this is your daydream

me: *about to sleep*

my brain: the only reason you perceive yourself as a relatively mellow and laid back person is because you are completely engrossed by your daydreams, and constantly focus on those instead of your real life and the consequences of your actions and decisions. evidence shows that when you are forced to confront real life problems, you quickly resort to panicking. in addition to-

me: can’t we drag me in the morning

Unusual questions for your muse

🛌- Does your muse prefer to sleep under many layers of blankets or only under a few?
🎀- Does your muse like to accessorize? What are their favorite pieces of accessories?
🎐- Does your muse like to collect/hoard anything?
🛋- Does your muse like to have company over?
📱- Is your muse the “oversharing” type?
🐰- Does your muse prefer soft, plush textures or smooth and glossy textures?
💎- Is your muse drawn to things that sparkle?
🔖- Is your muse a daydreamer? What do they tend to think about? Have they ever caught themselves while lost in thought?
📰- Does your muse like to read the news?
📇- Is your muse a gossiper?
🕹- What does your muse do to occupy themselves when bored?
🏚- Does your muse like to explore dangerous places?
🌋- Has your muse done something stupid and not regret it?
⛪️- Does your muse enjoy attending churches they don’t belong to?
🛣- Is your muse considered a wanderer?
🐺- Would your muse consider themselves a lone wolf or a social butterfly?
🤝- Does your muse forgive others easily?
🖖- What “Fandoms” would your muse belong to?
🎖- Does your muse enjoy praise?
🎟- Do they like “so bad it’s good” movies?
🎠- Does your muse like amusement parks/carnivals/festivals?
🏝- Could your muse survive on an uninhabited island all by themselves?

pidge: keith i have a gay problem and need the help of a gay who is more experienced

keith: ok. what is it?

pidge: i like this girl but there’s no way she likes me back and i dunno what to do about it

keith: nothing. absolutely nothing. you do nothing, and then you do your best to ignore it but it’s just eating at you and it’s so hard to pretend it’s not there so then you watch ten thousand heteronormative hallmark movies but eventually you start getting daydreams about how great your life would be if you actually were dating and how much fun you’d have doing the cheesiest coupley stuff and you aren’t even paying attention to the hallmark movies anymore they’re just lights and sounds in the background of your daydreams but we’re in space so you don’t even have the hallmark movies so you just go straight to the daydreams and you get this idea in your head that if you two date you’ll finally be a happy functional person and you won’t have any more problems ever and you know that’s not true but you still wanna believe it anyway and now the crush is getting bigger and bigger and you’re even more of a mess and you talk to your friend about it since he says he’s always there if you need someone to listen so you think that’ll help a little bit but it turns out it doesn’t because your friend is an asshole and says “well why don’t you just tell him?” but if i could tell him then this wouldn’t. be a problem, shiro!

keith: (breathing heavily)



pidge: actually i think i’m gonna go to lance

keith: …good plan.

Gryffindor is wearing bright red oversized sweaters and trying new makeup styles for the new season. It’s thrusting a stick into the ashes of a fire then taking it out and using the red hot ends to draw on the black sky. Gryffindor is going on spontaneous adventures deep into the woods where the leaves are beautiful shades of red and orange and yellow. It’s staying out so late that your nose and fingers turn to ice. Gryffindor is the ashes that float above the blazing fire and the changing leaves and the spirit of festivity that awakens with autumn.

Ravenclaw is wearing beanies and sweaters the minute it’s cold enough outside. It’s sitting out on a frosty morning with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a good book in the other. Ravenclaw is sharing random facts about Thanksgiving and Halloween and why the leaves change colors and fall off. It’s taking a long car trip down a rural rode and daydreaming as colorful trees zip past your window. Ravenclaw is the crisp morning air and the dew on the grass and the birds flying across the painted sky to escape winter.

Hufflepuff is making a giant pile of leaves, only to end up jumping in it. It’s baking pumpkin pie and making hot chocolate with your friends. Hufflepuff is carving pumpkins and laughing when it turns out looking terrible. It’s excitedly changing out your summer wardrobe for your autumn one. Hufflepuff is the first harvest that comes with fall and and huddling close to your friends when it’s cold out and the renewed spirit of friendship and festivity that comes with the new season.

Slytherin is becoming way too excited for Halloween on the first day of October. It’s sitting by a gurgling brook and just listening. Slytherin is wearing your favorite boots and rejoicing because it’s finally cold enough to wear them. It’s watching as the very last leaf drifts from the old tree in your backyard. Slytherin is the earlier nights and the deep, winding forests and strange feeling that somehow everything will work out.


clean cotton: are you a tidy or messy person?

pink sands: if you could go on holiday/vacation anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

baby powder: do you want to have kids in the future?

lemon lavender: what makes you feel at home?

red raspberry: would you rather live surrounded by nature or in a big city?

shea butter: spa day or netflix day?

aloe water: what mythical creature do you think you would be?

lemongrass & ginger: what’s your favourite film from your childhood?

moonlight: do you believe in ghosts?

sweet strawberry: what’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

vanilla lime: what music do you listen to?

christmas eve: are you a christmas person?

honey blossom: what is your favourite flower?

turquoise sky: are you a daydreamer?

true rose: do you believe in true love and soul mates?

my serenity: what relaxes you?

peony: do you want to get any tattoos? (if you have one already, what is it?)

autumn night: what is your favourite season and why?

amber moon: what scares you the most?

black cherry: have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

cinnamon stick: do you have a sweet tooth?

fluffy towels: baths or showers?

honey glow: are you an animal lover?

summer peach: do you think you are a good friend?

sunset breeze: have you ever had a summer romance?

pink grapefruit: have you ever been in love?

for your gay consideration;

  • a boy with long hair who puts it up in a ponytail on hot days
  • a boy that wants to hold your hand but is too shy to ask
  • a boy who laughs hysterically at all your jokes and thinks youre the funniest person hes ever met
  • a boy who wears oversized t shirts and smiles at strangers on the street
  • a boy who likes all your selfies and daydreams about kissing you
  • a boy who is nervous about being mlm, but being with you makes him feel like he is safe and ok
  • a boy who will make you a mixtape on a cd and doodle little hearts and flowers all over the label
  • a boy who will listen to every mundane detail about your day with interest
  • a boy who talks about you to others like youre the coolest person he knows
1: Ignore every thought of them until you have convinced yourself that they were never real and any feelings you had were misplaced. Remind yourself they were never yours to begin with, therefore the feelings you have are invalid so you can justify ignoring all thoughts of them.
2: Be fucking selfish as hell. Spoil yourself, who gives a shit. Go out and buy a shirt you never thought you could wear and wear it. Don’t feel bad about leaning on people when you need help. 
3: Don’t reminisce on what could have been, they don’t deserve a second thought. You might think romanticizing your feelings are harmless daydreams but they will bite you in the ass and leave you only wanting them more. Day dream about the steamy waffles you will buy for yourself later.
4: Remind yourself you are a strong person, like them, but only better. 5: Busy yourself with other things and people. Come home at 5 a.m. wasted, remind yourself that there are other people willing to give you the fucking time of day. Take up yoga, get a hobby, invest your time in that and in the process prove you can commit to things and accomplish great tasks. 
6: Protect yourself, never let your heart find itself in this situation again. Think back and try and pinpoint all the red flags you noticed, then try and apply that knowledge to future relationships. But don’t spend too much time analyzing where things went wrong. 
7: Remind yourself of the person you were before they came into your life. You have not changed, they have not destroyed you. Put effort into returning back into that person. 
8: The most important part is to keep telling yourself that you are wanted. Do not forget that you will get through this; this is temporary just like the short happiness you shared with them. Just because they do not want you does not mean you are unloveable or unfit for relationships.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1202 // how to get over someone who was never yours // excerptsofstories 

If you have maladaptive daydreaming and feel like it’s:
- stopping you enjoying life
- distancing you from friends and family
- warping your sense of identity
- wasting hours of time every day for months or even years
- impossible to explain or get help for
- making you miss people and places that aren’t real
- causing violent/sad/frightening daydreams (and maybe guilt)
- stopping you being productive
- causing dissociation or depression or apathy

I just want to say I think you’re a really fucking strong person.

Maladaptive Daydreaming

What is maladaptive daydreaming (Madd) ?

Maladaptive daydreaming (madd) is a mental disorder/condition that describes excessive daydreaming, most times hours at a time, that interferes with one’s life. The key factor here is not what you daydream about. It’s for how long you daydream and how much it prevents you from living reality.

How do I identify Maladaptive Daydreaming?

Spending more than half your day with your mind wandering to the point that it disrupts your life is the biggest indicator that your excessive daydreaming has become maladaptive.

Maladaptive daydreamers:

  • do facial expressions, move around, talk, sing or dance while daydreaming
  • have multiple universes, characters and stories 
  • use music, books, movies or day to day situations to help them daydream about specific situations
  • feel safe inside their daydreams
  • daydream hours at a time, sometimes even an entire day
  • daydream while supposed to be asleep at night
  • find it hard to stop daydreaming
  • find it hard to focus on a movie, song or book because they automatically feel the need to daydream

What Maladaptive Daydreaming is NOT

Do not confuse Maladaptive Daydreaming with having halucinations, psychosis, or other similar mental disorders or just normal daydreaming. Maladaptive daydreams are aware of the fact that they’re daydreaming and are able to distinguish daydreaming from reality.

ilvermorny aesthetics

pukwudgie: herbs, secret medical knowledge, feeling someone’s heartbeat against yours, sunsets, working hard to achieve your goals, crystals, a single tear, trusting your intuition, caring too much, the sound of rain against the window, pressed flowers in notebooks, summer

wampus: darkness, sneaking out, box of matches, scars and scratches, knowing exactly what to say to win an argument, never giving up, intimidating others without wanting to, DocMartens, revolutions, smirks, acting without thinking about it first

thunderbird: polaroids, doing something just because you want to experience it once in your life, the sea, having lists of places you want to see, maps, little genuine smiles, daydreaming, self-discovery, random ideas popping into your head, field trips, sketches

horned serpent: piles of books, uniforms, notebooks, perfect score, losing yourself on Wikipedia for several hours, philosophical conversations, complex structures, analysing everything that happened, constantly learning something new

You do know the man or woman you romantically idealise and fantasise is your own Animus (for women) and Anima (for men) right? Dude it’s your own soul. You’re literally daydreaming…you’re literally in love with yourself. The masculine part of yourself if you’re a woman. And the feminine part of yourself if you’re a man. Their qualities and characteristics are your own that you just haven’t developed yet. The Prince Charming who’s going to come and save you is actually your own soul. Just thought I’d let you know.

How to know if you have a Special Interest!

So, there’s this thing that you love, but you aren’t sure if it qualifies as a special interest. If you’re not sure, see if any of the following aspects of a special interest apply to you!

That thing might be your special interest if…

  • Engaging in this interest makes you feel so excited that you feel as if you’re going to burst.
  • Engaging in this interest causes you to stim to release the aforementioned excitement. (Screeching, flapping, etc)
  • This interest is very often on your mind, and seems to be the “default” subject of your daydreams or idle thoughts.
  • You feel a strong urge to collect things that have to do with this interest.
  • You feel a strong urge to tell everyone you know about this interest.
  • You often find yourself unable to talk about anything else besides this interest.
  • You may engage in this interest all day, for days/weeks/months/years on end and never become bored of it.*

If you are autistic and you are familiar with any of these experiences, you may have a special interest!

*note: Some special interests last longer than others and the intensity of the special interest may fluctuate over time.