this is why we need season 3

  • Fandom: SG under the CW is becoming such a piece of crap. We all need to fucking quit watching it because there is no hope left.
  • SG Producers: *announces that Katie is a season regular for S3 (and maybe even contracted for the next 3 years)*
  • Fandom: Fuck you guys. Nice bait, but also we all know we're going to watch it. (And also lowkey screaming)

Why do so many people watch SKAM?

It’s because they made something we all wanted and needed. We are young, we want to see things that actually happen in our life, not another cliché love story. And SKAM did an amazing job, because it makes us forget it’s fiction. We can recognize ourselves in the characters, we live with them, we are them. SKAM is the reality, we see the stuff that happens in real life; not romanticized. It shows us that everybody on this planet has someone else who goes through the same thing. You are not alone, du er ikke alene and you’ll never be. And that’s the beautiful thing SKAM showed us.


So, I have belatedly realized that a lot of the fandom seems to be under the impression that Victor holds the lack of contact in the 3 months between the banquet itself and the youtube video against Yuuri in earlier episodes and that’s why he’s so savage towards him. But I actually disagree on that.

We have to remember this, firstly Yuuri had said “After the season ends…”. There was no expectation for contact until that point. Secondly, there is no way that Yuuri would have missed having a new number in his cell phone, especially if it was labelled with Victor’s name. And lastly, Victor never contacted Yuuri either even though he easily could have given that he needed no personal information besides his name to call the inn that Yuuri lives in (as he was able to find the address and location with no help at all from Yuuri or his family as well).

So then why is Victor so salty towards Yuuri in the earlier episodes if it has nothing to do with some sort of aborted promise? My thoughts are that it’s a mix between Victor having dropped his career and still grieving the move (as you can see by him continuing to prepare multiple short programs even though he’d only need 1 for Yuuri) as well as him having his expectations thrown out the window upon arrival in Japan (Yuuri is overweight, not ready to train, rejecting all his advances, is emotionally distant).

As you can see, he has many things to be salty over. I just think that the lack of contact in the 3 months after the banquet and before his arrival in Japan was not one of them, as it went both ways.

Captain Swan + Automatic YouTube subtitles:

Once upon a time, Emma Swan and her Princess Squad found a blacksmith hiding under a pile of fries

Although Emma knew she should be worried about the blacksmith’s identity, there just were bigger problems in her mind 

Don’t worry, Emma. The past is in the past. And soon you will find your One True Love. It’ll be love at first sight:

Never shy with words, our Emma. Now she just needs to know who this mysterious stranger really is.

He looks like bad news. It’s just a shame he looks so good, because at that point Emma can’t help but let the truth slip out of her mouth

Get it, girl. But do know he comes with baggage. Just like you:

In 3 seasons you will understand why. Be patient.

That’s what we’ll see in the musical episode, Emma. Be more gentle, will you?

Okay, nevermind. He totally deserves to be chained up and abandoned in the beanstalk. 

Uh, yeah. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all. 

It turns out Captain Hook is a teasing, sarcastic scoundrel. But two can play this game…

To Be Continued…

SKAM thoughts of the day: Why we should appreciate, that Julie is taking her time.
  • We are all impatient. frustrated and don’t understand why it takes so long. We need a trailer, we all miss SKAM content!
  • It has never taken this long before. The trailers have come relatively quickly after the other seasons ended, so now we sit back and think, why does it take so long this time?
  • But we need to keep in mind, that season 1, 2 and 3 was roughly created in advance. Julie knew who the main characters would be, and their main storyline. 
  • I don’t know when she and NRK exactly decided that season 4 was going to happen, but probably sometime during season 3.
  • From there, Julie had to figure out the main character  and the storyline. She might have had a rough idea about it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she also wanted to examine the feedback from the fans and take their wishes into consideration - in terms of both the protagonist and his/her story/issues.
  • She also had to do research and perhaps find new actors for supporting roles associated with the new protagonist.
  • Julie undoubtedly takes SKAM very seriously, and she has proven that she really works into depth with the characters and their issues portrayed on the show. she does lots of interviews and is generally thorough in her preparations. She loves her show, and I have no doubt that she wants to make season 4 as meaningful as the other seasons.
  • Although the show seems so simple, it take time to create something as brilliant as SKAM!
  • Think about how awful it would be, if the production company behind Julie was a comercial company, that only had money on their mind, and didn’t really care about the meaningful content. If someone was breathing down her neck, because they knew the fans were LIT right now. If they didn’t give her the time she needed and the show lost all its depth. We have seen it so many times before with succesful tv-shows and movies, where they just want to exploit the success in order to make more money. Tv-shows and movie franchises often get worse and worse because they lose depth and character development.
  • So be grateful Julie is taking her time. Be positive about it!
  • And with that said… I really want a trailer soon.

« We both know that a speedster needs to take Wally’s place. That’s why I’m here. Every marathon has a finish line. Time’s finally came for me to cross it. But you, Barry, put an end to this once in for all and stop Savitar. Do what you do best, be the flash. »  Jay Garrick

A few times, when I’ve gone up on a line or at the end of the scene before they’ve said cut, Andy will just look down and scream at my belly or something as if Jake’s all of a sudden seeing a belly there. It’s really funny. It’s been a running gag that’s made me laugh every time.

Melissa Fumero (on filming B99 during her pregnancy)

Alright, why in the world have we not been graced with the Brooklyn Nine Nine season 3 blooper real? I need to see this and all the other outtakes, please.

And apparently the season 3 DVD set has deleted scenes but not bloopers. Just… just… why would you do this to us, FOX?

Please. I need this.


Some summary required


Will wakes up. He surely is surprised to be alive, but something else should amaze him more.

At least he can leave the FBI and the teaching, but he needs Hannibal for launching this new career.

We understand why Hannibal gutted him, giving the outcome…

Well, don’t try this at home, you won’t look like Will.

Will looks like a fucking Greek sculpture only because Hannibal stabbed him.

Should I go on? I was distracted.


The first thing Will does is to have a conversation with his daughter. A specific conversation.

Yes, he doesn’t shut up about Hannibal, his brain doesn’t shut up about Hannibal. So he takes his daughter to Italy, searching for him.

Will looks around, makes some other observations about the fact the he wanted to run away with Hannibal… But Will always brings his problems with him.

When Will is questioned by the Polizia about the heart, he meets Pazzi.

Pazzi is exactly what his name means, completely crazy. But that’s another story.

Pazzi tells Will he knows who made the Dimmond-origami.

To show Pazzi just how much he wants to catch Hannibal, Will returns to the Chapel. After saying goodbye to his hallucination of Abigail, he goes undergroung believing Hannibal is still there.

That was one of the best episodes I have seen so far, I loved it so much! I also hope we will get more flashback episodes like that. 

What I loved most is how they just needed one episode to flesh out a character we knew very, very little about for 3.75 seasons. We got a possible reason why he is that way, how he became the quiet guy who can keep up with Nora who talks for ten but keeps most of his thoughts to himself. I like to believe that most of it is because of his semblance that seems to have something to do with emotions because no way he would have calmed down like that so fast otherwise. Actually that’s so exciting because the only other person whose personality seems to be linked to their semblance is Yang and with her I’m not sure if her personality has an impact on her semblance or the other way around. But Ren’s personality seems to be influenced by his semblance. 

Hell, I love that guy. I love that they gave us more information about him that add up so perfectly to everything we’ve seen before and now I want to watch all scenes with Ren and Nora again and put into context with what I’ve seen today. Maybe some things now might shine in a new light.

Some reasons which explain why I think Even deserves to be the main in season 4

I’ll start from this: we need season 4 to be about Even or at least EVEN BECH NÆSHEIM DESERVES A SEASON.
So I was just rewatching Skam season 2 and I noticed so many things????? There are many structural differences from season 3.
Firstly, season 2 has 12 episodes while season 3 only has 10 (like why we wouldn’t have needed 2 more episodes?!?!)
Season 2 episodes are longer, and I MEAN LONGER. Some episodes are about 40-50 minutes and for season 3 the maximum they have done is like a 30 minutes episode. But these are things we can pass by, things we can notice and get angry about, they are in the end standards and are decided by the producers and writes of the show so it’s not supposed to be big deal for us.
Said this cause my point is that these things are linked to the realisation of the show in general and what has come out at the end. TIME is fucking important (wow what a brand new information) yes but like if you think for a second about the fact that season 2 having more time for an episode and more episodes in general you’ll notice so many things we missed in season 3 compared to season 2.
In season 2:
• Noora and William had so many conversations, discussions, Noora’s point of view showed many times (like it was supposed to be) BUT William’s point of view as well showed many times. William talked a lot, expressed his impressions and also we have known a bit about his family/personal things;
• WILLIAM (as a second character so not the main) HAD MORE “SPACE”, that means he had a bigger role for being a second character. He showed up in every episode (that’s normal) but more time was given to him, I feel like we’ve seen him more than the girls squad;
• Noora and William had SO SO SO MANY random moments and I mean MANY LONG RANDOM MOMENTS. Moments in which they were just laying on the bed saying nothing to each other but only changing position on it for 10-15 minutes?!?! (don’t misunderstand me, they were obv so cute) Or moments like they kissed for 6-7 minutes …just to fill the episode and reach 40 minutes, that’s my idea.

In season 3 we only had 10 episodes and the longer one was about 33:04 minutes. Watching season 3 over and over again I feel like they wanted to show up the “essential”. What I mean by saying the “essential”? I mean the simplest things, I thought they would (in a way) have said to us that to say something important we don’t need words words and words, long speeches and things like those ones. “O Helga Natt” clip is the most significative example of this theory, a clip in which we only hear someone singing for the most part of the video, and then there is Isak reaching Even and saying to him “You are not alone” that means so many things like you don’t need to say “I love you” to say I love you, you don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to feel like you lost me, you didn’t have to think about that neither for a second, you don’t have to think I hate you, I’ve been, I’m here, I’ll be there and in every other parallel universe, for you, forever. And yes, I fucking loved how Julie Andem run this thing, how she wrote all the season and everything. But I also feel like we’ve missed things.
I’ll start from the fact that they introduced this new character (Even) and let us know some basic things about him, like he attended another school before Hartvig Nissens and about his mental illness. My point is that Even is a really strong character, and even if they didn’t point so much on him, he caught our hearts because Even as a character is REALLY BIG DEAL. I mean, Even indirectly did so many important things, he played an important role in Isak’s coming out and Isak’s acceptance of himself. Only in the end we were empowered to know about his mental illness and it’s not a joke.

The things I mean we missed are:
• Not considering the “essential” side, I feel like I have to say we missed moments like conversations between Isak and Even, a conversation were they talk about random things or a conversation were Even gives his ideas and his point of view on things;
• It wasn’t given to Even that space that was given to William, Even barely talked, just the essential (and it was good, obv) and he was capable to explain things only with one word but why not give him more time? Why? He made us love him so fucking much even having this little space so imagine what would have showed up if he could have talked or acted more??
• They didn’t pay much attention on Even’s mental illness (and it’s ok because he wasn’t the main) but in s2 we knew about William’s brother being a psychopath and William’s loss of her little sister and his family and everything??? Also William wrote that article for Noora and it was a really long speech in where there were the 90% of his ideas and theories? And Even? What about Even? What about his theories? Why don’t letting us know a bit about his family like they did with William’s?

Don’t misunderstand me but at this point I think we DO DESERVE A SEASON ABOUT EVEN. Having a mental illness is not a thing you can pass by at this point if you let us knew and let us being interested in this Even’s thing? I feel like Even’s storyline has started if they showed us this aspect of his life and it’s not fair if it was just to put a problem so Isak and him could “fight” to give a thrill to the season. It’s a bit strange and unfair showing a thing like this and then let it living in the background. Like no, it’s not supposed to be so. We fell in love with this romantic and attached to dramatic love stories movies guy, this ray of sunshine, whom smile lights up the world, and who would do anything for his boyfriend, to make him smile, who would prefer to lose him instead of hurting him in some way. The point is, his mental illness is really big deal. Even as a character is a big deal, he’s a STRONG CHARACTER who has so much potential and needs to be developed. Also I think it’s good showing in a teen drama a problem like a mental illness to the youth, just to teach (in a simple way) to face the thing with a bit of simpleness, patience and love beyond the medical side.
This is not a critique to the show, for God’s sake I love Skam more than my life, it’s just an opinion or if you like a point of view.

Arrow S5B : Things I still need answers...

I was thinking about some Arrow storylines that have not been resolved yet… I would love to get answers for all of them in the second half of this season.

Please, let me know if I missed something or you want to add more to the list.

1- OMAC prints with QC’s logo on it. Was QC selling weapons to ARGUS, Russia?

What if, it’s just like in the comics…

2- Why Amanda Waller “helped” Oliver? Were there some hidden interests involved?

Just read this piece of dialogue of Waller and Oliver from S3EP4…

We, the viewers, need to know!

3- When did Oliver learn to fly a plane?

There have been multiples references to Ferris Air. Maybe he’ll learn when he makes his last flight to Lian yu.

4- Did Oliver get those nasty burns on his back and chest while working with the Bratva

They have not shown us those injuries yet…

And if the Reddit spoilers are true, in episode 5x10  we are going to see the Bratva beating obedience into Oliver…Maybe it is when he gets burnt.

5- Who was Slade’s benefactor? He was just a soldier when in Lian Yu. Where his fortune comes from?

6- Where is Nyssa?

I miss Nyssa…Who doesn’t?

Let’s hope 5B lives up to my expectations…Fingers crossed!

The DErs got everything they wanted. A rain kiss, a happy Tribeca (possibly) human endgame, because let’s face it, Julie Plec listens to everything they say because she has no backbone. Obviously, we’re the less vocal part of the fandom, so we don’t matter. Whatever.

That I understand. I have made peace with the fact that Stelena won’t be endgame.

What I don’t get is why Julie needs to keep on messing up SE’s relationship? She retconned everything about them to prop up DE. If you have to ruin a relationship to make one stronger, your ship isn’t epic. It’s sad, and it’s obvious that she’s so threatened by SE that she literally has to ruin their foundation, state that Elena fell in love with Damon (because he gave her a fucking necklace that already belonged to her) even when she was off stopping everything in her life to find Stefan in 3x01, or how she has to make Stefan want to kill Elena in season 8 when he fought the impossible for her in season 3. 

Like, do whatever the hell you want with your pathetic Delena, BUT DON’T DARE LAY A HAND ON OUR EPIC SHIP. DErs got everything they wanted, (And they still whine like bitches, btw, because you let them and don’t stand up to them) and now you want to ruin our ships beautiful relationship?!

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reason #42321 why Powerpuff Girls is underrated

Season 3 Episode 11 The Beat Alls

Mojo, Him, Princess and Fuzzy realize they should work together when defeating the Powerpuff Girls. They are surprised when the (accidental) first attack works.

They go on to fuck up hella shit. They rob banks and cause terror in Townsville without the Powerpuff Girls able to defeat them.

But not before they form a name… “The Beat-Alls.” Sound familiar?

It is’t until Professor reminds the Powerpuff girls that the “Beat Alls” are simply a band and need to be broken up. 

“Are you saying we should break up the Beat Alls?”- The Powerpuff Girls ask. Professor politely says bands break up all the time. “But how”-they ask. THE VERY NEXT FUCKING SCENE The Beat Alls try to rob a bank that is already been robbed by–get this “Moko Jono”.

Of course Mojo falls in love.

he introduces her to the Beat Alls and they of course are unimpressed. 

Her schemes are more annoying than terrible. The rest of the Beat Alls want to continue ruling Townsville. After hating Mojo and Moko’s plan to scream and piss people off 

Mojo and Moko are kicked out of the Beat Alls. Obviously the next attack on the Powerpuff Girls fail because they kicked out their fourth member.

But the real bow on this hilarious smooth episode is The Powerpuff Girls reveal to Mojo that Moko’s real name is Michelle and she was sent to stop him.

the dialogue obviously drops hella Beatles references if you didn’t catch that drift already. You really need to watch this.