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Synchronize (Part 1) ~ Jack Avery

Summary: You have received the opportunity to attend a prestigious college that just so happens to be very far away. Fearful of what Jack may say, you hold off on telling him, but he finds out through a different source.

Word count: 2220

Warnings: Mentions of sex. I’m not going to go into full detail of how things are going to go down, but I do describe how things get started. All the sex will be in the second part so, you don’t have to worry about it in this one.

Author’s Note: First off, it was so difficult to choose the pairing that I actually closed my eyes and imagined the plot line with every boy. Of course, I got fuzzy feelings when I thought of Jonah, but it didn’t feel right. Did I really just say that? Who am I? Moving on, it came between Zach and Jack. Then I saw a group photo of the boys. My eyes immediately go to Jack’s and my heart melts. I hope yours does too. Also, this plot line as inspired by the song Synchronize by Hellberg and Arron Richards. I do suggest listening to it when the story gets intense to make the feels extra, but if you do and want to put yourself in danger go for the acoustic. I’ll put and * were I suggest listening to it for both parts. Thank you all. Enjoy! 

I waited so long for that day. Everyday I stared out my living room window looking down at my mailbox that stood adjacent from my driveway on the other side of the road. Sundays and three day weekends were the enemy. I waited and waited. Nose pressed up against the glass and my breath fogging up the area around my mouth from deep breaths that calmed my anxious body. Everyday at 2:26 in the afternoon I waited to see the mail truck to stop at my mailbox for thirty seconds to deliver that day’s letters, bills, and college acceptance letters.

Oxford. One of the top schools in the world. My dream school. The only place I wanted to attend. The only application I sent out. I worked so hard to even get a pamphlet. So many sleepless nights. So many tears. So many hours I spent locked away in my room studying for every exam, test, and assignment. So much expectation I thrust upon myself because of a childhood dream. I need to get into Oxford, I have to. I need to prove that my hard work was worth it. To prove the naysayers that I can do it. To prove to myself that dreams come true. But then I met Jack.

Jack Avery. The man, the myth, the legend. The boy that held mine heart in his hand. He taught me that dreams do come true. That the only reason to chase my dreams was for me, not anyone else. Jack also taught me that I didn’t need to me so hard on myself. Overworking has greater consequences than not working enough. And that’s what I did. I loosened my grip on Oxford, but just enough to keep me sane. I spent more time with friends, went to school events, and even got a job, but most of my free time went to Jack. Going to the skate park, a movie and dinner, lunch dates at the café where we met, and every Friday night dinner with my family. 

It was a Tuesday the day I got my letter from Oxford informing me that I had been accepted along with a scholarship that relieved some financial stress. Anticipation ran through my veins, anxiety rushed to me head, fingers and toes went numb. What if I don’t get in? What if I didn’t get the scholarship? What will Jack say if I do get in? What will happen to all my hard work if I didn’t make it? Negative thoughts bombarded my mind. They tear through, knocking down every ounce of confidence that I developed in my ability to succeed. I look over at the clock to my left.


It’s late. Panic consumed me. Where is the mail truck? What happened? Is there traffic? Was there a crash? Did the mail lady get in an accident? Did she get hurt? Did she die? Oh, my God. This can’t be happening. I need to know if I got in!

2:30. In my state of panic, I moved from the living room window to the end of my driveway. I look down the street to see nothing, just an empty road. More panic devours me, so much so that I failed to realize that dark clouds started to settle in the blue sky and a heavy breeze began to make its way through the trees. Anxiety continues it’s destruction making me pace the width of the driveway. Back and forth I go. Back and forth, moving faster and faster the more I move. Over and over again. Forth and back. Back and forth.  

2:31. I glanced down at the road again. Several cars are lined up, two of which are giant pick up trucks that were loaded up with furniture obstructing my view of what could be behind them. They move slowly up the street, taking their sweet time because the loads they carried were fragile and the risk of damage was high. The vehicles move fifty more feet up the drive and the view clears. Right after the two pick up trucks was a red SUV that had layers of mud caked to the exterior, then I see it. The white and blue of the mail truck. Not knowing I was holding my breathe I exhale with relief. 

At 2:32 the mail truck shifted gears and moved from my mail box to the next. Excitement then nervousness is the only way I can descried how I’m felt. Back and forth. Forgetting to look both ways I crossed the street causing another van to slam on its breaks, but I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was the letter. I grab the stack from the metal box and file through them, only looking for one word on the return address. Oxford.

Bill. Bill. Invitation. Bill. Junk. Bill. Junk. Oxford. Oxford? I double check. Oxford!

I screamed almost dropping everything else. Again, forgetting to look before I crossed the street, I run back into the house. Slamming every door and stomping up stairs until I reach the kitchen where my mom stands making herself a sandwich. I throw down everything except for the only letter that mattered. Mom looks up from her food and noticed me staring at the white envelope I held in my hands. 

“Is that it,” she asks softly. For a moment I had forgotten that she stood there waiting for me to open the letter. She too knew about my dreams of Oxford and the struggles I faced to reach my goals. “For God’s sake, open the letter.”

I have waited for this moment my whole life, it’s my destiny go to Oxford. “Dear Y/N L/N, the admin of Oxford University would like to inform you that you been accepted…” Excitement, joy, pride, fulfillment over takes over my being. No words could ever describe how I felt in that moment. The next few minutes after reading the letter, I can’t remember what really happened. There might have be joyful screams jumping around, or hugging. All I know is that the moment was pure bliss. But that happy moment didn’t last long.

Reality came back to me when my mom mentioned Jack. She was listing off all the people we had to tell immediately. My dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lisa, Jack. Jack. What will Jack think? I know he said that nothing would change between us if I did get in, but was he saying that because there was a high chance of not getting accepted? Did he truly believe that I could make it?

As the days go by, I became wary of my acceptance. What am I supposed to do? I really like Jack and I don’t want anything to happen to our relationship, but letting a man influence my chance of success is everything I am against. It left like everyone knew except for him. I told my parents that I had to tell him myself, it’s my job to do so, he is my boyfriend. 

Weeks pass by and I still haven’t told him. It was strange. I became slightly distant. We still spent all our time together, but I felt like I was holding back because I had such a weight on my shoulders. Jack knows me better than anyone else in this world and he could feel that something was bothering me. 

“Y/N/N, tell me what’s wrong.” He would ask while we sat at our spot in the café, holding my hand and drawing patterns with his thumb. “Is it about Oxford?” He’d look me in the eyes with his chocolate ones. His eyes worried eyes went so well with the way his freckles fell across his cheeks and the way his curly hair fell over his forehead, just barely covering one of them. It killed me to lie to his face. 

“Yeah, the letter still hasn’t come in.” I couldn’t look into his eyes. The guilty was to unbearable for me to look him in the face and lie. Looking down at our hands I said, “It’s just- what if I didn’t get in, Jack. I worked so hard for this opportunity and what if I blew it.” Moving my gaze for our hands, I looked up to his smiling face. Not just any smile. It was the smile that he gave when he knows I’m over thinking. More of a cross of a smile and a smirk.

“I know you’ll get in, babe. Trust me on this one, I know.” Jack said, looking down at your hands, turning mine over and kissing the back.

One week before I was set to leave was when I decided to tell Jack. It’s unbelievable how long I could keep it form him, even with Friday dinners with my parents, it never seem to come up. Suddenly, he became distant as well. He won’t reply as quickly when I sent a message, declined calls, not hanging out as much, he would rarely hold my hand anymore. I didn’t know what was up with him until I decided to coax him out of it. 

*On Friday night, the day I was supposed to tell Jack, we sat on my living room couch watching a movie because my parents had a fancy dinner party to attend. Usually, we always had to be touching when it came to our time alone, but we sitting apart this time. We were next to each other, but not even our knees where touching. I was feeling hopeful today. I moved my body of the slightest so both our thighs were touching when I move my legs under me. Instantly, he scooted  farther down the couch, correcting my mistake. Several minutes, I tried my luck again, but I moved my hand to find his. When it did, he ripped his away form mine, leaving it cold and alone. Saddened, I turn to him looking for answers. 

“Jackie.” I plead, moving closed to him again.

“Don’t call me that,” he coldly states pushing himself even farther down the couch and crossing his arms over his chest. Obviously he’s up set about something and I had to find out.

“What’s wrong?” I plead again, desperate to fix what’s wrong.

Enraged, he flies from his seat, now standing in front of the television forgetting about the movie. “ ‘What’s wrong’? Really, ‘what’s wrong’ is all you have to say, Y/N? I can’t believe you!” Jack yelled at me form across the room. I instantly know what he was angry about.

“I can explain.” I say as I get up heading towards Jack wanting to console him in any way. 

“You can explain,” he steps back, “how can you explain keeping acceptance into Oxford away from me, Y/N?” He started to raise his voice the longer he spoke “For months on end keeping it form me and then lying to me about it too. I should have figured it out sooner. You break everything that we stood for. Honest and communication out the window just like that.” He snapped his fingers, demonstrating how quickly I ruined everything.

Tears burned as the fell from my eyes and sobs not failing to interrupt my speech. “I’m so sorry, Jack. I can-,” he cuts me off.

“No, you don’t get to say anything. This was a big deal, Y/N. You lied to me.” He was right. I can’t look at him, but I have to. I knew what’s going to happen next, but I had to look at him just once more. When I do, I see those chocolate brown eyes again, but in a way that I never see before. Heartbreak. Anger. Sadness. Disappointment.

With another sob, I plead out to him one more time to him, to let me explain. “Jack, I-I can… just let me explain!” I reach out to him for the last time in hopes I can change his mind. He pulls back.

“We’re over. Don’t talk to me. I never want to see you again.” Jack spats towards me, turning away, heading out the door and slamming it shut. 

With the bang of the door, I fall to the ground, heartbroken with my actions. I lied to the man I love. What? Is this what love feels like? How can it hurt so much? If you truly love something, you must let it go. I hear the door open again and footsteps rush over to me in a hug. My mom. She engulfed my in her arms asking me repeatedly what happened.

Only God knows how long we sat there, me in her arms, crying, sobbing, screaming until I just stopped. It felt like I just couldn’t handle anymore pain for the day that I just turned all emotions off. I release my grip on my mom and move back to see her and my dad huddled around me with worried looks in their eyes.

“ Y/N, honey, what happened. Is it something between you and Jack?” My mother asked rubbing my arms.

I take a minute to wipe the tears, knowing its no use because I could feel the path of those tears stain my cheeks.

 8:49 “It’s nothing anymore. The only important thing is that it doesn’t matter.” 

A/N: Um… that happened. Please let me know what you think. What do you think is going to happen in part two? Let me know. Also, I don’t know when part two will be posted. I have a few other things I want to write, but I’ll let ya know a few days before it goes up. So, thank you for reading and I love you all.  

jenna222222  asked:

I need help to lose weight but I just don't know how to start

1. Eat real food. Just over a year ago, real food saved my life. I cannot begin to stress enough how this one small action has made all the difference. Pick a few “convenience” foods and start switching them out for the real deal.

2. Use smaller dishes. This is more a psychological trick than anything else. The theory goes that when a proper portion size looks bigger on a smaller plate, you don’t feel like you aren’t getting enough food. It works because it satisfies the mind and the tummy.

3. Measure your portions. This is a big one, especially if you aren’t eating real food. Check the nutrition label for proper serving size. Most Americans are eating two to three times the serving size of foods. I did an unscientific study of this in my best friend’s kitchen—she thought she was eating a serving of her favorite cereal (1 cup), it was actually 3.5 servings. Between the milk and the cereal, this is a difference of around 400 calories every time.

4. Drink more water. Water is awesome. I know that we are used to our sodas, sweet teas and other high calorie beverages. Most people will say they don’t like water. But water cleanses and flushes the toxins out of your body. It is important. In order to up my water intake, I carry it with me everywhere in my Camelbak. There are lots of benefits to drinking plenty of water.

5. Give up soda and fruit juice. These bad boys are high in calories with very little nutritional value. It is just best to give them up. If you have to havethat one coke a day, at least make it a regular. Fake sweetener and the staggering amount of sodium in diet sodas are far worse than the empty calories.

6. Order your coffee black. Black coffee has 0 calories. A mocha with 2% milk has 260. Make the switch in your daily routine and you’ll lose 26 pounds this year.

7. Steer clear of fried foods. Food, when dropped into a vat of grease, is terribly bad for you. Not only are you adding unnecessary calories, you are filling your body with disgusting grease. Try going grilled or go home.

8. Clear out the junk food. If you are anything like I used to be, I am sure there are little pockets of junk foods all over your kitchen. The potato chips in the cabinet, the dips in the fridge, the ice cream in the freezer, the candy in the bowl on the counter—also known in my house as the calorie traps. Clearing out the junk clears out the temptation. Take an hour and throw out or donate every last bit of it. If it isn’t around, you can’t eat it.

9. Go for a walk after dinner. Exercise, even in small and short bursts, can change your life. Instead of sitting down to play on the computer or watch television, get outside and go for a walk.

10. Eat out less. Restaurants are dangerous. Their menus are lined with calorie rich foods in ridiculous portion sizes. Refraining from eating out can save you many things—added pounds and money are the two biggest.

11. Locate your local farmer’s market. Real food is good. Farm fresh, locally grown is better. Find your Farmer’s Market and you will come to realize why vegetables are amazing and delicious.

12. Order your salad dressing on the side. Dressing is high in calories. Keep it under control by ordering it on the side. You can either dip your fork or add a tablespoon to your salad. Either way, you keep it in check. Otherwise you are most likely getting a serving of about three to four tablespoons … an average of 300 extra calories if you ordered ranch.

13. Stop ordering appetizers. These are the worst things on a restaurant menu. Don’t order them.

14. Stop ordering desserts. These are the second worst things on a restaurant menu, made worse by the fact that you might not be sharing. Don’t order them.

15. Watch your carbs. How many times has bread come as a side to your pasta? How much larger could that roll on your sandwich be? Bread and pasta are high in calories and carbs. I used to eat a lot of it in a day. Try to limit yourself to one high carb item in your meals, and of course, watch that serving size.

16. Have fruit instead. Man do I love dessert. So sweet, so yummy, so delicious. I also love to bake, which makes it even more dangerous. I started having fruit instead. Not only is it better for me, but the calories are lower. As you start reducing your sugar intake, the taste of fruit becomes even sweeter. Buy it from the farmer’s market and you won’t even miss that cupcake.

17. Buy a Wii Fit. I am a gym member and work with a personal trainer, but man do I love my Wii Fit because it is so much fun. If you don’t join a gym or work with a personal trainer, a Wii Fit still gets you off the couch and moving around. At first, I weighed too much to use mine with the balance board. Now I can’t get enough of it.

18. Get a good night’s sleep. Your body needs you to rest. Get the right amount of sleep each night to ensure you feel rested, relaxed and ready to go in the morning. Being overly tired or cranky makes it really easy to start giving in to those old habits.

19. Eat before you’re really hungry. Being too hungry can cause you to eat too fast and too much. Don’t put off eating until you are starving.

20. Carry snacks in your purse. Our days are hectic; our schedules are full. It can be easy to forget to stop and eat. Then we’re starving, and the poor food choices multiply. Keep your days in check by carrying snacks with you at all times. It will save you from overeating later.

21. Snack when you need to. The other day I was grocery shopping with my best friend when I realized I was quite hungry. A quick check of the clock revealed it had been four hours since I ate last. (I try to double check to ensure it is a physical and not mental hunger I am feeling.) I popped open my purse and had a granola bar. Now I could have waited the two hours until dinner, but it is far better to stave off physical hunger immediately than to force myself to wait. If you are physically hungry, eat. Hunger is the way your body tells you it needs food for fuel.

22. Start planning your meals. A weekly menu is the best habit for keeping yourself in check. Not only does it offer the financial benefit of lower grocery bills, it also allows you to plan more veggies into your meals. Download my free kick-start guide for a step by step tutorial for meal planning.

23. Keep healthy snacks within reach. If hunger hits, and you are unprepared, bad choices will be made. There is nothing in a gas station that you should eat as a snack. Nothing. Make sure you have good food in your house, and good food in your purse.

24. Eat smaller meals more often. I eat six times a day, but I only prepare three meals. The other three times are small snacks. This has several added benefits in that it controls my hunger, keeps my energy level up, and helps me maintain my calorie intake each day. The biggest benefit though comes from not starving by mealtime and overeating as a result.

25. Cook your own dinner. Preparing your own meals is the best habit you could implement into your routine. Not only does it cost you far less than dining out, it continues to improve the quality of the foods you consume. You get to decide what does and does not make it onto your plate, how it is prepared, and where it comes from. You are in total control.

26. Check the nutrition information. When you eat, be aware of how much. Check the nutrition label, know the serving size, and make yourself accountable for how many calories you’re consuming even if you are not actively tracking them.

27. Give up cereal. This should not be considered a food, let alone breakfast for an adult. There are so many better options for breakfast. Start trying to incorporate some of them into your days. Yogurt with fruit is just as easy, and far better for you.

28. Pack your lunch for work. A little preparation can go a long way. Not only will you be eating better food than anything you could “pick-up,” you are also less likely to skip lunch on busy days. It is a lot easier to walk to the fridge than to figure out what you want and head out to get it.

29. Deal with stress. My career was highly stressful. I was constantly under pressure to get things done and be creative. A negative side to all that emotional overdrive was overeating. My nervous system was constantly on overdrive and my body was constantly hungry. If you have stressful things in your life, deal with them or change them. Stress is bad for your health and your weight.

30. Eat mindfully. Focus on your food, and listen to your body. Stop rushing through meals, and make them a time of peace and enjoyment.

31. Stop eating on the go. Sit down. Then eat.

32. Turn off the TV. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good dose of entertainment as much as the next guy. But television is ruining our lives. It is keeping us glued to the couch, mindlessly indulging in nonsense, and the food commercials—yep, they make you want to eat. Turn off the boob tube and go outside.

33. Try new foods. Experimenting with new foods and recipes can make eating well more fun. Reach outside your comfort zone and try some new dishes! You never know what you’ll discover.

34. Join a gym. Best thing I ever did. Even though it scared the poop out of me to do it.

35. Eat on a schedule. Routine is a blessing in life. By setting up an eating schedule, you are more conscious of preparing ahead for your meals. It also helps maintain your metabolic rate, and your blood sugar remains consistent instead of spiking up and down. I eat about every three hours during the day.

36. Choose whole grain. Whenever you can, choose whole grain over white. You will stay full longer, and be more satisfied. I was a lifetime white bread / white pasta / white rice kid, but I made the switch. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I told myself that it would be.

37. Keep a food diary. I had no concept of how much I ate during the day. I never actually tracked my eating before I started changing my eating habits. But knowing what I know now, I am sure it was a ridiculous amount of food and calories. Keep a record, start being accountable for what you eat.

38. Park further from the door. A little exercise you can easily incorporate into your days is far better than none at all. This is one of the first small changes I made last year.

39. Take the stairs instead. Another simple shift you can make in the course of your day.

40. Don’t skip meals. This should go without saying, but starving your body is never a good idea. Make sure you take time out from busy days to get your lunch or snack in. Today, I eat anywhere to ensure I don’t miss my snacks—including the grocery store and work meetings. Who cares what people think … this is about your health!

41. Eat less meat. I am from the Midwest where meat and potatoes reign supreme. I used to down about 8 ounces at any given meal. No one needs that much meat. A two to four ounce serving is more than enough when combined with good grains and vegetables.

42. Make soup. Not the kind from a can, which is loaded with a ridiculous amount of sodium and not much flavor. Make your own soup. At most thirty minutes of prep work, then leave to simmer. Soup is a great meal and sosuper delicious. Load it up with veggies and it keeps you quite full.

43. Eat Greek Yogurt instead. I never knew how good this stuff could be. Mainly because there are some crappy versions lining the shelves of your local supermarket. Again, I am a real food eater so I don’t mess with the fat free junk. I eat Fage Total (sometimes 2% if that is all that is available) exclusively. So. Freaking. Good.

44. Buy good cheeses. Real cheese is unmatched. Yes, it is more expensive than the pre-shredded stuff in the bag. At least, that is what you may think at first. But you would be wrong. Why? Because real cheese has so much flavor that you use far less. Saving calories and money. Trust me. Pick up a wedge of real parmesan cheese and tell me if it isn’t a million times better.

45. Don’t bring it home. The easiest way to shift your current eating habits, and incorporate better food into your life is to just leave the crappy stuff at the store. Bottom line: if it isn’t around, you can’t too much of it.