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True Colors

Named after the song by the Weeknd bc I am trash. Thank you to @caspercassiecas for being my beta. This is my first fic on this account, and my ask box is always open for requests. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 3606

Warnings: Smut, fluff, disgusting dude at a bar, reader has a dragon tattoo, sex related humor at the end.

“Y/N!” You heard Lin shout, and you sighed heavily, still holding the coffee that the man had sent you to get. You looked around for him, noticing that he was on the other side of the stage. The stage where the company was practicing.

You groaned, sprinting across the stage, ducking and spinning around dancing people. You somehow managed to get across without spilling the coffee, handing it to Lin and smiling before you heard your name called again.

“Y/N! Come meet Diggs! He was sick yesterday, so you didn’t get to meet him!” You heard Christopher shout, and you groaned again, sighing heavily. You looked over, trying to find where Christopher was standing.

“You guys are lucky I do sports.” You muttered, Lin cackling and patting your shoulder.

“Yes, we are. You’ve got a busy second day ahead of you, kid.” Lin laughed, and you groaned, running back across the stage, doing a slide on your knees between a dancer’s legs and ending up at Christopher’s feet, scrambling up.

“Sorry, I learned yesterday that if I time it right, I can get across the stage without being hit.” You explained, brushing yourself off before smiling widely at Christopher and the tall man beside him.

“Y/N Y/L/N, Daveed Diggs, Daveed Diggs, Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N is our new intern since Jessica quit the other day.” Christopher introduced them, and you smiled warmly, shaking Daveed’s hand. He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Phillipa calling out for you.


You made an apologetic face, wincing.

“Sorry, it was lovely meeting you, Diggs. I’ll catch you later.” You waved, weaving between the dancers once more, yelping when one grabbed your hand, spinning and dipping you. You went along with it, doing a couple dance steps with him before he let you go and you ran off to find Phillipa.

You were backstage, delivering Leslie a tea before he had to go on. You sighed heavily, rubbing your eyes as you knocked on Leslie’s dressing room door. You heard a muffled ‘come in’ and opened the door, absently tugging on your hair with your free hand. You poked your head in carefully.

“Hey, Leslie, they didn’t have chai, so I had to get you vanilla, I hope you don’t mind. If it’s an issue, I can run down to the corner store really quick.” You greeted, voice rough from how much you’d spoken that day. The three men in the room turned to you, all smiling. Anthony stood, opening the door for you fully. Daveed waved and smirked from his spot on the couch. Leslie was leaning on his vanity, smiling widely at you.

“It’s no issue, thank you, Y/N. Have you met Diggs? He was out sick yesterday when you were here.”

“Yessir, I have met Diggs. Though I’ve been bouncing around all damn day so I haven’t had a chance to properly speak to him.” You laughed, handing Leslie the tea and smiling at Anthony, who appeared to be struggling with his collar, which wouldn’t stay down.

“Anthony, do you need some help?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows and tilting your head slightly. He looked up and smiled brilliantly.

“Yes, please, actually. I can’t get it to stay down.”

You clicked your tongue, muttering under your breath as you reached a hand to your side, pulling a safety pin out of your jeans. You carefully stuck it in the fabric of Anthony’s coat, pinning it down.

“Alright. Anyone else need anything while I’m in here?” You asked, eyeing Daveed out of the corner of your eye. You noticed his eyes on your legs, moving around your body. He caught your eyes and you raised a brow.

“Coffee would be nice.” Daveed murmured, and you nodded.

“Any specifics on how to make it?”

“I like mine how Lin takes it.”

“Lin takes any kind of coffee I give him.” You snorted, tugging at your hair again as you left the room, sighing heavily.

The Next Day

You were helping one of the dancers through a run, copying his movements effortlessly.

“Y/N! Need you!” You heard Daveed call, and gave the dancer a sad look, jogging off to Daveed’s dressing room, knocking on the door and waiting for the signal to come in. You jumped as Lin opened the door, putting a hand over your heart.

“Jesus! Lin, you almost put me in cardiac arrest.” You scolded, furrowing your brows as you slipped in.

“Sorry, Y/N. I was just leaving.” He laughed, waving as he shut the door. You turned your head, spotting Daveed by his vanity. Your mouth ran dry. He was in a tight black t-shirt, one that outlined every single one of his muscles, and a pair of jeans that fit just right on his hipbones. You forced your eyes to his face, smiling.

“Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with the Lafayette bun. I can’t seem to get it right today.”

“Uh, yeah, s-sure.” You stuttered, blushing bright red. You mentally cursed yourself, walking over and carefully pulling his hair up, forming it into the bun.

“You’re blushing. Are you feeling okay, Y/N?” He practically purred, and you flicked your eyes up to look at him in the mirror, still putting the hair tie around his hair.

“Yeah. Just a little warm in here.” You lied effortlessly, finishing the bun and smiling at him in the mirror.

“Need anything else?”

“The cast is going out tonight, Lin wanted me to see if you’d come. He had to run to set before he could ask himself.”

“He could’ve shot me a text. But yeah, I’ll come.” You murmured, pulling a pocket notebook out of your jeans and scribbling down your number, tearing it out and setting it on his vanity.

“You’re the only person who doesn’t have my number. Text me the location and dress code tonight, please.” You murmured, walking out of his dressing room.

You almost fell out of the shower trying to grab your phone in time to answer the incoming call. You stood, dripping on the floor, pressing the phone against your wet cheek.

Hey, it’s Daveed. I’ll come pick you up. Tell me your address and wear somethin’ nice, aight?” He greeted, and you made a humming sound.

“Will do. Uh, I live in the Deerfold Apartments on eleventh, number 112. I’ll have to buzz you in.” You answered, running a hand through your still soapy hair.

You sound out of breath. You feeling alright?

“I was in the shower when you called. Almost fell trying to answer.” You laughed, listening to his own warm laugh radiate through her speakers.

Alright, I’ll let you finish your shower. See you in about 30 minutes.” He said, and you hummed. The call ended. Or so you thought.

You put your phone down, stepping back in your shower. You went back to your singing, belting out the lyrics to old rock songs at the top of her lungs, running conditioner through your hair. You quickly washed your body and shaved, turning off your shower. You grabbed the towel you kept by, sighing at the puddle of water on the floor.

“Dear god that’s so much water.” You said to yourself, drying off quickly before putting the towel on the floor to soak up the water.

You pulled your hair into another towel, twisting it up and whistling as you stepped on the other towel, singing once again. You picked up your hairbrush and phone, starting on Lemonade, Beyonce’s new album. You picked up the towel and your dirty clothes, walking out to your bedroom, singing at the top of your lungs.

You can taste the dishonesty,
it’s all over your breath,
” You sang, tossing your phone on the bed. You continued singing, putting your dirty clothes and both towels in your hamper. You quickly brushed out your hair, accidentally tripping over a pile of clothes and letting out a loud string of curses. You heard quiet laughter, popping up and trying to find the source of the sound. You scrambled to your phone, finding that you were still in a call with Daveed.

“Diggs! Why didn’t you hang up?!” You exclaimed, turning bright red.

I heard you singing and wanted to stick around to see if you’d sing a song from the show.” You heard his familiar voice crackled through the phone.

“Jesus Christ.” You groaned, knowing you’d never live this down.

You buzzed Daveed in, walking back to your bedroom and stepping into your dress, pulling it up. You struggled with the zipper, getting it up about halfway before you heard a knock on your door. You sighed, walking over to your door and opening it. You gave Daveed a slightly awkward smile.

“Can you zip me up, please? I can’t seem to get it.” You asked, and he laughed, nodding his head. You turned, holding in a shiver as his warm hands ran up your spine, zipping the dress. You felt his fingers lingering, brushing along the dragon tattoo at the base of your neck.

“Nice ink. Do you like dragons?”

“No, I hate them.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes and stepping into a pair of heels, grabbing your jacket and purse.

“Alright, let’s motor.” You smiled, spinning your keys around your finger. He nodded, stepping aside to let you out. You locked your apartment, linking your elbow with his and letting him escort you.

You laughed at the story Lin was telling the people at the table, sipping your wine. Daveed was digging into his steak, being quieter than usual. Anthony was on your other side, casually sipping his wine as well.

“Hey, D, you doing okay?” You asked, voice quiet. You glanced over at him, raising a brow. He smiled, nodding.

“I just can’t cut this damn steak.”

You laughed softly, shaking your head and sipping your wine again. The waiter walked over, setting down a wine glass and a note in front of you. You raised your eyebrows. You glanced at the table, making sure they weren’t paying attention before you spoke.

“Oh, I didn’t order this, sir.” You said, smiling up at the waiter.

“It’s from the gentleman in the blue shirt at the bar.” The waiter smiled, and you nodded, looking at the glass of wine and flicking your eyes up to the guy at the bar, who smirked and waved at you. You opened the note, reading it and suppressing a disgusted face. You pulled your notebook and pen out of your bag, scribbling down a note back and chugging the wine. You handed the note and empty glass to the waiter, smiling.

“Tell him he has awful taste in wine, but thanks anyway.” You requested, and the waiter read your note and laughed, nodding his head.

“Yes, ma’am. You have a strong voice in your writing.” He commented, and you smirked.

“I’m aware. Thank you very much.”

You sipped your previous glass of wine, looking over at a call of your name.

“So, Y/N, what did blue shirt guy say in his note?” Lin asked, and you sighed, shaking your head.

“I should’ve known better than to think that would’ve gotten past you. I thought it would be a nice note, but it was vulgar as all hell.” You muttered, shaking your head and glaring at the note.

“What did you say back?” Renee laughed, and you shrugged, smirking.

“I said that he was a pussy for saying it in a note with wine instead of to my face, and if he really expected that to work or get him laid, then he was more idiotic than I thought at first glance.” You answered Lin, who snorted loudly, cackling.

“Wait, lemme see his note! Y/N, you gotta show me!”

“Lin, read it out to us!” Oak laughed, and Y/N giggled, passing the note to Lin. He cleared his throat, getting out his most dramatic voice.

Hey, I really like your dress. I think I’d like it better on my floor, though. I like your lips as well, and I sure would love to see them wrapped around my 11-inch cock, come take charge of me, honey, I can show you a good boy,” Lin read, and you listened to the table burst out into loud laughter. Anthony gave you a sympathetic look, and Daveed swallowed his piece of steak before speaking to her.

“Are you even into being the dominator, Y/N? I get a more vanilla vibe from you.”

You raised your brows at him, laughing softly.

“And I think that’s my cue, sorry, guys, I have to wake up early and run around all day tomorrow.” You spoke, avoiding the question as you slipped on your coat, digging your wallet out of your purse and handing Lin $20 dollars, paying for your food. You waved as you walked out, blowing a kiss at them.

You stretched up, grabbing a pack of powder creamer from the cabinet, dancing to the singing you heard from the stage. You stirred it into the cup of coffee that sat in front of you, singing along softly. You nearly jumped out of your skin as you felt a pair of hands on your hips.

“Did I scare you away last night, baby?” Daveed whispered in your ear, and you shivered.

“N-no, Daveed.” You replied, shivering at the feeling of his breath on your neck.

“You gonna answer my question, baby girl?”

You had to forcibly suppress a moan, subconsciously grinding your ass against his crotch. He laughed quietly, pressing a small kiss to the juncture of your neck and shoulder. You released a shaky breath.

“I don’t like to dominate, I like being dominated.” You muttered, and he bit into your neck, hard enough to leave a bruise and draw a moan out of you.

“Can’t fuck you here, baby girl.” He murmured, and you whimpered.

“I’ll swing by your place later.” He murmured, and you nodded desperately, grinding against him once more before he pulled away, smirking at you as he walked away, leaving you panting and blushing at the counter.

You buzzed Daveed in, practically bouncing as you walked off to your bathroom, checking your appearance one more time, perfecting everything. You heard him knock, walking cautiously over to your door and opening it, stepping aside to let Daveed in.

“You can take your shoes off by the door, and, uh, hang your jacket on the free hook.” You greeted, blushing bright red.

“You’re cute when you blush, baby. If at any point you want me to stop, say ‘red’ okay?”

“Got it. Red. Okay.” You murmured, nodding. You blushed impossibly brighter when he grabbed your hips again, tugging you against his chest. He crashed his lips down onto yours and you moaned into his mouth, circling your arms around his neck and grinding yourself against him.

“Fuck, Daveed, bedroom.” You managed when you broke free, pointing to your bedroom door. He nodded, grabbing the undersides of your thighs and picking you up, walking toward your bedroom, leaving kisses on your neck. He tossed you on your bed, tugging his shirt off and unbuckling his belt. He smirked at you.

“Take off your clothes and hold out your wrists, baby.”

You were quick to comply, pulling your clothes off in record time and holding out your wrists for him. You moaned a little when you saw he’d finished taking off his clothes while you were distracted with yours. He pulled his belt tight around your wrists.

You moaned when he trailed a hand down, running a finger along your slit. You tossed your head back, bucking your hips up when he pushed two fingers into you, curling them just right and rubbing your walls. Your mind went blank, moving your hips to meet his fingers as he thrust them in and out of you. He ducked his head down, sucking at your clit, drawing a damn near scream from you. You were impossibly close. Though, to be fair, you’d been close since he’d kissed you.

“Please, sir, please, let me,” You babbled, mindlessly begging.

“Can you take three, baby?”

“Yes, sir, please,” You moaned, arching your back up sharply when he pushed another finger into you, keeping you right on the edge. You started begging again, whimpering when he held your hips down with one of his hands, stopping you from moving.

“Cum.” He ordered, and you practically screamed his name as you obeyed, back arching, fingers reaching out in your bonds, mind going completely blank. Before you had time to recover completely, he was inside of you, hitting your g-spot immediately.

“Daveed!” You moaned, dragging out the syllables in his name. He wrapped a hand around your throat, biting hard into your shoulder as he pounded into you. You felt his other hand gripping your hip so hard that you knew you’d have his fingerprints branded onto you for weeks. You moaned again when he bit hard on your breast, then moved his hand and bit into your neck again.

“You’re mine now, baby girl, no one else can fuck you like this.” He growled into your ear.

“Yes, sir, yours.” You moaned back, gasping for breath as he slowed down, almost sobbing.

“Say it, baby. Who’s are you?”

“Yours, sir! Please!” You moaned, trying to buck up and get him to go faster again.


“Yours, Daveed! Fuck, please!” You sobbed, then felt him unbuckle the belt around your wrists, then start up again. You threw your head back once more, raking your nails up his back. You knew there would be marks the next morning from your nails, and that made you moan more, scratching up his back again, then burying your hands in his hair, pulling. He groaned, nodding his head.

“Good girl, Y/N, fuck. Cum for me, baby girl.” He groaned out, and you let your orgasm take over again, seeing stars. You felt him bite hard into your shoulder, possibly drawing blood, as he came. All the muscles in your body went slack, and you winced at the oversensitivity as he pulled out of you, taking the condom off and tying it, tossing it into the trashcan by your bed. He ran a hand through his sweaty hair, smiling at you.

“Where’s your bathroom, baby, we need to clean you up.” He asked, voice soft. You groaned, lifting your arm and pointing to a door, sighing when he picked you up. He walked into your bathroom, making a pleased noise at the sight of your bathtub, setting you down on the counter and running you a bath.

“I’m tired, Daveed.” You muttered, whining as he picked you up again, sitting in the bath with you between his legs, leaning against his chest.

“I know, baby, let’s just get you cleaned up and then I can take you to bed, okay?”

“Mm, okay.” You murmured, letting him wash you off. You let your eyes slip shut as he shampooed and conditioned your hair, washing your body gently. You felt him moving around as he cleaned himself, then as he pulled the plug to drain the water. You felt him leave the tub, drying himself off, before picking you up and drying you off, carrying you to your bedroom. You sighed, tossing the towel around you into the hamper in your room before he laid you both down, pulling the blanket up to you and wrapping his arms around you.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s with the turtleneck? It’s super fuckin hot in here.” Anthony called, and you spun around, smiling at him.

“That is subjective, Ant. I think it’s really cold, actually.” You lied, shrugging. He raised an eyebrow.

“Or you got laid last night.”

You didn’t respond, the color draining out of your face.

“Holy shit! Guys! Y/N got dicked down!” Anthony shouted, and you pinched the bridge of your nose, groaning.

“Yes, I did. Is there a reason why my sex life is so exciting to you, Ant?” You sighed, putting a hand on the hip that wasn’t bruised all to hell and glaring at him.

“Lemme see what the guy did, Y/N, I know you have a tank top under that damn turtleneck,” Anthony said, and you snorted, rolling your eyes.

“Lin! Make Anthony go away!” You shouted, Lin looking over and laughing at the two of them.

“Do you even remember the guy’s name? Did you get his number? Are you gonna hit him up? I saw you walking weird earlier but I thought you just pulled a muscle, was he that good?” Anthony shot off, and you groaned, sighing.

“Hi, baby. He bothering you?” Daveed asked, wrapping an arm around your waist and gently pecking you.

“Holy shit.” You heard Lin say, then heard Anthony and Oak burst out in laughter.

“Jesus Christ, we knew you liked her! Lemme see what he did to you, you gotta show me now!” Ant cackled, and you made a grumbling noise, looking up at Daveed for permission. He gave a single nod, and you sighed, tugging your turtleneck off and allowing them to see the plethora of bruises on you. Including the scabbed over bite on your shoulder, claiming marks.

“Jesus Christ, Diggs, you don’t hold back.”

“He would’ve but I didn’t tell him to. Is your curiosity sated?” You snapped, glaring. Anthony and Oak held up their hands in mock surrender.

“Well, now we won’t have to ask why you’re walking funny.”

“Shut up.”

Are you that mean in person? - Anthony Ramos x reader

Soulmate Au where the first word you say is tattooed on them forever 

Requests are - Always open feel free to leave one :)

you were walking down the street on your way to the theater you were in the show ‘Heathers’ you Played ‘Heather Chandler’ whom was one of the leads this job was amazing, this job seems like a walk in the park when you see the show… but its not. 

you see everyone on set had found their soulmates except you, you had always dreamed of it but no.

“Good news cast.” your directer Yelled and clapped his hands 

Everyone turned their heads towards him you were putting the finishing touches on your hair and you turned around and looked at him your back leaning on your dresser desk.

“Lin Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, And Daveed Digg’s, are coming to the show tonight.” he yelled and everyone clapped but you. you were just nervous Hamilton was one of your favorite musicals ever. And Lin Manuel Miranda was your favorite person ever. In the heights was your all time favorite!

“Y/N. Snap out of it.” your friend Barrett (She Plays veronica.) she yelled and snapped her fingers in your face and you snapped out of it when you did her look of worry went back to her happy self

“Are you okay? you zoned out.” she laughed and sat down and worked on her hair


“Everyone places please.” the female voice over the speakers exclaimed 


Suddenly the music for Candy store started playing you hot hyped this song was your favorite to sing the dancing was os fun. don’t get me wrong it was a workout but it got you so exited 

“Are we going to have problem?” you asked in your ‘Heather’ voice “You got a bone to pick?” “You’ve come so far why now are you pulling on my dick?”

Everyone laughed and you saw Anthony’s eyes staring into your soul 

“Id normally slap your face off. and everyone here could watch.” you sassed and gestured towards the audience  “But i’m feeling nice, heres now advice listen up biotch.” you screamed and started shaking your hips as choreographed 


“Well, Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.” you screamed and crossed your arms looking over Barrett’s shoulder everyone started clapping and laughing and you could see Anthony’s smile from the front row he was laughing and slapping his knee and Lin was laughing to. 

the musical carried on till it was time for the finale bow you walked out with Elle (Heather Mcnamara) and with Alice (Heather duke) 

You guys bowed and then it was Ryan’s (J.D) and Barrett’s turn they and bowed and then you all grabbed hands and you guys bowed 

The audience Stood up and clapped and screamed you heard a “Y/N i love you!!.” you laughed and waved to all the people who had spent a lot of money to be here 

You guys walked off stage and to your dressing room so you could de Heather

when you were finished you walked towards the stage door when they opened it  there was lots of screaming and lots of fans it always made you so happy to see all the fans. 

you walked around giving hugs, signing stuff, taking pics, etc, 

“Y/N, Y/N, Over here.” you heard a female voice say you looked around and then saw a girl around 14 with a smile on her face you smiled and walked over.

“Hey sweetie.” you spoke sweetly at the girl

“h-hi Y/N! can i get a video of you singing candy store?” she asked nervously

“of course! Elle! Alice come over here please”

They walked over smiling but confused at the same time 

“This young lady wants us to sing candy store.” 

“1 2, 1 2 3 4.” you said and started singing and people took out their cameras and watching

“I like looking hot buying stuff they cannot.” 

“I like.”

“Drinking hard, maxing dads credit card.”

“I like.”

“Skipping gym scaring her screwing him.” you sang and pointed to some girl and then to Anthony who was watching with his arms crossed 

“I like.”

“Killer clothes, kicking nerds in the nose!”

“if you lack the balls you can go play dolls let your mommy fix you a snack.”


“Or you could come smoke pound some rum and coke in my Porsha with the quarterback.”

“Woah! woah! woah!”

“Honey whatcha waiting for? welcome to my candy store, time for you to prove your not a loser anymore. and step into my candy store.”

the song went on till the end and you hugged the girl and walked off till you heard from behind you

“Are you that mean in person? cause if so then ill leave.” the person Laughed 

“Well, i can be so don’t get on my bad side.” you laughed and turned around to see Anthony Ramos

Suddenly you felt burning in your wrist and you yelped in pain and fell to your knees you held your wrist tightly – suddenly you heard a groan come from Anthony but you couldn’t see what was going on you had shut your eyes tight.

The pain finally stopped and you looked at your wrist to see the words 

Are you that mean in person? cause if so then ill leave.

“W-What?” you asked yourself asked and looked at Anthony his wrist had the words

Well, i can be so don’t get on my bad side.

you guys just looked at each other in shock 

“i’m Anthony.” he said and held his hand out so you could stand up.

“I know.” you laughed and took his hand

“Wanna go get some dinner?”

“I have one more show in 2 hours.”

“Then wanna go get a drink after your show?”

“Id like that.” 

You pecked his cheek and walked away 

A Very Good Thing (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2423

Warnings: Alcohol mentioned, fluff, general father daughter cuteness

Summary: Y/N Rannells is her father’s date to the Tony’s, and despite having met plenty of celebrities, one manages to leave her particularly starstruck.

A/N: In honour of the Tony nominations, here’s an imagine about two of my favourite nominees (featuring a new paragraphing system thing done ever so kindly by @musiclover1072 )

“You want to take me to the Tony’s with you?” I said in disbelief, looking at my dad with wide eyes.

“Of course. Your dad’s out of town, and you’re my favourite and only daughter. If I win, I want you to be there with me!” He said, punching my shoulder lightly.

“My friends are totally going to freak out when they hear that I went to the Tony’s. You’re the best, dad.” I said, pulling my uncle into a tight hug. He chuckled and reciprocated the hug, pulling me tight against him.

“You’re a Rannells, Y/N. You’re my only daughter, and I love you.” He said, ruffling my hair slightly.

“I remember when you took me to the premiere of The Book of Mormon. Dad got so mad, but it was the best night.” I recounted, letting go of him. Dad laughed, a smile blooming on his face.

“You were 13. It shouldn’t have been anything new.” He said, the smile quickly morphing into a smirk.

“Back to the Tony’s. I’m going to need a dress, right?” I said and dad nodded, sitting down at the breakfast bar.

“Of course. You and your aunt can go get that. I’m not going to deprive her of that experience.” He said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Cool. There’s going to be so many celebrities there, oh my god.” I said and dad gave me a weird look.

“You’ve grown up with celebrities, Y/N. Your godfather is Josh Gad, for crying out loud.” Dad said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Uncle Josh is cool, but the celebrity factor has rubbed off a little for him. There are so many people I haven’t met who are going to be there.” I gasped a little and looked at dad enthusiastically. “I can meet Ben Platt. And Mike Faist. Oh my god.” I said and dad shook his head, rolling his eyes affectionately.

“Let’s not focus on Patti LuPone, or Bette Midler, for example.” Dad muttered, a small smile on his face.

“Dad, you introduced me to Patti LuPone at Broadwaycon last year.” I said and dad’s eyes widened slightly. He shrugged his shoulders apologetically and I laughed.

“Seriously dad, I’m so excited about the Tony’s. Talk about the ultimate father daughter night out.” I said and dad snorted, running a hand through his hair.

“It’ll be perfect, Y/N. Absolutely perfect.”

“Ok. Don’t freak out Y/N.” I muttered to myself in the limo, fiddling with the skirt of my dress. I was wearing a black and gold dress that fit perfectly, but my perfect outer appearance did not reflect my mental situation.

“Y/N, honey, you’ll be fine. It’s just like opening night.” Dad said and I gave him an unimpressed look.

“Except this is being broadcast on live television, and there’s a lot more people.” I said and dad reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Hey. I love you, and you’re my daughter. You were practically raised in the limelight.” Dad said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Then let’s do this.” I said and dad smiled, kissing the top of my forehead.

“By the way, you look beautiful.” Dad added as we exited the car, looping his arm through mine. I smiled widely, despite the flashes from the cameras hurting my eyes.

“Andrew, can we have a quick interview?” A reporter shouted and dad nodded, walking over towards them.

“Hi!” Dad said enthusiastically, waving at the reporter.

“Hi. How are you this evening?” The interviewer asked and dad responded the way he always does. With over the top enthusiasm.

“And who is this lovely lady?” The interviewer asked, gesturing towards me. Dad’s smile widened, and so did mine.

“This is my daughter, Y/N. She’s my date this evening.” Dad said, beaming down at me.

“And who are you wearing, Y/N?” The interviewer asked and my face screwed up a little.

“I have no idea. It’s from Bloomingdales, so.” I said and dad laughed, as did the interviewer.

“Thanks Y/N. Well, good luck tonight Andrew.” The interviewer said, and we waved at him as we walked away.

“He was nice.” I said and dad chuckled as we made our way into the theatre.

“Hey, I’m gonna go find our seats, and maybe grab us a drink.” Dad said, winking at me. Dad was pretty chill about me drinking, seeing as I’m 19, and he was drinking at 19.

“Awesome. I’m just gonna go meet some of the people.” I said and dad nodded, but there was a nervous look in his eyes. “Call me when you’ve found our seats, and lemme know where it is, ok?” I said and dad nodded, looking considerably less worried.

“Have fun sweetie.” Dad said, kissing the top of my head. I waved goodbye and walked off, taking in a deep breath. There were so many people in the theatre, yet somehow I knew most of them.

“Y/N Rannells, is that you?” I heard a voice say and I turned around to see a familiar face.

“Uncle Christian!” I said, tackling him in a hug.

“Hey Y/N. I didn’t think you’d be here. Where’s your dad?” He said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“He’s finding our seats. Seeing as dad’s out of town, he decided he’d take me as his date. Ultimate father daughter night out.” I said and Christian chuckled, patting my shoulder.

“Fair enough. If you see your dad, tell him I said hi. And good luck.” He said and I nodded, giving him one last hug before walking away. I walked around in wonder, realising how many people would die if they met Christian Borle, let alone Andrew Rannells. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t register the person walking right towards me, and I only noticed them when we collided.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I heard an incredibly familiar voice say.

“No, it’s fine. Honestly.” I said, looking right into the eyes of Ben Platt.

“I take it you’re not a nominee.” Ben said and I chuckled, shaking my head.

“Unfortunately not. I am, however, the escort of one.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened.

“So whose the lucky guy? Or girl. It doesn’t matter.” Ben said and I smiled, laughing lightly.

“My father, actually.” I said and Ben’s jaw dropped slightly.

“I’ve just realised we haven’t been introduced. Ben Platt.” He said, sticking his hand out. “

"I know.” I said and Ben chuckled to himself.

“If that’s a Dear Evan Hansen reference, consider me impressed.” Ben said as I shook his hand.

“It works as a reference and a statement in its own right. Y/N Rannells.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.

“You… your dad is Andrew Rannells? The Andrew Rannells?” Ben asked, gaping at me.

“The one and only. Unless you know another Broadway legend called Andrew Rannells who’s from Nebraska.” I said and Ben laughed, the sound beautiful.

“Unfortunately I do not. Can I just say, I think you look beautiful Y/N.” Ben said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Ben. You don’t look too bad yourself.” I said and Ben waved a hand in my direction.

“You’re going to make me blush.” Ben said and I chuckled, smoothing down my dress. My phone rang and I shot Ben and apologetic look.

“It’s my dad.” I mouthed and Ben nodded, giving me a thumbs up.

“Hey dad. You found our seats?” I said, still glancing over at Ben.

“That’s why I’m calling. We’re in seats 13 A and B. Where are you?” Dad said and I paused, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Um, towards the back of the theatre, near the front of the bar. I ran into Uncle Christian before. He said hello and good luck.” I said and dad chuckled to himself.

“That sounds like Christian. You run into anyone else yet? Anyone on your bucket list?” Dad said and I snorted slightly.

“Dad, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do. I do not have a people bucket list.” I said and dad snorted loudly, most likely drawing the attention of people nearby.

“That’s my girl, but I’m serious. Have you met anyone exciting, aside from Uncle Christian.” Dad said and I looked at Ben, shooting him a smile.

“Ben Platt is currently standing in front of me, very awkwardly may I add.” I said and Ben immediately straightened up, fixing his hair. Dad chuckled softly and I imagined he was smiling.

“Tell him I said hi and good luck. Also, tell him that if Mike Faist beats me for the Tony I won’t be disappointed.” Dad said and I smiled, nodding despite being on the phone.

“Got it. See you soon. Love you.” I said, hanging up my phone.

“Dad says hi and good luck.” I said immediately and Ben chuckled, running a hand through his hair.

“Thanks. I should probably go to my seat, but it was wonderful meeting you.” Ben said and I nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

“The same goes for you. I hope you win tonight. You deserve it.” I said, walking off to my seat and not noticing the blush that covered his cheeks.

The opening number was incredible, and I was already on the edge of my seat. The first awards were called, and I found myself clapping and cheering loudly, earning a few strange looks from others. “And now, the nominees for best supporting actor in a musical.” The announcer said and I was immediately alert.

The announcer read the names out, and I crossed my fingers. “And the Tony goes to… Andrew Rannells.” The announcer called and I looked over at dad, who was in disbelief.

“You did it dad! You did it!” I whispered eagerly, pulling him into a tight hug. Dad hugged me back quickly and made his way up onto the stage, beaming our at the audience.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me over my career. My wonderful partner Michael, who is unfortunately not with me tonight, and my beautiful daughter Y/N, who is here tonight.” Dad said, gesturing to me.

The camera turned and my beaming face was projected on the screens. “I love you dad!” I mouthed, earning a few chuckles from people nearby.

“ I remember only a few weeks after we adopted Y/N, I took her to opening night of The Book of Mormon. Michael wasn’t exactly pleased, but it is one of my greatest memories with her, and may tonight be another one of them. I love you Y/N.” Dad said, and I felt the tears well in my eyes. I let out a loud whoop as he walked off the stage, Tony clutched in his hand and tears in his eyes.

“You deserve that so much.” I said, pulling dad into the tightest hug I could muster once he returned to his seat.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me, Y/N.” Dad said, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“Congratulations.” I heard a voice say and I turned my head to see Ben Platt standing there.

“Thank you very much Ben. I do wish you the best of luck. I’m sure my daughter desperately wants you to win.” Dad said, winking at me as my cheeks flushed pink.

Ben chuckled awkwardly and I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “Dad.” I said sternly, giving him a look of warning.

“She’s quite the Dear Evan Hansen fan, my Y/N/N, and quite a fan of yours, might I add.” Dad continued, shooting Ben a smile. I was fairly certain my cheeks were a crimson red, but that didn’t stop my dad from embarrassing me further. “She wouldn’t stop gushing about how good you were in Dear Evan Hansen. She was actually hoping to meet you tonight, and clearly she got her wish.” Dad said, looking at me with an almost evil smirk on his face.

Ben awkwardly cleared his throat, his cheeks the same colour as mine. “Well, uh, unless she’d like to go to the afterparty with you, I, um, wouldn’t mind her accompanying me to it.” Ben stammered, suddenly looking and sounding very much in character.

“Y/N.” Dad said, raising his eyebrows slightly.

“I’d love to.” I said, smiling brightly at Ben. He returned the smile, and dad suddenly looked very smug.

“Wonderful. Call me when you want to leave the afterparty, sweetie.” Dad said, taking his seat once more.

“I, uh, I’ll meet you after the ceremony.” Ben said, awkwardly shoving his hand in his suit pockets.

“I look forward to it. Quick question, you got a pen?” I said and Ben nodded, a half smile forming on his face. He pulled a sharpie out of his pocket, and he passed it to me. I took it and gently rolled up the sleeve of his suit. I uncapped the sharpie and wrote a series of numbers on his arm. My phone number. “Call me, ok?” I said and Ben’s cheeks flushed, the smile on his face growing wider.

“I’ll make sure to.” Ben said and I took in a deep breath, pressing a kiss to his lips. His lips were soft and warm, and tasted faintly of champagne. I pulled away slowly, Ben’s lips tinted a peachy colour from my lipstick.

“I, uh, um, I’ll see you later.” Ben squeaked out, blushing darkly.

“Ditto.” I muttered, waving him off slowly.

“You’re welcome.” Dad said, making me jump a little.

“Jesus Christ, dad.” I said, pressing a hand to my chest.

“Like I said, you’re welcome. You two never would’ve gone anywhere if you kept dancing around the ‘problem’.” Dad said, putting quotation marks around problem.

“I, uh, um.” I stammered, trying and failing to form a response. Dad chuckled and patted my shoulder, trying to console me.

“It’s all good Y/N/N. You and Ben will be adorable together, I can just see it. He’s pretty easy on the eyes after all.” He said and I scoffed, playfully hitting his shoulder.

“My dad hitting on the guy I’m interested in. This sounds like some messed up soap opera episode.” I said and dad chuckled, nodding his head as the next award was called.

“Our life is nothing normal, Y/N. And that’s a good thing.” He said meaningfully, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “A very good thing indeed.”

What Comes Next?

Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Note: Umm I wrote this after reading like 10 articles in a row about Oak and deciding that the best course of action would be to write this. Enjoy!

Warnings: that feeling when you’re in high school and you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing with your life, self doubt. 

Word Count:1,140

Tagged: @hamiltonsquills @rottwat @iamgrayfox @mehrmonga @pinetree111

Originally posted by lafeyettegunsandships

Oak sighs as he turns the last page of his book, War and Peace, and drops it onto his lap. His days had gone from hanging out with friends, training for football and neglecting his ever growing pile of homework to sitting on his ass all day in the hospital reading books and staring at the ceiling.

Really, he couldn’t blame anyone but himself for his predicament. He and his friends had been messing around one day after school when all of a sudden he had heard a distinct crack. Now he had no idea what was going to happen next for him, the doctors said that with his fractured femur he couldn’t play football anymore so what was he supposed to do next?

“You already finished it?” A voice sounds from the doorway, he quickly looks up to find his girlfriend Y/N leaning against the door frame.

“It’s easy to get through a book when you’ve got nothing else to do” he admits as Y/N makes her way over and plants a kiss on his cheek.

“That thing is over 1000 pages long, and I gave it to you like a week ago” she points out as she sinks into the chair by his bed.

He glances down at the thick novel in his hands and shrugs. “It wasn’t that bad, I just have a lot of time on my hands in here” he admits.

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anonymous asked:

How would svt react if their s/o (almost) fainted on stage from overworking?

Seventeen Reaction to Their S/O (almost) Fainting on Stage 

Dear, please read the guidelines ;A;; I don’t do reactions!! Nevertheless, because you’re one of my very first requesters, I’ll let it slide, just this once. Please don’t request a reaction; the ask box isn’t open for that yet!!

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, and Wonwoo would worry half to death after they received the news from your loving fans about you nearly collapsing on stage. They’ll know that sometimes, you skip meals and lie about your health just so you could make your next performance perfect for the camera and for the naked eye to see. None of them could ever stop you, because, you were young, and you were too darn stubborn for your own good. 

“Y/N, did you eat yet?” 

“Oppa… yes, I did.” 

“… You sound fatigued Y/N… what did you eat?” 

“That’s not important jagiya… I need to practice the choreography a few more times; I’ll see you tomorrow alright?? I need to stay behind at the studio again… this comeback is really significant; don’t be concerned about me!! I’ll be fine.”  

All five of them would scold and fuss over you once you two met again. “Being an idol is hard work Y/N, but your health comes first. No more late nights, understand?”

Vernon, The8, Mingyu, Jun, Dino and DK would jump out of their seat once they hear the undeniable truth on live broadcast. You were fairly popular in Korea, so reporters couldn’t help but talk about this entire fiasco; not that the six boys didn’t know already. They watch every single one of your performances, cooing to themselves and to the other members how absolutely amazing you were up stage… but for this last one, which was the comeback you prepared for for five months; it didn’t show all of your abilities. Your voice was strained, your movements not as sharp, and then they realize, after your eyes roll back and your head bent down and swept the floor, that you’re exhausted. You’re mentally, physically, and emotionally deprived of all available energy. You’re staggering around the stage, blinking furiously under the blinding lights the crew provided, and you’re struggling to remember the lines and dance moves to your song. They’re heartbroken; they want nothing more than to jump into the tv screen and reassure you that it’ll be alright. “Y/N… I’m here for you.”

Hoshi and Seungkwan would freak out after the news were delivered. “Oh my god, please don’t let this happen to her, please… please she worked so hard for this!” They’ll break down in the middle of practice, and Seventeen members would crowd around them, asking what’s wrong, why he was on the floor, sobbing his eyes out. They knew this comeback was extremely important, who didn’t? Even your fans warned you to not overwork yourself; you’ve had always performed some kind of witchery up there; you’ve had always mesmerized every living soul that heard your voice. Babbling, they would tell the members everything, and they’ll all be anxious about your recovery in the hospital, even if they never met this S/O. Seventeen’s heard all about you; Hoshi and Seungkwan frequently told them stories, and their eyes would lit up like fireworks once your name was mentioned. They’ll be busy phoning your company to check on your health status, and they’ll beat themselves over not looking after you enough, and not being there for you when you needed their support the most. “Y/N, rely on me more, please. I may not be the best boyfriend, but I’m trying. I love you so much; you mean the world to me.”  

One Month - Jack Maynard

Request: Could you please do a jack one where you’re in the early stages of a relationship and it’s the first time you stay over at his house but it’s not smutty or anything, just like a cute fun sleepover and you both realise you’re in love with eachother

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: So I decided to try out third person in this imagine so let me know what you think. If you like it, maybe I’ll do more but if you don’t, then I won’t :)

I hope you like it :)


Falling in love was something (y/n) only dreamed about. She didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to find someone she could see herself with for the rest of her life. She wanted the fairy-tale ending but finding her Prince Charming was taking more time than she thought it would. She spent time after time getting to know boys who were no good for her. The bad boy. That’s who she looked for but eventually, she knew she wouldn’t find the love she wanted by going after boys who didn’t care. But then it happened. Jack Maynard. 

He was everything she never knew she wanted. He was sweet, caring, funny, adorable, motivating, supportive…every good characteristic in the book. And she was sure this time was going to be different. He was going to matter.

“So I ordered some pizza for dinner, lined up some movies on Netflix and made the couch a little more comfy.” Jack said, taking her bag from her hand.

One month into their relationship and this was the first night they would spend together. They had been planning this night for the past week and although she was nervous, (y/n) couldn’t wait for it. No, they hadn’t done anything more than kiss but Jack didn’t seem to mind. He never forced anything on her and never asked for more. He let things take their own course and allowed things to happen in their own time. That was one of her favourite things about him; he was respectful.

A couple of hours later and the two were on their third movie. They had blown through the pizza and were now cuddled up on the couch, snacking on anything they could get their hands on. Jack’s arms were around her waist as she sat in between his legs with the blanket over top of them. It was close to two in the morning and (y/n) could feel the life draining from her. She was about to crash.

“We should probably head to bed.” Jack said, pausing the movie and releasing his hands from her waist.

“Which side?” She asked, entering the bedroom. She had already changed into comfy clothes so she was ready to just fall into bed.

“You pick.” He replied. He never really slept on just one side, he usually slept in the middle but he wanted her to be as comfy as possible.

(y/n) climbed into bed and laid down on the right side. She watched as Jack searched through his dresser for a different shirt and headed towards the door.

“You don’t have to leave…it’s okay…” She said, referring to him needing to change. 

Sure, most guys would have just changed there but Jack wanted her to feel as normal as possible so he was willing to do anything to help her. Jack reached behind him, pulling his shirt over his head and putting the other one on. 

“Wow, my bed is a whole lot comfier with you in it.” He said, climbing into bed beside her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

One month into their relationship and (y/n) could feel it. That feeling she never thought she’d find. One month into their relationship and (y/n) could see it. The future she never thought she’d have. Day by day she was slowly falling in love with Jack Maynard and she was totally okay with it.

Dance Partner (Moonbin Imagine)

Genre: Fluff af

Plot: You perform with Moonbin for a Valentine’s special stage and he asks you to be his girlfriend on stage (and on camera).

Word count: 1167

G/n - group name
G/i - group intro
G/f/d - group fandom (name)

You were now in Fantagio’s dance studio waiting for your bestfriend and (crush) dancing partner Moonbin. He was assigned to make a dance number for a special stage and got you as his partner.

The concept was ‘Love’ seeing as it is February. The male idol didn’t have anyone he’s comfortable with except you. To kill time, you danced to ‘Oh Nana’ by K.A.R.D. and had it as warm up as well. Halfway through the song the door creaked open.

“Oh, y/n. You’re early” Moonbin placed his bag next to yours. You stopped the music and wiped the small amount of sweat with a towel. You then noticed your matching shoes. It was his idea to buy them a few months back. 'We’re both dancers. Let’s buy matching ones’, he said.

“I just started warming up” He nodded and proceeded stretching. Now you were both warming up while having fun dancing to girl group songs.

You both agreed to help each other in choreographing. Moonbin showed his ideas first and you agreed on what to use, what’s next and what else to do. You ended up with a mixed themes. He said that it’s to show the different kinds of love. You sent a remix made by you a few days ago and it was chosen by both your companies.

While practicing the parts though, Astro appeared along with a few members of the staff setting up 'Ddoca’. They entered loudly as usual and greeted you with much enthusiasm.

“Hello, Ddoca-yah. I’m practicing a number with y/n of g/n today” He ushered you in front. “Introduce yourself”.

“G/i. Hello,Ddoca. I’m y/n. Nice to meet you” You waved at the camera then proceeded to your previous spot. You played the song and danced alone.

Moonbin covered the lens while saying, “No, no. That’s a secret for now. Wait for our performance.”

After practicing a few more moments you plopped down next to your bag and grabbed a water bottle. Moonbin did the same.

“Oh~ Hyung, matching shoes?” Sanha said while pointing Ddoca at your feet. The camera was then pointed towards your face so you gave a wink. The members proceeded to tease the two of you but you didn’t mind.

Recording lasted for a few hours or so. You said goodbye all together. Moonbin offered to walk you home, which is close by the way, so you agreed.

“How have you been so far? Hope you’re not stressing yourself like before” You chuckled and shook your head.

“I hope I can but an idol’s life is hard” And with that you were in front of the building where your dorm is. “Good night, Binnie. See you tomorrow”

You walked backwards into the building while waving. He did the same and left only when you entered the building completely.

“I wish I can tell you, though” He sighed and continued walking.

It was finally the day of the performance so you were being pampered in you usual salon. You replayed the song over and over and moved along with it for a bit. However, the music stopped when Moonbin called.

“Good morning, y/n. Where are you now?” You heard the members in the background so you know that he’s in the van.

“I’m in my usual salon. Why do you ask?”

“What do you usually drink in mornings? How about food? Do you want anything?” You tapped your finger on your thigh as you think of what to request.

“Hot choco and chocolate bread please” You said with aegyo and laughed.

“Yes, ma'am. See you later. Bye bye” And with that the call ended. You clutched your wildly beating heart and sighed. You saw your hairstylist smiling at you.

“You like him that much?” Your eyes widen at her statement. She knew? “Honey, it’s so obvious. Even Jackie here knows”

You glanced at the gay stylist and he winked. Great. Now you’re ruined.

“Please don’t tell hi–” Your words were cut off by the sound of the door opening.

“Y/n-ah your boyfriend’s here” You saw Jackie’s wink and how Moonbin’s ears reddened. “He’s not my boyfriend”

You tried hard to change the upcoming topic so you gestured him to sit down next to you.

“Hot choco and choco bread. You like chocolate too much” He murmured somehing under his breath but you couldn’t really hear it.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Moonbin immediately shook his head and averted his gaze. The atmosphere was getting pretty awkward so you just ate quietly. “W-wanna take a sip?.. or something”

You stretched your arm to hand him the drink. You expected him to just take the cup and drink but he did something more surprising. He held your wrist and guided the drink to his lips then drank. You could feel the heat on your cheeks.

“Smooth, Moonbin. Smooth” Jackie stated before stepping out of the room.

After a few more moments of awkwardness you both proceeded to KBS’ building. Rehearsals will start after half an hour so you called your group members over for the sake of not being bored.

Footsteps were heard from outside so you stood up immediately thinking it was the girls. But you were proved wrong when you saw Astro outside with MJ holding Ddoca. Jinjin and Rocky raised the bags of food they were carrying. Who could say no to food anyway?

“Wah this episode turned into a mukbang” MJ stated while chewing.

“Don’t talk when your mouth is full, hyung” Rocky replied with fuller cheeks. You were laughing with the others when you heard knocks.

“Unnieee!” You exclaimed when you opened the door. It was, for sure, the remaining members of g/n. The two groups greeted each other then ate.

Finally, it was time for your performance. Moonbin was behind you being cheered on by his members while you were being teased by your groupmates. Your makeup was being retouched so you couldn’t reply much. The two of you were then called onto the stage. You took your position and so did he.

The dance was almost ending when Moonbin was handed a mic.

“Aroha, let’s say it together” Confusion was written all over your face specially when Astro and your group went on stage wih… cardboards? They slowly turned the cardboards around along with Arohas and g/f/d’s shouts.


Your hand flew to your mouth. It was just so overwhelming. Is this real? Is it a dream? But you got your answer when Moonbin walked over to you and held your hand. He pointed the mic towards you, anticipating your answer.

“Of course” The fans and the members behind you cheered when Moonbin hugged you tightly. He kissed your forehead and pulled you to his chest again.

“I love you so much”

“I love you, too”

“Oh and I said that you like chocolate too much but what about me earlier” You blushed.

Donut for Donut (Thayne Jasperson X Reader)

Request!:Hey would it be okay if I requested a Thayne x reader where it’s the reader’s first day working backstage for Hamilton and Thayne gets a crush on them and it’s just a bunch of fluff? Thanks for reading! 

and this too

Umm I don’t know if you got this, so I guess I’ll send it again. I was hoping you could do a Thayne x reader where the reader works backstage and has a huge crush on Thayne but is too shy to tell him so the cast go and set them up, thanks!

Paring: Thayne Jasperson X Reader

TW: anxiety, shyness, kissing, SO MUCH FLUFF I WANNA CRY

WC: 1265



You stood in the lobby of the Richard Rodgers theater, scared to go through the second door. You had procrastinated coming here all day. You had gone to the park, petted dogs, gone to a bakery and picked up a shit ton of bagels, and now you were here with three boxes of donuts in your hands. Suddenly, the door opened and Lin, your boss, head popped out.

“Y/n! There you are!” He exclaimed and exited the door, going to give you a hug.

“Here I am…” You exclaimed warily. He stepped back and looked at you worriedly.

“They’ll love you Y/n. We’re glad to have you on the crew!”

You nodded, “Glad to be here.”

“Come on, let me introduce you.” Lin took your arm and pulled you into the theatre. Everyone was currently on break from rehearsal and talking to each other. Lin told you to wait at the front of the stage while he got everyone’s attention.

“Listen up!” He exclaimed. Some of the cast turned to him. Alex whistled to get the rest’s attention. The conversations died down and Lin clapped his hands together, “First things first, I would like to introduce our new crew member, Y/n L/n!”

‘Whoop’s and clapping proceeded.

“Would you like to give a few words?”

You shrugged, “Okay..”

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You Have Invented a New Kind of Stupid (part two)

Part One

Pairing: Lin x Reader SAD ANGST
Warnings: Crying, cheating, angst
Word count: 1185
A/N: Second part of a request!  “Anon asked: 2. “You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?” This with literally anyone fuck up my emotions pls” THIS IS PART TWO. really short chapter sorry oops I just wanted to put something up for everyone asking for a part two. part three up soon. 

Tags: @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird @mofoing-democraftic-republican @livinglikelaarry @fragmentofmymind @olivephotoblog


You had fallen asleep.

Lin, however, did not.

Lin spent the night with his arms wrapped around you, gently rocking the two of you as your body remained pressed up close to him. He cooed into your ears, promises filled the air as he continued to apologize, his guilt rushing through his veins as his muscles tightened beneath you.

His tears didn’t stop either. As mad as you were, your heart ached for him. He had spent years on Hamilton, writing and working on it with every thing he had, And now, he was laying in his dressing room, broken sobs leaving him after having run off stage. It was hard not to feel pity for him.  But he didn’t wake you up. Despite having hundreds of words to say to you, all resting on the tip of his tongue as he watched your chest slowly rise and fall, content as he could be as he just held you.

Eventually though, you woke up, your eyes catching his, still blood-shot and puffy, eyes cheeks hollow. He looked like hell.

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Big Bang Reacts to You Showing Up at a Fan Meet Pretending to Be a Fan Girl

Hey guys! So, this is the second request I’ve received. I have some background to establish with this one, so it would probably make more sense if you read that before reading the reaction. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES OR GIFS USED, I SIMPLY FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


     Anonymous:  Bts and Big Bang react to you going to one of their fan-sign events pretending to be a fangirl

     Background: For this reaction, it is going to be assumed that your relationship is public. The staff of the event are all in on it but none of the members know. You are wearing a Big Bang t-shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask. The order they’re in will stay consistent so that I can keep track a little easier, so from the starting point of the line the order is: Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang, TOP, and then G-Dragon. It is also assumed that you are good friends with all the other members.

1. Top

     “Oh my gosh! I’m suck a big fan of your music! Saranghae, Oppa!” You would say, making a heart with your hands, your voice coming out higher than normal. 

     “Thank you,” he would say, making a heart back. Before you move on, you would raise your sunglasses and wink at him. His eyes would widen in recognition as you moved on to G-Dragon.

     As you watched TOP’s expression, you would probably end up saying something sassy to G-Dragon, causing him to instantly recognize you. He would burst into laughter. 

     When you were about to leave the stage, TOP wouldn’t be able to stop himself from running up to you and pulling down your mask. He would press a quick kiss on your lips before pulling your mask back in place, shocking everyone but G-Dragon, whose smirking. G-Dragon would grab a microphone and gesture to you both. 

     “Seunghyun-hyung’s girlfriend, Y/N!” he would announce before sticking his tongue out at you. TOP would laugh and pull you into a hug. 

     “Sorry, Jagi. I tried not to but you just look so in Big Bang gear,” You would roll your eyes at that as you leave the stage, knowing that he did it to embarrass you.

2. Taeyang

     “I really like your music, Oppa,” You would say as you hand him a copy of one of his albums to sign with a small note on top. When he shot you a confused look, you would motion for him to open it.

     “I love you, Oppa,” the note would say. He would recognize your handwriting instantly and look up at you in shock. His expression would morph into one of his famous eye smiles as he quickly signs the album. His fingers would brush yours as he gives it back, slipping the note into his pocket.

     “I love you too, Jagi,” the writing says, causing you to smile. You pull down your mask to blow him a quick kiss before moving on to TOP.

3. G-Dragon

     “Your so handsome, Oppa. It’s really not fair,” You would say, smiling behind the mask.

     “Thank you,” he would respong, a flash around your neck catching his attention. He would recognize the ring on the chain, blowing your cover. He would look up to see that the sunglasses your wearing are also his. He would grab your hands and pull you close, a smile on his face.

     “What are you doing here, Jagi?” He would murmur, raising an eyebrow at you. You would just laugh in response. 

     He would kiss the tip of your nose before taking off the sunglasses and sitting them on the table. Once he sits back in the chair, he would wink at you as he put them on. You roll your eyes and squeeze his hand one last time before heading off the stage. Of course, we all know he wouldn’t let it end like that. 

     “I love you, Jagi!” He would yell into the microphone, causing you to blush and duck your head, hurrying away. 

4. Daesung

     “You have such a pretty voice, Oppa, and you’re so handsome. That’s why you’re my favorite,” You would lean forward on the last part and lower your voice like you were telling him a secret. 

     He would blush at your words. He probably wouldn’t even realize that it was you until you took off your sunglasses and lowered your face mask to mouth the words,” I love you.”

     He wouldn’t want to draw attention to you, so he would probably just make a heart with his hands and do a dorky little dance in his seat before you had to move on to Taeyang.

5. Seungri

     Now, this little shit would know all about your plan. He either overheard you talking about it or someone let it slip in front of him. He has a knack for finding people’s secrets. The second he sees you approaching, he recognizes you. He would grab you and pull you up on stage with him. 

     “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? I just thought everyone should know that my Jagi decided to come and visit, so be sure to her as well because she will be here for the rest of the fan meet,” His main goal will be to embarras you as much as possible. He would strip you of your hat, sunglasses, and mask, sitting you in a chair next to his.

     His hand would be touching you the whole time, either holding your hand or resting it on your knee. When a fan asked him to sing a song, he would sing a cheesy love song to you. At the end of the meet, he would give you a quick kiss.

     “Thank you for coming, Jagi,” He would murmur, hugging you tightly.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. My inbox is open if you had any requests!!

Proposal- Tyler Joseph

You were sitting  backstage with Tyler and Josh in their dressing room. You were on the couch with Tyler sitting on his lap as he played with your hair and talked to Josh about the show. Every time his phone would buzz signaling he got a text he would pull the phone out of your view. This was strange because he usually didn’t care what you saw on his phone. You had been dating Tyler for about 2 years now and you’ve always been very open to each other.

“Hey Josh we have to go take care of that thing.” Tyler said.

“What thing?” Tyler just stared at Josh until something clicked. “Oh that thing. Yeah let’s go.” Josh stood and you moved off of Tyler’s lap.

“Where are you going and what ‘thing?” you asked starting to get annoyed with the secrets.

“Don’t worry about it babe, we’ll be back in time for soundcheck.”

“So you’re just gonna leave me to sit here in the arena with nothing to do.”

Tyler looked at you for a moment then smiled. “Yup.” then they walked off.

He was acting so weird today and it kind of hurt that he was sort of ignoring you and all your questions.

You plopped down on the couch and as you did you felt cold glass rub your leg. It was Tyler’s phone. You immediately got up to go bring it to Tyler but you didn’t see him or Josh down the long hall and you didn’t want to get lost in the arena.

His phone buzzed again with a text from his sister Maddie.

Good luck. She deserves this.

Good luck with what? The show maybe? And who is she and what does she deserve?

Maybe she was talking about you. Maddie has never been the biggest fan of you and she probably would only be happy if you left Tyler’s life.

Your thoughts began to roam into thinking Tyler was gonna leave you. They were confirmed when you saw a text come in from one of Tyler’s brothers, Zach.

Do it before she leaves you. 2 years don’t you think that’s a long time?.

You went to open his phone to read what the previous text were about so you could put the pieces together, but his phone wouldn’t unlock. His password was always the same but he must have changed it.

You started to feel guilty when you tried every possible code and the ‘disabled for 1 minute’ screen showed. It wasn’t like you to be snooping around but you couldn’t help it. You love Tyler and you thought things were going so well. I guess not because he’s gonna leave you.

You stood from the spot on the couch and threw Tyler’s phone down on the floor out of anger. You grabbed your purse and left. You didn’t know how to get out of the arena with all it’s confusing halls but once you came across the stage and saw Tyler’s piano just sitting there it set in.

The man you put your life into didn’t love you. The man you woke up to almost every morning for the past 6 months since you moved in with him was gone. He was probably out looking for someone better right now.

You were quickly pulled from your thoughts when you heard Tyler’s voice in the background talking to Josh. They just got back from wherever they went and were headed to soundcheck.

You  were still in shock from thinking that Tyler was going to leave you that when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist from behind you jumped a little.

“Hey baby. I missed you when I was gone.” Tyler said pulling you close and kissing your head.

“Missed you too.” You said with your head in his chest. Even if he was going to break up with you, you couldn’t help but love him.

“You okay?” He asked looking directly into your eyes.

“Yeah just tired I guess. I’m gonna go lay down before the show.”

“Okay. I’ll wake you before we go on. I love you.” He kissed you on your lips and you realized how much you were going to miss that.

You headed to the bus and fell asleep on the couch.

3 hours later

“Hey beautiful, wake up. We’re about to go on in like 20 minutes. I want you to watch the whole show tonight I have something special happening.” Tyler said shaking you awake.

For someone who was going to break up with you, he had a lot of compliments to give.

As Tyler lead you back to the arena you could hear the opening bands playing and the fans going crazy already.

You sat in a chair that Tyler pulled up for you on the side of the stage as him and Josh got all last minute things together.

Right before they went on Tyler ran over to you and kissed you “God I love you Y/N.” Then he ran off onto stage and started the show.

When it came time for Trees and Tyler’s speech you realized he wasn’t in his usual spot on stage where he gives the speech and he had his ukulele in his hands.

“Okay as most of you know this is usually the part of the show where I give the speech about how grateful we are to have you as our fans and all that jazz and then we play Trees. Tonight I wanted to do something a bit different. Something different for a very special person in my life. I love this person and no I’m not talking about Josh or my mom. I’m talking about my girlfriend Y/N who most of you know. If you don’t you should know she’s the most beautiful, fun, loving human in this world. Oh and did I mention how beautiful she is.” The crowd was filled with cheers and ‘awwwwes’.

“Y/N come here.” Tyler said gesturing you to go out on stage. You just stood there like deer in headlights. You never went out on stage with people in the audience. “She’s a little shy. Hold on.” Tyler came over and pulled you out on stage. The crowd all clapped when Tyler placed a small kiss on your lips. He grabbed the microphone again and started speaking. This time playing a few chords on the ukulele.

“I’m playing this song for you my love.”

Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.

He was playing your favorite song. It felt as if everyone in the arena was singing along but all you had your focus on was Tyler as he sang to you.

But I can’t help falling in love with you.

As he sang the last verse he got down onto one knee and pulled out a ring. You felt the world around you stop.

“Y/N will you marry me.”

You shook you head yes as tears fell from your eyes. You were so happy when he pulled you into a hug after placing the ring on your finger. You buried your face into his chest and cried. You were so scared all day that he was going to leave you when really he was planning all of this.

You left for the side stage so they could continue the show and once they both bowed Tyler nearly tackled you with hugs and kisses.

“Are you serious? You’ll really marry me?”

“Of course I will. I love you Ty.” you sat kissing him more.

You both headed back to the dressing room and he told you how he planned the whole thing today.

“Yeah today I just felt something I didn’t feel before and I knew I had to propose tonight. So me and Josh went to the jewelers and picked a ring that reminded me the most of you. Then when you were napping we rehearsing I learned can’t help falling in love. I just thought it was the perfect song to describe how I felt for you. I know you were kind of mad at me before for not telling you what was going on, but I sort of couldn’t. I had asked your parents if I could marry you about a month ago and I told them I wasn’t sure when I was going to, so today I was waiting for their approval to do it tonight before I went out with Josh.”

“I’m just happy you proposed instead of what I thought you were going to do.”

“What did you think was going to happen?”

“Honestly, I feel really guilty but I thought you were going to break up with me and when you left you forgot your phone. I looked at it and there was a text from Maddie and Zack that made me think you were gonna end the relationship. I know it’s dumb but I got scared.” You said with your head down.

He pulled you face up to meet his. “I love you too much to ever hurt you.”

Jake Gyllenhall Imagine

Originally posted by vismaviedevie

There were 2 interviews left for you to do and then you would be able to see Jake. It had been a long month of press, you really needed some down time. Got dressed, did one last check on the make up and was on your way to do The Ellen Show. This was the show you were looking for the most. Ellen had been someone who you love and look up to for years so being able to be on her show was big to you. 

Just as you thought walking out on the stage would be amazing. People yelling and clapping, music making you dance. Fun all around. It was so easy to talk to Ellen, she was open and made jokes, no wonder people loved her so much. 

“So Y/N you just did an amazing movie, but what I wanted to know is if Jake, your boyfriend” just her mentioning his name made you smile. “helped you with this role, did he give you any advice?” you smiled thinking about Jake and how he has always been there for you. 

“Yeah he did. He gave me a lot of advice, Jake’s an amazing guy and..” just as you were about to compliment Jake some more, a loud yell came from behind you. Making you yell and jump from your seat. Turning to see who or what was that scared you, you found Jake on the floor laughing. 

“You ass” you yelled at Jake as everyone laughed around you. After your heart started to calm down you laughed too. 

“I’m so sorry, but she offered me this and I just couldn’t let this go by” Jake said coming to you side. 

“And to think I complimented you. I’m taking it all back now” you joked as Jake got a sit for him to sit on. 

After the break Ellen decided to show the video of Jake scaring you, looking at it from a side it did look very funny and fun. 

“You better watch your back now. I’m getting my payback.” you said to Jake as the video ended. 

“Me? Ellen was the one who asked me to do it” Jake laughed seeing the video go on in the back. 

“Yeah but you still were the one to do it. So watch it buddy” he knew you would get him back, but it was all fun and games. 

“I love you” he said making his puppy eyes. 

“Yeah yeah, love you too. Even thou you almost gave me an heart attack.” 

Yah~! IMMA!!

summary: at one of the fan meets, a fanboy confesses his love for you after noticing you in a couple of broadcasts and videos of svt, and of course Hoshi had something to say about this
word count: 269


Imagine though…

At one of the fan meets the boys asked if any of the fans wanted to say anything, like questions or reasonable things they wanted to see from seventeen.
Everyone basically asked them to do dares and truths during this open mic, some were also expressing their love for the boys.

Until There was this one fanboy who stepped to the mic and mentioned you-lowkey speaking towards Hoshi, “Hoshi I saw one of your vlives and there was this girl, and if I remember Dino called her ‘y/n’…(impolite)” As he mentioned your name the other fans “oh” and “i remember"s while the other boys on stage looked towards the performance leader anticipating his reactions. ”… Can i be her boyfriend?“

As he ended his statement -again, informally- the boys turned their full attention to Hoshi who looked quite peeved off as he sat without emotions, and even if the other members wanted to protest against him knowing you’re real connection to Hoshi was ‘girlfriend’ not just ‘A girl FRIEND’, they couldn’t since you didn’t plan on going public yet and it was Hoshi’s job to announce your status.

Hoshi all of a sudden called “YA! How old are you, punk?” Looking all irritated though he was obviously containing his laughter. The fan looked as if he was going to pee him out of fear which broke the ‘tough’ act of Hoshi in an instant, Dino couldn’t help but hit his elder on the side telling him to explain properly.
And so the boy (Hoshi) did, especially after finding out the fan’s age was quite far from what you preferred.

Disclaimer: gif is not mine full © to creator

Early [Bucky x Reader]

Warnings: idk bucky going to war, crying, drama, shitty writting

A/N: so here’s the long awaited sequel to late- early [so original, ik ik] 

It can be reader as an individual part! It does have a part before this, called Late, which explains some of what has happened, but isn’t necessary to read it!

have fun!


Feeling lonely and being alone were two different things. And since those two were so consistently termed as being the same, you didn’t really know how to explain how lonely you felt in the middle of a crowded room.

You didn’t give yourself much time to remember Bucky. You tried desperately to cover it up, but deeper wounds take longer time to heal.

You had to allow yourself time to let the blood clot, to form the tissue that would still pain you when you touched it, but would protect you from outside threats anyways.

But watching him from the corner of the room, his face trained down on the floor, his hands shoved deeply in his pocket, picked on the scab of the cut like an inexperienced toddler.

His eyebrows were furrowed and even though you couldn’t see his eyes, you knew they were clouded over with thoughts you could never fully decipher.

You knew for a fact that he was leaving the next week for the war, the thought closing over your heart like an icy clamp as you thought of it every time.

People swished around you, their laughs and giggles filling the air as they danced to familiar tunes. A sense of nostalgia drifted though your mind like the fog of a dreary morning, slowly and wistfully as you continued to glance at him occasionally.

“May I have this dance?” He winked subtly at you, a wide grin filling his face as you laughed loudly.

“We’ve been dancing together the whole evening, you ridiculous being.” You giggled, feeling the grip around your waist tighten.

“I was told it was good manners to always ask someone before dancing.” He breathed out, an expression of awe weaving itself at your laugh.

“I think you get the point since we’ve been dancing for close to thirty minutes now, Bucky,” you teased him, eyes crinkling at the corners as he revelled in how utterly gorgeous you could possibly be, even with sweat threatening to drop down your forehead, a tired expression creeping it’s way to your face. But he was Bucky, and he was selfish and if could, he’d dance with you for as long as he could because he just wanted to feel the closeness of you to him.

“So do you want to dance with me, Y/N?” he asked with a small smile gracing his lips.

“I do,” you admitted, laying your forehead against his chest as you breathed in his scent with a content smile.

“Wait for a couple of years and you’ll be saying those words to me at the altar,” he said and you could feel him press a kiss to your head as a promise.

No words exchanged as he already knew your answer by the smile he felt against his chest and subtlest of nods.

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Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1132
Request: could you maybe do a lin x reader, where reader plays eliza and performs burn the night after they found out their s/o cheated on them and actually cries on stage and lin comforts them bc he’s in love with the reader and hates to see them hurt and it’s really super fluffy,,, bc whenever i hear burn i start crying and i need some lin fluff

i’m sorry i’m so mopey i’m just sick of losing all my friends, especially the ones who i thought i meant something to. 
I’m staying up for a while tonight. I’m quite tired, but my friend really wants anthony to notice her letter so i’m staying up for her. i’m going to do quite a bit of writing to pass the time, because i haven’t posted in a while and i feel bad for not doing so. I’m going to get back to normal hopefully. I just have one more week of school and then i’ll have time to myself.

thankyou all for sticking with me even if i’m super whiny and boring. requests are open, take care of yourselves friends x


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Everyone seemed to sense that something was off when you walked into the Richard Rodgers. Your earphones fitted securely over your ears, cutting you off from the rest of the cast. Your usually vibrant eyes were puffy, and slightly red. The smile that usually appeared when you got to work was nowhere to be found. You tried your best to act normal, but it was hard. You felt terrible, alone and betrayed. You were hurt, and you had no one.

When you found out that your partner had cheated on you, the world around you collapsed. The light in your life was gone. You were living out of a suitcase on your friend’s couch, and the couch was as hard as stone. You hadn’t slept since you found out. You were running on coffee and the knowledge that you had a show to complete.

You flinched when you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly pulled off your headphones, turning. You smiled weakly at Lin, putting your bag down.

“Are you okay?” Lin asked. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah, things are just a bit rough at the moment. I’m fine, honestly,” You croaked, ignoring his concerned gaze. His eyes studied your movements carefully, he gently pulled you into a hug.

“Just remember, we’re a family. If there’s anything going on and we can help, let us know,” Lin said, rubbing your back. You shivered at his touch.

“I… I will. Thank you,” You whispered, pulling away from the hug. “Ready for tonight, Hamilton?”

“Of course, best of wives and best of women,” Lin said, smiling. “I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” You replied quietly, picking up your bag again and heading into the dressing rooms.

The show that night was hard. In Helpless, you weren’t even half as lively as usual. You found it hard to feel something for Alexander as Eliza when you felt nothing. In That Would Be Enough, you were flat. You had dreams with your partner, you had planned to have children. You had planned for the future…

Say No To This ruined your night. You had to leave side stage and hide until the song was over. You couldn’t bare to watch. You knew Jasmine was an angel and would never cheat on anyone, but… it hurt. You saw your partner in them. You saw the betrayl. You saw the pain that you had been feeling. For the first time, you saw history through Eliza’s eyes.

You watched from the wings as The Reynolds Pamphlet slowly finished. You grabbed your lantern and paper, smiling weakly at Anthony who had just come offstage. He gave you a supportive smile, standing back and letting you enter the stage.

It was then that for the realisation hit again. There were so many reasons that your partner could’ve cheated, which one was it? You recalled the conversations in your head, the words of hatred towards you. The love that you thought you had shared…

The tears slowly started to slip out of your eyes as you sang. You felt vulnerable, sitting in the middle of a theatre filled with people. You were sharing your experience with them, but they had no idea. You took a deep breath, trying to snap out of it. The tears kept flowing down your cheeks.

“I hope that you burn,” You sang quietly at the end of the song, grabbing the lantern and exiting the stage.

You began to sob once your mic was turned off, trying to compose yourself. Renee and Jasmine came running, pulling you into a group hug.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing that song. We all had goosebumps,” Renee whispered, wiping the mascara from under your eyes. “We need to fix your makeup before you go back on.”

You nodded slowly, clinging to Renee weakly. “I… I’m sorry. I should’ve told someone. I…”

“Told someone what?” Renee whispered, rubbing your back. Jasmine pulled away from the hug, running to get some powder.

“They… they cheated. I have nowhere to stay, I haven’t slept in so long…. I’m hurt,” You whispered. You jumped when you heard the shotgun sound effect at the end of Blow Us All Away.

“We need to talk about this after,” Renee whispered, grabbing the powder from Jasmine and quickly applying it over your tear tracks. “Right now, you need to go witness your son dying.”

You laughed quietly, looking down at your dress. Your eyes widened. “Crap!” You exclaimed, quickly stripping your dress off and stepping into the other one. “Zip me up quick quick quick.”

Jasmine zipped up the dress, pushing you onto the stage. You wrapped your arm around Anthony, letting out your remaining tears.

Once the show finished, you found that almost everyone was hugging you and offering you a place to stay. After removing your makeup and costume, you headed for the stage door, only to have Lin stop you.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing (Y/N). That was incredible,” Lin said, opening the door for you. You smiled politely, stepping out into the streets of New York.

“I was just doing my best. Some of tonight wasn’t that great, I’ll be honest with you. But it’s moments like these when you realise how loving the theatre community really is. I don’t think I’ve ever received that many hugs in my life!” You stated, smiling at the thought of the massive group hug the cast had a few moments before.

“I love the theatre. I truly do. And I love everyone in it. Tell me, where are you staying at the moment? I know you were living with your partner…” Lin asked, shutting the stage door and walking along beside you.

“Friend’s couch. It’s not much, but it’s enough. I don’t have any other choice,” You said, shrugging.

“I think you have plenty of choices. You know, I have a friend with a bed that I’m sure he’d be willing to lend to you until you’re back on your feet. I bet he’d even take the couch instead of you,” Lin stated, avoiding your eyes. He looked at his feet, smiling.

“Your friend sounds amazing. Do I know them?” You asked.

“Well, yeah. You definitely do…” Lin started, trailing off. He hesitated, before adding, “It’s me! I’m the friend!”

You laughed quietly. “That would be incredible Lin. But only if you wanted to deal with my lack of sleep and happiness,” You said.

“Oh trust me, you don’t even know what a lack of sleep is yet. When I was writing the show…”

You continued to walk home with Lin, happily listening to his stories. The week that had started off roughly was ending well, and you sure couldn’t wait to sleep in a real bed again.

I wish I was mad

Request: part 3 to there she goes? - part one || part two

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warnings: miscommunication, angst, inaccurate broadway

Word count: 3164 (how the hell did that happen)

A/N: I love Karen Olivo btw. Also infinite thanks to the amazing @fragmentofmymind for helping me when I got stuck with this- I owe you! 

ask box || masterlist

people who asked to be tagged: @luna-keeps-the-nargles-away, @monsieur-lafayette, @ruth-hamilton-delrio, @ctrl-altdelete, @sweet-fate, @snoozing-hippogriffs-23, @hhroadgirl@fragmentofmymind

Karen Olivo. She was beautiful- that much you knew. The original Vanessa and subject of most of Lin’s stories about In the Heights. You watched her laugh to be among her old friends again and abruptly felt like an outsider. What right did you have to the role of Vanessa over her?

Lin still had his arm around her waist, fitting her against his side with a familiarity that made your heart ache. You must have been watching him for a moment too long, because he dropped his arm when he saw your eyes on him. Suddenly the texts you had seen on Chris’ phone seemed unimportant. You sat down and pulled out the book you always kept in your bag. You didn’t feel like talking anymore.

You tried to read, but you kept seeing the same sentence over and over again without really processing it. You heard Lin talking to Chris, Mandy giggling with Karen and Andréa, and even the whir of the coffee machine shutting down in the kitchen.

The sofa sank as Chris sat down beside you. “Hey Y/N,” he said with a tired smile. “How’s it going?”

You closed your book. “Great,” you sighed, not meeting his eyes.

Chris leaned forward. “Lin just got a part in Mary Poppins!” he whispered excitedly. He paused and his next words seemed weighted: “he might have to move to London.”

“Congratulations to him!” you said, but the words seemed to stick in your throat. As if it were not enough for him to bring Karen when you had just started to hope- now he was to go to London. London!

“Hey Y/N?” You looked up to see Lin, a beer in hand. “You want to share an Uber back later?” he asked.

You shook your head. “I think I might bow out now, actually.” Lin pouted but didn’t protest, so you got up and started to make your goodbyes.

Chris found you in the hallway, trying to find your coat under the others that were hung up there. “Don’t throw away your shot, Y/N,” he warned.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you said wearily, not in the mood for riddles. You wanted your bed, a mug of something warm, and something to make you forget Lin.

“He likes you, Y/N,” Chris pressed, “Can’t you see that?”

You scoffed as you yanked your jacket out from under Lin’s- of course Lin’s- and started to pull it on. “No he doesn’t, Chris,” you said, and you felt a lump in your throat, “Can’t you see? He’s perfectly happy with his Vanessa.”

Chris frowned. “But you’re his Vanessa-”

You opened the door and stepped out into the cold. “Bye, Chris.” 

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Tour Suprises

Requested by: @anjalirunner

Summary:Shawn and you are signers and he asks you to be his girlfriend on stage.


Your Pov:

Being on tour was so much fun. I got to meet so many people, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to do so. A couple months back I got asked to open up for Shawn Mendes for his ‘Illuminate’ world tour. I was estatic. Shawn is great guy. We’ve been on tour for about a few months now. Over those few months me and Shawn have become so close, so close in fact that I consider him my best friend. I can tell him anything, and he won’t judge me. But as we continue to grow closer my feelings for him grow stronger. At first I thought it was just silly crush but as we got into the tour more and I learned more about him I realized that I was in love him. That scared me, because I didn’t know if he would like me back. Every night when I come off stage he always compliments me saying that “I killed it!” and everytime he does I get tiny butterflies in my tummy and I blush. Nobody knows about my crush and I planned on keeping it that way for a while. It was a Friday night and we were playing in a really big arena. It was a sold out show and I was super nervous. I was sitting in my dressing getting ready when all of a sudden I hear a knock on my door. “Come in!” I told the person. The person behind the door opened it and closed it softly. “Hey Y/N!” I recognized the voice to be the one and only Shawn Mendes. “Hey Shawn, what’s sup?” I asked him as I was applying my makeup. “Nothing much, I was bored so I thought I would come visit you and see what you were up to.” He told me. I laughed. “Well as you can see I’m putting on my makeup.” “Yeah, I can see that.” He said sarcastically back to me. “Sooo are you nervous for tonight? I know I am.” Which was true, I for some reason was incredibly nervous and I just couldn’t figure out why. “Not really. Why, are you?” “Yeah, and I don’t know why” I told him honestly. “Well you have no reason to be nervous, your gonna kill, I know you will!” He told me giving me a boost of confidence. “Thanks Shawn, you always know how to make me feel better.” I told him as I got up out of my chair and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When my lips parted I noticed that his cheeks were a shade of pink. I quietly laughed to myself and turned back around to the table to finish my makeup. We chit-chatted for a while about random things. It was getting close to show time so Shawn had to leave. After he left my manager (manager name) came in. “Lets go Y/N! There’s only 2 minutes till you have to be on stage, so we need to go!” She yelled at me. “Okay, relax I’m coming.” I told her calmly. Jeez. We quickly made our way to the stage. “Good luck!” She told me with a small smile. “Thanks!” I responded happily. I could hear the screams of the crowd getting louder as the first beat of my song started to play. “How’s everybody doing tonight?!” I yelled into the microphone as I ran out on stage. They screamed louder in response. “The first song I’m about to play is off my new album and it’s very special to me, sing along if you know the words.” I told them as I started to sign the song. The crowd was so loud tonight, it was one of the best crowds that I have had this whole tour. After performing a couple of more songs it was time for me to leave and for Shawn to come out. “Thankyou guys so much! You were incredible!” I told the crowd. They screamed and at this point I thought I was going to go deaf. “Now, who’s ready for Shawn?!” I asked them. “He will be out in a little bit.” I told them with a small smile. The girls in the front were going nuts. “ I just wanna thank everybody one more time, God bless!” I said to the fans as I took a bow. As I was walking off I blew a little kiss to them. When I got off the stage I saw Shawn standing there holding his guitar. “You did awesome!” He told me with a huge smile on his face. “Thanks, the crowd is really loud tonight!” I told him. “Hell yeah they are, I think I’m gonna go deaf just standing hear and watching you, I can’t even imagine what’s it like on stage!” He told me while laughing. I laughed along with him as well. “Yeah haha. Well you better get out there you don’t want to keep them waiting any longer.” I told him as I could hear the crowd chanting Shawn’s name. “I guess your right.” He told me. “See you after the show.” He said to me as he gave me a quick hug and walked out onto the stage as the first beat of the song started to play.


Your Pov:

It was near the middle of the concert and I was having a great time watching from the side of the stage. Every now and then Shawn would look over and smile at me. Each time he would do that I would blush and look elsewhere. As the last beat to ‘Bad Reputation’ was played Shawn decided to talk to the crowd. “I wanna Thankyou guys so much for coming out tonight. It means a lot to me and I love you guys so much, you have no idea.” He told them with a small smile. His fans were screaming their heads off at this. “This next song that I’m about to play was written for a very important person in my life and she happens to be standing right over there.” He said as he pointed in my direction. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I mean Shawn wrote a song about me and I didn’t even know! My thoughts were going crazy but I still couldn’t help the small smile that started forming. “Y/N, will you come out here?” He asked me. I nodded and slowly walked out on the stage. The crowds screams got more louder which I didnt even think was possible. Once I got to were Shawn was standing he grabbed my hand and spoke to the crowd again. “Most of you guys know that Y/N is my best friend but lately I have been thinking of her as more than friend.” He told them honestly. My mouth hung open in shock at his words. Shawn liked me, he actually liked me. The feeling was mutual. I was flabbergasted. He turned his head to me . “ So Y/N, the reason that I brought you out on stage was because I wanted to tell you that I like you, a lot so much that i think I’m in love with you and I wanna ask you a very important question.” He told me with a nervous smile on his face. I nodded at him still in shock that he like me. “Y/N Y/LN, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me. My eyes filled with tears at this. He was so sweet. I nodded my head so fast that I’m pretty sure I got whiplash. I jumped in his arms and hugged him so tight. He caught me and hugged me back lightly kissing me on the forehead. Once we pulled away he motioned me to sit on a chair that was placed behind me. I have no idea where it came but I honestly didn’t care. I sat down on the chair and somebody came over to Shawn and handed him a bouquet of red roses. He thanked them and turned around to me. He handed them to me. “Pretty flowers for a pretty girly.” He said once I had them in my hands. I just smiled and chuckled at him. He was so silly. He turned back to the microphone and started talking to the still roaring crowd. “ Landies and Gentleman please give it up for my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N!” He yelled out. The fans cheered and clapped. I was so embarrassed. I’m pretty sure my face was bright red at this point. Shawn started to speak again after they quieted down a little. “Now as I was saying earlier this next song is dedicated to Y/N. I might need your guys’ help so sing along with me if you know the words.” He told them. He bent down to pick up his guitar and started strumming. At first I didn’t know what song it was but as he got further into it I recognized it. It was one of my favorites off the album, it was ‘Lights On.’ I started to blush madly. I was bobbing my head to the beat. During the song Shawn would make eye contact with me and would smile the biggest smile. As it was nearing the end of the song he looked directly at me as he sang it. “ I wanna love you with the lights on, love you with the lights on.” He stopped for a small second just staring at me. “Love you with the……. lights onnnnnnnn.” He finished the song and the crowd went wild. Everybody was clapping there hands, me included. I was even a little teary eyed. I hopped off of the chair and walked over to him. I pulled him into another hug. As we were hugging he whispered into my ear. “I love you so much, I can’t believe your finally mine.” I shook my head and laught slightly. “I love you too, and I know I can’t believe it either.” We pulled away from the hug and stood facing the crowd. He put his mouth close to the microphone and started speaking. “Everybody give it up for Y/N one last time!” Once again the crowd went nuts. I smiled and bowed thinking it would be funny. It ended up being funny and people were laughing. Shawn out his arm around me and we walked off the stage. Shawn still had a couple more songs to perform so he had to go back out. “I’ll see ya after the show GIRLFRIEND.” He told me putting emphasis on the word Girlfriend. “Okay BOYFRIEND, now go out there and kill it and afterwards we can go get ice cream to celebrate.” I told him also putting emphasis on the word BOYFRIEND teasing him. “Sounds like a plane babe, and don’t worry I’ll kill it just for you.” He told me while winking at the last part. I just laughed and shook my head. He kissed me lightly on the forehead and headed back out. For the rest of the concert I stood on the side holding my roses and watching my talented boyfriend kill it. I had a smile on my face the whole time. All in all it was one of the best nights that I have ever had and I am so incredibly lucky to have someone in my life like Shawn.

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Title: Nerves 

Warnings: None

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One more performance and you’d be finished with university. You had managed to get into your dream school and only your senior recital was sitting between you and graduation. Your parents and siblings had flown in to see your piece. Andre said the team’s flight back from their road trip was going to be late; that he would be cutting it close, but that he wouldn’t miss it for anything. One of the professors was getting ready to announce your performance. You gazed through the bright lights and into the audience, searching for Andre and your family. Your eyes landed on your parents, then the empty seat beside them. Andre wasn’t there.

Your heart dropped. Andre always told you that you brought him luck when you came to his games and you felt the same. You always danced better when Andre was there to support you. You were about to change your major, about to give up dancing for something “more practical” when you met Andre. He had convinced you to follow your dream, to continue dancing. From that day on he had been your biggest supporter.

“Introducing, (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N)!” the professor announced, gesturing for you to come on stage as she exited. You walked slowly onto the stage, nerves taking over as you got into position. You raised your arms; taking a final look to the audience, relief washed over you as you saw Andre hurriedly scooting into the row and making his way over to the empty seat beside your mom. The nerves left your body as you saw his bright smile. You nodded at the audio technician, who started your music.

The 5 minutes passed quickly, hitting each of your moves precisely, seemingly floating across the stage. The music stopped as your performance came to an end; a huge smile spreading across your face as the audience rose; a standing ovation. You took your final bows, looking down at your parents who were beaming with pride. Once again, you noticed Andre’s seat was vacant. Your smiled faded slightly, wondering where Andre could have gone.

You turned to exit the stage, but saw Andre standing between the curtains. You stopped surprised he had gotten backstage. The crew who ran the senior recital was very strict about access to the back of house. He grinned, walking out onto the stage to meet you; wrapping you in a bone crushing hug. “I’m so proud of you, baby.” he whispered in your ear. The familiar scent of his cologne comforted you.

“Andre, what are you—“ you tried to question as he pulled away from you. He dropped to one knee, as your heart thundered in your chest. He reached out to hold your hand; you could feel that his hand was shaking. Sensing his nerves, you brought your other hand up to cup his in your own. Giving it a squeeze, smiled down at him. Reassured, he grinned up at you.

“(Y/N), meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You’ve been my biggest supporter and kept me sane these past two seasons. I would love to have you by my side and show you all the love you’ve shown me.  I’ve been so proud to call you my girlfriend for the past two years, and I would love to call you my wife. Will you marry me?” he asked, his eyes shining up at you as you carefully pulled a ring box out of his jacket pocket, cracking it open to reveal a beautiful ring, the diamond refracting the bright lights from the stage.

Tears spilled down your cheeks as you gently tilted Andre’s face up to yours, crashing your lips to his. “Yes, Andre.” you breathed out as you pulled away. He rose to his feet, smiling as he slid the ring on your finger.

The sound of the audience applauding again snapped you back to reality. Andre blushed; you smiled as you dragged him off the stage. “I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you, too.” you grinned, pulling him into a corner, out of the way. “How did you convince the crew to let you do this? Everyone around here is so stuffy when it comes to ‘theater etiquette’.” you laughed, pulling Andre into a hug. “Babe, are you okay? Your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your body.” you said, resting your hands on his chest.

He reached up, laying his hands over yours. “That’s the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life.” he said, breathing a sigh of relief. “And it was much easier to convince the crew to let me do this than I originally thought. The stage manager is actually a huge Caps fan, so a couple comp tickets and, boom. I get to steal the stage.”

“How easily they’re swayed.” you grinned.

“Apparently I’m very convincing. Your parents gave me their blessing without me having to bribe them.”

“I have to go find my mom!” you said; realizing in the excitement that your parents were in the building. Grabbing his hand, you led him to the door. “This ring is beautiful, Andre.” you gushed, taking another glance down at the sparkling rock on your finger.

“I’m glad you like it, babe.” he lightly tugged on your arm, stopping you before you could turn into the lobby. “I know you have a lot of celebrating to do tonight with your family, but—“

“But after dinner, we’ll make our escape. It’ll be just the two of us, I promise.” you said with a grin.

“I like the way you think.” he smiled.

You rolled your eyes, pulling him into the lobby. He was going to be yours. Forever.

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Only For You

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Y/n and Aaron had been together for about six months and neither of them could be happier. She couldn’t see herself with anyone else, nor could he. They were completely enamored with each other. Aaron had Y/n’s support at every performance and concert he gave and he couldn’t have been more in love. The world was dull without Y/N in it. He didn’t know how he lived without her before, that was a mutual statement for Y/N as well.

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