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A birthday present for @sock-n-jon


Wow this took me like 12 hours to finish >v<

But it was really worth it! You are an amazing person camila, you are reallyyyyyyyyy talented and your series is a true source of inspiration to many people <33 So keep it up, I’ll always be supporting ya.

Best wishes, and hope you like love it hehe!

Glitchtale, of course, belongs to you <3

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read from left to –> right. A mini comic for yuuri’s birthday. what present would be greater than viktor himself? //u//

Anyway, happy birthday Yuuri! I believe viktor will give you unforgettable gift for your birthday! \(////u////)/

btw, sorry for the ugly handwriting.


A/N: This is for @draconismalfoi , the person who shares the same birthday with me. Happy birthday again by the way! I also hope you had a nice day with lots of presents and love. ( It’s me phonni, btw) And I also hope that your birthday isn’t over yet! Mine will be in several minutes lol 

Summary: It’s your birthday and George has picked a nice present for you. But even though it was already really great; Fred manages to top it even more.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 1232

Warnings: none! It’s fluff

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i’ve always loved the idea of a birthday page so i’m finally doing one! btw this lovely banner was made by @rosevtyler


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It’s hard to believe how fast time goes sometimes. Fain was created after Adelaide alongside Mira’s creation, meaning he’s now 6+ years old which is just insane to me as I’ve never had actual characters this old before. He wasn’t even made for tumblr! Both Adelaide and Fain had been created for RP purposes YEARS before I had even made a blog, crazy!

Here is some SUPER old art of him along with some newer stuff (yes its embarrassing but I love looking back at it all the same) You can really see all the design changes. 

The first row was made at the same time and they are the VERY first references I ever made of him! LOL I love seeing his development. Fain at first was basically just a Sherlock ripoff. Throughout the years he’s gone through a ton of changes, his intellect remained but his age turned younger, his style became an iconic part of him, and his personality changed the most.

Then I created a whole family for him, and entire HUB for him! Fain’s world has more depth than Adelaide’s does, and though I’m a bit sad I’ll never get to show the true extent of his story, I’m so grateful for all the good reception he has received!

Thank you for all your support so far, I hope his small smile at the top there had you surprised! He rarely does so :) He’s busy opening some presents now so I’ll announce the winners of the contest in a couple days okay?


hi!! its my nieces birthday soon so im reopening commissions for a little bit so i can get her a present!! you can dm me if youre interested!

my art tag is here and my art instagram (i upload my work a lot more there lol) is here


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JFP!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I happen to be looking at my planner and noticed it was your birthday AND IM LATE IM SORRY ; __; But you’re a cool bean and i love u and ur silly comments, i live for ur silly comments in my posts. i hope we can talk more //but im a shy bean asdfew

hope u had a good birthday tho!!! im sending friendly gnomes to fix ur computer problems, love u!!! 

“People in our clan are locked up in narrow world, so they refuse to see the world outside. The reason why fate isn’t opened itself is because they keep saying that’s all village’s fault and expand the grudge. Because they keep saying that’s all village’s fault, Hokage-sama’s fault, Senju clan’s fault, they refuse to see their own foot. But, you’re different. You’re always open your fate with your own power. Graduated from academy within a year, passing through chuunin exam alone, and now, you tried to join Anbu. You never thought that your fate is all the clan’s fault and give up. I’m sure you can be the Hokage.. As Uchiha’s first Hokage, I believe that you will be the one who break off the village’s and clan’s fate from the very root.”
ー Uchiha Shisui (Itachi Shinden Koumyou Hen, pg 203-204)

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i can finally use this fucking gif lololol

REQUESTED BY ANON: Jungkook smut when you’re innocent and haven’t done anything. You don’t wanna have sex because your scared, he will be disappointed about your body. He teaches you how to give hand,blow and how good it feels to have sex.


GENRE: Smut 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEON JUNGKOOK! Luckily, it is still September 1st here where I live, lololol…so here’s a jungkook smut scenario to celebrate his birthday. This was the only jungkook request I got so if yall come at me cuz it was a smut, umm it aint me, it was the anon who asked for it. lolol sorry fam. but i hope you’ll like this ^^ sorry if it might be rushed as well. enjoy!! :))

Chills were running down your entire body system as you sat on Jungkook’s bed, eyeing him as his fingers grazed over to the button of his jeans. Your eyes stayed glued at his hands, watching them as they undid his jeans. He was quick to pull them down to his ankles and stepped out of them with a swift move. He was left wearing only his boxers, which had you sulk in a gulp as you could see the growing boner forming through the lightweight material.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to force you to do something you’re not comfortable doing Y/N.” He spoke softly, walking closer to you.

“I’m sure of it…” You answered, yet there seemed to be a questioning tone in your voice.

“Y/N…” He kneeled in front of you, taking in your hand. “Tell me if you really aren’t. I’m okay with that.” He lips curved at the side.

“Jungkook, I’m really okay with it.” You let out a little chuckle. “I’m just nervous.” You slowly let out, staring into his eyes with uncertainty.

“I’ll take good care of you.” He gave you a quick wink, before standing up on his feet again and laying himself down onto the mattress.

“Straddle me.” He said, gripping onto your hand and helping you onto him.

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evangelium-metalisa  asked:

Hi, I might be little bit late but I had to stop crying first. I finished Proposal two days ago and the re-read thle last chapter few more times and girl I cant stop crying whenever I think abou it. Even right now because it was fucking beautiful. I have never read such a beautiful story before, fanfic or book nothing can top this. You are such a talented person and I am looking forward to your other stories. Btw. you inspired me and to my eighteenth I chose beautiful claddagh ring <3 <3

T_T Oh god, thank you. Those are such kind words. I am glad the story touched you so deeply. And so many others as well. It’s honestly something I never truly expected and am so pleasantly surprised and delighted about. Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Also, happy birthday! Hope you had a good one, and I’m smiling that your present was inspired by my story. Show a picture if you can! 

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HOly crap there's like no fanfictiion about gaius and robin. Can you write Gaius finding out Robin is pregnant? I really love all your writing btw!! <3

[A belated birthday present to the orange thief husband that I totally didn’t forget about–]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Gaius didn’t find anything particularly special about the rainy May evening, particularly because it was dreary and cold outside, and there was nothing to do around the house.

While marrying you had many, many perks, including few dull moments, this was just one of those rare times that basically everything was boring. 

Gaius sighed, the small novel Sumia insisted he read being tossed aside. He sank further down his his armchair, glancing out the window. You headed off to some important meeting a little while ago, and all he could do now was wait for you to come back.

He couldn’t have been happier to see you drenched in rain and covered in mud from the boots up. 

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Preview from July’s Dengeki Girls Style! Rainy season Heath and Kyosuke!!!!!

Ok, this is why Heath is the best husbando in the entire universe, not only because he is super handsome but also because I was suffering for the Nozomi solo box (I wanted to scout so bad) but I’m trying to save the most possible gems for Angel Riko and probably the next Maru UR. The temptation was so strong but Heath kindly appeared like:

Heath: Hey! Forget about Nozomi! It’s me! And I came in rainy season style too! ;)

You are devilish Heath, but I won’t question your methods, this really distracts me from use my gems. You have all my attention now, I need that magazine at all cost! This is a very nice birthday present from you btw heeeee!

My mum got so angry at me for being mad at how shitty her present to me was for my 21st birthday, but she just went out and spent more on herself than she gave me as a present. (Which wasn’t even that much btw. Literally double figure, not even triple.)
Im pretty fuckin’ pissed. Why is she so selfish? Like damn, I’d understand if it’d been my 19th or 22nd or another regular birthday, but my 21st? Nah bitch, i just bought you a fucking phone for yours how dare you treat me with such little regard.

Elysian Dream

could you do a reaction/ scenario where the boys give you a sexy birthday present? You can get creative but that’d be really great thanks! :D your blog is awesome <3

~Here you go Sweetie I hope you enjoy, sorry this is so long btw~

~Do you guys make a sport out of trying to kill me?~

It was your birthday and you had made plans with your best friend Jungkook. He had told you to meet him at the dorm room since the rest of BTS wanted to wish you a happy birthday.

Not expecting anything fancy you put on your jeans with holes in them, and baggy shirt. You grabbed your keys from the table and made your way towards the car. It took a couple of minutes of you turning the key and cussing at the car but it finally started.

When you finally arrived at the dorm you where greeted by and hug, Taehyungs box smile. He started singing happy birthday to you while clapping his hands, he had the cutest, biggest eye smile you’ve ever seen, and you to admit it was pretty adorable

Jungkook suddenly ran in view and pushed Taehyung out of the way, making Taehyung stumble box, but still his box smile did not deteriorate he only seemed happier.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” Jungkook yelled while pulling you in to the house. He pushed you on the couch then went into the kitchen. Taehyung sat you down on the couch and sat next to you. You started playing with his hair, which was weird habit of yours. He didn’t seem to mind it, in fact he scooted closer so you could have better access to his hair. It was made even better with his green highlights. 

Jungkook brought back a basket full of your favorite snacks.“This is from all of us.” He said while handed it to you. He then plopped down next to you. 

“Where are all the other boys?” You asked 

Taehyungs box simile instantly vanished and instantly turned into a smirk “They had to go get stuff for your birthday dinner.” 

your eyes lit up and you started “What are they making?”

Jungkook couldn’t help but to smile at your excitement towards dinner “We can’t tell you.”  He said turning on the TV

You sighed knowing that once Jungkook was told to keep a secret he would never tell, Taehyung might of if Jungkook wasn’t there.

You looked next to you to Taehyung, his stare was blazing hot, melting you right down to your core. He bite his bottom lip as he winked at you before turning his attention back to the TV.

You would be lying if you said you never had any thoughts about the BTS members. You had thoughts about each and everyone of them. You were sure they knew. You knew Jimin knew since he had caught you moaning Hoseoks name in your sleep only months before. You wondered if Taehyung knew about your fantasies to, if he was just teasing you about it.

Jungkook started touching your thigh he drew patterns with swirls. His touch made you numb, you tensed up a little but you let him continue. You saw Jungkook and Taehyung make eye contact for a quick second before smirking and breaking contact.

Taehyung whispered in your ear in his deep husky voice “We have another present for you.” He leaned in closer “Only if you want it though.” his voice sent shivers down your spine. You felt Jungkooks hand move closer to your warmth. 

You felt your heart start to beat faster. You dreamed of this many times but you never thought it would actually happen. Taehyung started kissing your neck. The sweet butterflies kisses quickly turned into harsh sucks, you winced at the pain. He kissed the new love bites, soothing the sting.

Meanwhile Jungkook found the lining of your pants. His fingers played with it, snapping it back against your skin making you wince. He slipped his hand pass your underwear and started rubbing your slit in circles, making you moan.

You felt Taehyungs soft lips leave your neck. He kissed up your jaw line and meet your mouth. He gave you a hungry kiss that stole your breath. Jungkook entered his finger in you. You let out a moan, Taehyung took this chance to dominate your mouth with his tongue. Jungkook started to curl his fingers as he pumped them in and out of you. You let out another moan only to have it swallowed in the kiss.

Jungkook started sucking on your neck as he added a second finger and picked up the pace. He was harsh on your neck but not as harsh as Taehyung. 

Taehyung started unbuttoning your shirt, revealing your bra. He slid your shirt off and unhooked your bra, letting your boobs hang free. He bit his bottom lip, taking in your beautiful figure.

Jungkook fingers found your G-spot, making you arch your back. His name fell out your mouth in form of a moan. Teahyung put his mouth to your nipple. He started sucking lightly on your hard bud and rolling it in between his teeth. He started sucking harder. You entangled his hair in between your fingers,  you could feel him smirking. 

You closed your eyes almost unable to take in all the euphoria. Your head was sex hazed. Their touch was toxic, it felt like you weren’t in control anymore, all you could do was moan. 

Jungkook had moved down to your collarbones and was now leaving marks there. His fingers were bringing you to your climax. Taehyung let go of your nipple with a pop. He nibbled on your earlobe “Cum baby.” his voice pushed you into your orgasm. It made you body shiver. You came over Jungkooks fingers, he took them out of you and sucked of your juices seductively.

“Couldn’t wait for us?” You heard someone say from the doorway. You opened your eyes to see Yoongi and the rest of the boys. They were all holding grocery bags.

You quickly covered yourself with you shirt. You could feel your face turn red.You looked at Taehyung expecting him to be embarrassed to but he had a smirk on his face. Jungkook took his fingers out of his mouth and shrugged “You took to long.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes as he went to the kitchen to put down the bags he was holding. The rest of the members  followed. Hoseok winked at you when he passed. “Happy birthday.” Jimin smiled 

“Y/N!” Yoongi yelled “wait for me in the office.”. After what just happened that was the last thing you wanted to do. You buttoned up your shirt and stood up, Jungkook was able to steal on last kiss before you left.

You walked down the hallway. The floor was wooden, it was polished it look brand new. The walls were decorated with awards and fan art. You got to the office door. You opened the door. You’ve known the boys for years, but it was the first time you have been in there due to respect for Yoongi. They always referred to it as his second room. He was in there for hours on end working on lyrics.

The room was painted white with black furniture. The waist paper basket and the floor around it was littered with crumpled up pieces of paper. Letters from fans saying how much they love BTS and how his lyrics got then through hard times lined the walls. The floor was different from the rest of the house instead of wood it was carpet. 

You looked at his desk and it was surprisingly neat. You sat down on the sofa which sat between two bookshelves which were lined with awards, notebooks, and fan gifts. It was easily the nicest room in the house.

After a few minutes of scrolling through social media you heard the door knob turning. Hoseok poked his head through the crack in the door “Hello!!!” he said with an eye smile. He opened the door the rest of the way so he could enter the room. “You’re waiting for Yoongi to?” He said sitting down. You nodded your head.

He noticed your neck “Maknaes didn’t go easy on you.” He laughed. Yoongi walked in the room. You didn’t even notice until he started talking “Did you have fun?” 

You crossed your legs “Yea.”

He smirked “Are you embarrassed?”


“You crossed your legs and you’re really red right now.”

You looked down touching your cheek. “Take it easy on her.” Hoseok said. He looked at you and put his had under your chin. He lifted your face so you could look into his eyes “We’re better then the maknaes.” He said before pulling you into a kiss. It didn’t take long for you to melt into the kiss. It was completely different then Taehyungs kiss. This was slow and passionate, it made your heart flutter.  You cupped your hands around his face, deepening the kiss.

You felt somebody tug at your pants. You lifted yourself up so they could start pulling them down. Hoseok licked your bottom lip for permission. You let his tongue in. It didn’t take long for him to dominate your mouth. He left nothing untouched.

You felt a gust of cold air hit your clit making you shiver. You slipped you hands under Hoseoks shirt. You ran your hands up his chest, you outlined his back crease. He broke the kiss to take off his shirt. During the quick interruption of the kiss you looked down just in time to Yoongi deliver one swift lick to your slit, making you arch your back. He gave you clit fast flicks with his tongue, you arched your back.

Hoseok started kissing down your neck to your breasts. He started sucking harshly on the skin above the nipple, leaving a mark. Yoongi started to dip his tongue into your entrance. You arched your back and entangled your fingers into his hair. 

Hoseok kissed the hard bud. Taking it into his mouth,he rolled his tongue over it, only to let go of it instantly with a pop. He kissed back up your neck to give you one final kiss before he started pulling down his pants. You watched wide eyed as he pulled down his underwear, letting his member spring free.

You felt the knot in your stomach start to come undone as Yoongi started sucking your clit. “Oh fuck!” You moaned closing your eyes. You felt the warmth of his mouth leave, making you whine. He left you breathing hard, your body heated, drops of sweat running down your forehead.

Yoongi started taking off his pants, you watched with hungry eyes. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. The sight of you watching while biting your bottom lip made him smirk. 

“Baby.” Hoseok said holding out his member wanting more attention. You wrapped your hand around his long length and gave him a couple of pumps making him bite his lip. You licked up his shaft and up to his slit, he tossed his head back. You took him into your mouth “Shit.” he hissed entangling his fingers into your hair.

You felt Yoongi push into you making you gasp. “You’re so tight.” he whispered into your ear. He came out slow and came back hard. You moaned sending vibrations up Hoseoks spine. He let out a deep moan as he thrust his hips forward. Yoongi picked up his pace as he looked for your g-spot. Hoseok closed his eyes almost unable to control himself with all the pleasure.

Yoongi pulled you into the speed as he found your g-spot, making you see stars. You rolled your hips into his. Low grunts escaped his mouth.

“Dinner is almost ready!” Jin yelled from down the hallway.

His words barely registered as Yoongi started pounding into your g-spot harder. A stream of cuss words left Hoseoks mouth. Each one of you moans teasing his member. He opened his eyes to see your eyebrows scrunched together and you mouth stuffed with his hard cock, the sight could’ve made him cum. You started to bobbing your head up and down faster “Y/N i’m about to cum.” He panted, you moaned in response. You came back up and circled your tongue around his tip making him cum.

He pulled you into a heated kiss, tasting himself. Meanwhile Yoongis animalistic thrusts were dragging you closer and closer to your climax. His lips parted in pleasure “fuck.” he breathed “I’m about to cum.” , his voice pushed you over the edge, making your climax hit you hard. The feeling of your warmth tightening around him brought him to his climax. “Oh shit.” He moaned as he spilled his seed in you.

He pushed Hosoek out the way so he could kiss you. “Lets get you cleaned up before dinner princess.” Yoongi said holding out his hand 


You walked into the kitchen wearing one of Hoseok shirts to get your plate. Jin was in the kitchen waiting cutting slices of ham. He smiled when he saw you “Hello Y/N.” he said putting down the knife so he could out the oven mitts on. 

“Hey.” you replied. 

“The ham is ready but the mac and cheese has to set for about 15 minutes.” he said putting macaroni on the counter. He looked at it with a proud smile “Look at how good this looks!” he opened his mouth like he was about to say something else but quickly closed it 

“What is it?” you asked rising an eyebrow 

“I thought it was pretty clear that it’s mac and cheese.”

“No you were about to say something.Say it.” 

“I mean I was but I decided not to.”

“Just say it.”

“…But it doesn’t look as good as you.”

You let out a giggle “See I told you I was bad.” he said his smiling appearing. You extended out your arms for a hug “No, it wasn’t bad. Thank you.” 

“You’re welcome.” He said accepting the offer for a hug 

Namjoon came into the kitchen “Come on I know we agreed to this but not in the kitchen.” 

“Don’t worry we’re going to the bedroom.” Jins voice suddenly got deep, his lust pouring threw it. You felt his hand slide down your back, closer to your butt. He smirked as he leaned in closer, his lips caressing your ear “But that’s only after dinner.” 

He pulled away from you. He smiled and patted your head walking out of the kitchen afterwards Namjoon following behind him


You could hear the rest of the BTS members laughing from living room. You back was pushed up against the hallway wall with Jin lips smashed against yours. He was holding one of your thighs up, grinding against your clothed slit making you moan into him.

The kiss was passionate but full of lust. You’re tongues danced together as he wrapped your legs around his waist. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders,he picked you up without breaking the kiss. He carried you to his room where Namjoon was waiting.

He laid you down on the bed pulling away from the kiss, biting your lower lip tugging on it slightly. In a instant Namjoons hands were all over you, getting you undressed. He bite his lip as he pulled away your bra, your final article of clothing. Your naked form under alluring him, he smashed his lips against yours giving you a heated kiss.

He started taking off his clothes already naked Jin took over Namjoon place over you. He bite you ear lobe, tugging on it as he let go to move down to your neck. He left sweet kisses that burnt your skin. He moved down your neck and to your collarbones, marking whatever skin Jungkook hadn’t.

He stopped. You whined missing the burning feelings his plump lips brought you. He lined himself up with your entrance, rubbing the tip against your slit tauntingly before pushing himself in. You moaned as you closed your eyes “You’re so beautiful.” he praised

Namjoon came up behind Jin and started sucking on his neck, taking in your moans mixed in with Jins. He watched as your face became distorted with pleasure. He started sucking harder on Jins neck making him wince.

Your moans got louder as his thrusts started to get messier. He changed positions, breaking away from Namjoon so that you were on top of him. Taking the chance you took control rolling you hips in circular motions. He tossed his head back as you started kissing his neck. He titled his head so you would have better access. You sucked harshly with the intent of leaving your mark on him.

Namjoon watched sliding his thumb down his slit, spreading his precum around his tip. Before starting to pump himself slowly. He bite his lip watching you dominate Jin.

You felt yourself coming undone “Jin, i’m about to cum.” you moaned “I’m about to cum to. Damn you’re so tight.” He breathed. You started bouncing faster on top of him, making his face distort in pleasure. He came hard, allowing along stream of curse words to come out his mouth. The feeling of him filling you up made you cum soon after. You got off him breathing hard. He looked over at you he smiled “That was amazing.”

You felt kisses down your stomach “My turn.” Namjoon smirked, Without warning he pushed himself into you making you scream with over sensitively. He started out slow, letting you get use to him. He filled you up completely. He slowly started picking up his pace. With each thrust grunts escaped his lips. Jin started kissing your sides, his lips having the same effect on you as before. He sucked, and drew patterns with his tongue, making you shiver.

He pulled you closer to him, allowing you to bury your face in the crook of his neck. He started pounding into your g-spot, making you scream out his name. “I love hearing you moan my name.” He panted. He felt that you were about to cum, so he somehow started to pound in to you harder.

“Yes, it feels so good, yes, fuck.” You slurred. You came in a matter of minutes due to over sensitivity. He helped you ride out your orgasm. He felt your cum wash over his member, causing him to cum. He pulled out and spilled his seed on your stomach. Jin was quick to lick it up, placing a kiss at your belly button first.


You we’re putting on your jacket getting ready to leave. All the boys had already passed out in their rooms, leaving you alone with Jimin who was trying to persuade you to stay. Not that you needed any persuading.

“Come on Y/n it’s dark outside. I don’t want you walking home this late just stay the night.” He whined

You quickly agreed taking off your coat and shoes. “This going to be so much fun!” he said in his angelic voice. “I’ll get the couch ready for you!” he added walking to linens closet. He hummed while he got the sheets and pillows. He walked back in the living room with the cutest eye smile ever. “Y/n! I almost forgot! you need pajamas you can wear one of my shirts to bed. My shirts are in the top drawer. Oh and make sure you don’t wake Taehyung and Hoseok up.” You smiled and thanked him making your way to his room.

 You opened the door slowly, trying not wake up the boys. You tip toed to the dresser, listening to Hoseok incoherent mumblings “Jungkook…….sit……gonna whip….emo brat.”. As you were opening the first drawer you heard Taehyung whispering “Did you guys do it yet?” 

“No.” you answered back

“What’s taking him so long?” He said, voice clouded with sleep. before you could respond he was back to snoring.After shuffling through his shirts you found one of the black tank tops he practiced in and put in on you then tip toed out the door, closing it slowly.

You made your way back to the living room to find that Jimin had finished making the couch and was sitting on the floor in front of it watching youtube on the tv. You sat down on the floor next to him. You saw a creepy CGI girl, she had cheeks you guessed it was supposed to be blush, she had a curl in the middle of her forehead, her eyebrows were colored a skin tone and her mouth looked like a wooden puppets, she was wearing a plain purple dress.

“What the fuck are you waching?” You asked

“Two more eggs.” He answered turning on the next clip. After the clip he turned it off of looked at you. “You look nice in my shirt.” He said with a smile but that smile soon turned to a smirk 

“You’re so loud.”

You already knew what he was referring. You looked away and rolled your eyes “It’s not bad. I find it hot.” he said his voice showing his once hidden lust “I bet I can make you wake this whole house up.” he said in a dominating voice, one that sent shivers done your spine

He pushed you down. He got on top of you, straddling you he held both of your arms up above you head with one head. Your heart started to beat faster when you looked into his eyes, his gaze was dominate and full of lust. He smirked before smashing his lips into yours, it  was sloppy, full of lust. He bite your bottom lip, drawing blood, not caring he continued to dominate your mouth.

His free hand found his way up your shirt and started playing with one of your hard buds. He broke the kiss and pulled your shirt off. He ran his hands down your sides. He kissed your belly button, the kiss turned into a lick that ran up your stomach in between your breasts. He kissed back down to the middle of your stomach he then started sucking harshly in a straight line across it. After that he went to the middle of the line he just made and started to leave love bites going down. He was making a “J”

After he was done, he admired his work with a smirk “It looks good on you.” He then started pulling down your pants. 

“Where’s your underwear?” He asked with a smirk 

“In Yoongis dresser.”

“You’re so naughty.” he started to kiss down your thighs, the kisses making you feel numb. He placed a kiss on your slit only to move on to the next thigh giving it the same attention as the other one. He moved back up to your stomach licking over his work, then it clicked he doing all of this to show you who’s in charge.

He started grinding one you, forcing you let a moan. He started grinding harder, the friction his jean made on your exposed slit felt like it was making you go insane. You felt yourself getting wetter, you also felt his bulge get bigger. You needed him inside of you right now

“Jimin” you whined “Fuck me.” 

“Beg for me baby.” He said in the most sexy and dominating voice he could mange

Without even thinking about it you started to beg “Please I need inside of me. please, please i’m going insane!!”  He smirked before unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants. His member stood erect. He rubbed his tip at your entrance making you whine with need. He finally pushed himself inside of you. “Oh shit.” he panted. Without giving you anytime to adjust to him he started pounding into you. His fingers digged into you skin on the sides. guaranteeing bruises in the morning. 

You closed your eyes, letting the feeling of him inside of you take control. Each thrush was dragging to your climax, each thrust abused your g-spot. You didn’t realize how loud you we’re being “Oh shit! Yes right there! Fuck Jimin!” 

“Scream my name just like that.” he breathed. You did as you were, forgetting about the other people in the house. He started pounding into you harder, the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room mixing with your screams. Your body was heated, you and Jimin were moaning messes.

“Jimin, i’m about to cum.”

He started pounding into you harder “Hold it.” he growled.  Drops of  sweat ran down his forehead

“I can’t.”


You tried to roll your hips to make him cum first but his iron grip held you down. “Jimin, please let me cum.” 

“Okay baby.” he breathed “Cum for me.” and with that your came, your orgasm hitting you hard making you shiver “Fuck yes!” You moaned as you came down from your high. Feeling your warmth contract around him Jimin came, filling you up with his seed. He pulled you in for one more hungry kiss before resting his forehead on yours, breathing hard. He stared at you and starting smiling, making you smile with him.

“Can you guys shut the fuck up?! God damn!” you heard Yoongi yell from the hallway. you just shrugged you shoulders, meeting Jimin for a kiss.