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RFA with a delinquent MC? Can I request that?

(ο´ω`ο)ゝ I don’t see an issue with it! Since MC seems to be an adult, I’m going to make her an adult one? Like 20 or 21? Does that still work for you? If not, message me again and I’ll make another one where’s she like some young punk delinquent! I just won’t have her romantically involved with them tho.


-He never really expected you to be one to steal, especially since you were helping out the RFA and what they stood for

-So when he saw you pull out something from your purse at the store the two of you were just browsing in, in the car, he nearly yelled out at you.

-”D-did you just steal that??”

-You shrugged. “Yeah. It’s over-priced anyway.”

-He just gaped at you for a moment, before just keeping quiet until the two of you got back to his place.

-Now he was just questioning everything you owned. Was it all stolen? Did you just steal from people or from stores?

-”Mc, why would you steal? What if you get caught one day?”

-”I’ve never been caught-”

-”That’s…Not my point.”

-He just didn’t know how to talk about this. You kept acting so casual about it. It certainly turned him off from you, though.

-”Mc….I’m okay with you cussing and drinking, and maybe even smoking, but…Please don’t steal. From anyone. That’s something I can’t really stand.”

-He’d probably stop viewing you as a romantic interest, and just switch his feelings for you into feelings for friendship. I don’t think he’d like a delinquent mc much…


-Her big time realizing it was when she was assigned to help get you ready for the RFA party. 

-You looked like you had never worn a dress that was ‘girly’ in your whole life, and the glare you gave the piece of clothing helped proved her assumption.

-”Jaehee- No. No no. I am not going to wear that.”

-It took so many outfits until they found a simple black dress you agreed to wear, and even though she didn’t know much about make-up, the stuff you arrived in was not suitable as well.

-From that point on, she understood a bit more about your attitude from the chat around Zen and the others. 

-When the two of you went on little coffee dates (were they dates? Friendly dates? God, she didn’t know.) you always snapped at people staring at the two of you.

-You were…Very hot headed, to say the least.

-One night the two of you were walking in town- You were walking her back to her place- when a couple of rough looking guys blocked the way.

-Jaehee was a bit intimidated, but she had ages of Judo lessons behind her.

-She was not prepared when you started chatting them up, however.

-After an awkward few minutes of her nearly squirming and you and the guys talking about some…colorful subjects… You finally waved goodbye and continued your conversation with her.

-”Mc, you know them??”

-”Yeah, they’re pretty okay. You just gotta watch out for the buzz cut one. He has too much fun with the gang’s stash.”

-Stash??? oh lord. You kept proving her first assumptions wrong each day.

-She’d lowkey be constantly worried over you.


-He found out when he called you and mentioned his bike, and the two of you had a long conversation about it.

-He brought up his old highschool gang and when you did too, he panicked.

-”You still keep in touch with them? But they’ve changed, right?”

-”Kinda. The leader stepped down but everyone still respects him. The new guy is kinda annoying but. Whatever.”

-Oh god. What??

-”Mc….Isn’t that dangerous?? You still do these things??”

-You just rolled your eyes. This coming from the used-to-be wild card? Jeez.

-He didn’t know what to think. Every now and then he’d push the idea of you not really talking to your old gang anymore, especially since they were still punks, but you always shot it down saying they were family.

-Would explain how you could hold your liquor well though….

-As long as you didn’t steal or hurt anyone, or do any hard drugs, he’d be slightly okay with it. Just be nervous when you brought it up.


-He never thought much about it. You did dress a bit like a punk, but he pushed the thought away. He never really understood women’s fashion anyway.

-He didn’t realize or ask about it until one day you mentioned you dropped out of high school.

-”What? Do you want to keep going? I can send you to a better school than what you were going to-”

-”Noooo, no no no. I am not going back to school, especially high school. Jeez, Jumin.”

-You went on to lament on how stupid and boring it was anyway. The only good thing was your gang.

-”I’m sorry, your what?”

-Immediate disapproval. Just hands down. “Don’t keep talking to them, they’re just a bad influence.”

-”What, are you my dad now?”

-(He was last night)

-The convo would probably turn into an argument pretty quickly. He’d have to spend a while thinking of if he really wanted to date you or not…


-”Can you steal Elly for me?”


-He found out and was just. Littering you with ridiculous questions. Weirdest thing you stole? Why? Stupidest thing your gang did? Weird things?

-He’d think it was funny until he found out you were still doing these things.

-And that the weirdest thing you stole was…last week??

-”Hey, come on mc, stealing isn’t cool.”

-”It is when it’s all overpriced bullshit. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a few things from C&R branch stores.”

-Oh my god. Okay, never tell Jumin about this..

-”Yeah, but like…You’ve already stolen my heart. Isn’t that enough?”


-Regardless, he’d slowly try to ease you away from harmful bad habits. Give you spending money, never let you near one of his damn cars, hack into gang member’s phones to make sure they don’t hang out with you too much…. The small things!

-Constantly, constantly, worried.

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