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So I already have a Time Travel AU for Victuuri, but I just thought of the saddest plot bunny ever.

When seventeen-year-old Viktor Nikiforov is thrown fifteen years into the future, he can’t stop gushing and cooing over the girl he’s been dating for the past month. She’s a female ice dancer, and he’s completely head over heels for her, and he talks about her to anyone who will listen.

The only person who will listen, though, is Katsuki Yuuri.

The first time Viktor tries to talk to Kenjirou about it, the blond just gets really fidgety and he refuses to look at Viktor.

Then he tries to gush to Beka, but the man’s face just twists into a grimace of discomfort, and without even saying a word, he gets up and walks away.

Viktor doesn’t even try it with Yura.

But Yuuri, he’s the perfect listener. He smiles and listens intently and asks questions, and cheers Viktor on.

Viktor immediately likes him - he’s like the big brother Viktor had always wanted. And that one time Viktor has a breakdown and is horribly homesick and is missing his girlfriend, Yuuri just hugs him tightly and runs a comforting hand through Viktor’s long long hair. And he tells Viktor about how much he misses his husband, who is currently away.

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the diabolik lovers boys as roommates

ayato: actually an okay roommate? he talks about himself a lot, but he has no friends so you feel kind of bad for him. if you can handle his narcissism then he’ll be a good friend and roommate. if not, well, he always brings back takoyaki leftovers. 7/10

laito: cool roommate who always invites you out. he always has someone over. be prepared to walk in on him and his partner every time you return home. 5/10

kanato: prepare for your kitchen to become a candy/pastry vault. you haven’t seen a vegetable in weeks. if he feels like taking an outing with you he makes you go to build a bear and buy him a toy. doesn’t like it when you leave him alone so you two end up spending all your time together. 5/10

shuu: the chillest roommate ever. perhaps a little too chill. he once flooded the bathroom because he fell asleep and forgot to turn the tub off. for all his faults you can’t really get mad at him because he does not give a shit about anything you do in the apartment. 8/10

reiji: the most anal roommate ever. he won’t let you leave the house until you’ve made your bed. set a curfew. will lock you out if you break curfew. on the plus side he does all the chores and cooks really well. 3/10

subaru: you’ve seen subaru maybe twice the entire time you’ve lived together. he’s always hiding in his room and gets flustered when you want to talk to him about anything. he doesn’t know his own strength and he gets angry too easily, so you’ve had to explain to your landlord why your walls have multiple holes in them. on the bright side he always pays for repairs 6/10

ruki: the roommate who always seems to be in a sour mood and pissed at you even if he’s not. despite this, he’s quiet and organized and overall a good roommate. do not bring people over, though, he hates having strangers invade his space and will stand there glaring at your guests until they leave. 7/10

kou: your house is literally littered with candies and fan letters that his fans send. he makes you reply to all his fanmail. he’ll help out if asked, but last time you asked he made you hold three different lights to his face for two hours so he could take the perfect selfie, so you don’t ask anymore. 3/10

azusa: the sweetest roommate ever, except for his knife collection. he locks himself out a lot though and never carries his phone so you often come home to find him huddled in front of the door. a good roommate to cuddle and drink hot chocolate with. 10/10

yuma: a messy boy. leaves his clothes everywhere and expects you to do his laundry. it gets to the point where you end up doing it just so he won’t wear whatever’s on the floor closest to him. he turned your place into an indoor garden and when he’s away will leave sticky notes on exactly how to take care of the plants. on the plus side, he’s a good cook and will complement you often, especially if you take good care of the plants. 7/10

carla: much like ruki, carla always seems to be angry at you. the difference between him and ruki is that he actually is angry at you. why? no reason. the only good things about having him as a roommate is that he pays his rent and is pretty quiet. 1/10

shin: brings dogs home that he finds on the street and now your apartment is infested with fleas. has a tail that he chains to his belt loop? you once asked him where the furry convention was and he threw your mattress out the window. 3/10

kino: always on his phone. forgets to pay the electric bill. drinks juice right outta the carton. makes you make a hundred new accounts on different mobile games so you can gift him items. kino isn’t the worst roommate on this list per se, but he’s really pushing it. 2/10


yui: literally best roommate. plugs your phone in at night when you fall asleep. makes you breakfast and impromptu lunches for when you’re going out. if you’re rooming with her after rooming with one of the boys, you cry because she’s such a blessing. 20/10 best roommate

karlheinz: fucked your girlfriend on your bed and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. 0/10 worst roommate

confidence. I honestly forget baekhyun struggles with his own confidence, because we so often see him up there on stage; doing what he loves the most. I’m reminded whenever he makes himself seem small or when he talks in a whisper like voice. I was reminded today, because even though he belted out those high notes and was being his cute self, he also didn’t show his face or wanted anyone to re-upload. and it truly baffle me that this boy, who’s part of korea’s most successful boy group. this boy who’s the most popular member of this group. - sometimes struggles with being insecure. but I also understand that this is exactly why he sometimes feel like that too. so I ask you guys to always and I mean ALWAYS, leave encouraging comments on baekhyuns sns. he does so much for us and I just wants him to be happy.

Dance Tutor

Jimin x reader

theme: Jimin is your dance tutor

requested by: slsove

type: smut, angst

word count: 2525

The day was exhausting.
The whole day at school was kind of hectic seeing as it was finals week.
Stress was getting the best of you because you felt like you couldn’t do anything right. You felt like you were stupid, incapable, lazy…

So you were headed to the dance studio. Dancing was one of the ways you managed to relieve stress but seeing as today was Thursday, it was just going to get worse.


Well, some days you could come to the studio alone and just do you but on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays you had a dance tutor.
And Park Jimin was the biggest pain in the ass ever.

You’ve never met someone so annoying.
He demanded so much, pushed you to your limits and mocked you when you couldn’t do everything right.
Just thinking about going there now made you stressed.

You sighed loudly as you pulled over in the parking lot in front of the studio.

You took deep breaths. ‘Just remember, ignore him, do your best, you love dancing so stop thinking about it so much and let it go.’

When you opened your eyes the first thing you saw was another car pull up to the parking lot, just a few meters in front of you.
Immediately as it pulled over, someone got out of the car.

Jimin was carrying a bag that looked heavy under his arms and you could see his bicep flex as he tried to pull it up.

Pussy. You thought, smirking at yourself.

He shut the door and locked the car, heading to the entrance. He hasn’t noticed you staring.

When the doors shut behind him, you got out of your own car taking your bag and heading inside, trying to avoid him as long as possible.


After changing into your crop top black hoodie and your black yoga pants you tied your hair in a high pony tail and took a deep breath.

You ran your hands over your body looking at yourself in the changing room mirror.

Calm down. Ignore his words. Just dance.’

After calming down a bit you grabbed your water bottle and headed to the practice room.

Expecting to see him inside already dancing like he always did, you walked in slowly trying not to get noticed.

But surprisingly, he was not there, only a younger group of girls getting ready to leave.

You got inside feeling a bit relieved but confused, because Jimin was always there.

Shrugging it off and taking a sip of water you walked over to the girls that were just leaving.

“Hey, you need that?” You said pointing to the big boombox next to them.

One of the girls smiled, “no we were just leaving.”

You nodded and smiled back, pulling out your phone getting ready to place it on the boombox.

“Hey you’re the girl that has Park as a dance tutor right?”

You were confused for a sec but you nodded as an answer anyway.

“Lucky.” Two other girls said at the same time.

You snorted from laughter. “Why? Park Jimin is noting but a big pain in the ass. Believe me, you don’t want him as a dance tutor.”

You took another sip, now scrolling through the songs trying to find something to dance to.

“I don’t know about that, “said the girl again, "but I know Park Jimin is a hot peace of meat.”

And they all giggled as you stayed shook by their words. These girls were only about 12 years old?

But you couldn’t deny it. Even though Jimin was an annoying piece of shit, he was pretty good looking.
If he wasn’t the way he is maybe you’d find yourself thinking about him more.
How his hair stuck to his forehead when he got sweaty, how his body moved so smoothly, no matter which song was playing, how he flexed during some really hard moves, how his tongue sometimes stuck out and how his face looked when he was concentrated on what he was doing.

“I mean…"you shrugged, admitting that he is hot but also showing that you were not fazed by it that much.

"I prefer dancing on my own.”

The girl nodded and giggled again.

The conversation was done and you were glad because of it, their giggles were starting to really annoy you.

After a minute, they were finally gone and now you finally had time for yourself.
Jimin was still not here and you were partially hoping he wouldn’t come at all. But also, you hoped he would come, just for the visual.

The door closed and you finally played the song on full volume.

When you danced you felt nothing else, only the beat moving your body. It was like pure bliss and seeing yourself dance in the mirror made you proud of yourself because you were actually pretty good.

The third song was nearing to an end and Jimin was still not there. What was going on?
Suddenly you couldn’t dance, your thoughts became wrapped up only around Jimin.

You cringed at yourself. ’No. Stop. What are you thinking about?’
You tried to get him off your mind and you tried to dance.

But the image of the one time Jimin’s shirt raised up while dancing made you trip over your own feet and you slammed down on the floor.

You hit your leg hard on the floor and you hissed at the sharp pain in your kneecap.

You shut your eyes trying to stop a tear from falling.
How embarrassing is it to fall and hurt yourself because of something like that?

You calmed down for a bit and just kept laying down staring at the ceiling.
The music was still playing loud so you didn’t hear the doors open and then shut.

But what you heard was laughter. And it was damn well familiar.
The mocking laughter of Park Jimin.

“Yes that was really funny."you groaned sarcastically as you got up to your feet. You stared at him standing behind you in the mirror.

His face showed that he was really enjoying this. He walked over still laughing.

"It was hilarious, could you do that again please?"he continued to laugh at you.

He suddenly started acting out your fall and you clenched your fists out of anger trying to remember what you said to yourself before getting here.

"Okay could you just do your job please and tutor me or something? You know? Sounds familiar?”
You sounded so stupid while angry.

He stopped laughing but you could still see it in his eyes. He will not forget this.
“You’re right, you need some obviously.”

Sighing and rolling your eyes you tried to continue everything normally.

“Okay so can we start where we left off?”

You wanted to start as soon as possible because that meant Jimin was going to concentrate on dancing more than you and that was very much what you needed.

Half an hour passed and it was mostly good because he wasn’t commenting as much as usual but of course there were some usual remarks here and there.

“No, the right leg. Jesus…”

“Straighten your back you’re not the hunch back of Notre Dame.”


“Oh my god, stop that! No! You’re to slow can’t you hear how the fast the song is going.”

“How are you already that sweaty, even I don’t sweat that much.”

You ignored it each time as best as you could.

But some comments could not be let go.

“Why are you even here when you’re that bad?”

You stopped abruptly. You turned to him, noticing he was only about five feet away from you.
You felt your cheeks getting red and your fists clenched so hard, your nails dug in your palms.


That shout surprised him. And honestly, it surprised you too. You’ve never yelled like that at anyone.
But you couldn’t stop yourself.


You asked for praise. Oh my god. ‘Just stop. It’s getting worse.’

Jimin stared at you blankly for a few moments. He was obviously shocked at your words.

But something was wrong with you. Suddenly you stopped being so mad and the only thing you could think about how his hair was pushed back from his sweaty forehead, how his chest was rising rapidly up and down trying to catch a breath, how his full lips were slightly parted and how his eyebrows were scrunched in the cutest way ever.

You could feel the temperature rising as you took in his every feature.

'It’s wrong.’ You said to yourself. ’How can you see him like that right now?’

The silent moment between you two seemed to last forever.

And then something happened. Something you never expected.

Jimin walked over to you and-

he kissed you.

Park Jimin was kissing you.
The one that always criticized and mocked you. He was now kissing you.

You were shocked, so much that you didn’t even know what to do with your hands.

The kiss was hard but at the same time soft. It was like he waited a long time to do this.
It was hungry.

“Oh come on."he mumbled against your lips. He grabbed your hands and put them on the sides of his face, like he was encouraging you to kiss back.

And as soon as your hands found their way you kissed back. And he groaned in approval.

You never realized how much sexual tension was between you two.
Not until this moment.

Your hands wrapped around his neck and suddenly he grabbed you by your thighs and you instinctively jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist.

He grabbed your ass squeezing it and moaning into your lips making you moan as well.

He took the opportunity of your parted lips to slip his tongue inside deepening the kiss.

You didn’t even fight for dominance because he obviously had it in him to lead.

He walked forward, slamming you into a wall, his hands immediately finding your exposed waist and belly caressing it up and down.

His body felt so good against your own. It felt like it was supposed to always be like this.

Your fingers found their way in his hair. You moaned again, parting away from him, leaning your head back, letting his soft lips attack your neck.

He bit and sucked on your neck, undoubtedly leaving marks all over. And feeling him groan against your neck made it feel even better.

"Ah, Jimin…"you moaned.

Then, like it was a signal for him, he slipped his hand inside your pants and his fingers found their way to your already wet core.

He stopped kissing and he leaned his forehead on yours staring at your lips and eyes intently, wanting to see your face as he pleasured you.

His fingers rubbed circles on your clit and the feeling was so good it made you jolt up a bit.

You watched him bite his lip hard as he put even more pressure on you.

You could feel his bulge on your leg and you moaned at the feeling.

"Jimin, please.” you let out short breaths.

“What do you want me to do to you (Y/N)?” He said seductively in your ear.

His fingers moved faster and you couldn’t stand it. You needed to feel him.

“I need you-"you were interrupted by your own moaning.

"Tell me."he groaned as he grinded on your leg with his bulge.

"I need you inside me."you managed to say through your shaky breaths.

And with no second thought, he pulled out his hand, pushed your legs down on the floor pulling your pants down.
He started to take off his as you quickly stepped out of your own.

You pulled your hoodie up leaving yourself in only a sports bra. It annoyed you that he had to see you in that instead of something prettier.

But he licked his lips at the sight and that encouraged you to drop down on your knees and to take the bra off.

”(Y/N)…“he groaned at the sight of you on your knees in front of him.

He pulled off his shirt revealing his glorious abs and chest.

Licking your lips at the sight of it you started palming him through his underwear.

His hands found their way on your head and he groaned, "Untie your hair baby.”

You did as you were told. You untied you hair letting him tangle his fingers in it as you kissed his bulge teasing him a bit.

“(Y/N) no teasing please…"he said with his eyes closed and his head thrown back.

Listening to what he said, you pulled his underwear down his beautiful legs letting his length spring up free.

You almost gasped at the sight. You never imagined Jimin being this big.

You could see him smirking at your expression and he licked his lips.
"Wrap those pretty lips around me now baby.”

And you did.
You kissed the tip first, tasting the precum on it and then started to slowly take him all in your mouth, not caring if it’s too much. You just wanted to please him and so you did.

You started to deep-throat him, feeling satisfied because of the sounds he was making.
His hands were on the back of your head as he started to push himself even deeper inside, hitting the back of your throat causing a tear to fall from your eye.

Seeing you like that he pulled out not wanting to choke you.
“You okay?"he asked with concern in his voice.

Your only answer was to take him in your hand and to lick his shaft from bottom to top swirling your tongue around him at the tip.

"Oh shit."he threw his head back at the feeling. You felt him twitch in your hand and you stopped what you were doing.

Seeing what you wanted next he made it come true as he picked you up from the floor again and slammed you against the wall once more.
He kissed you hard, pulling on your bottom lip with his teeth.

You moaned at the feeling of your breasts against his strong chest.

You looked behind him, catching the reflection of you two in the mirror.
You loved he sight of his back muscles flexing and it turned you on even more.

"I need you now Jimin."you breathed next to his ear, biting the earlobe softly.

And as soon as you said that he lined himself at your entrance and he slammed into you with no warning.

You screamed out his name in pleasure as your nails dug into his back leaving scratches.

"Oh God! Yes!"you couldn’t seem to breathe as he started to slam into you mercilessly.

Fuck you’re so tight.“he hissed on your neck gripping your thighs tightly.

You gripped his hair as he kept pounding as fast as he could.

Jimin was filling you up completely and it felt so good that you couldn’t even make a sound for a few moments. It felt like you were choking back on your own moans.

"I’m close…"you managed to say somehow.

"I’m close too baby."Jimin breathed.

He kept going but even faster, all while letting out moans of pleasure.

The sounds that Jimin were making were so hot you felt cumming any second.

”(Y/N) I’m..“Jimin started stuttering.

"Fuck Jimin…"you breathed. "Kiss me.”

He kissed you and you moaned into his mouth.

Your walls clenched around him and he groaned at the feeling.

And with a couple of thrusts more you came all around him, screaming his name out loud.

He pounded a couple more times and then he pulled out, you dropped on your knees in front of him and opened your mouth wide waiting for him to shoot his load.

Pumping with his hand a few more times he released, cumming all over your face.

You looked up at him with a satisfied look on your face.
He licked his lips looking pretty happy himself.

This was something you never expected to happen but you were glad it did. You didn’t know where this was going to lead but you were hoping it would happen again.

A/N: Idk it felt weird and satisfying to write this. Jimin seems like a pure soul lol. I hope y’all liked it, I’d appreciate some feedback :)

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Obvious (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do one where y/n & Shawn are both denying the relationship, but the love is so obvious that it soon becomes too much to deny anymore?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,021

a/n: ok, you guys really gotta tell me what you think. I really love this one and I think it may be one of my best so far. also, great songs to listen to for this are friends by ed sheeran & i found by amber run :) 

Even though the space was large, the room was crowded with unfamiliar bodies and whispers about the two of you. 

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anonymous asked:

Sweet little things that the Chocobros do for their S/O?

Noctis, for being the spoiled prince, actually doesn’t mind doting on his s/o. He’ll leave little notes around their apartment for them to find, cute little messages saying how he’s thinking of them and reasons why he loves them. He also always knows when hair care products are running low and replaces them before his s/o notices or realizes, and there’s always fresh flowers in the vase on the dining room table.

Prompto loves taking pictures, but his favourite thing is making little scrapbooks and gifting them to you. They’re always amazingly crafted and filled with photos of the two of you, along with hand-written notes and pressed flowers, and things that remind him of you wherever he goes. Whenever you come home from work absolutely exhausted, he always has you lean against him so he can massage your temples and help you unwind. He also always sends you good morning and good night texts when you’re apart with little kissy-face emojis.

Gladio is weirdly sappy in relationships and loves doing very conventionally romantic things for you. Holding the door so you can go in first, getting the car door for you, paying for meals and things like that. But he also enjoys reading you poetry as you fall asleep, little poems about love that make you swoon. He also always leaves a few oversized hoodies of his behind when he leaves to go on the road because he knows how much comfort they give you when you’re alone. He calls, not texts, because he likes hearing the sound of your voice.

Aside from cooking all the time, Ignis is just a miracle of a boyfriend. Whenever you’re looking for something, he knows exactly where it is. When you come home from a long day of work, your apartment is always spotless because Ignis didn’t want you to come home to a stressful environment. He buys your favourite candles and burns them so that your home smells amazing, and he likes to write letters to you while he’s away. They take a little longer to arrive, but your heart always swells when you get a letter from him with a spritz of his cologne and a photo of him that Prompto took just for you.

Tips for staying safe astrally!!
  2. Meet ur guides and guardians before you go out in to the astral (pls note: these are not the same as companions)
  3. LISTEN 2 guides and guardians
  4. Practice combat in a safe space b4 u go out in to astral
  5. know WHY and WHERE u are going; do not go in for “no reason” (if u want to just fuck around go to an inner mental astral space instead)
  6. ALWAYS have an exit strategy, but b aware when you should need to stay and finish ur quest (however b aware that u can always leave if u want to at any time).
  8. Practice ur astral senses in a safe space b4 u go out in to astral
  9. do not trust the spirits you meet until your guides approve them, and even after that trust them only a little bit
  10. always b very polite to spirits especially when you do things accidentally like trespass.
  11. violence is not always the answer
  12. do not b afraid 2 run!!
  14. know when u r in over ur head
  15. also learn to teleport it’s really useful.
Shut Up  (Julian x Reader) Imagines - Fluff/Jealousy


You and Barry were just geeking out in the forensics lab, and Julian can’t help but get a little jealous…


“That’s so cool!”

“I know, right?!”

“And then, the part where he spelled out Francis –”

“That was gory, but so funny…!

Julian heaved a heavy sigh. For the past hour, the meta-human expert has been listening to you and his helpless half-wit of a partner Allen gushing over the latest Marvel movie, Deadpool, and it was honestly driving him insane.

I mean, really… Julian scowled as he watched you fawn over his lab mate. Is it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet?

Not that he minded hearing your voice.

God, no.

He loved listening to you. You were always so sweet, angelic - an infectiously happy person that somehow made him smile.

It was Allen’s yammering that he couldn’t stand. He just found his partner’s voice so…


Though, truth be told, he didn’t like how you went to the movies with Allen over the weekend either.

Just the thought of it made his blood boil.

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Eliza always leaves lovely notes in the kid’s lunch boxes when they go to school, just little scraps of paper that say like ‘I love you!’ or ‘Have a good day!’ or something so they get a little boost through the day. She never, ever forgets.

Until the day that she’s sick and Alex has to make the kids’ lunches instead. And then they open their packs at school and there’s just a whole essay in there, like five pages at least for each kid detailing why they’re great and why he loves them.

“What? I got carried away.”

Zelda's Log #0: The Permanent Roomate

A/N: first chapter! Read the prologue first, if you are a new reader!

The morning following her arrival to Hateno Village, after giving him a kiss on his brow, Zelda left a deeply asleep Link to get acquainted with her new place of residence.

Clad in her more comfortable blouse, pants and boots, she wandered through the winding road up the hill, until she could reach a height at which she could observe the whole place.

The sight brought a satisfying smile to her face.

7:46 a.m.

It’s amazing how Hateno has changed! It was a small settlement a hundred years ago, now it’s bursting with life and activity. Link's​ house is one of the oldest ones - it was about to be demolished, can you believe it?

She kept walking, reaching the premises of the Laboratory, with the intention of greeting its colorful resident.

Despite her extremely youthful appearance, Zelda recognized the sheikah scientist - her glasses gave her away.

‘Goddesses, Purah, what happened to you?!’, Zelda gasped in shock, hands covering her open mouth.

‘Occupational hazards, Princess’, the tiny child-woman said, shrugging and giving her a cheery wink. ‘Good to see you again!’

'Likewise. I came to see​ how you were faring’, Zelda informed her, ‘and to ask if you could see how my Sheikah slate is working’.

Purah checked the device thoroughly while she explained the Princess her findings on the past century - she was not scant on the details of her accident.

‘It’s perfectly fine, but some upgrades wouldn’t hurt’, she explained, tapping the screen. 'Go back to Link's​ and see if he has spare parts’.

‘How do you know I’m at his house?’, Zelda asked.

'Symin went out and brought some gossip on how Hateno’s newest mystery resident arrived with a lady in a white dress on the back of his horse’, Purah explained, gesticulating with excitement. 'Besides the black fog at the castle faded in a burst of light the other day. You don’t have to be a genius to assume you both defeated the Calamity!’

'Which is true’, Zelda assured. 'I wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t, would I?’

'Sure thing! But in all honesty, I think people probably think you just got hitched’, she chuckled, with a cheery grin, 'white dresses can be misleading!’

The Princess’ face looked as a freshly mined ruby.

'Purah, I will return later with the materials’ - Zelda dashed to the door - 'I need to fix this misunderstanding!’

Zelda didn’t even have to open the door, for Link smashed it open. He waved to the scientists.

'I was looking for you’ - he grabbed her hand, taking her with him - ‘Come with with me’. He seemed a bit upset.

'I know I should have let you know where I was going’, she recognized, letting herself be guided by him. 'Where are we going?’

'You’ll see’.

Zelda looked to the village as they approached it. There was a small crowd gathered near the general store. Immediately an idea popped in her head.

'A-are you going to introduce me…’, she asked nervously. ’…to the people?’

He nodded, smiling widely.

'What are we going to tell them?’, she asked, trying to find the words to explain easily who was her and how she got there.

'The truth’.

She squinted at him, not sure if he was going to tell an abridged version of the facts, or actually the whole story.

Before she could even muster a word to introduce herself, Link surprised her.

‘This is Zelda’, he presented her, 'she is living with me from now on, as my permanent roommate. Be nice to her, please, she is new to many things’.

No more details. A very Link introduction for sure. Only one thing made her iffy.

People kindly greeted her, giving her a warm welcome. Some people even gave her gifts, mostly prepared meals and flowers.

Once she knew all the names, both returned home.  

'Permanent roommate? Seriously?’, Zelda asked, certainly upset, leaving the gifts on the table. 'What kind of concept is that?’

Link huffed.

'I’m sorry, but what else would I say to them?’ - he shrugged- ‘We’re not newlyweds​, like some people thought, and they already know mostly everything about you but your name’.

'What do they know about me?’, she asked startled, worried about his answer.

'I’ve been running around all the corners of Hyrule for months, talking more and to more people than I ever had in my entire life’, he informed her. ‘Most folks in Hyrule know about me and my mission’ - he sighed, drooping his shoulders - 'go figure out the rest’.

'And I was thinking how fantastic would be a life in anonymity, at least for a while’, she sighed in resignation.

12.35 p.m.

I had a really eventful morning. Not only I was able to catch up with the findings of a very rejuvenated Purah - my Sheikah slate is in dire need of updates in comparison to Link’s - but I was also introduced to the villagers by my “permanent roommate” - a term coined by Link to describe our current living status, which I find uncomfortable, to say the least, considering all that has transpired between us.

After lunch, Zelda went to the Lab to upgrade her slate, and wandered around, trying its new features.

3.17 p.m.

I am amazed by the upgrade features! I am out of words by the compendium. I’m so eager to complete it; I might be able to add something new if I am lucky enough to discover a creature or a stone.

The rustle of grass took her eyes away from her writing. She already knew who it was.

'What do you want, permanent roommate?’, she asked, closing her notepad, not even turning to face him. 'I’m busy with my research’.

‘You aren’t. You always do that thing when you are mad’, he noted, 'You shut yourself away, not telling why you are acting like that’ - he sat on the grass next to her - ‘I’m not leaving until you explain yourself’.

‘Your poor choice of words when explaining our relationship to the villagers’. She cut straight to the point.

And then it dawned on him. Zelda heard the slapping noise of his hand against his face and a troubled groan.

‘I’m sorry’, he apologized in a pitiful tone, ‘I didn’t mean it; I thought it described well out situation’.

‘I know’, she acknowledged, turning to face him, ‘That’s why I went to be grumpy on my own. I can be petty if I want to’.

‘I do remember that’.

‘It’s not just that though… I thought people didn’t know who I was’, Zelda commented, playing with the grass blades. ‘I wanted a fresh start, to do whatever I wanted, specially researching’

'No one is telling you what to do now, but’ - he stroked her hair- 'you are who you are, and you can’t rub that off you…You can be a scholar, and still fulfill your royal duties’.

She nodded.

'Let’s go back home’, he requested, offering his hand for her to stand up, 'I made you cake’.

'Sounds like a good plan’, she observed, holding his hand.

They walked hand in hand back home, silently, stealing glances.

Once home, she realized that next to the cake was a beautiful notebook, covered in leather.

'I forgot to give you your birthday gift last night’, he admitted, handing her the item, 'I thought you might want to continue your research in a proper logbook’.

Her eyes widened, with a spark of glee shining on her emerald irises, and a wide smile graced her lips. Her priceless reaction made him feel extremely rewarded.

'Goddesses, it’s fantastic!’, she shouted, examining it, ‘Thank you’ -she held the notebook against her heart- 'this means so much to me’.

He just remained silent, cheeks tinted red.

‘I have a lot of research to do’, she told him coyly, tapping the hard-covered notebook. 'I consider you have the qualifications required to be my assistant… What do you think?’

‘As long as it doesn’t involve eating raw hot-footed frogs’ - he made a disgusted gesture - ‘I accept’.

His answer compelled her to give him a big kiss on the cheek.

7:33 p.m.

This is the first, albeit unofficial entry in this log. I have to catch up not only with a hundred years of research, but also with all the people who remain from our past and present. Link will join me in this quest, not only as my guardian and assistant, but also as something else - to my surprise, this logbook had a charming dedication, perhaps added after a misunderstanding we had during the day, related precisely about our relationship status:

May we never be apart ever again.

-Link (your permanent roommate, who loves you)


a/n: I love this concept so much and write about it so much <3 (read the bottom note for a super fun thing)

You groaned as you felt Shawn get out of the bed, and press a kiss to your forehead. “Text me when you get up, babe. I’ll be in the studio.” He whispered, leaving you alone in the apartment.

It was another two hours before you rolled out of bed, and glanced at the time, but something caught your eye. You peeled the pastel pink Post-It from your alarm clock, reading the note. The way you always sleep in until 10, even on weekdays.

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brickerbeetle  asked:

new fic title: "Know What it Means" :D

Ho ho man….. This is feeling like it is PRIMED AS HELL to be some highschool au klance.

Like Keith keeps finding notes in his locker that are just like “hey you look really cute today”, or “you’re really smart and I like the way you answered that question in English today.” And they’re just little notes like this. Compliments and genuine praise that confuse the hell out of him, but they never get creepy, so he’s not really worried. HE JUST WANTS TO KNOW WHO THIS IS! AND WHY THEYRE DOING THIS?

He dumps all the notes on Shiro’s bed and he’s basically like “dude, I think someone has a crush on you.”.

And if this weren’t stressful enough, Lance has been behaving really weird lately. He steals Keith’s varsity jacket all the time to wear, and doesn’t give it back. He teases Keith and takes bites out of his lunch when he’s not looking (he always gets caught). He bumps him with his shoulder whenever Keith walks past.

Eventually Keith sees Lance’s chemistry notes and realises that the handwriting matches the writing on his locker notes. He starts leaving lance messages.

“I’m really proud of how you’ve improved in maths”, “I’m not good at showing it, but I always think your jokes are funny”, “The best part of my day is seeing you smile”.

“I want to be your boyfriend”

Satan the Bully

gif is not mine

Title: Satan the Bully

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Gabriel

Word Count: 905

Warnings: Lucifer being a bully >:( and slight fluff

A/N: I have to admit, this one was hard to write. I’m not a bully and I don’t like to be rude at all, so forgive me if this lacks in the bullying department. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! *ALSO DON’T BE A BULLY. I WILL SEND LUCIFER HIMSELF AFTER YOU* This was also requested by an anon!

When you first found out that you were Lucifer’s soul mate, you were excited to say the least.  Those feelings quickly faded once you started to hang around Lucifer more often.  He was rude towards you since the day he met you.  He said hurtful things and never apologized once for them.  Sam and Dean were starting to get fed up with how Lucifer treated you.  They always made sure you were okay after a day of being with Lucifer.

Lately Lucifer had been getting worse about bullying you, but you were still willing to trying and be with Lucifer.  It wasn’t like you could leave him.  You loved him and you were sure he loved you.  There were still some things about being soul mates you weren’t sure of.

The fallen archangel leaned his back against the table, watching you read a book about witchcraft.  “That’s the wrong book [Y/N],” Lucifer noted, aggravation evident in his voice.  “Why can’t you do anything right?  How are you supposed to help Sam and Dean when you can’t even research the right book?”

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Originally posted by uuuhshiny

Missing Steve was usual when he went away to missions. You had grown used to his crazy schedule, he was never gone away long, two or four days most. You couldn’t complain, there are women who’s husbands/ boyfriends, wives and girlfriends, go off to war for months at a time.

Of course, you’d miss him, you always do. But Steve, is Steve, and he is the definition of soft human. He does this thing where he leaves sticky-notes around the house, little reminders of his love, and reminders to put the bins out on Tuesday. Little declarations of adoration. They always made you smile, you’d find them in various places, sometimes the same as last time but still just as special.

Which is why it made it harder to go home. To be in a house where the person you love had left those reminders of ‘I’ll love you forever’ only to not be around anymore. To be gone, lost but not forgotten, no Captain America would live on. Steve Rogers? Would not. Being called to the secret Avengers Base wasn’t unusual, but seeing Tony there, looking guilty and tearful was.

So, here you are, standing in the threshold of your quaint little home just off Brooklyn Bridge; you can see it from the second story window, one reason why Steve loved the house. You cursed yourself for leaving the sticky-notes up, you loved always seeing them when he was away, now it was like naive past you was mocking future you!

Swallowing down the lump in your throat, you walked in and shut the door behind you. Hanging your keys up, the corner of your eye catches the pink square and you’ve read that note a thousand-and-one times. “Have a good day at work, or wherever the next adventure lies. I Love you, forever.-SR”. You shake away the feeling and scurry off to the kitchen.

Bad idea. The fridge had its own note, “Eat well! -SR”. And in the cupboard, on the Pringles; Steve’ favourite cheat snack, was a little yellow sticky-note of, “Save some for me :)-SR”.

It was like he wanted you to suffer, to remember that he won’t be coming home, that you could eat all those, as usual, and he won’t come through the door and fake being angry at you for it! He won’t be coming home. This isn’t home without him, it’s just a house.

Wanting the day to be over you left all thoughts of wanting a coffee and went upstairs. Pulling your clothes off in a huff and walking to the bathroom, you sighed gently as you turned the sink tap on, wanting to get rid of the tear stained make up. You glanced up and your heart dropped, new tears forming.

“Everyday gets brighter, for everyone, when you smile.-SR”

Shutting off the tap you left the bathroom, crying and feeling helpless in this suffocating home of yours. You walked to the wardrobe, already knowing what you wanted. The pile of Steve'a jumpers, stacked neatly on a shelf, the note that came with them sat on your vanity. You pulled his blue knitted one on, it smelling of him because these were reserved for when he went away. You climbed into his side of the bed, it feeling cold and empty, more so now than ever before.

Your hand dug around till it scraped against the paper, folded neatly and with shaky hands, you opened it and read over the last little love note he had left you.

“Sleep tight, beautiful. I’ll be home before you know it! I won’t rest till I am at home with you, in the comfort of our bed. I love you, forever.- SR”

The house is silent and dark, your eyes look around the room the bathroom light illuminates it enough for your eyes to glance over. You can almost picture Steve standing in the bedroom door, tired but happy smile, still clad in his Cap suit. A little beaten and bruised but Steve! He’ll try to be quiet, you’d wake up away, watching as he walks into the bathroom and clean up as much as he can before getting into bed with you. The same conversation as last time!

“Sorry I woke you,” he’d whisper, already wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him. Face resting in the crook of your neck, trying to get comfortable.

You’d smile, “I couldn’t sleep anyway. Everyone okay?”

The answer would depend on the mission risks, plus who was on that mission. You cared for everyone but it was your subtle way of asking if he was okay. “-I’m okay, I’m always okay. Just a little tired,” and you’d run your hands through his hair and talk about the days you had without him. You’d scold him for leaving the bathroom light on and he would sleepily chuckle. He’d fall asleep to your voice, content and safe.

“Steve?” You called out in a meekly whisper.

You let out a shaky few breaths and turned over, cursing yourself for being so naive. He always told you not to worry and you believed him, you felt stupid, and angry. Pushing those feelings aside, you closed your eyes and tried to force sleep.

(I got some horrific news last night, I just needed to write something angsty and sad. I’m sorry, really I am. I’m still editing “Stick with me, Kid” & the next part to “Steve'a Little Sister”. I won’t let my personal life get in the way of getting stuff out for you guys, don’t worry.- Rosalee)

Best of Women [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: @living-in-lala-land-forever “Can I make a request, if so I would like a Lin x reader in which the reader is playing Eliza and has a long time crush on Lin, during Say No to This she breaks down and can’t hold in her emotions any longer. (In the end he’s in love with her too and pretends she’s Maria during that scene.”

Summary: He couldn’t say no to you.

A/N: Hey everyone! I apologize in advance to everyone who had a request a long time ago. I promise I’ll get them done! I’m either stuck or have a plan on it. I’m sorry! I hope you enjoy this one!

Reader Pronouns: she/her I’m sorry! I’ll make more gender neutral fics!

Word Count: 1,584


Request Here!

You were ready to start another day at work at the theater. You had your daily cup of caffeine and sugar to fuel you along with a bagel. It was about an hour before call and you went straight to costuming, hair, and makeup. Your hair and makeup didn’t take up much time, but your costume did. After you were fully prepared, you had 10 minutes to spare. You took this time to eat. Lin made his routes around the rooms. Your room always happened to be the last one he visited every time and you never knew why. “Evening, best of wives, best of women!” You played his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler. He always referred to you as Eliza because he believed you were truly an embodiment of her. However, his nicknames always made you blush. Why? Because you loved him. Everything from his long, dark hair to the way he smiled made you see stars. No one except Jasmine knew. You’ve known Jasmine for six years and you could trust her no matter what. She always told you to confess, but you never knew how. You promised yourself that you would day after day and you never did. Nevertheless, you smiled and held your arms out for him and he hugged you. “Hey, Lin!” His hugs were always warm and it felt like home. He let you go and spoke, “How’s it going?”

“It’s alright. It would’ve been better if you weren’t here but I guess all your wishes can’t come true.”

He frowned. He looked adorable when he frowned, he never ceases to look less attractive at any given time. “Y/N, I thought you were supposed to be my wife! You’re supposed to support me!” Your words caught in your throat. You were supposed to be his wife but you never had the courage to ask him. You quickly thought of something to tell him. “I play your wife. I’m not your wife, there’s a difference.”

“But you’re Eliza! Besides I-” he was about to speak, but you were given a 5 minute warning. “That’s our cue! See you later, best of wives, best of women!” He kissed your cheek and slipped away. Kissing wasn’t sacred between you two. You did play a couple after all, but today felt different. You made your way to the wings and waited for your cue.

Act I passed by quickly and it was now intermission. You ate a little bit and changed costumes. You couldn’t let the kiss in Helpless leave your head. Sparks flew every time and well…it always left you helpless. Say No to This rolled by and you watched from the wings. The way that he kissed your best friend hurt. You had no idea why you were so sensitive today. You frowned. Tears fogged your vision and you were lucky no one noticed. Once Jasmine hit the high note, you rushed to the bathroom. That’s when you let everything out. Why the fuck are you jealous? Jasmine is with Anthony, remember? Why did he make you feel like this? Why did it seem so believable? You were brought back to reality by a quiet knock on the door. “Y/N, I can hear your sniffling. Let me in, please.” It was Jasmine. You wiped your eyes and opened the door. “Y/N, why did you run off?” You shrugged. You opened your mouth to speak, but you heard Room Where It Happens come to an end. Saved by the bell. “I gotta go, that’s my cue.” You ran as fast as Usain Bolt, maybe even faster. You could hear Jasmine calling your name but you ignored it. You arrived just in time for the start of Schuyler Defeated. You wanted to hide for the rest of the day but that just didn’t happen.

Right as you were about to leave, Jasmine caught up with you. “Y/N! Did you think that I would forget what happened earlier? Fuck. You knew that if you ran, she would catch up with you. Sighing, you gave in and entered her dressing room. She locked the door and stared at you. “Y/N, what’s wrong? You’ve been mopey and not to mention, you were crying earlier!”

“I’m sorry, Jas. It’s just that well, I was jealous. I knew you weren’t interested in Lin, but it seemed so real! I just really love him. Now I feel really bad about it.” You put your head in your hands and thought everything out. “Y/N, you know I’m with Anthony! Hell, I’m even engaged to him,” You saw the diamond ring glimmer in the light, “The point is.. He’s an actor. It’s supposed to be believable. Plus, we know he loves you.” You laughed. “Why didn’t you go into comedy? You would excel in that.” She pouted. “Darling, he talks about you non-stop when you’re not here.”


“Yes! Now go confess!” She pulled you up and pushed you outside. She must have known Lin was around her dressing room, as he was right outside of the door. “Hey, best of wives, be-” He was about to pull you into a hug, but you dashed right by him. “Best of women…”

The next day, the same thing happened. However, you called in sick. You didn’t feel like facing anyone ever again, but you knew you had to. You needed time to clear your mind. You spent the day outdoors. A cup of tea and sunshine could take you a long way. Your day wasn’t all happiness and rainbows. Lin left you multiple voicemails in the span of a couple of hours.

“Hey it’s Lin. You probably already knew, I just wanted to check up on you.”

“Lin again. I didn’t mean it in a creepy way. I hope you know that.”

“You should know by this point, it’s me. I just hope you have a great day.”
“Do you have a cold or a fever? I’ll bring medicine to you.”

“That’s the cue. Take your time, I’ll see you tomorrow…hopefully.”

“Show ended. It was gloomy without you. You better be here tomorrow, best of wives best of women. I’m counting on it.”

“Not that I meant that no one else is all un-gloomy… It’s just that…I’ll tell you when I see you.”

He always put a smile to your face. It seemed as if he really cared. You thought about Jasmine’s words. Maybe he did genuinely cared. You were for sure coming back tomorrow, even if it means embarrassing yourself. You were going to tell him.

You showed up to an empty theater. This was odd. Usually it was swarmed with flocks of your friends scattered everywhere. You shrugged it off and headed to your dressing room. On your way, you heard a conversation in Lin’s dressing room.  “I don’t know how I’ll tell her! What if she hates me?” said Lin. Is this where everyone was? You stood to the side of his door, trying to peer into the conversation. Who are they talking about. His statement was followed by a collective groan. “She likes you!”

“You’re all a bunch of actors! Stop lying! I know she doesn’t like me.”

“Well, what do you like about her?” His response may give you clues as to who she is.

“I love the way her smile makes the sun look so dull. She can walk in and make everyone overjoyed. I also love the way she laughs. Damn, her laugh is contagious. Not to mention her singing, she sounds like an angel. Her name is just so graceful. Fuck, she’s so perfect.”

You were jealous of this woman. She had Lin wrapped around your finger.

“Lin. Just tell Y/N that you love her already! It’s not that hard.” Your heart dropped. They were talking about you? Lin sounded so desperate. “How will I tell her?” You took a step of courage and walked in on them. “You just did.” Everyone gasped and you looked straight at Lin. “Oh shit. So you heard all of that?” You simply nodded and the rest were waiting for your reaction. Lin cleared his throat. “Can you leave us alone for a minute?” Reluctantly, they left and closed the door. “Did you mean all of it?”

“Every word. Y/N, you are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. You seem like such a wonderful human and I can’t believe I get to work with you. I was so worried when you ran away the other day. My heart sunk. You seemed so sad. Jasmine told me that you were jealous and I can assure you, there’s nothing to be jealous about! In fact, I was thinking about you as Maria instead of Jasmine…” He looked down, almost in shame. “I understand if you wouldn’t want to talk to me ever again, it’s just that I really love you and it would make me so happy if you would like to hang out soon. Again! It’s okay to say no to th-” you rolled your eyes and cut off his rambling. You kissed him passionately and took him by surprise. The cast burst back in again and yelled. “HOLY FUCK THEY’RE TOGETHER NOW!” You yelped and everyone started hollering. Lin held you close and kissed your forehead. “Is that a yes?” You smirked and watched the chaos erupt. “Of course. However, I can’t be Maria in the show..but I can make another show just for you.”

“I like the sound of that.”


Goldilocks || 03

Rated T (language and suggestive themes)

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“Well you didn’t have to go rubbing it against me, asshole.”

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist  || Previous Part || Next Part

not my photograph, credit to owner


“Fuck that. There’s no way you could have three fives,” Jimin throws down his half-deck in frustration, “Taehyung put down two earlier.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” you challenge, arching an eyebrow and staring at him over the tops of your three remaining cards. “Cuz remember, I am the QUEEN of bluffing.”

Jimin’s lip quivers, “This isn’t fair. Lying isn’t a thing you should want to be good at.”

“C’mon, Chim,” you coo. “Just make a decision.”

“Who knows? I could’ve been lying,” Taehyung adds, dropping an eyelid in a leisurely wink.

The oldest boy wails, slamming his forehead down on the table, “Why are you HELPING her-?”

“Hyung, she’s telling the truth,” Jungkook’s voice causes you to stiffen. You’d almost forgotten he was there. The kid sits to your left, so when looking at Jimin, to your right, you don’t have to suffer his awful smoldering gaze or that stupid golden fringe.

“H-how do you know?”

Jungkook fixes you in a curious stare, voice soft, “If I told you, that would ruin it, hmm?”

You’re about to start yelling. Why? You’re not sure, but something about his comment rubs you the wrong way and you want to shove it back down his throat. Someone else beats you to it.

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Bodhi x Chubby Reader Headcanon

-He loves your chub he thinks it’s a mix of sexy and adorable 

 - most women on Jedha were tall and thin like him so when he saw you he thought you were super exotic and different

 -he’s also insecure about how lanky he is so he admires your curves even more because of it 

 -it was really surprising and heartbreaking to him when he found out you were so insecure. He thinks you’re stunning on the inside and out.

 -he holds your opinion in high regard and if you didn’t think well of yourself, what about him?

-one day he heard you crying because you felt fat and he took you for a ride on his ship. Space is one of the only things he knows how to speak eloquently about. He just named every fact he knew (a lot) about space.                     “What does this have to do with me?”                                                                   “Well space is never ending, right? It’s huge compared to any human and I still thinks it’s the most beautiful thing…… second most”                                      

 -you always say you’re perfect together because you even each other out      "If you’re smol and I’m lorge…. doesn’t that make us the perfect size when we’re together?“ 

 -it genuinely hurts him when you feel bad about your body because he doesn’t know how to make you see what he does - he rambles to try and explain it to you. Even though it makes no sense it does make you smile

 - ” and it’s so frustrating because I think you’re great and it makes me sad to-“ “Bodhi..”                                                                                                         “Know that you don’t always think-”                                                          "BODHI!“                                                                                                              "Y-yes?”                                                                                                         *kisses him* “I love you”

 - you leave each other notes on the mirrors saying things like “you look beautiful” or “handsome as ever" 

 - he loves it when you’re close to him because you’re always warm and soft. Just the way you feel is a comfort.

-Bodhi is kind of obsessed with when you tickle him. Tickle fights are a common occurance

 - sometimes he will poke a little fun at you though                                        "Why are you up so late?”                                                                                  "I can’t sleep without my favorite pillow.                                                                 *… that’s you… you are. My favorite pillow I mean" 

 -in the end, he doesn’t really pay mind to your body unless you bring it up. He thinks you’re gorgeous, but it’s your heart he loves.

 I love Bodhi he’s such a sweetheart. Honestly how I did this is I’m the reader TBH it’s just what I’d wanna hear from Bodhi. As a chubby reader this was a confidence booster!! Have a good day y’all

anonymous asked:

dear laine, i have to know what's going to happen next with caroline working in klaus' bar! sincerely, a devoted reader :)

Back Office Intrigue (Part Two).

Part One here.

It takes a few weeks for Caroline to realize that something is off at the bar.

She’s settling in to Chicago nicely, had spent a weekend stalking garage sales so her apartment finally looked like someone actually lived there. She got a great deal on a little dining table and a set of chairs, couldn’t wait to have people over now that they actually had somewhere to sit. Her mom’s down to a single call filled with alarming crime stats every three days (a marked improvement from her twice daily briefings when Caroline had first arrived). Her classes are mostly interesting, save for the one with the drone-y professor. She figures 3 out of 4 ain’t bad at all. And she actually likes her job.

All in all, life is pretty sweet.

Caroline had been a mess internally while preparing to finally move out of Virginia. She’d had endless lists of worries, sleepless nights filled with anxiety, doubts about if she was doing the right thing. It was really nice to know that she’d done it, was well on her way to taking name and kicking ass, that she hadn’t let fear win.

She feels a little more settled, has grown comfortable at the bar and with her coworkers. Maybe that’s why she finally begins to notice the weirdness.

Klaus seems to practically live at work (though Enzo had informed her that wasn’t the case, that Klaus had a very nice place around the corner though he loathed entertaining his siblings so Enzo had only been inside twice). When in the bar Klaus spent a lot of time in his office, glued to his laptop or tablet. He did hop onto the floor whenever things got crazy or they were short staffed. Caroline appreciated it, figured it was rare. In all her years working at The Grille she didn’t think she’d seen the owner even uncap a beer let alone mix anything. He wasn’t super chatty from what she’d seen but he could turn it on with customers, left more than a few ladies discretely tugging their tops down to show more cleavage when he turned to pull bottles.

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She Can't Do This To Me

||| Anon asked: Bts jungkook & monsta x hyungwon REACTIONS to you leaving them , you don’t want to dump them but you have to without them knowing why. |||


Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word count: 122

Originally posted by sugutie

He found it strange that you didn’t open the door for him. He took his jacket off and searched for you around the house.

“Where is she?” he thought. He began worrying as you always told him if you’re planing on going anywhere when he noticed a note on the kitchen counter “I’m sorry. Please don’t search for me”.

“What the hell?” he quickly dialed your number. After a few beeps the mechanical voice from the other side told him that this number is not available.

“Fuck!” he shouted, smashing his phone into a nearby wall. He began panicking.

“She can’t do this to me. I have to find her.” he told to himself grabbing his car keys and exiting the house.

A/N: Feel free to request scenarios, reactions, mtl etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😊

Eight years Final (M)

A/N- hey, so its been a while since i updated this series. But this is the last of eight years. I’m not really all that happy with it… So I may take it down and change it, if i have a better idea for. But for now this is it. Thank you to everyone who followed the series. 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 


~ Part four ~ 

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

It’s been two weeks. Two weeks since you told Jungkook you needed time to think. It’s like you didn’t love him, because you did. In actual fact you have never stopped loving him. The eight year gap was merely.. a pause, your feelings could never die for Jungkook. Which worried you, hugely. What if he stopped loving you? What id he didn’t actual love you? So many possibilities of what could happen. 

This was a little sudden though. You and Jungkook had only started to see each other in a romantic way… Marriage so soon, was it wise? Your mom would love it, she loved Jungkook and wanted Grandchildren as soon as possible. 

In those two weeks you had avoided Jungkook as much as possible. He understood, but it didn’t stop him from missing you. Your body sleeping soundly beside him, your giggle, smile, he missed everything about you. He yearned for you. In his eyes, you were his one, his only. He didn’t need to search the seas for his ‘fish’, because you were it. You were his somebody. You were his one. But Jungkook was question, was he yours? 

You missed Jungkook too. His morning cuddles, the love he had for you consumed you whole. There was no denying his love for you. You could tell by the way he looked at you at work. How he would leave you coffee on your desk with little sticky notes, telling you he loved you and missed you. He was a sweetie. But marriage.. now? 

It was Friday and you  are walking into work. You can’t wait til you can leave today, you’re going to go home and watch k-dramas and eat ice-cream all weekend. You walked over to the lift and pushed the button, it opened and you got on. Just before it closed Jungkook slipped in, shit. He looked amazing as always, you just wanted him to hold you. But you being a little shit just awkwardly smiled at him. Why could you just tell him that you love…? Because you were afraid of getting hurt again. 

“I miss you, a lot.” Jungkook simply states. You look up at him, his eyes are full of sadness. “I don’t regret proposing to you, because I love you and I only see myself with you. So take all the time you need, ignore me all you want. But I’m still yours and your still mine.” You smile, cause he just called you his. Just as you are about to respond the lift opens and in walk Jung Hoseok. Of fucking course. He smiles brightly at you and joins the both of you in the lift. 

“Hey beautiful, How are you?” You giggle at Hoseok and his 100 watt smile. 

“I’m good, Hobi. How are you?” You reply. 

“I’m great now that I’ve seen you.” You blush, he was such a charmer. “Since it’s Friday, do you want to go get a drink after work?” Hoseok asks you, smiling a beautiful smile. You look over to Jungkook to see his knuckles turning white from holding the steel railing in the lift. 

“I’m sorry, Hobi. But I already have plans.” You inform him. 

“Oh, well, maybe next time.” The lift opens and Hoseok walks out. Just as you are about to follow him, Jungkook grabs your hand. He reaches behind you and closes the doors to the lift and hits the emergency stop button. 

“Jungkook, what are you doing?” Jungkook pushes you up against the wall, you gasp. His stare was intense to say the least. 

“Who are you meeting after work?” His hands are on either side of your head, trapping you. His breathe is tickling your skin. All you wanted to do was join your lips with his. 

“I’m not meeting anyone.” You confess, you can’t tare your eyes away from his. He gives you a confused look. 

“Then why did you tell Hoseok you were?” He questions. 

“I knew you wouldn’t want me meeting up with Hoseok, so I told him a white lie.” Jungkook smirks. 

“That’s my girl.” Before you know what’s happening, Jungkook is leaning down and joining his lips with yours. The kiss quickly becomes heated. His hands travelling down your body, your hands one on his neck the other in his hair, pulling him closer. Jungkook starts to kiss down your jaw and neck, your breasts, he kisses down your clothed stomach. He reaches the top of your skirt, his hands push up your skirt so its around your hips, exposing panties. 

“Jungkook! We can’t do this here!” You half shout. He just smirks up and you and starts to leave hickys on your thighs. Sucking, nipping and kissing purple marks onto your legs. You really missed this, felling close with him. Jungkook pushes your panties to the side, raising one of your legs over his shoulder. He starts to lick your pussy slit. 

“Jungkook.” His skillful tongue has you moaning and whimpering his name. It was all to much, but then he adds his fingers into the mix. He pumps two fingers in and out of you at a fast pace, still kitten licking your clit. The more you moan out, the Jungkook smirks, you can feel it against you. 

“Cum for me baby girl.” He starts to suck on your clit, the sight making you weak at the knees. You orgasm all over Jungkooks fingers. Your panting trying to catch your breathe when Jungkook comes back up. He softly kisses your lips, you can taste yourself off him. His forehead rest against yours. 

“Come back to me. I don’t care if you don’t want to marry me, okay? I just need you. I can’t sleep known your not going to be in my arms when I wake up…. Just .. Please, come back to me.” Your eyes tear up at Jungkook’s plea. You cup his face and connect your lips with his, putting all your love and emotion into the kiss. 

“I’m not going anywhere… I just. Don’t you think its soon for marriage.” You confess your feelings. 

“Y/N, too soon? That’s why you said no? What do you mean too soon. I’ve loved you since the day I meet you and you loved me. We lost eight years, cause of my stupid idiot brain. I don’t want to lose another second without you. And I want to be able to flaunt my sexy ass wife around. Image, we would be such couple goals.” You can’t help but chuckle at Jungkook. 

“How about you be my boyfriend and i’ll be your girlfriend, and maybe if you’re lucky we can get married in due time. There’s no rush, we have all the time in the world.” You fix your skirt and panties into there rightful place and glance back up at him. 

“Okay, but can we stay at your place more. I like your body washes.” You roll your eyes and kiss your boyfriend. 

One year later… 

You smooth out your tailor made dress, having your last glance in the mirror before leaving the room. You are meet by your father and your friends. 

“You look stunning, darling.” Your father kisses your forehead. You link arms with him, decending down the long aisle. You look up to see the handsome man you loved standing at the top. He turns to look at you walking closer and closer. Your eyes lock and its like no one else. Its just you and him. You finally reach him, your kiss your father and take your place beside your fiance. 

“Hey baby. you look amazing.” You smile brightly at him. The priest babbles on about love and what not, but your just gazing into your soon to be husbands eyes. His hands are holding yours and his smile is bright. 

“Do you take Y/F/N Y/L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?” 

“I do.” 

“Do you take Jeon Jungkook to be your lawfully wedded husband?” 

“I do.”  

I’m sorry this is sooooooo bad.

 -Admin Abe x