Taehyung said
“Okay,guys stop..We’re in the hospital” Rap Monster separate both of them

Suga and Taehyung just kept looking at each other with anger in their eyes.
“Hold up…You and Y/N are together?” Bella asked 
“No we are not” Taehyung looks at Suga
“We just hang out,that’s it” he added
“Why do you love her then?”
“WAIT!” Sophie stood up
“You were mean to her all that time,just because you liked her…Now I get it” she added
Taehyung nodded his head..

Doctor camed out and walked towards them all.
Everyone nervously waited for the news.
“She is okay…We will see how everything goes..Now she’s asleep,but you can go visit her,but one by one” he explains with a smile on hisface
“Oh thank God”
“Thank you”
“Thank you so much”
All of them were saying..
“Who will go first?” Rap Monster looked at them
“I’ll go..Me and Bella will” Sophie said and rest of them nodded their heads

Suga walked outside,he said he’ll go the last.Rap Monster followed him and stood next to him.
“Suga,she’s fine..That is the most important thing” he smiled at him
“But still..She will hate me and never forgive me” Suga took a breath
“I don’t know what to say”
“You don’t have to say anything…” Suga looked at him

After some time,Suga still didn’t want to go inside even it’s his turn to go.It was so late at night.Everyone except Taehyung and Bella who went home,were in the hospital.
“Are you gonna go in now?” Sophie looked at him
”Yeah..I’ll do it” Suga stood up
”Go man” Rap Monster smiled

Suga takes a breath and walks to your room and enter it.
You were laying in your bed so peacefully…
“Oh God” he said to himself and took a seat next to you.

He took your hand in his and held it..He just waited you to wake up…
Suga would walk back and forth in your room,looking at you making sure you’re okay.
“Do you want something to eat?” Rap Monster walked in
“No..I am fine” Suga looked at him
“Dude,you didn’t eat anything whole night”
“It’s fine…I don’t care” Suga sat on the black small couch that was on the corner of the room.

For next hour Suga tried his hardest not to fall asleep..He wanted to watch over you so that you are okay.
But he layed down and fell asleep.

“He really does care” Sophie said looking at him
“We won’t wake him up..I’m sure he wanted to stay here” Rap Monster said
“Yeah…Let’s go home” Sophie said and they left home

“Suga” you smiled and you two stare at each other eyes for a moment.
Then you push him laugh and start to run away from him.
“Hey!” he shouted and ran after you with a smile
“Catch me if you can!” you smiled
“I will catch you!” Suga said to you 

He ran after you and he finally got you.He wraped his arms around you and placed a kiss on your lips.
“I love you” he said smiling at you,kissing your forehead
“I love you too” you smiled and push him away from you and start to run again

“I will catch you again Y/N” he laughed
“No you won’t” you said and ran across the road
Suga saw a car coming
“Y/N watch out!” he shouted and as you turn around you get hit by a car

Suga wakes up from that bad dream,breating heavy…He looks at you and you were still not awake.
He stands up,wiping off the sweat from his forehead and he realises his hands were shaking again.
Suga took a breath and walked outside to catch some air.
“It’s all my fault” he kept saying himself

Sun started to raise up..He looked at his phone at it was around 6am.
He decided  to go buy himself something to eat at hospital cafeteria..He bought himself two donuts and coffee..
When he finished eating he walked back to your room.Still no sign of you being awake.
He sat down next to you again and watched you…After few minutes you moved your hand a little.Suga noticed and right away went to call the doctor.

When they camed back inside you were awake.
“How are you feeling Y/N?” the doctor slowly asked you
“Weird,but okay” you said looking at him

He checked everything.
“Do you know who he is?” doctor points at Suga

You look at him,trying to remember,but you couldn’t.
“No” you said
Suga looks at you not believing what you have said.Sophie at that moment walked in.She noticed Suga was disappointed and devastated.
“Do you know who is she?”
“No I don’t” you shake your head “no”

Doctor brings Sophie and Suga outside.
“She hit her head when the accident happened,and we expected that she will lose her memory..I am sorry,but you are going to have to start over with her” 
“Oh no” Sophie said
“Try to do things that you always did with her..I am sure that she hasn’t forgot all of the things” 
“Thank you doctor” Suga looked at him

Suga sat down looking at the floor.
“Suga…” Sophie said
“She doesn’t know who I am” he said
“To be honest..That is better,because all you did is make her cry and hurt her” Sophie looked at him
“This is your shot to make her trust you and love you possibly” she added
Suga nodded his head
“Sophie” he stopped her before she walked into the room
“Did she love me?” he looked up at her
“She did,even after stuff you did” Sophie smiled and walked inside of your room.