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I recently saw a video of a young woman talking about all of the reasons our generation, the Millennials, sucks and that’s she’s sorry for what we’ve become. Here is my, a fellow Millennial, response:

You say we’re just ‘existing’ and not ‘contributing anything to society.’ The oldest Millennial is 34, the youngest is 12, we haven’t had time to contribute anything yet. We’re trying to survive in a world that no other generation has had to grow up in, with a tanked economy and most of our childhood hearing nothing but war in the Middle East on the news while also being profoundly connected. We didn’t do that.

You say we’re no longer polite, we don’t say ‘no, sir’ or ‘no ma’am’ anymore and we no longer hold the door open for our elders or women. We also don’t expect low-paid workers to break their backs for us, or at yell at them when they make a mistake, like my 60-year-old grandfather does. We say ‘no problem’ when there’s a mistake in order, and politely stand by while the 40-something-year-old soccer mom huffs and rolls her eyes as the new girl struggles to punch in the correct code.

You say our music objectifies women and glorifies drugs and criminals. There has been no significant change from the songs that were once sung or the singers who sang them. Many of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s performers were drug addicts, womanizers, and criminals in their own right. Elvis Presley was child abuser, John Lennon raped his many girlfriends and most of the music I grew up listening, which was 80’s rock, were performed by habitual drug abusers. Let’s not pretend like human nature took a drastic turn when 1983 rolled around.

You say we cuss to prove a point. We, as a generation, have learned it’s not the words we fucking use, it’s the passion in them that we care about. As a generation, we’ve become more interested in politics and the world around us, cursing is minor problem when we consider the political climate the older generation has plunged us into.

You say we use ‘bae’ to describe the ones we love. Bae, originally, means ‘before anyone else’ which is incredibly romantic in my opinion. Bae is also hardly ever taken seriously, it’s a jokey way to talk about someone you love. Language changes, I doubt people were happy when we changed ‘wherefore’ into ‘why.’ The greatest injustice we can do to our language and culture is not allow it to evolve and grow with us.

You say we idolize people like Kim Kardashian and shame people like Tim Tebow. Kim Kardashian is a business woman who had a private video she made with a lover illegally revealed. Instead of fading into obscurity, she stood tall and did not let the sexual shaming she endured stop her and now runs a multi-million dollar industry, is married to one of the richest men in the world, and had two beautiful children. Tim Tebow is a Christian who was criticized by a few people for praying in an open stadium while most people just wanted to see a game.

You say we’re lazy and entitled, we want to make a lot of money and get a free education but we’re not willing to put in the work. We are not lazy. I cannot tell you how many people I meet who have gone to school full time while working a part or even full-time job just to make ends meet. We’re not entitled, we’re bitter. In the 70’s, you could work a part time job over the summer and pay your way through four years of school because tuition was $400, now just to walk in the door of your local community college you need to drop $14,000. We have kids who aren’t even old enough to drink, yet are already $20,000 deep in debt. Debt that won’t go away because even filing for bankruptcy won’t erase it. And even with that education, there’s no guarantee you’ll find something in your field. I have a friend who has a degree in microbiology and she’s making $9 an hour selling $15 candles. I have another friend who has a masters in Sport Psychology and Counseling. She’s a bartender. My parents bought a three bedroom house in the suburbs in the late 90’s while my generation is imagining apartments with breezy windows and trying to get enough money to get food while we scrounge up less than $8 a week.

You say we spend more time online making friends and less time building relationships and our relationship’s appearance on Facebook is more important than building the foundation that relationship is based on. We are a generation that is profoundly connected and no other generation has seen this before. We have more opportunities to meet people from all over the world and better chances to understand other worldviews and lifestyles. Being able to stay home and talk to people over the internet is cheaper and more relaxing than having to force yourself to interact with people in public settings after a long day of minimum wage labor. The people I talk to more over the internet are people I have been friends with for years. It’s easier to talk about the day’s events over Skype or Facebook Messenger than arrange a day to meet in person when you have conflicting schedules. I truly don’t believe most people care what others think of their friendship or how their relationships ‘look’ on social media. Most often what you are calling ‘our relationship’s appearance on Facebook’ are documented and searchable memories.

You say our idea of what we believe in is going on Facebook and posting a status on Facebook. Not everyone can join in with the crowds of protesters. It’s easy to see what others have to say through the comments and argue back without the threat of violence. And when this generation does organize events to stand up for ourselves, it’s met with childish name-calling or being reduced to a ‘riot.’

You say we believe the number of follows we have reflects who we are as a person. It’s nice knowing there’s 20 or 50 or maybe even 100 people who care what you have to say or think. We live in an age where we can and will be heard.

You say we don’t respect our elders, that we don’t respect our country. Our elders grew up in one of the greatest economic booms in history and in turn made it the worst economic situation since the 1930’s all while blaming kids who were only five at the time for it. We stand on our flag because it means nothing, it’s a pretty banner for an ugly lie. We’re a country that says you can make it if you just work hard enough while, in the end, that will almost never happen. We’re a country that becomes irate at the idea of 20-something college kids standing on some canvas dyed red, white, and blue but seem to shrug off the millions of homeless, disabled veterans.

You say we’re more divided than ever before. Ever before what? When black folk couldn’t drink from the same fountain as white folk? When women couldn’t vote? When white southerners fought for the idea that they could keep black people as slaves? We’re a generation that is done with injustice and when you fight for social change, you will divide people.

You say everything that was frowned up is celebrated. What does that mean? We frowned up gay marriage. We frowned upon wives being able to say no to sex with their husbands. We frowned up interracial marriage. We frowned up black folk being allowed to go to school with white folk. We frowned upon women being allowed to vote. Are those things not worth celebrating?

You say nothing has value in our generation, that we take advantage of everything. We value friendship more, we value the fists of change, we value social justice and family and the right to marry those we love. We value the right to be yourself, wholly and fully. We value the right to choose and we value the idea of fighting what you believe in, even when everyone older than you is telling you you’re what’s wrong with the country.

You say we have more opportunities to succeed than those before but we don’t ‘appreciate’ them. We are a bitter generation. You can finance a boat for 3.9% but you have to pay back college tuition plus 8.9%. We may have more opportunities but those opportunities cost money we don’t have.

You say you can see why we’re called ‘Generation,’ but we’re not Generation Y, we’re Millennials and we do feel entitled. We were promised a strong economy and inexpensive education. We had the world in our hands and we were going to make it better. And it was ripped away from us because of incompetent rulers, illegal wars, and greedy corporations and we get blamed for it. Crime has gone down, abortion and unintended pregnancy has lowered, people are living longer, people are more educated, people are less likely to die from violent crime or diseases, yet my generation is touted as the worst generation and for what? Crimes that we’re accused of that happened before we could even wipe our own ass? We were raised better, and we were raised in a society that treated, and continues to treat, us like garbage. And we are done. We are not sorry, we did nothing wrong.


Akiko Higashimura (artist of Princess Jellyfish) on why she draws so fast.

Such an idol. Get it done!

Since people are so fucking hard-headed......

ENGLISH MUSIC FROM KPOP IDOLS IS A PRIVILEGE NOT  A REQUIREMENT POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. I was scrolling through my dashboard and someone said something about the WDTA pt2 and how “Finally making international fans feel appreciated and apart of something.” I understand where you’re coming from completely they’re grateful for the music they’re not being greedy. It was the comments that were pissing me off “(inserts kpop group) doesn’t appreciate internationals because they never come out with english music…………

 First of all BTS has CONFIRMED they will not  be making a American debut so anybody getting hype can settle down right now. Second, my thing is SOOOOOO MANY American artists have fans all over the world and make #1s in their countries but YET THEY DONT MAKE MUSIC IN THEIR LANGUAGES. Stop acting like you’re the only fans who have to go through language barriers not only that y’all ignore the fact that it could be non-english speakers listening to kpop yet they don’t get music in their languages either. As an American I feel for Europe at first I was like “Stop all the fucking complaining” but looking at it now you can clearly see where the line is divided between fans who speak english and then non-english fans. I’m forever seeing English speaking fans complain about not being appreciated or feeling unwanted about not getting english music but when they do get covers, full blown interviews WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!!!! Y’all stay silent about non-english speakers but act like the world is about to end if your ‘oppa’ doesnt fucking talk in english. 

Let me give you some examples….

Kim Namjoon self taught himself English and is able to interact with english fans. 

Ariana Grande learned some Japanese for her Japanese fans so she could interact with them.

Plenty of native speakers in english

Mark Tuan

Joshua hong



Here’s my favorite example my friend is from Germany she likes the singer Madison beer so she learned an entire language by watching Pretty little liars and not only was she able to understand Madison she got to personally skype her. (bustinghateonmb) on instagram

Why tf cant yall do that??????

“Korean is too hard”

“It’s easier to learn english”

Why do people expect idols to learn entire languages for them if they cant even attempt to do the same. Not only that why would KPOP IDOLS whose intentions were to sing and rap in KOREAN adapt to your standards just because you decided to listen to kpop when nobody forced you to.

Here’s my favorite part “(Insert ‘american’ artist/rapper) is trash1!!1!1 they don’t ever sing/rap about anything meaningful.” “I only listen to Kpop now” “Dont compare my 'oppas’ to American trash” First off about 70% of you don’t understand those meaningful lyrics until someone translates it. (For the dumbasses that forgot 'hip-hop’ in kpop got a lot of inspiration from Western rappers ) Second why do you want your favs to get Western attention even though you claim to hate Western music???? Because it benefits you….. I don’t listen non Kpop music as much as I used to but if one of my old favs drops an album Im going to listen. I just don’t understand why you want kpop to be recognized in America if you had the music industry so damn much. “Because it’ll help their careers!!” So are you saying they couldn’t be successful without it? Are you implying that everyone needs to Americanize things to stay relevant??? I just don’t understand, at this point its not about making their careers 'big’ because maybe America isn’t the most important thing in the world to them but it is to you because it’ll benefit you seeing them speak and sing in English. Goodbye
There are a couple (celebrities who asked me out). But they’re not my type. Maybe it’s because they received so much love since they were young, but it seems like they don’t know how to love a woman. On the outside, they look well-balanced, but they’re either a new born baby or really sly.
—  Kyungri (9MUSES) spilling tea on why she would never date an idol🍵
VIP Package - Drummer!Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Drummer!Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,128

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Fingering, Spanking, Sneaking Around to Fuck

Notes: Drummer Dylan does things to me y’all. Send help. Special thanks to @writing-obrien because she was a sweet pea and proofread this for me while I am trying not to fall asleep. Because we all know not to let me proofread when I’m sleepy. 

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BTS reaction: A rude MC complaining about Y/N being their companion since there are other idols who are way prettier

Anon requested:  how BTS would react when they were in award show with their non-idol gf and the MC being rUdE and telling them why they’re with Y\N and not with another idol girl they’re more prettier etc


No matter who’s my partner, I’m still the pretty one in our relationship. I didn’t bring Y/N with me so she/he can just waste her/his time standing beside me looking pretty, but to share this moment together“, Jin would confess honestly without offending anyone.

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I’ll make sure to mention you in Cypher pt.5“, he’d say chuckling while actually being serious. Yoongi does not play around when it comes to things like these. Say one bad word, and he’ll make sure you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

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He had a different way of dealing his anger. Hoseok would make the MC feel bad, in order to make himself feel better.

How can you say something like this ? Do you know how hurtful your words can be ? Think about how Y/N must be feeling right now and imagine yourself in that position.“

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He’d be a smart ass, making the MC look kinda dumb.

„Isn’t it obvious that if I wanted to come with someone else, I would have already done it ?“, Namjoon would ask in a questioning but dominant manner.

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Jimin would try to be polite to everyone and solve this situation calmly, since it is a live broadcast, but the MC just wouldn’t shut up. His hyungs were about to help him out, when Jimin lost it.

I’m here with Y/N, because I want to. That’s it.“, he’d finish the conversation, giving the MC the ‘say one more word and I’ll kill you’ smile.

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So you’re saying the Y/N is ugly ? You think my Y/N is ugly ? Is that what you mean ?“ „Ah! No! That’s not how-“ „Then what ? You just said it ! …“

Taehyung would be mad, really mad. He’d interrupt the MC constantly and the argument would only get worse, so his Hyungs would stand up and end it. Someone tries to bring him or his loved ones down, he’d make sure that person is already below him.

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The MC most likely would not be able to finish his complaint, since he can already feel Jungkook’s death glares on himself. He knew that if he continued to talk, he would not get out of there alive.

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YohaRiko phone backgrounds 。.:*☆

requested by anon (⌒▽⌒)☆

Taylor’s association with neo-nazis and white supremacy was never one made by her and she never should’ve been put in that light and we obviously know that that’s not the person she is. But the second people started making that assumption was when she should’ve said something, not privately with lawyers, but I don’t know, maybe a tweet? If she and Tree could work together and write a note about the Kimye situation when her character was attacked they could do the same here, an inarguably more concerning situation. This isn’t a political statement or her having to remain apolitical this is a legitimate matter of human rights. We know Taylor sees more than we think she does. She knows this is something that’s been going on and I wish she could see how exhausting it is for her marginalized minority fans (POC/LGBT/Jewish/Muslim/Disabled) to have to continuously defend her and ourselves over this issue. I want people to stop calling my idol a white supremacist and I want people to stop calling me a supporter of that. This has gone on for too long and it won’t go away and I know she shouldn’t be in this situation in the first place but why can’t she just speak up?


why i love hani
  • funniest girl in the world
  • incredibly sexy and charming
  • beautiful jazzy vocals
  • bilingual goddess
  • supports girls supporting girls
  • clumsy and just overall cute ??
  • super smart, girl has an iq of 145
  • fancam queen ! 23 million views on a single fancam 
  • lesbian icon
  • athletic and i’d pay her to kick my ass
  • gets scolded for ruining her image as a girl idol by acting masculine and she just …doesn’t give a fuck
  • she’s just the best stan hani stan exid
BTS Masterlist

Band List

BTS Scenarios:

“Mistletoe?” -Seokjin: Christmas with BTS #1 // Admin Peach

“Why Am I Awake?” -Suga: Christmas with BTS #2 // Admin Kira

“Mommy Kissed Santa” -J-Hope: Christmas with BTS #3 // Admin Peach

“Please Don’t Fall” -RapMonster: Christmas with BTS #4 // Admin Kira

Celebrating Christmas With Taehyung #5 // Admin Tae

“Jimin You’re Being A Tease” -Jimin: Christmas #6 // Admin Peach

“Sleigh Riding” -Jungkook: Christmas #7 // Admin Peach

“Why Now?” -Suga Scenario // Admin Kira

“Who Is She?” -Suga Scenario // Admin Kira

“Another Love” -Jimin Scenario // Admin Kira

”Focus on your comeback” -Jimin Scenario // Admin Cole

“There is No V In Love” -Taehyung Scenario // Second Place Submission

“My Imaginary Friend” -Suga Scenario // Third Place Submission

“Tweet Her” -Suga Scenario // Admin Kira

“Intruder” -Jimin Scenario Pt.1 // Admin Cole

“I got issues, but you got them too” -Rapmonster Scenario // Admin Tae

“I love you” -Taehyung Scenario // Admin Kira

BTS Tickle Fights // Admin Kira

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BTS Reaction to getting a crush on a female Idol // Admin Tae

BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing at everything // Admin Kira and Admin Happy

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BTS Aesthetics:

Mint Summer Yoongi // Admin Kira

White Summer Jin // Admin Kira

Namjoon in Pastel Pink // Admin Tae

Policeman - Jungkook Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Games - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Vampire - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Tae

Couples - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

First Dates - BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Wedding- BTS Aesthetic // Admin Kira

Girlfriend- BTS Aesthetic // Admin Tae

BTS Series:

“I’m Here” Namjoon // Admin Peach

Part- One

Heels & Lingerie - Suga // Admin Kira

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Who in BTS do we think are still virgins? // Admin Kira and Admin Tae

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BTS Texts to their girlfriend fan girling over another member. // Admin Ve

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“Who wouldn’t want to marry this” -Rapmonster Drabble // Admin Kira

“Everything you do is cute” -Suga Drabble // Admin Kira

“Distant” -Suga Drabble // Admin Kira

“I’m not cute!” -Jungkook Drabble // Admin Kira

“Please Stay” -Jungkook Drabble // Admin Kira

“Please Stay” -Suga Drabble // Admin Kira


Yoongi as a secret admirer // Admin Tae


Travel Comments

Matsuura Kanan
When spring comes and it’s getting warmer, doesn’t it just make you want to go somewhere far away?♡ Even when you can’t travel, you embark on something new - to me, spring is definitely the season of new beginnings. Soon, before I get busy with diving again, I want to travel with you♡
Places she would like to travel: Maldives, Palau, Great Barrier Reef

Tsushima Yoshiko
If I, the Fallen Angel Yohane, used my pure black wings, I’d be able to fly to even hell in just a flash - but that would just be boring♡ I favor a laid-back journey on the train! But when you’re with me, the little devil Yohane, you’ll never know what will happen - it’ll be a mystery tour♪
Places she would like to travel: Hokkaido (Tasty food!), Hawaii, Tokyo

Kunikida Hanamaru
I generally get lost when I go to unfamiliar places as I’m bad at getting around by myself. But, if someone’s with me, I love viewing sceneries I’ve never seen before♡ If I get drowsy while looking through the window, I’d be happy if you woke me up, zura♡
Places she would like to travel: USJ, Tohoku, Shikoku (Shikoku Pilgrimage♡)

Sakurauchi Riko
I’ve always lived in Tokyo and when I moved to Uchiura, I lived a life full of beaches and mountains for the first time. I’ve completely fallen in love with nature♡ I think there’s still a lot of wonderful places in Japan to visit, so I’d be happy to tour all over Japan♪
Places she would like to travel: Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Tohoku

Watanabe You
Ever since I was small, I’ve aspired towards becoming a ship captain. So when it comes to where I want to go, it’ll definitely be on an adventure~♡ I’d pack a sleeping bag on a huge rucksack - I hope I can experience various things on the way! I’ll dive into the seas of the world and take a splash♪
Places she would like to travel: Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Patagonia!

Takami Chika
I’m a hot springs inn girl, so if someone mentions a trip, hot springs come to mind♡ “I want to go to hot springs here and there~” is what I’d normally think, but truth is, the place I want to go to the most is where μ’s went to, New York!! Dreams have to be big after all, don’t they?♪ Aqours will also work hard towards Love Live! and get to New York!♡
Places she would like to travel: New York, Tokyo, Kusatsu Onsen♡

Kurosawa Dia
The place I would want to go to is a city with a big art museum. I think I want to spend time leisurely there, feeling the flow of history and the exquisite exhibits around me. I’m certain I’ll even lose track of time passing by. Learning through the past - as always, good things stand the test of time. Would you like to join me?
Places she would like to travel: Paris, Madrid, London

Ohara Mari
I’ve lived in a foreign country for a long time, and I love port towns. It’s an exciting place where various cultures mix and many tastes clash to create new sensations♡ I’ve also been excited a great deal here in Uchiura♪ That’s why this time, it’s my turn to give you that excitement♡♡
Places she would like to travel: Yokohama, Kobe, Singapore

Kurosawa Ruby
I love idols a lot, and so I want to go see the idol stages all over Japan~!! I’m sure it’ll be an exciting trip from the very first step♪ The way to the idol stages is a shining road of the stars! I want to shine soon too~♡
Places she would like to travel: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine March 2017 issue
Translated by XiantheMiguel
QC by Lucia Hunter


Hello, Perry. I don’t really know why I’m here, but Nurse Espinosa said if I didn’t swing by, she would stop coming over to my house and giving instructions to my pool boy. He speaks perfect English, but he doesn’t have any front teeth, so I can never look at him without laughing.

-Chyler Leigh

For those of you who don’t know, Chyler came from a difficult past. She came from a broken family, her parents divorcing when she was 12. To cope, she became a drug addict and when asked what was her drug of choice when she was 17 to 19 years old, she replied: “Everything, there are a lot of times we really shouldn’t have survived. He (Nathan West, her now-husband) and I have literally been through hell and back” She started the recovery process when the director of Not Another Teen Movie told her she was becoming too thin while they were filming. It was a two year battle from drug addiction with Nathan, who she met when she was 16 and he was 20, the fight nearly cost them their lives.

“We went through about two years of complete obliteration. It came down to, ‘Do you want to choose to live, or do you want to choose to die? And we chose life.”

Don’t be surprised why she represents her character, Alex, so well when she herself is a bloody brilliant, resilient and strong person herself, if not more.

incorrect vld - hunk loves shay
  • allura: you're really happy with shay, aren't you?
  • hunk: yeah, i am. she's my rock.
  • allura: that's so sweet!
  • lance: awh! ...wait was that a PUN?!
  • hunk: .......
  • hunk: .....maybe.
  • lance: this is why you're my idol, dude.