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sleepovers with renjun!!! whoopee

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I had so much fun writing this!!! renjun’s one of my faves he’s just amazing in every sense possible. pls love renjun he’s incredibly talented - admin amy

- ok so like i imagine y’all would already be @ that stage of best friends & smth more ;))))
- so renjun invites you to sleepover at his house for a sleepover 

- so you arrive there in ur sleepwear with a whole lot of junk food 

- gummies, chocolate bars, maybe even ice cream if it doesn’t melt 

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How would svt react if their s/o (almost) fainted on stage from overworking?

Seventeen Reaction to Their S/O (almost) Fainting on Stage 

Dear, please read the guidelines ;A;; I don’t do reactions!! Nevertheless, because you’re one of my very first requesters, I’ll let it slide, just this once. Please don’t request a reaction; the ask box isn’t open for that yet!!

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, and Wonwoo would worry half to death after they received the news from your loving fans about you nearly collapsing on stage. They’ll know that sometimes, you skip meals and lie about your health just so you could make your next performance perfect for the camera and for the naked eye to see. None of them could ever stop you, because, you were young, and you were too darn stubborn for your own good. 

“Y/N, did you eat yet?” 

“Oppa… yes, I did.” 

“… You sound fatigued Y/N… what did you eat?” 

“That’s not important jagiya… I need to practice the choreography a few more times; I’ll see you tomorrow alright?? I need to stay behind at the studio again… this comeback is really significant; don’t be concerned about me!! I’ll be fine.”  

All five of them would scold and fuss over you once you two met again. “Being an idol is hard work Y/N, but your health comes first. No more late nights, understand?”

Vernon, The8, Mingyu, Jun, Dino and DK would jump out of their seat once they hear the undeniable truth on live broadcast. You were fairly popular in Korea, so reporters couldn’t help but talk about this entire fiasco; not that the six boys didn’t know already. They watch every single one of your performances, cooing to themselves and to the other members how absolutely amazing you were up stage… but for this last one, which was the comeback you prepared for for five months; it didn’t show all of your abilities. Your voice was strained, your movements not as sharp, and then they realize, after your eyes roll back and your head bent down and swept the floor, that you’re exhausted. You’re mentally, physically, and emotionally deprived of all available energy. You’re staggering around the stage, blinking furiously under the blinding lights the crew provided, and you’re struggling to remember the lines and dance moves to your song. They’re heartbroken; they want nothing more than to jump into the tv screen and reassure you that it’ll be alright. “Y/N… I’m here for you.”

Hoshi and Seungkwan would freak out after the news were delivered. “Oh my god, please don’t let this happen to her, please… please she worked so hard for this!” They’ll break down in the middle of practice, and Seventeen members would crowd around them, asking what’s wrong, why he was on the floor, sobbing his eyes out. They knew this comeback was extremely important, who didn’t? Even your fans warned you to not overwork yourself; you’ve had always performed some kind of witchery up there; you’ve had always mesmerized every living soul that heard your voice. Babbling, they would tell the members everything, and they’ll all be anxious about your recovery in the hospital, even if they never met this S/O. Seventeen’s heard all about you; Hoshi and Seungkwan frequently told them stories, and their eyes would lit up like fireworks once your name was mentioned. They’ll be busy phoning your company to check on your health status, and they’ll beat themselves over not looking after you enough, and not being there for you when you needed their support the most. “Y/N, rely on me more, please. I may not be the best boyfriend, but I’m trying. I love you so much; you mean the world to me.”  

Last episode of Generations. I’ll miss this miniseries:

Opening up with them celebrating the new Champion, and AZ’s arrival on-screen, passing by a little girl and her mother who are watching the parade:

The girl recognizes the towering figure as the king from 3000 years ago, and AZ heads up to the stage, requesting a battle from Calem:

It’s then we get an animated version of the tale from 3000 years ago::

“Once a man had a Pokemon he loved very much.”

“An age of war had begun.”

“During the fierce fighting, his dear Pokemon was sent to the battlefield…”

“Several years later…”

“He was given a tiny box.”

“No matter what it took, he wanted to bring his Pokemon back.So he built a machine to give it life.”

“And brought back his beloved Pokemon.”

“The Pokemon lived again, through the power of eternal life.”

“However, the man had suffered too much, and his rage had not subsided…”

“He could not forgive the world that had hurt the Pokemon he loved.”

“And so he took the machine and turned it into the Ultimate Weapon.”

(Ok, I’m trying to not really do much of my own commentary, but that shot of the Ultimate Weapon is beautiful.)

“The man became a bringer of destruction…”

“And he ended the war.”

“But the Pokemon that was given life must have known…that the lives of many Pokemon were taken to restore its life.”

“The Pokemon that had returned to life left the man.”

“Now, he continues to wander eternally, still searching for his Pokemon.”

Meanwhile, as the mother finishes recounting the tale, we see that the battle between Calem and AZ has wrapped up:

AZ reuniting with Floette is beautiful:

A beautiful finale to a beautiful miniseries. I hope we see more like this in the future :”)

Take My Hand

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader 

Warnings: very cute, none other than that haha

Word count: 1,007

Plot: It’s Y/N’s last show on tour with Josh and Tyler, so Josh surprises her with something incredibly special near the end of the show.

A/N: This lovely fluff was requested by @yourloveismyreligon , Thank you! I hope you like it. 

 “Twenty minutes until showtime!” A member of Twenty Øne Piløts’ stage crew called out as I felt the beating of the opening band’s set in my chest. I knew my boyfriend, Josh, and I would spend the next 19 minutes the same way we had spent the last 30, laying together in his dressing room, cuddling, and talking about any and everything. This was my last show to spend with Josh before I left for home in the morning while he continued with the tour. We were making the best of the time we had left, although it wouldn’t stop me from missing him once we were apart.

    “Y/N,” Josh began “Here’s some food for thought. When we get married what band would you want to have play our wedding?” My heart fluttered hearing him say when, rather than if. “I don’t know, Josh, let’s see…” I thought for a moment, but settled with a sarcastic answer. “There’s this amazing band that I know. They’re fantastic and I go to their shows all the time. I think they’re called Twenty Øne Piløts? Yeah, them. They’d be lovely to have.” Josh chuckled. “Aw, noo. They don’t have their shit together. The lead singer is always kicking the drummer out.” He joked back. Our chatter kept fluctuating between playful banter and talk of our future together until show time.

    “Josh, let’s get out there and save the world.” Tyler called as he stood in the doorway to Josh’s dressing room. Josh turned to look at me and raised his eyebrows, shooting me a longing look. “Well, get on out there, drummer boy. Show ‘em what you got, sexy!” I told him before leaning in to lock our lips into one another’s. “Will do, Y/N. I’ve got a lot to show tonight.” He stated reticently before we both followed Josh out of the room. The two men went onto the stage, as I watched from the side.

    I observed every shift of Josh’s slender body as he played the drums to every song. No matter how many of their shows I’d been to, I we still overcome with admiration every time Josh turned his head to lock his eyes with mine as he played; Every time he backflipped from the piano during “Holding On To You,” my heart would do flips of its own. It was the same setlist every show, but I enjoyed each one like it was my first time.

    The setlist was going the same as all the other shows, until Tyler grabbed his ukulele at what should have been the conclusion of the show. “Everyone, tonight we’re gonna do something a little different. You guys are gonna get to see something, hopefully, amazing.” Tyler chuckled into the mic as he looked back at Josh, Josh nodded at him. I was dying to know what was going on. “Here I go, then.” The singer said as he put the mic onto the stand and began playing his ukulele. The first chords of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” I found it odd that Josh didn’t tell me they were playing it for this show. I looked to a crew member behind me, he was just as confused as I was, and he simply shrugged at me.

    I swayed slowly as Tyler’s voice engulfed me. Soon, Tyler was beginning the last verse of the song, and Josh started heading my way. “Come on, babe.” He told me, grabbing my hand and leading me onto the stage. I reluctantly went along. I stood on the stage, puzzled as Josh clipped a tiny mic onto his shirt. He made his way back over to me, took a gentle hold of my hand, and sank to his knees in front of me. I now knew what was happening, and my heart was beyond cloud nine.

    “Y/F/N, nothing has made me happier than being with you all this time. I want your forever, and I’ve never been more sure about anything than I am about giving you mine. Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be. I most definitely can’t help falling in love with you. So, Y/N, you’ve taken my whole life, how about taking my hand.. in marriage? Will you marry me?” Josh tenderly voiced unto me. Tears of joy were flowing freely from my eyes at this point. “Yes, Joshua! You bet your drums I will. Nothing would make me happier.” I replied, Josh springing up to pull me into a kiss. The crowd roared with excitement seeing us. We parted, Josh turned to the crowd and put both his arms up in victory. “She said yes!” He smiled so hard his eyes looked closed.

   Tyler and Josh concluded the show, then we all headed backstage. Before I knew it, both Josh and I were attacked with group hugs from the entire crew. A chorus of congratulatory comments rang out from everyone. After all the hoopla died down, Josh pulled me into his side and just stared at my beaming face with admiration.

    “You should’ve seen your face when the song began, Y/N. You were so confused!” Tyler teased. “You were,” added Caleb, the crew member who was behind me earlier. “When you looked to me, I pretended to be just as confused.” We all laughed hearing that.

    “How long did you plan that, Josh?” I asked, my smile still having not left me. “Weeeeell, I knew I wanted to marry you since the first time I came to your place and you had Reese’s Puffs,” he joked “But, I started planning the proposal before this tour.” He finished as playfully poked my nose. “How was it, darling?” He asked. “It was perfect. Nothing can top it, baby. I love you, fiancé.” I assured him. “I love you, too, my lovely fiancée.” He replied. Going home tomorrow would be hard, but I loved the fact that was going home an engaged woman.


There we have it, lovelies!! Hope you liked it!

9) “Look at you being a cute little rockstar

Sammy’s POV

“Are you nervous Sammy?” J asked me with a confused tone. “Just a little.” I was shaking my leg, twiddling my fingers, breathing extra weird and just looking around the room to calm myself. “What’s up man? You love to perform. i know you get the jitters sometimes, but this is different. The last time i saw you like this was when you first went on stage ever.” G said. “It’s the first performance I’m having since… It’s the first performance without y/n here with me. She was the only thing that calmed me down before i got on stage.” I said shakily to all the boys. As i finished, the door opened slowly. My breathing started to steady, i stopped shaking my leg and my fingers, and started calming down. One look at that beautiful smile and my mood instantly changes.

“Surprise!” Y/N said with excitement. All the boys swarmed to her and hugged her asking what she was doing here, when she got there, everything. “You really think I’m going to miss my boys’ concert after being on hiatus for a couple months? You guys are crazy. I’m still your number 1 fan.” She smiled and looked at me as her eyes fell with worry. She walked towards me, crouched down so our faces were even and she held my hands in hers. “Nervous Sammy. Reason 2 why i came. I know Sammy can’t calm down without me here.” She smiled and kept ahold of my hand as she sat down close next to me. I sighed in relif knowing she’s here. “Wow, you have some power y/n. he was a mess before you were even here. we need to bring you everywhere we go if that’s the case.” G jokingly said and all the boys agreed. “OK.” she said with a smile.

“What?” we all said in unison. “But you have work and school y/n.” I looked at her with concerned eyes. “you can’t skip that because of us, because of me.” She laughed a little, “it’s summer guys. I’m out of school. And my work is being rennovated. so i have all summer off. so, here i am.” She squeezed my hand in confort. “Wait, so you’re coming on tour with us?” J squealed out. “If that’s okay with you guys.” They all came to tackle her and said of course on her joining us on tour.

As showtime started to slowly approach, i started getting a little bit more nervous and tensed up. Y/N, who was still holding my hand, squeezed it to reassure me that everything will be okay. She smiled at me and rubbed my thumb with hers. I smiled calmly at the sight of her face. “Are you still that nervous?” I nodded in confirmation. “Maybe this will help you, and all of you guys.” She stood up, letting go of my hand leaving it cold, wanting to hold her again but i watched to what she was doing. She went to the speaker, connected her phone and started playing random songs.

Y/N started singing lines from the song, acting like she was the artist of the song and did dance moves like she was performing a concert. we all laughed at her as it helped us all relax. She would have us join in on her to dance and sing along and take our minds off of the nerves. We were having such a good time, “2 minutes till showtime boys.” the stage manager came into the room and interrupted. “Dang, that fast.” G said fixing his hair. “Let’s go boys. it’s showtime! You are great Y/N. Thank you for that.” “Yeah you rock princess.” “Thanks rockstar.” Nate said to her. I was the last one out as we looked at each other,

Look at you being a cute little rockstar ” she said as she fixed my shirt and hair to make it look nicer. She did that before every show as a ritual between us. But we were missing one thing, but i know i can’t kiss her. I just smiled and she quickly pecked my cheek, “kill it out there tiger.” I grinned as i kissed her forehead, “thank you for being my little rockstar too.” Walked out the door and onto stage, “There he is! The man finally showed up” J yelled into the mic as i was staring at the crowd of fans. I walked to the end of the stage as i saw y/n standing in the front, ahead of the fences, clapping and smiling, cheering us on, holding up the rock sign. A sign that it’s going to be a good tour.

Real Feelings

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Justin’s POV

My eyes slowly opened seeing Y/N sleeping on my bare chest as her arm was wrapped around my waist. I sighed looking down at her. Before Y/N and I got to this “Friends With Benefits” stage, we were actually friends, like the best of friends. Im talking about before I got famous. We hanged out when we were just little kids. Play dates and all.

Many people ask. “Was Y/N my first?” No… She wasn’t, but damn it I wish she was. No joke about that one.

The looked at her again and moved her hair out of her face before pressing my lips against her forehead. I felt her start to shift before opening her eyes as she smiled wide. “Morning.” She said before she yawned.

“How did you sleep?” I asked running my fingers through her hair.

“Good.” She smiled before she rolled out of bed grabbing my white button up shirt that was on the floor buttoning it up over her black lace outfit.

“I hope you don’t mind.” She laughed as she caught me looking at her.

“Nope, your fine… Perfectly fine.”

She smiled before walking into her overnight bag that she had here grabbing her tooth brush and going into the bathroom.

I sighed leaning back. This girl has me whipped, you have no idea. I thought this friends with benefits thing would of brought us closer. I mean it did… But, not the way I would think of me ending up falling in love with her.

“Did I just say I’m in love with Y/N?”

“No, I can’t be.”

“I can’t be I love with her… The fact that I’m in love with Y/N…. She’s m-my best friend.”

“Face it Justin, your in love with her.”

“I’m in love with Y/N.” I mumbled.

“Did you say something Justin?” Y/N said coming out of the bathroom. I shook my head quickly. She looked at me weirdly before shrugging.

“So, what’s on your to do list for today?” She asked before throwing her hair in a bun.

“Nothing really, you know just studio making music, how about you.”

“Umh…Well Michael wanted to hang out today?” She said sitting on the bed playing with her fingers.

“Weird Michael?” I raised my eyebrow. She hit me on my shoulder.

“He’s not weird, he’s just different.” She defended him.

“Hope you have fun.” I said plainly.

“Why did you say it like that?”

“I just said hope you have fun.” I got up before walking towards the bathroom.


“Let me ask you this, do you like him Y/N.”

“What Justin? Why are you asking this!”

“Answer the question Y/N… ”

“I mean? He’s a nice guy & all… I don’t know Justin.” She sighed throwing her hands up.

“Well, you better make up your mind.” I said lowly before closing the door on her.

I turned on the water starting to brush my teeth. “Why was I so mad?”

Jealously Justin, your jealous.

I shook my head. “Justin! Open the door! What the hell is your problem!” She said banging on the door.

I finished brushing my teeth. Before I opened the door only to see Y/N face red. She clearly pissed.

Nice going Justin.

“What is your problem today! All today ever since I woke up you just been in a bitchy mood!
Is it because I’m going to hang out with Michael! Because if so, get over it Justin! We’re not thing, we’re not a nothing but friends with Benefits and last time I checked I’m aloud to do what I want!” She said sternly.

“That’s my point Y/N!” I yelled before she looked at me confused.


“I don’t want to be Friends with Benefits anymore…”


“I miss the times we can just laugh and talk and just hang out! I miss being the one to make you laugh and I miss those times you would tell me everything, it’s like this Friends with benefits thing is getting…”

“Too serious?”

“No… Too the point where it’s just Sex, nothing more.”

“Well… Isn’t that what you wanted to just have sex?”

“At first…. But, I don’t know things changed then-”

“Then what? Justin. Cause you know we can’t just go back to just being best friends Justin… It’s going to be too awkward.”

“Then I found out I was in love with you…” I mumbled looking down.

“Y-you love me?”

“Sounds silly right?” I faked laughed sitting down on the bed.

“No.. It doesn’t..” She said not even looking at me.

“It doesn’t?”

“Nope…” She laughed before sitting next to me.

“Well, there it’s out there… Doesn’t matter anyways, you don’t feel the same way” I sighed before biting my lip looking at her.

She paused for a minute before our eyes met each other she bit her lip before she smiled at me.

“And if I did?” She said leaning in closer towards my face.

“I would be the happiest guy in the world.” I smirked.

“Well… That can be arranged.” She smiled before I grabbed her face gently. And I looked up into her eyes once more before I pressed my lips onto her’s.

The kiss felt like what lasted for ever, it didn’t feel like when we kissed before, this kiss… Had so much passion and love into it. Words can’t explain.

We both pulled away breathless. “So, we’re do we stand now?” She asked.

“Well, I guess your mine now.” I smiled.

“Is that so Bieber?” She raised her eyebrow getting up.

“You damn right.” I smirked standing up she was smaller then me so I was basically standing over her.

“Well.. That’s too bad, I was really feeling Michael.” She smirked.

“Oh really.” I grabbed her waist making her squeal and laugh showing her beautiful smile.

“I love your smile.” I said looking at her. She started blushing placing her head into my chest.

“And I love you…” I whispered kissing her forehead rubbing her back.

Going to concerts with Peter Parker would include…
  • Only going to the super cheap/free general admission concerts because #BrokeLife
  • Camping out the night before so you can be the first people in line
  • Sprinting towards the barricade the moment the gates open
  • Fangirling out of control
  • “(Y/N) I’m not sure who you love more: me or the guy on stage”
  • “You because you brought me to see the guy on stage”
  • Kissing the the middle of the crowd during your favorite song
  • Sitting on Peter’s shoulders when you can’t see
  • Fighting someone to get the setlist
  • Some random guy shoves you a little, and Peter’s ready to fight
  • “Pete, I’m fine. I’m sure it was an accident!”
  • “It was rude!”
  • “He apologized!”
  • “Oh, I didn’t see that part…”
  • Matching band merch
  • Both of you losing your voices form singing along so much
  • The raddest Snapchat stories ever
  • Explaining your favorite bands to Aunt May
  • “Okay, so Pete Wentz is in Panic! at the Disco…”
  • “No, Aunt May, Pete’s in Fall Out Boy”
  • “Which one is that?”
  • Walking to venue because New York
  • Amazing outfits that Peter always appreciates
  • “If you love dressing like that, why don’t you do it everyday?”
  • “Because I would get thrown out of school for breaking all of the dress code rules.”
  • Concerts on school nights
  • Keeping each other awake during class the next day
  • “Pete, wake up before you get a bucket of water poured on you!”
  • “I’m up. I’m just resting my eyes”
  • Never regretting going to a single concert

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i absolutely LOVE swmrs but werent they the openers? you left before all time low?

I left the crowd to go to the back. I really can’t stand SWMRS’ music but the crowd gets SO bad when they’re on stage. I haven’t been able to cope with it all tour so far. It’s just too rowdy. (But I’ve also had an issue with fainting lately and I don’t know if it’s dehydration or what but it’s getting ANNOYING).

Anyway, y'all, at the signing today I took one for the Callakarth team and that’s the important thing. I AM DETERMINED TO FUEL MORE FICS ABOUT THEM.

- Eve

{A/N: y/s/n means your stage name}

My band had been touring as the opening act for the Black Veil Brides for months now. Everyone calls me y/s/n, but my real name is y/n. No one has found that out yet, and I plan to keep it that way. This was our first real tour, and I loved every minute of it. Playing our music to the fans seemed like something that would never happen to such an unknown band like mine. The best day of my life occurred as our band started getting more popular, and we were asked to tour with BVB. It got even better when I met Andy. He’s such an amazing man. He’s so caring and understanding. He’s also super attractive and has a killer voice. Somehow I got lucky enough to call him my boyfriend. The only thing is that he doesn’t know my name. I feel really guilty about that, but I have no idea how to tell him or what he’ll think. I as was thinking about how to tell Andy, I looked at the clock, and realized I had to be on stage soon.

After mine and Andy’s bands performed, I decided today had to be the day to tell him.
“Andy, I need to talk to you” I told him as we were walking to the tour buses.
“Why? What’s wrong?” He asked. “Nothing really. I just have something to tell you, and I don’t know how you’re going to react.” I said.
“I’m sure whatever it is will be fine. Let’s go for a walk.” He said. Andy quickly texted Ashley to tell him we were going to look at the city, so that at least someone knew where we were.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asked once we were far away from everyone else.
“It’s just that there’s a secret I’ve been keeping” I said as I went to sit down on a bench.
“Go on” he said warily.
“Um well y/s/n isn’t my real name.” I whispered.
“What?” He asked.
“My name is y/n. Y/s/n is just a stage name” I said.
“Wow. I was expecting you to like say something terrible. Y/n is a beautiful name. I don’t know why you were so scared to tell me.” He said
“I just didn’t know how you’d react. Like I thought you might me mad or think I was a liar. And y/s/n is so cool while y/n is so blah.” I said.
“Y/n” he said calling me by my real name for the first time, “I think you’re amazing no matter what”
“Thank you Andy. I love you.” I said
“I love you too, y/n” he said, seeming to like my real name.

Your Lucky Bro!-Derek Luh Imagine

Can u do one where you’re Derek gf and you’re a singer, you were on stage singing and dancing and he was with his friends and them says things like “damn you’re a lucky boy” or something like this and when u finish he cuddle you. I love you❤️

I love this request hope this is good and what you wanted. Requests Are Open!

Derek’s POV

Watching her on stage was fire watching her do her thing was the hottest thing ever. “bro you’re girlfriend’s hot!” “I know but back of though she’s mine” “Alright but damn you’re a lucky boy” I loved when she smiled back at me, because I knew she was making sure I was still there.


I purposely told my choreographer to put drops and booty bops in cause I knew it drove him crazy, and that he would be all cute after, I loved it!!!
I had finished my set and was walking off the stage and Derek pulled me into a hug “you were amazing baby” and kissed my forehead “you’re so cute I love you” “I love you too”

He leaned down our lips touched, he pulled away “WHAT are you doing derek” “c'mon lets go get you changed so we can go cuddle on the bus before anyway is in there” “is that your way of saying lets go have sex before anyone hears?” “Not today I just want to cuddle with my beautiful queen” “Okay lets go my king” “Ooo I like that, use that in the bedroom next time” “will do baby" 

“Talk to me.”

Request from anon: Could u do imagine where Sammy gets hurt ? I don’t mind in what way. Loving your writings xx Thank you love! hope you enjoy this one!


“Hey, babe, 5 minutes till stage time, you ready?” I walk into the back room, telling him what the stage manager told me. “Crowd is getting WILD out there!” I tell him as the Jacks did a surprise little opening for Sammy’s last concert of the tour. “Yeah, I’m just, I got this. Just doing my little ritual before each show.” I step aside to let him do his thing. He usually gets jitters before each show, but this one was different because this is his LAST concert of the tour and EVERYONE is here to support him. the whole crew hasn’t been together since all of them have been making more music, going to Europe for tours, doing meetings for fashion show or tv shows, all that. They all finished in time to support Sammy in his last show. 

I watched him pace back and forth, reciting his lyrics to himself, and I knew he was super nervous by the way his hands kept moving around and the way he kept jumbling up his lyrics, frustrating him. I finally had enough of his nervousness, walked up to him, grabbed his face and kissed him. “You have some way to calm the nerves.” He smiles at me. “Come on, it’s almost time!” We walk out the room, hand in hand to the side of back stage where all the boys were. “All the parents are in the back at the bar.” Emily says. “You’re going to kill it on your last show baby brother!” Annie hugs him. “You got this bro, go show ‘em what the Wilks are all about!” Ben pats him on the back, giving him a little hug. “SHOW THEM WHAT FRESHLEE IS ALLLLL ABOUT!” Rupp yells from behind. 

Sam high fives or shakes all the boys’ hands before getting on the side of the stage. He turns around, before he getting called on stage by the Jacks, and looks at me as I give him two thumbs up. “Everybody, give it up for the man of the hour, SAMMY WILK!!” The Jacks yell, with their arms stretched out. The girls start screaming loud, as all of us are too. He starts jumping a little, making his way on the stage, but turns around real quick and runs to me, to give me a quick peck on the lips, hugging me tight. “Go give them a show baby!” I yell, as he pulls away, running on stage. 

The show goes on of him performing, bringing out Mac, or the Jacks, or Nate, or Kenny. Emily, Annie and I, were in the front, between the barricade and the stage. It was toward the end of the show when I can tell Sammy was totally going all out, going crazy, letting loose, and just having the time of his life on his last concert. All the guys were with him on stage, and when I say all, I mean, ALL. The stage was PACKED, getting all crowded. After one of his songs, the guys started talking to the crowd, while Sam walked towards me and squatted down, so I could hand him a water bottle. He gulped it down before throwing it back and going back to dance with the boys. 

The boys were all dancing, doing their moves and Sam was just at the edge watching them, yelling and hyping them up. He started jumping up and down at how dope the boys all looked dancing, but he was too close to the edge that one foot just didn’t land on the edge, and Sam slipped. He tried catching himself, but not fast enough as the only thing that landed was between his legs on the edge of the stage and he just falls on the floor. Gasps from the crowd, “OH SHIT!” from the boys, “SAMMY!” from me, Annie, and Emily. We immediately ran to him, as some of the boys jumped down, or leaned over the stage. I get on my knees, as he grunts in pain. “Sammy?! Sammy, are you okay?” He just groans even louder, i see the pain on his face. 

“Sammy, talk to me. Tell me what hurts.” I start observing his head, feeling his abdomen, checking his ankles for pain but everything seems to be fine. “Sammy? I need you to talk to me, okay? I need to know where the pain is coming from!” I yell in his face, as everyone is talking all over me. He slowly grabs my hand, and leads it down to his crotch area. He puts my hand basically right under his balls area, and I feel a rip in his pants and I just laugh. I grab the mic from his hand, “I need everybody to be quiet for 1 minute, please!” Everyone stops talking, mumbles here and there. “Mama and Papa Wilk, your son has ripped his pants. I repeat, your son has ripped his pants!” The crowd roars in laughter. “You banged your crotch, didn’t you?” I asked him, smiling. He looks at me with a tomato red face, nodding, grunting again. 

I had the boys throw him over their shoulders as we cover his butt, and bringing him to the back room. Some of the guys stayed on stage, keeping the crowd entertained. While in the back, we had him take off his ripped jeans, and had him ice his balls. I just sit next to him, “Fuck, it fucking hurts.” He says irritated. “I know I know. Talk to me. Keep your mind off of it. You okay? Nothing else is hurt?” “No just my balls.” “I can’t believe you just fell on the stage.” “I can’t believe I landed on my balls and ripped my pants.” We just looked at each other for 2 seconds and bursted out laughing. 

“Sam, we can’t find extra pants!” One of the crew stuck his head in the room. “What?! There are NO extra pants, at all…” I just sigh, getting up and going through my bag. I took out a pair of his sweats, throwing it at him. “You can thank me later.” He slowly gets up, grunting from the cold of the ice, “I’ll thank you now. Best girlfriend ever!” He kisses my cheek, grabbing the sweats and going in the bathroom to change. “HOLY SHIT MY BALLS ARE RED!” he yells loud. “The crowd wants to know how he’s doing…” G comes into the room, worried. “You can tell them he’ll be right out!” “Why don’t you?” He pulls me with him and on the stage. I was never taken on stage because of how shy I get. Once I saw the crowd I just froze. G hands me the mic and Rupp tells everyone to be quiet to get an update. G whispers in my ears, “Deep breath and speak.” I took in a deep breath and smiled, “Sam is fine. A little red in some areas, but he’ll be just fine. Took care of him for you Mama and Papa Wilk!” I looked straight at them, giving them a thumbs up and Mama Wilk blowing kisses at me. 

The crowd roared in AWWs as I gave the mic back so I can walk off. Just then, Sam comes running out, pulling me with him. “I just wanted to thank you guys for the love and support and patience. Sorry about this incident but thank god it was nothing serious. Just a little accident on my area but it’ll be all good soon. Thanks to my lovely girlfriend for just about everything.” He pulls me in a hug, kissing my head, and another roar of AWWs came from the crowd. “I’ll talk to you after the show.” He winks as I walk off the stage so he could finish his show with a bang, even though it already had a bang in it. 


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You’re their opening act and Harry likes you

[word count: 1,261]

The secret message I put in here means that you’re all beautiful in your own ways and that someone will love you, exactly for who you are! I love all my followers no matter what and you should know that if you have any problems and you want to talk or you just want to tell me about your day, my inbox is always open for everyone and I will not judge ever!

I’ve updated my masterlist to only my harry one shots but, you can still read my old writings all in my masterlist which you can find here!

I hope you like this one shot and if you want to read more like this, keep them requests coming! This one was requested.


“Thank you! Have a good night!” Y/N yelled into the mic as she finished her opening performance for us. The crowd screamed as she walked around the stage one more time and then came back to us. The fans seemed to love her, which we were happy about since we weren’t really sure if it was a good idea to bring her on the tour as our opening act since some fans go too far when it comes to girls who are around us a lot.

We love our fans. Believe me, we do, but sometimes they get too crazy. Whenever there is a girl they don’t know, that isn’t a fan, in a 50 meter radius with us they start analyzing who she is, what she does, does she have a boyfriend or not? Within seconds they find their social media’s and they start to leave comments. Hate comments. It’s really heartbreaking because that issue has costed us a lot of friendships.

So when we found out that the fans actually love y/n and support her, we couldn’t be happier. She is one of our best friends and we support her career completely. She was insanely happy when we called her to tell her she could be our opening act. We were happy too. So was our management – although that maybe was because then at least they have something new to give to the press and make rumors we can’t say anything about. But out of everyone, I think that I was the happiest of them all.

Let’s face it, Y/N is so beautiful. Her body is perfect, just the way it is. Sometimes I hear her talking to herself at night about how insecure she is about how she looks and at moments like that I just want to hold her and tell her she’s gorgeous, no matter what.

Also, she has a beautiful mind. She’s interested in a lot of things and it’s really fun to see her get so passionate about some things and to hear het ramble on about it when we’d talk. She works hard for her career, the career she’s always wanted. She’s super ambitious and doesn’t give up easily when it comes to completing her life goals.

She’s gorgeous and smart and funny and selfless and cute and just perfect to me. It seems to creepy and weird to hear myself talk about her like this when she doesn’t even know I like her so much or that I’ve been quietly watching her. I look like a stalker now but, I honestly don’t really care. The only thing I care about is Y/N.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when she came off the stage and to where we were all standing while we were watching her perform. She hugged us all and thanked us for bringing her along with us, like she did after every show. She blushed when we told her she was amazing, as always, and that we couldn’t imagine anyone else being here with us on tour. God, her blush is so cute.

“Harry, can we talk for a bit?” She asked with that sweet voice of hers. I grew nervous, like I always did when I was alone with her. She had that impact on you, where she could make your knees buckle and voice shake by just being in the same room as you. Afraid my voice would give away my nervousness, I simply nodded.

She gestured me to come with me to her dressing room and I walked with her. “Harry, be quick, you need to get ready in 10!” I heard Lou yell before I had completely closed the door of Y/N’s dressing room. I yelled a “Okay!” back before closing the door and walking over to the couch where Y/N was sitting.

I saw her fumbling with her fingers as if she was nervous about something. Not as nervous as me, I thought. “So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked, trying to break the somewhat awkward silence that hung in the air in this room.

“I know,” She mumbled. I gave a confused look, not knowing what she was talking about and what she ‘knew’. “I know that you like me, Harry,” She finally looked at me with her gorgeous Y/E/C colored eyes. My world seemed to slow down and stop so suddenly.

“I know, I’m so sorry,” I sighed, finally confessing my feelings towards her. “I just– I really like you but, you’re so beautiful so what is there not to like about you and I know you’ll probably deny me and want to keep it just business but–”

She stopped me mid-sentence and pressed her lips against mine, taking me aback for a second. When I finally understood what was happening after a few second, I began to passionately kiss her back. Our lips moved in sync and I grabbed her jaws, deepening our kiss. Her lips felt so heavenly against mine, so soft, so pure. When she pulled back – against my liking, of course – I still tasted her lips on mine and I honestly didn’t ever want that taste to go away.

“You were rambling,” She giggled while blushing. “But, that’s not why I kissed you,” she said, getting serious again. My heartbeat increased, my hopes where praying that she would now finally say that she had the same feelings towards me.

“I kissed you because I like you too, Harry,” My lips curved into a grin that couldn’t possibly get any bigger than it was now. “I’ve liked you since day one but, I was just so afraid to admit it. But yesterday I found out that you like me too and I just felt like I had to immediately admit my feeling towards you,”

So happy, I slammed our lips together again for another kiss, which seemed so much more passionate than the first one. I licked her bottom lip softly, as a question to let my tongue inside her mouth while snogging. She applied and parted her lips slightly as I guided my tongue to find hers, which I soon did.

We were so into the kiss and it was getting so heated. We both were two panting messes. My hair was knotted from her hands which were pulling at it and carressing it while we made out heavily. I began to slowly lay her down on the couch and I hovered over her. I detached our lips, getting a disapproving groan from her, to which I chuckled in response. Her disapproval soon turned around as I began to kiss her neck, her shoulders and collarbones.

“Harry,” She sighed. She grabbed my face in her hands and pulled me up to face her again. “No sex yet, baby,” she grinned cheekily. I huffed in a joking way as I got off her.

“Oh please, I don’t have sex until the first date, I’m a lady,” She joked and I laughed. I got her suggestion and immediately put it to use. “Fine then, a date tomorrow at 8?” I asked her and she nodded quickly.

I couldn’t be happier. I still am. Even after 2 years of us being together now. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. Even now, when she is in the shower while I’m secretely holding the box with the ring inside it in my hand. Tonight it’s finally going to happen. Tonight is the night I’m finally going to ask her to be my wife.

[Fanaccounts] 151106 EXOluxion in Tokyo Dome Day 1 - SUHO
  • Suho was wearing a Rider Jacket then he doesn’t have anything under and just stripped!!
  • Suho: We will continue to work harder.
  • Suho: Thank you for supporting us! EXO will officially debut it Japan and we are performing in Tokyo dome now.
  • Suho: Kai always speak Jpn better offstage but everytime he go stage. He’ll forget
    CY: He was just thinking of u all!(fans)
    Kai: I love you!
  • Junmyeon cried and said “this is a really special stage(?)”
  • Talking about his/their TokyoDome dream, SUHO cried 😢 so CHEN hugged him & KAI patted his back&wiped his tears w/a tissue
  • Sehun: As soon as i just open my mouth to speak, the mood/ambience goes down..
    Suho: Thats y we make u speak last

Translation cr : hyoyeonsubs2 Bambembimbom

You’re Both In Bands And You Go Public (Michael/4)

Request: Hey Hun, could I get something where you are in an up & coming musical group and soon after you (and the group) finished your first tour opening for them it gets out that you two have recently started dating? I don’t know if that makes sense but thank you nonetheless p.s. love your writing xx

(Y/B/N) - Your bands name



“I was just wondering if you’d like to, erm, you know, go out sometime?” You ask Michael after you and your band had got off the stage from opening for them on the final night of the tour.

Michael blushes, scratching the back of his neck, “Yeah, I’d…I’d really like that”

You bite your lip, “Great well, I’ll text you”

“Yeah, can’t wait”


That was five months ago, and here you are, sat with your head resting on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around you. If someone had told you months ago that this is how you would be spending your time, you would have laughed in their faces.

You’re scrolling through your Twitter feed when you see a tweet someone has sent about you and Michael.

You gonna deny or confirm this? @Michael5sos @Y/T/N

The tweet came with a link to an article about how the two of you have been dating for the past few months. Obviously, it’s true, but you don’t think either of you are ready to go public.

“Mikey…” You speak up

“Yes babe?” He asks

“Have you read this article?” You ask him, passing him your phone.

He takes your phone and reads the article, “Articles like this go round all the time. We don’t have to go public just yet”

“Yeah but the fans are starting to ask, maybes we should just tell them” You suggest

He sighs, “Well…okay. I’ll take you out tonight, and we’ll make it official”

“We don’t have too…” You begin

“No, (Y/N), we might as well just get this over and done with. But if the hate gets too bad, you have to tell me”

“Is that what this is about?” You question, “It’s not just because you wanted me all to yourself?”

“Well I mean, the fans can get a little crazy, you know that” He reminds you

You sigh, “I know. But I hate having to sneak around so much”

“I just don’t want you getting hurt” He shrugs

“As long as I have the people I love around me to pick me up, that’s all I need” You tell him

He smiles, “Well, we go public tonight. So put on your best dress”

You laugh and nod, “Okay, Clifford”


Michael Clifford and (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) go public with their relationship

They’re dating! 5sos star and (Y/B/N) finally go public!

These are just two of the articles surfacing this morning. So, you’ve gone public and it’s received mixed opinions. Some are supportive, some…not so much. But you don’t care. You love Michael and he loves you, that’s all you need. No-one can make you feel otherwise. You know that Michael worries. But you will continue to assure him that you can cope with any hate you get. All you care about is those you love, not those who don’t know you but think they know every last thing about with you. As long as Michael never listens to any of the ridiculous accusations they’re making up, you know you’ll be okay.


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