this is your fault i know it

“If I start getting gray hairs, it’s going to be your fault.”

“Honestly, if it weren’t for the ghost writing on my mirror in the mornings, I’d be late to every appointment.”

“Do I want to know why there’s hand prints on my ceiling?”

“Sometimes I genuinely don’t know if they’re being serious or not. Their deadpan is just that good.”

“If you’re trying to get me to leave, it’s working.”

“I’m not exactly fond of explaining myself, so let me show you.”


Nate laughed, raising an eyebrow. <<What?>>, he countered. <<Better than calling them Apple or some shit like that>>.

Jacqueline giggled along, nodding. <<Fair, I’ll give you that. How about something a little less… Dusty? Like maybe Fiona, or Janine>>, she tried to compromise.

Nate scratched his head for a while, pondering his choices. <<You know, I think Fiona Frey is kinda cute>>, he finally came to the conclusion.

Jacqueline smile, proud of herself for swaying his opinion. <<I’m glad you think so>>, she huffed.

@neopixiesims this is your fault. 

On “Marooned” and Provocation

You know, it’s funny.  I see many fans willing to vilify Rip for his tirade against Mick Rory in Marooned.  For provoking Mick.  But I never see them talk about how the scene started.  Because this is how it started:

The scene starts with Jax trying to open the cell door.  He fails.  Rip tries to encourage him, and Mick breaks in with “It’s not your fault.  It’s his.”

Rip responds back, reminding Mick that he volunteered to be part of the boarding party.

Then Mick accuses Rip of filling his partner’s head with “fairy tales about saving the world.”

Rip responds defensively, pointing out that the crew may be dying aboard the Waverider, and he’s trying to think of a way out of the situation.  He snaps “what would you do?”  and “No brilliant ideas?”

MICK then tells him to shut his mouth and lunges at him.  Jax has to get between them.  Rip, having been physically attacked, makes a comment about barbaric violence.  Mick snaps back that that’s why he was recruited, wasn’t it?

And that’s when we get the package deal and IQ of meat comment.

In a confrontation that was started and escalated by MICK RORY.  You want provocation?  THAT’s the direction to look in.

And if you want proof: here is the fucking scene.  

Now, does that provocation excuse Rip’s response?  No.  It doesn’t.  But neither does Rip’s response warrant betraying SEVEN innocent people.  Including Jax, by the way, who is RIGHT THERE.

And I think it says something that Jax’s response in the next scene, which sadly, I can’t find on Youtube, involves him saying:

“Man, I can’t believe Rory sold us out. No, actually I can. But still, man.”

Jax isn’t blaming Rip for Mick betraying the team.  And Jax was right there.  He saw the whole thing.

Honestly, I see a lot of people who project their own past, being the victim of bullies and the like, onto Mick in this scene. 

But you know what I see?  I see three grown men in that scene (and one grown woman but she’s not involved.)  And I see one of those men start the confrontation, by making not-very helpful accusations toward another man, who is clearly and visibly under a great deal of stress.  And then, when the accusations get a response, this first man physically attacks the other, who is HALF HIS FUCKING SIZE.

That is when the second man finally goes off.

Call me biased Rip Hunter fan if you want, but if there is a bully in this scene, it’s not Rip Hunter.

And I see a lot of people willing to cite all sorts of sympathetic factors from Mick’s backstory regarding his self-image and having been belittled.

I don’t see a lot of people remembering that Rip Hunter spent his early childhood on the streets in a situation bad enough that his first response to a dangerous situation is to stab the nearest adult, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, he might have issues with being physically attacked by a man twice his size.  And that, combined with the possibly dying crew, imprisonment, humiliating rejection from his people as represented by Eve Baxter, and oh yes, the dead family, might all factor into this explosion.

Fuck that.  I’m done.  

Mick is a great character who’s gone through a lot of really interesting character growth.  But at this point in time?  He was a bully and a traitor, who apparently decided that it was perfectly okay to betray seven innocent people because an eighth hurt his feelings.  

No amount of slight of hand blame-shifting is going to change that.

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I'm getting my A level results soon and I'm so scared :( did u do well in school? Any advice?

i had pretty good grades all throughout my academic career, but there were definitely a couple of years—namely sophomore and junior year of high school which were unfortunately the two most important years for college admissions lmfao—where i just did not give a shit about some of my classes….

but yeah, i was a straight A student up until 10th/11th grade and then picked the streak back up sophomore year of college.

i think the best thing to do is honestly just try your best. and i know it sounds super cliche and unhelpful, but really… what else can you do? if you put in 200% and you still fall short, that’s not your fault. i think everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. for some, memorizing equations or the periodic table is as easy as memorizing the alphabet. for others, mixing paints to achieve that perfect shade of blue is second nature.

we all function in different ways and we also all have very different interests. so i think it’s unfair to beat ourselves over things like tests and grades and rankings, especially in an academic setting bc those are all so objective. just remember that whatever “grade” you are categorized under does NOT reflect your intelligence or worth. so calm down, take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the pack with a job well done.

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Any prompts for "Person A wants to apologize for something they did but Person B won't have any of it"?

Hope this helps!

1. “I’m really sorry, you know that. What I did, it-”

“It what? Wasn’t your fault? Yeah, I’ve never heard that one before.”

2. “Look, I don’t know what you expect from me! I apologised! What else do you want me to do!”

“I want you to mean it.”

If anyone has any other prompts feel free to comment! :)

it’s your fault

Following the events of Roulette vs Ink and Error

Error: YOU!!!

Roulette: …Hu? Yes? Ho that’s you glitched guy?


Roulette: Only two?


Roulette:…You have said four words, not two, you know that?

Error *glitched sounds* I’ll break ya stupid wheel if you play with my nerves!!

Roulette:…Try buddy!! And I use my wheel against you AGAIN!


Roulette: …

Roulette: …Wait what? I have done nothing to you!!

Error: :…Not you!! It’s INK!!

Roulette: You’re pregnant? congratulation!! The destuctor of AU who will give birth to two new lifes…so ironic. *smirk*


Roulette: So even in “Lust” mode, Ink has let you dominate him? I guess that it’s useful to be able to tie people. 

Error: : That’s not the question!! That’s your fault!! You will pay for that!!

Roulette:….you should thank me, you’ll never have done that with Ink otherwise!!

Error: *more glitched sounds* RAHHHHHHHH


Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

Roulette belongs to @laukitus

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I'm so happy finally Namjoon gets recognition, but then Jin and Hoseok are being pushed to the side?? Like??? What do you think?? I don't know. Also, I have absolutely fallen in love with watching Namjin is real, bc they just make my heart melt. Okay I love your blog BYYEE XXX

I’m with you on this one, I just wish they were all equally recognised and appreciated ;-;

Jin got like, what two lines on Not Today? Hoseok didn’t even get any lines on Spring Day (unless you count the background vocals in the chorus) and I don’t think it’s fair ;-;

Unlike some others though, I know it’s not the members’ fault, I just hope the producers will actually even out the line distribution next time *sigh*

(Not Today is still such a jam, and Spring Day is still amazing though, I just wish the line distribution was better)

Also, thank you! Thank you for stopping by as well ^_^

Sleepover Sunday! ^_^

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Relationship advice, please? My former roommate told me that she had a crush on me when we were living together, but she knows I'm ace & nothing will ever happen. The lease ended & we moved our separate ways several months ago. We still communicate because we're friends. I went to visit her yesterday & she said that she still has a crush & she's really sad that I moved far away. Is there anything I can do to console her & maybe make her stop crushing on me so she's not sad all the time?

Andy: This is unfortunately one of those situations that is going to hurt.

I know this sucks and that she’s your friend, but it’s not your fault that she is sad. The only solution is for her to understand that you are not interested and for her to move on.

It hurts and it sucks, but all you can do is be her friend and encourage her to move on

Some of my fav Vikturi artists!

Here is the list I wanted to give you @ask-vik-tuuri If anyone wants to add to it, feel free, especially any good fanfic sites. Sorry it took so long. Weekends are the only time I get to see my hubby and he likes to GO GO GO! Haha…..I hope you find something here that you like. I’m sure you won’t be surprised by how much people love, LOVE, love, LOVE, your love story!

@story-kat has some really cute lovey dovey Vikturi

@mochibom has a wizard and eros au comic that is great (but a bit sad, I hope it ends up with a happy ending) and lots of Vikturi hugs and kisses…so sweet

@miyakuli has some cute and beautiful drawings!

EDIT: @miyakuli has let me know that what she reblogs is not her own art but that of different artists. I just want to make sure this info is accurate. This was MY fault. Thank you @miyakuli for telling me :) !

@saganu some of the richest colors I’ve seen. Very vibrant and eye catching. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the subject is Vikturi!

@cubisticking Ahh, more loving Vikturi hugs and kisses! Just, just, this art is so beautiful!

@enjin13 the color palette on this art is soft and kind of angelic. It’s easy on the eyes and blissful. Yes, I said blissful!

@1o8k has to be one of my favorite! OMG! Right now there is a lot of Mysme characters, but his YOI art is divine! I would frame this art!

@aina-p has a cute AU comic about Viktor pretending not to know how to skate so that he can get lessons from hot skating coach Yuuri.

@miss-cigarettes uhm, hot mafia Vikturi, nough said..and uhm, well, other YOI…but…yeah…hot mafia Vikturi!

@aradan-san has the most SPECTACULAR dragon au YOI! If you ignore any of the others, this is the ONE to see!

Anyway, there is so much more, but these are the ones that I reblog the most. I haven’t really gotten into the fanfic part of it, I’m still into MYSME fanfic….so….Most of the stuff I like is about how much love you have for each other. How much you care. How much you support each other. And how amazing it is going to be when you have a family….I tried not to include any “naughty” stuff cause, well, mod is only 13!

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How exactly I'm a dick?

how about this? huh? your the most dickist person i ever met and angel rose does have a clear point of not tracing some one work and you even say my grammer bad well go and fuck your self is not my fucking fault if i have bad grammar i was born to have bad grammar so how about fuck you you know nothing about me and thats what makes you the biggest dick head 

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Look, I know the poll is over and everything, but I got kinda irked at the fact that people on the opposing team were talking down to or talking shit about Ian and Mickey when a lot of those people never even seen or heard of the show. And every time someone brought up how toxic they are, all I could think of is, "well that's kinda what the writers wanted people to think; indirectly, that's not Ian and Mickey's fault."

I know. I saw that too, and that’s what I meant when I said I don’t like this system that pushes fandoms against each other. We don’t all like the same ships, but to say bad things about another ship in order to convince more people to vote for yours is just nasty. Why do that? If your ship is so great, just convince people to vote for them then, no need of pushing others down.

But I guess that’s just how some people are.

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I really tried to understand where universalpronouns was coming from but they are so condescending that I just can't. When are they gonna see that "it's your fault you feel disrespected and not my fault for actually causing you to feel that way" is not a valid response to criticism? Also, that response seemed very victim blame-y and that ended up triggering me so I gave up and blocked them. I'm sorry, I just had to vent. That was one of the most frustrating exchanges I've ever had.

Please dont ever apologize for venting.

We established that the universal blog is a gross anti-sjw troll, so I’m really sorry that you were hurt by them. Theyre purposely being condescending assholes and they know exactly what they’re doing.

Its not okay.


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Mom I'm on my period and hella emo rn. Like, every time the cancer commercial with fight song in the background comes on I have to mute it bc my eyes start watering, and I just heard a joke and laughed for five minutes straight, even after I changed the channel (it wasn't even funny). Idk how I'm going to watch the Valentine's day episode tomorrow.

Ohhhh honey, those emotional extremes are me like every day, but especially when I’m on my period (and heeyyyy, we’re on the same cycle!!!). I’m sooo sorry you’re having a tough time of it: remember that it’s not your fault and that you are powerful enough to get through it every month, and you will get through it this month, valentine’s episode notwithstanding.

I’m really nervous about my emotional swings about it, too. Monday nights are actually always very dangerous for me for that reason, so I really feel you. You know what, let’s keep each other in mind during the next couple days, and during the episode, okay? Because you’re not the only one going through these intense feels, and hey, turns out neither am I.

I’m sending you so, so, so much love, and also actually a lot of gratitude. I always feel “crazy” for being nervous about how my emotions are going to swing during Supergirl episodes, and you just casually mentioning it made me feel really validated. So… thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

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is not respecting physical boundaries abuse???? like my mom also does stuff to me like that. she grabs me and wont let go or like pinches me and stuff and if i get away she tells me that i dont really love her nd she sometimes forces me to like kiss her on the mouth or one time she stuck her tongue in my mouth and said it was my fault and then later denied it? it makes me rlly uncomfortable and i just want to know if what's happening is wrong i guess?

thats abusive!! the thing that happened with her putting her tongue in your mouth is awful im so sorry she did that to you!!! (( abuse// sexual abuse// ))

The signs as questions I have for them

Aries: can you stop letting people steal your fire?

Taurus: why do you always have to be right?

Gemini: why is humor the only way you know to cope?

Cancer: will you please stay kind forever?

Leo: can you like, chill for a sec?

Virgo: will you ever realize you are enough as you are?

Libra: fuck off

Scorpio: have you ever considered its not always your fault?

Sagittarius: why don’t you just go to sleep?

Capricorn: when will you realize people don’t owe you anything?

Aquarius: will you please open up to someone and stop being afraid?

Pisces: can you please stop striving for approval? You are loved now

Transcript of “MINUTE BY MINUTE”

Isak’s text to Sonja: Hi Sonja. I just wanted to tell you that Even is at my place in case his parents are worried or something. And I’m sorry if it’s my fault that he’s not doing well.

(Sonja calls)

Isak: Hi.

Sonja: Hi.

Isak: I don’t have his parents’ number, so..

Sonja: Yeah, but they know he’s at your place. He texted them.

Isak: Okay..

Sonja: Uhm.. I actually called to say sorry for last time.

Isak: Oh! Uhm.. It’s okay.

Sonja: No, but it wasn’t my intention to get mad at you. It wasn’t your fault at all.

Isak: yeah, but, you were probably worried, so I understand.

Sonja: Mhm.. And it’s not your fault that Even is depressed. He’s bipolar and.. Yeah, it’s not your fault, okay?

Isak: Okay

Sonja: Okay, fine.

Isak: But should I bring him to his parents or something?

Sonja: I actually think it’s good for him to be with you. Okay.

Isak: Is there anything I can do for him?

Sonja: No, not really. You just have to be there for him. And when everything seems hopeless, just take one day at a time. And if one day gets too much, just take it one hour at a time. And if ove hour gets too much, just takeit one minute at a time.

Isak: Hi.

Even: Hi.

Isak: Hungry?

Even: What time is it?

Isak: Like.. 10.30 or something.

Even: I should leave.

Isak: Why?

Even: Because I don’t want you to lay here and feel like you have to take care of me.

Isak: I don’t feel like I’m taking care of you. Why is that wrong?

Even: There’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t want you to lay here and be sad.

Isak: I’m not sad.

Even: I just know this isn’t gonna work.

Isak: Why do you say that?

Even: Cause it’s true. I’ll just hurt you and then you’ll hate me.

Isak: No! You don’t know shit about how this is going to end. Like, an atomic bomb can crop down on our heads tomorrow and then discussing this is just a waste of time, so I suggest you don’t talk about the future and then we’ll just chill now. 

Now, let’s play a game. It goes like this.. It’s “Isak and Even, minute by minute”. It’s.. like this: the only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. You in?

Even: Okay. 

What are we going to do during this minute?

Isak: In this minute, we’re going to kiss.

Even: That’s chill.

I’m not writing to you to tell you what you’ve done wrong. No, I think we moved past that point. Today I’m writing to you to tell you what you deserve.

You deserve to love someone who is ready to get lost in your eyes, who embraces your flaws and your quirks, who laughs at your horrible jokes like I did and who smiles in between kisses. You deserve someone who makes you smile so big that your cheeks hurt, someone who picks up the phone for you in the middle of the night and who’s there to hold the pieces of your world together when you feel like everything around you is falling apart.

And I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted and I’m sorry you weren’t what I expected. I know it’s not my fault and I know it’s not yours. Let’s put the blame on something we can’t control like bad timing or too much work or the weather, maybe? Something that makes us feel less responsible for ending something beautiful. Something that makes us remember a wonderful time for exactly what it was: talking deep into the night, stained coffee cups and dancing in the rain.

Even though it ended (not on good terms, either) I just wanted to wish you well. The happiness we had is the happiness you deserve for the rest of your life. I just wanted you to know. And I hope you never forget on nights that are too short and days that are too long for you to remember.

—  an open letter to you

“I think about you a lot,” she told him. “Every now and then, you’ll cross my mind, and I just can’t seem to shake the thought of it all… I let go of something that had so much potential to be so beautiful. Just like that.”

His heart started thudding so loud that it echoed in his ears. “You can’t say this to me here,” he said. “Not now. Not after all this time.”

She looked down, embarrassed. “It’s selfish of me to say, I know.” She looked up and met his eyes. “But you were so sweet to me. So kind. And I let the thought of missing someone else drive me away from you.”

He shook his head. “You weren’t ready for love again,” he told her. “Don’t blame yourself for the scars that someone else left on you. It was never your fault that you couldn’t be with me, it was the reminisce of him, still holding you back. Just when you were ready to jump in, he would pull you back. And that was no one’s fault but his.”

She watched him closely as he comforted her. He was always so good at soothing her broken heart — something that was never his job to do, but he did it anyway. “It could’ve been us, you know,” she said quietly. “You and me against the world. And I’m just sorry that it didn’t work out like that.”

Then, in the corner of her eye, she could see his fiancé returning with their drinks. She turned to leave him, but before she did, she heard him say it. It was soft and hidden under his breath, but it was there.

“Sometimes, I am, too.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #129 // You were Prince Charming but I sent you away because I was busy missing a toad