this is why you are a life ruiner

Be our fan! Be our fan! Watch the episode again!


Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride

and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a

chair as the dining room proudly presents -

your life ruiner!

Be our guest! Be our guest!

Put our plotpoints to the test

Hold your handkerchief to cheek, cherie

And we’ll provide the rest

Death du jour - 

Feels we feel!

Why, you know, this isn’t real!

Try to suffer


It’s delicious


Don’t believe me? We are vicious!

They can sing, they can dance

Most of all – they have no chance!

And a climax here is never second best

Go on, unfold your crush

Take a glance and – hush! -

Be our guest

Oui, our guest

Be our guest!

Lumiere and Chorus:

Fate ragout

Tears souffle

Souls and curses “en flambe”


We’ll prepare and serve with flair

A tragicomic cabaret!

You’re alone

And you’re scared

But the story arch’s prepared

You are gloomy and complaining

While your woe is entertaining

We tell jokes, do a trick

You are helpless and you stick


And it’s all in perfect taste

That you can bet

Come on and lift your glass

You’ve won your own free pass

To be out guest


If you’re stressed

It’s fine whining we suggest


Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest! 

anonymous asked:

I fall in love with trash lord Anakin Skywalker because of your art. I don't even know is it good or bad, but thank you. If someone said me "Join the dark side, we have a lot of Shorelle's art", i will join them immediately. You are wonderful person.

oh my lord, thank you so much anon! I’m so glad you fell in love with this trash lord too, IT’S TOTALLY A GOOD THING and honestly am just really honoured because Anakin Skywalker is literally the reason why I got back into drawing a few years ago!

// uses this excuse to doodle our original Space Trash King (now in eternally sassy force ghost form!!) (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ☆

Home Economics Student Jaehyun

Request: Home economics student au! Jaehyun (is that how they write it lmao??) your fellow class mate writes u a cookie recipe coz u can’t make them and he sneaks in some flirty notes?? Just an idea I had for a scenario :) use it if it suits ya? Xxxxx

A/N: this is really short and vague omg im so sorry

  • i’ll be writing it in this format so do request again if you want it to be in a scenario form!
  • okay i can relate to this because i can’t cook at all
  • and guess who’s my number one bias wrecker??
  • jeffrey :’)
  • okay let’s go

  • so you had been taking home economics for about a year now

  • not because you like it,
  • but because it doesn’t require much theory based knowledge and it involves food so
  • and thanks to you who always sleeps in home economics, you hardly even know how to cook
  • which is why you were thankful for having such a wonderful partner like Jaehyun
  • who basically knows how to cook EVERYTHING, even though he also sleeps in class
  • and you’re there like ?? how do you do that
  • so he helps you out whenever there’s tests or practical sessions, and you always manage to get a pass so you’re thankful for him
  • a really fun partner tbh
  • would call you randomly during class time and tell you random jokes
  • or even compliment you
  • and when pair work is required, most of the time you feel like a servant
  • because he hardly ever allows you to do anything
  • and he just orders you around and call you to do the basics
  • the most he’d let you do is to cook rice or something
  • “how do you even cook so well”
  • “skills”
  • “oh wow”
  • “i know ;))”
  • but sometimes he’s also so sweet,
  • “she did most of the work!! give her more marks”
  • “ what- i merely chopped some onions and-”
  • “and did the perfect seasoning which made the dish perfect, am i right Y/N??”
  • and you’re just there nodding
  • and when you thank him after,
  • “don’t need to, you just owe me one”
  • and that favour is to go out with him on a date after school
  • which turned out pretty well because you got to know more about him and how much of a life ruiner he is
  • and after that for some reason he started becoming more flirty and sweet around you
  • he already was before but it wasn’t as much
  • and you lowkey had a crush on him so your heart was just soft™
  • so one day the teacher decided have a ‘surprise’ test and want each of you to bake some cookies
  • which again, you didn’t know how to
  • you only knew how to eat them
  • so you sneaked a small note to jaehyun like always, “help a friend in need”
  • and he gives you a smirk
  • “why should i?”
  • you glare at him, “because my life depends on this, come on jaehyun, we’re really close right?”
  • “i feel that we could be closer though”
  • and you start whispering to him, “what? i need the recipe jae, i know you know it”
  • “well im not telling you”
  • “wth why”
  • and he gives you the cutest and innocent smile ever and you’re like ??confused??
  • next thing you know he raises up his hand and calls out to the teacher
  • “both me and y/n don’t know how to make them”
  • and the teacher just glares at yall and shakes her head, “see in detention after school today, i just taught this last week”
  • and you hit jaehyun with a shocked expression and he just laughs
  • then he leans down to you, “wanted to spend more time with you”
  • later that detention he’s just busy saying bad and cheesy pick up lines to you
  • while you’re trying not to laugh and cringe at all of them
  • “you may fall from the sky, you may fall from the tree.. but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me”
  • “oh my god, this is so cringy”
  • “hey at least it’s good”
  • “try another one”
  • “can i borrow a kiss? i promise i’ll give it back”
  • “no thanks”
  • “i know you want it”
  • and he smirks and leans towards you again
  • and you blush like mad because he’s never been that close to you before
  • but he stops and just laughs at your reaction
  • “do i know you? because you look like my next girlfriend”
  • and your heart just melts for some reason
  • “i wouldn’t mind though”
  • and he gives that big smile again which makes you weak!!
  • his eyes are all lit up right now
  • “are you serious?”
  • “i mean… if you don’t want to it’s fine”
  • and he just leans down to kiss you, and you feel the softest pair of lips ever
  • and your heart just beats like mad
  • until you hear your teacher yelling again
  • “jung jaehyun and y/n, i asked you to attend detention, not show off your kissing skills or something, stay back for two more hours”
  • but the both of you just giggle
  • “i guess more time spent together hehe”

i finally hit my first big milestone in followers on my blog the other day so i figured, why not do a little follow forever to celebrate my friends and mutuals? we might not yet have interacted, or maybe we have, but really only in or out of character; either way— this one is for all of you ! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

&& the life ruiners. 

the ones whose writing and characterisation i’m forever obsessed with, who i not only consider my thread partners but also my friends and basically ruin my life on a pretty regular thread basis ;


&& the thread partners.

the ones i occasionally get to write with, who i admire as writers and whose characters are absolutely adorable, each and every single one ;

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the ones i can’t help but admire from afar, who make my dash an amazing place and who i can’t wait to hopefully one day write and interact with ; 

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  • How to Train your Dragon 2: Oh I want to see how awesome Hiccup and Toothless are in the sequel.
  • After watching: WHY THE FUCK YOU RUINED ME
  • The Lego Movie: A movie about Legos seriously? Let's see how good it is.
  • The Book of Life: Wow I wanna know more about the Mexican culture~
  • Big Hero 6: Oh man, first Disney/Marvel animated movie! I hope it's awesome!
Fangirls language

This is a guide for those who try to read a fangirl’s blog and understand it.

  1. “Bias” = the person you like the most
  2. “Guns” = arm muscles
  3. “I hate you” = I fucking love you but you ruin my life
  4. “Asdfghjkl” = I’m so excited I can’t write real words
  5. “I wanna punch you in the face” = another way to say you ruin my life
  6. “to ship” = from relationship, term used when you pair 2 people you would like to be together
  7. “OTP” = One True Pair, but fangirls have more than one
  8. “Life ruiner” = your bias and his talent/charm/look makes you dedicate your life to him so tha’t why he/she ruins your life
  9. “I can’t” = when you’re too fascinated by sth your bias does
  10. “What is air” = 1. when you see a hot picture/gif and you literally can’t breath; 2. when you see a funny post/picture/gif and you can’t breath bc of how much you laugh
  11. “I’m crying” = whenever your bias does sth
  12. “Ultimate bias” = that one person you will forever love no matter how many biases you already have
  13. “Are you even real?” = when you see a nice picture of your bias
  14. “Comeback” = when your favorite artist/band release a new song/album
  15. “Why are you doing this to me?” = whenever your bias do sth
  16. “Fandom” = second family

You can add more of those. 

let’s play 20 questions

I was tagged by @anoutlandishidea and @sapphiresassenach and @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight

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Name: Gotham

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Favorite Book: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite Flowers: Roses

Favorite Scent: Chocolate cake when it’s baking in the oven

Favorite Animal: Probably penguins

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Average Hours of Sleep: 6.5/night

Favorite Fictional Characters: Billy Pilgrim, Winston Smith, David St. Hubbins, Yoda, the MacManus brothers

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 4

Dream Trip: the Trans-Siberian Express

Blog Created: June 2015

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