this is why nolan is amazing

What’s really amazing to me is how Harry isn’t afraid to leave his comfortzone:
- Take the spot as host of the Late Late Show: SURE! 
- Do an audition for a Christopher Nolan movie, get the part: why not.
- Fly 1500 feet high dangling under a helicopter: LET’S!
He has so much guts! And he does it all so well. Amazing!

interviewer: what’s your favourite ice cream flavour

louis: who am i most proud of? i’m so glad you asked

louis: his name is harry you may know him as harry styles you may also know that he recently starred in a christopher nolan movie which he worked long and hard for alongside a-list actors who have praised his talent but that’s not all i have a list of reasons why he’s amazing would you like to see it don’t answer that of course you would okay so

Build It Better - Nolan Patrick

“you always build it better the second time around” 

for anon

inspiration: build it better by aron wright 

lowercase intended 

word count: 1693 

warnings: cursing 

a/n: rip. but also i’m back in my home country! I posted a masterlist and put the link in my bio/description or you can find it below this post!

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nolan knew he’d fucked up. he knew he shouldn’t have pushed you, and he knew he shouldn’t have said what he did.

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“Well, you’re home late.”

Matty narrowed his eyes as soon as he heard Tia’s voice. She was sitting at the table smiling at him, leaning her elbows on her closed textbook. It was a knowing smile. “Were you waiting up for me, T?”

“I wish,” she replied, patting her textbook. “I had some catching up to do. What were you up to, hm?”

Matty sat down opposite her, dropping his bag and sighing. “I got caught up playing ball with Nolan Clifton. He… asked me to join the team.”

Gasping with delight, Tia leaned forward, riveted. “Clifton? He’s the captain of the basketball team, right? Matty, this is great! You’ve always wanted to get on the team! I can’t believe you managed to join without even going to try-outs -,”

“I’m not joining the team,” he interrupted her.

“You’re not?” Tia asked abruptly. “Why not? Everyone knows you’re amazing at basketball! We all tried to get you to go to try-outs but you keep saying no, and now you’ve been literally invited to join you still say no? This is your dream, Matty! What are you doing?!”

Matty stared hard at the table’s surface, tracing the angles with the tip of his finger. He’d always been odd that way, Tia thought. He always tried to avoid his dreams. Like he was scared of them. “I dunno,” he mumbled. “Tia, I… I don’t know. Anyway. I’ve gotta go shower.” And just like that he left her, bewildered, staring after him.

Done Dunkirk and have thoughts! [SPOILERS]

SO! I went to see Dunkirk and it was such a stunning visual and audio world, and Harry was superb as were everyone else. It feels almost like an interactive experience with how you feel like you are there. I do thoroughly recommend it to everyone, it’s a great movie experience. 

I have more thoughts though. SPOILERS under the read more. (Also thanks to Nina and Renata as always for being the most excellent opinion exchange and thought clarification people x) 

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Royalty - Nolan Patrick

in which a top prospect learns what it’s really like to be royalty

for anon

lowercase intended

word count: 1900

warnings: none

a/n: i’m like just now realizing that my titles or descriptions like never have anything to do with the actual imagine, whoops. anon asked for fluff and i hope this works; it’s more cute than fluff but y’know. also ignore the fact that his sister most definitely does not have two kids that i made names up for

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you awoke to the sound of your phone vibrating on the nightstand. groggily, you checked the time: six-thirty am. who could be calling you this early in the morning? you squinted as the light of your phone momentarily blinded your sleepy eyes.

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Hi! I don't know if you already answered this but who are your favourite creators? (like for mods etc)

Heya! Uh, that’s gonna be a long list:

I started to create CC because I was inspired by the amazing creators in this community. So that’s why I adore and will always look up to these inspiring creators who made me start making CC myself: @sentate, @theslyd, @aveirasims, @alainavesna, @salem2342, @missparaply, @stealthic, @madlensims, @chisimi, @inabadromance, @missfortunesims, @cleotopia, @manueapinny, @fashionroyaltysims, @darkosims3, @pralinesims, @sclub-privee, @ephiny-asunder, @mayhem-sims, @sims4-marigold

But on my journey I also got to know more amazing creators like: @xpuresim, @leahlillith, @alf-si, @flowerchamber, @annamsblue, @nyloa, @wildlyminiaturesandwich, @hautfashionsims4, @simpliciaty, @kenzar-sims, @martyp8, @kedluu, @tukete, @birba32, @its-leeloo, @jfc-sims, @nolan-sims, @maimouth, @mxfsims, @calisimgirl, @nessasims, @mimilkybaby, @wildspit, @simlaughlove, Toksik, @taty86, @metens, @margeh75, @lumialoversims, @helgatisha, @blue8whitewolfcreation, @sweetsorrowsims, @magnolianfarewell, @magnolia-c, @eliavah, @savage-sims, @elliesimple, @rebellesims, @hallowsims, @lavoieri, @simplyking, @adedarma, @tsminh-3, @waekey, @remussims, @themazproject, @conceptdesign97sims, @ts4got, @somesimsgirl, @lumy-sims, @sheplayswithlifeee, @shakeproductions, @kotcatmeow​ and the list could go on. :)

I feel lucky to be involved in it. It feels like a really cool project. I’m a big fan of his movies. I’m kind of in awe of him. He has an amazing brain, the way he works stuff out. He clearly does so much research, and I guess that’s why he doesn’t just churn out a load of movies. It definitely takes some of the nerves away - you know if you do something wrong he’ll tell you.
—  Harry talking about working with Christopher Nolan in Another Man Magazine

“Science fiction is supposed to be about the future.  Why are the fans so obsessed with the past?”

&& @jude-nolan

                               The night was nothing like Sophie could have imagined; half of Lanford ( if not all ) hiding behind masks, going crazy over the free champagne and wine distributed by good looking ladies. The music was amazing, hell – the shows with the fire breathers and everything else was magical and she could have sworn, this was taking her back in time, to her first year after moving from Arizona. Ian’s party was just amazing, and the memories rushed in her mind as she walked around with nothing but a glass of water in her hands, allowing her date for the night to dance with his friend. It didn’t take long to spot the skinny blond close by the main tent and of course he wasn’t wearing a mask. Why would he? Since he was alone, Sophie didn’t hold back, instead she walked slowly behind him before saying loudly, “GOTCHA!” Just to scare him.


Root | Smooth Operator (5.10)

- The BEST, MOST AMAZING action sequence EVER.

- TRULY a career highlight for Amy Acker.

- Thank you Nolan, for giving this awfully complicated, never-before-done stunt to Amy. She truly deserved it bc it was perfection. She nailed it. Fan-fucking-tastically memorable!

**One of the best things about Root is that she’s not a bog-standard BAMF at all. She’s an endearingly perky, psychotic, lethal BAMF who kills with a mischievous grin and smirk on her face. A nonchalant, adorable BAMF. Who else plays like that so convincingly? Why, Amy Acker, obvs! Well done!**

In fact, in these films it seems that women are, by and large, the only ones likely to find themselves in serious physical peril. Peril is, of course, the default state for women everywhere: it is such a natural facet of our existence that many of us forget that it is something we are always experiencing. But we are. And the culture is here to helpfully remind us of that fact on a near-constant basis: why, after, develop a complex story arc for a female character when you can simply show her being raped instead? Or, alternatively, kill her off to make a man sad: this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did actually kill off a major character who was not a villain, but that was Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s girlfriend. Just about the entire collected oeuvre of Christopher Nolan features plotlines of this nature, from Memento to Inception to The Dark Knight.


But what does it mean for the cinematic landscape to be without peril? On television, women are still raped and murdered in depressingly disproportionate numbers (ahem, True Detective and basically every other crime show ever to be on air), but whatever the substantial flaws of, say, Game of Thrones in this area, there’s no denying that the show’s mortality rate is high across the board. Even The Good Wife, not a program known for this sort of thing, killed off a character to great effect this year. But on the big screen, when it comes to big entertainment—discounting, of course, horror, in which danger and violence are so manufactured and processed that they become some other product entirely—fear is gone. Everybody must stick to the formula. And the formula is that the heroes defeat the villains, and the world is saved, and if there are consequences they are manageable and positive. And always, always, there will be sequels.

Summer Movie Season in Review: In which I discuss Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Snowpiercer, and the fact that nobody ever dies at the movies anymore.

I’m not well versed about the politics of it all, but like Harry going solo should not bother us all so much. Harry going solo does not mean the end of One Direction. 1DHQ has been pushing this theory for years that Harry will leave the band and go solo but that doesn’t mean it will happen. I’m just putting some thoughts out there and no one needs to agree with them , I just want to type them out.

1) Does Harry going solo mean the end of 1D? Ofcourse not. Can Harry decide to go solo and leave 1D. Sure. Has he indicated that he doesn’t want to be a part of 1D. Nope. Does Harry hate his bandmates? 1DHQ will like you to believe that, but he definitely does not. 

2) Harry is 22 years old. He’s a young guy with a tremendous amount of talent and a huge following! Why shouldn’t he be ambitious? His first movie is a Nolan film! Can you believe that! It is a big deal. We should be proud of him!

3) Harry is publicly friends with a lot of amazing artists and singers. They praise him and talk about him all the time. Can you imagine his solo album?! The collaborations he can have? It will be beyond fabulous! Why are we so hell bent that it shouldn’t happen? 

4) We can deny it all we want but Harry Styles is the face of One Direction. I got an anon a few days ago saying that the talk shows in america mention Harry quite frequently. And that is true. Seth Myers, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Kimmel, Colbert etc.. British shows are the same. His star power is much more than the others. There is no denying that.

5) Inspite of this, Harry is keeping a low profile. If he really does want to separate himself from 1D and create a solo niche for himself, he hasn’t started doing anything about it. The experts on this site will tell you that he is not doing the normal things you do when you want a solo career. Be it social media fan interactions, solo interviews, being papped with big stars etc. 

6) People say he didn’t say anything about the movie and is doing it. HE DID SAY! In the London sessions, Harry said that he’s not found anything that feels as good as performing on a stage in front of thousands of people, but it’ll be fun to try and find if something else does. Thats what he is doing. He is diversifying. And that’s amazing. We should be proud of him.

7) I understand that people believe that harry has an unfair advantage over the other boys. That he’s more well known even though the others are equally talented. YES, THAT IS TRUE. But did he ask for it? Did he go around claiming that he was better than the others?? NO, he did not. This womanizer, face-of-the-band image was thrust upon him and we all know he wasn’t happy about it. The man went from goofy, funny and outspoken, to quiet, reserved and serious (atleast publicly). 1DHQ did that to him. They separated him from his bandmates and make him look like an asshole at every opportunity. They are still doing it. 

8) By now, we know that none of them (including Zayn) are free from 1DHQ and Syco. They’re all doing things they are not happy about. Harry is an asshole who does not interact with his bandmates or his fans and is supposedly gunning for a solo career. Liam is Cheryl’s tomboy (Fuck you Dan) and can’t release does not want to release solo stuff  (even though he recorded it). Niall is signing with Modest and going into golf ventures with them. Even though he is not on any official papers. Louis is a carefree LAD TM. He is irresponsible guy who has a baby with one women but doesn’t see his baby for more than 20 mins in parking lots and shopping malls. He is holidaying around the world with his girlfriend. He loves Simon and Syco and is managing a girl band with them . Although the band has no name and there is no official record of him associating with them legally.


Let this play out. Wait and watch. We have no idea what’s happening BTS, we never will. We also cannot influence anything. So yes, speculate, reblog and enjoy this rollercoaster. Do whatever makes you happy. Don’t give yourself anxiety over this. Have trust in the band you love and support so much. Be kind to one another. 

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“HB: What’s it like working with Christopher Nolan on a film that’s based on true events, as opposed to one of his high-concept movies?

CM: There’s no difference, really. Chris has always been the same. He’s probably the most rigorous and dedicated filmmaker I’ve ever come across. He’s also essentially an old-fashioned filmmaker. He doesn’t use CGI, he doesn’t use 3G, he shoots on film—he shoots on Imax, in this case. All in Imax. He is always there right beside the camera, with the actors, never behind a monitor. You feel so safe being directed by someone of that talent. I feel very lucky to have worked with him over the years.”

This type of quote about Christopher Nolan is part of why I am so excited that Harry is working with him for his first big movie. He is known to be an amazing director and it’s so exciting that he saw something in Harry that was worth taking a chance on.

Eight Nights With Mr. Gold, Chapter Seven

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Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Notes:  Happy Chanukah and happy reading!

Chapter  1 2 3 4 5 6

Belle awoke to a text from Ruby.

“They’re here.”

They referred to the film crew from ABC set to take footage of Storybrooke so that the nation could vote to decide if it was the most Christmassy town… in America. She woke up and started getting dressed, her blue sweater and jingle bell pin a festive compromise. A survey of the pawn shop reveled the the horrible graffito was gone replaced by lights spelling out “Happy Chanukah” and light-up Stars of David.

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hour by hour (we passed the time) 1/10

category: Once Upon a Time

ships: captain swan (mainly), outlaw queen, snowing, captain charming.

genre: romance/comedy

rating: T

summary: (AU) “TiMER. The newest technology developed to countdown the days until you met your one true love.” Emma Swan has had her TiMER for over 10 years now and it still remains blank, reminding her that her happy ending isn't as close as she had hoped. Having her friends find their perfect matches can be disconcerting, but perhaps the arrival of an old friend who is lacking a TiMER of his own might lift her spirits. (based off the movie TiMER) 

Thanks for all of the support I have gain from this story! I’m sorry it took so long for me to post this chapter, but i wanted this to be perfect, and i’m still not sure if it even is. If you have any questions or comments, let me know, I'd love to discuss this with anyone!

Also, this is to everybody who saw the last episode, I know your heart is breaking so I hope this can help you with everything!

‘If a clock could count down to the exact moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know? That is the claim of our new devices called “the TiMER.” The next evolutionary step in computer match making, the TiMER lets you know when your perfect match has entered your life! With it’s-“

“Since the data discovered that all humans are on a path to true love, implanted just after the onset of puberty, and powered by body heat, the TiMER monitors level of oxytocin, the love hormone-“

“I zeroed out at midnight the night before, and the next day, I got a soul mate. My one true love. Ellen, I don’t think I can even describe the feeling I had when I saw him-“

“This progression of technology has come to the point where it is now telling us who to love? When will this madness end?”

“I think it’s amazing! Why choose to settle now that you can know when “the one” is just days away?”

“I didn't get one and I don’t think I’m going to. I’d rather decide myself who I want in my life, thanks.”

“Who says no to true love? It’s unheard of.”

“Jesus, is this all they talk about now? What happened to the real news? Like murders! What happened to all of the murders in the world? Let’s get back to that,”

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Can I request a scenario or imagine where Akashi+Kise+Kuroko are trying to chase after their dumb s/o bestfriend bc they have a HUGE crush on her by leaving hints or being romantic~? S/o just chillin with them & being carefree while them both are so frustrated & are trying xD (Oh my god is this too much to ask for? I'm so sorry! I really am just inlove with them boys >< and it'll be my first time reading a naive s/o! xD Comedy is a go go! So you can add anything that you want! I wont mind!)

I had a lot of fun writing these! Especially Kise’s, lmao

Kise: Today is going to be the day. He’ll finally win you over after what seems like several thousand attempts to earn your affection. To be honest, he’s absolutely head over heels for you- you’ve been his best friend for as long as he can remember. 

He knocks on your door. You’re in the middle of an art project, trying to figure out what else to put on it. You’re practically done, but it looks like something’s missing. You need a bit more decoration.
You go answer the door and find Kise there, waiting for you with something behind his back.
“_______chiiiiiii!” He says, presenting you with a bouquet of flowers. “I remember your favorite flower was a rose, so I got you so-”
You interrupt him by throwing your arms around his neck in a hug. “Thank you so much, Kise! The flower’s petals will look awesome on my art project!” You press a kiss to his cheek, then take the roses from his hand and run off towards your project.
Kise stands there, stunned. How? How? He walks into your room, closing the door behind him.
Well, at least he got you to kiss his cheek. 

Akashi: You and Akashi are sitting on your bed. He’s helping you remember your lines since you got the lead role. You’re playing the female lead, Diana, and he’s playing the male lead, Nolan.
“I love you more than anything, Diana,” he says smoothly. Akashi is an amazing actor- he doesn’t even have to try when he’s saying his lines.
“Oh, Nolan. If only we had one more day,” you recite, batting your eyelashes. You have no idea why your drama club keeps choosing these sappy, romantic plays, but it’s not like you can complain- it was almost unanimously selected.
You look down at the script again.
[NOLAN and DIANA kiss.] Without a second thought, you lean forward to kiss Akashi on the lips.
When you pull back, you notice that his face went red. “What’s wrong?” You ask, placing your hand on his forehead. “Are you sick?”
He takes your hand off his forehead gently, nodding. “Yeah. I haven’t been feeling very well, so I apologize if I can’t focus.”
Akashi sounded vaguely suspicious. Before you had any time to talk with him, however, he says the next line and you forget about it. But to Akashi, that was one moment that he would never forget. 

Kuroko: You’re hanging out with Kuroko today. You mentioned to him that you really wanted to see the meteor shower, so he took you miles away to a field on the outskirts of town.
He also brought a bunch of food, so you both start eating and chatting while you wait. You talk about the classes, about basketball, about how your day went… and the entire time, Kuroko’s smiling. You’re used to it, though. He always has this soft smile on his face whenever you speak.
“Hey, _______kun. I need to tell you something.”
He interrupts you in the middle of your story. Even though he doesn’t talk very loud, you stop.
Kuroko pauses for a moment. He really wants to tell you how he thinks about you, but then again, what if you don’t return his feelings?
Right before he can talk, though, you revert your attention to the sky. “Look, Kuroko! It started!”
He follows your gaze and sees that it has, in fact, begun. He’s a bit disappointed that he couldn’t confess quite yet, and also frustrated because he can’t count how many times he’s tried to do it and was interrupted.
Looking at your beaming face makes up for it, though. Kuroko finds himself smiling, too, and he wants to be stuck in this moment forever.