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Aaaaa my heart. Thank you so much for writing two versions of your book!! I'm almost crying right now because I used to read a lot of books but then I started getting more and more fed up with unneeded sex scenes with no emotional interactions at all and I just- I keep reading all the stuff you're saying about the fluffy version and my heart hurts with how much I need a book that doesn't depend on sex. Thank you. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day!! Imma go cry now

And reactions like yours are exactly why I am doing it. 

As I have said in the past, quite a few times now, actually so you’ll forgive me if I copy paste and paraphrase from previous replies about this: 

I never want to exclude anyone from my writing simply because I have a kinky streak the length of the A1 (other British folk know what I’m talking about). At the end of the day, I’m ultimately writing about people and love. And you don’t need sex to write about either of those. You don’t need sex to be in a loving relationship. You don’t need to want sex to be human.

Or a vampire. Or a werewolf. Or whatever else you might be.

Sex is not the definition of humanity. It is not the zenith of our existence in this world.

So yes. I will keep writing smutty fun novels, but I will also always write sex free fun versions of the books as well. Always. Because that shit matters. It matters a lot and I am determined to try and do it right so I’m going to have to ask for patience while I do it because it would be just so easy to rip the sex scenes out of the book and offer it up. But that’s not good enough. And it’s not the story I am telling. 

So yea, I’ll just be over here, writing two versions of the manuscript in tandem. Feeling very out my depth and overwhelmed because holy shit you guys, this started just over a year ago as a shit post about paranormal romance tropes. A shit post


A reply to a raging anti-SQ and anti-Regina...

… Killian Jones and Captain Swan stan, who sent us about 13 messages (yeah, trackers speak no lies, and–what a ‘refreshing’ thing to get back to, after a holiday) following a really old post–in which they aggressively defend his actions, again by ‘paralleling’ him against Regina as the ultimate rapist, molester and murderer (which, yawn–it’d be nice if you could prove him worthy of Emma Swan without trying to tear Regina apart, but you can’t–can you?) and spew a metric ton of anti Swan Queen, homophobic misogynist crap. Among which, asking US what OUR “understanding" of sexism, misogyny and rape culture–is.

I mean, really?

You got ALL you ever wished for, you privileged entitled arsewipes! Your designated white fuckboy completely took over a show that was once about strong women, and once remarkable female character got chewed up and spat out for him–so what more do you want? And now, after all the shit you left in our inbox, you dare to ask us, even childishly, spitefully so–what “we think" sexism and misogyny are? After sending a messagelike this:

Ironic, don’t you think? Or perhaps moronic?

But no, we are not offended by this toxic language. We are contemptuous of it. Just as we would be, if it had a different target:

Now, you may claim that you’re a woman, a grown one at that (a miserable excuse for one, but hey) but using that as an argument–is the same as saying “it’s not a nazi swastika, it’s a buddhist one” or “I can’t be a racist, I don’t use the N word in public” or “just because I don’t ship that queer crackship it doesn’t make me homophobic”. Not that calling someone ‘cunt’ (though I wouldn’t ever call you that–because you have neither depth nor warmth) or a ‘feminist’ is an insult, but everything else (in other 12 messages as well, so there’s no way in hell we’re posting anything else–for your sake) that you spat–THAT is what homophobia, sexism, misogyny and rape culture are.

All of which makes you, my dear–a piece of shit, really.

Now crawl back to your repulsive cesspool of a fandom, and stay there among other uneducated, unwashed masses. Simmer in all that mindless hate and internalized misogyny. Your arse is blocked here.

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For UF, SF, HT, and MT skelebros, how would they react if their s/o liked being in contact with them a lot. Walking together down the street, they hold his hand. Laying down on the couch or in bed, they go to bury themselves in his arms. When asked about why they do this they reply, "Because I feel safe when I'm with you. I can fully relax and know that no harm will ever come to me as long as you're here."

* Also, sorry bae I don’t do Horrortale
* If any one of y’all imagine hoes out there wanna pick that up for me, you’re welcome to!!

Context: Early stages of their relationship.


He gets flustered very easily by casual affection, but as long as it isn’t too smothering or dramatic, he’ll accept it silently even as blush creeps up his face. He’s not one for actively initiating physical affection even as he actively craves it so he secretly really enjoys the fact that his S/O does this. It takes a long while for him to actually ask because he’s afraid that if he mentions it, he’ll make things awkward and they’ll stop doing it. So for a long while, he just silently reciprocates whenever his S/O initiates affection. He only eventually asks because he was spiralling one night and wondering why the hell they’re even with him and why they seem to like his company so much. What do they want from him? It’s after their response that their relationship moves to another level of closeness. His S/O trusts him, feels safe around him. Holy shit. If that doesn’t make him more protective than ever, I don’t know what will. He gets more touchy, slowly initiating more and more physical affection himself because he wants to keep them close. He knows he’s not the most ideal romantic partner, but keeping that safe? That he can do.


He adores the way they openly show affection to him, pulling them close whenever they snuggle up. But like his brother, he won’t actively initiate physical affection and in fact rarely ever will even in later stages of the relationship. In a relationship with Boss, he will automatically try to take care of his S/O and having them be affectionate in this way really immerses him in the role of the protector, making him feel wanted and important. Their response only further cements this mentality. He will take care of his S/O like no other, being firm but loving as he tries to tend to all their needs, wants and obligations. He’s the kind of boyfriend to memorise your schedules and try to make it easier for you in any way he can. It will come out pretty loud and angry but he’ll make you keep to any meds you have, food, sleep, etc.


He is very flattered by the way they so openly show their affection for him. It gives him quite an ego boost, thinking that their affection for him is so strong that they can’t resist showing it so frequently. He pretends to be above their gentle affection but reciprocates in small but obvious ways to show that he really does appreciate it. When he finds out the reason, he drops the holier than thou act somewhat. He is very genuinely touched by their blatant trust in him and his abilities. Their response initiates a closer level of understanding and gentleness towards his S/O and is the beginning of Sans opening up and being more sincere with his S/O rather than focusing on his imagine in front of them. He gets very protective and defensive of his S/O, especially because now he thinks he is expected to be.


He’s pretty jumpy from their casual affection at first because um??? the person he likes???? keeps?? showing??? him???? affection????? He shyly returns their affections when they do so, trying to work up the nerves to initiate the affection first as well. He honestly still can’t believe they’re actually dating, definitely doubting their feelings for him. Not because he thinks they’re lying, no. He just has a hard time believing it. That is why he asks. And their response completely blows him out of the water. On one hand, he has an even harder time digesting that and letting it sit. On the other hand, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He feels so wanted and trusted and loved and just slightly overwhelmed with how much he wants to return their affection. He promises them and himself then, that he won’t let them down. He’s willing to throw everything he’s got away to keep them safe and happy.


He loves their quiet and affectionate nature. Thinks it’s really cute and a lovely peaceful change of pace from the rest of his lifestyle. In fact, it’s exactly the relationship he felt he had been looking for all this time. He’ll practically drown himself in his S/O’s affection, returning it full force and then some. He thinks that if someone can be so affectionate with him like this, he probably isn’t that bad a guy, right? When he finds out the reason for their affections, he gets pretty emotional. After all the things he’s done, everything that he still does, they still trust him this much? He’s always considered their safety when he goes on jobs. After this, it’s pretty much ensured because knowing they put so much faith in him, he absolutely can never ever no matter what let them down. He’d dust everyone in the area and then himself before he lets anyone come close to them. They’ll never come to harm, not someone so wonderful, not someone who makes him feel clean again. He gets even more careful with covering his tracks so as to not lead back to his S/O. He also gets twice as touchy, and tries to treat them extra cheesy romantically for awhile. Unfortunately, his energy runs out at some point and he reverts back to normal lazy romantic with occasional bursts of cheesy romance when he has the energy to.


This actual literal cinnamon roll loves every ounce of affection he recieves from anyone, especially the person he loves. Start of the relationship or not, the intensity and blatantness of his affection never wavers. People tend to see him as scary and intimidating because of his job so he loves the fact that his S/O has no qualms about snuggling up to him. He goes completely starry eyed at their confession, physical affection increasing in frequency and intensity by 9999999. He already loves showing off in front of his S/O as a display of strength. The fact that they think of him so highly, to be able to protect them, really bolsters his self confidence in his capabilities. But it also gives him some pressure and anxiety. What if he’s not good enough? What if he can’t keep them safe all the time? What if something really happens? He ends up enlisting his entire gang to help keep his S/O safe. 

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((^^^ look where ‘coma dream’ is!))


(also, fun facts: I Jossed ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ so bad it became the NHL!Bitty you know and love.)

  • Nick: Do you have to have meetings now and decide what font to use?
  • Harry: Yeah. That's when you realize you're admining when it's like fonting. And then you realize how particular you are about fonts. You see one font and you're like 'Well, that's not the right font!!!'
  • Nick: I won't reply to people if they use a bad font in emails.
  • Harry: I know. Like people would email in red. Why??!!!
  • Nick: Get out of here, you loser!!! Someone emailed me once in Comic Sans and I vomited.
  • Harry: I saw an article yesterday about the man, who designed Comic Sans, defending himself. I thought it was amazing. I was like 'Well, you defend your font! Absolutely!'

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Hi! I want to write a fic based around Peter having memory loss after a mission and his s/o explaining his life. His spidey powers, uncle Ben and how he's trans. "You were a girl" s/o ads, listing up basic facts about Peter. "I don't.. Feel like a girl" he says softly. "You're not. You're a boy- a man, you always were. You started off as a girl, a little mistake in the womb," s/o replies. "You were pretty as a girl, but happiness looks so much better on you"

as someone who has been asked a billion times why i “chose” to be trans, and who has repeatedly had to tell people “yeah, i probably could have kept pretending that i was a girl when i knew i was a boy, but dealing with transphobia is better than looking forward to dying just so i can get away from this body” that last part hits home

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not hate but why do you talk like a 14 year old when you're in your late 20s/early 30s?

How does one talk like a 14 year old on a blog? Like I type things and you read them = me talking?!

Also let’s get this out of the way because for some reason there’s a thing like age shaming here on tumblr or like in the kpop community?! I’m turning 30 years old in September yes, what is people’s problem with age?!??!? I keep getting shit for this every year.

Seventeen as husbands (waking up version) - DONGSAENG TEAM
  • Mingyu: the type of husband who gets up first and disappears before you wake up, he'll try not make a sound so that you can sleep peacefully, he'll make your breakfast and once he's done.. he goes back to your room and tries to wake up and once you're awake.. "good morning yeobo, i made breakfast. let's go eat now".
  • Dokyeom: the type of husband that is full of energy when waking up and would try to wake you up but you'll just say "babe, i didn't get a proper sleep last night bcos you were too noisy sleep talking" and he'll just apologize but still he'll make a lot of noise so that you'll get up.
  • The8: the type of husband that you always wake up by poking his cheeks and when he gets annoyed "ya, babe i know that is you" /pretends to be asleep/ he'll go "babe, stop pretending that you're asleep" then he smiles and starts tickling you.
  • Seungkwan: the type of husband who is already noisy when he wakes up, you don't need an alarm clock because he's already your alarm clock.. you just wake up and throws pillow at him saying "jagi, why you so noisy?" and he'll just reply "finally, you're awake."
  • Vernon: the type of husband who drools when he sleeps, you'll just stare at him and laughs then you'll wipe off his drool on his cheek then he wakes up, greets you "good morning" and he pulls you closer and then falls back to sleep.
  • Dino: the type of husband that would use you as his pillow, you get up because of him hugging you tightly but still he'd pull you back to the bed and say "please stay here for a while, i just want to cuddle with you".

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I think the saddest part of the prologue is how hopeful Viktor is. He's all "Yeah! I'll figure out why Yuuri hates me and then I'll fix it and then he'll like me!" Lol, nope. You're gonna get broken a few times before that happens, Viktor.

One of the things I love about Viktor in the anime and as a character is even though he’s reckless and doesn’t think things through at all he’s still so hopefully and happy at everything! 

The signs as things my mother said + has done
  • Taurus: Woke me up out of my sleep to go do the dishes and bring her the remote.
  • Gemini: Yelled at me while I was asleep, then when I woke up she laughed and claimed, "you must have dreamt it."
  • Cancer: (referring the the movie facing Giants) "this movie reminds me so much of my life." (Me: why?) "because everything is so perfect in the beginning then it all turns into a disaster."
  • Leo: Used my hair wan, hair brush and Makeup brushes then when confronted about it she replied with, "I made you but don't get it twisted; I'm still the queen. You're just my servant."
  • Virgo: After I went to the store for her, washed her dishes, cleaned her bedroom and organized her closet she angrily said, "I'm so sick of your ungrateful attitude."
  • Libra: "Ooh..You should date him, you two have a lot in common, he's cute.. and he's got big feet.." ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  • Scorpio: Randomly turned to me and said,"That's your father, not my blood. I'm married to him but he can easily be divorced. You, however have to carry his genes until you die."
  • Sagittarius: Took us on an impromptu road trip but didn't know where she was going. She got lost but didn't wanna admit it so she stopped by a bunch of malls and food places to keep me quiet.
  • Capricorn: Left my dad a cute little pink post it note on the refrigerator door that said, "pay the goddamn water bill." In cursive.
  • Aquarius: Put a cross in her car window, cursed out everyone that would jump in her lane. No one could say anything to her about it.
  • Pisces: Found movies for us to watch on a rainy day, made a fort out of blankets then baked these adorable little sugar cookies in case we got hungry.
#177 - For tokyyo-narita & anoymous

Filling the prompts “Van feeling like he’s not giving ready enough love or time and she has to convince him that she knows he loves her and she’s so proud of him like (extra if reader surprises van with her own career milestone like a book or album of her own and like uses it to show that she has her own thing too)” and “reader getting a tattoo and Van being there making fun but at same time he would be supportive and cute” from @tokyyo-narita

It was probably regular printer paper, but it felt heavier. Thicker. The white of it had a creaminess, and the ink was a deep black. You’d always loved stationery, so you took your time noticing those details before starting on the actual letter. It was from a publishing house. You were used to getting mail from them, but you’d learned to recognise the rejection letters without needing to even open the envelope. They were always mass produced things. Cheap stationery prone to producing paper cuts. Template written. Nothing like the correspondence in your hands.

Maybe the publishing house just cared about everything that left their doors, regardless of it being good news or bad. Maybe someone had taken the time to read your entire manuscript and provide meaningful feedback. That had happened once before. Maybe it really was about to deliver the dream you’d had since you first strung the alphabet together in a messy sentence.

You’d gotten as far as reading your name when Van walked through the front door. He was followed by Little Mary, her nails scratching at the floorboards and her bark bouncing off the walls. After them was Larry. Your holy trinity. You stuffed the letter back in the envelope and put in your bag.

“Hey, buttercup!” Van greeted. You walked to him and let him lift you by the waist and spin you around. It was good to have them all home. They’d flown in the night before, woken up late, then went out to get food. The kitchen filled with the smell of hot pastry and fresh bread.

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Tsk,don't even liked Sargon nor do I even watch him very much if at all for that matter. And you do know that "pseudo intellectual personified into a single man who is smug as possible and wrong about everything" can be applied to many college "professors" and so-called "Scientists" of today like Bill Nye (Use to look up to this dude) Also if you're wonderin' why I'm sendin' an Ask it's because that "Geekandmisandry" lady blocked me buttt not before she sent a length and repetitiv reply. Typical

Really, Bill Nye is a psuedo intellectual?  Because he…believes in Climate change?  Yes, because nothing says pseudo intellectual like agree with almost 100% of experts on the subject of Climate change.  

The thing about science is, you don’t just get to ignore it if you don’t like the result, there is this thing called the scientific method.  

None of which  changes the fact that Sargon of Akkad never does any basic research, and pretty much everything he says can be proven wrong with basic research. 

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“Are you on google? Because… I’ve been searching for you… on google.”

“You’re hopeless.”

Saihara threw his hands in the air, “I’m sorry! But pick up lines are… kind of weird. Besides, I’m already dating her, so why do I need these?”

Kaito snorted, “Because they sound cool? Listen, you came to me for romance advice. Try harder!”

Saihara replied, “Maybe if you took that stupid wig off I could concentrate.”

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All I saw this episode were possibilities for plot twists and it's driving me insane. Possibility for Legends timeline changes, possibilities for Iris' future, possibilities for deaths and it's amazing

This episode was honestly so good.

So good. 

Why is it that the episodes of The Flash that have Len in them are always such good episodes on every front? Like not just him (though he was amazing), but all around?

He’s magic, I swear.

Now I just need that gif of him getting out of cuffs and saying “magic”.

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Will Victor tell to Yuuri how much is beautiful and how much he's endearing and everything in order to make him realize his beauty and his true value? Does Victor has any clue about his anxiety and his low self-esteem during umftbamha? If not, i really want to see how he will react lol! "What??? But why are you lacking So much confidence??? You're the best creature on earth?"!! It Will be So cuuute.... (excuse my english)

Viktor only finds out about Yuuri’s anxiety after chapter 13 and he never guessed before because Yuuri’s always acts confident and also Viktor never considered that Yuuri might not see himself the way that Viktor sees him. But after they get together he makes a big effort to try and get Yuuri to see himself like Viktor sees him! 

#4 you're his celebrity crush

AN: I do have a request waiting but I was finding it quite difficult to write so I have written this one while I wait to get inspiration/ideas for the requested preference. If you have any requests just let me know and I shall work on them!  

Luke: “We are here with 5 seconds of summer! How are you guys? You excited to be at the premiere or Y/N’s new movie?” The interviewer asked,   “We are very excited!” Ashton replied smiling,    “Especially Luke” Michael added in.     “Why is that?” the interviewer asked turning his gaze so he was looking at Luke, there was no reply, just a red glow forming over his cheeks.    “He has a massive crush on Y/N, he hopes he can see her in person.” Calum answered for Luke, “Just see her? Wouldn’t you want to talk to her?” the interviewer asked to Luke again, shaking his head he finally answered “I would like to talk to her but I can’t, it won’t work,”  “Yeah, we are just talking about her and he’s gone red, imagine what he will be like talking to her!” Michael said pinching Luke’s red cheek, swatting Michael’s hand away Luke felt himself go – if possible – even redder. “Well if you want a glimpse of her, look to your left,” the interviewer motioned with his head in the direction you were; you were about 10 foot away. Looking around you saw the 4 boys and the interviewer looking at you, feeling a bit awkward you smiled and waved at them, seeing them all smile back at you made you feel more at ease. A body guard came up to you telling you needed to move on to talk to some more interviewers before the film started. The boys watched you walk away and for the rest of the night their eyes followed you around the red carpet.

Calum: He had a lot of pictures of you on his phone.  Sometimes fans would even send him pictures of you that they would find online as they knew of his huge crush. It was once mentioned in a twitcam how much he liked you. There was a rumour he even had your poster on his bedroom wall back home however that was never confirmed. He has mentioned several times in interviews that one of his goals is to add to his photo collection a photo of himself and you. His luck hit when you were both at an award show and he bumped into you – literally. “I’m so sorry,” he said holding his hand out for you to take, “It’s honestly fine, I should have been looking where I was going” you replied taking his hand and standing up. Once up you tried to take your hand back but you couldn’t, “Erm, Calum” you said looking at your hand, “You know my name?” he asked star struck, chuckling, “Yes I do,”. It was then he noticed he was still holding your hand, “Oh sorry” however he still didn’t let your hand go. “Would you mind if we got a picture together?” he asked, “Sure, of course” you replied quickly making sure all of your hair was in place, posing for the camera he took a picture, just as he was about to bring his phone back down you kissed him in the cheek which of course made him take another snap.

Michael: Twitter was his way of talking to you. Before 5 seconds of summer had as many followers they do now he always knew there would be almost no chance of you seeing him replying to your tweets however now he has his followers and fans to help him get noticed by you. ‘I need a movie buddy for my film night tonight, all of my other friends are boring :(!’ you tweeted, he was quick with his reply. ‘@Y/T/N I’m free tonight if you need me ;)’ he then tweeted afterwards ‘ # Y/N notice Michael’  which then began to trend. Curious of the hashtag you clicked on it and saw that the accounts that came up with the tag was your own and Michael’s, you had heard of 5 seconds of summer but you had never really looked into them much so you decide to scroll through his twitter looking at his selfies and all of those tweets sent to you, smiling to yourself you tweet to him ‘@Michael5SOS I may have to take you up on that offer :P’ you DMed him your address and soon you saw that the new trends were #We did it and #Y/N and Michael

Ashton:  “What was the last film you watched together?” the interviewer asked during an interview. The interview was called ‘the last’ and contained questions such as, ‘who was the last person you texted’ and ‘when was the last time you laughed’ “The last film we watched was that film by Y/N that came out a few weeks ago” Calum answered the interviewer, “Yeah, we actually recently had a Y/N-a-ton” Luke added, “Ashton has a huge crush on her and he wants to see everything that she has been in. “I don’t see the problem with that,” Ashton defended, “She’s a great actor and she is beautiful,” “Yeah however not everything she has been in has been good,” Michael complained. “Well, I’ll have to give you some exciting news Ashton,” the interviewer said which got the attention of the 4 again, “Y/N is set to have an interview here about an hour after you guys, if you stick around you may get to meet her,” Ashton looked at the other 3 and gave them his puppy eyes. “Well, when it comes to Y/N we can’t say no to Ashton, that’s why we have seen so many of her films!” Calum added. They stayed behind and to Ashton’s delight he got to meet you.

AN: So I’m back! I may write this for one direction also. I shall be writing more prferences now as my laptop is no longer broken. If you have any preference you would like to see written just message me and I shall work on it x

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I feel like Jinyoung has been extra smiley recently. He also has been covering his smile less. Do you notice it too?

:’) I think so too!! But I feel like it’s been a while now, that he seems like he’s been getting happier and happier!! ^^

Even though he’s always pushing himself to do more and better, I kinda think that after GOT7 started winning shows / awards (and he started participating in more acting roles and getting praised for those), he’s felt more successful and able to be proud of himself :’) and also I think he sees that GOT7 is really getting alot of love now all around the world :’)

whatever the reason, I’m really glad that he definitely seems happier ^^

AND YES!!! HE’S DEFINITELY SHOWING HIS SMILE MORE!!! IT GIVES ME LIFE!!! T^T I think he knows that fans love his smile, so he tries to not cover it now when the camera is directly on him :’) But I also hope he loves his own smile and that’s why he shows it T^T ❤️ I get warm fuzzy feelings when he says he likes his eye wrinkles ;A; ❤️


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If someone does not experience symptoms right away within the first day of the hit/injury, it is almost unheard of that symptoms show up 2-3 days later let alone almost a week later. To be honest he is in the lineup a little sooner than most would like but with head injuries once you're cleared you're cleared. With athletes you have to skate them and see how they handle impact or you won't ever know how they will handle a game situation. That's why he practiced so early. As of now he's fine

This does indeed seem to be the case. I would recommend to everyone who hasn’t read this article from Jason Mackey to do so now. It was very informative and helped soothe some of my anxiety re: Sid getting back in the lineup so early (not to mention Sheary). Talks a lot about concussion in relation to athletes and recovering from them.

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after the chapter 12 dinner scene i almost cried from laughter bc 1) CHRIS. CHRIS NO THE POOR BBY DOESN'T GET WHAT YOU'RE IMPLYING. 2)of all people why did Yuuri have to sit next to MICKEY. 3)innuendo constantly soaring over yuuri's head into the stratosphere 4) YUURI! SOCIALISING!! hes still so shy and anxious but he's trying his best and it's heartwarming to read!!! 5)...poor JJ. Also yuuri's complete cluelessness regarding JJ 6)what everyone was probably thinking throughout the whole dinner

The dinner scene was such fun for me to write!