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I found this sketchbook in a restaurant and It may be impossible but I want to find the author.

The sketchbook was found in El Albaicín, Granada, Spain and I think the artist isn’t Spanish, maybe a Chinese tourist or someone who are learning Chinese but who knows u_u

In the drawings you can see some monuments of differents sites of Spain, that’s why I think she/he could be a tourist D:

I already tweeted it and a lot of people are sharing (all my love for you guys<3) but I want to try to find him/her here too


Did you ask the restaurant staff if they know it?: I’m the restaurant staff, I work there and we can’t remember who is the owner, sorry

- Did you use the reverse image search in Google?: Yes, I do and got nothing u_u

- Can you check the CCTV?: Em… no…  We don’t have it in the terrace and my boss would never let me see them

What you could do is put a note at the door of the restaurant saying ‘have you lost…?’ : I’m the only one in the restautrant who cares about this and again my boss would never let me do that.

If they are a tourist and you just found it recently, they are probably still travelling and might not check their social media as often: Yes, I know, but maybe someone can recognize his/her style or something 

Please, just share and help me to find him/her ;_;

Thank you!

imagine your otp (bc i get bored, okay?)
  • <p> <b>person a:</b> *sneezes*<p/><b>person b:</b> OH mY GoD yOu'rE dYiNg?! WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THIS? I THOUGHT WE WERE GONNA SPEND THE REST OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER! I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!<p/><b>person a:</b> *sighs* sometimes i question my love for you...<p/></p>
Sincerely, Me Thru Google Translate

Dear Evan Hansen
We have lost touch too
It is very crazy
And we do not talk like her to suck
But I tell you, I miss you every night
I rub my nipples began to complain

Did you write this?

I only want to tell the truth

This requires perfect. the email to prove that we are true friends. I will do

I must tell you, without you life is difficult


that is bad


Have a very rough


I miss life and other things

very special

It’s noisy!

I love my parents

Who said that?

I love my parents
But another day of war
If I stop taking the drug
so everything

the use of drugs?

Just fix it!

If I stopped smoking crack

Crack? !

If I stopped smoking pot
so everything
I’ll need your advice
I’ll try better
I turn
Wait and see

Because everything needs little renovation
If you give your attention, it’s easy to change
All you need to do is be sure you can be that you want to be
Sincerely, I

We finished yet

I can not e-mail them. I want to show that we are good friends, you know?

Oh, God.

Dear Connor Murphy,
Yes, I miss our conversations
Stop doing drugs
Just trying to take a deep breath, walk


I send you a photo of the most beautiful trees


So obsessed with all my skills in forest

Not at all.

Buddy, I’m proud of you
Only continue to promote
your turn
I can see

The long wait to see!

[Evan and Connor]
Because everything needs little renovation
If you give your attention, it’s easy to change
All you need to do is be sure you can be that you want to be
Sincerely, I

my sister hot

I go to Le!

my fault.

Dear Evan Hansen,
Thank you to send all notes

Dear Connor Murphy,
I’m proud to be your friend

[Evan and Connor]
friendship beyond where we are
your average bond

But not because we are gay

No, not because we are gay

[Evan and Connor]
We are close, but not so
The only thing I loved my father

All right!

You better and better every day

I improve every day

[Evan and Connor]
We improve every day

Hey hey!

Because everything needs little renovation
If you give your attention, it’s easy to change
All you need to do is be sure you can be that you want to be

Dear Miss

Sincerely, I
Sincerely, I
Sincerely, I
Sincerely, I

anyway, gotta love that double standard in this fandom, ey?

vilde is constantly, constantly, being racist, ignorant, islamophobic to sana. in fact she’s been this ignorant since season 1. she’s been so rude at certain times. she’s stepped out of line so many times, and not just with sana, but with isak too. but, hey, she can still get all the chances in the world, right? bc she’s a “uwu soft pastel pink princess”. yeah, sure, give her all the chances, right???? despite being told by sana time and time again when she’s corrected her in the past, vilde STILL remains ignorant. but noooo, she gets all the chances.

last week, lol, more than 75% of this fandom were villainising, dehumanising, belittling, reducing even, when we found out he knew sana. y'all were calling him a manipulative liar, using isak as a rebound, a serial cheater, being ableist and biphobic as hell, even after y'all did the same thing to him in s3 and y'all found out he had bipolar. his struggles were already somewhat known, yet y'all still demonized him. don’t you dare deny that you weren’t. but what happened after friday’s clip? we got to know the full story and now everyone’s back on the “we love even!!!1111!!! never hated him ever!!!!” bandwagon again.

y'all literally slaughter sana at every chance you get. whether it be in 4:10 from last season, despite her apologising to isak and learning in 8:10. y'all called her a sly manipulative distrusting friend to isak when even and sana’s past came out. y'all slaughtered her for unfriending yousef bc your precious little romance was looking to be sinking like the fucking titanic, instead of understanding her struggle. but oh nooo, now y'all are back onto loving her once again, hey????? bc she’s googling “why can’t muslims marry non muslims?” and now that your precious little romance looks to be back on track, hmmmm????? lol i’m just waiting for y'all to turn on her once again tbh bc i know its gonna happen.

so, mikael reacts in the wrong manner. he freaked out when his best friend just all of a sudden made a pass at him bc he wasn’t expecting that. he was 17. he too had religion as a conflict for him. he stepped back. that was his mistake. he fucked up. yes you can say that he did wrong. call him out on his mistake. but y'all are slaughtering him?? y'all are calling him a rat and telling him to choke and die?? y'all are forgetting every other thing we learnt about mikael, that he and even were best friends, still has his number, doesn’t want the world to know about what happened bc its only gonna hurt everyone if the past is rehashed once again. y'all are out here calling muslims “extremists and vile homophobes”. and we haven’t even heard the guy give his side of the story yet!!!!???? but ya sure forgive magnus for spouting homophobic bullshit. its okay when he does it.

the double standard in this fandom is …. disgusting. and we all know exactly why that double standard exists.

7 tips for teachers on how to create a safe school environment

All children deserve to learn in a safe, supportive educational environment. One education organization working toward this goal is GLSEN, which aims “to create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.” Below, GLSEN ambassador and youth advocate Jeffrey Marsh offers 7 key pieces of advice for teachers in this excerpt from their excellent book, How To Be You:

I work with young people. They write to me all the time. They message me about their experiences. They communicate. They respect me. And there are a few magical things I’ve learned about how to treat them. If you really want to reach young people, if you want to know what helps them feel safe and cared for and ready to learn from you as an educator or school administrator or camp counselor, read on.

Animation by Rewfoe

1. Really listen. Seems obvious, right? This is first because it is the most important. So many ills can be alleviated with concentrated respectful listening. You know deep down that you want to feel accepted and cared for and you want to feel like your opinions and experiences matter. The same is true for any student or young person you work with. Don’t dismiss. Don’t conflate. Don’t belittle and don’t rush any young person you’re talking to. Take the care you would give to a close friend and give that to a student. Sit for awhile. Pause before you respond. Really pay attention. Don’t cut them off. Listen. Also, don’t get all high and mighty. Assuming what someone means without actually asking for clarification is a big fat CDE: communication dead end. If you want a student to show up, then you need to do the work of showing them that it’s safe to do so. Along these lines, please ask follow-up questions. Don’t try to lead the conversation, but lean into it: “What do you mean?” Can you say more about that? Asking shows you care — it shows you’re listening.

2. Get to know the lingo. One of the best ways to show respect to someone from a different background or generation is to understand the terms they use — especially when it comes to how they define themselves. Some of my fans’ Twitter bios read like this: “I’m an a-romantic pansexual trans-fem DMAB.” I realized at a certain point that I needed a vocab lesson if I was going to be of any use at all! In my day (which wasn’t all that long ago) we didn’t use any of these terms. I needed to “meet them where they were” if I was going to connect with and help any young person. So I learned. I asked around. I found out what the terms were, what folks in school were using to define themselves and their experiences of the world. Knowing what the vocabulary was went a long way to helping me show that I meant business and was ready to accept and respect whoever I was talking to.

Animation by Artrake Studio

3. Lobby for safe spaces (or create them). Sometimes a teacher needs to be the one to advocate for the use of school space for clubs and gatherings that the school deems controversial or unimportant. Whether it’s an LGBT or religious or just a hobby club, young people need at least one safe space to make connections with peers and find out they are not alone or freakish or as weird as they may be thinking. A safe space of this kind has several hallmarks. It is clean and respectful. It is private. It is free from other activities and groups. It is free from haters and bullies, whether they are students or teachers who disagree with what the club is offering. If a school refuses to allow a safe space that you know your students need, look for ways to assist with the club outside your school.

4. Take a forthright unequivocal stand against bullying. In big ways and small ways, in your private life and in your public persona as an educator, you must take an anti-bullying stance. If any student senses an attitude of “Boys will be boys” or “Kids need to toughen up” or “It’s not that big of a deal,” you’ve already lost them. If you aren’t willing to take a strong no-tolerance policy against bullying in your own school or classroom, you will never reach your students effectively. I’d recommend zero tolerance. If you witness bullying or you find out it’s going on, you must show all the kids involved that bullying behavior has real (negative) consequences. Many schools have a structure in place for this kind of disciplinary action and my advice is to use that structure without hesitation. If you want to reach young people, you must be willing to respect them by keeping them physically and psychologically safe while they learn. Work to make your school’s anti-bullying policy comprehensive. An appropriate policy should cover gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and all the reasons that kids are bullied.

5. Get help if you need it. Don’t believe the lie that you need to do it all yourself. You are not alone. There are a ton of organizations (GLSEN, for example) that love to help make schools safe for everyone. So Google for help. Reach out. Don’t get caught up in thinking that communicating with and helping students is all up to you.

6. Honor their experience. Just because you’re older and probably wiser doesn’t mean you’re right. If you disagree with a student, try interacting with them as you would with an adult. For whatever reason, many teachers just tend to assume that a student’s views and experiences are a little less valid than an adult’s. Why do we do this? It seems basically arbitrary in most respects. Sure, a young person is less like likely to have the depth and breadth of experiences that an adult has had, but that may not always be true. And if it is true, does it automatically mean that their opinions and experiences are somehow less valuable? Well…no.

Animation by TOGETHER

7. Give yourself some credit. If only for just a moment, don’t judge your performance as a teacher; don’t get down about how you’re not doing this “right.” See yourself from the outside. Take note of how hard you’re trying. Notice how hard the profession of teaching can be. And notice how deeply impactful you are every day. We all remember the teacher who inspired us, who was nice to us when we needed it, or who we felt really got us. You’re changing lives, and it’s totally okay to acknowledge your good hard work enthusiastically and often.

Author bio: @jeffreymarsh​ is a youth advocate and the author of How To Be You

tom dating a fan

what it would be like being a fan of tom and ending up dating him!
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  • probably meeting on instagram
  • you making a post about him, him reposting it and you joking in the comments like “wow, tom i see you lurking on me” and him replying like     “i thought you’d never notice ;)”
  • him dming you and cracking jokes about reposting your post about him, him liking it 
  • you send him an app so he can repost it without the terrible cropping
  • him wanting to keep up the conversation because he became really fond of you
  • texting into the wee hours of the morning
  • “did we fall asleep whilst texting” “i guess we did, wanna go to sleep?” “no, i like talking to you”
  • him asking for your number after 2-3 months of talking
  • he wanted to wait and see what you were like before asking and giving out his number to you
  • skyping lOADS
  • like he just lovES looking at your face
  • facetiming (if you don’t have facetime google duo is good) when he’s practically falling asleep
  • following you on instagram, twitter and other social medias and your friends freaking out and you being like “wHy WouLD hE fOLloW mE” ;)) but you know why
  • you probably wouldn’t tell anyone you knew each other til you got his permission because you want to keep his privacy
  • only telling your closest friends
  • him bragging to harrison about you
  • “she’s just- she’s just so different ya’know haz” “yeah, tom. i know, because you talk about her 24/7 now what do you want for lUNCH!”
  • skyping at the weirdest times and places
  • like, he’ll have a bath - and just decide to skype you and you’ll be in bed on your laptop 
  • it gets pretty regular because the only down time he has is when he’s eating, sleeping or showering so he uses that time to talk to you
  • harrison going on toms laptop and skyping you without his permission and getting to know you as well
  • basically befriending all his friends and tom literally having no idea because they all want to know the special person who gives him serious butterflies in his stomach
  • being very overprotective of him when paps follow him around
  • being like a mini mom to him but still having a crush on him 
  • him always looking very concentrated when you talk because he just loves to hear your voice
  • him teasing you about liking him “tom i run a fan account about you” “yeah, but still :)))” 
  • its like april and andy “aww babe you had a crush on me :))” “we’re married andy” “stil,, :))”
  • absolute freakin child
  • will call you at the shittiest times
  • 3am for you? oh well, tom’s needy and wants to hear your voice
  • i mean its not that bad until he finds out you set an alarm for when he regularly calls you 
  • when he found out he got all pouty but you promised that it didn’t effect your sleep (even tho it did)

leaving you on a cliff hanger ;)) sorry for not posting so much ive had this for WEEKS but ive had a major block and i still sorta do so don’t expect much ://

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Clark’s Niece - Part 6

So I don’t know if I used the right term but here they are!

Umayri - My Prince (That’s what Google Translate told me!!)

Amira - Princess


When you wake up the next day you feel more refreshed than you have in a long time. Damian is curled around you, fast asleep, and you wonder why you woke up. When the door clicks shut you have your answer. Quickly wriggling out of Damian’s hold you quickly head out to the living room.

“Uncle Lex?” You whisper

“In here, Y/N” He takes a sip of his coffee, “So you two made up”

“Yeah, we did. I love him, Uncle Lex. I love him so much that it hurts. I don’t know how I would ever survive without him”

Lex sighs, “He and I are going to have a talk on how to treat you, darling. I expect him to ask permission to take you out on a date, and be aware that when you do go out, I will be watching you, and if he hurts you, I will hurt him”

There’s a hoarse chuckle from the door, “I thought that we were over that, dad. I don’t really like to get shot, so I would appreciate it if you kept the injuries to a minimum.”

As Kon walks by he drops a kiss onto the top on your head, and you gently squeeze his arm. It’s practically a morning ritual, a show of affection and love between the two cousins. “Sit down, Kon. I’ll get your coffee, you shouldn’t even be up, you know.”

Conner flops into a chair and Lex fusses, making sure he didn’t pull any stitches. While Lex is a supervillain, and the cause of a lot of problems, he is also one of the most caring people you know. “Try not to strain yourself, son. I don’t want to have to take you back into surgery”

“Come on, dad! You know I can’t miss out on your famous coffee! It’s like the best stuff in the whole country!”

Lex chuckles, “I know, son. I would have brought you a cup”

Kon wrinkles his nose, “No way! You drink yours black! And you never add enough sugar to mine!”

Uncle Lex rolls his eyes, “You’re lucky you aren’t human, or you would have diabetes by now!”

Conner grins, raising his cup in a mock toast, “To my non-human biology!”

An hour later Damian and Clark stumble into the kitchen and get coffee. You walk over and press a kiss to Damian’s cheek, “Morning, Umayri”

“Good morning, Amira”

Uncle Clark groans, “Now they have cute nicknames for each other”

“Leave them alone, Kal. You’re the one who argued with Bruce just to get them back together. I don’t think I’ve even seen Batman nervous until then”

After breakfast, Damian approaches Lex when Y/N, Kon and Kal went out for a fly. “Mr. Luthor, I would like to have a word with you”

“Of course, Mr. Wayne. What can I do for you?”

Damian clears his throat, “I would like your permission to ask Y/N on a date”

Lex leans forward, “And why are you asking me instead of Clark?”

“I already have the approval of both Clark and Connor Kent. The only one I do not have it from is you, Mr. Luthor”

“I would like you to call me Lex, Damian”

Damian nods, “Of course … Lex.”

“I will give you permission to date my niece, on one condition”

“Name it”

“I want you to treat her like she is a princess. I want you to worship her, to love her in every way she deserves. I want you to make her happy. Do you think you can do that, Damian?”

Damian grinned, “I would have her no other way, Lex. All I want is for Y/N to be happy”

“One more thing, Damian … I want to walk Y/N down the aisle at your wedding”

Damian chuckled, “That is not my decision to make, however I will put in a good word for you”

Lex chuckles, “Yes, do that. We both know that Y/N will not be told what to do, so the decision is hers to make”

When you get back to Uncle Lex’s penthouse you can hear Damian laughing. “No! That can’t be THE Superman!”

Lex’s laugh joined Damian, “Oh yes it is! And he didn’t even know how to tie the tie, I had to do it for him!”

“I still can’t believe you hit him with your car!”

Uncle Clarks’ eyes widened in horror, “Oh no” he takes off, sprinting down the stairs, “Alexander Luthor! You put that book away right now!”

You and Conner glance at each other before you take off after Clark, “Don’t you do it Uncle Lex! I want to see the pictures too!”

“NO!!!” Clark shouts, “How did you even get those pictures!?!”

“Martha gave them to me of course.”

“Aw, no, Ma!”

Lex chuckles again, “You were such a cute kid, Clark, I don’t know how you turned into what you are now”

You roll your eyes at you uncles antics. Those two fight like they really are siblings instead of enemies.

“Y/N? Will you come with me for a moment?”

You glance up from your book, “Sure, Dami” You float behind him, holding onto Damian’s shoulders, letting him pull you along like he always does, “What’s up?”

“I had a conversation with Lex today, Beloved.”

You cock your head, “You did?”

“Yes, and he gave me his permission to do this”

Damian pulls out a ring, and goes down on one knee, “Dami …?”

“I know we are young, and that we aren’t ready to get married yet, but I love you. I love you more than I ever thought I could love a single person, and I want you to be mine. Will you promise to marry me one day, when we are ready? Will you promise that you will always be mine?”

Tears streak down your face and you nod your head frantically, “Yes, yes, Dami! Of course I will! I love you so much! Yes!”

Damian slides the black opal ring onto your finger, and stands up. You fling your arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. “I love you, Beloved”

“And I love you, Dami. I’ll love you forever”

He leans his forehead against yours, just breathing you in, relishing this moment. He runs his thumb over the ring now on your finger. They two of you stand there for who knows how long before you decide to go inside.


“Yes, Beloved”

“You get to tell Jason”

Damian groans, tugging you into one more kiss, “Of course, Beloved”

“He’ll probably try to beat you up”

Damian kisses your nose and you run your fingers gently through his hair, “I would deserve it for hurting you, my love”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you. I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore”

“I will fight for you every day, Beloved. I will show you my love for you every day to make up for any pain that I have caused you”

“And I will forgive you every day, and every time you hurt me again. I love you”

“I love you too, Amira”


That’s what I was picturing when I wrote about the Promise Ring!!

The Porn Videos (Hamilsquad x Reader)


Anonymous said: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader where the boys have been with the Reader for awhile and they notice they don’t really know much about her past and jokingly they look her up and find out she used to be a pretty popular porn star (You can change the character if you want!)

Word Count: 1k

A/N: this was so fun to write omg, also, it got waaaaay more sexual than i anticipated tho

TW: nsfw-y kinda???

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Flufflet #6 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

Continuation of flufflets #3 and #5.

Artwork at the end is by @clockadile, who is amazinggggggggggg

There were almost too many resources, Killian thought, as he typed in another phrase to look up. There were the doctors and nurses at the clinic Swan insisted on going to; it was out of town, since she refused to permit Whale to, as she put it so eloquently, “go anywhere near my goddamn vagina.”

There were the books, both the old ones in the library and the newer ones that Emma purchased through the post. He read all of them, although he did think Emma had the right idea with the newer ones; perhaps after the baby was born, they could donate the books to the library.

And then, of course, there was the Google. It was a double-edged sword if he’d ever seen one, with more information than he’d ever thought could possibly exist. But it seemed nigh impossible to determine just which information was accurate, and all of the personal testimonials made everything even murkier.

“What are you looking up?” Swan asked from the couch.

“When the baby can hear,” he said. “I’m getting too many different answers.”


“Some Google tells me–”

“Some websites, Killian.”

“Well, some tell me that it could be as early as eighteen weeks, and some say as late as twenty-four.”


“Do you know which is correct?”

“No. Why, though?”

“Well … just that if she can hear us, then maybe we should take advantage of that.”

He loved that he could say that: she. It was only a week ago that they’d gone to the clinic, and the doctor had told them that they were having a daughter. It was nearly mind-boggling that the technology of the realm made it possible to know so much about an unborn child.

Hell, it was incredible just how much there was to know about a pregnancy in general. In the Enchanted Forest, a single missed monthly cycle was troubling but not necessarily an indication of pregnancy; it was typically only a second skipped cycle that tipped a woman off. But here? Here, Emma simply waited until her cycle was a day or two late, and then she (he still felt uncomfortable about this) urinated on a strange stick, and it informed them both that she was with child.

And he’d seen their child. The near-magic of the ultrasound machine meant that they both had been able to watch their daughter grow from a tiny little bean-shaped smudge into something resembling an actual human. And now, they knew they were having a beautiful baby girl.

His daughter. He was going to have a daughter.

“Killian, did you hear anything I just said, or are you not at 18 weeks yet?”

“Sorry, what?” He’d been so lost in his thoughts, he’d missed whatever Swan had said.

“Do you want to sing to her?”

“Would you be all right with that?”

She laughed. “Um, very. Besides, isn’t that the exact reason I’m pregnant?”

“Well, I’d like to think it would have happened anyway, regardless. But fair enough.”


He stood from the computer desk and headed to the couch; Swan had been lying down with her feet up, but she swung them around and sat up a bit. “All right, go for it, Daddy.” She patted the space next to her.

He sat beside her and then leaned forward. She wasn’t showing very much, but enough that the townsfolk were catching on. Emma had always been extremely slim, and so the way her stomach was beginning to protrude was an easy giveaway that she was either pregnant, or she was overindulging significantly and gaining weight in very strangely specific places.

His favorite thing about her stomach, what she called her “baby bump,” was that this was their child. Right here, taking up space, growing and becoming a child.

“Go for it,” Emma encouraged.

“Right.” He cleared his throat. “Hello, my love. This is your papa.” Bloody hell, he was going to be a father. Neither Bae nor Henry could have ever prepared him for this. “Your momma asked me to sing to you.” He looked up at said momma. “Are you sure about this?”

“She’s gotta learn about revenge sometime,” she joked.

Perhaps. But he balked at the idea that the first song he would sing to his daughter would be one of anger and sadness. He had a better idea.

“Tomorrow is uncertain,” he sang. “Who knows what it will bring?”

He looked up to find Emma staring down at him in wonder, and although he knew her emotions were a bit out of control (he’d done a lot of reading about hormones), he was still surprised to see that she had tears in her eyes.

“But one thing is for sure, love,” she continued. “With you, I have everything.”

He grinned and turned back to her stomach, and they sang together.

“And happily ever after is the way these stories go …”

  • Me: *is a-spec*
  • Me: *Talks about my life*
  • Friend: So what about your love life? Any romantic prospects? Hookups? Are you still asexual/aromantic? Where on the spectrum do you lie? Do you have feelings? Why aren't you out to more people?
  • Me: ... Can we talk about something unrelated to my orientation?
  • Friend: But it's so interesting! I don't understand it! I'm not like that so I want to know more!
  • Me: I have other aspects to my personality! The internet exists! It's not hard to find more info on asexuals using google! Did you know that I have interests outside of my orientation! I also have interests in having conversations about things OTHER THAN MY ORIENTATION!!!
  • Me: Like literally anything other than being grilled on my sexuality/romanticism and having to "prove" aspects of it so you can "validate" something you have no say in.
Development of Celeb Crushes
  • Me: Wow what a classically beautiful person.
  • Brain: Uh-oh...
  • Me: No it's fine, they're not my type. Ha. I can appreciate a beautiful person without having to watch their entire back catalogue of work y'know.
  • Brain: You don't have time for this!
  • Me: Relax, it's just one film.
  • Brain: It's one film now, but then there's the three hours of Google Image Searches afterwards!
  • Me: Nonsense! I just want to make sure I'm immune.
  • Brain: Oh boy...
  • Me: It's fine. I can look at them and feel nothing.
  • Brain: ???
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: Why have you spent 45 minutes looking at their pictures?
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: You're imagining lazy Sunday morning cuddles with you as the little spoon! This is it. You're gone.
  • Me: I feel nothing. Maybe I am incapable of love now.
  • Brain: *eyeroll* Batten down the hatches, lads, she's gonna go - in three... two... one...
  • Me: Shit!
  • Brain: Here we go!
  • Me: They really are beautiful! Like oh my god look at them it's like they were carved by angels!!! Oh no no no no no!!! Not this! This can't be happening! Oh no! I thought I was immune! Why you play me this way, Brain?! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE?!?!?
  • Brain: *facepalm*

(apologies for the awful graphic omg
EDIT: oh gosh i just realized it says “our” instead of “out” why do i embarrass myself like this !?)

hey loves!! ♥ i haven’t posted any printables in a while, but i had some lying around in my google docs, so here are four great printables that aim to improve different aspects of your life!!

  • daily reflection [ download it here! ]
    sometimes, we’re so busy with school or extracurriculars or part time jobs that we forget to take a step back and just reflect. this is a simple, quick sheet you can print out whenever you want to think about your day. it’s meant to make you think about the positive aspects of your day, as well as how you hope to improve yourself!

  • sweet dreams [ download it here! ]
    one of the problems with working so hard is that you don’t always remember to take that much-needed break. this is a simple sleep tracker you can use for three weeks to make sure you’re meeting your sleep goals. try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night!

  • priorities [ download it here!
    the famous time management quadrants: urgent and important, not urgent and important, urgent and not important, and finally not urgent and not important. this printable allows you to set your daily tasks in order of priority so that you are getting the right things done!

  • make or break [ download it here! ]
    everyone has habits that they want to curate or break. with this simple, 30-day challenge, you can set yourself up for success! mark down every day you complete the habit successfully, and every 5 days you can write an adjective about how you’re feeling. whether it’s “excited” because of your progress or “discouraged” because you seem to be lacking motivation, keeping track of how you feel during your journey is important!

anddd that is it for today!! i hope you like these printables and find them useful! please send me mail with critiques if you have any so that i can offer better printables in the future ♡ aLSO if you post a picture using one of my printables, tag #heyacdemic so that i can reblog it! :)

hannah’s printable terms of use ;; please do note that i make all of these by myself and each one does take a bit of time! i don’t watermark them: please do not claim them as your own or redistribute without permission. ♥ i make these to help you study, and they’re meant for personal use only!

when isak told kollektivet he was moving in with even and noora would get her room back eskild was like ‘my nose will be grateful to smell the scent of lavender again’, but as the date comes closer eskild starts to get really sentimental and keeps telling anecdotes of isak secretly living in the basement, of being sweet to everyone, little things that he would miss about him and isak is a bit embarrassed but mostly touched. then when the day comes and they’re standing outside the building about to drive away with the van, eskild hugs isak and doesn’t want to let go, just clings to him and isak has this soft smile on his face when he says ‘that’s enough eskild i can’t breathe’ but he hugs eskild back just as strongly and whispers ‘thank you for everything’ and eskild is like ‘nope we’re not saying goodbye, i don’t want to cry it’d ruin my mascara… so worry not isakyaki i’ll be bugging you all the time since you’re still my little baby gay son and even though you lucked out big time with this one (he nods at even), i still have things to teach you so better invite me to your housewarming party’ and isak rolls his eyes but tells eskild that first they have to get basic furniture bc so far they only have a mattress and eskild is like ‘that’s all you two will need the first few days to christen your new place’ and he winks at even over isak’s shoulder and isak tells him in a flat voice ‘why would you think we haven’t christened it already’ and eskild lets out a delighted little laugh and smacks a big kiss on isak’s cheek and tells him ‘when noora and eva first showed me your picture and asked me find out if you were gay or when i found you in a gay bar drunk and in denial i wasn’t sure what i was getting myself into but over the months i started to see the sweetness and love underneath all that grumpiness and now you’re moving in together with your sunshine of a boyfriend thus making me the proudest guru in the history of gay gurus. and just an advice, i know even and you tell each other everything but seriously isak maybe should clear your browser history once in a while’. 

and then eskild lets go of isak who is still kind of processing what’s been said and eskild blows a kiss and goes back inside. and only when even parks the van outside their new apartment does isak exclaim and ‘wait what?’ and he immediately dials eskild’s number ‘what do you mean noora and eva showed you my picture? and i told you i didn’t know it was a gay bar, eskild!’ and even just smiles to himself and starts carrying their things up and when a few minutes later isak is about to cross the threshold, even is there to meet him with a long and sweet kiss and after they break apart even only murmurs ‘i love you baby but you seriously need to clear your browser history’. isak furrows his brows in confusion ‘what do you mean?’ and even tells him with a grin ‘i think jonas borrowed your phone today for something and he got the shock of his life when you saw what we googled the other day… you know the thing where you put your tongue up my-’ and isak covers even’s mouth before he can say it, feels his face go all blotchy pink ‘jonas saw that? and you’re telling me this just now? wait is that why he couldn’t look me in the eye all afternoon?!’ to which even just grins and shrugs his shoulders. and isak is all indignant ‘even, you should’ve told me! i can’t face jonas after that! and don’t even think there will be any christening tonight!’ but with all those endless kisses even makes him forget all about his embarrassment and in the evening when even has fallen asleep next to him isak gets a text from eskild ‘you know if for whatever reason you ever needed a place to stay i know a 5* basement that is always open to grumpy little gay sons’. isak never answers the text but he falls asleep with a smile on his face.

~Of Nicknames and Kisses~

Your hybrids are attracted to you, but will you accept them?


Word Count: 9,409

“Hey, Yoongi.”


“You like Y/N, right?”


The cat, not expecting the question, knocks his head against one of the pantry shelves.  You were away at class and the two hybrids were currently scrounging around the kitchen for something to eat.

“I mean, yeah.  You like her too, don’t you?”  Yoongi questions, rubbing his head to try and soothe the pain.

“Of course I like her!”  Taehyung exclaims.

“Okay.  We both like her, she takes care of us.  What’s the point?”  He asks, returning to his search for food.

“Why doesn’t she have a nickname?  She cares about us enough to give us nicknames and we care about her, so it’s only fair if we gave her one too.  I mean it’s clear that you like-like her and nicknames are usually something a person gives to someone they like.”

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gs9-flood  asked:

Oh man, I just read the entire comic in like an hour or less. And when I mean the entire comic, I mean EVERYTHING back to golden flowers (iirc). Is there something wrong with me?

NO (yes)

Kidding though, thank you so much!

Dusty set the base style long ago, but we both differ on several things like the skeleton brothers and how we draw the characters that represent us!

Thank yooouu!! We’re always happy to hear people are enjoying our work!

I LOVE THIS MESSAGE SO MUCH! You’re hilarious and awesome! Thank you. Every time I thought “Wait, why do I have this?” I read the whole thing and found myself laughing again. But I don’t have any idea how to use it- So I’ll add it in here. I hope everybody else has a giggle too.

((Tip for kids: Don’t eat random flowers, they could be poisonous, google them or ask an adult you trust, or just don’t eat flowers))

It is a lot of reading! Thank you so much! <3

When I joined the Undertale fandom I decided to represent myself with Frisk, and somewhere along the way I got into the Temmie remixes. It just went downhill from there… :3c

And Dusty has a post showing some of the improvement along the way!:







Papyrus’ puns are far superior. We even had some that went unnoticed in the other stories :3c

Writer’s Block 6.1

Originally posted by lovershub

Happy Monday, Everyone! Here is a quick update for you. Longer than normal. I hope to have the next bit out by the weekend. Obviously the stress in my life is driving me back to writing. And less sleep! If you want to read the first 5 chapters, find them here

After making a few edits and many suggestions to Johanna’s nonfiction piece, I’m starting to rethink our deal. I’ve fulfilled my part, but do I really need hers? Peeta already knows I have no experience by my own admissions, so what will he think when I show up ‘looking like a pro’, as Johanna put it? He’s expecting virginal, not promiscuous. Maybe this is a terrible idea.

An abrupt knock on the door interrupts my concentration. My heart speeds up until I look at the clock. It’s too early to be Johanna. It must be Peeta, though he hasn’t made an attempt to contact me since he dropped me off last night. Not that it’s easy. We can really only communicate through google docs and I’ve been on for the last 3 hours, wondering why Johanna’s piece about the mating habits of moths sounds like it needs moth smut.

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Monday 1.05.17 at 9.49pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Olafia clinic” (Sana, Chris, Eva, Vilde, Noora)


Eva: lol there are rumors that Magnus loves you more than you love him, Vilde

Vilde: What?
Vilde: Jealous people will always try to ruin you

Eva: But hey, why was I the only one at Anniken’s party in the 2nd? The night to the 1st.

Vilde: I was on a date with Magnus ❤️

Eva: cute

Noora: U telling me I was not out?

Eva: U out last night?

Noora: No. Just chilled at home with Eskild and linn

Eva: Eskild, I miss him ❤️ Can we go out with him soon?

Chris: This berlin trip is never fucking ending

Sana: Cool. What happened?

Eva: It was really awesome. U guys missed out

Vilde: But it was really fun to go out with the bus on Friday
Vilde: I think we can be the coolest bus in Oslo fro 2018

Sana: We will be

Eva: With Sana as our bo$$ 🌟

Noora: We are called Flawless since 99, soooooo we’re pretty cool now to put it that way

FOOD: An American Pleasure (a culinary line made by me, my friend, and my arch nemesis)

In The Heights-In The Bites

The King And I-The King And Thai


Dear Evan Hansen-Dear Evan Hot Sauce
(Wafting Through a Window) (Sincerely, Meat)

Joseph King Of Dreams-Joseph King Of Beans

Tick, Tick, Boom-Eat, Eat, Poop

Waitress - Waitress

Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beef

Little Shop of Horrors-Little Shop of Hot Dogs

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812- Natasha, Pizza, and the Great Corndog of 1812

The Book of Mormon-The Book of More Food for Me (Turnip Off)

Heathers-Heath Bars (I Am Deep fried) (Candy Store)

Prince of Egypt-Prince of Eggplants

The Lion King-The Lentil King (Hakuna Mousaka)

Anything Goes- Anything Roasts

Les Mis-Les Mousaka

Chicago- Chicago Deep Dish

Be More Chill-Be More Chili

Annie Get Your Gun-Annie Get Your Gum (Anything You Can Eat, I Can Eat Faster)

School of Rock- School of Pop Rocks

Singing In The Rain-Eating In The Rain

Newsies -Boozies

Jesus Christ: Super Star-Cheez-It Christ: Super Star

Avenue Q- Avenue Quiche

Cats- Fats

Grease- Grease

Fiddler on the Roof- Pickler on the roof

Beautiful: A Carole King Musical-Beautiful: Golden Corral King Musical

The Last Five Years- The Last Five Beers

Wicked- Wicked Hot Doritos

Falsettos- Farrosettos

Miss Saigon- Miss Pie-gon

Catch Me If You Can- Catch Me If You Pringle Can (*bo Burnham voice* Yes I’m still on the Pringle Can)

Come Fly Away- Come Fry Away

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder- A Gentleman’s Guide to Lasagna and Bourbon

The Light In The Piazza- The Light In The Pizza

Peter Pan- Peter Frying Pan

Te amo|| Daniel Seavey|| Why Don’t We Imagine

Here, @ashleyyy0330117. I made your dream a reality.

You pace the Why Don’t We house’s living room, having an argument with your mother on the phone. 

“I know, I know, Mamá!” Your boyfriend, Daniel, sits on the couch, scrolling through his phone, trying his best not to listen in on your conversation. Your mom yells something in Spanish and you yell back, exasperated. Daniel realizes that whenever you are mad, you speak in Spanish. 

By the time you hang up the phone and collapse on the couch next to him, you’re close to tears. Daniel rubs small circles on your back, trying to calm you down. “It’s okay, babe.” You cuddle up against him, laying your head on his shoulder. 

“Yeah. I’m sorry about the yelling. She just doesn’t get it.” You shake your head, closing your eyes. You sit there, your legs stretched across Daniel’s lap for a few minutes, silence ruling over the two of you. 

“Off topic, but you’re really cute when you speak Spanish.” Daniel kisses the top of your head as you laugh. 


“Yeah! Can you teach me?” You look up at your boyfriend, raising an eyebrow. 

“Daniel, you took Spanish for two years, and you don’t know any Spanish?”

“Nope!” He laughs at your disbelief, burying his face in your hair. You smile to yourself, shaking your head. 


You sit at the kitchen island, Daniel standing on the other side, starring at you. “Okay, let’s start with the basics. Hola, means hello.” Daniel rolls his eyes at you. 

“I know that!” You laugh and dive into a mini-lesson. You find that Daniel clearly did not pay any attention in Spanish class. Spanish 101 here we come. 

A week goes by, and you and Daniel continue your lessons. It’s one in the morning and you lay in bed in your apartment, texting your boyfriend. 

Daniel: I don’t get why you couldn’t spend the night here. I mean, I’m keeping you awake anyway 

You: I had to study late, babe. Plus I have my exam tomorrow morning. I really need to go to bed 

Daniel: Fine. Goodnight, beautiful 

You: Goodnight, babe. Te amo

Daniel: Wait… what does that mean again?

You: Idk. Maybe you should pay more attention to what I teach you :P

A whole minute goes by and you start to drift off to sleep. Right when you start getting comfortable under your blanket, your phone buzzes, illuminating your bedroom. Groaning, you unlock your phone and look at the text from Daniel. 

Daniel: Oh! Love you too, baby girl

You: Five points marked off for using Google Translate. Now go to sleep!

Daniel sends you a selfie of him making a pouty face, lip and all. You laugh and turn off your phone. I’m in love with a goofball. 

prom? ; park jihoon

genre: fluff yO okay anon im not good with fluff. dont kill me.

summary: jihoon wants to ask someone out at prom, and it breaks your heart that he didn’t ask you..

“prom, huh?” you say, fidgeting on the spot. you were around jihoon’s place after school. he was discussing about his prom date, and you weren’t going to lie that you felt pretty upset. it may be just a prom date and hopefully nothing else, but you have feelings for jihoon ever since you both met each other at school.

“are you going with anyone, y/n?” jihoon asked as you snapped your head towards him.

“m-me? no.. i uh, i’m going with somi probably. she’s alone too.”

plus, it would be embarrassing if he said ‘no’ to you.

“y-yeah.. i wanted to ask this girl..” jihoon said, scratching the back of his neck. “c-could you h-help me?”

me?” you ask, confused. “why me?”

“i don’t know.. you’re my best friend and i only trust you with your help after all.” jihoon smiles at you, “please..”

he pouts. you roll your eyes. jihoon was such an easy person to give in. which is why you love him. “first- this is why google exists, and why do you trust prom advice from me?”

“because you’ve been asked out by (bae) jinyoung before. and i’m sure he told you.” somehow jihoon sounded a bit.. angry, in a way.

“hey!” you exclaim, taking a sip of your drink, “first- jinyoung didn’t ask me out. we went as friends. simply because you asked sara and i was alone out of our group going to prom.”

“don’t remind me about sara. please.” jihoon sighed.

jihoon asked sara out, who is a heartbreaker at your school. she had a massive crush on jihoon, and it turned out asking her out was a mistake. she ended up ditching him, which you found odd since she has a crush on him.

“okay, fine!” you say. “so. tell me. about the girl.”

“she’s really pretty,” jihoon started, smiling widely.

she really must make him happy. you thought.

“she doesn’t think that.. though..” jihoon said, “she’s a lovely girl, and i really like her too. so i used this opportunity to ask her out as well.”

“t-that’s great..” you say. “well uh- good luck.”

“okay, so, advice, tell me-”

“jihoon uh, i, uh, gotta go now.” you say quickly, “i can’t help you. sorry. i really need to go.”

“where?” jihoon furrowed his eyebrows, “y/n-”

“it’s nothing. i’ll see you soon.” you said, grabbing your backpack and running out.

“he really likes her..” you said, staring at your ceiling. “why can’t you ask me out, jihoon? am i really not that good enough?”

“y/n, dinner is ready!”

“i’ll be there soon!”

“i want to tell you everything, jihoon.” you said to yourself, “i wish i told you sooner.. i love you-”

“unnie!” your little sister shouts as you shot up your bed, looking at her. “unnie! we have to eat dinner now. and who are you talking to?”

“m-my rilakkuma plushie!” you say, grabbing it. you quickly stroke it, your face flushing in embarrassment.

“you’re weird, unnie.”

after dinner, you and jihoon began to text.

6:57pm - wink boi:

y/nie, meet me at the park tomorrow at 12? we need to talk :)

6:57pm - silly goose y/n:

o sure, for what?

6:58pm - wink boi:

you’ll see, my goose.

6:58pm - silly goose y/n:


6:59pm - wink boi:

kEKEKEK you love me tho ;)

you laugh before locking your phone, wondering why he wanted to meet you. was it about his ‘prom date’? that he’s gonna brag that the girl said yes?

“gosh, jihoon..”

“why am i so desperate for your love?”

jihoon took a deep breath as he looked at his phone, 11:30am. you should be there soon. he got really nervous as he gripped the flowers in his hands, but being careful not to ruin them.

he even got you a rose necklace, and a flower wristlet, he knew himself that he was being cheesy, but he knew as well that this was the perfect time to confess.

11:32am - wink boi:

i’m at the park, it aint 12 yet but i came early lol

11:32am - silly goose y/n:

o youre there already?? im legit putting my shoes on and i waited for a text,, i’ll be there soon jihoonie

11:33am - wink boi:

see u :))

jihoon looked around and saw you running, and quickly he hid behind a tree. once you touched the park’s concrete, you started to catch your breath back, holding your knees.

“jihoon?” you said, still breathing. “jihoon, we are not playing hide and seek right now.”

“jihoon! yah, park jihoon!” you shout.

“i’m here.” you could see jihoon’s head peaking out of the tree.

“t-thank god. i ran here and-”


“uhm..” you blush, flustered.

“y/n,” jihoon starts, “you know i told you about the girl who i want to ask for prom? well, uh, it’s you.. i tried to pretend that it was someone else, but it’s not.. and i thought this might be a good time to say- we’ve been best friends for years, and i realise that i’ve changed. that i’ve liked you. and i think that taking you prom this year would be right.”

he places the wristlet on you as you smile at him.

“i love you y/n. will you go prom with me?”

“o-of course jihoon!”

forgetting that you were in a public place, people began to clap and cheer as you hugged jihoon.

“you’re so cheesy, you know.” you laugh. “i love you too, jihoon.. i was so scared that if i told you, you would hate me.”

“i wouldn’t hate my silly goose.” jihoon smiled. “i love you, y/n.”

“i love you, jihoon..”

“shoot..” jihoon muttered.

“what?” you asked, worried.

“i uh, forgot my wallet. i was supposed to take you dinner..”

“it’s fine. i just want to enjoy this moment,” you say, “and these flowers are beautiful.”

“i’m glad you’re happy, my silly goose.”