this is why my brother and i get along because i totally thought the same thing

Katara: It’s not magic. It’s waterbending, and it’s-
Sokka: Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah. Look, I’m just saying that if I had weird powers, I’d keep my weirdness to myself. 

So I wanted to talk a little about Katara, because I think we often focus on her grief for her mother, and forget her relationship to her culture, and her experience of the Southern Water Tribe genocide (unlike the Air Nomads genocide, which was for the greater part over after four big terrifyingly effective simultaneous strikes, this one took place over a long length of time - more than 40 years? 50? - and it wasn’t total, but it definitely was one. genocide = the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group, fwiw)

(Kanna’s village - before and after)

All of the Southern water benders were exterminated or taken away to rot in prison (where they all died eventually except for Hama). Katara was born the only bender left in the whole South Pole. Then when she was eight years old, she survived a raid that was meant to kill her, but took her mother instead (she probably was too young to realize that, to her it must have been a question mark up until she met Yon Rha - gratuitous cruelty? Why her mother in particular? They took nothing else!).

So Katara from a young age had a double burden to bear: that of her mother, and the legacy of her bending (and she was shown as painfully aware of her situation and what it meant on both front). But here’s the thing: Katara could be a mother, she was naturally good at it, and her grandmother could teach her what she didn’t already knew. Her family and tribe demanded that of her, they needed her to be that for them (especially after her father and the rest of the men basically abandoned them). However, there was no one left to teach her how to waterbend - she had almost no hope of ever becoming a master without formal training, her brother thought it was silly and weird and let her know, her grandmother thought it was a waste of time. But she kept practicing, because she knew how important it was, to her and to her tribe, that she kept trying (as the only one left who could).

(…an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah…)

(Of course she would obsess over that waterbending scroll)

When she gets to the North Pole, she meets Pakku, and with him the opportunity of finally becoming a true master. But because she is a girl, he judges her unworthy. He judges her, the only remaining southern waterbender, unworthy of carrying on their culture. The Fire Nation didn’t care about the gender of their prisoners, men and women - they all fought side by side for their freedom in the South, and they were all taken away to the last one, and killed to the last one. In the South, the women had the choice to learn how to fight, or be defenseless. And privileged master Pakku couldn’t possible realize the extend of what he was denying her in that moment.

Katara had to prove herself, she had to earn her right to these teachings. And if she had been less good or less stubborn or not Kanna’s granddaughter - well the North would have refused their sister-tribe the power to use their common cultural heritage to fight back against the nation that destroyed them.

(It’s sexist and terrible.)

Meh, thankfully, she was that good, stubborn, and Kanna’s granddaughter, and she did get to become a master.


But, of course, her story doesn’t end here, and wrt her culture, the next chapter is a much more traumatizing experience. In the Fire Nation, she meets another master. This time it’s an old woman from the South like her (“You’re a waterbender! I’ve never met another waterbender from our tribe!”), and she is, ah, more than willing to help her.

Look how happy Katara looks at the idea to learn from her in particular:

Katara: I can’t tell you what it means to meet you. It’s an honor! You’re a hero.
Hama: I never thought I’d meet another southern waterbender. I‘d like to teach you what I know so that you can carry on the southern tradition when I’m gone.
Katara: Yes! Yes, of course! To learn about my heritage… it would mean everything to me.

But when Hama starts her lesson, the techniques she teaches have been obviously developed with one goal in mind: survival in enemy territory. They can’t possibly have been invented in the South Pole, where water is abundant everywhere. They are deadly and cruel, and the damage they do to the environment leaves Katara sad and uncomfortable, but Hama waves that off as unimportant. It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t have the time to worry about flowers or beauty or nature. To her that peace and beauty is probably just an illusion anyway, a lie: years after her escape she is still living the war, and war is ugly and rotten and messy (her world is ugly and rotten and messy - this is her comfort zone).

The last technique she teaches Katara is bloodbending. She forces Katara to learn something she finds disgusting, repulsive (just like Hama was forced to learn?) by torturing her (Hama was tortured), by overpowering her, invading her, making her lose control over her own body, bending her blood (Hama herself is clinging to the last remain of control she managed to get back after rotting in prison for years), and finally by threatening to have the two people she cares most about in the world kill each other right under her eyes (Hama lost everyone too, she had to say goodbye).

(Katara: But, to reach inside someone and control them? I don’t know if I want that kind of power.
Hama: The choice is not yours. The power exists…and it’s your duty to use the gifts you’ve been given to win this war. Katara, they tried to wipe us out, our entire culture… your mother!
Katara: I know.
Hama: Then you should understand what I’m talking about. We’re the last Waterbenders of the Southern Tribe. We have to fight these people whenever we can. Wherever they are, with any means necessary!
Katara: It’s you. You’re the one who’s making people disappear during the full moons.
Hama: They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters. They deserve the same. You must carry on my work.)

And this, this, is the only truly southern waterbending Katara is ever going to learn. This is her tribe’s bending heritage, what’s left of it: blood, grief, suffering, hatred, loss of control over both your body and mind (because it’s terrible, but I think that’s what’s implied by the show: bloodbending makes you lose your mind. Hama’s only mean of regaining physical freedom ended up trapping her in another nightmare). Hama gifts her with a power she despises (but will use anyway in her darkest hour when she loses control) and a philosophy of violence and revenge.

Katara chose peace and forgiveness. As an adult, she will have bloodbending outlawed, she will become the greatest healer in the world, and she’ll teach her daughter, the next avatar, probably many others. These choices matter, and we should talk about them with that background in mind. Katara redefined her heritage - or rather she created a new one for herself: she refused the condition that was forced upon her (bloodbender) and ensured nobody could legally do to someone else what Hama did to her (and it’s implied this law is valid anywhere in the world). She transmitted Pakku’s warrior teachings, the ones she fought for, to the next generations (and did a great job of it!), but she also taught them how to heal, refusing to separate the arts as in Northern Water Tribe tradition - and healing was something she discovered by herself, that she felt was always a part of her. At that, she became the universally acknowledged best. Her legacy, despite everything that happened to her, will never be one of violence.

tl;dr: Katara is one of the strongest fictional characters ever created bye

Jack Maynard Imagine - Parents know best

You opened your eyes, taking a few minutes to let them adjust to the sunlight. Lately, falling asleep while on car rides had become a common thing for you. You looked right to see Jack with his eyes fixed on the road, oblivious to the fact that you had woken up.

You yawned and rubbed your eyes before feeling a hand on your leg “Slept well?” he asked, as he looked briefly at you before giving you a small smile.

“Not bad” you said, looking at the GPS and seeing that you were twenty minutes away from Brighton.

Your best friend Jack had convinced - dragged - you to go to Brighton with him for the weekend. All your other close friends in London were back in their hometowns visiting their families, so you had nothing better to do. You weren’t in the mood to spend a whole weekend at home by yourself, anyway.

You had met Jack’s sister, Anna, before. A few months ago, she had stayed at Jack and Conor’s new apartment for the weekend, and the two of you immediately clicked. She reminded you so much of Jack, it was unreal. His parents, however, were a mystery to you. Conor couldn’t go with you, so at least you hoped Anna wasn’t away at a friend’s house or something: spending the weekend with Jack and his parents would just be too awkward.

But you thought you didn’t have reasons to be nervous about it. You weren’t Jack’s girlfriend, and you didn’t need to pass any kind of test to get his parents’ approval. Yet, it seemed to you as if you were slowly driving to death.

“Is Anna at home?” you eventually asked Jack, who was taking a sip of his fizzy drink.

“Yeah, I believe so” he answered “Why’d you ask?”

You shrugged “Just wanted to see her” you said, which wasn’t exactly a total lie. At least you knew there would be five of you.

Eventually, you pulled into Jack’s parents’ driveway, and you took a long while to admire the outside of his house. It reminded you so much of your own, you kind of wished your parents hadn’t booked that last-minute trip to Spain so you could visit them instead. However, when a young girl exited the house and walked towards your car, a bright smile on her face, your homesickness went away rather quickly.

“Y/N!” she called you as you opened the door to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around your torso as you rested your chin on her head, a sudden smell of freshly washed hair hitting your nose.

“How are you, girl?” you asked her, mimicking the contagious smile on her face.

“I have so many things to tell you” she said excitedly, and you gave her that look girls gave each other when a juicy topic was about to come up. She nodded, as if she had read your mind, and you laughed.

“Hello Jack, my beloved and ridiculously hot brother, it’s nice to see you too” Jack said, imitating Anna’s voice, as he walked towards you with two bags on his hands.

Anna laughed and went to give her brother a hug “I’ve missed you as well, dickhead” the girl said. Jack rolled his eyes, but kissed the top of her head afterwards. You took your bag from his hands and walked into the Maynard household.

His parents turned out to be more than delighted with your presence. They confessed having watched your YouTube videos, and having burst out laughing more than once. The feeling of awkwardness you thought you’d have earlier, vanished as soon as they both pulled you into a hug.

Jack turned out to be the embarrassed one. As soon as you went upstairs to Anna’s bedroom for a quick catch-up, both of his parents had gone up to him, a suspicious smile on their faces.

“What?” Jack chuckled as he looked up at them from the sofa, his cat purring as he stroked her side.

“We really like Y/N” his mum said, taking a seat next to him. He already knew something was up. He gave them a look “I mean, we already liked her when we saw her on your videos, but she’s even nicer in person”

“Yeah…” Jack said, suspiciously. He let out another nervous laugh “Where are you going with his?” The silly smile on his face couldn’t go away. Whenever someone talked about you, his features immediately softened, and his lips curved up in a not so subtle smile.

“We are just saying” his dad spoke, his hands inside his pockets. Jack could tell he was nervous, because Conor did the exact same thing when something was on his mind “That she’s a really good influence for you. She seems sweet and down-to-eart, that’s all”

The cat jumped off the sofa, making Jack cross his arms “I’m…I’m glad you like her” Jack felt uncomfortable. Although you weren’t his girlfriend, you were the first girl Jack had ever brought home, friends and all. His parents were rather surprised when they saw you two got along so well, remaining just friends up to that day. Because for them, it was so obvious that their little boy had more than friendly feelings towards you, and they were surprised he hadn’t made a move yet.

“We do” his mum said, nodding happily “So, does she have a boyfriend or something?” she asked, trying to sound cool and casual, but she failed.

“Mum, I know where you’re going” Jack said, not being able to supress a laugh “Just drop it”

She gave her husband a knowing look. He nodded “Jack” he said “It’s fine if you like her, buddy. Your mum and I started off as good friends as well, it’s okay to admit it”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood up abruptly “I’m going for a walk” he said, ready to leave, when his dad grabbed his arm “Buddy” his voice was friendly, yet firm. Jack stopped on his tracks.

He didn’t want to talk about it with his parents. Y/N was the first girl he had ever fallen for, and he was scared. He was sure that if he kept telling himself that he didn’t lilke her like that, his feelings would go away. But love didn’t work like that.

He turned his head to look at his parents, and after a long silence, he spoke again “I’m afraid I’d hurt her if I tell her” it came out as rather a whisper, but  his parents heard him perfectly.

His mum immediately pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back “Don’t be silly, Jack, please” she said, feeling the sadness on her son’s voice “Don’t you see how happy you make her?”

“I make her happy as a friend” Jack kept his voice low in case Anna and you decided to come downstairs “I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m not good with feelings, I-”

“But there must be a reason why you like this girl so much, more than any other” his dad interrupted him. 

At that moment, Jack didn’t stop to think. He poured his feelings right there, in front of his parents, in a way he thought he’d never be able to do “I love how she’s so laid-back and crazy, yet she knows when to be serious” he blurted out “She’s also really funny, there has not been a day she hasn’t made me laugh. She’s sensible, and she takes care of me when I’m sick, which happens like, every day” he chuckled. His eyes were fixed on the floor “I don’t know, I just think I don’t deserve her, like, I’d just break her heart because I’m a fucking idiot”

“You don’t sound like an idiot when you talk about her” his mum said, grabbing his hand “Jack, the fact that you’ve never cared about a girl enough to stick with her doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do it”

“In fact, you’ve done it already” his father added.

“Do you really think you’d hurt her?” his mum asked him “Because Conor told me not long ago that you almost got into a fist fight with a random guy at a club because he was all over her” 

Jack frowned “He told you?”

“It doesn’t matter, baby” his mum said, shaking her head “What matters is you look after her, and that’s no behaviour for someone who’d only hurt her if he’s with her”

Jack stayed silent for a moment, then nodded his head. His eyes were fixed on the floor again, too embarrassed by the topic to look at his parents “I like taking care of her” he said, almost whispering “And I’ve never felt that before for anyone”

His dad went up to him and clapped his back. There was no denying Jack was growing up, and his parents were glad it was because of such a lovely, kind-hearted girl “Why don’t you take her out for dinner tonight?” he suggested.

Suddenly, Anna and you irrumpted into the room, stopping abruptly at the sight of Jack with his parents “Did we interrupt something?” Anna asked, as she wasn’t used to see her brother looking so puppy-like. Soft eyes were uncommon for Jack, or so she thought.

“No, it’s fine, sweetheart” her mum said, smiling brightly at both of you “We were just catching up”

“We were as well” Anna said, turning her head to look at you. She winked “I was just about to ask Y/N when she was marrying Jack” she joked, making you blush.

“Anna, don’t be rude” her dad said, but he couldn’t deny he was amused by the situation. 

“It’s not like we were gonna invite you anyway” Jack spoke, putting an arm casually around your shoulders. He was back to his own sassy self again. Anna stuck her tongue at her brother before following her parents’ track to the kitchen area.

You then felt Jack’s lips pressed against the side of your head, a huge comfort speading inside your body. You loved when he did that “Wanna go out for dinner tonight?” he asked you, catching you off-guard “Just you and me”

You looked up at him, a small smile forming on your lips “Sounds great”

Anna entered the living room again, coughing as she walked past you “Wedding” she said after fakingly clearing her voice. Jack extended an arm to push her, and she ran away, laughing uncontrollably. 

“You’re not allowed to be the godmother to our children either” 

“And they’ll be bloody gorgeous” you added, making Jack push you  playfully as well. 

“They’ll just be weird if you’re their mum” Jack joked.

“You’ll love them anyways” you teased back.

“I love anything that has to do with you” he said, pulling you in for a hug.

“You’re stupid” you said, your head resting on his pounding chest.

“Shut up, Mrs. Maynard”

“What makes you think I’m taking your last name?”

“You love me way too much?” you hit him again. He grabbed your hands and put them around his neck. He planted a soft kiss on the tip of your nose

You smiled softly, still not used to all the things that boy made you feel “Maybe I do”

A True Gentleman

Note: I hope you like this! I don’t get a lot of gentleman!Bucky requests so I really liked writing this! .c

Request: May I request one where you invite a close friend over but he is really rude and vulgar and rough and Bucky the gentleman that he is doesn’t like it 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Your friend Isaac was not on Bucky’s ‘People I Like’ list. You understood why, you couldn’t deny that. Isaac was more on the outspoken and pretty gross side. It didn’t bother you too much since you’ve known him for so long. You were used to how he was. But Bucky was a different story.

You had been gone almost all day with Isaac, meeting for brunch and strolling around your favorite parts of the city. He was your only friend that you kept up with after you joined the Avengers, because he and his family took you in so many years ago. He was like your older brother, almost. And he came with the annoying qualities.

Isaac was laughing as he told you about his one night stand last night and you grimaced at the experience he was describing. You walked into the common room after the elevator came to a stop. Not noticing Bucky sitting on the couch, you kept your ears open and your eyes focused on Isaac.

“I mean, she wanted me to eat her ass! I just couldn’t do that!” He laughed loudly, holding his stomach. You made a sound of disgust and Bucky did the same from the couch. “Seriously? You’re speaking to a lady like that?” Bucky snapped, turning his head around to look at you two.

Isaac shrugged and looked down at you with raised eyebrows. “Does it bother you, Y/N?” He asked, a little chuckle in his voice. You laughed softly and shifted your weight onto your other foot. “N-not really? It just sounds pretty nasty.” You spoke quietly, tucking your hair behind your ear. You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you.

Isaac started to continue his story, slinging his arm around your shoulders. “Oof!” You huffed out from the sudden heavy grip, almost tripping over your feet as Isaac tugged you along to the couches. Bucky watched you closely and readied himself to help you until you sat down. He kept his eyes on you and you sighed against Isaac. He was always a little rough.

“So, after she left, her thong was in my back pocket. I still have it and I mean, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” Isaac laughed, his body bouncing against your side as he watched you groan and laugh. “Isaac!” You shouted, shoving him. Bucky shook his head. “That’s disgusting!” He shouted, gripping the remote in his flesh hand. It’d be a total mess if he were to hold it in his metal one.

Isaac’s head shot towards Bucky and he chuckled, tightening his arm around your shoulders absentmindedly. “Bro, it’s all good.” He shrugged nonchalantly, clearly un-bothered about what he was saying. He thought it was normal but Bucky thought it was vulgar, the way he spoke about women.

“How can you just sit there and speak like that about a woman, in front of a woman?” Bucky questioned in disbelief, sitting up in his seat. His eyebrows were creased together and you could tell this conversation would end with Isaac on the floor and Bucky’s fist pounding his face in. “Bucky.” You said softly. He sighed heavily and shook his head again.

You sat up and Isaac watched you, a smirk on his face. “While I can just barely tolerate this…weirdness. I need some water. Want some?” You asked, standing to your feet. Isaac’s eyes trailed over your body and he pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth. “Nah, I’m good, sweet cheeks.” He said with a smirk. Bucky watched him with a clenched jaw and he could rip his head off at the look Isaac was giving you. 

You shrugged and turned to Bucky, not noticing Isaac checking you out behind you. Bucky did and you had to snap your fingers and call his name a little louder to get him to look at you. “Water?” You smiled, seeing Bucky’s metal hand clenching. “Are you okay?” You asked quietly, pointing at his hand. 

Bucky un-clenched his fist and looked up at you. “I’m alright, thanks Y/N.” He grumbled, looking back at Isaac, who was still looking at your ass behind you. You left with a small shrug and made your way to the kitchen. Back in the common room, Bucky was staring Isaac down. 

Isaac looked over at Bucky and chuckled. “Man, her ass is great. I’d gladly eat hers. Any other girl, hell no. But Y/N? God, I’d fucking do anything she wanted.” Isaac said, biting his lip as he thought about you. Bucky growled low in his chest and shot up from his seat. That did it. 

“This is the last fucking time you’ll speak about Y/N, or any woman like they’re a piece of meat! It’s disgusting! I want you out!” Bucky shouted angrily, pointing his finger towards the elevator. Isaac scoffed and stood to his feet. “Chill, man!” He said with creased eyebrows. “It’s just a joke.” He shrugged.

Before they could continue, you walked in. “What’s going on? I heard yelling.” You frowned, holding your water in your hand. Bucky turned to face you before looking back at Isaac. “Care to explain?” He asked, crossing his arms. You looked between them, clearly confused.

When Isaac stayed quiet, Bucky scoffed. “Unbelievable. Get out before I lose it.” Bucky took a step towards Isaac and you rushed over to Bucky, holding him back. “Hey! Hey, no, that will not happen. What is going on?” You asked again keeping your hand on Buck’y abdomen so he wouldn’t try to attack your friend. Isaac rushed out of the room before you could turn to him and you heard the elevator open and close shortly after.

You sighed and looked up at Bucky. “Why did he leave? Why are you so angry?” You asked, crossing your arms like Bucky. He let his arms fall and immediately calmed after looking into your eyes. “He’s rude. He talks about women in such a demeaning way! I don’t like it.” Bucky sighed, shaking his head. He couldn’t believe how men acted these days.

You sat down on the couch and Bucky joined you. “That’s just how he is. It’s made me uncomfortable before, but I’m used to it, I guess.” You shrugged, looking down at your hands in your lap. “He said some nasty things about you too, Y/N. I just couldn’t sit here and listen.” Bucky said, resting his hand on your knee.

A sigh fell from your lips and you put your hand on top of Bucky’s. “You’re a true gentleman, huh?” You joked, trying to lighten the mood as you giggled. Bucky chuckled softly, nodding his head. “Yeah, I am. Every guy should treat women with respect. Saying he wanted to eat your ass is not respectful.” Bucky said, feeling his stomach churn with the thought.

You gasped and your cheeks turned red. “He said what!?” You squealed, nearly gagging. Bucky looked at you apologetically. “I’m sorry.” Bucky said, squeezing your knee. You sighed and leaned against Bucky. “Isaac is just…Isaac.” You whispered, feeling Bucky hold you closer. “Isaac is a disgusting pig.” You laughed softly and looked up at Bucky. 

“I’m glad you’re a gentleman, Buck.” You said with a smile. Bucky tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear and looked into your eyes. “Thanks, Doll.” You blushed a little and rested your head on Bucky’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe he kept her thong, though.” You said quietly. Bucky groaned loudly, throwing his head back as he gagged.

Note: feedback is welcome! the end though .c

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Jon/Sansa fic recs: the canonverse fics

Here at last, for Fandom Fic Rec Days!

Here are my Jon/Sansa bookmarks; my modern AU recommendations; and my historical & other AU recs.

I’ve indicated book or show canon for reference.

A Winter’s Tale by @justadram​ (96k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
The War of Three Dragons comes to the Vale, bringing Jon Snow and Sansa Stark together once more.

A nice longer fic you can sink your teeth into. (I read so many fics where I’m like … this is so great … but what if it was 50k longer?) I especially like Sansa coming to terms with not going home and the roles other characters play in the story (especially Jaime and Asha). Sadly lacking in other Stark sibs (my perennially unfulfilled desire) but at least there’s hope for reunion in the future. Also: there needs to be more Sam and Sansa being friends in the world. So much more.

All the Way to the Moon by @misshoneywheeler (5k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
The Dragon Queen had been gracious. Sansa would keep her name and her home. Her children would grow in Winterfell as Starks, just as she once had. Sansa had forced herself to thank the Queen, her steady tone betraying none of the bitterness that curled beneath her tongue. That she should be a brood mare to ensure succession sat uneasy, no matter that it was a life she most likely would have sought for herself, more or less, given time and a husband of her choosing. That was not the bargain, though. Jon Snow was the bargain.

Hot smut, but also some delightful identity issues re: Alayne. One of my faves is Sansa trying to manipulate Jon and Jon just going along with it instead of being tricked. I don’t know why I like that so much, but this is definitely a good example.

And if You Want Me I’m Your Country by thefairfleming (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
“She isn’t anything like I thought she would be,” the maester says at last. “She is not much like I’d thought she’d be either, Sam,” Jon replies.

A really enjoyable example of the “Dany makes them marry” trope. Is this the trope progenitor? IDK, but it seems like an early example.

break me like a promise by honey_wheeler (5k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
“Seems we are siblings after all,” Jon had said, his voice forcibly light, as if to make the words a jape. Perhaps to soften the news, or diminish the realness of it. Perhaps because he had as much difficulty believing it as she, having known himself a Targaryen near as long as he’d thought himself a Stark bastard. And they had been married such a short time; it was too fast to be real, too sudden to seem anything but a cruel trick.

The incest angst fic of my dreams. You know how a lot of fics do the cousin reveal and they’re like “oh phew, thank the gods, I thought I was banging my brother”? This is the opposite of that. Hot and sad at the same time. Contains A+ sexual crying.

Broken Pieces by @justadram​ (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon is good and kind, but he wants things from Sansa she doesn’t know whether she can give.

Almost more of a Sansa character piece than anything else. I love stories dealing with Sansa’s identity issues and this delivers.

Crossing Flatlands to You by @maybetwice (6k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
It takes them years to get it right, for the right reasons, at the right time. Five reasons Sansa had to seduce Jon, and the one reason he had to seduce her.

If for no other reason than a change of pace, it’s really good to read fics where they fall in love before marrying, and I really dig this one. Very tight and focused writing. Quite a bit less smut than you’d think from the summary. (Not a criticism; just FYI.)

Fetch the Prince’s Sister by @justadram​ (2k, T, book canon compliant, future fic)
Cries of “fetch the prince’s sister” bring Sansa to Jon’s tent.

Major tearjerker. Prepare yourself. And heed the warning.

Gods, Let Me Try by @justadram​ (3k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon told Sansa to remain in his tent for her own safety, but she continually frustrates his attempts to protect her.

I am perpetually in need of more angry sex for this ship (there’s so little, y’all. so little). This is still not quite enough, but it does scratch that itch somewhat. Jon and Sansa arguing is everything to me.

Like winter we are cruel by lagardère/@aknightfornawt​ (73k, M, show canon compliant, post-S6)
Winter has come to Winterfell, Jon expects a war north of the Wall, and Littlefinger is brewing one inside the very castle.

Expect lovely evocative writing (seriously, ugh, to a truly unfair degree), LF being a creep, Jon and Sansa having an increasingly strained relationship despite their growing attraction (”Tell Baelish to get you your fucking crown,” be still my heart), political machinations, and a nice bevy of side characters, including Arya and some well-drawn supporting original characters. It also gave me a taste for epistolary fic for this ship, a thirst that goes as yet unquenched.

Moon Cycles by caesia (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Sansa receives a visitor to the Eyrie who reminds her of her past, but his past is complicated too.

I honestly think this might be my favorite? And I’m not totally sure why? Like, the premise is literally just that post-resurrection Jon is a werewolf. You’d think that might be dumb, or at least cracky if played tongue-in-cheek, but it’s actually really melancholy and bittersweet, especially the second fic.

Snow Kisses by caesia (3k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
The sky sends icy kisses falling against her cheeks, but Jon’s kiss still burns on her lips.

The little details of everyday life bring this fic to life.

True North by lit_chick08 (6k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
It is official business that brings Jon Snow to Winterfell.  It is personal business that damns him.

Normally infidelity is a huge turn-off for me, and yeah part of me was a little :| at first, but the things to like about this fic just overwhelmed all that. For some reason I also have a huge “Sansa has a kid (or two) out of wedlock” kink, so that probably helps. A killer ending line, also.

Unmade by @misshoneywheeler (2k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon has a vague memory of Sansa picking a nosegay of those blue flowers, smelling them deeply before holding them out for him to do the same.

SEX POLLEN, MY FRIENDS. Strangely innocent, sweet sex pollen that is all the more hot for those aspects alongside the dubious consent. Also, frottage.

What Once Was Sweet by @justadram​ (6k, T, book canon compliant, future fic)
Before they wed, things were sweet between Jon and Sansa.

So I’m all about the “stone by stone” “Ned/Cat 2.0″ marriage fics, but a lot of times it’s either focused on the very beginnings of the relationship (the wedding and first night, usually), or on the end where they finally realize their feelings and have super hot sex. No shade intended, I like all flavors of this trope, but sometimes you want more of the actual “stones” themselves in between–the difficulties, the disagreements, the miscommunications, the compromises, etc. This is a story about conflict and I really dig how this is ambiguous and open instead of resolving everything neatly.

p3/p5 family au info thing

first and foremost, i’d just like to reiterate that this is an au so i can do whatever i want with it, don’t go militant on me for having fun pls thanks 

alright so i woke up with like 409386093 asks about the parents dying [niijima parents’ death isn’t a spoiler but there are p3p spoilers in here so watch out :0….]  and i suppose this is needed shdfjfgkhfjal i’m laughing so hard- so the range of questions i got are “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL THEM OFF?” “THEY’RE GOING TO DIE” “THIS MEANS THEY’RE DEAD” and

OKAY SO, i originally made this au so i can have them both alive and happy so, it doesn’t really follow p5verse that much. i didn’t really think too deep about this au to ponder about how they’ll die because i just really wanted to have an akiham family to play with LOL (i like to call this branch “please save me from p3p depression”)

however, after some development with friends, it got a little bit more angsty and this is where it starts to follow p5verse more. so back to the original p5 plot: yes, both parents will die like how p5 has told. (i call this branch “Depression Setting In” GKSGLSKG:AL;)

so basically:

  • first branch = lighthearted; “No Angst Allowed, Good Time Only”
  • second branch = angsty, bittersweet; “lms if u love eating shit and dying”

i like both branches tho so i will most likely draw for both sometimes! mostly just the first branch tho bc i wanna run away from depression pls so i apologize in advance if i ever confuse you all with that HAHA so you can interpret my drawings with whichever branch you prefer: if you love being in post-p3p/p5 canon denial bliss or eating shit and dying, it’s up to you my dude

for the second branch, to answer the questions:
1) “how will hamuko die?”

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Purity Ring (Grayson)

You scrolled through your phone aimlessly as Ethan and Grayson, your boyfriend, filmed what would’ve been their fifth video that day. They had a strict schedule since they had promised the fans they would be posting twice a week. Grayson was currently laughing his usual loud laugh at something Ethan was doing, knocking his concentration away from the video — this was the usual. The amount of things they had to cut out just for a seven to ten minute video would probably shock most or maybe it wouldn’t to anyone who knew them well. 

They were currently in the midst of ‘Q&A’ video and you were hoping they hadn’t included anything pertaining to your relationship with Grayson.  People had speculated that you were dating, especially when pictures leaked of the two of you on a dinner date the week prior but you had managed to keep it low-key and avoid all questions until you felt ready to let the world know.

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A Guide to 19 Days and Recap

Whether you’re new to 19 Days and are having trouble understanding it or you’ve been through the whole process of waiting in agony for the next update and have forgotten how the story is set up, here’s a helpful guide to just that. I don’t guarantee that I’m 100% correct. I may be interpreting the cues incorrectly.

Warning: This is gonna be LONG.

We start chapters 1-54 all condensed into one file. These are either official art or little comics about what seem to be our kids in the future.

Our story actually begins on chapter 42, in the present. A bloody Jian Yi suddenly shows up in front of Zhan Zheng Xi.

According to what Xixi says in the next couple of chapters, Jian Yi disappeared on the second day of high school. (RIP Me. I died re-reading “He was my best friend at the time.”) The way Xixi says it makes it seem as if this is way after Xixi graduated(”Oh right, where did you disappear to when I was in high school?”), maybe university. (Might just be a mistake in translation, though.)

Apparently, Jian Yi still has to do the homework he missed throughout the years or something. (Ch. 47)

A couple more future/present comics and then we finally start “The Flashback™”on chapter 50. (Whoops forgot to mention the days of the week.)

We start this day with a sweet and funny premise. Nothing is going wrong, we are laughing and absolutely adoring this slice-of-life manhua…. (Little did we know it would later tear our hearts apart.)

We are introduced to these middle-schoolers, their relationship, and their school life(lmao everyone thinks they’re queer) in Day One, which goes on until chapter 56(Maybe?). (Thursday/Friday?)

(We are interrupted in Day One by the one shot.)

We continue to follow their daily school life. Day Two is a PE day (ugh) and spans from chapter 57(probably) to chapter 66. (Friday/Saturday)

During this second day, Xixi becomes increasingly aware of how intimate Jian Yi and he really are(by the reactions of his peers).

I’d like to mention that I am not completely 100% convinced that Day One and Day two aren’t just one single day, but arranged weirdly…. but for the sake of this guide, we’ll treat them as two separate days.

Okay the start of Day Three. “Yesterday” Xixi invited Jian Yi over to play video games. (Saturday/Sunday)

We interrupt your flashback to bring you “The Future™” Christmas Special!

Okay, we’re back. The Third Day spans from Ch 67 to Ch 97. We get a good laugh but we also learn a lot of things, like how adorable they were when they were kids. We also at first see that Jian Yi seems to have the hots for his best friend, but in that same day we learn that he doesn’t just have a crush on Xixi, he actually holds strong feelings of love for his best friend. So we are starting to see some back story(flashback in a flashback?) and character development, and also something weird with Jian Yi: he’s a lonely child.


Alright Day Four (Five? The weekend passed, but we didn’t see Sunday.) begins on chapter 98 and ends on chapter 114. (Monday)

WE MEET HE TIAN. (He used to smile so much wtf. Now he only smirks like he wants to eat you when you let your guard down.)

We also see another flashback of baby Jian Yi, his mother, and possibly his father?

Okay I just noticed He Tian knew from the start Jian Yi liked Xixi lmao.


WHAT WAS HE GONNA SAY?! Okay Day Four - End.


Okay Day Five begins with He Tian, so you know, in case you were wondering, this story isn’t exclusive to the two bestfriends (as we learned along the way). (Tuesday)

Day Five spans from chapter 115 to chapter 130 and it is THE FIGHT DAY™. Shit goes down in this day, the manga takes an unexpected turn, the fandom is confused but also intrigued and heart broken(the start of Old Xian’s tyranny on our feelings).

We see how He Tian seems to have feelings towards Jian Yi, and in the same day, we are introduced to *drumroll* MO. GUAN. SHAN.(But we don’t know his name yet so it’s Redhead for a couple of chapters.) Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

We also are introduced to bracelet dude (She Li) who repeats Jian Yi’s name rather ominously….

Shit is about to go DOWN.

K.O. Okay, NOBODY liked Redhead, I’ve had people say “I always loved Redhead from the beginning.” Like, mmm okay, so you hated Zhan Zheng Xi or something, like aha sure. LIES. Everybody hated Redhead for hurting our precious son.


The start of Mo Guan Shan’s misery.

ALRIGHT. Day Six! aka… THE STORM™ On this day, we have our hearts ripped out :) (Wednesday)

Ch. 131-144

As you can see, things are getting progressively more interesting and heavy with drama. Not just a slice-of-life anymore. RIP my heart.

Why yes, Jian Yi, he HAS been trained before. By one of your father’s henchmen, which just SO HAPPENS TO BE HIS OLDER BROTHER. But we don’t know that yet ;)

This is why Day Six is called The Storm, btw. It rains on the day everything goes down.

OBLITERATED. This is when I started feeling bad for Mo Guan Shan and disliking He Tian.

Ya, no. Those who say “He just didn’t know how to express his love!”

Look at this panel and tell me that to my face. YOU DON’T HIT THE ONES YOU LOVE.

Needless to say, I do acknowledge that He Tian did indeed start to have feelings for Redhead, but not at this moment.

Day Six is also known as The Kiss (One). Or “The Day We All Freaked Out Waiting For The Next Update.” Also “The Day We Weren’t Prepared For What Was Coming.”


We interrupt your suffering for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

I guess these guys are main guys now. Day Six - End.


Ch. 145-170

Shit is over, the fandom has cried, Jian Yi has cried. BUT NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THE KISS. The fandom is frustrated that Jian Yi keeps avoiding talking about it. C’mon Jian Yi WE WANT YOU TO HEAL.

On this schoolday, we learn He Tian is nasty, Redhead’s dad is in prison, and Zhan Xixi wants to know what is going on with Jian Yi…. and then gets embarrassed when Jian Yi tells him. Oh also, Xixi casually rejects a girl and then gets eaten by a radish.


Among other things.

The time we hated the little sister.

(I want to put so many pictures cuz honestly every chapter is great but then this would take like five hours to read haha. JUST GO REREAD THE SERIES.)


#Redhead Defense Squad 2k16 (remember that?)

Harassment continues…… but THIS is the moment when He Tian decides, “Ah, yes, I just harassed this dude, time to make him my friend. I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.”


Zhan Xixi carrying Jian Yi like a sack of potatoes is my aesthetic.

Oh, right, things get dangerous on Day Seven.

Just Hit Me With All The Transport Vehicles You Can Think Of.

I died already.

And so ends Day Seven.

NOW. It’s a new day. It’s Day Eight. AKA THE KISS(Two). AKA HE TIAN WHY???? Literally Mo was JUST starting to possibly want to be your friend and you had to go jack up. (Friday)

Ch. 171-181

On this day we learn:

Gossipy boys will have shrinking dicks.” -Jian Yi, 2016

Mo GUaN ShAN is his name! Also, he likes to stick sunflower seeds on the windows.

Don’t Close Mountain 2k16

Okay this day is totally more focused on Mo Guan Shan. We see a new side of him that we didn’t know of before. A mature side. Legitimately just tired after the kiss. Confused, very frustrated that someone would take advantage of him like that, but he also doesn’t hate He Tian, despite all the shit he’s done to him. That’s how nice Mo is. And then he’s faced with an important decision.

We meet She Li, who sucks ass as of right now (don’t know if he will have a redemption arc) but seemingly likes Jian Yi’s healthy skin.

RIP Mo’s Sandwich.

He was STARING at you because he READ YOUR NOTE and was gonna be all “Okay whatever I’ll cook for you again. Can’t you just ask like a normal human?”

Asks the guy who only knows this dude for THREE days and then pulls a stunt like that. I FEEL NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU HE TIAN.


In case you were doubting it, this is a manga focusing on gansters and how they fuck up other’s lives.

Slice-of-life my butthole.

The moment I fell in love with Mo Guan Shan and vowed to always protect him.

Jian Yi voices our opinions.


Finally! Day Nine! We’ve made it this far my dudes! (Saturday: Either they have school regularly on Saturdays, or there was a timeskip between Jian Yi’s Birthday, aka Day Four, and Day Five. We’ll just have to wait to see what Day Ten lands on.)

Ch. 182-Ongoing

The day following Mo Guan Shan’s decision, he realizes he was played. Luckily, Jian Yi, Zhan Xixi, and that one girl are there to prove Mo’s innocence. He Tian, suddenly feeling protective over Mo Guan Shan, decides to take this one on one with She Li.

This is the day we get to see Mo start to slowly accept ~friends~ and He Tian. I think he’s had some time to think over THE KISS(Two). And he’s quick to forgive He Tian, not because he loves him, but because he’s a nice soul. He Tian is getting some redemption today and is being a little more cautious around Mo (The Kiss(Two) was JUST yesterday, guys.)

We get to finally see the four hang out together and all around, just have a break from all the shit that’s been going on. Unrequited love, questions about sexuality, attempted kidnapping, being framed for a crime, dirty fistfights. Jesus, just give these boys a break. When are they going to worry about finals and homework like normal students?


The friend you harassed up until one day ago? That’s a funny definition of friend you got there, He Tian. (I loved He Tian in the beginning, then disliked him during his interactions with Mo, but I’m slowly learning to love him again with these new updates.)

The moment when I screamed “I DISLIKE HIM BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT HIM DEAD!!11!!1!”

Mo Guan Shan: Jesus Christ, why do I feel for this asshole?

He Tian: Jesus Christ, why can’t I tell him I like him like a proper human being?

aka The Update That Saved US

THAT’S ALL GUYS OH MY- I am exhausted.

We’ve made it this far.

Please continue to support Old Xian and 19 Days!

The Things she Carried

Part 2. The Robot is Back

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 2200+

Tag List: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @squirrellover1967 @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge

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No Kissing

(I took a brief intermission from working on my main fic to do a one-shot; I’ve seen a few people lately craving Bechloe married domestic fluff, and I’ve been feeling the same way, so I couldn’t resist the urge!)

Locking up her studio for the night, Beca pockets the key and heads across the back yard to the house.  She comes in through the kitchen, finding it empty and silent this late in the evening.  Checking the clock, she feels a slight twinge of guilt when she sees it’s past eight.  Usually, despite the temptation of her equipment just a few steps away on the same property, she doesn’t allow herself to go back to work after dinner.  (Or rather, Chloe doesn’t allow her to go back to work after dinner.)  But with so many deadlines looming this week she’s had to make some exceptions.

She crosses the back hallway and peeks into the family room.  Chloe is nowhere in evidence, but their daughter, Violet, is sitting on the plush area rug in the middle of the room, clutching her favorite blanket, staring at the TV and absorbed in what looks like a car insurance commercial featuring a talking monkey.  

Beca steps quietly through the doorway and sneaks up closer, then crouches down a few feet behind her, still unnoticed.  “Boo,” she says, but in a soft voice so as not to actually scare her.

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Black and White (Part 2)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group?

Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Read Part 1

Word Count: 2550

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

“Not much to explain,” Dean shrugs.

“Who are you?” Cas blurts out, eyes widening like he didn’t mean to say it quite so loudly. “I mean, what do you do? Why were you stealing that car?”

Dean should stop this right now. Should make up some lie, or threaten Cas into silence. But he can’t find the heart to do either. Somehow, he finds a vague version of the actual truth coming out of his own mouth. “I told you already. I’m a mechanic. You saw my garage. And I was…uh, I was taking that car because I needed it.”

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Summary: Ryan sweeps into Gavin the Third’s life, turns his world upside down, and then has to pick up the pieces.

(Eleven Little Roosters fic)

a/n: Silly thing I wrote to practice their characterisations, but I’ll post it as my gift to all of you freewood people waiting for them to interact in the show LOL

c/w: brief mentions of suicide, nothing actually happens


Ryan met with Gavin the Third in a small but painfully expensive restaurant overlooking the Thames. The agent was already there when he arrived, sitting by the window with a glass of red wine in hand and three plates of tiny appetisers in front of him that Ryan was quite sure had already amounted to several hundred pounds despite seeming to barely contain more than a mouthful of actual food.

“Gavin,” he said as he approached, and the other man’s eyes flicked up to him.

It still gave Ryan a jolt, how fucking identical he looked to Ryan’s old coworker. But not just to the two Gavins who he’d met back at Rooster Teeth. To the student he’d met while investigating the wormhole that’d opened in some university science lab. To the Golden Boy who worked with gangs over in Los Santos. To that idiot running around with a Union Jack on his chest claiming to be a superhero who’d been in all the papers lately.

They were all over the fucking place, and maybe Ryan should’ve been used to that same giant nose popping up everywhere, but somehow - every time - it still made him feel an odd guilt. A flash back to his life before all this.

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50 Shades of Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 3163

Warnings: Slight dom/sub, smut, unprotected sex, mentions of 50 shades of Gray, use of restraints, spanking, mostly just fluff and slightly kinky sex. 

Summary: You and the boys decided to watch a movie after Sam gets embarrassed and goes to bed, you and Dean decide to do a little role playing of your own. Not even you realized just how brave you could be. 

A/N: This was done for an anon who requested, Hello. I was wondering you could write one where you and the boys are finally staying in one night so you decide to watch a movie and the girl picks 50 shades and Sam ends up going to bed and Dean and reader somehow end up acting out what they are watching. Not sure if I explained well. Thank you!!! ❤️ I hope it was what you were looking for. I am even thinking about possibly doing a part two if people want to read one just let me know. This was super fun to write, I hope it is fun to read. Italics are scenes from the movie, specifically. 

Flopping between your two favorite guys you let your body squash between them. Carefully tucking in your elbows to your side to make sure you didn’t hit anyone in the guts. It was not only a much-needed break from the cases you had been dealing with, Lucifer’s baby mama drama was still causing problems not to mention the British douche bags were now also trying to murder you and everyone you knew. It was also movie night, and it was your turn to pick the film. A well-deserved distraction and you already had a title in mind.  

You didn’t get to watch movies and relax very often, so even knowing the boys might be slightly uncomfortable, you choose the one movie you had been dying to see. The movie was supposed to be a romance and you only vaguely knew that it was about somewhat kinky sex, you didn’t even care if you blushed for two hours straight. It was what you were watching. You clicked a few buttons and up it popped on the screen. 

“Ugh, no, you aren’t going to make us watch,” Sam let out a sigh, “this.” 

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Owned - pt 9

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

The doctor wanted to see you both today, as soon as possible. Both of you, confused and silent on the way there.

You almost fell asleep once again in his arms until the driver announced that you were five minutes away.

“Good morning Doctor Lu, is everything okay?” Namjoon asked her.

“We hope so. I just got the test results back.” She flipped through some papers and circled a few words. “You’re not pregnant Mrs. Kim but these tests show signs of a serious issue.”

“How serious?” Namjoon questioned.

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anonymous asked:

If i remember correctly, a couple of months back somebody asked you about bruce and jason; if they'd ever have a normal, deep conversation addressing their problems. How it'd go? I mean... do they maybe find themselves at a bar after some very peculiar set of events? We're never gonna get a truthful conversation with those two so i'm relying heavily on you to satisfy my curiosity. You're free to make me ache all over from the pain since you can do that well. :D

“If you wanted to watch the game with me, you could’ve just invited me to the manor,” Jason says as he opens the door to the bar. Better food, less drama, and more comfortable seats make Gotham Knights on the 200" batscreen more real and enjoyable than actually being at the stadium. There’s something to be said about the occasional bat flying past your head, but you get used to it. The alternative is some greasy guy’s saliva sprayed all over your hair while he’s screaming to some player to stop dragging his feet.

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Notice Me [Chapter 6]

Originally posted by oompa-oppa

Chapter 6 of Notice Me

Ch1  Ch2   Ch3  Ch4  Ch5

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst at Times

The party was even more packed than you expected and you felt your nerves starting to kick in. You hardly knew any of Jackson and Mark’s friends, but EVERYONE seemed to know who they were, especially the women.

They couldn’t take a step without someone looking at them like they wanted to rip their clothes off right then and there. You were getting looks from them too, just not the good kind.

Jackson, being the social butterfly that he is, slipped off almost immediately, loving the attention he seemed to get almost everywhere he went.

Mark gave you a soft smile and disappeared to grab you all a drink, leaving you alone and vulnerable. You tried to act normal and pretend like you belonged there but you stuck out like a sore thumb.

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Epitome of Eighteen Histories: Kururi Orihara & Mairu Orihara Episode

This is a story from the past

A twisted story from the past.

A Few Years Ago   Raira Junior High

“Liike I saiid~, butler clothes fit Yuuhei Hanejima-san the best!”

“……Deny (No) …… Alcohol (bartender clothes) …… Fashionable (looks the best)…….”

“Noo, stupid, stupid Kuru-nee! You can drown in a cocktail shaker for all I care!”

During break the first year sisters Kururi and Mairu were fighting over an extremely meaningless topic.

“Both of them are similar though, right?”

The boy who stated that not reading the mood was glared at by the two of them with a look that said “this guy doesn’t even know anything…..”, and although receiving a shock he has doubt over his own disposition with his heart throbbing at the strangeness of those cold gazes, but that is an entirely another matter.

“But Yuuhei Hanejima would like both of them, right?”

When a girl nearby said that, the two of them nodded at the exact same timing.

“Of course!”

“…..Of course….”

Hearing that, their classmates laugh in amazement.

“Really, you two get along well, don’t you.”

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Can't Sleep (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Grayson and reader are best friends who have feelings for each other blahblahblah

Note: This is my first imagine ever, and I only wrote it because the concept has been nagging at my brain for like 3 days so please bear with me. I’m sorry the ending sucks, I couldn’t think of anything better. This is precisely why I don’t write. Anyway, hope you enjoy somewhat lmao. PS - sorry for any spelling/grammar errors, it’s 1AM


You laid in the hotel bed staring at the ceiling, listening to the sound of Grayson’s loud snoring. You glanced at the digital clock sitting on the bedside table. 3:47AM. You had been in bed since 10:30PM, and you had yet to fall asleep. Ethan and Grayson had gotten to the hotel room around midnight, and they both immediately passed out, exhausted from their show. You were just as exhausted as them, but your thoughts wouldn’t let you sleep. All you could think about was how out of control your feelings for Grayson had gotten.

You had met Grayson at a Starbucks in New Jersey about a year ago. You were standing in front of him and Ethan in a line that trailed out of the coffee shop and into the street. You waited for what felt like hours for your caramel frappuccino. Turns out, Grayson had ordered the same thing, so your drinks came out at around the same time. As you both went to grab your drinks, Grayson pulled out his phone and held the camera out in front of the two of you. You had no idea what was going on until he said, “Selfieeee,” and snapped a picture. You laughed, still confused as to what had just transpired. He clarified that his brother had dared him to do it, and he thanked you for being a good sport about it. You two clicked, and you had been best friends ever since.

However, somewhere along the way, your feelings for Grayson had changed. You almost didn’t notice it. In fact, it was Ethan who pointed it out to you. It was 1:30AM on a summer night. You were in the living room of the twins’ apartment, cleaning up the popcorn that you and Grayson had pelted at each other about 10 minutes before. Grayson had gone to take a shower to get all of the butter and salt off of his body. You were smiling to yourself while cleaning. Ethan, who was straightening up the couch cushions, noticed. “God, when are you guys just going to tell each other?” he muttered. You crinkled your eyebrows in confusion. “Tell each other what,” you asked. Ethan gave you the side eye and began explaining. “You guys totally have a thing for each other, Y/N. Don’t try to deny it because anyone with eyes can see it. You both light up when you’re around each other. It’s obvious there is something there,” he finished, exasperated. You had never thought about it. You had always thought that Grayson was just your best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. You didn’t realize until that moment that your feelings towards Grayson really had changed. Was Ethan right about him feeling the same?

You were startled out of your daze when Grayson let out an extra loud snore. You laid in bed for a few more minutes until, finally, you sat up and decided to go take a walk on the beach. You swapped out your long pajama pants for a pair of Nike shorts. As you were about to leave, you heard a whisper. “Where are you going, Y/N,” Grayson asked, his voice hoarse from the deep sleep he had previously been in. “I think I’m going to go take a walk on the beach,” you whispered, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” Grayson quickly jumped up and slipped on a shirt. “I’m coming with you,” he said. You didn’t object.

You both headed out the door and made your way down the long hallway leading to the elevator. When it finally opened, you hopped in and pressed the button that would take you to the lobby. Grayson had been silent the whole time, and you didn’t intend on breaking it, as it was a peaceful silence. The elevator opened, and the two of you made your way through the lobby and out the door leading to the beach. As you approached the cool sand, you removed your flip flops. You and Grayson began walking down the beach, your arms swinging. Occasionally, his hand would brush against yours, and you would contemplate grabbing it. Ultimately, you decided against it, remembering that the two of you were just friends.

You were dragged out of your thoughts of unreciprocated feelings by the devil himself. He was pulling on your arm, urging you to get in the water with him. “Absolutely not,” you said sternly, “I don’t fuck with the ocean.” It was true, you were afraid of the ocean. You didn’t even want to imagine what kind of scary creatures there were lurking around underwater, especially at night. “Come on, Y/N,” Grayson insisted, “when are you ever going to look back and remember the time you DIDN’T come night swimming with me?” You sighed deeply and let out a quiet, “Never.” “What was that,” Grayson joked. “Never,” you admitted grumpily. “Well then, let’s go,” Grayson said, tugging on your arm once more. “Wait, I don’t have a swim suit, Gray,” you said, hoping this would get you out of your predicament. “You’re not getting out of this that easily, Y/N. Just go in your bra and underwear. Come on, it’ll be fun.” With that, he stripped down to his boxers and took off into the water. You were about to give in and start stripping when you realized you weren’t wearing a bra. After a five minute battle with your conscience, you finally decided to just go for it. You removed your shirt and shorts, hoping Grayson wouldn’t look until you were completely submerged in the ocean water. Luckily, he didn’t.

You waded out to where Grayson was standing, the water reaching just under his chest. For you, this meant the water was right under your chin. He turned around when he heard you behind him. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” he asked, looking back at the sky. You realized you were so distracted by your insecurity that you barely noticed the full moon glistening over the ocean water. You gaped at the sight. “It’s stunning,” you muttered in awe. Grayson was smiling. In fact, he was smiling so big that you just had to ask, “What are you smiling about, Gray?” He breathed a happy sigh, “I’m just really content with my life right now, ya know?” “What do you mean,” you asked, genuinely curious. “I’m traveling the world with my twin brother and my favorite girl and meeting so many fans while doing it. What more could I ask for,” he questioned, gazing at the moon. “Not much, I guess,” you said jokingly. He chuckled. As you stared at Grayson, who was still admiring the full moon with a ghost of a smile on his face, you realized just how much you truly loved him.

Before you could say anything, Grayson spoke. “I never want this to end,” he whispered. You were confused as to what he meant. “Do you mean tour,” you asked. “No,” he said, turning to look at you, “I mean this. Right here, right now. I have a beautiful view and a beautiful girl in front of me. I never want this to end.” You smiled up at him, hoping the dark sky would hide the blush creeping onto your cheeks. You reached up and latched your arms around his neck. You could tell he was surprised to feel your naked chest against him, but he didn’t mind. You laid your head on his chest as he tangled his hands in your wet hair. You gently rocked back and forth, making ripples in the water. After awhile, you felt his heartbeat pick up, and he started to speak.

“Hey, Y/N,” he whispered, his heart beating faster by the minute. “Yeah, Gray,” you asked quietly. “I love you,” he uttered, looking at you, “I mean I really love you. I think about you every second of everyday. I can’t seem to shift my thoughts to anything other than your beautiful smile, or your contagious laugh, or your Y/E/C eyes that I could just get lost in. You have me smiling every second that I’m with you, and I’ve never had that with anyone else. I know we’re supposed to be best friends, but God, I love you, Y/N.” You smiled up at him and whispered, “I love you, too, Grayson.”

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can you do a valentines day fic where tyler proposes? thanks so much!! love u tay :)

sorry this is a day late, buuuut here you go!  


The thought comes to him when he’s over at Josh’s, the two of them are sitting around playing Mario Kart and gorging on ungodly amounts of food.  Y/N was working late, so the two of them decided to spend the night together instead.  Tyler’s not sure how they had ended up eating an entire pizza already, but it’s not like he minds.

The thought comes right out of the blue, and it’s natural that just after Tyler’s done beating Josh at another round, he turns to him and says, “Is it corny to propose on Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes, extremely corny,” Josh says robotically, eyes glued to the screen. He must not have fully realized what Tyler had asked because it takes him a few moments to turn to him with wide eyes and say, “Wait… What?  Propose? Are you thinking of proposing? To Y/N? On Valentine’s Day? Like next week?”

“Why not?” Tyler shrugs, turning back to click for the next game.

“Why not? Tyler, you can’t just do something this big on a whim. Have you thought about it? Have you two talked about it at all? This is a big step, Ty. Like a huge step. A massive step. You can’t propose unless you’re totally sure about it.”

“I love Y/N. And she loves me. We have talked about it. I mean, not like seriously or anything. But we’ve mentioned that we want to get married one day. And I just thought why can’t that day be now?” Tyler says, shrugging.

“I’m not saying not to do it, Ty. I’m saying that you have to give this some thought. Marriage is the real deal. You know, ’till death do you part, and all that.  I don’t want you to jump into anything and then regret it,” Josh says, pausing the game and tugging on Tyler’s arm, forcing him to turn and look at him.

Tyler does turn, only to be met with concerned brown eyes and furrowed brows. He sighs, rubbing his face, because Josh is right. This is a big step, and maybe he should think more about it.

But all he can think about is waking up every morning, arms wrapped around Y/N’s waist. Leaving little kisses on her neck and cheek as sunlight filters through the blinds. Having coffee together in the kitchen. Watching as she reads the paper and distracting her by pressing his lips to the soft spot behind her ear. And things would be exactly the same, because that’s what they do now, except it’ll be totally different because she would have a ring on her finger, and that meant something.

“I really want this, Josh. Like, you’re right. I haven’t really thought about it. But it’s just. I think she’s the one. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. Ever. It feels right, you know?”

Josh nods seriously, but then he’s pulling Tyler into his arms, embracing him in a tight hug. “I’m so happy for you, Ty. I think I’m gonna cry. Oh my God, I’m definitely gonna cry at your wedding. Just tears the whole time. Can I be your best man? Do you have a ring? You need to get a ring. What kind of ring do you propose with? I don’t think she’s really a flashy, diamonds kind of girl but –“

Tyler laughs, pushing Josh away. “Josh, chill. We have a week to figure this stuff out, don’t worry.”

“You’re not really gonna propose on Valentine’s Day are you?” Josh groans. “That is like really cheesy, Tyler. And this is coming from me.”

“Why not?” Tyler smiles.

Tyler and Josh spend the next week busy with proposal preparations. They find a ring, a simple band in white gold with a small stone that Tyler knows she’ll love. It’s a bit pricey, but Tyler’s got some money saved up and it’s definitely worth it.  She’s worth it.

And thanks to Josh, who pulls a few strings, Tyler gets a reservation at the fanciest restaurant in town.  One that’s usually impossible to get into on a regular day. Josh, being the social butterfly that he is, talks to a friend of his who works there and assures Tyler that he and Y/N will have the best table in the place.

When Y/N’s in class one day, Tyler visits the café that he and Y/N went to on their first date and frequented all through school. He asks them to keep the tiramisu that the two of them shared that day on stock. The owner’s a little annoyed, because she doesn’t even have the desert on her menu anymore, but Tyler brings out his sappy, puppy dog eyes and tells her that he’s going to be proposing to Y/N. Her eyes soften immediately because she’s always had a sweet spot for Y/N and her quiet nature, and she agrees with a small sigh and smile.

There’s a lot of sneaking around while Tyler and Josh get the little surprises ready. Tyler has a hard time even looking at Y/N, because every time he does, he gets a warm bubbly feeling in his stomach and he just wants to jump her and smother her with kisses and propose right then and there.

Tyler’s always been in love with her – possibly from the very first day that she introduced herself with a shy, sleepy smile during an Art History class that Tyler didn’t even originally want to take.  After that day, he started looking forward to it every week though. That same feeling has intensified by an immeasurable amount now.  It takes almost all of Tyler’s effort not to tell Y/N what he’s planning because he wants to tell everyone. He wants the whole world to know that he loves Y/N and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

It’s hard keeping secrets from her because truth-be-told, Tyler’s a terrible liar and Y/N hates secrets. Whenever she asks him where Tyler’s sneaking off to with Josh all the time, Tyler just smiles and tries to change the subject. It works at first, but by the end of the week, Y/N just scowls and pouts.

Monday night, Tyler comes home to their shared apartment elated. He and Josh had just been out finishing the last part of the proposal plan. They got a bottle of Y/N’s favorite wine, and then drove out to a park that she and Tyler always took walks in.  They hid the wine, along with two glasses and a blanket, in the nook of the tree under which Tyler had first kissed Y/N for the first time, lips chapped and hands shaking with nerves. Their original plan was to put the ring there too, but Tyler decided it was too risky. He didn’t want it to get lost or stolen or eaten by squirrels or something.

Tyler’s elated by all the excitement because everything feels so real now. He’s going to be proposing. Tomorrow. It’s one of the biggest moments of his life so far, and he’s absolutely off the walls, half-freaking out, half buzzing about it.

When he gets in, Tyler finds Y/N in front of the television, flipping through channels mindlessly. He takes off his shoes and goes to snuggle up to her on the couch, feeling warm and happy inside.

“What you watching, babe?” He asks, smiling and placing a kiss on her shoulder.

“Nothing,” she mumbles, finally settling on one of those home-improvement shows, always a solid go-to when nothing else was on.

“Did you take off tomorrow like I asked?” Tyler asks, wrapping his arm around her on the couch, she coils into his side almost automatically.

“I did. What exactly are we doing tomorrow?”

“Anything you want in the morning, but I’ve got something planned for the evening,” Tyler says. He frowns when he hears her let out a heavy sigh. “Is something wrong?”

“No, just surprised you bothered to make plans. Thought you would just be doing something with Josh again. You’ve definitely been spending more time with him than with me lately,” she grumbles, eyes glued to Property Brothers on the screen.

“What? Are you jealous?” Tyler asks, twisting around with a teasing smile on his face.

“Jesus, Tyler. No, I’m not jealous of Josh,” she snaps, pushing Tyler away. The gesture’s not very forceful, but it still sort of stings.

“Then what’s wrong?” he frowns, trying to move closer to her. She responds by leaning further against the couch and away from Tyler. “Babe, come on. Don’t be like this. It’s the night before Valentine’s Day. I just want to cuddle and watch TV with you.”

“Exactly, Ty. It’s right before Valentine’s Day, and what have you been doing? Avoiding me. Spending time with Josh. Barely talking to me. You know I hate it when you keep things from me,” she says, eyes focused on a loose thread in the hem of her t-shirt.

Tyler sighs, his happy mood from before dissipating quickly. “It’s nothing, babe. If you really have to know, I’ve been avoiding you because I’ve been planning something special for tomorrow and I just didn’t want to accidentally let it slip to you. Josh’s been helping me with everything. I just wanted tomorrow to be perfect. Please don’t be mad.”

“Yeah, whatever, Tyler. I think I’m just gonna go to bed,” she grumbles, getting up and leaving him alone on the couch.

Tyler groans, head thrown back in frustration. This is definitely not how he planned for things to go tonight. There was absolutely no reason for her to be this angry.

He sits there for a while longer, watching but not really paying much attention to the show. When he thinks he’s given Y/N enough time to cool down, Tyler turns off the television and heads to their shared bedroom.

Y/N’s snuggled on her side of the bed, eyes closed and facing away from where Tyler usually is. Her breathing is even but Tyler can tell she’s not really asleep. He decides not to say anything, and instead strips down to his boxers, getting into his side of the bed. He would usually cuddle against her, an arm around her waist while they’re pressed together, front to back or chest or chest. Tonight Tyler just leaves her be, choosing to face her and watch as she finally does drift into sleep.

In the morning, Tyler wakes to find Y/N curled into his side, head nuzzled on his chest. Her whole body feels like a furnace, she’s blazing hot, making Tyler uncomfortably warm. He frowns, moving back the hair that’s stuck to her forehead. Tyler’s not positive, but he thinks she might be running a fever.

“Babe. Babe, wake up,” He whispers, shaking her body gently. Usually Y/N’s a pain to get up, but she awakens fairly quickly with a moan, burying her face farther in Tyler’s chest.

“No,” she grumbles, “I don’t want to. Everything hurts,” she complains before being attacked by a fit of coughing.

“I think you’re sick, babe,” Tyler says, wrapping his arms around her, running a hand over her back soothingly.

“Really, Ty. I wouldn’t have guessed. Thank you for that.”

Tyler sighs. Y/N’s always insufferable when she’s sick. Whiny and moody and just in a terrible temper. If she was feeling half as bad yesterday as he can tell she does now, Tyler understands why her mood was so sour. “I’m gonna go make you some tea, babe. I’ll be right back.”

She goes to say something but is stopped by another wave of coughs. She chooses to instead groan in response. Tyler kisses her softly on the forehead before slipping out of bed.

Grabbing a t-shirt off the floor, Tyler runs off to the kitchen. He prepares a cup of tea exactly how he knows she likes when she’s feeling under the weather and also soaks a washcloth in cool water before returning to the bedroom.

The flu’s been going around for a while now, so Tyler really shouldn’t be all that surprised that Y/N’s gotten sick. He’s upset though because this means all his plans are ruined, but he’s more concerned just seeing her in this state. Tyler hates when Y/N’s sick, not only because she tends to get extremely moody, but because she’s just so miserable, and there’s really nothing he can do about it.

When he returns, he finds her curled into a ball on her side. Her breathing is heavy and it sounds a bit congested and Tyler really wants to wrap her up in a bunch of blankets and make sure she’s cozy and comfortable.

“I brought your tea, babe,” Tyler says, placing the cup on the bedside table and getting back into bed.

“I’m too hot for tea,” she mumbles grumpily.

Tyler rolls his eyes and tugs on her arm, watching her uncurl from her fetal position and roll closer to him. He puts the washcloth on Y/N’s forehead, and he hears her sigh out in relief.

They lay there for a bit longer, Y/N with her eyes closed, and just when Tyler think she’s fallen back asleep, she says, “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

Tyler hums in agreement. “That it is.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m sick.”

“Yes you are,” Tyler says, scooting just a bit closer to her and wrapping an arm around her.

“It’s Valentine’s Day and I can’t kiss you because I’m sick and I don’t want you to get sick.”

There’s a beat of silence while Tyler just listens to her breathing.

“I’m sorry that I was being such a bundle of dicks last night,” she says softly, intertwining her fingers with Tyler’s.

He squeezes her hand gently. “It’s okay. You weren’t feeling well. And I probably shouldn’t have been keeping things from you. I know you don’t like secrets.”

“You were just trying to make Valentine’s Day special. And I ruined it. By being a dick. And getting sick.” She coughs a few more times. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, babe,” Tyler says, kissing her cheek, lips to burning-hot skin.

They continue to lay there, tangled up in each other. Tyler’s getting really warm again, but it’s nothing they haven’t done before, intertwined to help the other sweat out the fever.

“Can I ask you something?” she asks, looking up at Tyler.

“Of course.”

“What did you have planned for tonight? Cause I’m pretty sure that whatever it is, I won’t be able to participate in it in this state. But I want to know,” she says, biting down on her chapped, bottom lip.  She looks sort of nervous, and Tyler knows he actually does feel guilty for being upset last night.

“Well we were gonna go out to dinner at that restaurant you like, the one on the corner by Mark’s.  And then dessert at the café we used to go to.  Picnic in the park where we had our first kiss. There’s a bottle of wine hidden in that tree.  The one you carved our initials into, even though I told you it was totally corny to do something like that,” he lets out a shaky laugh. “There’s probably a bunch of drunk squirrels wandering around by now,” Tyler says, smiling when Y/N giggles.

“Anything else?” she asks.

Tyler bites his lip hesitantly.  He wants to tell her. So badly. Maybe he doesn’t need to take her on some elaborate date to propose to her. Maybe this moment is okay too.

Somehow, Tyler’s never felt as in love as he does at that moment. After all these years, he’s still falling more in love every day. Even when Y/N is sick and sweaty, all Tyler can do is think about kissing her and make her feel better. And maybe that’s what that phrase really refers to. In sickness and in health. Tyler wants to be with her every single second, not only until she’s feeling healthier, but forever.

“Yeah, actually there was one more thing,” Tyler says. “Hold on.”

He’s made his decision. His heart is pounding fast as he gets out of bed, walking to the closet. Y/N watches curiously from the sheets as Tyler takes a small velvet box out of his coat pocket. Tyler puts it in his hand before climbing into bed again.

“I was going to give you this,” he says, opening the box slowly.

The ring is sitting surrounded in a dark, ruby red cloth, glinting in the dim light of Y/N’s bedside table. Her eyes widen as she takes the tiny velvet box from Tyler’s hands. “Ty, is this –“

“Y/N,” Tyler says, taking the ring out, “will you marry me?”

There’s a moment of silence and Tyler think his heart stops because for a split second he’s afraid she’s going to say no. But then she’s outstretching her hand, indicating for Tyler to slip it on.  He does, but then he’s being pushed back on the bed, his face being peppering with kisses, and Tyler doesn’t care if she’s sick, he takes her face between his hands and slots their mouths together in a long, deep kiss. Tyler feels her tongue slide into his mouth, and dammit he’s going to get so sick later, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s definitely taking this all as a yes.

She pulls away first because she’s becomes overwhelmed with a fit of coughs. Tyler pats her back gently, then pulls her in close, waiting for her to catch her breath again.

“I can’t believe you proposed to me on Valentine’s Day,” she laughs after settling down. “That’s so cheesy, Ty. Even for you.”

“Shut up. You still said yes. That was a yes, right?”

“Of course it was,” she says, placing one last kiss to Tyler’s lips. “Did you really think I’d say anything different?”

Brother - Mitch Marner

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Author’s Note: I’m taking requests.

Word Count: 1,594

Warnings: Cuss words and mentions of sex.

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You couldn’t help but giggle once Mitch introduced you to his older brother Chris. It’s not something you’re very proud of, but the older Marner just made you turn into a little school girl every time you looked at him. His dark green eyes made you swoon along with his dark brown (almost black) hair. You’ve also been a fan of facial hair so his five o'clock shadow totally added to his look, plus his jawline was pretty sharp. However, with all of these great qualities Christopher wasn’t Mitchell.


You laughed along with Rachel, Chris’ girlfriend plus his parents as he told us some joke that one of his buddies had told him.

“Ha ha, so funny.” You turned to Mitch after he said that sarcastic remark. He was looking down at his drink as he swirled it in his hand.

You noticed something was wrong because he wasn’t smiling and Mitch always smiles. “Hey,” you whispered in his ear so his parents, who were sitting from across the table, wouldn’t notice his behavior. “Baby, you okay?”

He didn’t even make an attempt to look at you as he replied back. “Yeah, m'fine.” This made you grab his hand from under the table so you could give him some kind of comfort.

Mitch didn’t pull away so you turned back to his parents and offered them a smile but in the back of your head, you were just worried about the boy next to you.


Bonnie was talking about hers boys. “While Mitch was the goofy one who only cared for hockey, you had Chris who tried to be a fast thing and get anything that had lady parts.” This caused the whole table to laugh but one.

Chris smiled as he had his arm around his girlfriend. “That could be the farthest from the truth.”

“No,” you shook you’re head making the older Marner sibling to raise his eyebrows. “I can totally see it.”

“Oh, thanks, Y/n. I thought we were friends.” You rose your hands in a surrendering motion but not before giggling.

“Hey, I’m just calling ‘em as I see them.” This caused the both of you to start a bickering war. It seemed like everyone was having a good time. Oh, how wrong were you.

“Can I be excused?” Chris and I stopped our banter to look at the younger Marner along with Rachel, Bonnie and Paul.

Mitch’s mom looked at her husband then to me. I shrugged letting her know that I didn’t know what has gotten into with him. “Do you not feel good, sweetie?” You could hear the concern that Bonnie has for her baby boy and plus it’s written all over her face.

Before Mitch could respond, Chris beat him to it. “Please, he’s faking. He just wants to get out of doing the dishes.”

“Shut up, idiot.” The boy beside you snapped while looking at his older brother.

“Oh, bite me, munch.”

“Shut it up, your-”

Paul slammed his hand down on the wooden table. “That’s it, both of you to your rooms.”

“That’s not fair.”

“I’m an adult.”

The brothers said at the time but Paul put a hand up. “I don’t wanna hear it.” Chris glared at Mitch to which the younger Marner returned.

“Look what you did.” They both got up and started to walk to their old rooms.

“What I did? You started it.” They both continued to argue until the sound of two doors slamming brought silence into the Marner house hold.

You all looked at each other with tight smiles. “You two wouldn’t mind if I excused myself to see if Mitch is, okay?”

“That’s fine, sweetie.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

The Marners’ answered at the same time. You backed out of your seat and pushed it back in. “Thanks for the lovely meal.” You replied before heading to your boyfriend’s bedroom. Once you made your way to Mitch’s bedroom door, you knocked. “Mitchell, baby, can I come in?” You didn’t hear anything so you took that as an invitation. As you opened the door Bon Jovi filled your eardrums and blue walls took over your vision. You turned to your left to see a self full of trophies and ribbons.

You lifted up your left hand to glide it through the blue silk fabric and run your fingers over the engraved trophy plates that said MVP for most of them. Your eyes then shifted to pictures of little Mitchell through the years with many different jerseys on. A smile formed on your face as you saw a picture of a toddler wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

“They’re kinda embarrassing, uh?” Mitch’s voice made you jump a little as you put a hand on your chest and turned around to see your boyfriend sitting at the end of his bed.

“Geez, I didn’t need that heart.” You laughed but surprisingly your goofball of a boyfriend didn’t. “Babe?” You moved closer to him so you could kneel down in front of him. “What’s the matter?”

“Why don’t you ask my brother since you think he’s the best thing that has been on his planet.” You were stunned for a moment letting the words sink in, then you couldn’t help but laugh at his accusation. “This isn’t funny.” He pouted pushing you so you would land on your butt but still in between his lands.

“Oh, babe. That was good.” You chuckled as you wiped away stray tears that ran down your cheeks. “Mitch, I do not think Chris is the 'best’ thing in the world.” You raised your arms and made your index and middle middle finger into quotations marks as you said best.

Mitch scoffed at this. “You were basically drooling over his evergreen eyes and chiseled jaw.” His face was full of disgust which you thought was kinda cute that he was jealous of his brother.

“Mitchell.” You sat up so you were in your knees and placed your hands on his thighs. “I will admit to you that I think your brother in a complete babe.”

“Oh thanks my ego needed to hear that.” Sarcasm dripped from his voice as he looked anywhere but at you.

“Listen.” You cupped his face in your hands. “But he’s got nothing on you.” This made Mitch’s face soften his expression.


“No.” You cut him off while letting your hands drop to his chest. “Do you know how many times I have to control myself when I’m around you.” Mitch rolled his eyes but you kept on. “Your fucking blue eyes could persuade me into doing a lot of things,” you paused to laugh. “In fact they already have, Mitch.” He laughed with you as his hands held onto you sides. “Then there’s your smile. Whenever you enter a room with that smile on your face, you light it up.” The Marner looked down with a hint of pink on his cheeks.

“Even with my chipped tooth.” As he asked the question Mitchell direct his attention back in you.

You smiled brightly. “Especially, with the chipped tooth.” His signature smile put his teeth on display. “But what really made me fall for you, Mitch.” You wrapped your arms around his neck. “Your goofy, fun loving, caring, and go with the flow personality. That’s what made me love you, Mitch not your looks.” A smirk appeared in your lips. “Even though that’s a lovely add bonus.”

His face slowly made the smile disappear. “You love me?” You froze in place not realizing that you let those words slip. You see in the four months of dating neither of you have had the 'L’ word, well, until now.

“Um.” You tried to pull away but Mitch tightened his grip on you.

His toothy smile returned. “You love me.” This time it didn’t sound like a question.

You looked into his blue eyes and nodded. “I love you.”

Without any warning at all, the Marner pressed his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but moved your lips to match his movements. This kiss was different from others. It was like Mitch was trying to tell you something and if it was what you were thinking, then it was going to a long night.

His hands moved down to your hips, and in one swift movement, Mitch picked you up and set you down in his lap. You both parted for a moment to smile at each other. “I love you, too.”

He leaned forward to kiss you again while you slid your hands under his shirt, immediately coming into contact with skin. Mitch shivered in delight when you glided your fingers up his torso to his chest.

Your boyfriend pulled away from you to take off his black shirt. Once it hit the floor, your lips when to his neck where you kissed and nipped in his skin. Right as he let a groan out his bedroom door open. “MOM, MITCH AND Y/N ARE HAVING SEX!!!” Your body was thrown on the bed and you watched as Mitch stood up and chased after Chris.

As you sat on the bed you laughed as you heard the brother’s yell at one another. “You ruin everything!”

“Sorry, I ruined your one chance at getting some lovin’!” You rolled your eyes as you put all of you weight on your left hand while waiting for Mitch’s returned.

“I’m totally attractive to grown men who act like they’re children.” You mumbled to yourself before falling back onto the soft mattress.

RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC who has a bodypillow of her favourite Anime/Manga character


° finds out after he visits your room for the first time

° totally suprised at first

° “MC why didnt´t you tell me you have one?”

° got one too but with a LOLOL character

° you were too embarassed to tell him  。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° not mad at you because, duh, you can have what you want

° I mean it´s not like his is more lewd

° nevertheless is jealous

° can´t accept that you cuddle with someonething other than him

° would throw his away if you do likewise xD

° but you won´t

° eventually  makes you sleep at his place VERY often

° not that he would want to Keep you away from your precious husbando

° ( cute cinnamon roll is jealous o(≧∇≦o))

° will sleep with his when you´re around to make YOU jealous

° doesn´t work that well for him

° you just bring your own next time

° after enyojing his suffer you promise to leave it at home (in your wardrobe)

° “MC you´d do that for me ??” (YES, FEEL THE LOVE)

° has to lock his away too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° Pillow-Party!!!! in the closet


° confused when you tell her you´ll bring your waifu over

° “MC are you cheating?”

° poor BBY

° Freaks out untill you explain

° not the biggest fan of your pillow…

° wants you to put it away (no hot waifu in her house)

° “But WHYYYYYY!!!!11″

° “Because it´s stupid!”

° MC leaves, crying

° Well done Jaehee…

° only takes 0.45 seconds to run after you

° “MC wait for me!” , “No!”

° eventually catches up to you

° “Please come back I didn´t mean it like that “ ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

° great MC now she´s crying !

° you end up going back to her´s and dicuss the matter

° is actually just JEALOUS?!

 ° you two agree to leave it at your house

° MC is wondering why Jaehee invites her over more often after that 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° cute, naive MC


° he freaks out !

° “How can you sleep with another man??”

° his ego is slowly dying XD

° “Zen chill he is no match for you”


° wants to burn it………….. immediately

° says nonstop how much hotter he is

° gets on your nerves to put it back in a closet…..or in the trash

° one time he hides it in the freaking garment sleeve for his tux

° he was the only ont to find it funny though

° as a revenge you slept wth the Pillow only for two whole weeks щ(゜ロ゜щ)

°MC how could you??!

° as a result he is unconcentrated to the Point where his Manager phones you and asks you what´s wrong with him

° so you end the torture (unfortunately)

° he still feels stared at whenever he waks by the pillow

° paranoid????? he????? Nooooo!!!!!!!

° begs you to at least Change the cover to a White one

° “Zen you have to learn to live with it. I have to live with your fans too!”

° “That´s not he same!”       ZEN!!!

° in the end he tolerates it only outside the bedroom of course

° to your suprise he gives you a pillowcover with him o(〃^▽^〃)o

° Things you do for your ego love


° also kinda jealous but mostly chill with it

° gets you more covers because he can

° secretly hopes you´ll get sick of it when you have so much

° sees it more as a Substitute for him when he´s on a buisness trip

° soon you have like 10 different pillows and 20 covers ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

° you´ll soon have your owm husbando/ waifu room !!

° Jumin, y u so generous??

° he hopes you won´t be so lonly when he´s not there for you

° feels guilty because of that

° but at one Point he sees you sleep with your arms and legs around the pillow

° wake up MC Daddy Jumin is here to punish you

° no more pillow for MC ( ≧Д≦)

° almost throws everything related to that Thing away

° lucky enough you can convince him otherwise by Stripping infront of him

° in the end they´re not banned from the Penthouse but from the bedroom

°to make him happy you make a pillowcase with Elisabeth and yourself for him

° when he sees it……

° let´s say you didn´t thought a man could die from nosebleed

° takes it with him whenever he´s on a trip where you can´t come along

°gives you one in return

° on one side he´s wearing a super sexy tuxedo and on the other one…….

° let´s just say it´s definetly R-rated (♥ω♥*)

° needless to say it´s the only pillow you´ll be using from now on


° so you have a Body pillow……. how cute

° he has f*cking 20!!!

° so he´s super chill with it

° YOU are jealous of HIS Collection

° one day you two buildthe great korean pillow wall XD

° keeps ordering matching cases for the both of you

° in Exchange you have to Change covers


° they work as a Substitute whenever he´s to busy to cuddle with you

° he says he´s fine with it but gets annoyed by it at one point

° “MC why have you replaced me?”

° “Just let me sleep Saeyoung!”

° the next morning all of the pillows have misteriously disappeared

° the only one left is a life size pillow with seven on it?

° “WTF happend ??!”

° then Seven appears and he´s wearing a freaking pillow cosplay ∑(O_O;)

° just why Seven ??

° “If you love them more than me then I have to become a pillow!!”

° you have some serious Problems dude

° but you can´t resist and hug him almost to death

° you both decide to lock the pillows (he eventually brings all of them back) away and/ or give them to Saeran

° exept for the Seven-pillow, you can Keep that ;) you know for…… science and stuff


° he´s blind so……. yeah not really Aware of it ?

° wonders why you always insist of sleeping with this huge pillow

° knows nothing about what it Looks like until Jumin tells him one day

° thank you very much trust-found kid

° is super jealous and doesn´t like it

° but accepts it for your sake

° but one night, when he had too much wine, he asks you to remove it

° Little V´s pride is hurt

° of Course you agree

° I mean, who wants to make this cutie upset ?

° But you secretly put the cover back on when you two have a fight

° sneaky, sneaky MC (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


° already knows those Things from his stupid Brother

° teases him for having so many

° when he finds out you have one too he bullies you A LOT about it

° but in reality he´s scared you´d replace him and thinks you´re tired of him

° my poor bby don´t you dare thinking that

° actually makes poor MC really sad .( ˃﹏˂̵ )

° so she gives her pillow to Seven and hopes Saeran is happy

° he is

° but when he sees her crying in her slee because she misses her pillow…..

° “There´s no way to avoid it, if you want that Thing so bad I´ll be your pillow”

° he´s totally NOT blushing while saying that HE IS

° realizes that this was the best decision of his life ೕ(・ㅂ・ )

° you´re happy. he´s happy. Problem solved!


I hope you liked it. It´s my second headcanon so I know I still have a Long way to go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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