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↳ I really love logic and reasoning (especially fallacies), so I wanted to make this graphic/meta series to highlight canon examples of the characters using questionable reasoning during arguments.

↳ I can’t stop writing about this guy, especially since there’s a lot of confusion about what/who he actually was and what rights he may have had. It helps that soullessness in SPN is as interesting as it is complex and contradictory. (New Content added: 2/25)


↳  Sam’s apology was totally in character, but Dean’s forgiveness, rather than closing old wounds, seemed highly self-indulgent and shallow. More than that, though, the show’s handling of the apology shows a clear and unsettling bias. This is my attempt to explain why.[NEW! 1/27]

↳  My attempt to address some of the most appealed-to ideas in fandom meta and real-world defenses of wrongdoing. (Brought to you by someone who’s 1000% done with badly-reasoned arguments.)[NEW! 1/10]

↳  A detailed ask response addressing the tendency within fandom to accuse Sam of dating violent women or dooming them to death by having sex with them. Part of an SPN-themed unpopular opinionsgame I played. [NEW! 1/06]

↳  My response to a post someone brought to my attention and my attempt to address not only the points the person brought up but fandom’s baffling need to quantify suffering.

Dean, irreverent and charming hero, coined the catchy term “Team Free Will.” Does he live by it, though? This is some analysis of how, exactly, Dean, the narrative, and the fandom itself contradicts the idea of free will. [NEW! 12/08]

↳  A certain gifset highlighted two moments in season eight when the brothers used some form of the word “pure.” Each instance spoke volumes about the characters.  [NEW! 12/05]

↳  An ask-response exploring what I think are the driving forces behind all of Sam’s decisions, even (perhaps especially) those he’s made in s11 regarding the Cage. [NEW! 12/05]

↳  Yes, Dean has issues and buried resentments and valid problems. Yes, they explain and effectively show his reasons for the way he behaves. No, they don’t give him excuses. [NEW! 11/18)

↳ A comment on a short meta led me to respond to the assertion that Sam was exceptionally dangerous, out of control, and should have been killed or imprisoned by Dean. [NEW! 11/06)

↳ An observation someone made about the episode sort of indirectly made me wonder about the link between gender, occupation, experience, and soulless aggression. Somewhere along the line, it turned into more soulless!Sam analysis. [NEW! 10/15]

↳ An analysis of why I started season 10 (post-Demon stuff) cheering for Dean and respecting his choices, and ended the season disappointed and disillusioned.  [NEW! 10/13]

↳ Thoughts on the supposed parallels this season with Dean connected to the Darkness and Sam connected to the Light; analysis of the unsettling inversions in 11.01 and speculation for the future. [NEW! 10/07]

↳ A response to an anonymous ask about what I thought about John. Beware. I know this is a sensitive topic, and I try to handle it as such. I reference personal experience in this response. It’s not John-hate (I actually find him to be an interesting character), but it doesn’t ignore canon, either. [NEW! 10/06]

↳ A closer look at Supernatural and the behavior of the other soulless reveals possible motivations for their violent behavior. Or, Why Soulless!Sam Had So Much Sex and How It’s Actually Quite Touching.

↳ There are a number of parallels between Sam’s plight in seasons 4 and 5 with the demon blood and Dean’s determination to return Sam’s soul in season 6, but the thing that’s the most shocking is the way the fandom treats these acts.

↳ A graphic  accompanied by a long list of reasons why Sam Winchester is amazing, some of which are frivolous and lighthearted and some of which are not.

↳ Many people use the phrase ex-blood junkie to criticize Sam and his behavior, but, even more than the elevated titles that many other characters have received, this title of Sam’s speaks to something meaningful.

↳ My attempt to answer the question of whether Soulless!Sam should have been afforded the rights given to other people, and who, if anyone, had the right to make choices regarding his life. 

↳ A detailed list of reasons and considerations in an attempt to explain why I think Sam Winchester was different from all the other soulless people shown in 9.17, Mother’s Little Helper

↳ In which I explore the similarities and differences between the brothers’ biggest attempts to leave the hunt, focusing especially on their respective reactions.  

↳ An explanation of why Sam’s quote in 4.04 about choice (and denying darker urges) does not contradict but rather complements his absolute readiness to forgive Dean’s actions as a demon.

↳ A.K.A. I accidentally crushed my soul when my curiosity led me to do some silly and arbitrary calculations about the last few scenes of Swan Song. It really put things into perspective for me in a horrifying sort of way.

↳ My excited and series-positive analysis and hopeful forecast for Sam’s next/final character-arc, based on hopeful thoughts about the  fascinating name meanings of Team Free Will. 

↳ A meta about the shocking parallels between speeches give to Sam by Lilith, Ruby, and Dean, respectively. All three speeches were meant to convince Sam to make a decision that would either drastically change (in Ruby’s case) or end (Lilith and Dean) his own life. It analyzes why Dean would be aligned with these two female villains during his current character arc.

PART ONE: Unequivocal || PART TWO: Unmet || PART THREE: Unrequited

↳ This meta series attempts to explain that the brothers’ seeming inability to convey love to each other comes, in large part, because their ways of showing and receiving love are drastically different. Part one tries to use ample textual evidence to type the brothers. Part two tries to explain how Sam’s most major decisions in the show are motivated by his attempts to fulfill unmet needs. Part three asserts that, while Sam is making major steps in learning to show his love to Dean, Dean cannot or will not do the same.

↳ As the title states, this is a rather bitter examination of the double standards Dean has shown in regard to Sam’s life. At times, he has done everything he can to save it. At other times, he has been willing to let Sam die or even to kill him. My analysis of his reasoning for doing so can get quite bitter. If you’d prefer not to see very Dean-critical meta, please stay far away from this one.

↳ An analysis of guilt vs. shame, and why Sam suffers from crippling shame regarding his birth and value as a person. Even so, he somehow manages to give of himself in order to help others.

↳ An explanation of why I still like and have hope for Dean combined with my personal understanding of his health and motivations and my desires for his personal growth.

↳ An extremely series-positive, s11-hopeful analysis of the Kripke-Era versus Post-Kripke-Era Supernatural, and why I have a huge amount of hope for upcoming seasons due to what I hope is thoughtful deconstruction of the first five seasons.

Bite-sized bits of meta written in response to interviews, quotes, or anonymous accusations. Generally Sam-positive and somewhere on the spectrum of Dean-critical. Hover over individual posts for warnings.

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[character] negative: Strong criticism or censure of [c's] behavior.
[character] critical: Questions some of [c's] choices or actions.

Note: Please feel welcome to send me asks about any of these meta or about anything else if you agree or disagree with something, want clarification, or just want to chat. I absolutely love to discuss this series and these characters.

anonymous asked:

Prompt, if that's ok? Sheldon recreates his and Amy's past so they can live through their relationship all over again xxx

Whilst writing this I discovered that it is actually very hard to fit their whole relationship into a one-shot but here’s my attempt. Some areas are quite blunt and abrupt because I was trying not to ramble and keep the word-count down ;p Hope it meets your likings nonny!

The Relationship Re-enactment

“Please Amy” Sheldon begged.

“Sheldon, I’m not coming unless you tell me what we’re doing”

“But it’s a surprise”

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darcyfitz requested: “Sheldon calls Kripke to his office to set straight the lie he told him about he and Amy’s sex life. He tells him he never should have disrespected her that way, to cover up the fact his work was not up to Barry’s. Amy who comes by Sheldon’s office to surprise him with lunch, overhears everything.”

Thanks for the prompt.  I feel like they really should have resolved this.  Not that TBBT is big on resolving things, but it was sort of weird for Sheldon to have told this lie.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story.

I really hope the Kripke-talk isn’t too distracting.  I always wonder if I should just write it normally and let you put in your own speech impediment. 

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