this is why i'm not allowed photoshop

When you’ve been struggling to shake off the title of “imbecile haplessly destined to be outshined by Keith at everything for all eternity“ since the first episode, and you’ve had a major crush on Allura since you laid eyes on her, but not only are you gonna have to take orders from the mullet-sporting bastard in season 3, but you also have to watch Allura fall for him

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OMG, just had to let you know I laughed SO hard at your Fushimi-minion pic. (It's PERFECT!) Then I proceeded to giggle madly, and then chuckle for many minutes after that. Thanks for the laughs, I REALLY needed them today :D

I’m glad you liked it :D Between that and last weekend’s Shrek!Fushimi I think I’ve reached the limit of CGI character Fushimis–

–Oops my Photoshop slipped


A clumsy return to photoshop with Sansa + Cersei


I’d like to introduce you to one of the reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed photoshop

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Hi Pete, it's Joey here. Just want to ask what is your usual workflow preparing final images. I believe you shoot in RAW, then it goes in the order of 1: Adobe Camera Raw, 2: Lightroom, 3: Photoshop, then saving as whatever final format? Personally I've never used Lightroom, and do everything in Photoshop (which I'm more comfortable becos of my graphic design background). If you're allowed to use only one software, which one (LR or PS) is your pick and why? Thanks for your advice!

Hey, Joey! Yes, I usually shoot in RAW. My workflow is as follows: Importing the photos from the card via Lightroom (during import applying one of my self-made basic presets that fit the the type of photos, and adding some general keywords). As soon as the photos are imported to the drive and are in the LR database, I make a quick selection to delete the ones that turned out unusable, plus I add some more specific keywords to later find the photos more easily. Processing for 99.9% of all photos I make, happens inside of LR (including some plug-ins). I rarely use Photoshop anymore for my photography. I’m fairly accustomed to Photoshop (I have been using it it for some 15 years or so), but except of some more sophisticated masking techniques and of course working with layers (something, I personally usually simply don’t need with my photos), I don’t see any advantage for my specific type of work. To be honest, I even find Photoshop in many ways inconvenient for the type of photos I make. The very easy to use and intuitive tools in Lightroom give me everything I need. I started to use LR with version 3 and quickly “moved over” completely. The rare occasions I really need Photoshop are portraits (like that one time when a client asked for some heavy retouching) and compositings. I still use Photoshop for other things though, like GIFs, banners and logos. Outputting as JPEG or TIFF (for certain uses) also via LR.

If I were only allowed to use one software… hmmm… That would be a pretty heavy limit ^^ If this is only and exclusively about the photography I show on my blog, I’d surely go the LR way. No question. Simply for the fact that it’s the more playful, the faster, and more intuitive way. I don’t have to juggle around with Bridge (I don’t like Bridge. Not at all) to organize my photos. I have everything I need in one piece of software. LR basically IS Camera RAW (the Adobe rendering engine, not the blog ;P) with lots and lots of other features. So I have everything in there anyway. LR surely doesn’t offer the surgical precision PS does, but it gives my a lot of freedom. Specific photography related tasks (like dodging and burning, simple gradients etc) are much faster in LR. For just one brush-stroke I do in LR, I’d have to use adjustment layers, copies of layers, layer masks etc in PS. I can easily have a virtually unlimited amount of (and if just slightly) different edits of one shot in my database without using up extra hdd space, I can now stich panos, I can even do HDR. Again: all not as precise as in PS, but much easier. But this all depends on the use oc. As I see it: PS is the swiss knife for all kinds of digital imagery and LR is a specifically tailored and tuned-up version of Camera RAW for photographers.