this is why we need confidential

Bell's Protection Program (BPP)

How are you?
Are you going out with a mommy or daddy or even a little?
Or just meeting somone from online in real life?
And are you afraid to tell someone cause you are not in a average vanilla realashonship?

Well then your perfect for Bell’s Protection Program (BPP)
Kik me @eyeball4u or on here!
1,With your first and Last name!
2, What state and city your in!
3,Something that you can be identified by on your body!
4,Add a url of who you will be with or such if you can!
We will message you periodically!
And if you don’t message back in 24 hours proper athourites will be notified! (this is why we need info) WE ARE 100% CONFIDENTIAL WITH ALL INFORMATION!
Have a nice day~ Bell🎀🎀🎀

If you meet someone whose heart is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.
—  I won’t stoop to your level by calling you out on social media, but you should know that sabotaging my friendship/relationship with someone speaks volumes about what kind of person you truly are. The fact that you knew how I felt about this person and continued to persuade them with your promiscuity to the point where they gave up on me before we barely begun is a terrible way to hurt someone, but I won’t be one who you get to claim victim because I refuse to break under your hand.
I went to school and shared classes with you. I told you things in hopes that you’d keep them confidential, but what’s the saddest of all is that I trusted you. I wonder why I had to be the one you betrayed. Little did you know that I would have been there for you at 4 PM and again at 4 AM if you ever needed me. I never blamed my naivety on anything because I believe that it was what has enabled me to be someone with a big enough heart capable of letting anyone in. Like you. You were in. You were a friend that I was ready to be proud of until you tried to break me. You waited until you had a firm grip on my heart, and that is the saddest part.
But, I forgive you. You are nothing that I need to hold onto longer than necessary.