this is why we should get married!

  • MC: [flirts with Seven in the chatroom]
  • 707: ______!! Do you have like, a crush on me or something?! Is that why you're being all chummy with me?!
  • MC: Saeyoung. We've been married for three years.

I like the idea of Killian asking David for his blessing, and here’s why.

He doesn’t need it. We don’t even have to argue about that. If Emma and Killian want to get married, they’ll get married. It’s been well-established that Emma does what Emma wants, and Killian does what Killian wants. Neither of them need anyone else’s permission. I mean, what’s David gonna do, stab him? Come on.

But two things. First of all - Emma missed out on her royal upbringing and all those princess milestones. Killian has been the one to catch her up on them. He escorted her to her first ball and made sure she got her first dance, he kisses her hand and treats her like the princess she is. So it makes total sense to me that Killian would follow the traditional steps as much as possible and treat the whole thing like he’s a suitor wanting to marry the crown princess.

And here’s the other thing, and the reason why I really like this move. David (like Killian) is from a realm where, one would imagine, men do generally ask the father of the woman they want to marry for their permission or their blessing. And despite that, David has not been a part of any of the major moments in Emma’s life. He gave her up as a baby and got her back twenty-eight years later, at which point she’d already found and lost her first love, had a child, and done all kinds of things that David would never, in a million years, have imagined (or wanted) for his little princess. She’s living with a pirate, and we saw that while David was happy for her, he was also a little sad to “lose” her to an extent. None of this is what he ever thought would happen when he became a father to a little girl.

Also, David has been living in the twenty-first century for maybe a year. He grew up in a pseudo-medieval world with very different social norms and values and then he was in a coma for almost three decades. Yes, he’s got some traditional notions that prompt him to ask about Killian’s “intentions” and punch the guy who slept with his wife. That’s David. That’s who he is.

Asking for his permission here means a) following a tradition from his realm, and b) involving him in this part of his daughter’s life. So I like it. It’s not Killian and David making a decision for Emma, and it’s not actually about needing permission. I mean, they don’t need to get married at all. They already live together. Getting married will change nothing. So why? Because of the symbolic meaning. And the same applies to asking for David’s blessing.

It’s not about Emma and Killian. It’s about David. And it’s considerate and respectful and just nice and it shows why Killian has a place in this family, because he gets it.

  • Gajeel: Would you want to get married?
  • Levy: Well, I didn't, didn't think that was an option.
  • Gajeel: What if it was an option?
  • Levy: Why? What? Do you want to get married?
  • Gajeel: I wouldn't mind being married to you. Would you mind being married to me?
  • Levy: No, no, not, not if that's what you wanted. I mean, is, is that what you want?
  • Gajeel: I want you. So, ok.
  • Levy: So really, we're, we're getting married?
  • Gajeel: We're getting married. Should we get you a diamond?
  • Levy: No. No. Just get me a really big book shelf.
  • Bellatrix: Rodolphus is crying.
  • Narcissa: Aren't you going to do something?
  • Bellatrix: Why?
  • Narcissa: He's your boyfriend. You should check on him.
  • Bellatrix: It's Not like we're getting married.
  • Narcissa: What does that have to do with anything?
  • Bellatrix: Look. unless we're getting married, I can't see him cry AND have sex with him. It just doesn't work like that.
Polyamory and Commitment

We seem to have this idea in our society, that if a relationship doesn’t end in marriage then it isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t be taken seriously. So, naturally, it makes it very difficult for most people to take polyamorous relationships seriously, because we live in a society that does not allow for you to marry more than one person at a given time. But, I really think we should explore why we consider marriage to be a requirement for commitment. What exactly is so special about marriage? That it’s a life long commitment? You can’t say that when it’s also perfectly legal to get a divorce. Even if divorce was not an option, you wouldn’t need to be legally married to someone in order to make a life long commitment to them. In fact, I’d say it would actually be much more impressive to stick to such a commitment without having a loaded gun pointed to the back of your head, always reminding you of the legal burdens of divorce.

But, let’s suppose that we agree that a person would not necessarily have to get legally married in order to make a life long commitment. Does a commitment really have to be life long in order for it to have meaning? Does anyone actually even know what they are saying when they begin to talk about forever? You can hope that something lasts forever, and by all means, if something is wonderful and fulfilling then you are welcome to hope for anything and  everything you want. But, unless you are nearly at the end of your life, you do not know how forever is going to feel. You don’t actually know how you will feel a decade from now. You might change, your loved one(s) might change, and without question your relationship will change too given enough time. This isn’t meant to scare anyone out of commitments of any sort, but to serve as a reminder that when we talk about commitment we aren’t actually talking about what will happen or how we will feel in the future. Rather, when we talk about commitment, we are talking about how we feel now. We are talking about the fact that a relationship is so important to us, that we want to continue building it and don’t ever want to lose the person or people involved.

I think when people look for promises of forever, what they actually want to know is whether the other person(s) feels the same way about them. Do they experience the same intensity and devotion, or do they consider the relationship a temporary yet fun experience to carry on with until they are able to move onto bigger and better things? And maybe there’s also a sense of insecurity, where some people feel like their loved one’s feelings or promises cannot be trusted without an expensive ring and a legal contract. But, why would you want to legally bind yourself to someone who you cannot trust? And why would they want to bind themselves to you? Maybe you don’t need the ring, or you wanted to get legally married for tax benefits. Maybe you have a terrific reason for wanting to get legally married or not, but you ultimately still need to hear that you have a future with someone in order for you to take the relationship seriously. Just know whatever your loved one says is what they mean now, and probably tomorrow too, but it isn’t what they mean forever. What may actually make more sense, whether monogamous or polyamorous, is to simply say:

“This is important to me and I want to continue building as we go along. I do not want to lose you if I can help it. Do you feel the same?”

Marriage is not a requirement, forever is not a requirement, and even monogamy is still not a requirement to know that your relationship has a meaningful future.

So, I’ve been asked what time on the 5th pre-sales will end. And I don’t so. So I asked my husband. And he says “I don’t know, why don’t you ask your other deck?”

I married a genius you guys.

So I asked my deck, when should I end pre-sales?

Obviously. Thank you. Can you be a bit more specific?


Can I have like an actual time, maybe?

Thank you so much.

I have created the most useless deck of all time.

  • Shiro: Keith?
  • Keith: Yeah?
  • Shiro: If we make it out of here alive, will you marry me?
  • Keith: you have a ring with you?
  • Shiro: What? No, why?
  • Keith: Then you better get me one later!
  • Shiro: ...oh... oh. Is that- is that a yes?
  • Hunk: Shiro, nothing personal and not meaning to eavesdrop on your "not so private" and by the way really kind of sweet, but ominous proposal, but if you propose to any of us right now, we'd all probably say yes.
Rosy Cheeks

Bucky x Reader 

REQUEST: Can i please request 14. Why am I in love with you again?19. We should just get married.68. You’re cute when you blush. with Bucky please ?

A/N: I love writing this!! I love fluff! 


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It was a lazy day at the compound. Steve, Sam, and Nat were on a mission in Africa and Wanda, Tony, and Vision were off doing their own thing. The only two occupying the building, at least to their knowledge, was Y/n and Bucky. They sat together on the couch with Bucky’s hands wrapped around Y/n’s waist. She smiles against the comforter hugging against them and buries her head into the nape of his neck.

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bansheestydia  asked:

Can you rec me some nice healthy fics where everyone's or at least the pairing is happy? I've just read a lot of painful fics lol. Any ship is fine ☺


Love Thy Neighbour by cywscross (22k, complete, teen)

In which Stiles is an emancipated minor, and – after Peter Hale comes back from the dead – gains a zombie werewolf for a neighbour.

Domestic Bliss and Other Nonsense by moonstalker24 (8901, compelete, general)

“So, I think we should get married.”

Peter chokes, fumbles for a second, then manages to set his mug of tea down on the coffee table. He turns to look at Stiles, who is sprawled over the end of the couch, flipping through an old book.

“What?” Peter asks.

Stiles turns bright amber eyes on the stunned werewolf. “We should get married.”


“So all the books can be in one place.”

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”


Thanks for Nothing by queenitsy (8602, complete, teen)

Jackson is not a nice person and he doesn’t do nice things. So when he finds out Danny has a thing for Stiles, he definitely doesn’t try to get them together. Really.

Wizard’s Worth by Chash (4158, complete, teen)

Hogwarts AU! Danny is the nicest Slytherin ever, except for the part where he doesn’t like Stiles. Stiles assumes being Potions partners will not improve this situation.

The Letter of Your Name by HugeAlienPie (2603, complete, general)

The Name on Danny’s wrist looks like a cosmic joke. At least he has his crush on Stiles to tide him over until he meets this Baothghalach guy.


The One Where Stiles Gets the Girl (And the Cake) by yauksiei (820, complete, general)

Chris Argent is just so happy that his daughter is with a human instead that he wants to celebrate in his own way.

I hope these fics are what you were looking for! :) 


I know we can’t live forever, so we should stick together

“You want to what now?”

“I want to marry you.”

Yes, she heard that right: King Roan of Azgeda, stately and growly and a little bit intimidating as always, has just asked the strangest question ever. 

Raven is silent, searching for words even though clearly, there is only one thing to ask:


“Because all the tribes who haven’t turned against Skaikru are vying for first place among its allies. And Azgeda is going to be in that place.”

Ice Mechanic: Roan and Raven get married, hit the road, and stop a nuclear apocalypse. [Read it on ao3.

12 Days of Shipmas: Gajevy/GaLe

Day 5: Five Golden Rings

Five scenes depicting a married (either present or future) couple or five reasons why the pair should get married someday.

Guildhall Top Five Reasons to Get Married:

1. Because WHENEVER Levy gets this face… 

Gajeel ponies us, and participates - even if it isn’t cool.

2. Because they are always watching each other on the sly….

even if Gajeel is captain obvious about it…

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3. Gajeel needs a smart, tough chick and Levy needs a softie who loves cats.

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4. Because Levy is always more worried for Gajeel than her teammates - and we know it is not because of their skill levels…

5. They are practically parents already…

and we know that day is coming…


6. Levy’s relationship with Pantherlily: 

7. They are one another in Edolas:


Happy Shipmas! 

Ring Pops and Lifesavers (Michael Clifford)

Age 6

“My mum said that she and my dad are best friends and that’s why they got married,” the boy sitting across the table from you explained, “And you’re my best friend, so does that mean we should get married?” You tilted your head in thought before looking at him curiously.

“What do married people do?” you asked. Michael took a moment to think himself.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “I think they just have sleepovers every night and eat together and hold hands and stuff.”

“Well, we do that stuff too,” you mentioned.

“Then are we already married?” he asked with slightly wide eyes.

“I don’t think so,” you shook your head, “My mum and dad have rings they wear all the time, but we don’t.”

“We should get some then.”

“How do we do that? Dad said it took him two years to save money for Mum’s ring.”

Michael began digging through his backpack, pulling out his lunchbox. He opened it, searching until he found what he was looking for. He opened the package at an angle you couldn’t see, only to smile when he revealed what he was holding. He held out the cherry-flavored Ring Pop to you, a goofy grin on his face.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. You immediately went into your own backpack, pulling out a pack of gummy Lifesavers. You dug out a bright blue one and held it out to Michael.

“Only if you’ll marry me,” you said. You both giggled and nodded to answer each other’s questions. Michael put the Ring Pop on your finger and you put the Lifesaver on his as you continued your giggling fits.

“I’m happy we’re married now,” Michael told you, leaning forward and kissing your cheek. You smiled brightly, kissing his cheek in return.

“Me too, Mikey,” you replied.

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  • Fandom: We want gay! We want gay!!
  • Producer: 'casually looking through tumblr posts' 'laughs at the accuracy'
  • Fandom: Get them married!
  • Producer: 'Breaks tumblr' 'laughs casually'
  • Fandom: They should totally skate together.
  • Producer: 'Why not?' 'What harm could it possibly do'
  • Fandom: My poor heart is broken.
  • Fandom: 'Re-watches entire season' 'Knows every single line'
  • Producer: lets have a season 2 shall we? 'casually looking at the damage'

Kyle: Hello! We just wanted to say thank you guys for already over 20 followers! We’ve just launched this, and it’s kicking off pretty well. I’m really happy with that.

Eric: Hey, Kyle! Guess how many followers we have! Come on!

Kyle: Cartman, I was just gonna get to that, can you just-

Eric: I gotta show everyone this video I made for celebrating. They’re gonna love it. 

Kyle: Can’t you wait until I’m finished? 

Eric: Hell no.

Kyle: Ugh, fine. Come play it here.

Kyle: I can’t believe I married him, I really can’t. 

Kyle: I’m truly grateful for these followers, I am. Sometimes, I can’t fucking handle him. Why we bought that damn editing software, I don’t know. But, stay tuned. Thank you guys for these follows, it means a lot…Abel should be posting his intro tomorrow, unless Fatass does something stupid again. See ya, guys.

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Why was Tywin so passive during Robert's reign? He seemed content to allow his golden heir to continue to play kingsguard rather than get married and make babies and for Cersei to ruin Joffery, the sum of his life's ambition. Joffery's development and education should have been a concern at least. Why no moves until the Wo5K?

Tywin, as best I can tell, was quietly made unwelcome in King’s Landing following the Sack of King’s Landing. We know Jon Arryn went to Dorne to have a talk with Doran Martell shortly after Robert’s Rebellion concluded, bringing with him Elia’s bones; I would not be a bit surprised if one of the things Jon Arryn assured Doran of was that Tywin Lannister would be playing no personal role at court. Not to mention the people of King’s Landing hate Tywin for the Sack, more than fifteen years afterwards; the year after, emotions would have been even stronger.

Once Tywin was out of the city, the tyranny of distance kicked in, which was the whole point. There’s only so much Tywin could do to supervise his children while he was a continent width away.

Dumb Proposal

A/N: This is so short and dumb idk why I made this im so sorry lol

Word Count: 262 (I told you it was short)

TW: none

“Hey,” I looked up suddenly at Dan’s voice. We were halfway through an episode of The Walking Dead and neither of is had spoke in several minutes.


“We should get married” he said it as if the thought had just randomly popped into his head. I stared at him blankly for too long. “…Or not…” he said awkwardly, turning back to the tv.

“Are- are you proposing to me?” i stuttered out. He blushed.

“Uh, yeah. I guess so” I looked at him in bewilderment.

“Wh- wha-” I laughed sharply. “Really?” he wouldn’t look at me. “You’re going to propose to me on the couch?” he glance up at me sheepishly.

“Sorry. I just, I mean it suddenly hit me that we weren’t married” I shook my head in confusion. What the hell was he talking about? “We’ve been together for… a long time and I dunno, I guess I just felt like we were married” he started fiddling with his sleeves. He did that when he was nervous. “So… yeah. Do you want to get married?” I turned back to the tv and was silent for a long minute.

“Yeah, sure” Dan smiled slightly.

“We can go to the courthouse in the morning?” I shook my head.

“No, I have to finish filming a video tomorrow” I looked at Dan. “We could go the day after tomorrow” I suggested. He thought about it for a second.

“Yeah, that works” he got a really cheesy grin on his face. “Hey, Phil,” I rolled my eyes.


“We’re going to get married”


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“When are the rest coming round?” You asked Sirius as you began to prepare dinner.

Sirius glanced at the clock, “In about four hours. I don’t see why you’re cooking so early.”

“It takes a while to make, Sirius.” You rolled you eyes, “A little help would be nice though.” He grinned before gliding towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist, “Lily’s bringing the wedding plans so you and the boys can have some free time.”

Sirius hummed, “We should get married.”

You froze, “What?”

He pulled away and you turned to him, “Let’s get married.”

You laughed, “Sirius, you’re just saying this because-”

“- because I love you.” He finished, “I’m serious. I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Marry me, (y/n)… Marry me.”

why WHY WHyyyyyyY can’t we just for once see an actual personal conversation between Sharon and Andy? What would be so horrible in showing us Andy saying “Will you marry me?” and THEN end the episode?

And of course don’t get me started about a hug, a kiss, a fucking caress. I’ve reached a spot where I can no longer fully enjoy Shandy, and it makes me so sad. I mean, I was smiling during the scene but then it was cut AND I JUST WANT TO FLAIL AND CRY AND HYPERVENTILATE THE WAY A FANGIRL SHOULD AND AT THE SAME TIME I WANT TO STRANGLE SOME TROLLS I’M GOING CRAZY

Oh yeah and the episode was amusing in general.