this is why they made you live under the stairs for 10 years

Needs Of Approval

Pairing: Kol x Reader (Ft. Klaus & Elijah)

Warnings: A lot of gifs used (; And this is a bit long, so get cozy and enjoy!

Word Count: 2731


Klaus was a good friend to your parents for years and years. When they died, you were just 12 years old. There was no one else to look after you, so Klaus took you in like the child he never had.

It has been 9 years that he’s been taking care of you and those 9 years hasn’t been easy. You were constantly moving from place to place, unable to call any place your home. Until finally, Klaus settled into a small town called ‘Mystic Falls’. Klaus did run into a few problems here and there with the Salvatore brothers, but he always kept you out of it. The last thing he wants is to see you hurt. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

Soon, he had a mansion built for you and his family to live in. You finally got to meet Rebekah and Elijah, who were nothing but kind to you, but you were wondering when you would ever meet Finn and Kol. Eventually, Rebekah ended up getting daggered again which did upset you because she was like a sister to you.

You never understood why Klaus had a thing for daggering his siblings. The last time you brought up that subject, he said that it’s complicated and to not ask again. And so you obeyed.

Right now, Klaus & Elijah are having dinner with the Salvatore brothers about this whole ‘Elena’ situation with Klaus’s hybrids. Of course, since Klaus wants to keep you out of his mess, he advised you to stay in your room and not get involved, no matter what kind of ruckus you hear.

You’re currently in your room, sitting comfortably under the covers on your bed reading a book. The walls weren’t so thick because you can hear mumbles of all of the men exchanging words. It made you feel better knowing that no one is fighting and no one is getting hurt.

Minutes go by and you could’ve sworn you heard Rebekah’s voice. You closed your book, setting it on the bed and slowly got out of bed, walking towards your door while you tried listening in more. And that’s when you also noticed some unfamiliar male voices and Klaus yelling in pain.

You know that Klaus doesn’t want you involved but you couldn’t help but rush to him in aid. You care for him so much that you’re even willing to let him feed on you a little if he really needed it. He took care of you and you saw it as your obligation to return the favor.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, his screams stop and you hear Elijah calmly say, “this is family business.”

Entering the dining room where everyone is, the first thing you see is Klaus leaning over the table, waiting for the pain to pass.

“Family business? What family business?! What’s going on?!” You shouted.

Everyone turns around to look at you. You noticed that Stefan and Damon were gone and you see two men. They looked familiar but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

“Y/N please. Just go back to your room.” Klaus begged.

“No seriously, what are you guys doing to Nik. And who the hell are you two?” You scoffed at the two men.

Before they could get a word in, Elijah spoke. “My dear Y/N. This is Kol and Finn.” Elijah pointed at each one individually as he named them.

Your jaw dropped. You couldn’t believe it. I mean, what an awkward first way to meet them.

“Who might this be?” Finn asked.

“Yeah who the bloody hell are you? Nik’s girl?” Kol added, putting his hands on his hips. You glared at Kol’s remark, you never thought of Klaus in a romantic way. You always saw him as your guardian, your protector.

Elijah walked over to you. “It’s quite a long story. I assure you, I’ll explain it all to you later.” He put one hand on your back and the other leading to the stairs. “Come.”

Elijah took his time to tell you everything that was going on while Klaus and the rest of the siblings handled their issues. Eventually you understood that this family is flat out dysfunctional, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You all even came to find out that their mother, Esther was alive as well. How odd.

Over this short amount of time, you didn’t exactly see Kol as a brother like you do, Elijah. You weirdly found him attractive, actually. You didn’t know if it was his looks or his wittiness, even though he is the wreck less Mikaelson sibling. Not knowing if he felt the same or not, you just kept it to yourself. 

Today is the Mikaelson Ball. Klaus was kind enough to lend you his credit card to buy yourself the proper attire for tonight. Rebekah even went with you to shop and even helped herself to her brother’s credit card as well.

Finally, after trying on over 10 dresses, you’ve found the perfect one. It was a backless sequin mermaid floor length dress. The best part is that it hugged your body perfectly.

And of course, since Klaus loves spoiling you, he also hired someone to style your hair and work on your makeup in your bedroom. You were just enjoying being pampered.

You were finished getting ready before any of the guests arrived, so you walked downstairs anyways to await their arrival. Walking downstairs, sliding your fingers on the railing, you saw the hired butlers getting champagne glasses filled. You even saw Kol helping himself to a glass. You tried your best to make sure you didn’t step on your dress as you were taking each step, by holding it up a few inches. With three steps left until you’ve reached the flat ground, there was Kol with his hand reaching out to you.  

At first, Kol only saw you as a mere roommate. But once he saw how stunning you looked in this very moment, it changed his entire perspective of you. He thought to himself how absolutely stunning you looked. His lips parted and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. Now he felt like he just had to have you, even if he had to go through his brother Niklaus.

“I assumed you were in need of some assistance, Y/N.” Kol said to you.

You chuckled, grabbing onto his hand once you got closer. “Yeah I was struggling for a minute.” You let go of his hand once you reached the floor.

“So who might your escort be tonight?” Kol asked, then took a sip of his champagne, keeping his eyes on you, awaiting your answer.

“No one actually. Because no matter who it is, he’ll never be good enough for Klaus.”

“To hell with that bloody wanker.”

“Kol stop-” You shook your head, stifling a laugh.

“I’m only joking.” Kol put his hands up in defense. “See here, darling, I happen to not have a date as well. So do you mind?” He smiled at you.

“What?” You were shocked. Quickly, you snapped yourself out of it. “I mean, really?” Kol Mikaelson wants you as his date for the ball? This can’t be happening. You must be dreaming.

“You best hurry before I change my mind, Y/N.” He joked.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll be your…um…date?” You didn’t know to question it or word it as a statement because you just couldn’t believe it.

Kol grabbed your right hand, saying, “Marvelous.” Then he slowly planted a kiss on the back of your hand. Your cheeks blushed red as you heard footsteps approach down the hall.

It was Niklaus that was here to ruin the moment. Oh no. “What is this?” He asked, not looking too happy at all.

You just froze, surprisingly being able to get a word out. “Klaus, we-”

“Y/N is letting me escort her to the ball. Perhaps you don’t mind.” Kol smirked, confidently walking towards the original hybrid.

Klaus had his hands behind his back, clenching his jaw, then revealed his crooked smile. He didn’t want to cause a scene today. “Hm… I thought you would at least choose a man that is more suitable for you.” He looked at you, then put one arm out straight to point at Kol.

Kol just glared at his older brother.

“Well according to you, no man is suitable for me. And technically, you could’ve taken Kol’s place, you know. But you’re too infatuated with that bitch, Caroline.” You spat. You’ve never liked Caroline for Klaus. She was always so rude to him, yet he was head over heels for her. 

“Y/N, do not start with me.” Klaus growled. You know that your remark about Caroline would bother him and you didn’t care because he was being a hypocrite.

“Don’t judge me on my date and I won’t judge you on yours.” You crossed your arms in front of your chest, wearing a straight face.

Klaus fell silent. He narrowed his eyes at you, then gave Kol the death stare and stormed to another room in the house to let off some steam.

“Well then, this night is off to a fantastic start.” Kol joked, in an attempt to ease the tension.

“I mean, am I right or am I right?”

Kol nodded his head in agreement, then grabbed a glass of champagne for you to cheers with him.

Finally the guests started arriving. Every few minutes, more and more arrived. And almost all of them were wowed by how ginormous the mansion is and the choice of decor for the occasion. 

You stayed by Kol’s side while the both of you playfully voiced your opinions to each other about each guest that walked in. One of the things you do enjoy about Kol is that he doesn’t take everything seriously. He’s someone you can have fun with.

“Kol! Look Look!” You tapped him on the arm with your hand to look forward to get his attention because he got carried away on his smart phone. He was still getting the hang of using that device.

“Oooo who is it now?” He asked excitedly, putting his phone in his pocket.

“That’s that slut Elena and her Salvatore brothers. Klaus has told me all about her.” You said disgustingly.

“I bet they have threesomes. How fun.” Kol said, raising his brows up. 

You gagged, almost choking on your champagne.

“You alright there, darling?” Kol laughed, patting you on the back.

“Thank you. Thank you for that comment. I almost just died because of you.”


After sharing laughs and even more champagne, you decided to excuse yourself to the ladies room. “I’ll be back, Kol.”

“No matter.” Kol replied.

“Do you mind?” You asked, handing him your champagne glass to hold onto until you come back. He responded with a nod, then you went on your way.

Coming back from the loo, you didn’t see Kol in his original spot, you figured he’d be back, so you just hung around waiting for him to return. You observed all of the guests having a great time and even spotted Klaus with Caroline. He was just so mesmerized by her. Gross.

What you didn’t notice is that every now and then throughout the night, Klaus would look around to check up on you, making sure you’re not getting into any trouble with Kol. He despised that the one person you happened to allow to escort you is Kol. He knows the ins and outs of his little brother and doesn’t think his intentions for you are good.

“I see your escort is not by your side.” You hear from behind you, so you turn around to see that it’s Elijah, the oh so noble steed.

“Oh yeah. He’s probably grabbing a bite, if you know what I mean.” Blood from a human’s neck is exactly what you meant.

“Certainly. And might I add, I’ve noticed that the two of you have become quite friendly this evening.”

“I mean, if you say so Elijah.” You shrugged your shoulders at Elijah’s opinion. You wondered why it concerns him because Elijah is the least judgmental out of all of his brothers. Maybe he’s just making small talk? Who knows.

“Well, I-” Before Elijah could get a sentence out, Kol pops up and disrupts.

“Ah there you are, Y/N. Am I interrupting?” Kol said half-aloud with that accent of his that you just die for. Instead of finishing his sentence, Elijah just ended up excusing himself.

Not a moment too soon, you see Elijah making himself known at the top of stairs. “If anyone could gather, please.”

You and Kol were the first ones at the stairs. Elijah waited until the rest of his siblings followed. 

As you were minding your business watching everyone gather, out of nowhere Kol decides to snake his arm around your waist. It made your heart skip a beat and you surely hoped Kol didn’t hear it. You didn’t want him to know that he makes you nervous. 

As Klaus was excusing himself from being by Caroline’s side, he did see Kol getting too touchy for his own comfort. It did infuriate him, making him tempted to snap Kol’s neck right there on the spot. But, Klaus, and all the rest of his siblings, know how important this ball if to their mother, Esther. So, Klaus chose to let this one go.

You turned your head while your eyes were scanning around the room and the moment you saw Klaus, you quickly moved Kol’s arm away from your waist.

Once Klaus and Rebekah finally made their way to join the three of you at the top of the stairs, Elijah made his speech inviting all of the guests to join in on The Waltz. 

The guests followed to the ballroom, but you just stood in your spot, being left alone at the stairs. “Shit.” You said to yourself.


“You best mind your manners when it comes to Y/N. Do you comprehend?” Klaus growled at Kol as they were walking down the stairs.

“Don’t worry Nik, she’s safe with me.” Kol smiled and gave a wink.

Klaus wasn’t amused with his brother whatsoever, so he shot him a glare and stormed off to find Caroline.

Kol looked left and right after finally noticing that you’re nowhere near him. He looked behind him at the stairs and saw that you have a lost look on his face, so he rushed over to you.

“What’s the matter?” Kol asked, concerned that it was something serious.

“Um. This is embarrassing, but I don’t know how to Waltz or whatever. Nobody ever taught me.”

“Not to fret, darling. It’s easy. Just follow my lead.” Kol assured you, then picked up your hand, leaving a kiss on your knuckles. Of course, you blushed bright red at his gesture.

The night ended amazingly. When the night was coming to an end, you and all of The Mikaelsons stood around to thank every guest for coming. 

After all of the guests were finally gone, Klaus disappeared to his room to do god knows what. That’s when Kol decided to take advantage of the opportunity. You were about to leave to walk to your room, but Kol stopped you by lightly grabbing your wrist.

“Yes?” You were puzzled.

“I don’t mean to be a too much of a bother, but how about we pretend?” Kol flashed a grin.

“Pretend? Pretend what?” You chuckled at his suggestion. The word ‘pretend’ just brings you back to your childhood when you would use your wild imagination to ‘play pretend’.

“Seeing as we live under the same roof, allow me to walk you…to your bedroom.”

“This is really corny but okay.” As cheesy as you think this is, you can’t blame Kol because he was out of the loop for a hundred years. But, this gesture of his did make you feel some type of way.

Reaching your bedroom, the two of you were face to face under your door frame. “Have a lovely evening, Miss Y/L/N.” Instead of Kol kissing the back of your hand per usual, he left a gentle kiss on your forehead, then left elsewhere in the mansion.

This night ended up being better than you’ve ever anticipated. 

Wrapped Around

Jimin x Reader // college!AU // 9694 words

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Originally posted by bwipsul

Genre: Fluff, warning: groping(?)

TA refers to teaching assistant

Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a while now sigh and I feel bad for not putting out anything this winter break! This is a somewhat exaggerated version of what is a combination of my friends’ freshman year haha. Man I love college.

College had been a lot harder than you expected and you struggled, barely able to crawl past the finish line that was the end of freshman year. As sophomore year came around, new year, new me, you had declared. You were on a mission to bring your GPA back up. No more spending your nights at some random house, celebrating a birthday of a person whom you did not know but rather more nights spent hunched over your computer in some well-lit corner in the library.

Even though you felt invigorated to start the new semester, all that disappeared by the time Wednesday came around. You’re not sure why they call the first week, syllabus week when you had homework and quizzes assigned to you already. By the time it was Thursday, you could only thank god that you were so close to the weekend.

Sat in your final class for the day, your physics discussion section, you could only dream of the long shower you were going to take once you got back to your dorm. The bell rings, and the TA gets up to begin writing on the board but the distant noises of a person running down the hallway makes it difficult for you to concentrate. Within seconds, a rather sweaty boy reaches the doorway, panting as he bows apologetically at the TA before taking a seat right next to you. The TA waves at him dismissively as he continues to drone on about the material you learnt in class this week.

“Alright, now you can work in pairs or groups to solve the worksheet. In 15 minutes, we’ll come back to solve questions 1-3,” your TA declares.

You turn to your right to see that the person next to you had already formed a group with a few other students and you were too shy to ask if you could join. You turn to your left to find the sweaty boy silently working on the problem set. Letting out a light sigh, you begin attempting to solve the worksheet on your own.

There’s a long overdue silence before the boy seated next to you turns eagerly towards you and introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Jimin and you are?”

“Y/N,” You smile politely before turning to your worksheet.

He glances over at your worksheet and scoffs. “That’s wrong,”


“That’s wrong,” He points. “You have to use the first equation that’s written down on the board.”

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requested: hi, i was wondering if u could do an imagine where y/n and shawn’s daughter gets her heartbroken and she’s really sad and shawn is really mad that the boy broke her heart but at the same time he comforts his daughter and helps her feel better. thankyouu!

feedback is always appreciated! :)


as soon as you heard the door slam, you knew your 17 year old daughter olivia, had a bad day. you sat in the living room with your younger kids while listening to her slam her schoolbag down and kick of her shoes.

you heard her sniffle as she walked past the living room and straight up to her own room, followed by another door slam.

you sighed, hating to know that there was something bothering her. you quickly followed her up to her room, lightly knocking on the door before entering. what you found absolutely broke your heart.

olivia was crouched on the floor with tears streaming down her face, her runny black mascara created lines down her face.

“liv,” you sighed, “honey what happened,”

she shook her head, not wanting to talk right now. you took a seat next
to her, engulfing her in a hug. you let her cry into your chest as you comfortingly rubbed her back.

you knew she needed to cry for a while before she would open up to you, she’s been that way since she was a little girl.

you really wished shawn was here right now, she would probably tell him a little more than what she’d tell you. she was always closer with her father, not that you minded. she was shawn’s first child, his little girl.

you glanced at the clock that sat on the bedside table, it was 4:30 meaning shawn would be coming home from work soon. olivia needed both her parents here right now, and deep down you knew she wanted her dad here more than anything.

“shh baby, you’re okay.” you whispered, stroking her long brown hair. she continued to cry as she held on to you a little tighter.

“talk to me liv,” you said once she had stopped crying as hard as before.

“sorry about your shirt,” she sniffled, wiping her eyes. you noticed the white t-shirt you were wearing was see through right now and your black bra was clearly visible but you didn’t care.

you smiled as she let out a small giggle looking at your shirt. “it’s okay, i’ll change later.”

she said something under her breath which you didn’t quite catch.

“what’s that sweetie?”

she took a deep breath before beginning to explain why she was so upset.

“aiden cheated on me,” tears started pooling in her eyes again.

you gasped, you never would’ve thought. aiden and olivia have been together for 3 years and never would you have thought he would do something like this. you and shawn met him many times, he was a nice guy, olivia’s younger siblings loved him, and shawn seemed to like him a lot too.

“oh hun, i’m so sorry.”

she started crying again, and you were back at square one.

she had never experienced heartbreak before, aiden was her first boyfriend and he was nothing but sweet up until now. olivia really loved aiden, and you thought he felt the same way.

“he’s not worth your tears baby, he didn’t appreciate what he had.” you tried to comfort her.

“that’s not the worst part mom,” she cried. “i caught him with allison!”

allison was olivia’s ex best friend, they were friends up until grade 10 when she stated dating aiden. you remember olivia telling you that allison was jealous and she wanted aiden, it resulted in a huge fight and they haven’t talked since.

“he’s an asshole.” you sighed.

you weren’t sure what to tell her, but you knew that she was smart enough to not even think about forgiving him.

shawn appeared in the doorway about 15 minutes later, his eyes widened when he saw what was happening.

“liv?” he asked, standing right in front of the two of you. he opened his arms for her, knowing that was exactly what she wanted.

olivia noticed his presence immediately, pulling away from your grasp and moving right to shawn.

“daddy,” she sobbed, wrapping her arms around his torso.

“it’s okay, you’re okay,” he cooed, kissing the top of her head. he looked to you, giving you a questioning look.

“aiden,” you sighed, taking a seat on her bed. shawn’s eyes widened as he pieced together what could’ve happened.

“what did that asshole do to my babygirl?” he asked, releasing his grip on her so she could talk. you knew shawn was going to force it out of her, and that he was probably going to kill aiden.

“he, i-i caught him with allison earlier.”

“you’re kidding,” shawn said, balling up his fists. “i’m going to kill that-”

“hey,” you cut him off before he got carried away. “don’t forget the real priority here.” you motioned to your daughter who stood at her mirror, studying the many pictures she had put up. you watched as she carefully picked one off the wall, running her finger along the top. she ripped the picture in half, throwing it to the ground and collapsing in tears again.

shawn rushed to her again, wrapping his arms around her as she cried.

“he doesn’t deserve you liv, he doesn’t deserve these tears.”

she shook her head and continued to cry, not listening to anything shawn was telling her. you could tell by the look on his face, he wasn’t prepared for this. but who was? you knew all he wanted to do right now was make her feel better, but he didn’t know what to say.

you heard little footsteps run down the hall and stop at the entrance to olivia’s room.

“why is livvy sad?” your 4 year old daughter sofia asked, running over to give her older sister a hug. sofia adored her older sister and olivia loved her with all her heart.

“don’t be sad livvy,” she said, trying to get in between shawn and olivia.

“go away sofia!” olivia cried, pushing her sister off her. tears pooled in sofia’s eyes as you quickly picked her up, bringing her to the living room where her other siblings were.

“it’s okay sof, she’s just sad right now. she didn’t mean it okay?”

sofia nodded as you set her down on the carpet where she was playing with her dolls.

“keep an eye on them.” you told your 15 year old son daniel who was sitting on the couch on his phone. you noticed he was already watching his younger brother who had just turned one. he was sitting in daniel’s lap, watching his show on tv.

“what’s happening up there?” daniel asked, “is she okay?”

you nodded, “she will be, thanks for watching them. i’ll be down soon.”

you made your way back upstairs, you could barely make out shawn and olivia talking. it seemed like olivia had finally stopped crying, she was explaining to her dad what happened.

you stood at the top of the stairs instead of going in the room, not sure if you should interrupt them or not.

moments later, shawn burst out of the room quickly running downstairs, olivia following.

“dad! don’t!” she yelled, running down the stairs as fast as she could.

you followed, knowing shawn would probably do something he would regret if you didn’t stop him.

“shawn!” you called, watching him slip on his leather jacket before leaving the house without a word.

“mom he’s going to kill him!” olivia yelled. “i mean, i hate aiden but dad is going to mess him up!”

you sighed, taking your one year old from daniel’s lap.

“he won’t sweetie, but all we have to do is wait.”

an hour later, shawn returned home. olivia was relieved to see his knuckles weren’t red, which means he didn’t punch him.

he walked into the living room and took his son from your arms, and looked at daniel.

“if you boys ever cheat on your girlfriends, i won’t hesitate to put you in the same position as aiden.”

your one year old just smiled at his dad, obviously not understanding what he was talking about. but daniel nodded, “i won’t, you’re too scary when you’re mad.”

you chuckled at his comment while shawn took a seat next to olivia.

“thank you dad,” she hugged him. “you could’ve killed him. i wouldn’t have minded.”

“i didn’t kill him,” he reassured her. “but i did make sure he never comes near you again because if he does he’s going to get killed.”

House - Negan Smut Fic

One shot requested by my favorite @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff , it may be bd but i really tried so enjoy it (i hope)

warnings : smut, language

Originally posted by cesrapolik

“Well don’t just fucking stand there, let’s move out!” Negan watched as the surrounding Saviors dispersed into the neighborhood. “Damn, this neighborhood has some sort of charm or somethin’ that Alexandria doesn’t, huh?” laughing to himself, he lightly swung Lucille at his side as he strolled down the street. Having only brought out 9-10 saviors with him on this run in a neighborhood of what must’ve been 50+ houses, he knew it was going to take some time. Making his way down a few blocks, whistling, he came to a blue house with the door slightly ajar. His curiosity getting the better of him, he hopped up the stairs to check it out. 

“You shouldn’t leave your door unlocked, you never know what asshole is gonna come waltzing in.” Upon finishing his sentence, he turned a corner and entered the kitchen. He crossed to the cabinets, doing his own scavenging before opening the fridge he knew would be empty. 

“I knew you had hobbies, I just didn’t know playing house would be one of them.”

Slightly jumping he slammed the refrigerator door before turning to look behind him. In front of him stood one of the saviors he hadn’t been properly introduced with. Her short, brown hair and dirty yet clean appearance perked him up a bit, eager for more conversation. “And who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Negan.” She responded frankly.

His eyes became narrow as he bit his lip, eventually chuckling and directing his gaze to the floor. Slowly, he approached her in the doorway.

“Who else are you.”


She had balls and he loved that. Finally he stopped in front of her, balancing Lucille in his hands.

“I won’t ask again.”

Crossing her arms, she obeyed. “My name’s Anna. I started working for you a few weeks back when you picked my group up from the main road.” Looking her up and down, his response became irrelevant to him. She had curves he couldn’t help but want to graze his hands over. Crossing back to the oven, he began to play his game. She wants to play house? Let’s play some fucking house.

“What are you whipping up for dinner, honey? I’m fucking starving.” 

Smirking, she picked up immediately on what he was doing and continued the play pretend. “Why only your favorite, darling!” She slid to the opposite side of the counter, “Spaghetti and meatballs, made just the way you like it.” She grabbed a plate from underneath, noticing it was covered in dirt after she had placed it on the counter. 

He laughed, his erection growing as the scene progressed. “Oh baby,” he came up behind her and placed his hands on either side of her, enclosing her within the concrete and his body, “you know how that makes me feel.”

She slightly turned her head behind her as his stubble graced her shoulder. “I even made dessert.” He placed his hands at her waist and spun her to face him, her hands outstretched holding an imaginary plate as she grinned. “Apple pie. Your favorite.”

Licking his bottom lip, he paused before wrapping both arms entirely around her waist, lifting her up into a sitting position on the counter behind her. “Well, shit. I mean I love to get fucked up in some pie that’s fresh out of the oven, but none of that shit is as hot as your ass.” She placed her hands on his arms, rubbing them up and down his biceps. 

Leaning in, she returned his eye contact. “I never said you couldn’t have me as a side.” That was it for him. He moved his hands down to her thighs, slightly massaging them before prying her legs open. 

“You know,” he paused before he began taking her pants off, “they say sometimes it’s best to have dessert before dinner.” Her pants hit the floor as she sat ass naked on the cool tile. 

“Well since the kids are asleep, I think we can make an exception.” Practically nose to nose now, Negan had no hesitation with making a move. His fingers slowly trailed down her legs, fascinated by how smooth she managed to keep them in the new world. He stopped at her knees, slowly prying them open. “Let me make sure it’s done first.” He traced a finger across her upper thigh, landing on the outside of her panties. “Warm and wet, just the way I fucking like it.” He circled around her clit, continuing to tease her. Her breathing became heavy, her body pulsing with every flick. 

“It’s not polite to play with your food,” she stated, placing a hand on his forearm trying to control his movements. 

He bit his lip and let a small laugh escape, “Well then, let’s get right fucking to it, shall we?” In one movement he slithered 2 fingers under her underwear and into her with a force that pushed out a low moan as she leaned her head back in pleasure. Without wasting any time, he continued pulsing his hands in and out of her, the sound of her wet, throbbing pussy. He pulled her closer, living for her to reach her breaking point. Reading her muscle twitches and escalating moans, he stopped right before she could climax, turning his head towards the door. 

“Hear that?”

She released a heavy sigh, attempting to collect to herself amidst her confusion. “What? No?”

“The fucking kids are waking up. Time to move this shit to the bedroom.” Before she could object, he lifted her off the counter and over her shoulder, carrying her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. 

She laughed, protesting for him to put her down, to which he responded with a passionate slap on her ass. Once up the stairs, he walked past each room in search of the master bedroom. “That’s what I’m fucking talking about.” He threw her down on the bed, her long, brown hair creating a halo like appearance around her soft features. He backed up from the bed, eyeing her down as he peeled off his leather jacket and throwing it at the table beside him. He proceeded towards the bed like a lion hunting his prey. Pouncing on her, they began kissing with a passion he hadn’t felt in years. Their tongues speaking french, pushing back and fourth as their desires escalated. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling him even closer as she felt his warm body churning against hers. Grabbing for his pants, she felt his cock, hard and throbbing with each kiss. As he kissed down her neck she began to feverishly unbutton his pants, ready to feel every pulsing inch inside of her. Before she could fully unzip his pants, he stopped her, grabbing her wrists and slamming them above her head.

“Now hold on there, sweetheart,” he let out between heavy breaths, “can’t let you take it all just fucking yet.” Releasing her from his grasp, he peeled off the white shirt and ended with dropping his pants to the ground. She laid there taking in the sight: his soft yet rigid muscular body and his long, erect member. He then aggressively flipped her over, positioning her on all fours. 

“Well look at that, do you know how wet your pussy is?” He clasped one hand onto her ass cheek and used the other to slide his hand up and down her lips, spreading her juices all around her clit. 

“Can you blame me?”

With a laugh he rammed three fingers into her, releasing another moan as he pulled his drenched hand out and down to her clit once more, the circling and teasing becoming almost unbearable.

“Don’t make me beg.”

Rubbing his cock, he pulled her closer to him and began rubbing the head along her soaked opening. “Is this what you want, huh? Is this what you fucking want?”

“Right in the oven. Make it fucking count.”

Eager for completion, he flipped her onto her back once more prepping to fuck her brains out. Once more, he leaned in as one final tease. “I don’t cum til you cum.”

She smirked, placing her hand on his chest, “With what you’re doing, that shouldn’t take very long.”

With that, he prepped for insertion, their bodies aching to be one with each other. As his head pressed her opening, a loud crash came from the window next to the bed. Anna screamed as Negan stood up spreading his arms to the side of him, protecting her the best he could. Putting only his leather jacket on, he slowly approached the window towards the sound of laughing from below. Peering out, he grinned as he saw Simon and two other saviors down below.

Simon began slowly applauding, shaking his head as he looked up at his partner. “You’re not fucking discreet, you know that?” 

Looking back at Anna, he bit his lip and smiled, “Looks like the kids found us.”

this is literally my second attempt at smut and i’m sorry if it sucked ass please don’t hate me

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Netflix n Cuddles

Originally posted by justinfoleygifs

Summary:  Reader is spending the night doing what they love with the person they love. 

Paring: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Can you write anmagine where Justin comes over and you cuddle and watch movies?” 

Warnings: a little fluff 

Word Count: 1013

It was a lazy Saturday night and people were taking a break from partying, so you set up your living room to binge watch movies for the night.  Looking outside, you saw the sunsetting.  The sky had somewhat of a cotton candy color scheme going on, the clouds littering along the horizon and houses looking like nothing but silhouettes in a beautiful picture.  You moved away from your window and went to the kitchen to get a few snacks from the cupboards, a couple of cold drinks and some blankets that were in a cabinet near the fireplace.  Once situated and comfortable you started to scroll through your favorite movie genre to see all the movie options that were being provided on Netflix.  You finally spotted a movie that sparked your interest and hovered the button over said movie before you clicked on it.  As the movie was beginning and playing the cheesy music, you pulled your food off the coffee table, onto your lap and started eating the junk food as the vibrant pictures started to move across the television screen.  

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Seokjin and Yoongi Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang

Part of Trying to leave him

Part I, Part II, Part III


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7 {coming soon}; Monsta X {coming soon}

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au


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Bridget’s Diary

TW: Mentions of Sexual Assault


I’m going to go to a party tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! I know parties are places of temptation, but my friends are all going and I just can’t help myself. They’re all purity club members, we’ll keep each other on the straight and narrow. I’m so excited, and at the same time I want to throw up because I’m so nervous. My parents obviously don’t know I’m going, I told them I’m staying at my friend Holly’s tomorrow night. I will be, kinda, just… after the party.

I will seriously throw up. This is so exciting. I just have to remember that I’m a fine china tea cup, not Styrofoam and disposable. I’m not easy, and I will remain pure until Jesus chooses my soulmate. ♥

For now though… I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!

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Betty's on her Period (Part 2)

Hey guys!!! How’s everyone doing? Good? Well that’s fantastic!! Bad? Aww… I’m sorry love, I hope your day gets better!!! BACK ON TOPIC: THANK YOU FOR LOVING THE LAST IMAGINE!!! IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, CHECK IT OUT ON MY TUMBLR!!!

Ship: Bughead (Betty and Jughead)
Warnings: Mentions of Periods. Menstrual Blood.
Fandom: Riverdale

Betty’s phone has been ringing all day long. The buzzing against the coffee table was driving her insane. Jughead excused himself real quick as he had to go upstairs and use Betty’s restroom. Betty was on the verge of exploding. Her while face was starting to turn red in anger.

The phone rings once more. Betty snatches her phone and presses Accept.

“HELLO!” Betty shouted,

"Um… hey B. Everything ok?” She heard a familiar voice on the other end of the line. It was Betty’s River Vixen Cheerleader buddy, Veronica Lodge.

"Oh… um hey V. Sorry for yelling” Betty said, in a hushed tone of voice.

"Me and Archie were wondering where you and Jughead were. You didn’t show up for school. The both of you aren’t answering your phones.” Veronica said,

"It’s nothing Veronica. Just not feeling well today. Jughead is taking care of me while my mom is away to Chicago” Betty exclaimed,

"Oooohhhh. Are you guys planning on doing something?” Betty can hear the smirk forming on Veronica’s face.

"The two of them just started dating Ronnie. Give them a break” Archie said. Veronica had Betty on speakerphone this whole time.

"Hi Arch. Look guys, everything is cool. I’m just under the weather.” Betty said.

"How about me and Archie stroll by your house later on tonight?” Veronica suggested,

Thanks guys, but I prefer to get some rest and get better. I’ll be back to school in a couple of days. I’ll talk to you guys later.” Betty said,

Veronica and Archie agreed that it was the best option to let it go. They said ok and Veronica hung up the phone. Just then, Jughead walked down the stairs.

"Who was that? Your mom?” Jughead asked,

"It was a certain red head that lives next door alongside a raven haired princess. They called to see why you and me didn’t go to school today.” Betty answered.

Jughead hummed as a response to her. Betty let out a little groan. She has been sat on the couch all day long. Her legs were completely killing her and were starting to cramp up.

"Juggie, can you help me up? My legs hurt.” Betty asked, trying her best to get herself up.

Jughead hopped to his feet and held his arms out for his Juliet. She grabbed on and he lifted her up. The feeling inside Betty did not feel good at all. She felt wetness down her thighs. A cramp hit her hard and she gripped onto Jughead’s arms.

Jughead started to comfort her, but his eyes went down to the couch where Betty was sitting in, covered in more blood.

"Oh god… um Betty? The couch.” Jughead said, adverting his eyes away from the couch and wishes the memory to be erased out of his head. Betty looked behind her and let out a muffled “fuck” between her teeth. She quickly waddled up the stairs to go fix her situation. She knew the reason why this happened: Jughead didn’t get the right kind of pads for her.

The blood Jughead saw on Betty’s bedsheets earlier in the morning wasn’t as bad as this. It looked like a crime scene was committed. Jughead didn’t know how to clean this sort of stuff out of the couch cushion. His sister, Jellybean, is only 10 years old. She hasn’t gotten her period yet so he doesn’t really know how to handle situations like these out.

But thank god for the internet. Jughead typed into Google “How to clean up period blood.” He looked at the instructions and ran into the kitchen to try to get the blood out of the cushion.

After 5 minutes of scrubbing, most of the blood came out. He quickly washed his hands and threw the cushion into the washing machine. He put Betty’s sheets into the dryer and threw in 2 fabric softeners.

"Jug!” He heard a scream from upstairs. He hurried up the stairs to the closed bathroom door. The cramps made Betty feel like her uterus has being stabbed and mangled.

Can you go into my room and get me some bottoms and underwear?” Betty asked. Jughead could sensed how uncomfortable and embarrassed Betty must be feeling right now. Jughead walked into Betty’s room and opened several dresser drawers. He finally reached the drawer that contained her panties.

Different colors. Ones with Lace. Some Girl Boxers. And some regular plain ones. He chose one that he thought would look cute on her. He smirked and little and closed the drawer. Jughead’s book bag laid on Betty’s bedroom floor, he was supposed to have gym today.

He reached in his bag and pull out a pair of grey sweatpants. He went and knocked on the bathroom door. Betty opened it slightly and she grabbed her undergarments and sweatpants. The sweatpants looked different. Are these Jughead’s? In the meantime, Betty is just gonna have to use her mothers tampons. She got situated and finished her business.

Betty stepped out, the sweatpants dangled at her feet. Jughead escorted her back to the living room. Betty carefully laid down onto Jughead’s lap. He smelled so good and and always had a warm touch. Jughead reached over and rolled up the pant legs on his sweatpants. He saw dry blood on her ankles.

"Hold on Bets” Jughead said. Betty got up from his lap and he went into the kitchen. He grabbed a couple paper towels and ran them under cold water. He returned and asked Betty to sit back down. She obeyed and Jughead pulled up the pant legs up to her thighs.

He started cleaning her ankles, up to her calfs, and all the way up to her thighs. After wiping her legs off, he quickly dried them and got some lotion off of the light stand. Betty’s mom always longed for soft skin, so she kept small bottles of lotion around the house.

Betty watched as Jughead got some Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and squirted some in his hands and rubbed them together. Jughead started to massage Betty’s legs. Betty sighed, she felt so relaxed after the period mishap 10 minutes ago.

Jughead massaged Betty’s ankles all the way up to her thighs. Jughead made no facial expressions. He just admired the way Betty was feeling. He smiled a little, knowing that he is the only one he can make her happy right now. After the massaging was over, Jughead leaned over and gave Betty’s inner thighs a little kiss.

Betty was in pure bliss. She loved the feeling. She laid back down and cuddled into Jughead’s chest.

"Thank you for dealing with me and my feminine problems all day today. I feel bad. I feel like a burden. I made you miss a day of school” I am so sorry Jug-“

Betty was interrupted when Jughead kissed her. They stayed like that for 10 seconds. They pulled back and looked at each other.

"It’s ok. Things like this happen. And I will always be there to take care of you. I can’t bear to see the girl that I love being in pain. Just know that I will always be here.” Jughead exclaimed, giving Betty a kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you” she responded.

“Is there anything you need?” Jughead asked,

“Um… those pads you got me… they’re the wrong size. I need overnight ones. But I’ll keep those when I get near the end.” Betty said,

“Ok. I’ll walk to the dollar store around the corner and get them for you. Leftovers from Pop’s is in the fridge. I’ll be right back.” Jughead said.

He went and got the right ones for her. Although it was embarrassing for him when he had to cash out at the cash register. But he didn’t mind, he would do anything for Betty.

He got home 10 minutes later. Betty was munching on some vanilla ice cream cream again. He took the package of pads upstairs and placed them in the bathroom. He came down the stairs and heard shuffling.

“Jug, quick question? Titanic or The Notebook?” Betty said. She wanted to watch one of the 4 movies Jughead got at the store.

“Um… I don’t know. The Notebook?” Jughead chuckled. They watched the movie and the both of them shed some tears. Betty eventually fell asleep on Jughead and he fell asleep soon after she did.

(OH MY GOODNESS GUYS! ITS FINALLY DONE!! Sorry I wasn’t able to upload straight away. I had to study for exams and I had a concert for my school and had rehearsals and everything. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND IN REQUESTS, IM STILL TAKING THEM! ❤️)


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader ft. the rest of the boys

Warnings/Genre: Angst, fluff, little bit swearing, mentions of self consciousness

Song: Let me know and Spring day by BTS

Words: 3595

>> On top of this ending tune, I’m standing here alone, now tell me that it’s over, Let me know<<

“YAH! Hyuuuuung” Taehyung yelled as Hoseok wrestled with him. You laughed out loud at the faces Taehyung made while Jungkook joined you. “Gosh, you rascals, stop it!” Jin scolded the two of them and rolled his eyes at their childish behavior. Taehyung and Hoseok stopped playing around and sat down on the floor, looking at Jin and pouting. You were sitting comfortably leaned against the shoulder of the boy you loved, Jungkook. Your body was still shaking from the giggles that were escaping your lips. “Y/N-ah why are you laughing?” Hoseok complained. “You two are really something…” you laughed before giving him an angelic smile. Jungkook shifted in his seat, causing you to look at his handsome face. His face was turned towards the kitchen and he hummed at the smell of freshly made food. “Food’s ready!” Namjoon yelled through the dorm, causing uproar of noises when the boys, including you, made their way to the open kitchen. It was silent while everyone was stuffing the delicious food into their mouths. Jungkook sat next to you silently shoving Kimchi in his mouth. You looked at him and admired his sharp jaw line. He suddenly turned his head, surprising you as he looked you dead in the eye with a stuffed mouth. You almost choked on your food bursting into tears and laughter when you saw his face. He looked like a hamster. He turned his head away from you, swallowing his food to then look at you again, joining your laughter. The boys looked at the two of you like you were aliens, as you both kept laughing. “What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Yoongi asked, amused about the fact that both of you didn’t seem to care about the gazes you got from the boys. Hoseok and Taehyung started cracking up about the blunt comment Yoongi made, causing the others to join their loud laughter. You waved your hand in front of you trying to stop you from crying, laughing and choking on your food. Jungkook and Namjoon started to pat your back to help you swallow your food. As you finally managed to do so, you sighed and went back to eating your food. The others were still smiling before returning to silently eat their food.


The next morning you woke up early, letting Jungkook sleep, you changed your clothes and went to the living room of the dorm to find Taehyung stretched out over the whole length of the black leather couch. “Morning” he mumbled, glancing to you before returning to look at his phone. You nodded, sure he didn’t see it. On the question of what he wanted to eat his whole face lit up as he jumped from the couch, banging into the lamp that was hanging from the ceiling. “God fucking damn it I’m going to rip this dumb lamp of the ceiling one day” he grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. You tried hard to keep in your laughter but still causing you to chuckle a little. “Anyways” Taehyung whirled around to look at you smiling brightly, “You were talking about food. How about Pancakes?” he asked clapping his hands. You nod, giving him an amused smile. “Wanna help me?” you asked, turning around to the counter, to collect the ingredients you would need. He practically jumped behind you, bumping into your shoulder and started to search for a bowl in one of the cupboards.

After an hour the others slowly came out of their caves, rubbing their eyes and greeting you and Taehyung good morning. The only one missing was Jungkook; he was either still asleep or too lazy to get up. You asked Jin to do the rest after you decided to go back to Jungkook’s room. You peeked your head through the door to find him looking at you with sleepy eyes. “Jagi…” he whined, pouting at you and holding one arm out for you to grab. You accepted his invitation as he suddenly pulled you on the bed causing you to yelp in shock. “You’re a fucking idiot Jeon Jungkook” you laughed at him, slapping his shoulder. He was hovering over you, straddling you beneath his toned body. His hands were next to your head. He gave you a wicked smirk before he bowed down to connect his forehead with yours, looking into your eyes with his soft chocolate irises. You bit your lip in anticipation of what may follow. He leaned in to connect his soft red lips with your own, sending a shiver down your spine at the tickling sensation his body sent out to you. After what felt like hours he backed away to look at you with a soft smile, his eyes slightly forming crescents. His handsomeness and beauty overwhelmed you all the time. You cupped his cheeks in your hands and he leaned in your hand, closing his eyes, clearly enjoying the touch of yours. “Come on…breakfast is ready” you smiled at him. His face lit up immediately hearing the news. He quickly got off the bed, changing into different than boxers. He took your hand yanking you off the bed and walking to the kitchen only to find the boys judging the both of you. “Why do we have to wait for y’all” Jimin and Taehyung whined in unison. You chuckled at the sight of six hungry boys pleading the both of you to finally sit down so they could eat.


“Shall I drive you back to your dorm?” Jungkook uttered, cocking his head to his right. You looked at him quizzically before giving him a silent nod. He immediately knew something was off. “Are you okay?” he asked you, a slight trace of concern in his voice and squatted down in front of you to get a better look at your face. “Huh…Yeah” you waved him off, still deeply sunken into one of your daydreams. He sighed before standing up straight again, deciding you would need some time to yourself and walked off to the living room.  

You shook your head before going back to your original thoughts that lingered in your head. You thought about the future of yours and Jungkook’s relationship. Does he still love you? What is going to happen after both of you graduate? Will you live together? Are you enough for him? Are you annoying him? You slowly became self conscious dragging yourself down on your own thoughts of dislike. You somewhat always hated yourself for your appearance which made you think you don’t deserve him. He’s better off with some pretty girl and not someone like you, you thought. He deserved better. You surely were funny and quirky but your looks made you self conscious around boys, especially someone like Jungkook. He was handsome, his body was toned, and his eyes always showing off warmth and his aura was incredibly comforting. You still can’t believe you’re his girlfriend of 2 years now. You knew each other since kindergarten and went from best friends to lovers in May, 2 years ago. He was the first to confess that he had fallen for you. You couldn’t believe what he said back then. You knew you cried before confessing your own feelings to him.

A loud bump made you jump in your seat, snapping out of your daydream and mentally returning to the real world. Namjoon apparently tripped over a cable, knocking over the monochrome floor lamp behind the couch. As he cursed something under his breath, Hoseok and Yoongi, who were both hit by the lamp, yelled at him about how he always manages to knock something over or break it. “Sorry, man, who of you dumbasses thought it would be a good idea to just lay the cable across the whole room. Idiots.” he ranted. Looking away from the scene in front of you, you turned to look at the clock that was hanging in the kitchen. 4:52 p.m. You jumped on your feet, your work shift started in less than 10 minutes. “Guk?” you muttered. Snapping his head in your direction, he quickly understood and jumped off the couch, grabbing his jacket and his car keys. Both of you practically hopped down the stairs to get to the car that was parked in front of their house. He quickly drove you to the diner you were working at, which, at the same time, was yours and the boys favorite go-out-place. Jungkook glanced at you while you were tapping on your armrest. It was 4:59 p.m., so you would be a little late to your shift. Jungkook parked his black truck in front of the diner. Looking at the clock you quickly gave him a kiss and waved at him as you mouthed a silent “I love you” in his direction to which he responded with a smile. You watched him drove off and made your way into the diner, greeting and apologizing for your late arrival.


It was past midnight when you arrived at your dorm. Silently opening the door, you tried to keep quiet as you tiptoed to your bedroom. You didn’t want Alex, your female best friend, to wake up. You changed into your pj’s and slid into bed, only to fall asleep shortly after.

You woke up from your dream, drenched in sweat and tears. Once again you experienced a nightmare. It was your fifth nightmare in about two weeks now always making you dream the same things: your break up with Jungkook, him telling you that you were a burden all the time and so on. You shifted in your bed swiping over your forehead. You sat up straight so you would breathe properly. You quickly made yourself calm down, taking the towel that was laying on your nightstand to swipe away the last tears and sweat drops before going back to sleep.

When you woke up the next morning you felt sore and as if you haven’t gotten any sleep for at least 4 days. You felt drained. You looked at your phone to find 4 unread messages from Jungkook.

[Gukkie], 10:43 p.m.

“Are you really okay?”

[Gukkie], 11:02 p.m.

“I’m sorry if I did anything wrong?”

[Gukkie], 02:05 a.m.

“Please answer me, I’m getting worried.”

[Gukkie], 09:15 a.m.

“Good morning love <3”

The last message was only sent half an hour ago. You quickly answered him.

“Good morning, sorry I’ve been really tired last night, that’s why I didn’t answered your texts”

Seconds later your phone chimed, initiating a new message from the love of your life.

[Gukkie], 9:46 a.m.

“I’m glad you’re alright. Wanna go out today?”

You quickly answered him with a yes and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Your phone chimed once again, stating that Jungkook would pick you up around 1 p.m.

You took a shower, letting the hot water run down your body and drifting off to yet another daydream. You snapped out of it when someone knocked at the bathroom door. “Y/N? You in there?” a familiar voice asked. Alex. “Yeah, give me 5 minutes to finish.” you answered, getting out of the shower to get dressed.


It was exactly 1 p.m. when Jungkook rang at your dorm. You run to the entrance and opened the door that separated your from Jungkook. You fell around his neck and gave him a quick kiss, clearly catching him off guard. You were excited. The weather was perfect for going out. “Where are we going?” you asked as you hopped alongside Jungkook. “Coffee?” he questioned, giving you a lopsided smile. “Ah yes, exactly what I need.” you excitedly stated.

You got in the passenger seat of his truck, looking at him, before turning your head to the right side to look out of the window, watching the landscape blur around you.

You finally arrived at your favorite coffee shop. It was small but cozy with a small library. Getting out of the car, Jungkook walked around it, entangling his hand with yours. You sat down opposite of each other under one of the windows. The afternoon sun shone through the large windows, creating waves of sweet honey on the white walls. Jungkook was hovering over the menu when you once again started to admire his looks. The sunlight lit up one half of his face and his skin became a honey like color. His light brown fringe was covering his eyes and his lips were full and soft looking. The corners of his lips were curled into a slight smile as he read the menu. He always did this, reading the menu even though he knew fairly well what was on there. It was a habit of his. You smiled while absently looking at him.

“Y/N?” he waved in front of you “Earth to Y/N?!” You snapped out of your daydream looking at him with big eyes. He laughed at your dreamy behavior; “What do you want?” he asked, still laughing at you. “Caramel Cappuccino, as always you fool.” you spat back, crinkling your nose, before bursting into laughter, making him join you in delight. “YAH! Young lady, don’t be so sassy.” he countered, shaking his head at you and waving his forefinger in your direction. You stuck out your tongue at him, him doing the same to you before he leaned over the small circular table, his lips only inches away from yours. His brown eyes were softly looking at you. You leaned in and brushed your lips against his soft, rosy lips. His eyes never left yours.  He once again leaned in, to place his lips onto yours. You responded in kissing back, leaning in even more than before, letting him take you away with only his lips. His hands cupped your cheeks, leaving tickling marks where his finger tips laid. He deepened the kiss and caused you to shift in your seat. Both of you pulling away on the noise of the waiter bringing your drinks. Your cheeks flushing a light pink, you sat there in silence, sipping your drinks.

The sun started setting down when you left the coffee shop, walking back to his truck, his hand entangled in your own small hands. Whenever he touched you ever so slightly, it sent a warm, tingling sensation through your whole body, instantly warming your heart. Opening the passenger door, he gestured for you to get in the car; slamming the door shut he got in the driver’s seat, started the engine and drove back to his dorm. His right hand rested on your thigh while both of you didn’t dare to say a word.

Your thoughts went back to your relationship, better to say to your future relationship. Your              self-consciousness crept its way back into your mind. Did he really still want you? Did he really accept you with all your flaws and habits? Thousands of questions dangerously lingered in your mind making you shift uncomfortably in your seat. Your head dropped low and your eyes moved to your thigh where his hand was placed. Your daydreams and thoughts consumed you once again completely, your body slightly panicking. You shook your head, trying to get out of your thought’s prison. Success; you escaped your poisonous thoughts and started to look out of the window to concentrate on whatever came in your sight so you wouldn’t drift off again.

Half an hour later you arrived at Jungkook’s and the boys’ house. You got out of the car, making your way to the white front porch. Slamming your fist onto the bell push. You were a bit taken aback when you realized what you just did and looked at your hand, confused about your actions. Jungkook approached you from behind, “The boys are not home, love” he smiled. He opened the door with a click of the door knob, leading you inside and into the living room. He threw himself on one of the couches, taking the remote control and zipping through TV channels. You just stood there, unable to think of something to do.

“Excuse me for a bit Guk…” you uttered, shuffling to the bathroom.

You got in, slammed the door shut, with way too much force than you first intended. Slowly walking in front of the mirror, your gaze made its way from your feet to your face. You were looking into the eyes of a sad girl. Your reflection startled you for a moment. You felt panic slowly rising up, making the beat of your heart race, breathing heavily. The first tears crept their way down your flushing red cheeks. Leaving dark marks on your hot skin, more tears streamed down your face, dripping from your nose as your head hung low. Your whole body was vibrating on the cause of your sobs making their way through your body. You found yourself kneeling down on the cold bathroom floor, your hands stirred to cover your mouth, stopping you from making anymore noises. You were trapped in your world; the thoughts immediately back when you looked at your reflection. You felt your despair and helplessness overwhelm you and your hands dropped to your sides.

Peeking through the bathroom door, Jungkook froze in shock at the sight of you. He pushed the door out of the way, jumping behind you before kneeling down to let you fall into his tight embrace. Your sobs were still making their way through your body. Your face was pressed against his firm chest and your hands were around his waist. He held you tight until the last sobs and huffs escaped your lips. Eventually your heart beat slowed down and your breathing normalized. Jungkook lifted you up bridal style and took you to the living room. Your face was resting in the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet scent. He sat down onto the couch, letting you rest in his lap and tightly hugging you.

Holding you an arm length away from him, he looked you in your eyes. His own were filled with worry, concern and sadness. “Love, what is wrong?” he whispered. You looked down to your hands resting in your lap. One of his hands stirred to move your head up, to look into his eyes. “I-I’m sorry…” you stuttered, again on the edge of tears. “shhh” he shushed you, “don’t cry, Jagi.”

You took one last breath, before confessing your worries to your boyfriend.

“I…I don’t know. I just think I’m not worth your love and I don’t deserve you. Look at me, there are so many pretty girls out there…You’re better off with one of them, right? I keep thinking about our future. Do you still love me? Am I enough for you? Am I good enough to even be your girlfriend? I just…hate myself sometimes.” you said in a low voice, for no reason afraid to scare him.

“Jagi…” he started, looking in your eyes in disbelief. A soft frown forming on his beautiful face.         “Who makes you think that? I’m sorry if I have ever given you an unwanted feeling or that you don’t deserve me.” he muttered, placing a kiss on the temples of your head. You looked down once again, tears welling up in your eyes.

“I’m saying that because…, because you deserve me in every single way. You deserve my love. I don’t know how I deserve you, but I do, apparently. You’re cute, sweet, loving….you’re the most beautiful girl in this world. I love everything about you. The way you smile when you drift off in a daydream. I love the way you look at me in the morning when I wake you up, pouting at me sleepily. I love how your eyes are excitedly moving when you see the boys and especially me. I love your skin. I love every single one of your flaws that may exist in your thoughts. They’re charming. You’re unique, love.  You’ve always been there for me, since kindergarten and even more for five years now. I will always love you, never doubt that, okay? I will never leave you for some other girl that might be prettier than you on your own opinion, because no one is prettier than you.” he ended his spate of words. He looked at you with a softened gaze. Returning his gaze, your eyes widened at the realization of what he just said. “Are you serious?” you mumbled.  “I am serious, Jagi.” he returned, stroking the back of your head.

“I love you.” you said looking at him with shiny eyes.

“I love you too, and don’t cry.” he uttered, his thumbs swiping away the tears on your cheeks.

He stretched out over the length of the couch, you halfway laying on top of him. Your head was resting on his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat and breathing. He still had his arms wrapped around your waist.

“I will always love you, Jagi.” he hummed.

“I will, too…forever” you responded and smiled.

Cuddled up against the warmth of your boyfriend the two of you watched a movie. It was past midnight when the boys came back from their little trip. They were mocking each other and let themselves fall on the couches. You were laughing again and Jungkook smiled at the sound of your laugh. He was happy to have you smiling and laughing again. It was music to his ears.

>> You know it all; you’re my best friend; the morning will come again, because no darkness or season can last forever<<

A/N: aaah my first BTS fanfiction. I hope y’all like it. And I actually listened to Spring day and Let me know while writing this. Feedback is always appreciated.<3

7 minutes in heaven

 pairing; jungkook x reader | taehyung x reader
 genre; angst,romance
 word count; 6.9k
 warnings; alcohol mention,mild/strong language

[x cr]
A/N; the story line kind of came about as i was writing it which made it quite fun to make. honestly don’t know if i want this to be a one-shot or a possible series,hmm… pls reblog if you see,it helps me out a lot ty

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Show Me Love 10

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Awkward family dinners and Christmas day celebrations.  There’s nothing like the holidays.

Warnings: FLUFF, Maria is such a mom, Reader family fluff, CHRISTMAS, did I mention fluff?

A/N: More teeth rotting fluff!!  Though it isn’t anything like I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus.  I’m a sucker for this family, honestly.

Missed something?  Find the beginning HERE

⬅️⬅️PART 9 ||| PART 11➡️➡️

Settling in was quick enough, and after quick - unfortunately, separate - showers to wash the feeling on airplane off of you, the two of you descended the stairs.  The table was already set while Peter and your father watched some documentary on TV.  Their voices carried through the house as the two geniuses discussed different theories and God knows what else, you could never quite keep up with them.  Neither could your mother, which is exactly why you found her in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.

“There you are!”  She chirps, pushing herself off of the counter to hand you each a glass.  “They’re at it again.”  She sighs, shaking her head with a smile and you find yourself swept up in her mirth.  You were beyond happy to be home with them to care if they were talking complete gibberish.  “All right boys, dinner!”  She announced.

Protests erupted from the living room, whines of ‘mooooom’ and ‘c’mon, Hillie’ prompting your mom to only raise an eyebrow.  Not a second later, the TV went black as it powered off and they made their way over.

The family fell into a natural rhythm quickly, speaking as if you hadn’t spent any time apart.  Your father asked about classes, your brother sheepishly asked about Natasha - to which your mother rolled her eyes.  Peter blushed horribly as Bucky broke out into uproarious laughter at his question.  He only mumbles something along the lines of ‘she’s like a sister to me!’ which convinces absolutely no one.  Your mother’s questions are slightly more pressing.

“So, how did the two of you meet?”

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Pilot- Part 1

Here is it finally! After hard work, it is finally ready for your viewing pleasure! Please, feedback is always appreciated so let me know what you like about it and what you didn’t. 

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,019 (just 6,000 more to go…)

Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, angst (a lot), language, minor character death, blood, you know the usual

Summary: Saving people, hunting things, the family business. It’s always been like that when you moved in with the Winchesters. You never got a break. But now, John is missing and it’s up to you, Sam, and Dean to save him. What will you find on the way?

Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. So what you will be reading is the first episode but with the reader inserted into their lives. I did use most of the dialogue from the original episode because I wanted to make it similar to what you’ve already watched but I wanted to make it my own, in a sense. 

Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this. I am really nervous about this because much better writers than be who done this kind of thing is much different than mine. I wondering if making it much like the show as possible is a bad idea. I don’t know. Please, let me know what you think. 

I will post the next part within the hour. I wanted to keep them spread out so it wouldn’t be so crowded and jumbled together. 

So without further ado, please enjoy!

Read the backstory for this episode here

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text meme 1/∞

i’ve been collecting funny/cute texts & texts from texts from last night for about 2 years. they’ve been sitting in a word document for a long time so with all the text memes i’ve been seeing around, i decided to take all the texts i’ve saved and make a meme with them bc why not. there’s a bit of everything bellow: fluff, silliness, nsfw, angst, etc etc

[text] Hey sorry for calling you so much last night. I mixed your number with the pizza guys, and he was running late

[text] I miss you more than I should.

[text] She’s/you’re the perfect storm of great hair, big boobs, intellectualism, and mild moral ambiguity. 

[text] I remember grabbing your ass. So firm. So right. I don’t regret it.

[text] you hella high and freaked out about life and interest rates

[text] I love it when you moan my name.

[text] I will gladly accept you into my home with open legs.


[text] Let’s go get coffee and handcuffs.

[text] I thought you were better than this. 

[text] Please stop calling.

[text] Well I had to use a seat cushion at Soul Cycle today so, yeah, I’d say the sex was good

[text] I woke up knowing I have nowhere to be today except parties and it was glorious and I am so happy

[text] I need you there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.

[text] 75% of my food budget goes to wine, the rest to chips and salsa.

[text] You think you’re funny, but you’re just an asshole.

[text] I dont have to work tomorrow im yelling gibberish at squirrels

[text] I wish things were different.

[text] We should probably end this.

[text] I don’t say it often enough, but I want you to know that I love you.

[text] Please let me know what I did to deserve you…I want to make sure I keep on doing it. 

[text] I told you I’d ride your broomstick if you let me call you Harry Potter and you drew a lightning bolt on your forehead.

[text] I’m still laying in bed cuz I don’t feel like adulting yet

[text] I broke my foot jumping out of YOUR window under YOUR watch. You failed me drunk guardian. You failed.

[text] What if for Halloween I paint my self gold and make sandwiches for everyone? I’d be a trophy wife! Get it?

[text] I’m sorry for everything.

[text] I just want to have sex that doesn’t end like a B-rated horror movie.

[text] Taylor Swift needs more songs about threesomes. I’m not sure she gets me anymore. 

[text] I never should have left you there.

[text] I don’t have patience for riddles.

[text] You were drinking with me last night, I warned you.

[text] Dunno. My heart says “no”, my brain says “maybe” and my dick says “YES YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YES!!”

[text] We had sex and he ended up in the hospital… don’t know if I should be worried or proud.

[text] Just tell me what’s wrong !

[text] let’s be honest I’d fucking Irish step dance on your grave, asshole

[text] I hope you get eaten by satanic starfish.

[text] … so it’s a date ?

[text] Can I come by?

[text] I thought we were ok ?

[text] I want you to meet my squirrel

[text] If blow jobs were a super power she’d be in the Justice League.

[text] Sunday mornings are confusing. Like. I can’t decide if I want to go for a run or start drinking 

[text]  I can’t imagine life without you.

[text]  Can’t wait to see you again.

[text]  just hungover. watching movies and roasting marshmallows in bed, over a candle to avoid life

[text] I should have told you first, I’m sorry.

[text] I’m sorry ! I don’t know what else to tell you !

[text] You spent the entire night trying to get me to make out with you  

[text] We are not together any more, remember ?

[text] why did I wake up with ketchup packets in my bed and the stove in my room?? 

[text]  did i just see you in the movie theater carrying a margarita into Frozen? 

[text] Maybe we’ll see each other again.

[text] if a CSI technician examined our hotel room with a black light he’d think we hit the Pulse button a DNA blender without a lid

[text] I never thought we’d end up like this.

[text] Why do you keep doing this to me ?

[text] I’m so tired of your lies.

[tex] Why are you so angry ?

[text] I thought you were coming alone…. ?

[text] I should get him/you a card “thanks for letting me use you for your penis on and off as I see fit and for being a nice guy. My boobs and I appreciate your loyalty and dedication”

[text] I don’t understand…

[text] If I had a penis, I’d want to put it in you. And I’d treat you with respect and pay for your drinks. 

[text] You had to apologize for “being too aggressive about harry potter”

[text] We can work this out.

[text]  We have a system, okay?

[text] I don’t have time to shower before my passport photos…your cum is all over my hair…that’s with me for 10 years now 

[text] I know you’re on a date and I should leave you alone but about twenty minutes ago I realized I haven’t been spanked in years so if you’re still looking for a birthday present, you know, consider it. 

[text] I know you’ve been lying to me.

[text] You need to leave. Now !

[text] i woke up to nearly seven feet of basketball player in my bed this morning 

[text] You’re so easy to be with and so hard to be without.

[text] Every morning I wake up with a sad face because I know it is the start of one more day without you.

[text] Everyone leaves.

[text] I don’t know how you put up with me. 

[text] I just fell off a roof. So I’m kinda chillin for a minute. 

[text] Your rough animalistic sex sounds are disrupting my cocktail hour

[text] I’m 2 beers deep on an empty stomach, and I just wanna say, I pride myself on my use of commas

[text] please don’t leave me alone

[text] You cried at the bar for 30 minutes because you got your arm stuck in your sweater. You got free drinks for the rest of the night after the bartender helped you.  

[text] I wish we had more time.

[text] shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick

[text] I miss you every day.

[text] Please please pick up

[text] Why are my keys in the refrigerator?  

[text] I’m out of practice. be my yoda  

[text] Waldo just asked us for directions. Even he doesn’t know where he is.

[text] Do you think it’ll be awkward standing up at their wedding knowing I’ve slept with both the bride and the groom?

[text] Someone said we’re out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying ‘but where will all the polar bears live”. That drunk.

[text] I’d just like to formally thank you for the size of your dick. The gods must really love you.

[text] You made me take a photo of you under the stairs at the bar. “Look I’m Harry Potter.”

[text] This summer has already been like the best summer ever. FREEDOM IS AWESOME. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS THE SINGLE LIFE.

[text] If u ever apologize to me for “too-rough” sex again I will suspend ur all-access pass to my vagina indefinitely

[text] Mom just told me I need to start having sex.

[text] I’d help you out but I got Bacardi and Tequila poured down my snorkel last night and I’m still drunk

[text] YOU TRIED TO SWIM IN HER FISHTANK. I don’t think she’s going to call you.

[text] And the view of you in reverse cowgirl is arguably the most spectacular view ever… And I’ve seen the Eiffle tower, the colosseum, mountains of Hawaii, Michaelangelo’s David, and the Mona Goddamn Lisa. Just saying.

[text] She’s/you are the perfect storm of great hair, big boobs, intellectualism, and mild moral ambiguity.

[text] It’s not too terrible. You just got a little naked and broke your arm. 

[text] I made friends with a raccoon. I pet it. Like I was Pocahontas.

[text] We had sex in the woods. It was great until some bird started mimicking my orgasm sounds

[text] She said she couldn’t find my penis because my arm was in the way. That was my penis 

[text] Stop making me think about you. I’m busy. 

[text] I spent all night sexting your girlfriend for you because you were too drunk. You’re welcome.

[text] You make me want to be better.

[text] You saw my boobs then looked up and yelled thank you jesus.

Ask and you shall receive I guess. ;)

Lilo future!fic, in which both are single, Liam’s got two kids, and I end up calling Liam’s first-born “James” because the fucker still hasn’t shared his actual baby’s name with us.

Liam was in over his head. He knew it, and it only served to annoy him further. This was stupid. He was a grown-ass man. He had kids for Christ’s sake!

There was absolutely no reason for him to angst over the meaning of a bloody text message.

Especially not one that said, Im not gonna comment until Ive tried it myself.

Louis had added the sunglasses emoji at the end, which was nice but didn’t help Liam figure out whether he was serious or not.

And knowing whether Louis was serious or not felt quite bloody important, considering the message Liam had sent him right before had been: Then she said i was lousy in bed, like, can you believe?!

Liam took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

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Being Human ||Seventeen 95line Au Part 1

{A/N} Hey guys, so this fic is partially based off the tv show Being Human, but mainly the only thing that’s the same is supernatural beings sharing a house in an attempt to try and appear normal to the outside world. There is a werewolf and a ghost like in the show, but the other two are something else that will be revealed later. 95line will be the main characters, so you will see them the most, but the other members will pop up occasionally. Also I know the picture has Jeonghan’s shorter hair, but in the story he still has his long hair.

You stared at the door. You had to try again. It hadn’t worked yet, but you needed it too. You needed to believe that it would work because the alternative was too painful for you to bare. You took a deep breath. (Well technically you did. Breathing isn’t exactly something you can do anymore, but you can still do the action and somehow it still feels like you are breathing even though it’s physically impossible) It gave you enough confidence to make your way across the room to the door. 

Standing just a few feet in front of the door, you began to raise your hand out in front of you. You watched as your hand disappeared through it. This is a good sign. Although, it has happened before and it still didn’t work. But, you couldn’t think of that right now. You needed to focus on this. You took a step forward and your foot disappeared through the door now too. 

“Here goes nothing,” you say out loud. It didn’t matter that Hoshi was sitting on the couch 10 feet from you. He had never heard, or even seen you once in the years that he has lived here. So you paid no mind to him and whatever he was watching on the TV. You walked the rest of the way through the door.

OH CHEESES!” You found yourself, once again, standing at the bottom of the stairs. Any time you try to leave the house you always end up back here. At the spot where you died. You don’t remember exactly how it happened, you just remember falling. Then it was like you woke up, except you weren’t ever asleep. It was like you woke up from living. You know you had hit your head though, that’s what actually killed you. You saw your own body, lying there dead on the ground, until people came and took it away. You watched while your mother sat next to your body crying and then cowering in your step father’s chest, unable to watch as they stuffed you, her eighteen year old daughter, in a black bag and took you away. 

They moved out soon after and there have been several people to live here since then. Although they all left not long after moving in because they claimed the house was haunted. Not that they were wrong, the house was haunted. By you. But it’s not like anyone in the real world had believed them. You don’t know why they were so upset either. It’s not like you ever hurt anyone, you would never hurt another living creature. You just wanted to be noticed, be touched. You just wanted to feel something, some connection of any sort with someone, you didn’t even care who. But that would never happen. You are a ghost. A ghost who can’t even leave from the house she died in. Even if there was a way for a ghost to have that connection with someone that you so desperately craved, you would never be able to find it while stuck in this house. This house. Where the only people you saw were the occasional new residents, oblivious to anything even being there, until they were scared out of their minds that the lights would start switching on and off or the house would lightly shake like there was a small earthquake occurring. 

Hoshi had been around the longest, but that’s just because he’s the house’s landlord now. He bought the house from your mom and step-father after your death and now he rents it out. So, he’s not around enough to be scared off by you and this house, although, you’re sure it must be frustrating for him to be constantly going through tenants because they get scared off all the time. You feel bad, but you can’t help it. You just want someone to see you and you aren’t going to give up hope that one day it could happen, so you keep on trying. 

Hoshi checks the time on his phone and a look of worry comes across his face. You have to admit he is very adorable, but also attractive aswell. You’d think chubby cheeks wouldn’t be attractive on a man, but oh lord does he pull it off. You never had a boyfriend when you were alive, not even a first kiss, which makes your desire to have a connection with another person so much more powerful. You were shy, a bit naive, and quite sheltered from other people when you were alive so it made connecting with other people hard, but you wish that if you had had a boyfriend when you were alive that he would have been like Hoshi. He was cute, happy and from what you have seen he’s one of the sweetest boys you’ve ever seen, even if he wasn’t always truthful, especially when people come to look at the house before they decide to rent it or not. 

While you were daydreaming about him, Hoshi had turned off the Tv and begun cleaning up the room. 

“I should’ve been paying more attention to the time. They are going to be here in an hour and I still have to make sure the pipes are still working properly.”

Whoops. Okay maybe you had gotten really frustrated last week after trying desperately to communicate with the last tenant and maybe several of the pipes all over the house had burst, as a result. Atleast no one was hurt. Just one really freaked out tenant who left the next day. Wait, did he say someone’s coming? You’re surprised. Usually it takes him a bit longer to find someone interested in renting the house. 

You leave Hoshi downstairs to finish his work, while you wander upstairs to sit by your old window. The view is of the front of the house. You can see the road, a few neighboring houses, even part of the sky. Since the house is near the main part of the city, most of the houses are crowded close together here, so the houses across the street block the rest of the sky from your view. You can’t even see the sunset in this house because of them. 

A car pulls up on the street in front of the house and parks. You assume it’s the new tenants that Hoshi is expecting. The house doesn’t have much of front yard, so the street isn’t far from the window. You see three figures emerge from the car, all guys. One has short black hair and is in a simple T shirt and some jeans. Another has long black hair and is wearing a hat, so you can’t see his face. You can’t see the face of the third one either. He is in a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head, but you can see bits of brown hair peaking out from under his hood. 

You head downstairs. You like being there for the house tour. It gives you the chance to get to see how the new tenants are and to backtalk Hoshi when he lies to the tenants to make the house look better than it actually is. You would never have the courage to speak to someone in real life like you do to him and the tenants, but since no one actually can hear you, it doesn’t bother you and it even gives you a little entertainment in your otherwise boring existence.

You stood at the bottom of the stairs playing with your sweater paws in your over-sized sweater that you died in, so it’s now a permanent part of your outfit for the foreseeable future. The doorbell rang and Hoshi answered the door. 

“Hi, I’m Hoshi, the owner. Please come into the livingroom.” The three stepped into the livingroom and their eyes scanned what they could see of the house. When their eyes looked in your direction, you could’ve sworn that you had made eye contact with each of them for a second or two, but you knew better than to jump to those conclusions. No one else could ever see you and these boys are no different. 

“Hello Hoshi, I’m Jeonghan.” It was the one that was wearing the hat. Wow, they were all very nice to look at. So nice that you didn’t want to remove your eyes from any of their beauty. If looks could kill the dead again, you would be a goner just from a glace at one of them. Jeonghan’s face was very fair and his hair looked so shiny and smooth that you bet it feels like silk; you wanted to run your hands through it. He even has a kind of heavenly glow coming from his skin. “That’s Seungcheol by the door, but we call him S. Coups.” He gestured to the man with the short black hair. Now that you can see him closer you notice his muscles. They are huge and they look amazing peeping out from under his shirt sleeves. “And this is my brother, Joshua” He gestured to the one in the hood, who was currently standing off to the side of the room, just out of reach from the sunlight. If you were alive, looking at Joshua would have made your heart stop. He has a fair face just like his brother, only instead of a heavenly glow it was almost like he had a dark aura surrounding him. Although that was overseen the second he gave Hoshi a smile and a slight head bow. His smile was addicting to you, no it was more like a magnet. It attracted you to him, made you want to come closer, even though his smile obviously wasn’t directed at you. You stayed where you were and Hoshi began his tour. 

He took them through the kitchen and the dining room which where the only other things on this level other than the living room and a bathroom.

“This is the kitchen, it has tile counter tops and its cupboards are oak wood. The last tenants had me replace the fridge so this one is brand new.” He said as he tried to direct their gazes around the room. 

“Ha! New. That’s funny Hoshi. New to the house, yes, but I wouldn’t count a fridge you bought off the street for probably 50 bucks as actually new.”

Hoshi had kept his tour going, oblivious to you or what you had said. You were to his side sitting on one of the counter tops. The three other guys standing not far to your other side. While you were talking, it seemed like their eyes were flashing over to you occasionally, then back to Hoshi or other places around the room. S. Coups even took another look at the fridge after you had mentioned it. That’s a weird coincidence. Maybe they are more open to presences than other people and can somewhat like subconsciously sense you and what you say. Hopefully you can manipulate this a bit more before they decide to move out like everyone else, that is if they even decide to stay in the first place. 

Hoshi led them back into the living room and to the bottom of the stairs. You stayed just to his side as you were before, only now the three guys were standing to your side, while the stairs began at your other side. They had a great view of your death spot from where they were standing. 

“Ah yeah, the tile on the stairs is broken here at the bottom. The owners before me were trying to take some furniture up the stairs and one fell back down and broke the tile there. I haven’t been able to fix it, yet. Sorry.”

“Pffft furniture. I didn’t realize a daughter was a piece of furniture, Hoshi. Also aren’t you legally supposed to disclose when a death happens on the premises? If anyone ever found out about you hiding my death from them before they move in, you could end up in alot of trouble” You turned to look back at the guys. They were all staring at you, wide eyed. You. Not behind you. Not at Hoshi to the side of you. At you. You were shocked. 

“Omigod, can you guys see me?!” You walked a little closer to them and all their eyes left you and were obviously trying to avoid you. They were trying to look at Hoshi and listen to whatever he was talking about at the moment aswell. But, you couldn’t care less what he was talking about. THEY COULD SEE YOU! How?

“Hey, I know you can see me. How can you see me? No one else can. Hey, don’t ignore me. I don’t care if Hoshi is going to think you’re crazy. Someone answer me. Please?” They still tried to avoid your eyes and focus on Hoshi, who was apparently the only one in the room who didn’t know you were there. Actually, the other two avoided your gaze, but Joshua, he looked you right in the eyes. But, it was only for a moment. Then Hoshi was leading the three of them up the stairs and he broke the eye contact to follow, just behind Jeonghan. They all made extra care to avoid the dent you made in the floor when you died, except Hoshi, he, as always, just walked through it. Finally, someone has seen you! You’re not going to let this chance just slip through your fingers. They need to become the new tenants. They just have to.

What Are You Doing?//Pack & L.D.//

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“What are you doing?”

Pairing(s):Pack x Child!Reader, Liam x Younger!Sister!Reader

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a child!reader and pack Christmas imagine where they take the reader to see/ take a picture with Santa and the pack finds Y/N peeking under the Christmas tree looking at the presents? -Anon

Word Count: 1,183

A/N: I have 0 regrets for the length.

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Piper’s life has officially turned into an MTV comedy series.

She woke up at 8 am this morning in a bed that wasn’t her’s, a bitter taste on her tongue, and a muscular arm wrapped loosely around her midsection. The headache that pounded her skull was just the icing on top of the cake. She’d watched too many episodes of Girl Code to not immediately recognize this situation.

She was frightened at first. What the hell happened last night? She was having the time of her life at Leo’s party, facing off with Percy in countless stupid drinking games, but everything after that was blank. Had she really drank so much to the point where she couldn’t remember anything that happened the past 10 hours?

Oh, she had fucked up. She had majorly fucked up.

Stupidstupidstupid she mouthed to herself repeatedly. She was so stupid. One night stands under the influence are so irresponsible. It’s how you get STDs, or killed by an axe murderer. Or worse, pregnant.

Closing her eyes and counting to ten, Piper willed herself to calm down. She has been undeniably flippant about taking her birth control lately, but she has definitely taken it consecutively for a week now. Maybe she wasn’t doomed. And, okay, obviously if the person she slept with wanted to kill her, he would’ve done it already, right?

Who did she sleep with?

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Title: Don’t Let Him In.

Pairing: Tate Langdon x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of alcohol, suicide, murder and death.

A/N: Requests are open, but only for Evan’s characters. I’m not sure if I want to write about other characters yet.

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Y/N had recently moved into the infamous murder house, her mother was intrigued by the grand chandelier that hung from the ceiling and the beautiful stained glass. Her mother would never have forgiven herself if she didn’t purchase the house, it was a bargain.

However on the first night, a strange girl appeared in Y/N’s room, scaring her shitless.

“What the hell? Get out, how did you even get in?” Y/N hissed, shoving the girl backwards, towards the open door.

“I died here, this was my room…” Violet mumbled, almost in a daze.

Y/N could tell she clearly wasn’t in it, ghosts weren’t real and this house wasn’t haunted.

“Please leave before I call my mom.”

The girl however did not listen to Y/N, she began to wander around the room, dragging a pale finger along Y/N’s CDs and books. She was clearly off her rocket. Violet inspected Y/N’s CDs like they were the most interesting thing she’d ever seen. Her pink lips turned into a small smile when she spotted a Nirvana CD.

“Tate would love you…” She murmured, talking more to herself than Y/N.

“Tate? Listen, perhaps you think it’s okay to barge into people’s houses and claim to be a ghost or some shit, but it’s not. I don’t know about the past owners nor your parents and why they let you do this, but you need to leave. This is an invasion of privacy.” Y/N groaned, trying to get through Violet’s thick skull.

Violet paid no attention though. Y/N’s blood began to boil as she stared Violet down, if looks could kill Violet would be 10 feet under. Y/N was growing rapidly infuriated by the girl and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Y/N stormed over the Violet, grabbing her forearm, digging her blunt nails into Violet’s arm. She started to drag Violet out of the room and down the stairs, ignoring Violet’s pleads.

“You can’t do this! This is my home!!” Violet protested.

Y/N considered her options, either call her mom and get the police round or kick Violet out. Y/N opted with the latter of the two. Violet was clearly a nut-case and Y/N knew her mother would rip her hair out due to stress if she found out.

Y/N wrenched open the door and shoved Violet out, eyes burning with anger. She slammed the door shut once she watched Violet walk away.

A rough hand snaked across her shoulder and over her mouth. Y/N tried to scream, clawing at her attacker’s hands, but the scream was muffled. Tears began to well up in Y/N’s eyes as she struggled.

The attacker dragged her backwards. Y/N panicked, digging her nails into the hands of her attacker, breaking the skin and causing red blood to escape the surface. He hissed, dropping his hands from Y/N and clutching them close to his chest.

Y/N spun around in lightening speed, coming face to face with a teenage boy with blonde, curly hair that laid tousled on his head and brown eyes that you could get lost in.

“You shouldn’t have done that to Violet. She belongs here, you don’t.” The boy growled, glaring daggers at Y/N.

“Who’s Violet? That freaky girl who I just had to drag out of my house?” Y/N spat.

“Apparently I’m a freaky girl, Tate.” Shrilled someone behind Y/N.

She whipped around, coming face to face with Violet.

“I-I just kicked you out…” Y/N gasped before everything went black.

Y/N woke up in her bed, unharmed and everything was serene. There was no Violet at the end of he bed and neither was her attacker, Tate.

“It was just a dream, a horrible, horrible dream.” Y/N mumbled, repeating the words like a mantra.

“I don’t think dreams continue after you’re awake.” Violet smirked, placing a hand on Y/N’s shoulder. “I gotta say, I was routing for you. Thought you were going to show authority, have us shaking in our boots… However you passed out.”

Violet climbed into the bed, sitting next to Y/N. A small smile formed on her lips. Y/N flinched and tried to shuffle away.

“Hey, calm down. I’ll tell Tate not to bother you anymore, okay? You seem pretty shaken. It’s just a joke we have. I can tell you have courage and perhaps you belong in this house more than my family and I ever did.” And with that, she disappeared.

Y/N spent hours upon hours looking up the history of the house. She found out that the previous owners had died in the house. Vivien Harmon died during childbirth and a little while later, her husband, Ben Harmon, committed suicide from the chandelier. They believe that Violet, their eldest child, fled the house, taking the only surviving twin with her.

Y/N frowned when she came across a list of all the people who died in the house; Nora Montgomery, Charles Montgomery, Tate Langdon, Hugo Langdon, Moira O'Hara, Troy and Bryan Rutger. The list went on and on.

She hesitantly clicked on the link beside Tate’s name and began to read the news article; 17 year old Tate Langdon killed 15 students at Westfield High in 1994 during a mass shooting. The teen fled the scene of the crime, returning to his home, where he was shot in his bedroom by a SWAT team.

Y/N shoved the computer away from her, swallowing thickly. Tate was dead and there was a possibility Violet was too, they just hadn’t found her body.

“You’re awfully curious.” Violet grinned, appearing on Y/N’s bed. “I moved here in 2011 after my dad was caught an affair with some chick called Hayden. My mom wanted to forget it all happened and she believed a change of house would fix things. For a time, it did.” Violet started to explain, her grin turning into a frown. “I met Tate, I believed he was one of my father’s patients, well he was, but then I found out Tate’s was dead. I was shocked, but I loved him I suppose, I just continued my life like normal. It got too much though, I committed suicide, I didn’t even know for over 2 weeks.”

Violet spent hours telling Y/N what happened, about her Tate got her mom pregnant to how she found out she was dead. Y/N couldn’t help but feel sorry for  Violet, she had gone through hell and she still wore a smile on her face.

“Did you forgive Tate?”

“No, we occasionally talk but what he did was unforgivable.”

“And your brother, the twin that survived?”

“He lives next door with Tate’s mother.”

Y/N nodded. Her and Violet had bonded a lot, she understood Violet.

“Tate’s a monster, don’t let him get to you. Don’t let him in.”

The words rung in her head, replaying over and over like a broken record. Perhaps Violet was right, Tate was a monster.

Y/N sobbed, clutching a bottle of whiskey in her trembling hands. The icy water that surrounded her made her feel numb. She lifted the bottle up to her lips, taking a long swig, and cringing when the beverage burned her throat. She choked back tears, leaning her head against the cold bath tub.

“She’s gone…” She mumbled, vision blurred from tears.

Tate swallowed thickly, he watched from the threshold, he watched as she mindlessly cried, blabbing.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Constance tried to drag her onto the property…” Tate whispered, running his fingers through Y/N’s damp hair.

It pained Tate to see her like this, so helpless. In the time that Tate had known Y/N, she had always been a cheerful girl, constantly smiling. She never cried. Yet here she was and had been for the last two hours, crying, fully clothed in a bathtub of cold water.

Tate brought his slender fingers up to his eyes and slowly wiped away his tears, he had to appear strong for Y/N, he had to help her get through this.

“I know. It’s not one’s fault, but we had a fight that morning, I-I told her I hated her and now she’s gone. The last thing I said to her was I hated her.” Y/N sobbed.

Tate climbed into the tub, situating himself behind Y/N. Y/N shuffled backwards until her back was against his warm chest. Tate wrapped his arms around her waist, sliding his fingers in between hers. He squeezed them reassuringly.

“I’m sorry.” He kissed the crown of her head, eyes fluttering shut for a second as he savoured the moment.

“I’m all alone, Tate. I have no one.” Y/N blabbered.

“You have me and Violet.”

Don’t let him in, Violet’s words rung in her head but Y/N ignored it. She needed someone and Tate was offering to be that someone.

She dropped the bottle of whiskey, the brown beverage mixing with her tears and the water. Y/N turned around in Tate’s lap, looking up at him. He leaned down, eyes fluttering shut. The pair were so close Y/N could feel his breath fanning across her lips and his nose brushed against her own.

She’s grieving over her mother, now is not the time to kiss her, Tate thought. He moved his head to the side, pulling Y/N closer to him. Her face burrowing into his neck, she inhaled his unfamiliar scent. Tate rested his head on her shoulder, his arms snaked around her waist.

“I’ll always be here for you.”


Imagine flirting with Elijah during movie night leads to something more.

prompt: Imagine you’re Rebekah’s best friend and you’re always flirting with Elijah. One night during a movie night with the mikaelsons you start feeling and touching on him and it leads to a h.j under the covers.

Warnings: Slight smut, Hand job , secondhand embarrassment, sexy originals 

(A/N): Tell me what you think! I mean i haven’t wrote anything in a while I know but i want some opinions please! 

You followed Rebekah down the stairs to the living room where you and the rest of the Mikaelson’s were about to have a movie night. You insisted they have one last week when you said a movie reference to the Avengers and nobody got it. “Okay so you guys decide on a movie while I get some snacks” You said heading into the kitchen as Rebekah quizzed her grumpy pajama clad siblings on what looked good. Elijah got up to help you since he suspected you couldn’t reach half of what you were gonna want to eat. Just as Elijah walked in he saw his suspicions were correct because you were literally standing on the counter trying to reach the popcorn. (you’re short asf) "Ugh why won’t you just come here and love me!“ you said to the popcorn you were so desperately trying to reach. After several other attempts you finally gave up and decided to get some well needed help. Just as you climbed off the counter and your small feet hit the floor you felt Elijah come up behind you. "H-how long have you been here ?” you asked. “long enough to know that you don’t have any panties under these shorts.” He replied cheekily. “Well, when Rebekah said wear what you sleep in it was throw something on or come nude." You said like it was obvious you slept with no clothes on. "I mean it’s not like I wouldn’t have minded being naked but I don’t think you’d be able to handle it.” you continued with a small giggle as you started to rub your (size) ass against the vampire’s already hardened dick. Just as he was about to say something he was interrupted by a throat clearing. "You know i was going to leave you two be but then I realized you were making the food and I had to question if I really wanted food the two of you fucked over. The answer was no unfortunately enough for you guys, so if the two of you would kindly clear out and let somebody capable enough do the job I think it’d get done a lot faster and we wouldn’t have to wait for things that should have been done long ago.“ A hungry Niklaus said with the famous Mikaelson smirk on his face. Elijah rolled his eyes and left with you in pursuit leaving the smug hybrid alone in the kitchen. 

                     ~Time Skip brought to you by Niklaus’ impatience~ 

After you had all gotten situated and seated with food and drinks and covers and all the essentials you turned to see the movie they picked was Ouija Board. ‘Of course leave it to the fearless mikaelsons to be the reason I won’t get any sleep for the next year and a half’ you thought. You looked around to see all the Originals absorbed into the movie -including Finn- which was saying a lot. You turned to see they were at the part where the girl had her mouth sewn together before she hit her head on the sink. You were beyond afraid so you scooted under the cover Elijah was under. He looked down to see you frightened by the movie and wrapped a protective arm around your waist. You put your hand on his thigh trying to scoot closer to him only to feel that he was still semi-hard from earlier. Since you were doing everything you could to not look at the movie anyway you did what anybody would do in that situation, you started rubbing  his dick through his pants. You felt him stiffen under your touch so you looked up. His eyebrow was raised while you beamed up at him innocently. He didn’t stop you so of course you continued. You felt him relax after a few minutes as he got all the way hard again. He made a displeased grunt as you pulled your hands off his dick which was straining against his now tight pants. He looked at you again but this time his face was twisted into a scowl as if he was asking why you stopped pleasuring him. You ignored his displeased features and reached in his pajama pants to find that’s all he was wearing. Being the kind man he was he couldn’t get caught getting a hand job from his little sister’s best friend , so he grabbed your petite legs and draped them atop of his and wrapped the cover around you both so nobody would see what the two of you were doing before you could do anything else. He then sat back and let you do whatever it was that you had in mind. You smirked as you pulled his hardened dick and balls out of his pants. You started slowly pumping his length only to realize that you needed more lubrication if you were gonna make it hard for him to keep that o so noble composure that he had. His eyes widened as you leaned down and spit all over his dick. you then started pumping faster so the spit would spread all over. ”(Y/N).“ Elijah warned loud enough for only you to hear. You ignored him though and kept pumping using both hands this time. He had to stifle a moan when you dipped your pinky into the hole on his length. Since you had been doing this for a good 10 minutes Elijah had gotten use to what you were doing and got a lot better at controlling his moans. You didn’t like that at all so you reached one of your spit covered hands down to play with his balls. You felt his cock twitching in your hand and knew that he was very close to cumming. You smirked and leaned over against his chest so you could hear those delicious moans he was trying so hard to hide. You started pumping furiously making it very hard for him to keep his breathing and moaning from being noticed. Just as you were about to put your head down and drink his delicious cum you heard a very disgusted kol say "Hand me the food from over there before it’s ruined and inedible would you darling?” Now since everyone in the room was looking at you two red faced and disheveled it left you no choice but to pass kol the bowl of popcorn that was beside you. “Told them earlier if they were going to do it not to do it around the food, but I see that everything I said went in one ear and out the other.” A very smug hybrid chimed in. “Well I mean I was literally just trying to show him some good old 21st century things…. that just so happen to be in between my legs.” You said with an awkward laugh.

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This is stupid.

Alfred clutched the bag tightly in his palm, the twine starting to chafe his fingers.

This is so dumb. 

He fidgeted. He paced. He bit his lip. He worried that someone might see him out the window. 

Finally, he raised his fist and knocked on the door. 


As soon as he had done it, Alfred regretted it. He felt like running, sprinting back across the street and hiding under his covers. Just a game of ding-dong-ditch. 

The door was opening.

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