this is your birthday present btw


hey guys.. guess who turned 18 just now?. 🎉🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!! 🎉🎈 I wish for all of your dreams to come true, to always sing like theres no tommorrow, to walk on your own path and for you to see yourself the way we see you- as a beautiful, talented person with the heart of gold. I wish for your whole life to be filled with happiness and love. Love you!! ❤️ (since i cant really give you a real present i just made you this shitty doodle im so soooorryyyyyyy)

~ happppppyyyyy birthdaaaayyyyyy we love yoooouuuu -Virgil Roman Logan & Patton! 💛

A birthday present for @sock-n-jon


these posts might be annoying, but from the start of 2016 when i started watching and drawing ml to now- this show and this fandom has pushed me to draw so much more than i used to and ive improved heaps because of it, so thank you!! 


read from left to –> right. A mini comic for yuuri’s birthday. what present would be greater than viktor himself? //u//

Anyway, happy birthday Yuuri! I believe viktor will give you unforgettable gift for your birthday! \(////u////)/

btw, sorry for the ugly handwriting.


I binged watching every episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved again last night so have some ghosty boys playing card style (they’re translucent yo)

sick days [M]

word count: 1115

genre: smut and fluff

warning: rough sex, having sex when one is sick

reader x minhyuk

note: yooooo guys, i’m back with another smut which is actually meant to my friend’s birthday present and i heard that my wonho smut got a very good response so thank you soooooo much omg ;-; BTW BEAUTIFUL JAPANESE VER IS SO LIT OML I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHHH

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Today was the second day of your medical leave from work because you caught a severe cold very recently and you have also showed signs of sneezing, fever and a runny nose. Minhyuk who was your husband for 2 years, has been notified and was worried and concerned for his wife’s health while coming back from an overseas tour.

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It’s hard to believe how fast time goes sometimes. Fain was created after Adelaide alongside Mira’s creation, meaning he’s now 6+ years old which is just insane to me as I’ve never had actual characters this old before. He wasn’t even made for tumblr! Both Adelaide and Fain had been created for RP purposes YEARS before I had even made a blog, crazy!

Here is some SUPER old art of him along with some newer stuff (yes its embarrassing but I love looking back at it all the same) You can really see all the design changes. 

The first row was made at the same time and they are the VERY first references I ever made of him! LOL I love seeing his development. Fain at first was basically just a Sherlock ripoff. Throughout the years he’s gone through a ton of changes, his intellect remained but his age turned younger, his style became an iconic part of him, and his personality changed the most.

Then I created a whole family for him, and entire HUB for him! Fain’s world has more depth than Adelaide’s does, and though I’m a bit sad I’ll never get to show the true extent of his story, I’m so grateful for all the good reception he has received!

Thank you for all your support so far, I hope his small smile at the top there had you surprised! He rarely does so :) He’s busy opening some presents now so I’ll announce the winners of the contest in a couple days okay?

i’ve always loved the idea of a birthday page so i’m finally doing one! btw this lovely banner was made by @rosevtyler


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Birthday head canon !! Doesn't matter who's birthday it is, but what are the losers presents ? Or is there a theme for the party ?? (Btw love your account !)

- Bev’s birthday is at the end of the summer, the week before school starts, and the Losers all gather for a sleepover at Ben’s house to celebrate

- Mike snuck Bev out from school that morning after sunrise to get breakfast; he pays when she goes to smoke out by his truck. When he arrives at Ben’s that night he hands her a tiny bag filled with butterfly hair clips and large heart-shaped sunglasses

- Richie walks in with an armful of pop rocks, cigs, and a box of tampons that gets immediately thrown back in his face. He cries uncle twice after only 15 seconds of Bev holding his arm behind his back because she couldn’t hear him the first time over everyone else’s laughter

- Once he gets his breath back, Richie pulls 3 new tapes from his pocket and explains they contain all the songs the two had heard over the summer when they couldn’t stand their homes and met up at the Barrens to smoke. Bev smiles and kisses his cheek.

- Stan helps Bev lace up the teal and peach rollerskates he bought her, while she sits on the living room couch and Richie is doing his best to braid her hair 

- Eddie buys Bev 5 different bottles of nail polish that are muted hues of green, blue, red, orange, and purple (she paints his left hand with the dark green polish when the other boys are too busy watching Blade Runner to notice - not that they’d mind)

- Ben, of course, has spent weeks perfecting poems he wrote for Bev and has carefully written all of them in a brown leather journal (Bill helped by adding tiny illustrations on the bottom of every other poem)

- Bill presents Bev with his original drawing of her - water-streaked red hair and all - but also gives her a tiny 5 x 5 watercolor landscape of the quarry with 7 tiny figures in the water or on top of the rocks 

- Bev barks out a laugh at the nearly imperceptible angry eyebrows drawn on the figure with the curly hair and Stan shoves Bill who tries to hide his smile

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JFP!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I happen to be looking at my planner and noticed it was your birthday AND IM LATE IM SORRY ; __; But you’re a cool bean and i love u and ur silly comments, i live for ur silly comments in my posts. i hope we can talk more //but im a shy bean asdfew

hope u had a good birthday tho!!! im sending friendly gnomes to fix ur computer problems, love u!!! 

“People in our clan are locked up in narrow world, so they refuse to see the world outside. The reason why fate isn’t opened itself is because they keep saying that’s all village’s fault and expand the grudge. Because they keep saying that’s all village’s fault, Hokage-sama’s fault, Senju clan’s fault, they refuse to see their own foot. But, you’re different. You’re always open your fate with your own power. Graduated from academy within a year, passing through chuunin exam alone, and now, you tried to join Anbu. You never thought that your fate is all the clan’s fault and give up. I’m sure you can be the Hokage.. As Uchiha’s first Hokage, I believe that you will be the one who break off the village’s and clan’s fate from the very root.”
ー Uchiha Shisui (Itachi Shinden Koumyou Hen, pg 203-204)


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1.) of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORNY!! Sorry for being so late;;

These are actually just 2/5 of the BD Presents I’ve prepared for ya, but it’s been a month since I last drew digitally and I kinda fell outta practice T^T So hopefully they’ll be finished soon!<3

*ahem* in any case, I hope you had have a wonderful remaining birthday, another wonderful year full of health and happiness and stay awesome! Ily!<3

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and 2.) In the first picture you can see you guys’ Lavellans on a Girl’s Night/Modern AU (that oblivious human in the middle is my Inq. Nyasia Trevelyan btw.)! And since you guys joked about your Lavellans’ being sisters, I kinda thought it would be funny if I made them look alike! I hope you like them!<3 And the second picture is our scholars being flowergirls (I associated Rhea with Primroses, Caribdis with Roses, and Natasha with Gladiolus).<3 

Also, please ignore my inability to draw hands. I’’m working on it.


Nalu Week: Day 1: Gift

Natsu: Happy Birthday Lucy! I made you a present for your birthday and it took me a lot of time to make. Anyways I hope you like it.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu. (opens the box)…

Natsu: Yea, I hadda’  take some of iron from stupid Gajeel who was to stubborn to gimme’ some and… Lucy?

Lucy:…(tears on her eyes)

Natsu: !!! Oh, Crap! Lucy I didn’t meanta’ make you cry! I just…(gets interrupted when Lucy hugs him)

Lucy: Thank you, Natsu. I’ll cherish it forever.

yeah well, I suck at writing stories. -_- but I wanted to share it for nalu week. hope you like it ^-^ ( btw, the card says “we are family we are forever”

Like This

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i can finally use this fucking gif lololol

REQUESTED BY ANON: Jungkook smut when you’re innocent and haven’t done anything. You don’t wanna have sex because your scared, he will be disappointed about your body. He teaches you how to give hand,blow and how good it feels to have sex.


GENRE: Smut 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEON JUNGKOOK! Luckily, it is still September 1st here where I live, lololol…so here’s a jungkook smut scenario to celebrate his birthday. This was the only jungkook request I got so if yall come at me cuz it was a smut, umm it aint me, it was the anon who asked for it. lolol sorry fam. but i hope you’ll like this ^^ sorry if it might be rushed as well. enjoy!! :))

Chills were running down your entire body system as you sat on Jungkook’s bed, eyeing him as his fingers grazed over to the button of his jeans. Your eyes stayed glued at his hands, watching them as they undid his jeans. He was quick to pull them down to his ankles and stepped out of them with a swift move. He was left wearing only his boxers, which had you sulk in a gulp as you could see the growing boner forming through the lightweight material.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to force you to do something you’re not comfortable doing Y/N.” He spoke softly, walking closer to you.

“I’m sure of it…” You answered, yet there seemed to be a questioning tone in your voice.

“Y/N…” He kneeled in front of you, taking in your hand. “Tell me if you really aren’t. I’m okay with that.” He lips curved at the side.

“Jungkook, I’m really okay with it.” You let out a little chuckle. “I’m just nervous.” You slowly let out, staring into his eyes with uncertainty.

“I’ll take good care of you.” He gave you a quick wink, before standing up on his feet again and laying himself down onto the mattress.

“Straddle me.” He said, gripping onto your hand and helping you onto him.

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Tag Lists

Alright, Ladies and….non ladies? I don’t think very many dudes read my shit…so, anyways, 

I’m trying to be all professional and shit and get my tag lists in order…because…ya know…I wanna feel special. 

Now, I have a new SERIES expected to start on November 17,2017 (That’s my Birthday, btw, so mark your calendar for that too) and it’s gonna be the sequel to Anytime, Sweetheart and The Conquests of Norman Reedus

So, if you’ve read A-S and/or Conquests, and wanna be tagged in the new series (It’s gonna be a Norman x OFC, obviously) please let me know! Obviously I understand that A-S was a JDM story, and that was WHY a lot of people read it, but I assure you JDM will be present almost entirely throughout this fic. Shit’s gonna get real for Ky, ya’ll. 

I also need to know who would like to be on the list for any of my SPN or TWD, or if you just wanna be tagged in everything. I usually try to tag people who I know have read my fics before, but of course I’m scatterbrained as fuck and forget half the damn time, hence my need for an actual list. 

So if you wanna be tagged in a particular series, character, actor, or just all my stuff in general, please let me know by either commenting, reblogging, or sending me an ask, that way I can start getting the tags lined up for the future releases I have planned. 

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When is your birthday, btw? :)

The day the world was graced with moi? December 13. Shit birthday, tbh. It’s so close to Christmas I always got screwed out of a birthday present cause people were always like “Oh this is for your birthday AND Christmas! :D” and I’m like fuck you Catherine everyone else got two presents. RUDE.

I’m not still bitter I swear.