this is why you aren't married

baby, go home. he’s seen somebody else’s eyes and fallen into them. 

i know it hurts in places you can’t touch, i know the sky feels darker for it. but he’s loved somebody else, baby, and so should you.

don’t stay. you’ll spend your time worrying what you did wrong, whether tomorrow you’ll wake up and he’ll be gone. you’ll try to become better for him when you’re already somebody’s impossible dream. you’ll try to be her when you’re already exactly who you need to be.

people make mistakes, but nobody accidentally winds up naked. either he loves you enough to keep his clothes on, or he doesn’t love you enough for you to waste your time on him.

go home. cry. take long showers. tell yourself you deserve better than a future spent worrying about him.

relationships are built on trust. find somebody who won’t mess it up.

—  In answer to someone who asked me: “Do you think it’s possible to be with someone who cheated on you/Is it possible to work through that at all?” // r.i.d

It still really bugs me that people put so much emphasis on Goku’s absences as reasons for “bad husband” or “bad dad.”

Like. I’m sorry. Did something happen to you personally? Or have you never experienced a father / husband who had to leave you for long periods of time but wasn’t an actual deadbeat lol? Then again our media tends to paint any husband or father who spends a lot of time at work or away on business trips as “not good” even though I’ve lived with my husband being gone for long-ish trips, and, uhm, I’m sorry - I consider my dad pretty dang awesome, okay? He was involved with us when he was home and that was enough for me. He does things right when he can be here and that’s what really matters. I’ve seen broken homes. And it’s nothing like what I grew up in, even though my dad was gone a lot.  

It’s not just as simple as “lol he was gone for a long time” - you really need to dissect the why here.


Dead for 1 year to train because threat to the Earth.

- dead

- threat to family/friends

- technically didn’t have a choice because Kami pushed that “training for a year while dead” shit on him w/out asking lol

Seems legit to me. Moving on.

Stays away for a year-ish after Namek and denies Almighty Dragon Wish to return early.

- you could have an argument here BUT I see it as him training to protect his family / control that Super Saiyan state -> protect his family. But you can see it how you want and I’ll allow that, though I’d argue there isn’t really evidence of Goku leaving his family to go train up until this point so, eh~

Don’t count the 3 years training for androids because with as little as we know, he was home every night? 

Dead again, 7 years, denies possible option of bringing him back to life

- Was gonna be permanent

- Did it to protect everyone b/c he saw himself as a threat-magnet 

Seems legit to me.

[and yall wonder why Super feels off when he tries to sneak behind Chi-Chi’s back in that one episode… especially when the very first episode of Super shows Goku straight up asking her if he can go train because he was busy doing what she wanted and providing for the family derp]

Leaves to Train Uub

- absolutely no indication of how long this lasts

- GT’s “10″ or “5″ years don’t count in debate because it’s GT and the fanbase as a whole doesn’t count it as canon

- Neko Majin Z shows him with Uub with the whole family at his house so… eh. Inclined to go with what that leads us to believe? Nice thing Toriyama envisioned at the very least.

EDIT: I guess I just want to say I’m tired of hearing “lol Goku was always gone” - because my actual response (and my husband’s response) is always “no he was not and anyway it was legit reasons 90% of the time when he was gone” - it’s not like he was at home with no major threat and walking out on the family to train or gone from the house 24/7 - there’s so much there of him being active with his wife and son, of him being supportive, so how you can just write off everything because “lol but he was gone” 

To the guy who just told me, "If you don't lower your standards, you will never get married":

Maybe you’re right, but you missed a few things:

  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never be abused, verbally or physically.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never go unloved, because I’ve learned to love myself.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never show little girls everywhere that it’s okay to be treated like trash.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never be a helpless bystander in my own life.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never lose my integrity.
  • If I don’t lower my standards, I will never have to put up with people like you telling me that I deserve less.

Does anyone else get asked who your favorite band member is and you’re just like “please you don’t understand that I love them all so much it hurts and I can’t just pick one like it’s not that easy”

Why Kim Jong Kook Would Make A Great Dad
  • Reason 1: has the nagging power of a thousand moms
  • Reason 2: already makes dad jokes
  • Reason 3: can cook (at least chicken) hecka well
  • Reason 4: the sight of him will scare all his kids' bullies away
  • Reason 5: looks uber precious in pictures he's taken with kids