this is why women hate men

and the thing is! we never get anons critiquing us for enjoys songs by men in rap when they call women all types of bitches! ppl still bumped that 2 Chainz song and said not one word abt him using the r slur! there’s no discourse! so why! in the world! do y'all have y'alls nuts and tiddies in a twist over Remy Ma! y'all don’t say shit about Bad and Boujee! nothing! just say you hate black women!

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I read on reddit Mutsuki might of suffer Electra complex and saw Haise as her father figure which is the reason why she attacked Akira as she was the "mom" figure for the quinx at the CCG and hates Touka for being the one Sasaki loves (the new mother) it could be less romantic and more pathological

that’s very interesting. Many women who suffer from bad relationships with their fathers (especially the ones who went through physical/sexual abuse) can develop many different behaviors like dating old men, in some sort of way trying to replace that father figure they never had, stuff like that. Considering that Haise was like a father to all of them and took care of them, it doesn’t surprise me that Mutsuki developed those feelings for him. Many people who are emotionally weak and never had a strong father figure, are emotionally attracted to authority figures, because they give them this feeling of safety. Mutsuki felt safe with Haise, after he left the squad, he probably lost his shit, like many people do when they are abandoned by their fathers. It’s a very complex topic.

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Why are lesbians so intent on making everyone else a lesbian? Women date men, it's great, get over yourselves, stop trying to convert us

What could I possibly have said to get an ask this asinine??? Like… we aren’t Mormon missionaries or something??? When have I ever said women have to be lesbians??? So many layers to this one.

If anything we are more like Judaism–-we have a rich and interesting history and you will denied at least three times

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im just so tired of how much everyone hates bi girls. like most guys want nothing to do with u unless ur femme and down to have a 3some (which like, totally cool if u are but like, not everyone is) and a lot of lesbians also dont want anything to do with u bc youre a "dick worshipper" which gross and transphobic and like! why does everyone hate me??? my identity is just as valid and im so tired and frustrated im sorry i hope it sok to rant to u like this

you’re totally fine to rant, it’s okay

straight men are always the worst, what else is new. the way many look at bi women is disgusting, to them we’re pretty much good for THEIR sexual gratification and literally nothing else…

luckily the super biphobic lesbian crowd is shrinking immensely as bi ppl become more visible and given a voice in lgbtq circles. unfortunately, the real biphobic ones are just super loud and obnoxious, in part bc fewer and fewer women are agreeing with them so they feel the need to scream endlessly to compensate or something, lol. not saying their words don’t hurt bc they absolutely do, but try to remember they’re a dying breed 

hang in there <3 not everyone hates your bi self, i promise

I hate to be the one to break this to you, dude, but as a general rule, women don’t pretend to virulently hate men they’re secretly in love with as some sort of elaborate courtship ritual. That’s a trope we made up to justify why the male protagonist always gets the girl in the end even when it’s starkly at odds with prior characterisation. In real life, if she acts like she thinks you’re a creep, it’s because she thinks you’re a creep!

I made a perfect reaction gif...

“Oh this is your girlfriend girlfriend? So which one of you is the “guy”?“

“You’re trans? So did you have “the surgery” yet?“

“Your natural hair is so big!” *proceeds to put their hands all over it*

“So you’re a “feminist”? Why do you hate men?”

“I just don’t think women who weigh more than x-lbs should wear certain clothes”

“You’re only a real lesbian if…“

It astounds me how often we fail at being able to comprehend two complex concepts at the same time.

I’ve been seeing this post going around in two forms, about how Rogue One (which I have yet to see, so please NO SPOILERS) has an extreme lack of women (including background characters). That’s a really good, important point to discuss. And then there’s a post bashing that same article, pointing to the fact that the film highlights many non-white men and dismissing the article as white feminism.


Both of these may be correct.

The ability of a film to have great representation for men of different races, creeds, abilities and backgrounds does not for a moment contradict the inability of the film to have adequate representation for women of any race, creed, ability or background.

This is why I hate the “trash fire” all-or-nothing mentality. It cannot cope with the notion that something can be good and bad at the same time, in different corners and contexts. For example: something can be great for racial representation and terrible for LGBTQ+ representation. The former does not automatically make the thing great; the latter does not automatically make the thing terrible. (Key word: automatically.)

Not only that, things can have different meanings to different people based on their different experiences. For someone mixed race Asian-white, a main character like Chloe Bennet’s on Agents of SHIELD may be hugely important. For someone black, the show’s troubling history of killing off most of its black characters may be deeply problematic. Neither is wrong. 

Personal experiences shape our interpretations of things. Experiences are not universal. The world is not comprised of absolutes. The stunning lack of women in film (at every layer) intersects, of course, with the stunning lack of non-white people in film (at every layer), but neither is more or less important than the other. (Especially since the doubly stunning lack of non-white women in film is something we should talk about more.) It is not “white feminism” to point out that a film with ten character posters had only one devoted to a (white) woman (even if she is the lead), just because the remaining men are non-white. Nor is it misogynistic to appreciate the film’s focus on (male) non-white heroes.

Complex concepts can coexist.

i dunno if this is going to be weirdly worded but i think part of the reason why these “alex is bi” headcanons upset me so much is because lesbians and bisexual women have such different experiences when it comes to discovering and understanding their sexuality.

lesbians and bisexual women both share the same experience of realising that they’re attracted to women, of course, but a big part of my journey as a lesbian was understanding my lack of attraction to men. 

alex talked specifically about how she was never comfortable being intimate with men and how she thought that there was something wrong with her- i understand that, i relate to that on every level and i hate seeing that specific aspect of her journey disregarded to fit into a certain headcanon.

we need to stop framing bi women’s relationships w men as being equal to straight women’s relationships w men.

when lesbians make posts like “WHY should i uplift & praise & reward bi women in relationships w men when the rest of society does that!” i get it.

like believe me, as a lesbian who hates men and resents herself for not dating men, i DEFINITELY get where this sentiment comes from.

but it’s…. honestly really biphobic.

because the truth is society at large (read: cishet people) reward bi women for absolutely NOTHING. when dating men bi women have their identities erased & are deliberately pushed away from the lgbt by straight people because they don’t “really” like the same gender. straight people drive a wedge between bi women dating or married to men and the lgbt because straight people are DESPERATE to find any way to make “half gay/half straight” (read: bi ppl) into Truly Straight people

and this is incredibly harmful to bi women, esp because the lgbt community can be and often is incredibly biphobic and unwilling to validate or accept bi women dating men. and again!!! i understand why lesbians have hangups about “supporting” women who are dating men, but at the end of the day…. whether you’re trying to be biphobic or not you’re still hurting bi women.

and because of this i think we need to change the way we talk about bi women in m/f relationships. we need to stop ascribing them the same social power as straight women. we need to stop pretending that bi women are rewarded for dating men in the same way that straight women are, because they aren’t.

i know it’s hard for lesbians to even acknowledge men, but… it would be good of us to let bi women know that NO MATTER WHAT we are their allies, and as much as we are repulsed by straight m/f relationships it is only right for us to still support bi women who date men.

straight people’s “acceptance” of bi women in relationships w men comes at the expense of them giving up their identity & further forcing them away from the Icky Gay Community, which means that straight people have never been and never will TRULY accept bi women.

and instead of falsely assuming that they do & pretending like this grants them privilege, we need to step up and assure that the LGBT will always be a safe space for bi women & that we will ALWAYS respect their identities no matter who they date.

it is biphobic to equate the relationships straight women have with men to the relationships bi women have with men, and to imply that they are the same is unfair & alienating to bi women, point blank.

bi folks & esp bi women have asserted over and over that bisexuality is a unique identity and not a mixture of gay and straight, and honestly i feel like a lot of us gay folks have let that go in one ear and out the other.

being bi is a unique experience, and bi women are and have always been a part of our community.

we owe them unconditional love and acceptance in the way that straight people never have and probably never will. it is our duty as the sisters and allies to bi women, and it is the very least we can do.

Person : Training working dogs and pets are totally different and ppl don’t understand that training a working dog requires a different approach. (aka a rougher approach)
Me: Cool Cool Cool. Now I know for sure you have no idea about the science behind learning theory. Good to know I can walk away from that one and not waste my time.
Me: “…….”

Men are constantly trying to divide women in to the categories of “good women” and “bad women”.

And what always remains the same, is that to qualify as a “good woman” you need to put up with misogyny and prioritize men.

Examples: the slut/prude dichotomy (which side is “good women” flip flops depending on what men want at the moment); the whole “cool girl” who hates on other women, loves sexist jokes, and always takes men’s side; or how men are constantly saying that “good feminists” perform femininity, act like men’s voices matter when it comes to women’s issues, speak sweetly and are never angry about injustice.

Ask yourself, who benefits? Why do men get to decide who the “good women” are? Why do they act like they are the ones who bestow women our value? Why do they act like our value is based on how much we center men?

I need to get something off my chest.

I know I said before that I personally don’t like the stereotypes yaoi has or the way fujoshis portray gay couples

But lately I feel like all the bashing against them or straight women who watch shows with LGBT characters in general is uncalled for

Usually, they simply enjoy the ship like any other ship(Of course excluding the ones who call it sin) and even learn to support the LGBT community along the way?

Meanwhile straight men who enjoy lesbian porn and content in general still treat the LGBTQA+ community like shit, only like lesbian couples for their sexual fantasies and even sometimes claim they dislike real life LBTQA+ women?? Yet I don’t see long ass posts bashing them or people giving them names with awful meanings like fujoshis?

Also, whenever there’s a show with a gay ship straight men spend their time bashing the shippers (and the show if this ship becomes canon), meanwhile straight women react to lesbian ships with neutrality and even positivity most of the time, if not always?

This feels like yet another way to hate on women…

Guys trends that women HATE

-being an asshole
-toxic masculinity
-unwarranted dick pics
-bothering us while we are working
-predatory/threatening behavior
-obsession over ‘natural’ beauty
-body hair comments
-always being defensive when we talk about feminism
-lack of acceptance for LGBTQ+ women
-period jokes

But please, continue to tell us why you hate high waisted shorts

A Tentative List of Things I Don't fuck With

1. Donald Trump
2. White people (correction!)
3. Hotep ass niggas
4. Homophobic trans men/women
5. Scorpios (I’m petty)
6. “Blue Lives”
7. Gay men who hate on women
8. Straight cis niggas as a whole
9. Questions about my sexuality
10. Made up correlations between virginity and sexual orientation
11. Labels
12. White feminism
13. Self doubt
14. Hypermasculinity
15. Body counts
16. Dumb ass questions like “why are you single?“Idfk
17. Excusing artists for saying dumb shit for the sake of "artistry” ( Kanye, Thug, Kodak, Wayne, etc)
18. The degradation of the black woman
19. Ole “we need to preserve the black family, being gay is a disease created by the white man” face ass niggas.
20. Heteronormativity within the LGBTQIAPK

15 facts ALL heterosexual people should know about lesbians (and bisexuals).
  1. Just as heterosexual people can know they’re straight without ever having sex, lesbians can too. You don’t need to have slept with a woman to know you are gay.
  2. Not all lesbians are identified as butch or femme.
  3. Being a lesbian is not a phase, its just life.
  4. Lesbians are not necessarily attracted to all girls they meet.
  5. A girl can have long hair and still be lesbian.
  6. Lesbians hate it when straight girls experiment on them.
  7. Just because lesbians are sexually and emotionally attracted to women, does not mean they hate or even dislike men. In fact, many lesbians love men.
  8. Sure lesbians have sex, but like heterosexual relationships, sex is not all there is to lesbian relationships.
  9. Some lesbians haven’t met the right woman yet, but meeting a man has nothing to do with it.
  10. Lesbians love their mums just like the rest of the world.
  11. Lesbians are not as tough as we think.
  12. Being a lesbian is not the same thing as being a straight man.
  13. Asking a lesbian why she ‘doesn’t like men’ isn’t going to suddenly make her revaluate her whole life and sexuality.
  14. The word lesbian is used in the gay world if both are of the same role in bed.
  15. Lesbians simply rock!

Lol you cant defend a women’s “choice” to shave, wear make up, have long hair ect ect as empowering and logical but not question WHY women as a class do that in the first place. Holy FUCK i hate this mind fucked society and its normalisation of our altered bodies. It doesn’t matter if i like having a hairless body and i love my long hair and it makes me feel like i could take on the world, my personal feelings don’t matter because these things exist STRUCTURALLY to differentiate and subjugate me in my sex. I dont care how much you think we “don’t need first world feminism”. Untill women can be as comfortable in their unaltered, unshaven bodies as men are feminism is fucking relevant. And since these things are indicators of our lower position in society and that won’t be changing for the foreseeable, feminism is going to be around for a long fucking time!!!!!