this is why were bestfriends

BTS!harry potter au: Where Park Jimin is from Slytherin.


  • everybody was shook when the hat said he was in Slytherin.
  • At that moment all stereotypes about Slytherins was broken
  • cause a cute, positive, friendly and halfblooded boy just was sorted to Slytherin.
  • but he knows all the rumours about the house that he was in, so he cried the first night in Hogwarts.
  • Jimin didn’t want to be evil.
  • But then a boy from the second year went to him, he listen to him cry at night.
  • “That doen’t make you evil, now or in the future, it just means you are ambitious and that isnt so bad”
  • Jimin smiled at the older boy and went for a hug but the boy didn’t like it very much but knowing the situation he let it be.
  • The Older Boy ends up to be Min Yoongi.
  • Park Jimin didn’t change a bit since what his hyung said in his first year in Hogwarts.
  • He talked a lot with the people from Huffle Puff. Especially Kim Taehyung.
  • But he talks a lot to Hoseok too, mostly to annoy Yoongi but still.
  • When he make it to the Quidditch team in his 5 year he asked for JungKook and Yoongi if they could come since they were not playing this game.
  • JungKook said yes in a heartbeat, his bestfriend and friend were playing so why not.
  • yoongi in the other hand…
  • “No”
  • “Pleaseee~~ hyung.”
  • “No.”
  • “… hoseok will be there as well.”
  • “i hate you.”
  • “so are you coming?”
  • “yes, you prick”
  • Jimin is still the happy, cute and goofy, even tho is not every much of his house but is who he is. 
  • And he never been so happy with that.
Trust | Bestfriend! Park Jihoon

genre: angst

member: Park Jihoon

requested: yes

a/n: thanks anon for requesting, hope you like it!

summary: you got into a fight with your bestfriend for the first time and it was the worst.

You honestly couldn’t remember how you became friends with Jihoon. The first time you got to know him was when you two became classmates in your first grade of middle school. The homeroom teacher assigned him to the seat next to you and, not wanting to be awkward for the rest of the year, you started talking with him. He was really friendly and fun, so you two got along pretty fast. You didn’t know why, but you just clicked so well with him. You even had the same interests with him. In no time, you and Jihoon became inseparable bestfriends.

You and Jihoon had never got into a fight until you went to a different high school from him and everything went downhill.

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notlikeitsimportant  asked:

Ok, first things first, ask him what he remembers! (Oh, and don’t forget to take off the gag...)

MICHAEL: but I wanna hear what you have to say first okay?

B JEREMY: *nods*

B JEREMY: d-dude! what the hell!? did you really have to use your dirty sock??

MICHAEL: I’m sorry! I panicked okay??

B JEREMY: man that’s just gross! ew!

MICHAEL: I said I was sorry! now look just tell me wh-

B JEREMY: no. me first. im asking the first question!


B JEREMY: why were you sleeping next to me?

MICHAEL: and my bestfriend were having a sleep over, he didn’t want me to sleep on the floor…sooo I slept on the bed

B JEREMY: so you’re saying…that you had a sleep over…in my room?


B JEREMY: sorry man but that’s not very believable. look. once you untie me I won’t call the cops, theres some money in the dresser, its not much…like two dollars but it could help yo-


MICHAEL: and your acting like I brooke in. I didn’t break in! you did! or didn’t??? I don’t freaking know! all I know is last night my friend was here and now he’s not!

MICHAEL: what did you do with Jeremy!?

B JEREMY: I’m Jeremy!


B JEREMY: that’s my name! Jeremy!

MICHAEL: you gotta be shiting me.

Change The Story Pt5

A/n: This story is now off hiatus I’m so excited for you to read this part I have school in 2 hours and I’m updating for you guys…the things I do for love. I have tons of ideas for this series so let me know if you liked this part.

P.S: part 4 of this is story is on my master list.

Cisco thinks to himself for just a minute until he finally nods and Barry lets out a sigh of relief.

“Just let me gear up first” Cisco says as he walks to his office and Barry flashes in his flash suit, waiting impatiently for cisco’s return.


Meanwhile you were in the speed force struggling to breathe properly. Your wound reopened and much more black substance was leaking out the bad part is you were in the middle of the hallway at 3am…the time where black flash lurks the halls.

If this is the end then the only thing on your mind is Barry. His lovely eyes and smile, he’s the last thing you want on your mind when you finally take your last breath. He kept you sane the time he was with you but it all ended when he left you.

Who am I to be angry at him, he has a fiancé,friends,family…I’m just some girl that kept him company for 3 months you thought.

“And it’ll always be that wa-“you cut yourself off as a groan escapes your lips. The pain in your side was becoming unbearable and more black liquid was coming out just as your breathing became labored. You heard loud screeching and growls from the end if the hallway and you knew it was black flash but you didn’t move…even if you could you wouldn’t.

Soon Black flash was on top of you, sucking the life out of you faster but you heard a breach opening and a familiar voice call out to you.

Barry couldn’t believe his eyes he was convinced he was too late and that you were dead but he was going to save you anyway.

“Y/N” he called out and Black flash stops his assault on you. You cough violently, throwing up black liquid in the process and Black flash zooms towards Barry but Barry was one step ahead.

He takes off the flash emblem on his suit and slams it onto black flash as he tackles him to the ground but soon there was a bright light and Black flash disintegrate right in front of Barry.

You turned your head to see Barry fighting Black flash, all you could do was look. You couldn’t scream, cry, just nothing but struggle for your breath and twitch on the ground as the vision from your wide eyes starts to blur.

Barry quickly makes his way over to you. He sees the black liquid surrounding your body and notices your eyes closing.

“Hang in there y/n, you’re gonna be okay” his voice was soft and calm but on the inside he was panicking as he picked you up and jumped in the breach just in time as it closed. He found himself in the cortex of Star Labs again and he lays you down in the med bay.

“Guys we need to help her or else she gonna die” Barry begs and Caitlyn starts putting on her gloves just as she asked Barry what happened

“Long story short she was attacked by black Flash and I stopped the blood while I was there I guess it wasn’t enough” Caitlyn freezes as a light bulb goes off in her mind but she doesn’t say anything about it.

“I need to take some of your blood to stabilize her then I can look at samples of this Black substance so we know what we can do exactly” She explains and Barry nods, sitting in a chair waiting for Caitlyn.


2 hours later Caitlyn comes back from examining the sample of black substance and Barry was the first one to stand up.

“So” Barry rubs his sweaty hands on his jeans he was thinking about you the entire time, seeing you on the brink of death scared the absolute hell out of him…he simply didn’t want to lose you.

“The sample was simply poisonous venom from Black flash…the dark matter in his DNA is poisonous to be exact which is why your blood was enough to stabilize her”

“But how does it work” Joe asks he was still trying to grasp on to all the science talk

“Barry’s DNA has traces of dark matter but he had regenerative abilities so it countered the cells in the venom in her system and now theres no trace of poison-we were just lucky the regeneration in Barry’s cells was enough to calm down the poison in her subcutaneous tissue”

Everyone but Barry just stares at Caitlyn genuinely confused. She shakes her head with a sigh

“The subcutaneous tissue is the deepest layer of the skin with the poison being there it mainly would’ve caused y/n to die almost instantly but my blood was enough to stop it” Barry explains and the room was quickly filled with “oh’s”

“She just needs to rest tonight but she should feel brand new in the morning” Caitlyn gives Barry a reassuring smile before she walks out the cortex. Iris looks at the ground as irritation quickly shows on her features before disappearing when she looks back up and starts making her way towards the exit.

“Barry, you coming” she turns to face the speedster, her tone so soft Barry genuinely almost forgot they called off the engagement the only reason why She’s asking if he’s coming home with her now is because they haven’t told the rest of the team about the rash decision.

“Yeah I’m right behind you” he calls out before he turns and looks at you through the window and he lets out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

“Goodnight guys” he calls out to Joe,h.r and Cisco as follows Iris out the cortex.


9am the time you awoke to muffled voices and bright lights.

You groan from how bright the light was as you sat up, the last thing you remember was seeing Barry fight off Black flash.

You looked around the unfamiliar room and your chest clenched. Could I really be you thought. You pinched yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming and yup you were still in the unfamiliar room. Quickly you jumped up, not feeling any source of pain and looked at your reflection in a nearby mirror.

All of your cuts and bruises were gone…even your wound from Black flash was completely gone, your hair was a little messy but you looked fine overall.

“What the hell” you whisper but you jumped when the door opens to reveal a red haired woman with curly hair.

“Oh you’re awake,how are you feeling” she asks and you crinkle your eyebrows.

“Yeah you’re probably confused but I’ll explain everything, my name is Caitlyn snow and you’re at Star Labs”


A hour later you were in the cortex with fresh clothes Cisco bought for you.
Caitlyn had explain what happened as she was running test on you to make sure everything was okay.

You were finally out the speed force after spending half your life in that hell hole you were finally free.

Barry hasn’t been by the lab yet oh you were so happy to see him you couldn’t wait. Cisco makes his way in the lab,sipping on a slushy as h.r was hot on his heels.

You giggle at the two arguing over something completely stupid as you continue your exploring around the lab. You heard a whoosh and saw papers fly everywhere, one hitting you in the face.

“For real?” Caitlyn sighs and Barry mumbles sorry and gives her a thumbs up. You turn around and freeze you haven’t seen this man in a while and doing so now brought tears to your eyes.

“Barry” you called out softly and he turns your direction and freezes also it felt as if time stopped.

“Y/n?” He breaths out while you smile and nod and he runs up and hugs you.

“I’m so glad you’re okay” Barry nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck, breathing in your wonderful scent.

“Are we missing something” cisco interrupts and you and Barry quickly pull apart just as Joe and Iris walk in the cortex.

“I s-should introduce everyone” Barry stutters

You couldn’t help but feel small under the gaze of everyone as awkward silence fill the room.

“Well alrighty then, who wants big belly burger” Cisco raises his eyebrows and everyone gives him a “seriously” look .

Iris felt her heart sink as she looked at you. She knew Barry had fallen for you he just won’t admit it to himself. She felt hatred towards you for stealing her Barry allen away and she was determined to get him back.

“Hey Barr, can we talk” Barry nods and follows her out the cortex and you watch the pair leave .

“What’s up” Barry slips his hands in his pockets and leans against the wall, looking down at his former fiancé.

“About the engagement, I just wanna apologize barr it was a rash decision I made i was just upset over you not talking to me I want to be your wife barr I’m ready to be Iris West-allen” Iris licks her lips as she stares at Barry, waiting for his response.

“Iris I-I don’t know honestly we been fighting a lot over little things maybe just staying friends is for the best” Barry cringes on the inside he felt as if Iris was about to blow her stack any second now.

“That’s why we need this Barry, so we can work it out just in time for the wedding why call the engagement off if you still have feelings for me?”

“Iris, I’m sorry but I-I don’t have feelings for you anymore” Barry whispers and Iris inhales a sharp breath and bites her bottom lip

“Is it because of y/n” her quiet voice asks but she gets no response

“Answer me Barry” she looks up with a stray tear running down her face and he nods.

“I’m so sorry” his shaky voice cries as he wipes the tear from her face only for another to replace it.

In that moment something hit Iris, was she upset ? Yes but Barry can’t help who he falls in and out of love with because he’s human just like her so is she mad? No she’s just gonna have to deal with it until she finds someone new.

“I’m not mad barr”

“You’re not?” Barry’s eyebrows furrows in confusion and she shakes her head

“No,as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters” she kisses Barry’s forehead and forms a tight lipped smile and Barry smiles back.

“This is why you’re my Bestfriend”


You were on the rooftop of Star Labs thinking to yourself as you stared at the night sky. Where do you start now? Was your main concern.

“Hey” you turn around to see Barry walking towards you with his hands in his pockets.

“Hi barr”you whisper as you turn your attention back to the sky.

“I missed you”he turns and stares at the side of your face and you look down, pursing your lips together.

“I know you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s happened but y/n you’re home now with me” that got your attention, you faced Barry, the wind blows your hair in front of your face and Barry puts it behind your ear.

“I tried to convince myself that I didn’t have feelings for you y/n that I was just helping a friend in a time of need but every thought I had occupied you no matter what I did you was always on my mind every hour every minute and I wasn’t gonna make the same mistake y/n I let you slip through my fingers once I couldn’t do it again I told you I would come back for you and I did because we needed each other because…I love you y/n” Barry stared into your glossy eyes and you stared back as your heart rate increase and you held your breath.

“What about Iris” you sputter out as tears run down your face.

“Don’t worry I took care of everything, just tell me y/n…do you want this” You and Barry are so close your noses are literally touching.

“Yes” you whisper and Barry closes the gap between the two of you by pressing his lips against yours in an overdue kiss.


The next day you was already at the lab talking to Cisco and Caitlyn and Joe about the speed force when Barry flashes in with Iris.

“Iris and I have an announcement to make” Barry states and everyone quickly focuses on the two.

“Barry and I are no longer engaged” Iris clasps her hands together and silence fills the room.

“What the hell you said” Joe’s tone was stone cold

“Daddy, it’s fine me and Barry talked about it and we just figured it would be the best to remain friends” Iris tries to convince the older man but he would not remove his eyes from Barry who was now fearing for his life.

“Besides we been made the decision Dad we’re just now telling you because things have now slowed down”

“Iris don’t tell him that he’s going to kill me” Barry’s eyes widen and she rolls her eyes.

Joe sighs as he rubs his forehead “I swear the both of you are going to be the death of me but if you two are happy with the decision you made then I guess it’s okay”

“Besides Dad, Barry found himself a great woman already isn’t that right barr” she teasingly smiles at Barry who facepalms himself.

“Well who is it”

Barry makes his way to you and grabs your hand, tightening his grip the both of you smiled at joe and he softly smiles at you.

“As long as you’re happy barr, I’m happy I’m proud of you but I got to go now singh wants me back at the CCPD” Joe pats Barry on the back and walks out the cortex, Iris follows behind him and you let out a sigh of relief and Barry looks down at you with a chuckle.

“So I’ve been thinking” you squint your eyes and raise your eyebrows

“It’s never a good idea when you think barr” you tease and the speedster lightly pushes you.

“Okay I’m sorry babe, tell me what’s on your mind” you wrap your arms around his waist as look up in his warm eyes.

“Well, you can’t stay in Star Labs forever and I can’t continue to live with Iris forever so 2 days after me and Iris called off the engagement I bought a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment and I really want my beautiful girlfriend to live with me” You smile brightly and you mashed your lips on Barry’s

“I take it that’s a yes?” He chuckles

“Well not really” you shrug and walk away only to turn around to see Barry with a frown on his face. “ Babe I’m kidding stop being so serious of course I’ll move in with you”

Barry doesn’t even say a word he just playfully rolls his eyes.”oh so the silent try again huh hm someone’s not getting any kisses” you fold your arms

“I’m sorry for the disrespect my love” Barry quickly says and you nod your head in victory “damn right, now show me this apartment of ours”

Barry pushes you against his chest and you tighten wrap your arms around him.

“Hang on”

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I did it. I finally told James. I knew he wasn’t going to take it well but I didn’t expect him to get so angry. I thought he was going to hit me, I’ve never been so afraid of my best friend.

We were just hanging out when I told him. Playing video games like a normal day. I just make out and said it. “I’m pansexual.” It just felt right, you know? Saying it out loud like that. I had never really said it out loud before. I wanted the first time I said it out loud to be to my best friend.

I found it online. “Pansexual.” What a weird word, “pansexual.” It sounds like I should be attracted to cookware or something. It’s better than “omnisexual” though. That sounds like someone who is attracted to food or people eating. Yuck.

At first, he just wanted to understand. He asked a bunch of questions that I answered as best I could. It was when he asked if I liked guys that it got bad. I mean, of course I said yeah. I can’t lie to James. Never could. He’s my best friend. That’s when he flipped shit. Went berserk. Started screaming about how gross that was and how his dad would never be cool with us hanging out. How I needed to leave. How he couldn’t be friends with me anymore. I didn’t believe him. I mean, he had always been there for me and I had always been there for him. When his mom died, I was the only one he let see him cry. When my sister’s cat ran away, he went out looking for it all night with me. I was the person he called when he was nervous about his first date with Olivia. He couldn’t really mean that about not being friends. 

When I didn’t leave, he balled up his hand into a fist and started screaming “get out.” He got really close to my face and raised his fist and I just stood there. His fist was coming right at me and all I could do was stand there and stare at is like an idiot. He didn’t hit me though. His first hit the wall right next to my head. 

That’s what snapped me out of it. I ducked around him and slid out of his room before biking home. I was so scared and upset I almost peed my pants when his fist hit that wall and it took everything I had not to start crying before I got home to the safety of my room. I never want to be that afraid of anyone ever again. 

He isn’t that mad. No way. We’re best friends. We’re supposed to stick together through everything. If I just give him some time, he’ll cool down and apologize. Everything is going to be fine. In a day or two, he’ll call and then everything will go back to normal. I’m sure of it.

T.jeffs x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 1475 ((woah))

Warning: mentions of alcohol I guess, charles lee, some snarky jefferson

Request:  no one requested this???? I’m just lame.

Prompt: noPe

A/N: all the gay ships


“Y/n! Come on!” Your friend, Peggy, exclaimed.

“No. I’m not going, all I want to do is sit here and eat ice cream,” you retorted. Her sister, Angelica, was hosting a Birthday Bash for her sister, Eliza.

They did these parties every year, and they were always the biggest ones. You’ve never gone, and you were quite content with it being that way.

“It’s Senior Year, make some memories!” Peggy laughed, “Make some mistakes.”

“What on earth is fun about making mistakes?” You replied, you stood up and put your ice cream in the freezer, then walked back to Peggy.

“Please? Just this once? We don’t have to stay for long,” Peggy looked up with her puppy-dog-eyes, and you groaned,


“Oh! Yay! I’m gonna get you dolled up!”


You never got ‘dolled up’ by Peggy, you simply wore skinny blue jeans and a black t-shirt. It was a ‘casual party’ according to Peggy.

She also wore skinny jeans, but put her hair up in a ponytail and wore a bright yellow shirt. She was dressed so casual, but she looked like a model. You couldn’t help but want to feel insecure, and back down.

You shook your head, clearing those thoughts from your mind, and grabbed your phone from your charger, as it was at 100%.

“Alright, I’m ready, what time are we supposed to be there?” You asked, turning around.

“Doesn’t matter, it’s already started. We can head there now,” Peggy looked back from the mirror over to you.

“Y/N!” Angelica and Eliza cheered in unison, after you knocked on the door.

“And Peggy!” Peggy jumped in, laughing, “You know, your sister.”

Angelica rolled her eyes and pulled you inside, Eliza took Peggy’s arm also. “You got here just in time! We’re about to play Seven Minutes In Heaven!” Angelica smiled widely, you felt anxiety take over,

“Oh, I’m not—”

“It’s gonna be fun!” Peggy giggled.

You tossed a glare, “That’s what every person says in a horror movie before they die.”

Peggy rolled her eyes, and you were pulled into the circle, in the middle of her and Angelica.

You looked around the circle, to see all familiar faces, some you liked, and some you hated.

After Peggy was Lafayette, her soon-to-be-boyfriend, it was obvious to everyone, then Hercules Mulligan, then John Laurens, who was next to Alexander, they were dating.

Then after Alexander was Aaron Burr, you were pretty sure they were frenimes, then James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, who were bestfriends, Charles Lee–you weren’t even sure why he was here, and then Eliza and Maria, who were dating, then Angelica, and then you.

Angelica smiled as she grabbed an empty beer bottle off of the table next to you, “Okay, y/n, you start,” she positioned the bottle at you.

“Uh, no, it’s your party, you should start,” you moved it to face her.

“What? You just got here! You’re starting.”

She moved it back to you. “You’re funny,” you moved it back to her.

“You’re one of my best friends, your starting,” Angelica moved it back to you, and you sighed,

“Eliza’s your sister, it’s her party, she should start,” you moved the bottle over to Eliza.

“Nu-uh, I’m not getting into this. You start,” Eliza moved it towards you and you rolled your eyes,

Fine. Whatever. I hate you both.”

Everyone was staring and laughing at the two of you, if they didn’t know better, they would’ve thought you were sisters. Which, you practically were.

You spun the bottle and watched it go round, and round, and round, until it landed. There was s constant worry that it would have landed on Charles Lee, you ultimately found his disgusting and rude.

You looked up from the bottle, seeing it landed on Thomas Jefferson. You weren’t sure if you should thrown up, or screamed. Either way, you felt a blush rise up to your cheeks.

You locked eyes with him, there was a smug look on his face. You rolled your eyes and got up, walking over to the closet behind him, he followed.

“I like a woman that takes control,” he taunted as you closed the door.

After turning on your flashlight on your phone, you rolled your eyes, “I’m not kissing you.”

Thomas put his hands up in defense, “I never said you had to. And I never said I wanted to.”

Thomas Jefferson was an asshole player and a snarky rich prick who everyone fell for, including you. You hated every second of it, he was so flirty with every girl he saw and it disgusted you how he left behind so many broken hearts without a care in the world.

“What should we do in the meantime, y/n?” You were shocked, when he first asked that, you didn’t even think he knew your name.

“FIVE MINUTES!” Alexander yelled, as you opened your mouth to speak.

“20 Questions?” You asked, you felt like you were twelve. He chuckled, “Sure, why not? I’ll start…”

“OKAY! GET OUT!” Alexander yelled, opening the closet door. And, to his surprise, there was no compromising situation. He had to look down at the both of you, sitting criss-cross on the ground, with your phone with its flashlight on in the middle of you.

You were both talking, nothing special, to Alexander at least. Twenty Questions quickly turned into fourty. You seemed content until you stood up with a blush covering your face, you quickly walked out of there, back into the circle.

Peggy gasped, “You’re blushing! You’re telling me everything later.”

You rolled your eyes and looked down, in those seven minutes, you had fallen even harder for him. Thomas was completely different than you thought, he was smart, and nice, and it was amazing how well you two got along.

Then again, he’d probably move on in the maximum of two minutes. You had no chance. Thomas sat down across from you, staring at the top of your head, as you were looking down.

Someone else took the bottle and spun it, the game continuing.

You sat outside, on the swinging bench that was strung up on the Schulyers’ porch. Every couple you knew were eating each others faces off, you were left alone as the other single people you knew went to eat some strangers face off.

The door opened and you turned your head towards the sound, there was Thomas Jefferson.

“Not drinking tonight?” He asked, sitting down next to you.

You looked down at the Coke in your hand, “I guess not, I don’t drink much.”

“Neither do I,” he smiled, holding up his own Coke.

You made a 'hmm’ sound, not finding any words to respond with. And for a while you both just sat in silence. It was a mix between something comfortable and something awkward, you refused to look at him with a blush rising to your cheeks. You could feel him staring.

“So, um… What are you doing tomorrow?” Thomas asked, a little rushed.

You had to think to yourself on what day it was, before answering, “Nothing, I think. I just planned to stay in because it was supposed to rain.”

“Would you like to change those plans?”

You turned to see Thomas’ eyes looking at you as he nervously took a sip of his Coke, you smiled,

“Depends on what you mean.”

He saw your smile and straightened up a little, “Well… Maybe the coffee place downtown? If you like coffee, it doesn’t have to be that…” He trailed off, looking into your eyes for some conformation.

“I’d like that. Would you like my number, so you could text me the details?” You pulled out your phone, he did also,

“Yeah! Yeah, that’d be good…”

As you exchanged numbers, someone burst through the door, it was James Madison,

“Thomas! We have to go, I may, or may not have, puked in Alexanders shoe. If he finds out he’s going to kill me, it’s only a matter of time.”

Thomas rolled his eyes and stood up, but he turned to face you, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it…”

You smiled up at him, “Likewise.”

He swung his friends arm over his shoulder and lead him down the steps of the porch, and down from the driveway to his car.

“Did you see her? She’s got the hots for you,” James said, turning around to face you. You were too far away to hear, so you just gave a wave. He gave a lazy one back.

“You really think so..?” Thomas inquired.

“Yeah, well, maybe, she just waved at me. I don’t want to take your girl or anything, but I think she might be into me, too.”

Thomas rolled his eyes and pushed James in the car, and once he got in he contiued talking, “Whatever. Just do you know, if you puke in my shoes tonight– you’re a dead man.”

In My Time Of Need (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

You realized he was protecting you when you were sent on a mission that went terribly wrong. Natasha, Steve, Wanda, yourself, and Bucky had been sent to a recent hideout a group of enhanced criminals had been staying at. There was only three of them, but that meant nothing when the fighting began.

The night before you all boarded the quinjet, you had retreated to your room in Stark tower while everyone else drank and told stories of past adventures. You weren’t exactly keen on the idea of sharing your past, something that Bucky could relate to. Maybe that’s why he was the first to notice that you had slipped off to your room.

“What’s up with you, Barnes?” Natasha asked as she followed him out of the living room and into the kitchen. He ran a hand through his hair and leaned against a counter.

“I don’t feel… good about tomorrow,” he muttered, grimacing as he looked at the floor. If it had been Tony or Clint asking him, he wouldn’t have been so open with his feelings; Natasha was someone he trusted, though, especially since you were her bestfriend.

“Why?” Natasha asked curiously as she grabbed a glass of water. In all honesty, she knew that he was worried about you. She saw how he looked at you whenever you were talking or even just sitting there. His feelings became even more noticeable when he began training with you a few months earlier.

“Steve doesn’t want me in the open,” Bucky grumbled. “Something about the guys we’re after picking up on Y/N and I, which is stupid since there’s noth-”

“You’re not actually gonna say that there’s nothing, are you?” Natasha interrupted with a smirk. Bucky stumbled over his words for a minute before Natasha spoke up again. “You like her, Barnes, it’s pretty noticeable.”

“I love her, Natasha,” he whispered quietly. “That’s why Steve wants me to cover you guys tomorrow like I used to in the forties.”

“He just wants to protect-”

“You think I don’t know that? I want Y/N safe, but I just have this feeling that she’s not going to be.”

“We’ll look out for her,” Natasha promised. “And besides, you’ll have her back.”

So that’s what he told you the next day when you parted ways. His gun was slung across his back as he pulled you aside after stepping out of the quinjet.

“I’m not… I’m not going down there with you guys,” he told you, looking down at you as you crossed your arms and rocked back and forth on your heels.

“Why not?” You quipped, letting out a huff of irritation. Bucky had trouble stifling his smile and low chuckle at your childish behavior. You could snap someone’s neck like a twig, but here you looked like an innocent bystander.

“Steve wants me to cover you guys. Thinks that the criminals will use their abilities on me and, uh, bring out an unwanted guest.”

“Promise you’ll be careful, Bucky,” you murmured with a soft expression that showed you understood Steve’s reasoning.

“As long as you don’t get into any trouble I will be,” he joked. You let out a laugh and went to walk over to Wanda who was calling your name. “Y/N, wait a second.”

Bucky took ahold of your arm and brought you close to him. “What are you doing?” You questioned as he looked into your eyes.

“I just…” He looked over to see Natasha and Steve smiling at him with encouragement. “Don’t make me waste any bullets, alright? I don’t feel like doing the dirty work today.”

“Please, like you do the dirty work any other time,” you laughed as he let go of your arm. Bucky felt his stomach drop at what came out of his mouth and watched as you headed to Wanda. He quickly looked to Steve only to find him shaking his head with a small smile. And then he was left to find a spot to cover you all from.


“Steve, where did Y/N and Natasha go?” Bucky yelled, waiting for Steve to reply on his earpiece.

You had all been taken by surprise when five enhanced men showed up at the hideout. Not only were you outnumbered, but you were open to being controlled by the telepath. Wanda was able to distract him while you, Steve, and Natasha took on the others. Each one had a different ability; super speed, super strength, flying, and fire manipulation.

Before taking on the telepath, Wanda helped to slow the speedster; Steve knocked him out easily with a hit from his shield. Bucky smiled as you cheered Steve on before quickly turning serious and facing the other men. Natasha had placed handcuffs on the speedster before she too got ready.

The super strong one immediately lunged at Steve, the two threw punches and tried to outsmart the other one. Natasha caught the attention of the flying guy; he attempted to pick her up, but she was quick to duck and run for cover. That left you with the fire manipulator.

“Shit, get him off of you, Y/N,” Bucky cursed as the guy shot fire balls at you.

“What the hell do you think I’m trying to do?” You snapped back, pulling out your gun as you dodged the fire. Unfortunately, you weren’t fast enough to move out of the way for one ball and it brushed across your left arm. “Shit!”

“Dammit, Steve, I’m coming down there,” Bucky said as he began to head to the hideout from the top of the hill he was on.

“Stay where you are, Buck,” Steve answered in a strained voice as he put the strong man into a choke hold and watched him slip into unconsciousness. “I’m heading to help her, make sure you have our backs.”

“Steve!” You called out suddenly. Bucky’s eyes widened as he saw you on the ground in the center of a circle of flames. You were holding onto your arm, struggling to stand due to a severe burn you had on your right leg.

Bucky set up his gun, aiming carefully at the man who had engulfed himself in flames. Steve was rushing over to help you, Wanda was no where in sight, and Natasha was running towards the scene with the other man flying above her.

“Steve, I’m taking the shot to take out our flaming friend,” Bucky stated as he placed his finger on the trigger.

“Take him out,” you groaned back, fueling Bucky’s anger towards the man that hurt you. He pulled the trigger, the bullet entering the man’s head. The man was sent to the ground, flames ceasing to exist as soon as he was shot. The flying man stopped in midair, frozen from the shock of watching his friend be killed. You took this opportunity to fire your gun at him, hitting his shoulder which caused him to fall to the ground.

Bucky stumbled to his feet, racing down the hill to get to where Steve and Natasha were helping you off the ground. Once he reached you, he pulled you into his arms, face pressed into your hair as you carefully wrapped your arms around him.

“I thought you didn’t want to do any dirty work?” You joked when you finally pulled away from the hug. Before he could say anything, Wanda emerged from the building with a soft smile on her face.

“Are you okay?” You asked as she walked over to join the group. “What happened to the telepath?”

“I am fine,” she replied, brushing her hair behind her ears. “The telepath is dead.”

Steve gently placed a hand on the small of her back and gave her a sad smile. She gave him one back before turning to face you.

“Did you two kiss yet?” She asked with a wink.

“Wanda!” You exclaimed with an embarrassed expression before turning to Bucky. “She was just kidding, don’t pay any attent-”

You were cut off by Bucky’s lips pressing against yours softly. His rough hand brushed your face as light as a feather before you pulled away.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispered, looking into your eyes. “That’s what I was trying to say earlier instead of talking about dirty work.”

“I love you too, Bucky,” you replied before kissing him again.

“Can someone get this bullet out of me?” The flying man yelled out after a minute. You and Bucky pulled away, laughing as the man complained about his injury before walking off to the quinjet.

[Part Two]

Word Count: 1.5k

Pairing: Eric Coulter x Reader

Prompt: Honestly Idek this just came into my head

A/N: Just joined the fanfic side of tumblr a few days ago…get ready for me to sin, bitches. Also this is my first ever fic on here so go easy on me. If you want a part 2, feel free to request. It’ll only go up by popular demand!

The first time you ever interacted with Eric, you wanted nothing more than to punch him square in the face. His tough exterior and concentrated gaze was something that was easy to get by, but his smart mouth and tendency to let his anger get the best of him always made you think satan himself was possessing the guy. Of course, that was months ago; way before you had gotten past initiation and before you became a leader. You guys had fallen onto good terms now but were nowhere near bestfriends. That’s exactly why, when he started something along the lines of a prank war, backing down was the last thing you were going to do.

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Knowing and Accepting part 3

Have you ever had to hide in a broom closet to avoid someone? No? You’ve never had to hide from someone you didn’t like, a parent, or you’re best friend who you’re secretly in love with? Well, Carlos had.
Not that he was hiding from Jay or anything. No, not at all. He just really enjoyed broom closets. The way his shoes stuck to the nasty floor, the smell of cleaning products, and how it felt like the walls were closing in around him. Yeah no, he absolutely hated it.
Carlos had been avoiding Jay for almost three weeks now, and it was clear that Jay had noticed. I mean, your bestfriend suddenly never wanting to hang out with you and practically running away whenever he saw you. Yeah, it was kinda obvious.
He waited, his ear pressed to the door and his heart pounding in his chest, listening for the sound of Jay walking away. The warning bell rang, telling any remaining students in the halls to hurry to class or they’d be late. Carlos waited just a little longer before leaving the closet. He looked around and felt relief when he didn’t see anyone.
Knowing that Jay would be in the class he was supposed to be in he decided to go to his dorm. He walked quickly, feeling almost like he was being watched. When he got to his room he quickly ran inside and locked the door so no one could get in. Trying to catch his breath he leaned against the door.
Now, this seems like a good part to end our story. A cliff hanger, never finding out whether or not Jay and Carlos live happily ever after. Gross. Your lucky I love you guys.
The sound of someone clearing their throat caused Carlos to jump and grab the dagger -cough cough the one Jay had given him cough- he kept hidden in his jacket. He looked up at whoever it was and froze, Lucifer was definitely not on his side today.
“H-hey Jay, what’s up?” Carlos said nervously. Jay glared at him and stepped forward, pinning Carlos to the door and causing him to drop the blade. “I don’t know Carlos, what is up?” His face turned sad “why do you keep avoiding me, I thought you were my bestfriend?”
Carlos wanted to scream, this couldn’t be happening. “I am! I am your bestfriend its just-” he looked down at his feet and had to fight the urge to push Jay away so he could run. “Just what huh, did I do something? Or is what Evie told me true?” Now that made Carlos look up “what, what did Evie tell you?!” Jay sighed and sat down on his bed.
“She told me that you and Jane got together and that you would rather spend all your time with her than me” Jay said sadly “and I get it, you deserve to be happy and stuff but… you can still hang out with me can’t you?”. Wow, Carlos was not expecting that. “No Jay, that’s not it at all. I’m not with Jane, I like you not her-” he froze, great job Carlos, you’re an idiot.
He tried to run, he really really did, but when a really strong really attractive guy tackles you to the ground its kind of hard. “What did you just say” Carlos refused to speak and he closed his eyes so that he wouldn’t have to look at Jay. “Carlos! Tell me what you said, just say it again” he paused “please”.
Carlos slowly opened his eyes and looked at the boy pinning him to the ground, trying very hard not to think about the position they were in he hesitantly repeated his words. “I like you, not her” his voice was ferm but he was clearly nervous. No one said anything for a while and Carlos closed his eyes, his heart hurt as he realized that he was going to be rejected, why did he have to be so stupi- whoa!
Someone’s lips were being pressed to his, and not just any someone, Jay. Jay was kissing him! Hesitantly he kissed back, and instantly he felt his heart explode. It was incredible, why hadnt he ever tried this before?! It was like he was being cuddled by all the puppies in the world, like he was eating a thousand chocolate covered strawberries, it was like he was kissing Jay. There were sparks. No, literally, spark were flying around the room.
Pulling away from each other, though it was obvious that both of them wanted to continue, they looked to where the sparks were coming from. Evie and Mal stood in the doorway, Evie putting the bobby pin she had used to unlock the door back into her hair and Mal shooting tiny sparks from her hand to catch their attention.
They all ended up on the bed, Mal asking why they never told her, Evie repeating how she knew it all along, and Jay holding Carlos’s hand. He had never been happier, and even the detention that Jay and Carlos got for skipping class couldn’t ruin how happy they were.

She Will Be Loved

Request: “Song request??:D Can you do a Dean one shot based on the song ‘she will be loved’?”

A/N: I really like this one. I think it’s my best so far and I couldn’t be more proud of it! This is my post for this Friday. Everyone is getting their own days to post and I have Friday. :D I’ve been listening to ‘Apocalyptic Love by Slash on repeat for like 8 hours now and I just can’t.. the song is love. Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to produce a request for you guys.. I’ve been super duper busy and I can’t tell you enough times how sorry I am. Anyway, I’ve been really super excited to pick this back up and write. Now that I have - I’m super happy I did. But I hope you guys enjoy this because I know how much I did writing it. :) I hope this request pays off for me not being active! I’m not really sure I like how the ending turned out so if I ever have the time, I might redo that part. Also, I kinda wanna make this request into a series or something like that, so let me know if I should! One more thing, thank you for over 1k followers. I know Emily has been the only one really active lately, and Em if you’re reading this, I’m sorry and ily♥ But a lot of us are/have been busy lately and don’t really have time to upload. I still have requests from January in my queue that I’m working on. I promise to get them all done soon. If you took the time to read this long ass A/N, Kudos to you. 10/10 you win. :) xx

Author: Vicky

Pairings: DeanxReader

Summary: You and Dean are oblivious to how the other feels about you. When you come home after a traumatizing fight with your boyfriend Kyle, Dean can’t help the bestfriend over-protectiveness that kicks in.

Warnings: Abuse, Language, Rape.

Words: 4508

Y/H/C - Your Hair Color

Y/E/C - Your Eye Color

Y/N/N - Your Nick Name


In Dean’s eyes you were most definitely a pretty girl. Wait, scratch pretty. In Dean’s eyes you were most definitely a beautiful girl. Your Y/H/C complimented your Y/E/C, you had the perfect body; you weren’t the skinniest of girls, but you most definitely were not overweight. Dean loved that about you. To yourself, you had so many imperfections. But in his eyes, all he saw was beauty. The day he ran into you on that hunt, when he saved you from a nest of vampires with his dad and Sam, he knew you were going to be in his life. Whether he wanted you to be or not. He most certainly wanted you in his life, but he couldn’t help but fear what would happen if you got hurt.

You and Dean were bestfriends. You instantly clicked when he and Sam saved you and your sister from those vampires. Not only because he saved your life, but because he acted like a friend when you needed one. That was also the night John had died. The boys were devastated and you couldn’t bare to leave Dean and Sam alone by themselves that night. You never knew why, but there was something about the two of them that intrigued you and your sister. Thus, not letting you leave them. You and Dean had ended up sharing a lot more about yourself to the other than you should have, because now you were stuck with eachother.

Sam would call you the girl version of Dean, and you agreed. You and Dean had everything imaginable in common. You both loved rock, had an interest in cars, hunting, a love for beer, but the thing that really brought you together was that you both lost your parents. You had a little sister, her name was Ashleigh. Believe it or not, she was Sam’s age. Except, she didn’t want the hunting lifestyle she had grown accustomed to after Sam and Dean saved you guys. So once she was old enough, she left the three of you to go to Yale. She and Sam are dating, they’ve been struggling with long distance for 2 months now. Sam actually prefers that she’s at Yale and not living this life. He hopes that it keeps her safe, though he hates not being able to see her smile everyday.

The four of you, bestfriends. You laughed, Dean was currently making faces at you while Sam was talking to the mortician.

Mr. White glanced at you weirdly. “Is there a problem Mrs. Tufnel? Because I don’t think investigating a dead body in which the insides are liquified is funny.” Mr. White grew angry with every word.

You began to come up with an excuse for your laughter but Dean beat you to it. “Excuse me, Mr. White. I told my fiancé a joke earlier and she just got it now. My apologies.” Dean spoke as he moved to your side to lazily wrap his arm around you and rubbed your arm. Butterflies started to erupt in your stomach but before they could fully awaken from their slumber, Dean dropped his arm and moved himself to talk to the mortician about the bodies.

“You can’t like him Y/N. You’re with Kyle. Besides, Dean’s your bestfriend. You wouldn’t want to ruin that now would you?” You began to mentally scold yourself for feeling the way you did towards Dean, but he interrupted you.

“You okay there, Sweetie?” Dean snapped his fingers in front of your face chuckling and sending you a look.

“Uhh.. Yeah. Sorry babe, I zoned out.” You answered, swatting Dean’s hand away.

Dean froze at ‘babe’ and glanced at you, but you didn’t see it. You had walked over to Sam, who was currently inspecting the bodies.

“Thank you Mr. White for your time, but we must go. It was nice meeting you.” You smiled and shook his hand while Dean had his hand on the small of your back, leading you outside the morgue.

“And you aswell, Mr. and Mrs. Tufnel.” He replied.

“Mr. McCreedy.” he nodded towards Sam.

Mr. White had walked you outside and was standing on the steps.

“Sammy, to make it look like Y/N and I are an actual engaged couple, maybe you should sit in the back and let Y/N sit up front.” Dean suggested to Sam quietly. You smiled. You loved sitting up front in the impala. You had to admit, the impala was a beauty. Dean only let you drive once, and you enjoyed every second of it.

“Yeah. Whatever Dean.” Sam chuckled as he got in the back.

“M’lady.” Dean laughed, as he opened your door for you.

“Why thank you, Mr. Tufnel..” You winked at Dean, getting in the car. Once the door was closed, you began laughing and you could see Dean laughing as well as he made his way around the car to the drivers’ side.

Dean opened his door and you turned on the radio in the impala, Apocalyptic Love by Slash started blaring through the speakers. You couldn’t help the wide grin that spread across your face. When the impala sped off back to the motel room you sang at the top of your lungs at the song currently playing.

“This is the last time

Oh, oh

Don’t care how we do it

Just as long as we can love under the same sky

All we got is tonight”

This was one of the many reasons Dean felt the way he did about you. He looked over at you and a smile spread across his face. You loved rock music and you couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot whenever this song came on. The sun was shining in your face but that wouldn’t stop you from head banging and thrashing in your seat while belting out the lyrics to the song. You were carefree at moments like this and Dean couldn’t ask for you any other way.

Dean snapped out of his train of thoughts when you started to dig through your bag. You pulled out your phone that played ‘Back In Black’ By AC/DC, and you turned down the radio answering it.


“Oh, hey Kai. Who’s phone is this?”

“What happened to your old phone and why do you need a new number?”

“I don’t know, I promised the boys I’d stay in tonight.”

You looked over at Dean who turned to look at you. You raised an eyebrow at him and he sighed in defeat.

“I guess I can. Where do you wanna meet?”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

“Alright, Love you.”

You looked over at Dean, who was intensely keeping his gaze on the road and was doing the jaw thing he does when he’s feeling upset or mad.

You touched his shoulder. “Hey, are you sure it’s okay?”

“Yeah. It’s fine I’ll probably just do some research with Sammy. Ya know, figure out what this thing is.”

“Dean, I think I have an idea what it is.”

“And you didn’t mention this earlier?” He slightly turned his head to glance at you while you spoke.

“I think it’s a Djinn. I remember my Dad talking about a hunt with John where the same thing was happening to the bodies.”

“Y/N could be right, Dean. It makes perfect sense. I think I remember reading something about them in dad’s journal. I mean, the liquified bodies? What else could do that, Dean?” Sam had grabbed John’s journal and began flipping through pages.

“I don’t know, Sammy. It seems kinda off.” Dean protested.

“According to Dad’s journal, this is a second type of Djinn. Uh, their eyes light up blue, they pass as humans, all that regular jazz, except these leave their victims with jelly-like insides, and supposedly, when they poison their victims, they leave behind a blue handprint.”

“Like a bastard offshoot? Great. Well that would explain why all the victims had a blue hand mark somewhere on them.” Dean glanced at Sam in the rearview mirror.

“Alright. So say this thing is a ‘Djinn Offshoot’. How the hell do we kill it?” You said sitting up and turning your body sideways in the seat.

“Well. I imagine it would be like all Djinn’s. A silver knife dipped in Lamb’s blood.” Dean said looking at you.

You nodded and turned your head to look out the impala window.

“Hey, your dad hunted many Djinns. I’m sure he’s hunted this kind before. Just because your dad was killed by a Djinn, doesn’t mean I’m going to let you get killed by one okay?” Dean reached over and picked your hand up in his. You looked up to him and tried to wipe the tears that rolled down your face.

He let go of your hand and lifted up his arm. “C’mere.”

You unbuckled yourself and slid down the seat and leaned against Dean. He rested his arm around your shoulder and kept his eyes on the road. You yawned and felt your eyes getting heavier by the minute. Your eyes fluttered shut and you were asleep.

This is why Dean was your bestfriend. You could be the saddest person in the world but with one gesture he could change your mood. He didn’t care if you fell asleep on him. You meant something to him and if letting you cuddle into him helped you stop being upset than so be it. He hated seeing you upset. Especially if you were upset over your parents’ death. That isn’t something you should be afraid of anymore, you have him to protect you.

Dean stared down at you. Why did he feel this way about you? You’re supposed to be his bestfriend, he shouldn’t feel this way.

Once Sam was for sure that you were asleep, he spoke up. “Dean, you gotta tell her. You’re so oblivious, dude. She feels the same way about you.”

“Sammy, that’s not true. She’s in love with Kyle. I’m her bestfriend. That’s all I’ll ever be. End of story.”

“You and I both know there’s something about that Kyle guy, Dean. Just know, that Y/N deserves the best.”

“Sam, you know that I know Y/N deserves the best. Hell, she deserves something special and if that Kyle guy is special to her, than that’s fine by me. She needs someone to brighten her days after everything she’s been through. Hell, we all do. But I don’t care about that. If any of us deserve a white picket fence life, it’s sure as hell Y/N. You and I, we’ve been in it for far too long. Y/N, she’s something else man. She means too much to me to ruin it all. She’s my bestfriend and I love her.” Dean leaned down and kissed the top of your head.

You snuggled closer into his side and wrapped an arm around his torso and smiled in your sleep.

Sam and Dean talked awhile in the car about random things. Some things about the job, some things about your sister, Ashleigh. But most of the things they talked about were you. Making sure you were asleep before they started talking about you of course.

You awoke while being carried into the motel room. You buried your head into the neck of whoever was carrying you. You took a deep breath and instantly recognized the aroma of an alcohol and woodsy smell. Dean.

You felt a red hot pain on your stomach and you winced. “Dean, Dean.”

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” He asked quickly rushing to sit you down on the bed.

“Dean, Agh! Dean, my stitches.” You gritted through your teeth.

“Sammy, I think Y/N ripped her stitches.” Dean yelled to his brother in the parking lot.

The last hunt you were on, a Demon lunged at you mid-battle and sliced you on your stomach with a knife, Sammy had to patch you up. Sam rushed into the room and closed the door to the room behind him. You squeezed your eyes shut in pain. Dean had began taking off your dress jacket and blouse, you were left in your tank top.

“Y/N, I’m gonna need you to take off your shirt. Dean, she needs to lay down. Now.” Sam ordered looking at his brother.

You nodded your head and began taking off your tank top until you cried out in pain from the sudden movement. You felt the bed dip behind you and Dean helped you take off your tank top. You were now left in your black Victoria’s Secret bra and your dress pants as Dean pulled you back into his chest so Sam could access your wound easier. He began to do his work and you winced in pain.

Dean automatically gripped your hands tight and whispered little things in your ear about how he’s glad you’re his bestfriend because you’re a fighter. How you’re the only girl he knows that enjoys everything he does and he couldn’t ask for anyone else as a bestfriend.

“You’re lucky you only ripped half of the stitches out Y/N/N.” Sam slapped your leg slightly and smiled at you as he got up.

“Shit, you guys. Kyle’s gonna be so pissed. I can’t go out when I’m in this much pain.” You started worriedly. “He’s gonna think I’m lying.” You began to become scared at your own words. Though you hid your fright from Sam and Dean, you couldn’t lie to yourself.

Kyle has never physically hurt you, but he’s threatened you before while drunk one night. He gets very upset and drinks away his problems and they turn to anger. You’re never really sure why you’re with him. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid to not be with him because of what he might do?

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Just tell him that you aren’t feeling well. If he gives you any problems, let us know and we’ll deal with him. Okay? You have us to protect you.” Dean squeezed your hands and kissed the side of your head. He lifted you up a little bit so he could move out of your way and get you your phone. Once Dean had left the bed, Sam helped you put your white tank back on. ‘

Dean always does little gestures like the one that he just did. It was his way of showing you that you were his bestfriend and that nothing would/could break you two apart. Dean had come back with your phone by now and he handed it to you. You called Kyle.

“Hey Kyle, I’m not really feeling well, so I think I’m gonna skip tonight.”

“No, it’s nothing like that I promise.” You motioned for Dean to help you up.

“Hold on, give me a second.” Once Dean helped you up, you gave him a sad smile and walked towards the door.

You walked out the door of the motel room and Dean followed you, a look of confusion spread across his features. He stopped and leaned in the motel door as you walked across the parking lot to lean against the impala where Dean couldn’t hear you speak.

You looked Dean in the face as you spoke these next words to Kyle. “Kai, you know that Dean’s only my bestfriend. I love you, you know that. I would never cheat on you with Dean. Baby, you know I love you.” You couldn’t stop the tears that came out of your eyes. It was so hard to lie to Dean, yet you didn’t know if what you were feeling, were feelings for Dean or just a temporary thing. You were still looking Dean in the face from where you stood leaning against the impala. He was staring back at you intently.

“Babe, I promise. I love you.” You spoke into the phone. Your voice, cracked towards the end of your sentence.

How could you love someone who scared you? You were positive now within yourself that Kyle is not the one you belong with. Especially because the thought of Kyle scared you.

“Alright. Love you. Bye.” You hung up and you screamed in anger and threw your phone across the parking lot, where it met with the wall and smashed into pieces.

You gripped at your stitches in pain and tears sprung to your eyes. You heard Dean start to walk to your aid, but you dismissed him to go back inside. You heard the motel door slowly close. You hid your face in your hands and began to cry. You slid down the side of the impala and sat there with your legs pulled up to your chest. You don’t know how long you sat there for, probably minutes when you decided to head back in.

You slowly pulled yourself up and walked back into the motel room. Dean rushed to your side and engulfed you in a hug. “You can’t do that. You can’t make me wait to make sure if you’re alright.” Dean whispered.

“Literally, Y/N. He was freaking out.” Sam gave you a sympathetic look.

“I’m fine. Just wanna take a shower, and go to bed.” You said in a small voice.

Dean let go of you and you quickly reached up to wrap your arms around his neck and hugged him as tight as you could. Dean instinctively wrapped his hands around your waist and hugged you back equally as hard, if not harder.

“I’m sorry.” You squeaked.

“Hey, it’s okay. Let it out, isn’t that what you always tell the victim’s families while we’re on cases? To let it out because it’s okay to cry?” Dean moved a strand of hair behind your ear and kissed your forehead. “Go get in the shower, wash up and we’ll watch movies alright?”

You nodded and moved to the end of the bed where your duffle bag was. Once you picked out some clothes, you entered the bathroom and closed the door behind you. You turned on the shower and striped. You turned on your ipod and clicked on So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold. The song began and you stepped in the shower, getting your hair and body wet. You couldn’t help yourself when you slid down the wall and hugged your knees.

Outside the bathroom door, Dean was sitting on your bed staring intently at the beer in his hands. He knew what was going on in that shower. How could he not? He was your bestfriend, he knew everything about you. He knew that you were crying in the shower. He knew what that song meant. He knew that was the song you listened to when you needed to think and cry. He knew how much pain you were in because it’s not often that you’ll listen to that song. You only listen to it when your upset. It was your way of calming down.

After about an hour of crying and thinking in the shower, you finished washing your hair and body. You stepped out of the shower and dried yourself off. You dressed yourself, stepping into a pair of spandex shorts and one of Dean’s old button ups that he gave you a long time ago because it no longer fit. You decided you were too tired to brush your hair so you left it the way it was. You brushed your teeth and removed the mess your makeup had left on your face from the shower and crying.

You walked out of the door and Dean immediately shot his attention towards you. “Are you hungry? Do you want food?”

You shook your head no. “I’m fine, thanks.” You answered in a small voice.

“Do you want to watch movies?”

You shook your head no once again. “I just wanna go to sleep. I’m sorry Dean.” You pulled your covers down a little bit and walked over to Dean who sat on the couch.

“Goodnight Sammy.” You waved.

“Night, Y/N/N.” He gave you a sad smile.

“I’ll be better tomorrow. Don’t worry okay?” You fake smiled and hugged Dean.

“I still don’t even know what’s wrong Y/N/N.” He replied simply.

“I’ll tell you when the time comes. Just not now Dean..” You shied away from him and crawled into bed. You turned your back to Dean and pulled up the covers. You let little, quiet sobs escape your mouth. You fell asleep like that, quietly crying while Dean and Sam said nothing. They were too confused.

You woke up when you heard Dean arguing with someone at the door.

“Where the fuck is she Dean?!”

Fuck. Kyle.

He must’ve saw you in bed and pushed Dean aside because the next thing you heard was Dean yelling. “Kyle, what the fuck. Leave her alone, man. She’s sleeping.”

“I don’t give a fuck Dean. She’s my girlfriend. She’s coming with me.” Kyle pulled back your covers and scooped you up in his arms. You pretended that you just woke up.

“Kyle? What the fuck? How’d you get here?” You asked sleepily.

“Doesn’t matter. You look fine, we’re going out.” He demanded.

“Kyle put me down.” You grew angry. You were mostly scared though. You hadn’t told Kyle where you were or where you were staying. So how in the world did he get here?

“C’mon. We’re going out.” He grew annoyed.

“Kyle, put the girl down for christ sakes.” Dean warned.

Kyle let you down and stared daggers at Dean.

“Excuse us.” You pushed Kyle towards the door and closed it once you were outside.

You dragged him down two blocks away from the hotel and he leaned his back against a building.

“Kyle, this needs to stop. We’re over.”

“We’re not over until I say we’re over.”

“Kyle. I’m not doing this anymore. It’s like you don’t fucking trust me!” You yelled.

“Yes I do, of course I do.” He replied, his face turning sad. He walked closer to you and hugged you tightly. “I’m sorry, Dean’s a lot better looking than me and you’re so much closer with him. I’m sorry.”

Who was this man? This definitely wasn’t Kyle.

“Please don’t be mad.” He spoke.

“I’m not.” You looked down.

“Look at me.”

You looked up.

“Kiss me if you’re not mad.”


“Y/N. If you’re not mad at me, kiss me and I’ll believe you.”

You tilted your head up and kissed him. He turned and backed you up against the wall.

Once you parted, you spoke. “See? I’m not mad.”

Kyle kissed you again and you began kissing back. He had to believe that you actually loved him still.

He began to kiss your jaw-line and he moved to your neck, sucking.

“Kyle. Stop.”

He didn’t answer. His grip on your hips became tighter and your stitches were hurting now.

“Kyle. Stop. That hurts my stitches.” You began.

“You’re mine. Not Dean fucking Winchester’s.” He growled.

He moved his hands so one was roaming under your shirt and the other tugged at your shorts. You tried to push him away. Sheer terror masked across your face.

“Kyle, stop. This isn’t you. I don’t want this. Stop.” You began to cry.

He stopped and looked up at you. He intensely kept his eyes locked on yours.


He went back to sucking on your neck. He pressed his bulge against you and tears sprung to your eyes. As he unzipped his jeans, he tugged down your spandex shorts.

“Kyle. Stop it! I’m not having sex with you. This is rape!” You screamed.

You had been struggling since his lips attached themselves to your neck and you couldn’t seem to break free. But now you had a chance. You had seen the empty beer bottle in the dumpster and took your chance. You smashed it against Kyle’s head and it shattered. Kyle fell to the floor knocked out and you took your chance to run. You pulled your shorts back up and ran for your life back to the motel room.

You burst through the door and fell to your knees. Dean looked up at you from what he was doing(gif). He shot up from his chair and you ran to him. You collapsed into his arms and balled your eyes out.

“What happened?! What did that scum bag do to you?!” He screamed.

“Dean, he tried to rape me. I.. I couldn’t defend myself.” You cried.

“He what!?”

You cried harder into Dean. “I hit him over the head with a beer bottle Dean. If that beer bottle wasn’t there..”

“Shhh, I would’ve heard you screaming. I would’ve came and got you.” He rubbed his hands over your back and you could tell he was trying to hold back his tears for your sake.

After Dean had calmed you down, he moved you to the bed. Where he sat with his back against the headboard and you in between his legs with your back pressed against his chest. He had been playing with your hair and you had started to fall asleep. You hadn’t noticed but the butterflies were throwing a party in your stomach.

“Dean?” You quietly asked.

“Hmmmm?” He hummed.

“Where’s Sammy?”

“He wanted to get another room. Said he felt bad I was stuck on a couch.”

“Oh.” You replied.

“Dean?” You asked again.

“Yes?” he kissed the side of your head.

“Do you know why I was fighting with Kyle?”

He didn’t answer and you took that as your signal to keep speaking.

“He thought I was cheating on him. He was threatening me in the parking lot. He’s threatened me multiple times and I was too scared to say anything to anyone because I was afraid of what he could do to me. Or you, or sammy.”

“He couldn’t ruin me even if he tried sweetie.”

You felt your cheeks blush. You turned around and sat criss-cross between Dean’s legs.

“Dean. I threw my phone across the parking lot because I was lying to myself. I was lying to Kyle. I didn’t love him anymore, he scared the shit out of me. I was angry because he was stopping me from going where my true feelings were.”

“What are you saying Y/N?”

“Dean. I love you, my feelings are with you. I need you to know. I can’t keep hiding this from you.”

Dean stared in your eyes with confusion spread across his face.

Your eyes filled with tears. “Nevermind, I knew you could never-”

Dean interrupted you and he held your face in his hands. He closed his eyes and his lips met yours. Your eyes fluttered shut and you smiled into the kiss.

“I love you Y/N. I have for a while. Maybe we should’ve realized this sooner.” He smiled as he kissed you again and turned off the lamp next to the bed. You crawled into Dean’s embrace and before you both fell asleep like that, you spoke up.



“I always knew I would be loved. I just never imagined to be loved by you.” You smiled and fell asleep happy. You had Dean and you couldn’t be happier.

That Birthday Post… I knew y'all were bestfriends or whatever buttttt uhhhh why can you just now finally say it??? Those emojis too???

Lawd Z done turned 20 and they about to get even more weird and shit.