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Hey how are you? I've noticed you haven't been blogging that much, and you might just be busy with the sims (aka the good shit, hell yeah) or just not on much or just busy, but I wanted to check in and make sure your okay .... Sorry if this is personal or anything

Yeah, the reasons I havent been as active lately are:

  • Depression (but lol whats new)
  • Sims
  • School (just started my spring courses at ucf and my schedule is slammed)
  • lack of motivation to post ladybug stuff
    • im starting to really feel this hiatus and the lack of new content is sapping my inspiration to write. i havent looked at my drafts in weeks but im hoping my energy to finish my fics comes back soon.

Thanks for checking in! <3

I love the dolls with wonky eyes, I love the dolls with sock dresses. I love the Fairylands, I love the Resinsouls, I love the Volks and the Mirodolls. I love the dolls with hairs out of place, I love up-the-nose shots, I love all of the things that so many people feel the need to mock and judge. Know why? These things remind me of the fact that we are all imperfect, in an imperfect world, and these dolls bring us joy. So, so much joy. That doll you see as an eyesore? To their owner, they are perfect. They bring joy and light and beauty into an otherwise ugly world, in their own imperfect way. That’s what’s important. I’d rather have an imperfect doll and a smile, than a flawless doll and an ugly attitude.

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Does AT ever go wonky? I can't think of any examplea off the top of my head but that might be bc of the relative stylistic simplicity

it does a lot (height inconsistencies are abt as common as in steven), it’s just that the show is already so loose people don’t really mind it but it’s off model-ness used to be a big point of criticism against it and fans of it also really disliked Jesse Moynihan’s boarding at first, especially how he drew jake:

it’s not really because it’s off model but the art in the cgi episode ‘A Glitch is a Glitch’ wasnt well received, a lot of people especially complained about the contrast and colors

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could you do a list of niall's flaws, like the ones you think he has, people usually only bring up the good stuff, but i would like to hear the flaws too, not to tear him down or anything, but to understand him a little more

Oh goodness, anon. I don’t know if I’m the best person to answer this. I tend to be a little Pollyanna about this kind of thing. Cockeyed optimist, here.

Not to say that I think that Niall is perfect. I know no one is. And honestly a lot of things that, we’ll say, aren’t my favorite things about are more of age and position things (partying etc). So overlooking things like his questionable taste in films, apparent allergy to color in his decorating and the wonky toe (because none of these things are flaws) I will endeavor to make some assumptions about his personality that might make him a little more human. (Thanks @melissas173 for helping me 😘)

I would say in personal relationships that he seems to be a loyal and good friend. I also think he has no problem cutting people off who have fucked him over.

He is admittedly restless and I suspect that has played a part in why he’s single. I don’t think he has any desire to be tied down to anyone any time soon.

I absolutely love when Niall gets salty but he seems like the kind of person who always has to have the last word. I honestly would not like to fight with him. He’s quick and witty and I bet he can be mean if he wants. (I’ve never seen him be mean but I could see it.)

If he’s as much of a neat freak as everyone assumes he is, we would not get along at all lol.

Also, that chicken did not look sufficiently seasoned.

Ok now I’m gonna to my happy sexy Niall bubble. Thanks for stopping, anon! 😘😘

Meeting the parents

A short drabble of Newt meeting your parents.


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“it’ll be fine newt, I promise’, you swore to him as his long fingers fumbled with his bowtie. Gently pushing his hands away, you fixed his tie, making sure it wasn’t wonky, satisfied with your work, you placed a quick kiss to his nose. “They will love you, just like I do.’  You tried to reassure, resting your hands on his shoulders. “and besides, what is it you always tell me? Worrying means you suffer twice’ you received a weary expression, ‘I wish I’d never told you that now’ as he teasingly prodded at your nose.

“come on you silly man’ you encouraged him, linking your arms, and aperating to your childhood home.

You wrapped your knuckles on the door, squeezing Newt’s hand as you did.

Through the little window in the door, you could see your mum almost bouncing down the hall, swinging the door open and pulling you into a tight hug. “oh sweetheart, my darling, we’ve missed you ’ she murmured into your shoulder as she squeezed you. “this young man must be your Newton, my you picked a handsome one there, sweetheart’ your mother complimented before bundling a blushing Newt into his own hug.

“it’s a pleasure to meet you at last Mrs y/l/n’ newt shuck her hand politely. “come through dear, I can hear the kettle squealing’ you found newts hand once more giving him a reassuring smile as your mother guided you both into the kitchen, where the smell of vanilla cake hung about the air.

Your father strode in from the garden, his hands and the knees of his trousers covered in soil. He shuffled past you pecking your cheek on his way to the sink. “how’s the star grass getting on, dad?’ you asked as he wrapped you up in hug, ‘it’s much happier now, after your Newt  sent that dung’ sending a nod in newt’s direction, before letting you go, to clasp newts hand. “it’s lovely to meet you sir, I’m pleased that the unicorn dung worked.’ With a pat to his shoulder, your father ushered Newt to the table, where your mother’s Victoria sponge sat along with a large pot of tea and several tea cups.

The four of you sat quite happily, chatting, eating and drinking together. You couldn’t wipe the grin off of your face, even if you wanted to. Holding newt’s hand under the table as he chatted enthusiastically with your father about herbology.


Have a great day and be safe

why am I doing this

Hey y'all, don’t hate me, but I know I’m my blog I follow back but there’s way too many blogs that I’ve followed and my feed is a mess and it takes me hours to catch up on things I might’ve missed and my notifications have gotten all wonky, so that isn’t really helping either. I feel like a terrible person doing this but I’m going to be going on a huge unfollowing spree soon. Let me make it clear that I AM NOT UNFOLLOWING EVERY SINGLE PERSON. I really just need to clean things up because it’s all too time consuming to go through everything and I miss out on too much and waste too much time. I’m really sorry but I really didn’t want to seem like a horrible person but I don’t know what I can do. I’m sure I’m going to lose a crap ton of followers doing this and I’m really just a terrible person, I know. I tried really hard to find a way out of it because I love and support you all the way you love and support me but it’s gotten beyond overwhelming. I follow over a thousand blogs that are constantly posting and reblogging posts every minute. Each time I refresh my feed I have to scroll through 20ish more posts to find where I missed something. I’m really sorry. I know I’m probably going to regret this but I know most of you will understand. Love and hugs. 💚💚💚