this is why we need fat acceptance

Fat shaming — not lack of willpower — is why so many Americans struggle with their weight

  • Seemingly well intentioned instances of fat shaming — like discouraging someone from eating dessert or saying they need to be more active — are socially acceptable because they’re framed as concern.
  • But in a sick twist, fat shaming is proven to be counterproductive. 
  • The language we use to talk about weight and the assumptions we make based on a person’s size can contribute to more weight gain and less self care, like seeking medical attention. 
  • Fat shaming can spike stress hormones that can increase weight gain.  Read more
There should NOT be a plus sized Disney Princess.

Why do we want a plus sized princess? 

A) “Because we don’t want kids to look at Princesses/Barbies and think they need to look that way.”

B) “To raise the self esteem of obese kids.”

Alright, so, A). We don’t want them to think they need to have unreasonable waists. So they should think it’s okay to be obese? How is that any more healthy than them wanting to be super thin?

And B).. If you want your child to have higher self esteem, here is an idea. Change their diet. Take them skating. Hiking. Even bowling. How about you quit being a lazy fucking parent and letting your children learn from their TV. 


Fuck bikini season. THIS is why we need to get our shit together and live healthier lives. 

We Need More Male Fatspo!

The fat acceptance community needs fat acceptance and fat positivity for males.

I mean why only focus on females in our community when you get big guys that should feel beautiful as well?

It’s great we see a good looking slim
guy dating a bigger women. But what about women who love bigger guys and even gay guys who like big gay men?

We need more of male fatspo in our community to prove that big is beautiful in every gender and not just female

Why We Need The Fat Acceptance Community
  • So fat people feel better about themselves 
  • So fat people feel like normal people and not to be made fun of
  • To show that fat bodies are not fetish items
  • To fight fatphobia
  • To show that fat people can wear what they want without feeling bad
  • To show that fat people can eat what they want without feeling bad
  • To show that the word fat is not a bad word or an insult
  • To show the numbers on the scales or the amount of fat a human has on there body does not define them.
  • To show that fat people can find love too at any size
  • To show fat people who to defend themselves against fatphobia 
  • To show signs of fatphobia
  • To give fat people a safe space to get away from the abuse and discrimination they suffer in the everyday life

Yesterday, my niece was worried about her Skittles not being healthy. She’s five. This is why we need body positivity and fat acceptance. We’ve got five year olds well on their way to eating disorders because of how disgustingly paranoid about “eating healthy” our culture has gotten. Five year olds should not be worried about health. They should be worried about what crayon to use or which slide to go down. Reblog this if you agree that small children shouldn’t be worried about such things, but allowed to be happy.