this is your fault sophie

Pre: Naruto Ending Possibility.

The wind whispered, tickling and sifting through their hair, carrying the scent of confrontation. A waterfall splashed and flew toward the earth relentlessly. No movement was seen save for the subtle rising and lowering of chests, drawing minimum breath. The two shinobi stood equal distance away from the rush of clear, frothy aqua, eyes only for each other. A pair of dark eyes, piercing and intelligent, but not exactly wise. A pair of blue eyes, each transparent as a tiny tide pool, flickered with light reflecting from the water. 

“Yolo,” Sasuke greeted grimly, wishing death upon his once friend. Naruto gritted out a similar response. They leapt at each other in the next instant, with a metallic ting of blade on blade. 

“Ugh, Yolo,” Naruto grunted after Sasuke clipped him in the shoulder with his heel. “Yolo, yolo yolo? Yolo yolo… yolo yolo yolo,” he growled, gathering his chakra and spinning it into fine blue threads revolving in his palm. Sasuke’s eyes widened, and the cacophony of a flock of one thousand birds soon became heard. 

“Yolo… yolo yolo,” was the last thing Sasuke said before they clashed, and for a moment, the entirety of the Valley of End was highlighted in a harsh, blinding light. When the light faded drop by drop, two prone forms lay side, one curved in grief over the other. The anguished cry of “YOLOOOOOO,” could be heard over fifty miles away. In the end, all that was left was “Yolo… Yolo… Yolo…” echoing through the forlorn valley.