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ex-boyfriend! park jihoon

part two of the ex-boyfriend! wanna one series has arrived!!

thank you guys so much for 150 notes on the ex-bf! daniel scenario!! i honestly thought it would only reach like 20 max but 150!! im so happy omg

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.27k

ex-boyfriend! wanna one: 2/?

read the ending here!

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  • lets start this off by saying you and jihoon were never supposed to meet
  • it would’ve caused you two too much heartbreak if you did
  • but the world is cruel
  • and the two of you met a convenience store four blocks away from his school
  • you were not a normal student
  • your life was not normal to begin with
  • how could it be when your parents drove you to school in expensive foreign cars and gave you an allowance of two thousand dollars a month
  • that was more than some adults made in two months
  • ok back to the story
  • you were hiding in the convenience store because you didn’t want to go on a date with the son of a large electronics company 
  • you avoided that meeting not because you didn’t like him
  • he was a nice guy and very well-mannered
  • almost to the point where you wondered if someone really existed like this in real life
  • it was because he was in love with someone
  • you saw the way his eyes lit up when he talked about her
  • and you respected that
  • so you tried your hardest to stopped these meetings
  • but your dad wasn’t having any of that
  • “look y/n if we merge companies, you have even more money to spend and you don’t have to worry about working”
  • that was the thing your dad didn’t understand
  • you didn’t want money
  • you just wanted to be normal
  • going to cafes afterschool with friends
  • eating ddeokbokki in the middle of the night
  • laughing over something dumb your friends did
  • going to the movies in a big group
  • things that normal teenagers did you had never done
  • that was about to change
  • jihoon entered the convenience stored exactly four minutes after you did
  • the first thing he heard was you shouting
  • “how can i not be panicking when my mom is driving around the neighborhood, looking for me so she can drag me to try on wedding dresses!”
  • jihoon turned over to you and gawked when he realized you were a high school student just like him
  • his eyes trailed down to the badge that was pinned onto the lapel of your blazer
  • seoreung high school
  • aka the school with crazy high tuition fees, chaebols, and super cute uniforms
  • also god/goddess level visuals
  • for some reason, jihoon felt sorry for you even though he didnt know you
  • but it was kinda expected because come on
  • a high schooler trying on wedding dresses??
  • thats ridiculous
  • so he tapped on your shoulder and pointed towards the direction of his school
  • “if you’re trying to hide, i dont think your mom will expect you to be inside a performing arts school”
  • so the two of you ran back to sopa and jihoon found a uniform for you to change into
  • you thanked him quickly and ran off towards the nearest subway station
  • you didn’t notice your student id fall out of the side pocket
  • which meant you also didnt notice jihoon pick it up and smile to himself when he read the card
  • y/n
  • seoreung high school
  • year 1 class 3
  • that night jihoon stayed up late reading the front and back of your id multiple times
  • he looked up the start time of your school and made the decision to go and return it before sopa started
  • the next day
  • you were bring driven to school by your mother when you saw a familiar mustard sunflower yellow uniform in a sea of burgundy ones
  • as soon as your mother pulled over 
  • you dashed out of car and ran up to the person who you believe to be jihoon
  • “why are you here at seoreung?” 
  • jihoon turned around and smiled when he saw you
  • he fished the id out of his blazer pocket and handed it back to you
  • “you dropped this at my school yesterday” was all he said before he walked away from you and out the school gates
  • on the other side of your id card
  • jihoon had written a note on a post it
  • if you ever need to hide, come back to sopa
  • ill have a uniform ready for you 
  • my name is jihoon btw
  • heres my number and kkt id in case you ever need to tell me ahead of time! :)
  • your visits to sopa become more frequent after that
  • as soon as classes at seoreung ended
  • you would run to the subway station and take the subway for one stop to get to sopa
  • jihoon was usually waiting at the front gate with the spare uniform in a paper bag
  • you changed in the girl’s bathroom and usually left as soon as you thanked jihoon
  • one day it rained way too hard for you to go outside
  • jihoon suggested that you come watch him and his friends dance in the studio
  • you sat on the floor of the dance studio and watched as jihoon and the others rehearsed the newest routine 
  • after about an hour his friends left one by one to go to after school classes or plans they had with other friends
  • you and jihoon were the only ones left at this point
  • he sat down next to you and gave you a lopsided grin as he tried to even out his breathing
  • you turned off your phone and turned around to face jihoon who sat closer to you than you expected
  • jihoon was focused on your lips the whole time after he had sat down beside you
  • your three coats of lip balm were drawing more attention than you expected
  • jihoon put both his hands down on the floor and leaned forward, kissing you as the rain outside pelted down on the concrete
  • that was your first day together as a couple
  • you and jihoon would spend more time at sopa than any other place in the city
  • whether it was watching him dance or doing homework together, the two of you were almost always together after school ended
  • that was until your parents found out that you were going to sopa everyday after school
  • two months after you and jihoon started dating when you were at home
  • your mother dropped a manila folder full of pictures of you and jihoon together
  • you looked though each them and grew angrier and angrier as you saw more intimate pictures of you together
  • a large number of them were just of you two holding hands or hugging
  • but there were a few of you kissing jihoon with your arms around his neck and his hands on your waist
  • “were you following me the whole time?!”
  • she didn’t answer and instead sat down on the seat across from you
  • “look y/n we didn’t want to do this, but you’ve been avoiding sungho for the past four months. we had to see what kind of person the boy your were seeing was.”
  • you were honestly ready to leave the room and run away again but the next thing your mother said made you stop in place
  • “we gave him a spot in an entertainment company y/n”
  • let’s fast forward to the present day shall we?
  • jihoon was sitting inside the van as they drove by the neighborhood he met you in
  • he was scrolling through news on his phone while the other members of wanna one did the same or slept
  • when they stopped at a red light
  • jihoon had froze in place in his seat
  • the van started again and his phone flew out of his hand and onto the floor of the vehicle
  • daughter of the ceo of baeksung corp. y/n and heir to eungang electronics choi sungho dating for a year and a half and engaged. to be married the fall of next year

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1/2 hear me out imagine richie realising he likes stan but not knowing what to do cos "wait my nickname is literally trashmouth and stans a mythical creature not from this planet im not entirely sure how to go about this" he goes to ben for help and ben reckons poems are definitely the way to go. so they write one together and richie leaves it in stans locker. lunch time rolls around and stan is smiling huge and richie thinks "yup this is it i did it"

2/2 dont think it sent before but here it is if i remember it well! stan goes to ben instead, smile wide, hugs him and says “you write the most thoughtful things, bevs a lucky girl” and richie is speechless cos 1) whatta smile and 2)that should be his??? stan turns and gives richie a polite nod and talks to bill before ben can correct him. richie doesnt know whether he should laugh or cry and ben agrees. but he wont give up! hes still got his flowers that ben thinks can fix things up…hopefully

I love this prompt so much anon thank you so much for sending it! I hope you dont mind me posting in two parts (part two will be up at some point this week) I hope you enjoy!!! (All feedback is encouraged and if anyone wants to be tagged in p2 let me know cause why the heck not)

Part 1 / Part 2

“Stop distracting me trashmouth”

“Ah c’mon Stan the Man you know you love it really! Who the fuck wants to spend their Friday night studying anyway?”

Richie and Stan were hauled up in Stan’s room, Stan at his desk, nose in a book trying to prepare for the history test they had next week, while Richie hung upside down on the bed, glasses slipping off his face, throwing little pieces of paper in Stan’s general direction. Yes he was annoying. No he didn’t care.

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged.”

I was tagged by @xintract


Last drink: water
Last phone call: my dad called to pick me up 
Last text message: It’s either “^-^” or “kkkk”
Last song you listened to: Tooth Paste Kisses by The Maccabees
Last time I cried: I want to all the time


Dated someone twice: thank god it’s no
Been cheated on: well… it doesn’t count
Kissed someone and regretted it: kinda?
Lost someone special: yup
Been depressed: All the time I function with the apathy it bring. I hate it
Been drunk and thrown up: Nah fam


Made a new friend: All the time actually 

Fallen out of love: yea it sucks

Laughed until you cried: yea, it was a literal rotfl
Met someone who changed you: Everyone I meet changes me in a way
Found out who your true friends were: Yes
Found out someone was talking about you: Yea, then I dropped them into a ditch. Or if it was good, I hugged them
How many people on tumblr do you know in real life?: 2
Do you have any pets?: Kinda? The leopard gecko ain’t mine but I have a pet cactus
Do you want to change your name?: I ask people to call me something else sometimes… so no? My name has so many nicknames
What time did you wake up this morning?: 6:02
What were you doing last night?: Writing fanfiction
Name something you cannot wait for: October shipping weeks and my new figure drawing class
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nah
What’s getting on your nerves right now?: INFINITE SNEEZE
Blood type: My mom is O so I might be? I haven’t checked
Nickname: Cole, Nikki, Zoe
Relationship status: so single and so so desperate
Zodiac sign: leo
Pronouns: they/them or whatever 
Favorite tv show: I have so many just check my tags
College: Well… i’ll let you know when I get accepted
Hair color: Medium Brown

What do you like about yourself: My… creativeness?

First surgery: none actually

First piercing: well regular earing holes and I tired getting 2 more… TRIED 
First sport you joined: ha no. 
First vacation: San Francisco. I love it 
First pair of sneakers: how would I know?
Eating: H O W
Drinking: is this referring to alcohol? I love Dr. Pepper
I’m about to: Write some mean Xefmek
Listening to: Your Song by Ellie Goulding
Want kids: N O

Get married: I would kinda like to? I don’t think anyone would though
Career: Storyboard artist is what im striving for

Lips or eyes: eyes
Hugs or kisses: kisses
Shorter or taller: who cares?
Older or younger: idk
Romantic or spontaneous:  both? It depends

Sensitive or loud: uhhhhhh???

Hook up or relationship: relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: ehhhhh I honestly dont have preferences for people

Kissed a stranger: nope
Drank hard liquor: NO
Lost glasses/contacts: The real struggle
Sex on first date: uh no
Broken someone’s heart: I think maybe
Been arrested: nope
Turned someone down: when the only people who ever seem to like you all have stalkerish behavior… yea
Fallen for a friend: 2x trust me dont do it. Bad. It just hurts

In yourself: sure
Miracles: yea why not
Love at first sight: only slightly
Heaven: only darkness after death
Santa Claus: I did… Once

Im tagging just people I know

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huh… I thought I knew more people…

Sentenced (Richie/Eddie)

Request: REDDIE

A/N: Hello! This is the first fictional piece I have written in nearly two years, but hey, I thought to give writing another shot. Here’s a short Reddie Detention fluff, badly written, badly titled, but for a great ship. Requests are open.

Richie Tozier shoves open the door to the detention room, startling the already seated students out of their boredom-induced dazed. Frustration ebbed through him. He couldn’t believe he was given a detention, do the teachers even know him? Of course he was going to make a joke, he wasn’t going to let such a priceless opportunity go to waste. Richie, completely fed up with life, turned towards his peers and threw his arms out.

“Greeting ladies and gentlemen!” He tiredly belted out in a dramatic film presenter voice ”Today, you have the most unimaginable joy of suffering alongside I, –“

“Mr. Tozier, sit down and be quiet, this is the detention room, ” Mr Hourigan sighed, massaging his forehead in the attempt to cure his inevitable headache.

“Sure thing Mr. Hooligan!” Richie quickly replied. He threw himself down into the first chair he saw, dumping his school bag on the desk and resting his head against it. He planned on taking a nap, if the teacher allowed it. If not, then Richie would set about making Mr. Hourigan’s life hell until he caved in.

Less than a few seconds after Richie closed his eyes, the door opened again, followed by a set of tentative footsteps. He paid it no mind. Well, that was until Richie heard the voice of his favorite person in the world.

“Afternoon, Mr. Hourigan” Eddie said, sounding like the fucking angel we was.

“Oh! Mr. Kasprak! I thought this wasn’t your type of crowd…”

Eddie shrugged “Yeah, I guess so”

“EDDIE!” Richie nearly screeches “You’ve sunk down to our level just so you could spend time with me? I’m flattered, really.”

“Shut up, wiseass, I’m not here because I want to be” Eddie hisses, taking the seat next to Richie

“Are you sure about that? Because last time I checked, none of u–“

“Richard Tozier, if you don’t stop bickering in the next few seconds, I’ll be forced to give detention tomorrow” Mr. Hourigan snapped.

“But sir! I was just helping poor Eds out! You know how fragile he is, someone’s gotta be there to keep him company!”

“Fragile?!” Eddie spluttered, “I am not fragile!”

“Ha! That’s exactly what your mom said last night!”

“Boys!” The teacher belted, standing up from his desk “Zip it! You two are making so much of a racket, it’s sounding more like the canteen than the detention room! Now stop fighting, and be quiet!”

The two kids were left with their mouth hanging open helplessly. Eddie’s face lit up a brilliant shade of red, looking down at his table in shame as Richie mouthed the air helplessly like a fish. He tried to form some words, with only strangled ‘buts’ coming out before the teacher shushed him. Feeling smug, Mr. Hourigan sat back at his desk sighing, leaning on his elbows and resting his head down on his arms.

Richie snickered, noticing how his teacher’s position was very similar to the one he was in before Eddie arrived. Richie took this moment to glance at the other students, who all seemed to have returned to their same lazy facial expressions, before Richie quickly ducked his hand into his backpack. He scavenged and pulled out a pencil and a piece of paper, starting to silently draw. A few moments passed, and Richie’s masterpiece was done. He turned to his friend, psst, and raised the drawing to his head. Eddie looked up at him with a stoic face as Richie held a crudely drawn picture of a hand holding a gun, as the other boy jerked his body, acting as though he had shot himself. Pathetic, Eddie thought, trying to stifles his laughs.

Eddie also had a brilliant idea; he leant down to his backpack and took out his own sheet of paper and a pencil with haste. He wrote down a message then handed it discretely to Richie.

Eddie: Hey

The boy took one look at the piece of paper before replying

Richie: howdy

Eddie: This seems really stupid now

Richie: your the one thats stupid, why are you in dentension anyway?

Eddie: I was late to class because I had an asthma attack and forgot my inhaler

When Eddie was handed back the note, Richie had not written a new message. Instead, he had crossed out the word ‘asthma’ and wrote ‘panic’ underneath it.

Eddie: Yeah sure whatever

Riche: I cant believe you got in trouble for tardiness of all things

Eddie: Why are you here?

Richie: I made a your mum joke in science

Eddie: I expected nothing less

Richie: you cant blame a comedy genious for doing his job. The teacher was talking about how the universe is always expanding, and I said ‘yeah expanding into your mother’ Priceless!

Eddie: That wasen’t even good and now you’re in detention for it. If you just stopped being an ass then you would be able to hang out with the rest of the losers club more often

Richie: whats the point of life if you cant make a joke Eddie Spagetti?


Up the front of the classroom, a loud cough was heard, loud enough to make the two boys jump. Richie quickly stuffed the paper into his bag and looked up, squeaking when he saw the teacher standing right in front of the pair.

“How’s it going Mr. Hooligan?”

“I’m doing pretty well, but you two,” he pointed at the both of them with each hand “will not be. Detention. Tomorrow. If you’re not there, then it’ll be after-school. I’ll be waiting”

Eddie gulped. The teacher walked away as the bell rang through the halls, signaling the end of the session.

“Well Eds, looks like we both have detention together, again”.

Reality G L I T C H Auditions.

The Tran family lives in the suburbs of Ohio. their twin Sons, Dante and Edgar( their mother loves literature) go to high school (sophmores.) And their daughter, Kathryn is a senior. Their oldest Theo is non-binary and just graduated. Xe are living at home while Xe get they work as a nurse. Joan Tran (their mother) is a preschool teacher. And their other mother Rose Tran Works as a radiology tech at the local hospital. —–!!!—– The Tran Family lives just past the limits of Claspia. Their twins sons Edgar and Dante smuggled the family out of the deeper part of the city as the fighting began. They watch the trenches. Their Daughter Kathryn Keeps their small cabin stocked and cleaned to prevent illness, and their mother Joan keeps watch over the children of their small community orphaned or otherwise, in the basement. Rose Tran their other mother tends the medical tents with their oldest child Theo.

Which Exsists as reality splits.

If you are interested in auditioning please send an email to also include,


preferred pronouns

do you have a discord/can you get one

why you would like to be a part of this podcast.

(all parts are unpayed)

Also other parts will come in, if you would like to be considered for parts not listed here please let us know.

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soulmates! jaeno pt.1

anonymous asked: hey so i loved your nct soulmates and I was wondering if you could do it for jaemin and jeno too???? It would be amazing if you did~~~~ anyways have a good day cupcake :3333

a/n: agskahdkajs okay so I got an ask on anon asking for a soulmates! jaeno au and I was super happy and I’ve been planning to do this for forever so here it is!!!!!1!1!1!!!

concept: when you meet your soulmate, a mark appears on your right wrist that is identical to one on your soulmates left wrist (or vice versa)

everything is under the cut bc i got carried away oops

Part Two

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

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Friends Themed Asks!

Lore  @rainbow-tonks Who’s the first friend you’ve made on this sight? Do you want kids? What kind of parent would you be?

PJ @just-my-happy-things Are you a night owl or an early bird? What kind of dreams do you have? What was your worst nightmare and how did you cheer yourself up after?

Jo @lilyflowerevans - If you were a warrior what would be your weapon of choice? What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful? What’s your aesthetic?

A @actuallyginnyweasley - Name ten things you love about yourself! ( and you can’t do the thing where you say I love drawing but I suck. No insults allowed!)

Ryan @ryanthedemiboy - What are you most proud of? Have you drunk enough water today? What’s something you can do right now to improve your life a little? Do it.

Fynn @spidey-boii - Favorite kind of music? Would you be down to steal an airplane and watch cartoons with me in a blanket fort? Who’s your crush?

Grace @askthegirlwholoved  If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Are you a punk mermaid or a badass faerie? Why?

Kat @amayzing-mayzie - Would you rather be able to change your appearance or become invisible? Favorite zombie movie? Disney princess you relate to most?

Alicia babe deactivated :’(- Favorite accessory? Most brave thing you’ve ever done? What would your patronus be?

Eddie! @queer-and-sparkly  - If you had to dye your hair an unnatural color what would it be? Do you believe in soul mates? What’s your favorite book?

Malu @notdoingyourhomeworkweasley - What’s your favorite way to show affection? Do you speak any other languages? Do you like cats?

Rose @ofemeraldandsilverblood - Are you more of a crazy aunt or a wine mom? How do you react to compliments and what was the last one you got?

Erika @oh-dont-worry-honey - Nicest thing you’ve ever done? What was the best present you ever received?

Allison @lockhart-imagines -Who is the newest friend you’ve made? How close are you? How did you picture Tonks as a kid? How do you comfort a friend?

Rafe the Fave @dobbyisafreeblog -Top ten favorite anything! Food, music, periodic elements

Naomi/ Mingsty the Dragon @cheezit-insanity -What’s your favorite animal real or otherwise? Favorite snack as a child? Favorite snack now? preferred mode of transportation?

Siri @ask-siri-lupin - What do you believe is your greatest talent if you havent found it yet, what’s something you do that makes you unbelievably happy?

Katie @swlotakulady34 On a scale of 1-10 how hot do you think you are? What do you do when you feel lonely?

Celeste @little-jar favorite HP era?first book you fell in love with?Gimme a compliment!

Justyn @justyncase favorite LGBTQ headcanons for your favorite fandom. do you have any pins,buttons, or patches? would you like too?

(Feel free to add on to this with your friends’ names and a question you relate with them. If you don’t see your name on here but we’re friends that’s probably because I don’t know your real name lol or I just forgot either way let me know and I’ll add)

Heart ~C.G.~

Summary: you’re little brother needs a heart transplant.

Requested: yes

Note: 2 more imagines coming and then the prologue for my Gang Fanfic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were in the car taking my brother to another doctors appointment. We’re going to see if he needs surgery now or if we continue with medicine. My poor brother, he’s been going through this since he was 3 months old. He was so strong and adorable and I hate that he’s going through this.

As we walked into the hospital to see his doctor I told him a funny story about the time me and Carl got stuck in a dumpster running from bullies.

“Hello, how are you guys today?” The nurse comes in to prep him for his appointment. She asks us the usual questions about our day and how he’s been eating and sleeping and exercising. She finally left and in came the actual doctor.

“Hey little man, how’ve you been?”

My brother just smiles at him.

“Okay, we’re going to draw a little bit of blood to run some tests and than we’re gonna take you to the special x ray machine and have a look at your heart okay?”

My brother doesn’t say anything. I grab his hand so he can squeeze when they take his blood. After they finish drawing the blood from his arm, they give him a bandaid and we go the same room we’ve been to a million times.

“Ok, hmm. Mrs. Y/L/N, could you step out with me a moment?” The doctor says grabbing two pictures printed from the machines side.

I help my brother get his shirt on and ask him how it felt to be a superhero.

“A TRANSPLANT?! ARE YOU 100% SURE?” I hear my mother yell from outside the door.

I tell my brother to stay while I go outside.

“What’s going on? What’s up with his heart?” I ask the doctor.

“Well, he’s going to need a new heart. This picture on the left is what a healthy normal heart should look like, on the right we have y/b/n’s. He’s going to need it within the next 6-12 months but as soon as possible would be preferred.” The doctor explains.

“Okay, so how long is the wait?” I say upset.

“Well, we get anywhere from 5 to 0 hearts a week. If we put him on the list, he could probably last until a new child’s heart comes in.” The doctor says quietly.

“Probably? You’re telling me there’s basically no way to save him. You’re okay with a small child dying because there wasn’t enough hearts to go around?” I say growing angry. I feel my mom grab my hand but I shake it off and go back into the room with my brother.

I pick him up and take him back to the car. I buckle him in and wait for my mom.

She gets in the car and sits for a second.

“It’s going to be okay everyone. I promise.” She says before starting the car.

“Can you drop me off at Carl’s house?” I say without looking at her. She sighs but agrees and takes off for the Gallagher residence.

I knock on the door and it’s opened my little Liam.

“Hey buddy, is Carl here?” I say walking in anyway. Liam nods and points to upstairs before going back to some tv show.

I trek up the stairs, passing Debbie and Fiona arguing about something on the way up.

I get to Carl’s room that he shares with Ian and Liam. I knock before slowly opening the door.

I see Carl on his bed sleeping. I walk over to him and shake him lightly.

“Carl, babe. Wake up” I say quietly before standing on my tip toes to kiss his forehead, then his cheek then his lips. He groans before smiling and turning the other way. I huff and hop up in his bed and straddling his body making him lay on his back.

“Literally any boy, would love to be woken up like this Gallagher. What the hell is wrong with you?” I say lightly laughing. Carl wraps his arms around my back pulling me into his chest and turning us so we are on our side.

“Carl wake up, I need to talk to you about something serious” I say pushing away from him slightly. He kinda sits up so his shoulders and head is against his headboard. I move with him and rest my head on his chest.

“What is it babygirl?”

“Y/b/n has to have a heart transplant and they say he might survive until then. He needs it within the next 6-12 months but if we put him in the waiting list, there’s no telling when he’ll get it. My baby brother needs a heart Carl and I think I’m gonna give it to him.” I say tracing circles in his stomach to keep from crying.

“What do you mean, you’re gonna give it to him, y/n you only have one heart and you can’t give that up.” Carl says more serious.

“I’m gonna drown myself” I say looking at Carl.

“No the hell you aren’t. Your baby brother is strong and I know he’ll last. He also wouldn’t want you dead just so he can have a new organ”

“Carl he’s so young, I just want this to be over for him. I don’t want him to suffer anymore. We have the same blood type and everything. He could have my heart and live long and he wouldn’t have to worry about breaking down any moment.” I sit up and cross my arms.

“I don’t give a fuck what blood type you are. You can’t give up your heart. IM NOT LETTING YOU KILL YOURSELF I DONT CARE. I love you and so does your little brother. Why would he want you dead y/n. Don’t be fucking stupid. You’re a idiot if you are even considering that as an option. I swear to you, your brother will get a heart and it’s not gonna be yours. Now lay the fuck back down and take a nap with me princess” Carl growls at me before pulling me back down and kissing my forehead.

“I love you too Carl.” I say snuggling in his chest still thinking about my brother. Maybe I should just let fate deal with this one. Whatever happens, happens.


*4 months later*

My baby brother actually got a new heart earlier than expected. When I left Carl’s house that night, I had a talk with my brother. I asked him if he wanted my heart and he said, even if something happened, he wouldn’t accept my heart. So I figured there was no point in trying.

But things did work out, and I guess I have Carl to thank for that.

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i have a friend who is like on the EDGE of biasing minhyuk can u list reasons why he is the Best

Hello first of all i apologize for pushing this message off but it was because i wanted to fully dedicate my thoughts to it… anyway here’s a list that’s a big combination of reasons why he’s the best and why i love him and just good moments

  • good vocalist dancer and probably rapper? (i dont have a good link for dance just. stare at him during the dance practices) also a visual extraordinaire? he has it all
  • his stage presence?? is so hot?? he looks so fierce and serious but then he also has cute lil moments like this at 1:40 and also here at 2:37 :(( a whole cutie
  • this whole stage.. the duality of man.. the sexiest stage he’s ever done but also he smiles like a Babie every 5 seconds
  • he loves his family SO much oh my god.. when he talked about them in no mercy and also mon happy radio and also his liev and also in montories on stage where he couldn’t stop crying but he really wanted to get out how much he loved his family i’m….. he’s such a good son and also brother when he talked in mon happy radio about how much he looks after his brother and he wants to be a good older brother
  • he works so so hard? at everything? as it relates Right Here though remember during no mercy when his mom talked about how she talked to his vocal teacher and they told her how minhyuk always showed up earlier than any of the other students and how he was one who worked the hardest :((
  • on the topic of working hard…. he puts so much effort into every little thing!! and he’s ALWAYS thinking of monbebe :( three big examples are the handwriting vid for his stage (he went through 30 pieces of practice paper in one day?), the vids of him drawing for the art exhibition (we love an artsy man and also he kept talking about how much he loves mbb :( ), and the whole director lee series that he personally thought of because he wanted mbb to have something to enjoy? 
  • and speaking of him loving monbebe what the Fuck he literally takes us out on dates that’s how much he loves us i literally can’t believe this he really.. takes us out on vlive dates… he dresses up for us and plans out a whole date night im really in tears
  • he literally has the best everything let me elaborate
    • the best smile!! i know they all have great smiles but minhyuk is really The Sun and when he smiles/laughs he really just completely glows and it makes you feel so warm inside
    • his lil dimples right above his mouth when he makes that one face!
    • the way his eyes/blinks are a little uneven :( and that he said he likes that about himself because it makes him unique and monbebes like it :(
    • his abs.. or his tummy… i love them both boy was really going around with an 8pack during hero era and he says he has a tummy now and i bet it’s really really cute :(
    • his forehead is probably the best too probably sexy but we never get to see it anyway he looks h*ttest out of everyone in snapbacks 
  • he’s said one thing he likes about himself is how he’s very honest and straightforward and i really admire that about him 
  • his thought process is also just fascinating? won’t get into it here but if you watch mon happy radio or anything else where he’s asked for his advice on things the way he thinks of things is so unique :O
  • pretty sure he’s a genius in some way like. im pretty sure its in this video where he’s like fake reading his calligraphy book and they take it away and ask him what’s on a random page and he pretty much recites the paragraph and everyone (himself included) is like how the hell did that just happen
  • also he knows his members so well he literally knew changkyun was the mafia after 5 seconds because of the way his mouth was shaped what the fuck
  • onto this topic. HE HAS SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIS MEMBERS i talk about this a lot so i wont too much but he’s really one of the most supportive members imo.. you can really see it the most with like shownu? he’s always encouraging him to speak up and show his talents and to tell jokes (beautiful comeback week where shownu started to tell a joke but gave up but minhyuk told him to have confidence :( ) like.. he really just loves and supports everyone so much

honestly i have more things that i could talk about but i really think im gonna stop here because im not sure you wanted this much.. not sure if this really helps or if this is just me crying about how much i love him… hello friend please love minhyuk ♡

size queen yuri plisetsky’s twitter brags

y’all, i thought about this headcanon while i was going to sleep and kept giggling about it and here we are??? i’m also obsessed with yuri being a size queen i literally cannot get enough of it. anyway, sorry for all of this??it got away from me hardcore??

read it on ao3 if u wanna

Yuri groans, buries deeper into his blankets to avoid the sunlight creeping into the bedroom. His skin aches, his head aches, his throat aches; upon further inspection, he realizes there’s nothing that doesn’t ache, which typically means it was a very good night

It’s all a bit hazy, only vague memories floating through the remnants of too much alcohol and the softness of sleep. Yuri recalls finally stumbling to the club after the pre-game at one of Otabek’s friend’s house. He remembers pocketing both of their phones while Otabek took the DJ stand for a set (or two, or three?), but past that…not more much than the burn of booze and wandering hands and, naturally, Beka’s lips, but that all was pretty standard for a night out in Almaty.

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I just had a neato idea (involving my headcanon character Lina Lahiffe)

What if, in the turtle verse, the last time Nino saw his sister was a few months back, right after he was kidnapped by hawkmoth. She was already there when he was taken home, she had jumped on the train the second she got the news. She had followed every update on her phone, agonizing the whole four hour ride. She did her best to comfort her parents, she held them as they panicked and she stared numbly in her little brothers room as the police sorted through it aimlessly. It had been her room. It was the biggest, Nino moved into it after she left.

She wondered what would have happened if she had still been home, one door over from her little brother. Maybe nothing would have changed. Maybe something… 

As she sat with her parents, the storm growing worse and worse outside, she was on her phone. She was looking back at every akuma attack, reading every report. She stopped on a blurry distant image of the bubbler. Her hands shook. 

She had started thinking of it then, even before her brother came home and she held him. She couldnt shake the image of her mothers desperate gaze, watching the door. Waiting for her son. 

It was a few months before she mentioned her idea to her parents, and she had used those few months to get ready. She had to ask for a raise, wait till she got it, search for a bigger place. She paid attention to the schools in Bordeaux, and when a two bedroom apartment went up near a well regarded district she grabbed it. She already had the room prepared before she ever mentioned it.

Her parents hesitated at first, they were thinking of his friends, his school everything he had in Paris, but Lina knew it wouldnt take much convincing. Anytime they thought back on what happened that same horrified look would pass over them.

“We can make him…” her father said slowly, his tone somber. “We can. He’s still young… but he’ll hate you.” Her father looked her in the eyes. “He’ll hate you for this. You know that don’t you?”

She hesitated, but she nodded, her parents looking away from the video call between them, away from the camera and towards her little brothers bedroom. 

“They said he’d be safe…” her mother said slowly, guilt clear in her posture. Could they really do this to him?

“He should have been safe before Mama… he’ll like it in Bordeaux, he’ll adjust… it’s better this way. I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t believe that.” 

“He’ll say no.”

“I know he will. Let me talk to him about it.”

A few weeks pass before Lina gets enough time off, she doesn’t tell her family she’s coming. She just shows up at the steps of Nino’s school, and she smiles at how excited he is to see her. He hugs her and she hugs him back, holding him tightly and relishing in how happy he was. 

She didn’t want to force him to do anything… but she wanted him to understand. 

It wasn’t until that night that they started to talk, on the rooftop a few feet apart. 


“No.” he said firmly, staring her down with a mature kind of intensity she had never seen before. “I’m not discussing this, this isn’t open for debate.” 

“You have to under-”

“I’m not leaving!” he suddenly shouts at her, his hands gesturing to the city as it moves at night. “Lina how can you ask me this!? There isn’t anything to understand!” 

“You can’t possibly be so bullheaded that you don’t see what that night did to them Nino, to me!” she shouts back, fighting to steady herself. “Can’t you understand where we’re coming from on this?”

He stops, looking away. He’s steadying his breathing, his hands on the lip of the wall surrounding the rooftop. It’s quiet for awhile.

“Of course I get it Lina… I know why you’re doing this. I get it. But I can’t… leave. There are things you don’t understand, it’s not that easy anymore. But even if it was?” he looks at her, his gaze is even. “I’d still say no. This is my home and even if you left I’m not, this is where my friends are, my school. I have responsibilities now.” 

“I’m not saying you can’t visit-”

“That’s not good enough!” he shoots back, begging her to understand. Her eyes track his agitated movement, one hand stroking his left forearm, just above a bracelet she hadn’t noticed. “I can’t leave Lina. I can’t. I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t make this hard Nino. I knew this would hurt you, I knew that going in but I still believe its the right thing. You know how much I love you. And if I can bear having my little brother hate me then you have to understand how serious i am.”

Nino pauses, for a moment becoming completely still. She watches in resigned pain as something hardens in his eyes, regarding her differently in a way she despised. 

“Are you saying I don’t have a choice?” 

She doesn’t respond, and she can see pain there, in the familiar bright color of his eyes. 

“Lina,” he says slowly, stunned, taking a step towards her. “You can’t be serious.”

“It’s all set up.” her voice is distant, it has to be. She can’t afford to have it shake. “Your school records have already been transferred. You’re listed as a dependent on the lease.”

No,” he says darkly. “Damn it i said no! I’m not going with you!” 

“It isn’t safe in Paris anymore Nino.” 

“And you want to make it worse!?”

She draws back, brow furrowing. Nino looks caught out, then frustrated. He’s searching for the words, he rubs at the bracelet again, conflicted.

“I’m safe Lina, I know you’re not doing this lightly. I get it. But you’ve got to believe me when I say I can’t. Not anymore. Maybe a year ago I would have hated you and been forced to go and maybe a year ago I would have just been miserable in a new city without a say, but now you can’t. Not you or mom or dad. I’m staying, I have to.” He meets her eyes, for a moment appearing so much older and she doesn’t know what to say. “People need me here in Paris.” 

“I don’t understand.”

“I know,” he says with a sigh, turning away from her and starting to pace. “I know you dont and i know you wont give up because you dont get it. I can’t afford to have you trying to rip me away, theres too much thats already happening.” He takes a deep breath, and from a short distance away he seems so different from who she knew. She wondered if it was him who had changed the most, in the end. 

“Lina…” he says softly, looking back at her with those same, ancient eyes. “If you could understand what I mean when I say I have to stay, would you let it go? Would you give up if I could guarantee you everything was alright?”

“How are you going to do that?”

He hesitates, watching her in silence before he sighs again, closing his eyes.

“Theres something I have to show you.”


- all your answers should have only ONE character, unless stated otherwise. (i understand that it’ll be hard since all the Haikyuu characters are all so lovable but pls, pick only ONE otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this game!)

- if you want to elaborate your answer as to why you picked something, go ahead! there is an implied why in all the questions.

- tag at least 10 other people. (share the Haikyuu love ♥‿♥)

- if you get tagged, pls copy the rules as well.

- and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun~

I was tagged by @sleep-pose!! THANK YOU this was really fun (also im going to take this opportunity to say I think you’re cooler than a cucumber)

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You think I'm special?

Requested by animemaya​: May be you could make one of Teen Wolf about Y/N who becomes a supernatural thing (like a banshee or something) and she/he didn’t know about any of that so Scott and the pack explain her/him everything and convince her/him to join their pack


Your name: submit What is this?

“Stiles?” Scott said with an raised eyebrow and turned to him. “The door is open.." 

Stiles held his Baseball bat up and looked worried to Scott as he walked in your house.

"Maybe this is a big mistake and Y/N was just at the wrong time in the wrong place.” Scott whispered to Stiles as they looked in the rooms.

“Scott, do you see someone? I dont. This cant be a mistake, just because you dont want to think that you wanted to ask a killer out for a date. She found a body, before Lydia and then she disappeared and you couldnt find her.”

“She could just be a frightened girl. I mean what would you’ve done if you were a new girl in the town, who find a dead body in the night, in the middle of nowhere.”

“Call the Sheriff? Like Lydia did.” Stiles said and turned to Scott. “Where are her mom, I mean did she have a mom or did she killed her family? Where did she came from and what the hell is she..?”

“Do you think she’s like Lydia?” Scott asked.

“Or is she the one who made the deadpool list?” Stiles asked fast.

“I dont know, lets get upstairs.” Scott said. 


When the boys came upstairs and found your room they looked in every corner until they heard something.

“Stiles?” Scott asked shocked and looked to your bathroom.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You screamed as you came out of your shower and saw Scott and Stiles in your room. “What the hell are you doing in my house?! Are you here to kill me? Are you the killers?” You asked terrified and grabbed a nail file which was right next to you.

Scott and Stiles stood there shocked and didnt know what to say.

“No. no we are not the killers.” Scott answered.

“Are you?” Stiles asked and Scott looked at him. “I mean my dad told me you found the body and ran away..”

“Yes I found the body and I dont know why I was in the woods in the middle of the night. I told your dad this too.” You said and crossed your arms. “But that didnt explain why you two are standing in my room and have my Elephant in your arm.”

“We- we wanted to look if you’re okay, I mean you found a body.” Scott said and tried to save this situation.

“Well, except that I stay here with a towel and nothing more and two strangers in my room.. Yes I’m okay.” You said. “Now could you please leave my house?”

“Yes sure-”

“Wait! One more question.” Stiles said. “Where are your parents?”

You looked down and tried not to cry.

“Well, I think your dad didnt told you everything.” You said and looked up again. “My dad died in Afghanistan and yesterday, I found my mothers dead body.”

They boys didnt know what they should say.

“I am, I mean- We are so sorry.” Scott said.

“Now could you please leave?” You asked and they did.


Next day at the school:

You could feel that everyone were looking at you, even when they tried not to. You asked yourself why you come to school.. but if you didnt you probably wouldnt stop crying. You went to your locker as a girl, who was standing at the end of the hallway with Scott and Stiles walked over to you.

“Did they send you?” You asked and closed your locker.

“That obvious?” The girl said with a smile. “I’m Lydia.”

“I’m Y/N and you probably know that. I mean I’m the girl who found her mothers body and I’m also the girl who is annoyed by this two idiots, who broke in my house, over there.” You said pissed and looked to Scott and Stiles while they tried to hide.

“I’m sorry for them.” Lydia said and looked also to them. “But they are worried about you.” She smiled.

“They dont even know me.”

“Well, maybe they want to know you. I definitely want that and I think-” Lydia said as she looked at the hallway to the people who starred at you. “You could need some friends." 

"I think you’re right..-” You started but the school bell stopped you. “I’m sorry I’ve maths now and I cant missed that I’m very bad haha.” You laughed and walked in your class.

“Okay maybe I can help you sometimes.” Lydia shouted after you.


Stiles and Scott ran to Lydia who wanted to go in her class too.

“Did she say something?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah that you two Idiots broke in your house, really guys? Really?”

“Well, we wanted to know if she’s the killer.” Stiles argued and Scott nodded.

“I think she’s just a poor girl who could need some friend and not some stalkers.” Lydia said and went to her English class.

“Lydia is right, Y/N is just a girl with bad luck.. Maybe could feel that something was wrong with her mother and sleepwalk.”

“This is something what Banshees do.” Stiles argued and crossed his arms.

“Or a worried daughter.” Scott said and raised his eyebrow.


Your class door opened , you ran out and the coach came out of the door.

“Y/N come here!” The coach yelled after you.

“Hey Coach whats going on?” Scott asked confused.

“There you both are! Stilinski in the class, NOW!” The Coach said serious and Stiles went into the class. “McCall, look what Y/N’s problem is. She ran out and didnt say anything.”

“Okay Coach.”



Scott got a message from Stiles.
Malia told him that you were acting strange and that you draw a lot of water lately.

Scott tried to focus on your heartbeat and could finally found you in the sports room.


“Hey are you okay?” Scott asked as he found you crying on the shower ground. “I’m not stalking you, the coach said-”

“It’s okay.” You whispered. “I dont know whats going on.. Before my mother died I draw the woods, every day and everywhere, then I found her in the woods and everything looked exactly like my draws but I still dont know how I get there and now I draw water and I end up here?”

“Y/N, did your mother draw or say sometimes strange things to you?” Scott asked carefully, he didnt want you to cry more.

“No but my mom always said I draw so beautiful like my dad.”

Scott needed to sit down as he heard that. He knew how you could find your mother.

“I dont know how to tell you that Y/N-" 

"Tell me what?” You asked and stopped crying.

“Your a Banshee and your dad was one too.”

“A what? Are you kidding?” You laughed sarcastic.

“A Banshee. I thought that you might could be but I hoped you were not.” He started, went over to you and sit next to you. “The ginger girl you met-”

“Lydia?” You asked. “She’s nice why? Did she killed my mom?” You asked shocked.

“No, no, no, no she’s like you. She can find body’s and feel the death. She is a Banshee.. With a bit practice you can learn how to control it. We can help you.”

“Scott if this should be a joke, it’s not funny.” You said confused with tears in your eyes.

“Look in my eyes.” Scott said and you did. 

“What the hell?” You asked shocked as his eyes glowed red.

“I’m a Werewolf. And Stiles, Liam, Kira, Malia and Lydia, they’re my pack and we can help you. I want to help you.”

“Why?” You asked him.

“Because I dont want you to feel alone. You are not alone, you’re special and I could need you in my pack too.” Scott smiled and tried to cheer you up.

“You think I’m special?” You laughed. “I’m a freak.”

“Yes you’re special.” Scott smiled and looked down. “You’re not a freak, like I said you just need a little bit practice.”

The things Scott said were hard to believe but you trusted him, he was nice and tried to give his best to stop you from crying and to feel like you’re to only one who was different.

“Join our pack, Y/N.” He laughed.

“You know this is absolutely crazy right?” You said and stopped crying.

“I know but it’s less crazy when you’ve crazy friends.” Scott smiled.

“Okay I’ll join your crazy, supernatural pack.” You said and Scott stood up, he helped you to stood up too. “What kind of supernaturals are in your pack?” You laughed.

“Well, there are a Kitsune, Coyote, two Banshees now,” He smiled cute at you. “my beta Werewolf and the most crazy one.. Stiles.” You two laughed and walked out of the sports room.

Tragic Clues in PLL: Could they Mean More? + Montgomery family

In regards to this blog post on the movie Rebecca :

It hit me reading this line: When a new inquest is held into Rebecca’s death, things look dim for Maxim until Rebecca’s London doctor testifies to the authorities that she was dying of cancer and was contemplating suicide.

Ok im finally going to make a note about this . The cancer clues in PLL. There are a couple, I never thoguht they meant much but now im starting to wonder in terms of all the tragic clues that are in pll. Here what I found:

  • Suicide: So we all know the suicide associations related to marion cavanaugh and ian. What do they have in common? both suicides are suspicious especially marion cavanaugh , theres no way she comitted suicide. ian i honestly dont think he shot himself.
  • Cancer: There’s a couple cancer clues in PLL that were strange. Maya once joked about nair in shampoo bottles, thats a relation to cancer. We veronica’ secret about her breast cancer scare and that she didnt tell anyone but alex about getting a lump removed. The infamous dream hanna had about her mom’s hair falling out:

And last the infamous wig wearing going on in PLL, all in relation to cancer. of course , the obivous , to look like someone else. Could these clues be hinting at a bigger picture here?

Let’s look at all the other tragic clues in PLL:

Loss of Hearing: So many have noticed the jokes hanna’s made toward jenna, but thats not the first clue hanna gives us. In the christmas epsiode, hanna shares her ability of sign language. We see her signing with little claire who is deaf. Hanna claims she learned this at fat camp “what hanna knows is what hanna means” lol Now remember this scene, the mean girls here, the little ali replica is being a real bitch to poor claire who is deaf, the little ali replica says “ its not like she can hear us anyways” Do the writers throw these scenes in here for fun or do they have more meaning? I think they do.

UPDATE EDIT: someone on tumblr pointed out in the video pllheada​ of the little boy in 5x25 has a hearing aid , what appears to be a hearing aid. As i pointed out in this old post about tragic clues and clues on loss of hearing, this could be another clue to add to that!

  • Loss of Eye Sight: we all know the blindest person on the show is  jenna thats another story, but anyways the point is the jenna thing could have more story to it . But we also see other clues about seeing and the eyes and loss of sight. Mrs grunwald sees through a glass darkly , meaning we cant take her word 100% she has insight, not full truth. Theres also clues with aria not seeing things clearly. The NAT club the all seeing eye. EYES  are huge clue in PLL. Could there be more to this than what we alredy know?
  • Burned: Now alot of clues on being burned , gives us insight to whats going on in PLL. We know black veil and the side of the face burned. Tobys house , the lodge fire, all burned. Poor cyrus all burned up. Spencer in the sauna room all steamed up by -A (funny how aria just so happens to be the one to get spencer out of there just in time hmmm), caleb almost fried up. There’s something with heat and hot going on in PLL. Let’s look at the clues with aria and the burn references with her that seem to have more deeper meaning mentally, perhaps even physically:

aria “Lieing to my parents was one thing, but lieing to my friends is really hard, its not my friends that i dont trust ….its the other people..I’ve been burned before” could there be something more to being burned with aria? is it mentally burned or physical? this isnt the first time aria has expressed or been associated with the element of fire and heat. is there a contrast with cold and hot in pll? i think so.

Has anyone noticed how byron is always bringing up the past as if he screwed it up in the past? lol jsut saying everytime he’s bring up something about the past, dont think its a coincidence. So in this scene, byron says “ when we first moved into this house, we didnt have money for a furnace, it was winter, but we bundled you up in sweaters, you looked like this big ball of yarn rolling from room to room.We never used the fireplace, i was scared if we’d turn our backs you’d get burned. My one job on this job was to make sure you didnt get hurt. I havent done a very good job”

so again, in relation to aria, being burned is mentioned again, and the contrast between cold and hot. Look at this scene the fireplace going. The elements are big clues. Could this convo been about something more? byron seems to always bring up the past, he seems like a screw up in the montgomery family. Is there just the one meredith secret between him and aria or is there more to it or more secrets? i personally think there is definitely more to this family in general.

Note: why do you think byron likes to talk about the past and how ella “wore the pants” made a small place seem big, basically she took care of everybody all the time. They went from poor living in a college dump on east 6th an unexpected pregnant ella, byron felt bad he couldnt get them something better. But he talks about while they were still in college, they talked about moving to europe, but then aria happened, then mike, and a mortgage. So what changed? was it really because of the ella getting pregnant which doesnt seem like aria was planned. Then he goes onto say, iceland does not count, you were taking care of 2 teenagers and 1 nutty professor.  Questions are, why did they talk about moving to europe and what part of europe exactly? what if they did move there but had to move back for some reason? Remember this line from ella from 3x10 “ there were so many things your father and i didnt know about each other when we got married…(aria takes arm off ella and makes a face)” so something is off with byron and ella’s relationship, what happened in their past, an what are these things? byron has mental illness on his side of the family , who knows how far this extends to & how it has affected their relationship, what else did ella not know about byron vice versa?

*Something i noticed , remember when aria confronted ella about what byron did with the transcript and how he wants aria to go to boarding school. Something hit me when aria said “ what was the plan mom, were you gunna hall me off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night?” this reminds me of the bethany drawing :

just something to think about

! this picture does look like someone is being halled off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night. Also in that clip, aria’s tone was very different, she starts talking about being

exiled to syberia (doesn’t this sound a secluded place, like iceland? which is why i ask why iceland of alll places, what was iceland really about?)

then she goes onto say

“ i’ve couldve done something about it, i still could, what do you think would happen if the dean found out he was having an affair with one of his grad students? where do you think they’d send him?”

  now she says this after ranting about being punished by byron and being exiled to syberia. The choice of words here is telling , in connection to what we know about the montgomerys, coincidence?

ok question:

where would they send him? if we are talking about meredith, she was of age , byron wouldn’t be sent no where but home and fired from his job perhaps , but he wouldnt go to jail if thats what aria is trying to say. meredith was of age, unless it was more like an affair with an underage grad student?

ali was pretending to be older, it wouldnt be unlikely

, and many have suggested some relationship might have happened with ali and byron. im curious if anyone else understood this scene, you think aria was talking about meredith? where would byron be sent to exactly? as far as i know, he wouldnt be thrown in jail for the affair with meredith since she was of age right? he would be fired if anything but , the way aria is talking, is as if he would be sent somewhere bad for that affair. what do you think? you know when aria gets hyped and starts raising her voice, her mind seems to go somewhere else, the choice of words she uses are interesting. misplaced feelings ,anger?

Let me know what you guys think of these tragic clues and added on details in this post could they all be alluding to something more big? more underneath the surface?

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photos above and vids, i do not own.

a california christmas;

❅ Day 25 of the Christmas Writing Event ❅

member/group- mark/Got7

prompt- christmas with mark at his childhood home

listen to- this

(a/n- this is SO chessy ahhh but i kinda like it? it was different than what i actually had planned but…please dont hit me because of the immense fluff)


Originally, you had no desire to leave Seoul and go to America for the holidays. It simply didn’t seem right to uproot from your home with Mark and leave it all behind for half of December. In fact, you were only convinced when you saw how excited your boyfriend was to go visit his family this Christmas. But now, as you sit beside Mark in his childhood home with his family, joking and sharing stories, you regretted ever wanting to stay in Seoul.

“So you’re telling me that Mark would steal items from your closet, wrap them up, and give them to you for Christmas?” You looked over at your blushing boyfriend and smack his arm playfully. “Cheap-o!”

“‘Yah, shut up. I wasn’t even a teenager yet,” he defended, making everybody laugh. Honestly, you thought it was adorable that he tried to get everybody gifts. Heck, it was still one of his favorite things to do if your own presents were any confirmation.

“'Okay, okay, in all seriousness, Mark was a sweetheart,” his mom said with complete adoration in her eyes. You couldn’t help but feel the warmth and love in the room and it made you realize just how unbelievably lucky you were to get to be a part of it all.

“He still is,” you coo and reach up to peck his cheek and everybody awe’s obnoxiously at the way you two interact. Mark is still blushing, but he wraps his arm around your shoulders and leans down to gives you a kiss back anyway.

Mark’s dad soon declared that it was time to watch Rudolph, which was one of the Tuan’s infamous Christmas traditions you soon learn. Mark insisted that it was embarrassing and silly, but you actually found it endearing. Besides, you never got to celebrate Christmas with such a big family who had silly, cute traditions like this. It was all new, but exciting, for you.

The old cartoon Christmas special soon appeared on the TV and you instinctively cuddled up to Mark. His mom soon came over and pressed steaming mugs of hot chocolate into both of your hands with a big smile on her face, gushing over how cute you two were. You had giggled at her comment and thanked her, even though her son only could blush for the hundredth time that night.

The program starts, showing little Rudolph with his cute little red nose. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before,” you whispered softly into Mark’s ear. His eyes widened and he gave you a look.

“Seriously? I can practically recite the script!” he exclaimed back quietly. You shrugged with a giggle and nuzzled your nose into his arm, the lost hours of sleep finally catching up with you. Throughout the day, you had met almost every member of his family, engaged in a cookie baking extravaganza, and even played games with all the little kids. You had the right to be tired.

You watched the show through half-closed eyes, warmth enveloping you. The sound of Christmas music and hushed laughter began to lull you into a blurry state between sleep and awake. You could still feel Mark’s breath as it brushed against the top of your head and you could faintly hear the animated voices from the cartoon, but you didn’t feel quite there. It was peaceful.

It seemed like hours passed before you felt your body being collected carefully into a set of strong arms, lifting you off of the couch. You heard a We’re going to crash for the night come from Mark before the sound of the creaking steps filled your ears. He pushed open a door with his foot and you were gently placed onto what you guessed was his old bed. The movement somehow jarred you from your cloudy dreamland and you involuntarily let out a small whine as you sat up.

“Y/N? Are you awake?” Mark sat down on the edge of the bed and swept a tendril of your hair away from your face. You nodded and hummed quietly, locking eyes with him. He smiled. “Go ahead and go back to sleep, you must be exhausted,” he urged lightly. This time you shook your head.

“Lay down with me,” you ordered and he obeyed with a laugh. Once he was under the covers and had you wrapped up in his arms, you sighed. “I can’t believe I’m in your childhood bedroom.”

“Why not?” he asked, stroking your hair gently as you drowsily fluttered your eyelids again.

“I don’t know. I just never guessed my life would be like this, you know, cuddled up with a hot boy and being in love with him at the same time. It’s unbelievable.” You looked up at him. “Plus, I can’t get over the fact you have a poster of Megan Fox hanging ten feet away. Really?”

Mark busted into laughter at your comment. “Shush, I was a typical teenage boy once.” It was quiet for a little bit as you both simply laid in the presence of the other. Rhythmic circles were being etched onto your lower back softly, almost causing you to slip away again, but you held on to reality for the sake of not wanting to waste any moment shared with the one you loved.

The comforting silence was broken as Mark decided to speak up again. “Okay, I wanted to wait until later to give you this…but it feels like right now is the right time so…” He fumbles around in his pocket for a second before drawing in a breath. “Honestly, I’m looking down at your sleepy figure and the only thing I can think of is how much I want to do this every day of my life. You’re so breathtaking in every sense, and even when you cry your eyes out at the cheesiest romance movies in world or make me so fucking mad that I want to scream, I can’t help but love you unconditionally. The way you laugh at my terrible jokes and how you want to watch the sunrise at every chance you get has captured my heart, along with everything else about your existence. And, well, I’m not good with words, so this was probably a gigantic mess, but…wow, I want to marry you. I want to marry you so bad it hurts.” He reveals a red velvet box and opens it with care. “So Y/N, will you do me the honor?”

Every ounce of sleepiness you had felt vanished as you listened to the words of adoration that spilled from Mark’s mouth. You didn’t know how it was possible that you could feel so much love at one time, but it was happening right now.

“Of course I will, you dork,” you answered shakily as tears spilled down your cheeks. Mark slipped a beautiful ring onto your finger slowly, savoring the moment. He reaches up to wipe your fallen tears as you interject. “But seriously, how did you just propose to me in front of Megan Fox? Are you crazy?”

“This is exactly why I’m marrying you.” He abruptly pulled you into a kiss, the taste of his mom’s hot chocolate filling your mouths up. Passion practically exuded from your lips as you two continued with ease. You had shared a lot of kisses, and you mean a lot, but this one had to take the cake. It was at least the best you had had with your fiance.

A loud thump suddenly interrupted from outside the door, and you both exchanged confused glances. Though, your confusion was soon cleared up when you saw the door creak open and half of Mark’s family emerged.

“Did you do it?” his dad whispered loudly and Mark nodded, grinning from ear to ear. Loud cheers erupted from everywhere and you suddenly were the one blushing as everybody cooed over “the happy couple”. And of course, everybody wanted to see the ring, which you gladly showed off. It really was beautiful.

When everything died down again, you went back to your previous position with Mark, head tucked into his chest and arm resting across his stomach. He kept humming a random love song, not being able to get the tune out of his head. Not that you could blame him.  You were intoxicated with feelings of love too.

“Hey Mark,” you whispered just before you closed your eyes to once again slip away.

“Yeah, Y/N?” he answered back.

“I’m getting married for Christmas.”

Enjoying the View *Zayn Malik One Shot*


“Y/N! come down stairs your brother is here,” my mom called. i closed the book quickly and ran down the stairs. “You’re here,” i screamed excitedly tackling my older brother in a hug. he had been away at Uni for what felt like forever but was finally home for spring break. i pulled back and for the first time noticed his friend he brought with him, “Oh and you brought a friend,” i said smiling sweetly at the insanely cute boy. “I’m Zayn,” he said putting his hand out. i shook his hand smiling widely, “I’m Y/N,” i said politely. “Right…” my brother said drawing my attention back to him, “Well I’ll show you to the guest room,” he said leading Zayn up the stairs. Man why can’t high school boys bee that cute. i laughed to myself, i was eighteen i mean it wouldn’t be illegal. the only thing keeping me from him had to be my brother he wouldn’t let that happen. I rolled my eyes going back up to my room finding that I was now standing alone in the hallway. i went back to my room passing the guest room on my way. “I saw the way you were looking at her,” i heard my brother say. “What are you talking about i wouldnt look at your sister any way?” Zayn responded. well then i guess i wouldnt get any from him. Damn. i rolled my eyes again whatever. i went back to my room and decided to study until my mom called for dinner. we all talked about what my brother was up to how he was doing at school and how he and Zayn became friends. i learned quite a bit about Zayn and i couldnt help but feel like he was watching me through out our meal. he only looked away when my brother would address him making sure not to get caught. i helped my mother clean up the kitchen and put away the dishes that we used. i gave her a hug before heading up the stairs to go take a shower. i got my clothes out of my room and got to the bathroom door just as Zayn stepped out a cloud of steam following him. he was only wearing basket ball shorts and i couldnt help but look. his body was perfect, his shorts hung low and hugged his hips. his V lines were deep and left me curious as to where they led. he cleared his throat a smirk playing on his lips. “You better not have used all the hot water,” i said smirking back at him i could play that game too. he brushed past me his smirk deepening, “Maybe next time you can join me and it won’t matter how much water i use,” he said his lips dangerously close to my ear. i shivered at the thought. what a cheeky boy he was, how was he friends with my stick in the mud of a brother? i went to the bathroom locking the door behind me. i stripped off my clothes still with the idea of him in the shower in my head. the things i could do to that body. i smirked to myself i was always more of the dominant type, but i wouldn’t mind a fight. my last boyfriend always let me take the lead but i thought it was more fun when they fought back. i turned on the water stepping in. i had to rush to shower because i could feel the temperature of the water dropping fast. i was shivering by the time i got out. i really was considering taking him up on that offer of showering together. especially if he was going to use all the hot water every night. i got dressing in my typical pj’s which was just shorts and a tank top. i brushed my hair and took my dirty clothes with me to my room tossing them in my hamper before curling up in bed. i tossed a little waking up. my throat was dry and i really needed something to drink. i went down stairs trying to be quiet i got a bottle of water and turned to leave jumping when i found i wasn’t alone in the kitchen. “Fuck Zayn you scared me,” i said clutching my chest my heart still racing. “Sorry about that,” he said a shy smile on his lips. his accent was different not one i was really familiar with. “Where did say you were from?” i asked suddenly curious. “Bradford,” he said walking over to where i was. he opened the fridge door and got a bottle of water out i guess he was up for the same reason i was. “So what are you doing here in Andover?” i asked hopping up on the counter. “I didnt really have any plans for brake and your brother offered so i decided why not,” he said leaning against the counter next to me, “Although, when he spoke of you i wasnt expecting you to be this beautiful.” i pushed back the blush i felt and smirked at him, “Yeah im sure in my brothers mind im still four.” “Well i have to say you clearly are no child,” He said his eyes scanning my body, they stopped on my boobs and he licked his lips. i hopped off the counter, i moved around him teasingly, “If you want a better view why dont you join me in my room,” i whispered the same way he had before. i strutted off going to my room. i could hear his foot steps behind me and i couldnt help but smirk to myself this should be fun. when we got to my room he shut the door quietly before stopping in his tracts. i stood in front of him, pulling my shirt over my head. i was doing this my way. he froze for a second and i took that chance to put my lips on his. he kissed back his hands roaming my body, he didnt have time to ask for entrance because i was taking the lead. my tongue explored his mouth for a little before his fought back. the kiss was steamy and urgent our hands all over each other. i ran my hands down his chest feeling the dip of his ab muscles. i traced his V lines with my finger tips smirking  when he shivered at the feeling. he walked me backwards to the bed laying me down. he pulled my shorts off of me and unhooked my bra. his lips covered my skin pecking at it lightly. he got down to my center and smirked up at me. he slipped my panties down and ran a finger over my folds, “So, wet already,” he said. his tongue swiped at my entrance and i moaned quietly knowing the limitations of the walls and their ability to keep sound out. he picked and sucked at my center and as good as it felt i wanted to be in charge i would show him exactly what i was capable of. i pushed him off me gently not wanting him to get the wrong idea and think i didnt want this. i pulled him onto the bed moving back so i was more in the center of it. i kissed his lips hard tasting myself on his lips. i got him distracted enough to roll him over so i was on top. i slipped his shorts down his legs and realized he wasnt wearing any boxers. his erection stood tall and my mouth watered slightly. fuck i havent had sex in so long. i gripped the base and stroked him a few times. i placed my lips on the tip licking the precum and watching his head fall back. his hand clamped over his mouth to stifle the moans. i lowered my lips down him till i couldnt take him any more. i pushed it a little bit wanting to at least try and get it all once. i took a deep breath and pushed down more deep throating him for a second before pulling back to breath. my hand took what i couldnt fit and i worked fast. his head was thrown back and he was panting hard. i slowed my movements not wanting this to end so quickly. i pulled off of him and moved to straddle him i leaned over him pecking his lips before sitting back up to guide him into me. “Fuck,” I cursed loving the way he filled me completely. this had to be my favorite position since it allowed him to fill me completely. that and i was on top so i had the control. i rocked my hips keeping him buried deep inside me. i bounced my hips my head falling back my hands running over his torso. his hands were on my hips helping me along. it really has been too long because i could feel my body humming already my insides tightening like a coil waiting to break. “Fuck, Y/N,” he said sitting up. his arms went around my back and he kissed my neck his teeth running against my skin but not biting. he thrust his hips upward and i came undone shaking and cursing under my breath. he did it again and released moaning my name again. we regained our breath and i stood up putting my clothes back on. Zayn did the same and sat back on my bed watching me redress, “You know you cant stay in here my Brother, my dad and, my mom would kill you,” i said jumping on the bed next to him. “I know im leaving i was just enjoying the view. you know you were right the view in your room was amazing,” he said smirking at me. he kissed me once before standing to leave. out of all of my brothers friends i think he is my favorite.

Charles and Bethany

Thanks to  socialcasualtymgc and my wonderful anon who fueled my crazy thoughts so I could write this theory.

There has to be a connection between Bethany, and Charles. I mean his mother was visiting her, signing her out, bribing her… why?? what is the connection??

Charles looks to me like he is a little obsessed with Alison (ok a lot obsessed) He didnt even know her, she as an infant when he was sent away so why is he so connected to her!??

Lets start from the beginning shall we?

I want to believe that this is the last time Charles was with his family before being shipped away  since he apparently tried to drown Ali as an infant! Notice her in the yellow blanket? ok maybe Yellow was a dominant colour in Alis life… maybe her nursery? So Charles associated Alison with yellow.

Bethanys drawings should be taken as clues.. this one especially. Looks to me like Bethany in the back and someone she is close to… Charles as a child being taken away from her. Looks like she grew really close to him, almost like he was a brother to her. So when she learned of her fathers affair with charles mother it really affected her! 

I understand Isabelle plays little Alison so i dont want hatemail for this!! there is no way on earth that Charles is 10 here, Jason is 9 and Ali is 2. COME ON! 

Little ali could be little Bethany… think about it for a minute. If Charles was so distraught about losing his life with his sister, maybe he took a substitute, like Bethany at the institution and created his first doll, his first game, bethany is his alison.

Mrs.D was signing Bethany out too, we dont know how long she was doing that for. If she was having an affair with Bethanys dad and knew Charles looked at Bethany as his sister Alison, maybe she took Bethany out on these little trips as well!

Meet Custard, Bethanys drawing of her sponsered horse from Mrs.D

Wrens drawing… maybe custard in the back? I know its far fetched but maybe he and Bethany were signed out together on these trips with Mrs.D

We all remember the 2 dresses Ali found hidden? They looked like the exact same dress to me. So if Ali doesnt have a twin, and Jason and Charles do not cross dress then why?

YES! But not in the way Ali thinks.. Charles was given identical clothing as Ali so he cound give it to Bethany, his real life Ali doll.

This scene reminded me 100% of “Freddie’s” birthday.. Dont tell dad!!!

There was 1 present, 1 yellow dress. Like Ali was easily manipulated as a child. So maybe she was at the party for Charlie.. but she would’ve been very young, so Jasons memory became her memory. OR she was behind the camera.

OR lets face it, Marlene has issues and didnt take age into consideration here and that is Alison at Freddie`s birthday (lets be real)

Writers wanted us to believe this is when Alison purchased the yellow top from that night but it isnt. Mrs.D says the other top was too revealing and Ali says “Im happy with the yellow one” That was a clue not an answer.

Great colour for you, mom. So Mrs.D liked the yellow on Ali and bought her another yellow top “that night” for her party. What if Mrs.D bought one for Charles as well? for Bethany, his living Ali doll.

They escaped Radley that night! Bethany wearing her new top. Unfortunately she was mistaken for Ali and was hit. The question now, is who hit her?

or was that all a lie too? 

Remember Jasons memory? He was so wasted he fell, passed out in the yard and didnt realize 2 people were hit and buried right under his nose. So what if jason thought he saw Cece, but it was really Bethany? Could Melissa have met Bethany and learned about Charles that night?

I truly believe Melissa is blackveil so this makes total sense if she is the ally. She knows who Charles is but ultimately she killed Bethany and Charles is using that to manipulate Melissa into being his helper.

Now Charles hits Ali to take her to his doll house, but Mrs.D saw, she wasnt supposed to see!! She buried Ali and helped Charles escape. She created this company Carassimi group where she could actively deposit money for Charles and noone would suspect it. He stayed at Aunt Carols after her death, he inherited all her money when she died and it was put into the Carassimi group trust. He created another persona. He is used to pretending to be someone else (Freddie) so he stole Wren Kingstons identity and became a “doctor”

Jason recommended this group to Hannas mom since Mrs.D always donated to it, so to please his brother he allowed the scholarship money be given to her.

Charles stole the game from Mona, and vowed to shut down Radley after his horrible childhood memories there. Everything he went through (shock therapy, agressive alarms) he put the girls through in the doll house.

“That night” he thought he had killed Alison, and his Ali doll Bethany was killed so he took Sara Harvey as a replacement, she was the right size, blonde hair, just like ali and bethany… it could work.

He dressed her in the same clothes as Ali was in when she died. He will forever remember his Alison doll the way he last saw her alive.

Now that he learned Alison is alive he wants to relive his plans from “that night” to kidnap Ali and keep her as his little doll. He only wants her back in his life.

Music Teacher [Michael Clifford; 2]

Contains: Fluff!!

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Note: Check out part 1 of this imagine. Heres the link: Music Teacher [Michael Clifford; 1) Feedback is always welcome. Hope you like it!!

“Theres no better way to get to know each other better than 20 questions at iHop at 11:30.” Mr. Cliff- Michael says, leaning back in his seat. You smile, nodding.

“You first.” You say. 

“Full name?”

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N” You reply.




“Ive got a younger brother.”

“Favorite song.”

“Thats a bad question. I dont have one.” You state.

“Good. Now we have a true music lover in our hands.” He says, winking. You grin.

“Favorite color?” He asks. You blink. You never really pondered on this question before.

“I guess I like most colors.” You say, shrugging.



“Favorite bands?" 

"Fuck…you make me think.” You mutter.

“And thats a bad thing..?” He asks making you smile. 

“Im into 90s pop punk and pop rock so like Dexys Midnight Runners or The Turtles or something. But I do enjoy Blink 182 and Mayday Parade immensely.” You respond. You see a smile form on his lips.

“Favorite composer?” He asks. 

“Umm… Bach. Boccherini, Breval, Mendehlson…couple more.” You say.

“If you were to pick between your viola and cello? Which intstrument would you pick?” He asks. You dramatically gasp.

“I am so not answering that question.” You say. 

“Awh come one! Just one.” He says. You shake your head.

“No. Thats like picking between your children.”

“Fine fine.” he says before laughing. The both of you go on about each other and never realize that it was finally two in the morning.

“Sorry to interrupt but the both of you have been for around two hours and finished eating an hour or so ago and still haven’t payed. I’d like the both of you to please exit the restaurant.” The waiter says. Your cheeks turn rosy red as you grab your purse, opening it.

“Oh no. Im paying.” Michael says abruptly. You roll your eyes.

“Um no. Thanks sir.” You say, fiddling with your purse.

“Im not joking. Its a treat for you and your amazing viola/cello skills.” He says before paying it. You sigh and grumble.

“Im paying next time.” You say as the both of you exit the restaurant.

“Who says there’s gonna be another time?” Michael asks, cocking an eyebrow. Your cheeks warm up.

“I-I erm, I didn’t-” You stutter. He laughs a laugh that makes you want to wrap yourself up in it. It was a rich buttery laugh. Something you couldnt get used to. He slips his hand into yours.

“Im joking, love.” He says, squeezing your hand. You blush even more as the warm sensation comes back.

“Your cute when you do that.” He says.

“I think iv'e blushed so much to the point where I could boil up some soup.” You say making him laugh again.

“Is it because of me?” He asks, whispering in your ear. He knew very well it was him that made you blush. Sheepishly, you nod. He spins you around to face him.

“I have a question.” He says, suddenly becoming nervous. You nod for him to go on.

“I know its too quick but I feel like ive known you forever and you seem like such a great girl and I really like you-” He sighs.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asks. Your lips quiver gently as you contemplate.

“But- your my teacher. We would be in so much trouble-”

“Give us a try.” He says. Your heart flutters at the pronoun. Us.

“Your almost legal and youll be graduating soon.” He adds before leaning forward.

“And it would honestly kill me to see you everyday and know that your not mine and that I couldn’t kiss you and id have to suffer, watching you talk to boys.” He whispers, his lips moving against your ear. Your heart seemed to flutter like crazy and you felt elate.

“Yes.” You say and he smiles like happiest person alive. The both of you exchange numbers before him pulling you by the waist and pressing his lips on yours for a sweet passionate kiss.

“Ill see you tomorrow.” He says before breaking away. You dont respond, watching him leave to his car. You walk to yours after a minute and shut the door before letting out a squeal. You felt like a 14 year old girl again. 


You get home and snuggle into your bed, thoughts rushing in your mind about Michael. Suddenly your phone rings.

Goodnight babe xx

You were certain you wouldnt sleep tonight.


Groggily, you get up and begin getting ready for school. Last nights events race through your mind making you get ready faster than before. 

“Your in a rush to get to school.” Your mom says, cocking her eyebrow.

“I actually have a friend.” You say, trying to cover up your happiness.

“What her name?” Your mom asks, handing you a cereal bar.

“Its a he. And his name is Kenny.” You say, quickly thinking. She nods suspiciously.

“Im so sorry I couldnt come for your concert last night. You came home pretty late though.” Your mom says. Your lip quivers.

“Kenny actually plays cello so we thought wed go to ihop.” You say quickly. She nods. You finish up your bar. You rmom quickly kisses yoru cheek.

“Have a great day!” She yells.

“You too!!” You reply before walking to your car.


You sigh, waiting till classes were over. You were in your seventh period which meant Music was next. Quickly finishing up your worksheet, you dashed to your locker to get your things for the next class. 

Keep calm. Dont look excited. Keep your cool, Y/N. 

You slowly open the door and see a couple students it. You look to your left and see Micha- Mr. Clifford. His gaze was already on you. He gives you a bright pearly smile and you give him a small smile in return. You make your way to the back and pull out your items.

“Good Afternoon class. Before we start our lesson, we have a transfer elective student. Please welcome Y/E/B/F/N  (your ex best friends name).” Mr. Clifford says. Your mouth almost drops open and you look up to see Y/B/F/N. She smirks when she sees you.

“Thanks Mr. C. I just love music, ya know.” She purrs. Your stomach does a jolt you felt like throwing up. On her. Y/E/B/F/N slightly tugs Mr. Clifford’s tie.

“Music is just so captivating.” She purrs again. You really wanted to punch her. Michael looks at the students before looking at you. He winks at you before looking her.

“What instruments do you play?” He asks. Her eyes widen and she jumps back.

“I-I dont play any.” She mutters. He smirks.

“Well maybe try learning one. Or two like Ms. Y/LN.” He says, looking at you. You blush and look down. Y/E/B/F/N gawks and goes and sits down in the front before glaring at you. You look back down at your notes. Class ends and you slowly pack up your items. You shove your books in your bag and look up. The class is empty and you look over at Michael who’s gaze is on you.

“Stop doing that.” You say, blushing while shrugging on your bag.

“Doing what?” He asks, walking over to you. Your heart begins to beat fast.

“Whenever I look at you. Your always already looking.”  You mutter. He smiles, tilting your chin with his fingers.

“I really cant help it. You draw me in.” He says. You suppress a smile. He wraps his arm around your waist and draws you in, placing a kiss on you. This time, you become dominant, tugging on his hair and making him moaning mess. Suddenly you hear footsteps and jump away. 

“Hey Michael. Oh er- hello Y/N” Your history teacher, Mr. Traunt says. You smile.

“Hey Mr. Traunt.” You say. Your heart was beating faster than ever.

“I was just helping Y/N with some theory. Did you need something, Erik?” Michael asks.

“Only if you wanted to join me for some coffee?” Mr. Traunt asks. Michael sighs.

“I really cant. I have to start making the students quizzes. How about another time?” Michael asks, sugar coating his words. Mr. Traunt nods.

“Alright. See ya bro. See ya Y/N” He says, nodding. You smile at him. He closes the door and you let out a deep sigh.

“That was close.” You whisper. Michael nods.

“Ill see you tomorrow, beautiful.” He says before kissing you again.


Mikey and you have been dating for nearly 5 months and you cant help but fall harder everyday. Hes been leaving roses in your locker and you would always come early to school to see him. He was everything you never imagine that boy would do. And you loved him but were super afraid to tell him. You walked into Music class but Mikey didn’t offer you a smile. Or even look at you for a matter. His hair was everywhere and his eyes lost color. His tie was lose and he looked troubled. You decided to talk to him after class. Not once did he look at you during the lesson. You were now afraid of why he was troubled. Did you do something?

“Y/N, I need to see you after class.” He mumbles. Your heart drops and you were nervous as hell. You couldn’t concentrate on the worksheet and within minutes class ended. You waited till class ended and walked up to his desk.

“Yes?” You ask, timidly.

“We need to-We’ve got to break up.” He whispers. You felt your heart shatter and your stomach drop to the lowest of the lows.

“W-Why?” You ask, keeping your gaze on the floor.

“The board of directors. Their suspicious of me and you. I cant do this anymore. I have to keep equal attention on everyone. Your just a distraction. I’m sorry.” He explains. You keep your gaze on the floor.

“I opened up to you.” You whispered before looking at him. His eyes were filled with emotion.

“I let you see me. I let you take advantage. I understand. I knew this from the start but no, You wanted this. And I was so stupid. Incredibly stupid. I am so sorry. I really hate you.” By now, the tears were pouring. 

“Y/N-” You hear him call weakly, but you were already out the door, heaving with sobs. You didn’t stop crying at all that night.


School was a drag. You avoided Kenny even though it killed you. He was your only friend. You kept your spirit within you and pretended that you were fine. By lunch, you began to talk to Kenny and it almost felt as if you were normal again. Almost. Kenny asked what was wrong but you told him not to worry about it. And he stopped pestering you, enjoying the attention he could get. You wanted to scream at Michael. For letting him see you with your walls down. You were enraged but sad. You felt lonely than ever. Music finally came and you wanted skip. But you knew you couldn’t. So instead, you walked in with your head down. You felt his gaze but ignored it. You finally looked up at Michael and he was well dressed. As if nothing happened. And you didn’t know what to feel. It was a sick feeling. Even more sick to watch him and Y/E/B/F/N flirt throughout class. You refused to cry. You bit your lip hard and began to doodle in your notebook. You did all the worksheets he provided and finished them all too keep him off your head. You look up and saw him give Y/E/B/F/N that pearly white smile he used to give you. And then you knew that he was over you. That nearly broke you. You let a few tears pass but wiped it up. There was only a couple minutes till class was over. You waited patiently. You wanted to go home. 

“Y/N I need to see you after class.” Mr. Clifford called. Your head sunk even farther. You decided on whether to face him or not. You waited till everyone cleared out.

“Came to give me more reasons why?” You ask. He shook his head and walked over to you, placing his hand on your shoulder. You closed your eyes, his touch was warm and familiar and you hated it. You moved to the side from his touch.

“I miss you.” He whispered. This was the time where you would scream and shout and tell him how angry you are.

“Why don’t you tell that to Y/E/B/F/N.” You mutter. 

“Y/N I really do. I miss your cuddles. I miss you sleeping next to me. I miss your kisses. I miss your touch. I miss every damn thing about you. And I realized that I love you.” He whispers. You flinch at his words. He finally said it. The words were bubbling up in your thorat.

“You don’t love me, do you?” He said slowly, so much emotion in his voice it killed you.

“I’m so stupid. Why the fuck would I do that? First I go and act like its okay to fl-” You cut him off by taking two long strides and kissing him, with all the emotion in your body. He immediately wraps his arms around your waist and draws you extremely close. Your heart swells at the feeling. You missed this so much, it hurt. You pull away and lean your head on his torso. 

“I love you too.” You say. The both of you stay quiet, enjoying the embrace of one another.

“Will you give me another chance. I swear to you, ill do anything to keep us together. Anything and everything. I love you and i can never get used to saying that. I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeats. You grin and kiss him again.

“Just no more flirting. You can give equal attention to everyone just not too much. Especially to Y/E/B/F/N” You say.

“And why is that?” He asks, drawing back to look at you.

“Because your mine.” You say timidly.

“What?” He asks, blinking. You shake your head.

“No. I want you to say it again. I like the way how it sounds. Please.” He says.

“Your mine.” You repeat. And this time he leans in and kiss you with emotion. And as cliche as it sounds, you knew he was the one for you. He lit up your world.

“I love you.” He says again. You giggle and roll your eyes.

“I know, you told me before.” You say. He chuckles.

“How about we go to my house for some movies and cuddling?” He asks. You smile at him.

“Sounds wonderful.”


I did it!!! I said it would be posted this coming week but lied, Ha!! Hope you guys liked it as much as I liked writing it! Love you!!


Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week by @boblovesexplosions

I lost count of how many of these I’ve made so far <3

You guys keep being awesome and sending super cute fanarts, so I can’t really do anything about it!! Jeez >u<

Ok I’d like to say something: I’ve decided that I won’t post anything that’s not fanart in here. Because I keep receiving pictures and memes of things that are not realy Underfell or Undertale related at all, and I really dunno what to do with those; I am grateful for the nice thougths, but those kind of things don’t really belong in “fanart” monday. Sorry. I still appreciate them, though.

With that being said, I’ll start <3

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