this is why you guys should really band m

some choice quotes from band camp 2k16

“There are a ton of French horns here.” “One of my friends plays French horn.” “I’m sorry.”

“Like, what was the guy who invented bagpipes REALLY trying to do?”

“I want everyone to go around the circle and say why they signed up for this improv class.” “Well our jazz band’s bass trombonist just graduated and I want to rise up and crush his legacy.”

“To play tuba you need to breath like a fat German man.”

“There are 7 bassoons. Why are there so many? There should be, like, -1 bassoons.”

*talks to a pinwheel* “It’s laughing at you because you aren’t playing with enough air.”

“Dude, this sousaphone is bigger than your future.”

“Hey kids wanna buy some reeds?”

*teaches the entire trombone section the When Mama Isn’t Home song*

“This is a church piece, not like hamburgers and brats.”

*entire tuba section stands in a circle and discusses astrophysics when they should be warming up*

“DUDE a bassoon would make a SWEET bong!”

*attempts to use a lightsaber as a mute*

“Alright, tubas, just blow into your mouthpiece.” *literally every tuba player just screams into their mouthpiece*

*percussion director keeps using the word “lit”*

“Dude, you look like you’re going to go mug someone, but like… A classy mugging.”

*tuba counsellor pulls all the tubas off to the side to take a pre-concert selfie while on stage*