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Theory about destiny

Destiny is a funny thing in BIONICLE. It’s supposed to be some sort of immutable outcome that can influence a person’s life in certain ways, like whether or not a Toa stone will transform somebody, or how energized protodermis will change you.

Some, particularly on BZPower, simply describe it as a function of the Great Spirit. A sort of universe-wide sorting algorithm (I like the sound of that, The Destiny Algorithm) to decide which Matoran should be enhanced into Toa, and such. This does make sense, to a certain degree, and I bought into this until theory until I started thinking about it in a little more detail. Then I realized that Energized Protodermis busted this myth.

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Other HVFF Updates

David and Willa + #thirdwheelcupid Panel TidBits

  • David’s 1st time wearing new costume was yesterday on set so Diggle is back around ep5. 
  • Helmet has special powers. But he doesn’t know what they are, maybe binocular action, iron man like visual displays, who knows?
  • Not much of Diggle at first. Cause dig and Thea aren’t really on the team right now. 
  • Thea is around but is doing “other things” that are somewhat a conflict of interest? Then Willa and David got all clammed up because that was somehow a spoiler… No idea how. Maybe she’s in charge of some vigilante task unit in the mayor’s office. Beats me. 
  • Thea is much more proper and put together because she is helping out Oliver as mayor, by being his chief of staff. Finding her own as Oliver’s advisor-ish person
  • Arrow and other DC TV can’t do a lot of suicide squad because of movie. So as long as Cupid isn’t on the show we have some opportunity to see her again. 
  • David - going back to military to find himself. Gonna have something to say about new team. Ep 4 is a big episode for Diggle coming back to the team 
  • 2 truth 1 lie 1. Oliver and felicity are together at beginning of season 2. Malcolm is a part of team arrow 3. Lazarus pit is not destroyed 
  • Thea is that chief of staff for Oliver. All the anger and angst was not necessarily part of bloodlust and that freaked her out and that is why she needed to back off and find somewhere to help the city without weapons. 
  • Oliver is struggling with her not being on the team anymore. Feels slightly abandoned. Oliver has to come to terms with that. It may be a point of contention between the two of them 
  • Show is getting back to street fighting. Show works best there. 
  • David: cast loves each other and gets along 
  • Dig and Thea should have more moments 
  • #cupidthirdwheeling Amy’s fav moment with EBR during wedding.
    •  Went to a new level of emotion that was unexpected. 
  • 4 way crossover in ep8 Dig will see a woman in a skirt flying across the sky. 
  • 5th season hopes: 
    • Willa: Speedy/Dig hanging out playing poker
    • Daivd: Speedy being a bad guy - And dig has to fight her/ Also really excited about street level story because it is back to the strengths of season 1&2 
  • Writers put up fake storyboards to freak the actors out. The actors don’t get told things until they get script. 
  • David’s philosophy on DC: movies follow injustice we follow flashpoint. You can tell that they have told all the actors that they can’t say much. David really can’t say much. They will say that DC is doing some really fun exciting out of the box stuff. 
  • Thea and Malcolm will eventually find a common ground. Angst filled relationship has been played out enough. Talked with producers about developing a new dynamic of coexistence. 
  • Willa wants a cape. Wants to pick up the suit again 
  • 22 Pushup challenge for all three was fantastic. I would have to say Amy’s pushups were the best! Davids didn’t go all the way down and up. 

Other Meetings: David, Echo, Paul, Stephen

  • Curtis is joining the team because he is tired of getting his ass kicked. A couple of events occur that really highlight that and push him to join the team. Paul is frustrated by it, but they really have a good relationship and foundation to get through it. Also says that EBR is the literal best person to work with and be around.
  • David says that he is really excited for season 5 street level stuff. Also said that the person he spends the most time with on and off set is Stephen Amell. He said that there is a true friendship between the two of them and he really values it. Said he thinks it is there to last. Real Life #BrOTP
  • Paul said that there are a lot of changes in this season, almost cyclical changes coming back to seasons 1&2. So while things are very new, they are also somewhat familiar. Also said this season is a big change for Lance, since his Police role has drastically changed. 
  • Stephen is a beautiful human with soft large hands and a beautiful smile that seems genuine and kind. I was so frazzled I didn’t ask anything of him. But he clearly enjoys these fan experiences and values every fan. Clearly is a unique person to have such a singular focus to manage all the different aspects of his life and prioritize the things that need to be prioritized. He is wonderful. 
so basically ~stuff that happened yesterday with the 1975 (and jamie the goblin)~

we got up at fucking 5:30 to go to radio one and managed to get there at 7-ish just before matty and george turned up. they did most of the taking photos and signing beforehand and george fucking broke a sharpie with his MIGHTY HANDS and yelled at matty bc he wandered off and alice wanted them both to sign their mediCINE VINYL. also alice gave matty a play and he told her it was super cute she did that and was very sweet about it. george and matty also seemed to like my bart simpson shirt and called it “sick”. then when i tried to take a selfie with matty my lockscreen showed up and i was like “OH NO DONT LOOK AT THAT” and matty just goes “oh that’s me in makeup” like MMMMM YEAHHHHH SOZ. but they were so cute and soft and matty is still bad at taking selfies but george will pULL you into his side and u will feel safe for a few seconds in ur life. when they came back out george hugged me as well and another moment of bliss, then matty did a video for my #girlf and got confused over her name thats why hes like “brooklyn like the place???” also jamie was legit staring at me and alice for a good few minutes and we do not know why. maybe he was just thinking bout goblin stuff.

anYWAY more under the cut bc im actually a bit angry about stuff that happened at barfly lmao

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Just watched the new ep, and Charlie’s death is the perfect example of why this show needs to end sooner rather than later. This co-dependency is bad and it makes Sam and Dean do bad things arc is being stretched to its limits at this point, and with hardly anyone left to die as a result of their fucked up choices, we lose amazing characters like Charlie.

The one thing that is bugging me though is that it feels like Charlie died more from loving Dean and less from Sam’s actions, and I don’t know how to feel about that at the moment. I think, regardless, this is going to set Dean off, and with two more episodes to go I see another potential causality of Sam’s actions on the horizon.

If Cas is the next to go, I think we might be gearing up for Dean actually doing what he never thought he could by killing his brother. I’ve seen spec about this going around but I hadn’t really considered it until watching this most recent ep, but if Sam somehow has to sacrifice Cas for the sake of saving Dean, I can absolutely see it happening.

Still sort of living in denial about her death, but I know how this goes at this point. I know she is a victim of a 3 season arc being stretched out to fit 4+ and it makes me so very sad, and I don’t have much else to say about it at this point other than I really hope I’m wrong, and maybe she’ll be back again, and alive, very soon…

anonymous asked:

I don't understand why anyone (excluding MRA types) would be opposed to a woman inheriting the greatest family legacy in sci-fi/fantasy film history (probably ALL of film history in general). Rey being a random girl would have been fine if revealed in Ep 7, but it doesn't work NOW. Why build something up just to go "lol jk?" Don't get me started on the Kenobi theory. So far-fetched & would need A LOT of extra exposition. Rey Skywalker makes the most sense & is the most narratively satisfying.

God, for real. Skywalker is one of the most famous and recognizable names in the history of film. We should be GLAD to see a woman take the name and be the centerpiece of a new trilogy. I have no idea why people are so opposed to it.

Another Talk

Okay I wanted to respond to this but apparently Im blocked from her, and thats okay. I know people will already know who it is, but for me, I want to still ink out the names okay?

My friend here makes some good points, this whole name thing blew up so badly, like I honestly felt like the post above felt really…hostile. 

I know this has been an issue since this episode aired, actually I think this post started this issue, because before this post NOONE said anything about this name stuff  until this came up.

I understand where your coming from. I do. I have a name people have pronounced wrong so many times, It does get annoying, that is why I made up the name “Miki” so people dont have to struggle and as you say dehumanise me.

A sign of respect is actually making effort to say the name, and if you cant pronounce it, you ask if you can call the person a different name, last time i check Raphael did that.

And its good that you know your history but this had nothing to do with that. He made up a nickname for her, just like you would do with any friend you meet.

I call my friends by many names, and even strangers, I call them names that are not their own, does that make me a Coloniser? ((Or whatever that is)) I guess that makes Mikey one too hm? 

Like with this im legit upset.

As i said many times, Mikey and Donnie have named stuff, and people, for fun, ((Mainly Mikey)) but nobody talks about that, cause why would we? Mikey being the cute one and the baby gets away with all that kinda stuff.

But when Raph asks and gets consent, all hell breaks loose.

((I know i said this before))

And why did this have Race involved with this? ((Im legit confused by that, sorry im kinda slow at these kinda things.))

To me this post was really out of control. Its seriously okay to criticize, im not against that, but when your blatantly getting racism, and sexism involved in a kids show, thats when your just making bull up to complain about.

And hate to break it to you guys, it is a cartoon, so there fore in the higher up eyes, its a kids show, it has been stated as a kids show, dont even start with me about how “Its not a kids show”

It is, and no im not sayng thats a bad thing, cause its not, im clearing that up for those who love to get up in arms about how “Its not a kids show, why do people make that excuse….” yata yata yata,

Speaking of sexism

I remember a post that I would love to acknowledge, just because Donnie and Casey helped April in situations DOES NOT make her a helpless girl.

Its called being friends, its literally what friends do, She has helped them several times, stop.

Girls can certainly be strong as hell but be helped out too, just like guys, I am so aggrivated with some of you in this fandom who brings out double standards, sexism, and race into a show that we are supposed to enjoy, that kids are supposed to enjoy.

Yeah I know im gonna get hated, but come on, i cant be the only one who feels like this.

I dunno, maybe I am.

Anyways, im not trying to start another war, im just trying to end one, or at least calm it down.

This whole race and sexism crap is for the birds, its stupid, and we already have enough of that in reality, why the heck would you wanna bring it into a show where you escape from the bs.

cartoons are supposed to be relief from the worlds issues, not make more of it. Just saying. Calm down.

It is what it is, now lets all just let this go, I dunno, I just want it to stop, I know it wont, and Im being stupid, but to me Im just being annoyed and hopeful.

Why not we talk about more positive things, like yea one ep can really tank but the new one will be amaze balls!

Something like that, why do we need to keep on unlenquishing this issue over and over? Its just the same. Race, sexism, respect, which we hear ALL. THE. TIME. I hardly ever see posts about the upcoming episodes.

If you really need something to talk about with the turtles I can list so many topics for ya, you wont feel the need to put this kinda stuff out there and start a hell out war.

Just saying.

Discuss here

I know im gonna get bitched at, gripped at, told that im wrong, and maybe i am, but I wanted to speak more about this, because i feel that cartoons are supposed to be enjoyed, not torn down, or pulled apart to analyze. But thats me, Im not saying everyone needs to think like this or im not changing anyones mind.

Im just saying please, let this name thing die and end. And please lets not start on the April being helpless, because that war will not end well…

Anyways I hope i didnt make people to upset with me, and again i wanted to reblog all of this, but sadly that wasnt in my favor. I hope you guys just understand, if not thats okay. ^^

Just lets try to let stuff go a little more, i mean holy shell dudes, at least try a little. JS.

This will be my last post about this, I am letting this crap go and moving on. I suggest yall do the same. ((Its just a suggestion guys))

As usual:


August 20, 1988

Monsters of Rock


Mark Snider: This is your first “Monsters Of Rock” tour. How are you feeling?

Slash: Besides the fact that I drank too much for the last eight years, I’m fine! I got 40 minutes to go pump out a bunch of energy and burn out afterwards.

MS: What does it mean to you to be playing this tour?

Slash: Intense. We haven’t been in Britain for awhile. It’s one of our favorite crowds and it means a lot to me.

MS: What’s the difference between a British crowd and an American crowd?

Slash: American crowds are really cool. British crowds tend to be more hectic, more insane. That’s the big difference. I think the Brits are more starved out for it. They have to go through more hell with life in general. In America, everybody just gets into it because they want to have a good time. In England, they’re desperate for it because the rest of life on the average is pretty screwed up. I was born here and I know middle class Britain is not happening, y'know?

MS: Helloween just finished. What do you know about them?

Slash: I knew they’re German. That’s it.

MS: What about Megadeth?

Slash: Megadeth’s great. Good friends of mine. Couple of ‘em anyway.

MS: Kiss?

Slash: Kiss I hate.

MS: Really?

Slash: No, I don’t hate 'em. I’m just joking. Um, we had a little mixup with Kiss a long time ago. I don’t really want to go into it. I tell you what. If it weren’t for Kiss, I wouldn’t have met Steven or started playing guitar. The initial record I listened to that Steve played for me and banged away on his electric guitar with the amp cranked up was a Kiss album … not that that means anything to those guys but it means a lot to me.

MS: Can you put what has happened to the band in the last six months into perspective?

Slash: Into perspective? I have no perspective (laughs). I just have day-to-day occurrences. No, um, we just finished touring with Aerosmith. It was the best tour we’ve ever done. It was so much fun that it was like a dream come true. And we got along with them! Y'know, sometimes you have tours you don’t really enjoy but you just go out and play. This was one of those tours where we felt comfortable and had a ball. We looked forward to the shows no matter what city. It was great. All the shows sold out. We sold tons of merchandise and all that other business stuff.

MS: You finally starting to make some money?

Slash: We’re still on that same $100 a week per diem. Why do we need any more money than that?

MS: Beer and cigarettes, right?

Slash: We get free cigarettes, free beer and a free bottle of Jack Daniels from the promoter every single night we play. That goes without saying. So I’m fine, y'know? I’m having a good time.

MS: What were your expectations? Do you remember first starting out doing interviews? What were you hoping for withAppetite For Destruction?

Slash: I just wanted the same thing that happened when I started playing guitar. I got into this because I enjoyed playing, Same thing now. I just enjoy playing and if it’s good, that’s icing on the cake as far as interviews and money and all that other stuff. And all the bad stuff is a small price to pay for the chance to go out and play 45 minutes every single night, get a free bottle of Jack and four packs of cigarettes every single day, y'know what I mean?

MS: Yeah. What’s it going to be like tonight onstage?

Slash: I have no idea. I can’t tell you. We’re just going to go out there and put songs together. We never play an exact set ever. We’re probably the most degenerate band like that. I don’t know. I can’t even think of the word for it. We don’t even belong in this industry at this point in time, let’s put it that way. We’re going to go up there with our set list of all our songs and we pick and choose. We have 40 minutes and we’ll try to play as much as possible.

And with that, Slash starts getting ready for his audience. Meanwhile, bassist Duff McKagan makes his way through the crowded backstage scene.

MS: You’re getting ready to go on right now. How do you feel?

Duff McKagan: I’m still drunk from last night, to tell you the truth. I went to some club here in Nottingham but, other than that, I feel good. It’s amazing to look out at that crowd. It’s insane.

MS: Is this the first time you played in front of this many people?

DM: Oh yeah. We just played Giant Stadium and that was about 55,000 but this is what? Upwards of 100,000? It’s kind of like unfathomable. And driving in here today and seeing all the people trying to get in, y'know?

MS: What’s the biggest difference between crowds here and at home?

DM: There’s a bunch of differences. A festival like this, they’re like a New York crowd in a way. They’re just crazy. They’re going to be here until three in the morning, these guys. They’re insane. This is their life. They hitchhike all the way here.

MS: Do you approach a gig like this any differently from playing a club or maybe a mid-size hall?

DM: At this point we’ve been touring now for about 14 months. I’m pretty much relaxed around this so, I don’t know.

MS: You don’t prepare any differently?

DM: No. Everybody puts 100% into every gig. That’s what we’re here for.

MS: Were you aware of “Monsters Of Rock” before you played here?

DM: Yeah, sure.

MS: So what did it mean to you when you heard you were on the bill?

DM: It meant we’d have to fly over here and fly back. No, I don’t know. It’s great. You’re making history if you play Donnington.

So Duff, Slash, Izzy, Axl and Steven go out and prove they’re among the best in the biz as they always seem to do. Afterwards, a tired, sweaty Duff relaxes in his dressing room.

DM: We took the Concord out here. It was great. We ate dinner and we were here. We get to the airport and they send us to this Concord lounge, which has got a bar, free bar. I was in heaven. Food. Then you get escorted to the plane. We almost didn’t make it. We actually got into a fight in the airport with some guy. So all these cops came. The pilot said, “one foul word out of any of you guys and you’re out of here!” Fair enough. So we get into the plane, they take your drink orders, you have a menu to pick your dinner from. It’s not just like, “here, you’re having pressed ham.” It’s like, “here, what do you want? You want veal? Lobster?” Comfortable leather seats. Lots of leg room. Constant service. It costs a lot of money, I guess. We were here in no time, with no jet lag or anything. It’s like … you’re here! Y'know?

MS: Who paid for the flight?

DM: We did.

MS: It ultimately comes out of your pocket. Tell me about the speed.

DM: You can see how fast you’re going if you look at this meter they have right there. You can tell how many miles you have left to go, how cold it is outside. We were at 60,000 feet and it was -60 celsius degrees outside.

MS: What’d you think of your performance just now?

DM: Well, eh, I think our performance is kind of secondary to what’s happening in the crowd. They have casualties here. Were you out there at all? I think I saw a casualty happen. It was really weird. It was really strange. We had to stop the show. The P.A. system is kind of screwed up and you don’t get time to have a good sound check so we couldn’t really hear ourselves but we pulled it off. I think we did a good show. But I’m still stunned at the size of the audience and what was happening up front. It was real scary. We all went like, “woah!”

MS: What was actually happening up there? I couldn’t see.

DM: It was kids piled on kids horizontal on the ground. They were unconscious. And more people kept on falling on them. I saw them! It took about 20 minutes to get everybody out. We stopped the show and they finally pulled the last couple of people out and I think they were dead. It was really weird. I saw no life in those bodies at all.

MS: You played a new song, “Patience.” Why?

DM: That’s on the EP. The crowd needed to settle down and that’s a song that says, “ok, everybody relax and listen.”

MS: You guys are very spontaneous.

DM: Yeah. Totally. We never have a set list. Never ever.

MS: So what happens onstage? Axl turns and asks you guys what you want to play?

DM: One of us will go, “let’s do this!” OK!

MS: No set list! Fascinating! You’re the only band I know of that does that.

DM: We have a list of all our songs so we can go, “ok, let’s do this one now!” With Guns N’ Roses in general, everything is very spontaneous. And it’s always very confusing! It’s just day-to-day, y'know?

MS: It’s all over now. What are you going to do for the rest of the afternoon besides smoke cigarettes?

DM: Drink. Drink heavily.

i wish we’d have had a merlin christmas episode, and by that i mean like showing the yuletide medievally christmas celebrations. obviously we’d had to have had the whole ‘oh no, sorcerers’ or 'look out a beasty’ but still. imagine merlin hanging decorations in the hall, and arthur liking them, and then making merlin put some up in his chambers, not that arthur would use it as an opportunity to check merlin out whilst he stretched to hang holly up oh no. and then we’d have merlin shyly giving arthur a present, like either a handmade cutesy one that showed he did care for his king, or like one that he’d worked hard to save up for, and arthur is genuinely thankful, and he buys merlin like a dozen expensive little presents that he thinks he needs, like blankets and new warm boots and a warm new woolen neckerchief and just ugh cuteness.